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Thinking Makes the Man

Eugene Prewitt
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Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • March 6, 2009
    12:00 PM
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your Bibles to Isaiah chapter nine I'm feeling nervous to tell you stories I need to tell you a couple of them I was about seventeen years all and I was working again I outreach program for homeless people in Oklahoma City when the homeless men there was named Patrick and Patrick was approached Bass 's Satan worshiper some of you do call quarter analysis tell you my opinion from my experience in that field I think two thirds of the people or more the Thomas their Satan worshipers are just kidding I think they're just doing it to laugh at us after we leave you shouldn't take that so seriously as you might think you are inclined to take it typically what happens at the door by talk to Patrick week after week after week after week and I don't think that he was making it up it wasn't a silly thing to him so if someone worship Satan when you want to know why they would do such a silly thing I asked him and he explained to me was quite logical in India there are people who walk on hot coals and their feet don't even get they don't get burning of war and Satan has mastered the arts as he explained the Patrick Kerr Newman did of controlling flight and those who serve him willingly and openly and without any problems throughout Earth 's will it will not have any problems and help them be productive and I found it to I myself explain the patterns of the double clinic keep his end of the bargain that he is not in charge of how an event he can't even keep himself from burning when he gets there nutmeg Patrick really are really can imagine how that if you really thought you thought the story had a just be terrible limits Isaiah nine over eleven a versatile continuous verse yet so I quiz you in Bible prophecy a woman represents a abuse represents a water represents what about a tale my half tales show up right where the locus in relation nine that they have stains in their tails remember in relation twelve is a Dragon and with his tail he gathers one third of the stars member that Isaiah nine look at verse fifteen God just before the speaks about how he's going to cut off Israel the head and the tail that explains those metaphors me verse fifteen the ancient and honorable he is the head and the profit that teaches lies he is the tale in relation nine when you read about that the tale of the Locust that is Mohammed Mohammed is the profit that tells lies that is the source of the problem was caused by the Muslims there in Revelation chapter nine this isn't meant to give up sin Revelation chart started out that way but follow me through for a minute turn finger Bible 's relationship for twelve Revelation chapter twelve will launch us into our series this weekend revelation twelve and looking at verse four and his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to the earth we can stop there how was it that Satan caused a third of the angels to become demons it was with lots the Angels were perfect and they became the wicked it through lives and I've know if I want to start with this evening we were to build on is that you don't have to inherit a wicked did inheritance you don't have to have rebellious genes you don't need to have anything like a timeclock is says and you get to age thirteen is start to lose it you don't need anything like that to create rebellion and you even if you were as perfect as Adam and Eve before the fall there is something the double a skill that it tends to create rebellion and that is Law 's lives you destroyed so many angels were talking about this weekend is about the art of learning how to think and when I say learning how to think I mean learning how to think in such a way that the devil loses his ability to persuade you of his lines and if the devil can't persuade you of his lives the key is that you will I have been maintaining your consecration will just be incredibly increased set up a different way it's much easier to submit to the Lord Jesus when you really understand correctly what is true and to whatever extent the devil can trick us in regard to what is true suggest that extent becomes harder to submit to the Lord Jesus and so while the series and always prepared for young people the fact the matter is it's for everybody I mean in the sense I really don't think that the reason young to become rebellious is because and the other to do with there being young I felt that it has really anything to do with anything at all except for that there comes a point in life when we have to start thinking for ourselves and when that point Congress the devil has an advantage that he's been preparing a long time to trick us and he gets us and I think we get older all that really happens typically for most people is that the devil and the degree and more subtle in his work and so the tricks don't show up in such rebellious behaviors but they do trade the same kind of rebellious thoughts this is a long introduction we need to get moving for going to get through even a first step so tonight relook at ten different ways that the devil tricks people tomorrow during the Sabbath school a look at ten to fifteen more waves that the devil tricks people to be moving through these rapidly if you want to get notes on them I can't keep up at Bible doc .org SBI BLE DOC .org you can find an article Paul tricks of the hand it would be just a great substitute for taking notes except for that writing something down will help you remember and so I recommend you take notes you shouldn't need to do it for her reason besides that during the worship hour eleven o'clock service tomorrow will be talking about how to form your own values here's my training out there I've been noneducational work for nineteen years not old enough for that your test about that sometime but I have since nineteen ninety one hundred full-time teaching and the I see many young people who at some point had the same values as their parents and were spiritually inclined and who only two or three years later still were living a Christian life visit word going to church and doing mission activities but was values had just completely changed and I like us to study the worst part about how to make your own values in such a way that you don't end up being a rebellious against what God is there's an art to bathroom in the study of the afternoon were to talk about that very delicate time of life I think for me it happened at age eleven for some people eleven twelve thirteen when you become disillusioned with your parents I think parents should be too ashamed to admit that at some point they should expect it shall become disillusioned with them I needed some point that is some age children just believe in love with her parents and believe everything they say in and that's just not appropriate for the long term right panels have parents going on but it's not it's not the truth is you don't want your children's believing everything you say because you say that when children become disillusioned Paris is very very normal time for the devil to enter in the special bag of tricks to three rebellion and in our last talk tomorrow afternoon will be talking about what held my calls diseases of the imagination and I think you'll just be fascinated by how many of the normal ways that we think are diseases I mean if you think that you know someone who is Ellen gets colds and fevers and flues quite often when you understand the idea of the disease imagination I think a fine that a large percentage of us are just perpetually ill in the head and that it if we can understand the way the imagination is intended to work it will save us a great deal of hassle for your Bibles to second Corinthians second Corinthians were looking at chapter two reset so far as introductory material restarting now second Corinthians chapter two were looking at verse eleven it says last Satan should get an advantage of us for we are not ignorant of his devices to whatever extent that verse is true in your experience suggests that extends the series isn't needed for you but I think for a great majority of people it is in his truth ought to be that we are not ignorant of his devices but most devices this passage Lookup the versa you might remember from first printing is that there was a man who had the fairer with someone his immediate family maybe you want to call incest because there was no blood relation they are but Paul is very clear that this man needed to be disfellowshipped and he was disfellowshipped and that's what this chapter is about the Clintons to these few versus looking over seven so that contrariwise you ought rather to forgive him that is the one who's been disfellowshipped from the church and comfort him lest perhaps such a one should be swallowed up with overmuch sorrow Paul didn't say that you should undo the discipline but there are a couple of normal tricks of the devil that are just illustrated in the story one of those is the devil often also leads us to combine the discipline with coldness coldness I hope you can see by comparing verse seven verse eleven that that is one of his devices with the devil knows that if he can lead us to combine our discipline with coldness that will really decrease may be destroyed the chance of that discipline doing any good on the part of the person whose been disciplined this policy don't discipline not at all but the tricky is when discipline is combined with coldness so what did Paul say this man has been disciplined be sure that you show him how much you still love him he sure that you get insufficient help and comfort because he could just be overwhelmed with those you have that feeling of what it's like to know everyone looks down on you the feeling that everyone looks down on you is demoralizing in the extreme that happens a lot with your people this is one of the tricks is not one of the town this just went into business fact that there are such things tricks but the Bible talks about them that we should begin rented his devices once upon time the land far far away there lived a man named Martin Luther and that she was in prison but was sort of like prison for him L Michaels at the Wartburg he was in a little castle while he was in the Council he heard the strangest rumors there were three false prophets and it turned in the more than three to sort it out that way they were going to Wittenberg that was his hometown according to Luther did always expected fault profits to come if I could put in a tidbit on the side you are to read second selected messages pages one through one hundred if you do you'll find out that God expects false prophets to come and he gives us a great deal of information to know how to intensify and you should read it so here was Martin Luther and he heard about this and he decided to go to bitten berg and set this thing straight he didn't go and the wisdom that God gave him there is a rare type when he got to Wittenberg instead of getting all excited and attacking the false prophets with excitement he recognized that the reason the false prophets were having such success was because the people were so excited uses the word excitable and you know when people are kind of like that I don't think nearly as well and so it only describes how blues third preached six sermons that did not even allude to the false prophets but they work long cool collected biblical messages when the people were conned down their infatuation with the false prophets dissipated is not beautiful the false prophets had a number of strange ideas there are recommending that you and for example to the students drop out of school in Wittenberg and Berg was a university and in the teacher stopped teaching in fact when the teachers did stop teaching is the only person I known it was a secretary at the time else Karl stopped he stopped teaching and so the false prophets have some effect one of the strange doctrines they were teaching was that infant baptism doesn't count that we needed to really believe before were baptized and Martin Luther rejected the false prophets and with the false prophets he rejected the false teachings of the false prophets and you know his position on infant baptism largely came from that experience with the false prophets I called the baby and bathwater trick I mean that the devil often sends sends something your way that you will recognize as bad and he hitches to it something that is good were more familiar with the other trick were used to kill talking about the thing that is good and there's a little bit arsenic under the illustration of a thousand times and we don't want to take the good things will get better he is as this one to you send something that's bad you'll recognize it is bad and he'll try to connect some truth to it in such a way that shall throw out the truth with the good I sent backwards with the bad I so glad you're listening not really straight gratifying to a teacher that is you cannot trick on the needles furthermore except illustration of how it works in your own mind it's very common for Satan to work through delivery methods so that I suppose that he doesn't want you to believe the truth about some lifestyle issue then he might have someone come and present the truth to you with rural rigor or meanness or cruelty or avoid our do you see how easy it is to deceive you all the devil has to do to trick you this have an ugly person tell you the truth that make any sense to on-site we should not be that easily deluded were going to have to find some other way to evaluate what is right and what is wrong in the character of the person that tells it to us turns in your Bibles to first transients chapter eight first printing of this chapter eight religion verses one and two no as touching things offered to idols we know that we all have knowledge knowledge puffs up that is it makes you proud to charity builds up that mean that's what edifies me that builds up verse two and if any man thinks that he knows anything he knows nothing again as he ought to know consensus on the simply as I can manage to say it the devil tries to trick people to think in the gospel doesn't work for them I've got so many children and in fact if you meet a young person who gives up on relation down large percentage of cases this is the very trick that has been the root of it but it is not that they decided rather burn in hell they decided that heaven doesn't exist something decided that the pleasures of this arthroscopy worth more than living forever those are really hard cells even for the double they decided that the gospel just doesn't work for them they can't make it and since they cannot make it then why should they even try and bring you older people ever had a thought like that slung the most common juicy and first contents eight two the idea that if you think you understand something you don't understand it as well as you want to and this is so true was something like the gospel if it isn't working for you and all while her percent sure but you'd have to spend research time to figure this out for yourself I'm sure it's not you and is not the gospel it is God wrote the Gospel and God made you an idea of those two not fifteen it just isn't tenable it's not sensible but in my experience with people is because they don't really understand the gospel what you studied it for a long time to have settled on I could go on with this much longer but we have eight more coverage of this essay gospel doesn't work for me trick is is influencing your mind remember that the real issue here is that you just don't understand and if you relate dead understand how to work it would work for you if you would some tourist in your Bibles to Galatians chapter two relations Chapter two of them are looking at nineteen I'd like you to envision for a minute a corral a very large corral and imagine that there are a bit shaky Flock when he caught a bunch of horses is a herd of horses not as a herd of horses in your large corral and that one of those horses is by the facts and perpetually walks around the outside may be applied to her three thousand acre enclosure is perpetually walking along the fence and the other horses are in the middle and doing whatever horses do our legal notice the horses make this illustration very realistic about doing whatever horses due to enjoy themselves a can you see in the illustration of how to paint your mind that all of those horses have the very same boundaries in their life but one of those horses feels the boundary is a great deal more than the others this is a very normal trick of the double to keep you at the ad of the boundaries in your life as long as you're at the ads were in what I would call great areas like you know that Scripture music is good and you know that punk rock is back but don't you all know that as you begin to calm the towards the middle here for all of us there is some area where things get really model is in fact true that I think it's true for all of us right somewhere there and him is the same for all of us it is attractive the devil to keep us our minds and experience and focus in those mottled gray areas so that were always chasing as it were at the debt were were pushing on the edges and as long as that's where we are in our experience we both feel the captivity they don't tell us that we are as it were we don't have freedom but how you get freedom but through this passage Galatians two nineteen says for I is through what to say through the law and dead to the law that I might live unto God said in other ways when I come away from the fence and I choose my activities among those that are certainly wholesome certainly vast there is a great variety of opportunities here where there is no troubles with my conscience there is no problems through OPS the law that I become free from his condemning voice and what the trick is to allow ourselves to just always be right there on the edge August along same as if Europe the horse and the edge if you'll just come in and lend a little bit of it from the fence you won't feel so much restriction as you do for me in your Bibles to Proverbs chapter twenty six Proverbs chapter twenty six and were looking at verse twenty seven Proverbs chapter twenty six him looking at verse twenty seven who so they get a pit shall fall there in and view the role of the stone it will return upon him this ideas in the Bible more times than I thought it was before us are looking it's at least four different books this very same concept it's the idea that the person who sets a trap for someone else ends up being hurt by that same trap himself and I guess I'll just explain what I'm getting at a common scenario is that a young person feels that his mom and/or his dad or his grandparents or someone has been just pushing religion down your last experience and they're tired of its they don't want it anymore and this is when the devil brings in this trick you get revenge on God for what a person has done if you think it's your you realize it doesn't make any sense but it feels like that you are getting revenge on your parents or your parents aren't the ones that made up the principles that you're rebelling against a God isn't the one that was mean to you in fact God hasn't even put any undue pressure on you in fact he's been always kind it just doesn't make any sense at all to rebel against God because of the confused as parents notice is probably the person doing the very best they can this might be too much to ask of maturing young people today think like that but I'm asking anyway you can't assume that just because someone isn't is helping you the right way that they are sincere that they are trying to serve God back the matter is most people don't really know what they're doing there trying to help the kids are doing their best and not the other option is than doing their best is to let them go and that's worse but for young people this is the worst of this track so poor parents pushes too much the wrong way poor young person rebels against God will curse the parents feelings and it hurts God 's feelings but it destroys the young person and it just doesn't make any sense to destroy yourself as a way of getting back at someone else is having a sensor of same it doesn't at all we want to think these things through he who digs a pit will fall into it self is the way it always works with rebellion person your Bibles to Luke for verse thirty four Luke Ford in verse thirty four this is a demon speaking look for in verse thirty four saying let's us alone what have we to do with him thou Jesus of Nazareth art thou come to destroy us I know the who thou are the holy one of God you don't find even the apostles typically giving that strong affirmation of the Divinity and Messiah Shepherd Jesus it's the demon who says I know the who thou art the holy one of God keep that in mind it turns me to the book of acts acts chapter sixteen acts chapter sixteen are looking at verse sixteen and it came to pass as we went to prayer a certain damsel possessed with the spirit of divination met us withdraw her master 's much gain by soothsaying the same followed Paul and us in Christ saying the listen carefully to this these men are the servants of the most high God would show unto us the way of salvation can you fault that saying and this did she and Manny days but hollow being dreams have your wonder why you'd be greeted with that maybe it just makes simple sense to run his twenties as illustration this is a normal method of the devil he did it with Jesus and he did it with Paul the devil likes to use shady characters and associate them with the truth she tries to throw the truth into disrepute by association with shady characters why would the devil announced to everyone that Jesus the Messiah dear wonderment first got the idea that Jesus was in league with demons why would the devil like to announce that Paul was was showing the way of salvation the double lots to associate himself with the truth in such a way as to make the truth unpalatable word I I guess I distributed some I said fourteen minutes ago but that's okay we did hear work and how to evaluate truth on the basis of the data on the basis of the information we won't be able to do it this way by looking at whether or not hypocrites are recommending it's the normal business of Satan to bring hypocrites in the church and it looks to me like he's very can you see this passage is very gifted in getting even the worst type of people say the best type of things he can do it in your Bibles to acts twenty six acts chapter twenty six and were looking at verse twenty eight and Agrippa said unto Paul almost now persuaded me to be a Christian if you turn back just ride page or two to twenty four verse twenty five X twenty four in verse twenty five you'll see where it says and he reason of righteousness temperance and judgment to come Felix trembled and answered it go your way through this time when I have a convenient season I will call for the we all call this the later trick I've seen this thousands of times and call quartering I like using copper illustrations and I know some guilty audience orders were here goes I was deluded by this trick myself I noticed that I would meet people regularly that would tell you that they want the books but they would get them later and I would leave them a happiness digest and I think they'll read it and then I had the bright idea this is about nineteen ninety nine I had a hundred thousand happiness digest printed with my phone number and in my webpage I wasn't wealthy with the school that this and am redistributed all one hundred thousand of those two people like I described to listen will get something later over the course of about six years but it didn't take that long to be disillusioned with those people I mean after the sugar in the first thirty thousand of them to people who said board relator only three or four of them had ever contacted us to get our books known to tell you I I think that the people that we give those habits die just to are the upper crust of society in terms of integrity and spirituality there the better half they gave money for those typically that it stated just get it for free it wasn't that they were lying to me but it's that when the spirit brings information into our field of vision when the data is there and we know the right thing to do because we can see the picture and in the the spirit in us to do it and we have the reasons that is a very fast time to make a decision and if we don't make the decision when we have the most information they are it's not long before the information begins to fade in its clarity and what was obviously the right thing to do just a few days ago now doesn't seem as obviously the right thing to do and within a few weeks it seemed like I was not the right thing to do so that one is the time the devil could turn this trick on his head and turned into a different type I send the best time to make a decision is when you have the most information on the table and often that's when you're under conviction after hearing the information is just dangerous to put it off even for a short time the Devils other side of that trick though is with them to bring the manipulator come to you present a bunch of charismatic and be unverifiable information and get you to ask you to make a decision before you have time to research and see if it's true there's a real difference between conviction Bible data and the testimonies of people were healed from every disease under the sun by drinking such and such who give following communicating site are not saying that this trick means that you should always make a decision right away when you're put under pressure to make a decision clinic indicated all what I said is that the best naked decision is when you have the most information in front of you and the trick of the devil is both ways he hates information him to get you to put off the decision until the information fades from your mind or to get you to make a decision free up time to research and see what the real information is spent either way you're making a less informed decision and then you ought to be making it didn't work out for Felix turns in your Bibles to John seventeen for those of you were getting tired of listening to me drone were on point seven fans on a review shortly we get done and my stick with you I don't consider honestly that I have any skills in preaching I just think the Bible is a really quality book and that the database there can accomplish what needs to be done which is why the dirt again for your talk John seventeen were looking at verse seven is so not accurate it's John seven verse seventeen I have to do is look at it and realized that John after seven and verses seventeen it says if any man will do his will he will know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself when I testify to you some of the observed this incredible deal wasn't part of a church plant my wife Nayar are planting a church in Arkansas we started five years ago with zero administered town of twelve thousand people and now there are average attendee is about fifty people attending and an old lot of them are not yet at best but there interested in are coming a lot of them are children what I've observed his name from double development that if I heretic Stern Y heretic I'm in some of the false idea I try to pick one for example just hope there is anyone here that advocates just if there is I didn't pick up your here I truly didn't know but for example the sacred name idea that the way we should refer to God and to the father and to Jesus is only with the names of your shoe and Yahweh the idea you know if that man comes a present sense of people been at this for fifteen or twenty years some of them are good to be persuaded by CNET happened several times and so it feels to me like he comes and presents it to these brand-new just learning and Venice but there just cannot be blown over by an encouraging fact that I've learned this isn't so that people who are willing to do whatever God says no of the doctrine of whether someone speaks of God or whether you don't consecration has a whole lot to do with comprehension of what is true said another way this trick it will never work what you're deciding that you really wish that you for example could dance that if you study out dancing that you're going to come to the right conclusion the Democrats has to register to try again I'll use my own my own contacts I work in Academy where the students aren't allowed to date I think that's a good rule for academies in the work of one like that and so it happens repeatedly him that someone will suddenly take a liking to someone else and when they study off topic they concluded what they're doing is right you see that John seven seventeen was the condition of understanding correctly it's been willing to do what he says and it's just a very bad idea for you what you're holding onto something you think is probably wrong to start it out before you given up better give it up first and then started out because we're holding onto a year to be blinded by that very you that that's very dangerous the trick am talking about here though is that I can't understand that trick you realize that in the last hundred and sixty years that the population of the earth has gone up by almost six hundred percent but the population of the demons has gone up by zero percent hope that that's good news to you when you think that through out when you think that that happens and while the devil has use this method for millennia it's become even more critical for him to use it today he doesn't have as it were the manpower to keep everyone covered instead he tries to leave most of us to feel like our intellects are inferior and by leading most of us to feel like our intellects are inferior then he leads us to put confidence in someone who we feel like their intellect is more the Mars they can comprehend the things and we can so Wilson met our judgment to them I hope you never allow yourself to do like that because that's very mean to whoever you set your confidence and I mean that the devil really put a lot of focus right there to delude him knowing that taking him down is an easy way to get an entire crap dealers and I'm saying that the only declined to people who are studious as to not believe them just because they say something is so you're going to have to believe that if any man will do his will if one is an e-mail though a full law is no wayfaring man will know which way I mean it it's up to you to believe that God can teach the Eagles to find their prey he can teach you how to find the truth in his word not because your intellect is so strong but because he is such a gifted teacher and when you put your confidence in his ability then you can give you just rub the devil one of his most efficient solutions it's that I can't understand these things trick turns in your Bibles to Proverbs chapter eighteen Proverbs chapter eighteen were looking at the first two a full has no delight in understanding by his heart may discover what to say itself so I very met lots people who talk about finding themselves I just want you to listen carefully to understand why finding yourself him a good idea him to this the same reason of why examine a snowflake and then your finger isn't a good idea whatsoever with exactness snowflake in the end of your finger that's right but the way that your exam in the snowflake changes the snowflake is on excessive and this is what Proverbs communicate salon for us the Bible by beholding you know this phrase of course we become and so the devil has tried to pull the most solely of tricks on us and it's incredible how we fall for it when we tried to discover ourselves were were examining something opposed not only is that something the fact is but it's dynamic you were dynamic what it means to check is changing right where changing in the very process of looking for ourselves makes us worse and then when then we changed noted myself again and it makes us worse but by then we changed on the finished and I'm communicating the idea of looking for ourselves is just a quarter one logically because looking at self masses in Detroit I think the word after messes would make good English but you got the idea messes up cell phone (s) even proper English so this idea this is how it's worded in my most administering people and at this people it's the this is how I am tripped you must never conclude that your defects are you your defects aren't a permanent part of you your helper for example your temptation you're your settings sends those problems and this is so the older you get the more this trick set sense on securing out in the old people especially you can't afford to conclude that your defects artistic with you if you concluded today well that doesn't work out what I'm saying is that instead of finding self we want to spend our time focusing on our Savior and when we have here in the interview South changes for the better and just doing the exercise in self won't be the same as it wants to see how that makes finding self a van activity what you're really doing is find something that won't even be that way in the future nine terms in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter four Hebrews chapter four are looking at verse twelve the Bible says for the word of God is quick which you should just scratch that out alive unless you already know that's a quick means the word of God is alive is what that means and a powerful number leave the rest of verse for you and eccentric I call this the that is how they are trick I remember I was at Tribune Herald I worked there for a few years that's for the school was from ninety six to ninety nine talking to amend there in the library and he had observed that people who have a certain theological belief which is what I happen to share our skinny and there was no connection physiologically between the belief and that observation it was belief in him to do it help for example at all and this was his conclusion that the reason that those people believe like that is because they don't have the kind temptations that other people had no dislike to and hear her and reasoning along the same line that's the way they are that's the way he is the devil would like to belittle the word of God by saying that when it changes men's lives for the better but it simply brings them closer to their natural inclinations that the reason that this class become conservative or this class become liberal is because of events that is in them and that is such an insult to this book as if this book doesn't change lives or as if this book changes lives in opposite directions some that way and some this way the word of God is a lie and powerful it changes people and don't let the devil telling you that the reason people have a certain set of values is just because they're inclined that direction it's possible that someone is inclined to fanaticism but you had better check the data for your fingers just or inclination this only revenue know if it's true dear send what these tricks have in common the devil wants us to skip looking at the data for ourselves so that he can manipulate us to thinking about the way that he thinks the last point tonight number review all of these will close I don't have a Scripture for it but I think it's it's so logical that I think you can just see that it's true I'd like you to picture for minutes a scale hero balance type scale I'd like you to picture that there are three rocks on the side all about the same size in the over here are part of ten rocks all about the same size she got thirteen rocks all about equal sized history pictures so far I like to understand if I put one of these rocks on the scale it's going to be heavy on the three signed user to see that and if I take that rock off and put another one on Christmas Day heavy on that side and I could put all ten rocks on like that in the three side and stay down the entire time and then if I was a fool I could say that the site is heavier than these ten rocks but that would make any sense at all limits but I'm just trying to illustrate for you about the way that people often handle religious reasons biblical reasons for data I call this the ice see where you are going trick I mean that if you give also some good policies someone present on the Sabbath this will work this way you I have fifteen good arguments for the Sabbath but they have Colossians two fourteen in first Corinthians is me asked twenty percent in sixteen two yes they have their three arguments right and you have your twenty yes all the arguments to be on the table at one time wouldn't be easy to see what the truth is if all the arguments where they are you could see it but in the mind of the poor person you're talking to there never are twenty three arguments on the table there are always for arguments on the table your one argument plus his three arguments and every stat history arguments in his own mind outweigh your one argument it's easy to see it when someone else is having the problem but it's a very common when the double works to trick us if you are receiving a Bible study or a presentation or a study that you can tell from the beginning is likely to say that you're wrong about how you live your life I mean any which way do you live your life you should know that you have quite a natural dance to self-defense we don't really want to change and the Devils trick is to come to me in that vulnerable situation and get me to evaluate the data at every step before is also it is all you can get me to evaluate the data at every stop I will keep that data on the table in my mind and I will feel justified for not changing my opinion I only know one safe way to avoid being diluted this way and that is to run early postponement conclusions you don't have to make up your decision before the data is now you don't have to make your conclusion before you've had time to study I mean it's not even safe to do it so did you understand I try to communicate United is a Bible text all this just a normal manner could've pretended I use Bible textbook illustration of the Sabbath but they didn't really teach my side they were just illustration to really find truth forgot I have to use a process it's more time-consuming than what were inclined to do and then we can really know whether it's true okay what I said the night it's good for young people but it's way too boring to keep the average young person 's attention and that horrible I mean it's just what we need but if we hardly are qualified to take it in some Atreides at all again now in about three minutes and then if you are older the number I surrounded down will go to that website you can find a more successful way to get into the minds of the people that need to hear the first trick is the baby and bathwater track best to struggle out a true idea because it's of association with a false idea that second was the gospel doesn't work for matrix is because we don't understand it well even though we think we do we should just keep starting vendors that freedom trick is to feel like that God 's ways keep us in bondage we do need to realize that the devil right now some bondage on this person is miserable his ways are bondage but why do we feel the bondage that the Bible calls a law of liberty it's because were in those gray areas pushing on the edges this would back away to the freedom this belongs the children of God we can have the freedom we want him forced one of the fourth trick was one about getting revenge the wrong way here's someone who tried to help mean he didn't do it well so I get revenge on him by disobeying God and ruining myself and that's the trick we are not to do it not for the point was the hypocrite trick it's related to the to the one of truth associated with falsehood this is more like truth associated with false person is the same idea and you shouldn't fall for it either way then there's the later trek that is to postpone making moral decisions when you already know what to write when the conviction is fair and you see in the data you can't afford to put it off I can't understand those things trek you should know is the devil who whispers in your mind that your intellect is two weeks he is afraid to have you connected directly to a teacher who is very successful but the people you trust can't afford to have you trust them it makes them targets for terrible thoughts we want to go directly to God and when we do the Devils discomfited don't pity him then there is that this is how I am track trying to find yourself his vain self is changing always when you try to find it it's getting worse when you're trying to find Jesus it's getting better you cannot locate a moving object better to put our attention somewhere reseller will be improving and never to conclude that our defects can't be changed they are always a temporary part of our experience then there was the that is how they are tracked to conclude that your parents or your elders or people you know that the reason they have those values is because just kind of person don't do that don't so belittle God councils the testimony is this Bible as to indicate they don't really push people in the same direction with the same information you know they do people differ widely in this position the same conclusion when they based their conclusions on the same data then there is that I see where you are going trick when your lifestyle as being attached will require a great deal of self-control to postpone your discs your conclusion and tell you've seen the data but if you love truth it's worth to know what's right what's best are we ignorant of his devices we shouldn't be but was at first we started with the first front ends don't come by our discipline with coldness are just so many common tricks the double uses and if we can pull the plugs on these his power in our church will be weakened and God 's power will begin to show market has shown before the start history closing prayer our father in heaven I ask that you would take the power in your holy Bible that you would use it to inoculate us against the typical tricks the devil uses that we could be spared from those be able to walk in the light I thank you and I ask for that gift in the name of Jesus and before you go out of your closing song and perhaps the announcement yourself


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