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Angel 1 Project

Scott Ward



  • August 13, 2016
    4:30 PM


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So this part is specifically on the Angel one project do you have any idea what Angel one is the first angel of Revelation fourteen as we have been very focused traditionally is that minutes on the third angel the doom and gloom and destruction. You know the message of the first angel the everlasting gospel and you know it's fascinating to me that even when I've heard I can admonish preacher. Excuse me talk about the first angels message. They always focus on the last part of it which is what the area they always focus on the thought the rough part was go to Revelation fourteen chapter six. Oh I can read on the cover my boss. Then I saw another angel flying in mid-air to have eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth to every tribe nation language and people and then after that it says Fear God and keep His commandments right. So that's the part I always hear admonish preachers talking about fourteen six six and seven. It's amazing because I've seen titles or someone's going to talk about the first angels message and then it turns out to be the last part of my people for some reason not focus on the Gospel very much. And so I am completely focused on the Gospel part of that because what is the gospel the gospel is the good news about Jesus right. And so that is the only thing that can prepare us to be ready for the time of trouble at the end. And so all like I said in the first seminar I found that high school students especially public high school students the struggle is not over what doctrine to believe it's whether or not to be Christian and so. My focus is very much on the Gospel who Jesus is how to have a relationship with him how to give him a try. And then once you've made that commitment then we can build upon that foundation with a better understanding of who he is which is what the doctrines do is hope is to have a better understanding and so this is Angel one so this is gospel evangelism. We have a lot of materials out there for our doctoral evangelism things like amazing facts all those different organizations there's a lot of Bible studies out there but there's very little on just the basic gospel and what that is so I'm going to open up this angel one kit. So the way this started is one of our weeks of spiritual emphasis we're partnering with California school project. They are a nonprofit evangelical organization next to bio University in Southern California and they are committed to evangelizing every public high school in the state of California and now they have the Illinois school project Florida school project I think they've gone nationwide California school project so on my website here there's a link to them. So all the way down at the bottom. And I'm so they came and they were teaching us how to do side walk evangelism. And they had these old Campus Crusade tracks for like the seventy's. They were these old crusty things in Scott the like the the four worlds and like what they do on the cross between two valleys of you ever seen those things from campus ministries. And so they're just these outdated things and kids are like oh what is this late staple couple together and they're just really not good. He opened them up and out there they're just confusing. They're written for a different era and so I thought well I used to be a literature Vangelis leader. I know what literature looks like I've written a book or two. So like I bet I can put something together a little bit better than that. So the concept is this is an outreach either for admin to students that go to a public school Academy students can do this. College students can do this. What it is on the sidewalks outside of a public high school when kids get out for the day the sidewalks public property. Anybody can be there. You don't have to have permission you don't have to have club status. You can just be on the sidewalks and get in a conversation and with these evangelical groups they like to make a gospel presentation. You know to gospel presentation is that's where they are talk like the four worlds which is the world was created for good. The devil came in turn ish that made it bad. Jesus came to save us. And now you can have a beautiful life in heaven. So it's kind of there for step progression is like what's a great controversy that's our message is like why are we teaching Adventist teenagers to give a gospel presentation. Maybe if we taught them how to share a very simple gospel presentation maybe they'd get it for themselves and understand it because we are so good and our distinctive beliefs both in gospel. We struggle a little bit more. So what I did is wrote a little book called The Light booklet light for a dark world and what it does is this is basically a gospel presentation and so it has an introductory section which is just a couple pages a very short book. It's got a lot of pictures because kids like that. And so these are really geared towards it is a training tool for the students that you know in your youth group that want to do outreach or anyone that you want to teach the gospel to so it has an introduction talking about how evil our world is and I start out with evil that surrounds us or is talking about all the kinds of terrorism all the violent terrible things we hear about. So every day in the news the media is so all about telling us every person who got killed anywhere in the face of the planet. It's just everywhere and it can be pretty discouraging. So it starts out with evil that surrounds us and talks about that and then it goes into a little section. It's called The Jesus intervention groups and talks about how Jesus came to save us from that and to help us and then he gets into the way we claim Jesus' sacrifice forces never relationship with him and so goes over a very brief overview of how to have a personal relationship with Jesus and then just like the demoniac as soon as the demons were cast out of his life. Jesus challenged him to go and share with others. So then you go through and each one of those sections you write out kind of your own testimony so there's an overview of the evil that surrounds us. And so on. You can talk about in your town. What are some of the bad things that people are scared of what's going on for a while. It's OK High School. Everybody is using weed you boards all the parties on the weekends are all these weed you boards and kids would come to the Christian club would never been before warning the Christian like what was that we saw and they were freaked out if you talk about whatever's going on in your town whatever is that the latest tragedy whatever's going on and so you can personalize each of these steps you talk about hey man our neighborhood so bad. There's all this violence over here people are getting hurt but you know God didn't create us to be that way. And so I've connected with him and you can share a little bit of your testimony and then you share with people how they can have a relationship with Jesus. And this teaches you how to always be prepared. What is Peter say always be prepared to share a reason for the faith that is within you. So this is a very simple tool to help you to be able to know how to share the gospel. So so if you're Christian club whether it's your youth group or church whether it's a Christian club at school say hey guys we want to start doing some sidewalk event. So we're going to get some of these angel one kids. OK We're going to sit down with our group and we're going to read these books together learn what the gospel is and how to share it just you've got your own testimony that you can always share and then you're going to sit down you're going to go through all the different leaflets and now these are all the different topics so this one stop kissing. In frogs when you get into the conversation we'll go through this is one. So this is the girl to girl series so girls can go off. There's a survey on the bottom of the box. OK they get sort of questions where you can develop your own survey for the girl to girl series. So you go through you get familiar with all the different leaflets So you know they talk about some kind of skipping around here to let you know what's inside a little bit. So you've gone through the how to share the gospel presentation. You know a little bit about what all the different leaflets are about and the instruction of each inside gives you an overview of each leaflet what each thing is in here and how to use it on the website it has more instructions. So OK you understand what's in it you know how to share the gospel in on the website. It has how to be safe out witnessing you know how to be careful. So you got on the streets after school you're out on the sidewalks with your group maybe five or six of you have people at least two by two and have an adult somewhere supervising you don't have to have an adult in every group of songs or some of their they can call over Facebook questions and then the surveys on the bottom and if you're wearing an angel one T. shirt that is always a bonus because then you can say hey my name. Scott worth the angel one project today would like to ask you a few questions about your world. That's pretty good opener right as a culprit I did that for many years of thing called the prospectus. So our world is falling apart. If you go through all that kind of stuff. So this is a large anybody here where large All right there's a T. shirt and got a couple more largess and I've got other sides of my booth from almost out of T. shirts. So whoever's in here gets them first. Everybody else will back at my booth I should have a couple here. So we can we can look at that. So you're out there with your T. shirt on with the angel one project I'd like to see how you like to ask you some questions about your world. So the survey has questions right here says. Are there any events you hear about in the news around town or school that bother you if so what are they. And so you are asking them how they feel about things and so some of these can be a lead in to giving your gospel presentation. Number two what is the worst tragedy this happened to you personally that you're willing to talk about and how did it affect you get down to number four. If God really does exist. Do you think he's good or evil explain because some people think that God is there but that he's bad. And so you can start to see where someone's coming from and so Ed whatever point where the conversation kind of takes off this is just to get you started. OK so you may be familiar with other evangelism literature evangelism projects. OK there's a door to door Maggie booking selling books you're there you sell it in some other town and you go home and the book does the way of saying we've got the glow style evangelism or it's a mass distribution putting them on cars giving in to everybody. You see this is a tool to get into conversations. This is not a competition to see who can empty their box the first because these leaflets are a little bit bigger more colorful for high school students. OK So there are a lot more engaging for that age group and so you don't want just randomly give them away because kids may like they're not going to play games about it. So when you get into a conversation you identify an area where there's an interest. So if you're using this survey on the back then we've got the god series. OK these leaflets. Now there's an old dog series in these kids had already made up. But I don't like them so I'm doing away with these and these are the new ones. So there's going to be some old stuff there's going to be some new stuff. So the new ones. This one is how it all began creation evolution. So for some of thinking about you. Now you know that things evolve or whatever site well you might want all this without talk about it. There's this one playing by the rules and on the back is always the overview and says once you start breaking rules or picking and choosing. Once you obey which ones you break where do you draw the line and so that's going to eventually give you an opening wedge talk about Sabbath some day but that's not your first conversation that's like yeah there are rules in life holy steamrollers maybe some is like I'm not going to church people judge me. They're mean to me it's like well. So there are genuine well meaning Christians who just get it wrong sometimes they're people claim to be Christians but don't act anything like the one they claim to follow like. Just because their church doesn't mean they're perfect and posers are they really you know hypocrites or they really just like you and me trying their best so and so you can pull out one of those and all you do is give away one of these to someone who is very interested they can read it and then on the back it says to read more or to read the light book the whole Gospel go to the website and so the website is here. And so they go to Angel one project dot com and it gives just a little overview of what the Gospel is it's not pulling up spurred about that. I thought you were all with me. So you can lose sleep. Angel one project our car. No I don't want you to be off. I want you to wake up. OK so that's what they'll find to soon as they pull up the website and you can see the links all the way across the top of the site just scrolls. So you can go down gives you a little overview of what the Gospel is you can click read more and read a little bit more. And that's the good news. You're not alone in this world. Jesus is always there beside you. So gives a little bit of that and just some graphics there so be inspired read through the angel one booklet and you can change that to the light booklet live your faith and start to be a witness. So read about the Gospel and immediately a challenging people to share that has Revelation fourteen six saw another angel flying in mid-air to give the eternal gospel. And then here are all of the leaflets and now I'm working with my graphic designer right now because originally things were just posted on the website then I got them designed and printed up so now we're getting the graphics to match what's on the website. So my designer has everything designed and now she's going to be posting and so pretty soon you'll see these pictures on there but this is an overview. So if you go specifically to the girl to girl series. These are the thoughts. The ones are specifically for girls to go out share with other girls. So a girl to girl encounter might be couple girls on the street say hey we're just talking to girls today we want to ask you about life and you can ask her about her things in your life that scare you in the world just like the other survey. You can say do you ever experience want to draw my with your friends. So one of them is drama girls take this off so drama girls talks about that stop kissing frogs What do you suppose it's about yet. Don't don't kiss just any guy thinking he'll turn around become some Prince Charming. It's like you're better than that. Or does this not make me look fact so body image is a huge pressure right. You are priceless self-esteem. Let's make up what to do with relationships whether it's of a guy or with just a friend how to work through things and so there's a different topic so if you get in the conversation you find something they're very interested in you give them only one and then they can come to the website read all the rest for free. OK And I'm also going to work with my designer to make a leaflet that's maybe a four fold it will just have the title and these synopsis and then a Q.R. code. So you would only have to have that he go on the streets and have kids have a Q. or reader on their phone they can just scan and read it right there on their phone and then they're on the website that was free. It won't cost you anything you just maybe print off the website that and I wanted to just build Q.R. codes on to every page but people are saying you are going by the way. Side it's not going to be around much longer I don't know but at least build one flyer that has a Q.R. codes you can just have people scanned and then it's right in the phone there on the page. So everything is listed here in on every page. So every page has a how to sew the girl to girl serious bring up the how to and the Internet slopes it's up to my phone. No I don't have an only guys want to got the god series which is the evolution does God really exist as the mean there's room to develop more so if you have ideas to share that would be great. So here after reading this in the leaflets just talks about share them with a friend and tell a friend about the website and so immediately once again challenging people to share what they've just learned if you go to the Gospel page. That has the light booklet. So it's a bigger one. It is posted there to read for free. The hope booklet is love it. Geared towards more secular very very secular perspective presentation of the Gospels little bit longer. I do have that in book form but I really haven't figured out how to use that on the streets and the books cost a lot more the leaflets are very inexpensive So this is the booklet form but they can read it for free on line the Jesus in the Big Three is how to have a balanced devotional life it's a little overview and so it has some tools there. So if there's someone on the street. Should we say how to how to have a devotional life. You tell them to go do this and it just you can print it out. I have them like double sided like a bullet in size. You can talk inside your Bible and it just gives you the basics says religious rites it has devotional life outreach Bible study. So it's just the basic ways to connect with God and to share that says a little overview there. On the Gospel page and then the how to guide this is the main one that tells you how to be safe witnessing on the streets. Don't go into people's homes because you can do this door to door you go to a shopping mall you go from a theater sidewalks or on a public high school college campus. It just gives you the basics of literature of angels them sharing and how to be safe. OK so it gives you information of how to do it and then if you go back once again. And let's move from there events. And so this. If you're going to hear how to have a gospel rally. So you can make a weekend event of it for your youth group to train them how to give the gospel presentation show them what all the leaflets are. Go over how to be safe in sharing and on the streets practiced during the survey with each other so it'll be very comfortable going out and witnessing. So it's all very simple will eventually be able to order from the website here today. I'm still piloting So I got a bunch of funding so I can give kids away free to people who want to help check them out and see how they work then down here there's links there is the California school project that gave me the idea and I've been know them when working with them as a link to my book Big Mama. Those are videos put together by Ty Gibson and he's read his videos a really really good at dealing with evolution loves one of evolution and the one with you just are you an accident. How do we come about how do we get emotions. He has really got it. Apologetics for people who question God as there's a link to his website the do fast is a humanitarian organization that's been adopted by our church mission trips with them to do fast is like a thirty hour famine. But it's an Adventist organization or so we raise money for them and then living it is a link back to the public high school ministry site. And so there's only a few less. It's there and the Enter the Deep is a back the interactive back to small class that when you have to pay for and my book you would have to buy it takes you to the e-book there. And so but it's a interactive baptismal course by Roy I season the Loma Linda church. And then I started posting some devotionals I might turn that to testimonials once people are out doing this because once again we're just kicking off. So our stories of people who met someone who have seen a miracle story on the street something like that we can start posting testimonies there and then it's easy to catch e-mail right there. Send a message be in contact and this has some of the people that helped me out one of my designers writer Duane Azman he is edited everything he was vice president for review and herald before it closed down. He was the one who accepted my book for publication. He's now the white est and he's making a lot of videos materials to introduce kids to Ellen White and what her ministry is about because there's really a disconnect today and so he's trying to get back in and reintroduce Ellen White to millennial is in the young people today. So there's even a place to donate. So it's a sidewalk evangelism materials you can pass these around. Take a look at all mixed up and must stop now the wristbands they have the website listed on there so you can just give those away to their very inexpensive and that way people can just take that go to the website. So take a look through those ask questions. Tell me what your thoughts are that's learning to teach our kids what the Gospel is how to share it so that they can go out and share their faith and then invite kids. The goal is to go back to like the same high school once a month once every two weeks if you're slow start to get to know people you know who the searching kids kind of are. And so it's about using these as a tool to build relationships invite them to your church into personal bible studies. So this isn't a hit and run. It's not mass distribution. This is a tool to use to be able to walk up and talk to people and share Jesus. No I haven't done it a lot with these materials we done this leave the kid the Tokay Christian club at my school there. They've been doing this with before I developed these I'm still fine tuning these so they've been doing it for years with no trouble California school project that introduced us to this they do it all over the state. So a public sidewalk or taking a survey people do that all the time. Last April. I went to souls West when they're meeting in Prescott Arizona and I took two carloads of souls West students were going to Prescott high and I thought I want to talk to school. First as they might help Christian clubs to have a Christian club here is like it. This is my ministry and we're going to be on the sidewalks after school taking a survey here and they're like OK that's cool. They don't care. We're on the sidewalks talking to kids and we have a positive message. I was not there at the cross preaching and badgering people and told them we're going to hell. So we were there to share the gospel and so I communicated with the school first and you know Christian clubs can have activities and that's off their campus but just so they would know what we were doing. Just for a heads up. So yeah it was it was great then we'd talk to the kids or Mormon Seminary right across the street and saw the Mormon kids right in front of there and so the Souls was kids there's like talking to them the friendliest kids ever and then they kind of fanned out the leaflets and said OK which one you're like oh I want that one that was all these kids I've got pictures of us with them there. Hold them up and it was a very great is a great experience to for them to know that you care that you're being friendly you're asking about their world you have things that are obviously well done professional and that are interesting to teenagers. It's great. It's a it's a really fun way to witness which church. That's one just north of Fresno. I preach that a few times before I left they were without a pastor and so we were taking turns going there preaching. I don't remember the high school I was pulled into the parking lot was on the other side. OK You know that's before I developed all this stuff so probably wasn't paying as much attention that's great. So you could start doing this and then open up once a week once a month. Have you know a youth night youth afternoon. You could offer tutoring you could just have a hangout. You could have put up a Bible study side. I mean yeah you're right there and just being out there sharing and showing that you care so that's really cool might my church is right across street from high school to and so that's why I got involved. So God puts us strategically placed at times. So when I was presenting this in Michigan. I won the actually in Chicago but as for the Lake Union and there was someone from was a Battle Creek you care a Battle Creek Academy of the English teacher took one of the kids and she was going to start teaching kids to give a gospel presentation for speech class and then it was in the academy in Illinois a boarding academy there right across the street from a public high school and he said we never talk to those kids before. We're going to start. And so they're going to start not reach the kids right across the street. So yeah it's a it's an exciting concept and so any administrators in our church and I've talked to from the G.C. on down. People love the concept it is so Adventist but it is so relevant and it's for a group that we're not reaching but if we can start reaching out to every high school we reach every. Person there. So I praise God that he is bringing us together and happy to set you guys up as much as this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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