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Total Member Involvement- Part 1

Heidi Carpenter Ranela Kaligithi



  • August 13, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven. Lord we are so grateful again for Jesus and for the way that he has worked in our lives. Lord we thank you for the commitments that we've made to seek a deeper revival and a deeper experience with you. Lord you know that each of us need you. And in order to experience one hundred percent member involvement in our churches in our schools but we cannot do this without you. And so Lord we pray for that deeper arrival and that you would help us to lead others in a deeper revival themselves that we might move on. I'm through these different keys of building total member involvement in our churches. We thank you for being with us in Jesus' name we pray. Amen. Again and just answer the question why a total number of Volman for those of you who are new joining this session we will have one quote to review. Why you told a member involvement. It's because we want Jesus to come and right now we are a longing to see Jesus face to face and to experience that true latter rain the power of the Holy Spirit coming down in our own lives. That's why we're here today. And secondly how can we as young people and as young at heart. How can we inspire others to also be involved so that the end shall come. So as we're thinking about this. There is a quote that we shared in our last session that I'll share again it says the great outpouring of the Spirit of God which lightens the whole earth with His glory will not come until we have an enlightened people that know by experience what it means to be laborers together with God when we have entire whole hearted consecration to the service of Christ God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of a spirit without measure but this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not labors together with God. So why total member involvement. So that we can experience the largest portion of the church being actively call labors together with God You may ask yourself the question though. How is this going to happen is this really happening in people's lives here in North America in the North American division. How can we see a hundred percent of the church members active when I go to church you know it's twenty to thirty percent that are doing everything. How can I see not the busy people get busier. But those who aren't as involved how can I see them get involved and we have a video that we're going to share that is encouraging from a guy by the name of Jason which a pool. So we're going to start with this as a testimony of what is happening here in North America and if someone wants to flip the life. You're just one individual who their soul or his voice heard. You know whether yes this is you know my thoughts are with this guy you know this is really and I want to find somebody that as we did was sure more and more Syrians want to know what do you. What are friends. Those who are surprised because of our other surprises Well they do the nerd community or there is a thread was this it was very moving about three months ago. You know it was her right to come over those of us in the results. Sometimes the reward of the secret is you do business and notice that this is easier for you and us out or music to see people were ready for the truth. It was and reaches a certain area truth will always be there are others for me to never be just ruins know to know about or give to you. This is where this is going on. So here are your thoughts to be before you with all I said for you thought I was the artist provide food for greatness back to the church. So that I would be so you know you love the word tell me it was amazing to see the price up our what if what if each one reached what have you ever had people get up and talk about that right. If everyone reached one and then they do the math training. And we all know within a year we. I would have reached everyone. And I asked myself the question sometimes. Why don't we sit and think about that and I was even thinking about it the other day and I text her now and I was like This is total number of volume and stuff is getting to me like I'm thinking about this a lot more and and I know that when we do ministry. Tell me if I'm wrong. Oftentimes we're thinking like how many can I bring right. We're like I want to bring hundreds to Jesus. You know and we neglect the fact that God may want to have a spring one. We neglect the fact that God may want to harvest bring two or maybe he'll want to bring five. But you may not look like this huge amazing teller Star winner. You know stolen or that's like getting all these people that are baptized. But did you bring your faithful two or three and did everyone do that because when you think about it at the end of the day so winning is not about pumping us up for what we've done is it is just is just filling God's Kingdom with his children and so as you think about total number involvement if each one reached one we wouldn't have to have one person reaching five hundred right. It would be each one reaching one and I love the power behind thinking of the humility and the consistency that comes with with someone like Jason who's having bible studies with his neighbors and you know. And so as we're thinking about this. I hope that pictures are coming into your brain of those who you can reach out to of those who you're wanting to help inspire even if you inspired one person to share with others. That's a multiplication effect. You know if there was one person in your church that got more involved. That's better than no one at all. And so as you're thinking about this. I know we want to go and yes and turn our whole church upside down but are you willing to go for one. Are you willing to go for two Are you willing to do all of this if one. If one will come. And to Jesus as as we think about the keys to total number involvement again these these are the Five Keys and we're talking about them today revival is the first one we talked about in our first session and we wanted to spend that amount of time on it because honestly it's our greatest need. If I believe you know I've read different things and some pastors have said that if ninety five percent of if we if we stop if if a man had to go. It talks about the basic concept of. With with the Holy Spirit being taken away from the church ninety five percent of what we do you can still go on but we want it to be the exact opposite that when the Holy Spirit is taken away. Nothing gets done because it's only by the Holy Spirit that these things can happen. Now the second thing is inspiration and you can see it as just a pretty picture. But inspiration write this down guys inspire. Now when you hear a powerful testimony and someone tells you about the change in their life like I remember last year I heard anything testimony he had I share of what God had done in this life so exciting. Other people here in this room you have heard testimonies before right. And I get so excited like as soon as I hear the first one is my own when I go out and knock on doors right now I want to go out and hang out in my community. I want to be involved and I want you to know there's power in you sharing your testimony. There's power in your sharing your testimony. It's interesting testimony says there are times when it is fitting for our ministers to give on the Sabbath in our churches short discourses full of the life and love of Christ but the church members are not to expect a sermon. Every Sabbath. Isn't that interesting and seriously were not the posts are expected to read every week. I thought that's what pastors did arrangement. What is it saying. Very interesting. It says those who have united with the Lord in the covenant of service are under bonds to unite with him in the great groundwork of what of soul saving let the church members during the week act their part faithfully and on the Sabbath do what Isn't that awesome so. So are you picturing this in your head right. Every member total member involvement all week long. And you come to church and want church. It's a testimony discussion of what God has done throughout the week right. And these aren't just testimonies of what God did thirty years ago. These are testimonies of what God did yesterday right. It's fresh. It has power because God did it yesterday. You can't see the rest of this but it says on right here on the meeting will then be as meat in due season bringing to all present new life and fresh vigor you want to see life and fresh vigor come in your church start having members share testimonies of what God is doing in their life. How God is using them to bring about salvation in the lives of others. It says when God's people see the great need of working as Christ work for the conversion of sinners. The testimonies borne by them in the service service will be filled with power with joy they will tell of the precious experience they have gained in working for others powerful when you think about it not to expect a sermon every week but to be a time of inspiration of testimony. So when you sing about this number one we talked about revival. How can you and your church experience Revival How can you and your school experience revival as a leader in total number of Volman a leader in T.M.I. are you going to take people with you into an experience of revival and secondly are you going to bring about inspiration in their lives when you think about this. These are some of the ways you can do it. I have a fresh testimony spotlight at church every week every single week and I know you may have you know pastors or administrators that say there isn't time. Right. You know there might be someone who's saying all there's no time to put it into the bulletin and to the schedule we've got a packed schedule All right. I can give you these quotes if you knew that you know and come to the panel we'll talk about some ways. How can you do this. How can you implement and start integrating this into your churches but I can tell you where there are people in the room that can testify to the power of a testimony every week and this is not just a worker sharing their testimony like a bible worker or some you know paid worker. This is a member who is saying this is what got it in my life. I did a Bible study I was scared and this is how God used me I passed out a glow tract and I had a conversation with someone. I was in the store and I talked to the person who was getting oranges with me and we struck up a spiritual conversation and it was a powerful experience even if it's the smallest thing that someone's doing them getting up and sharing it guaranteed that reality tells me the story at the series church there was a member walking out after one of these testimony times and she heard a member say to another member man if he can do it. I can do it and that and I want you to know that peer testimony is so powerful because they're not looking at like oh well Ranallo can do it because we're an olive trained they're saying what you really you know and it's unfortunately that we think that way but how much power can that give us right to know that anyone can be involved. Another thing is testimonies a large gatherings anyone here been to So Cal can't meaning right in the the power of miracle roadways and every time sharing tons of testimonies often you know campaigning right offering. Is Over a million. Why because people are giving because of what God is doing and it's powerful to see what God is doing another thing is just simply sharing one on one testimony it's like when Ellis said you know the early office only church had none of the things that we have today. But what did they do they had word of mouth. All right so as you're thinking about activating others and involving others don't be afraid to just let the Holy Spirit speaks through you and share your testimony of what God has done and then last but not least with media I think it's powerful. You know just watching Jason which a pull in his life and seeing what God is doing through him. That's a media testimony that could be shared of the church to inspire other members. If you feel like you have no where to start and nothing's happening get some media testimonies to share this is what's happening in someone's natural life and that is a powerful way to inspire a church. So that's the second point inspiration and we're going to move into the next one which is training and you can see it. Training and evangelists take opportunities. Once someone has experienced revival and they are inspired this is this is one of the next steps. It's not an A.B.C. thing we're not trying to give you like do this do this do this and it will be perfect but we're just saying these are ingredients that really make the recipe the way it should be you know. And so as you think about it. Ranil is going to come up and talk about training in the Angeles take over seen it is. Awesome this is something I'm very passionate about especially because over the last three years as we've been trying to implement it at different churches. It's been literally one of the most amazing experiences for those of you and I can't I know I keep bringing up campuses because there's a lot of campuses here. But remember the first time you had a really incredible experience and the joy in your heart was like oh I didn't know what to do with yourself and you're like Gordon. I'm like oh my goodness this is over. That's over you know and I. No one really understands but you and the Lord. It's just incredible. But I thought that was only you know something that I got when I was canvassing. I had that feeling again it was incredible. I can just feel like eleven Summers and I had it again in a different context than getting to seeing a like whoa it actually happened in a church while we were training church members and I'm going to tell you more about it. This volume seven of the testimony says the greatest help that can be given to our people is to teach them to do what work for God into going on here. Not on the ministers I want to challenge you as people who are not ministers and pastors in here. Don't rely on your pastor don't rely on the leadership to do all the work you imagine yourself as the pastor as the minister I have a personal responsibility to spread the gospel. If not them it's me that people have had too much sermonizing but have they been taught how to labor for those whom Christ as died has a line of labor been devised in place before them in such a way that each has seen the necessity of taking part in the work. Notice that that word that's in all caps. Have they been taught how to labor. Teaching is very important being trained is what we're going talk about really quickly here being train is very important ministry of healing says many would be willing to work if they were what taught how to begin they need to be instructed and encouraged every church should be a training school for Christian workers. Imagine if your church was not just the church you went to on Savard and that was the only day it was open. It was like open all throughout the week because like Night Number one we have health expert training. Number two we have Bible study training. Number three and it was just a training center it was like oh where do you go to school all my church. That's where I get my evangelism training from that's the ideal that can happen. And this is what she says many would be willing to work if they were taught how to begin. We can all go relate to that sometimes we just don't have enough confidence to step out and do it because we're like have never to. On it before. I'm not really sure where to even start. I don't think I have the skills but then when you're actually taught then you feel a little bit better about it right. It's like after that first or second day of canvassing maybe a first second week of Kevin saying but you fail a little bit more encouraged. I want to share with you a testimony at during the year we do something called fishers of men went to one and I was actually put together by a guy that's going to be on the panel tomorrow A.J. belts. Oh sorry. Today today when I'm going to be here tomorrow today and basically it's a Bible study training for just everyday church members. So we teach people how to give a Bible study off of a Bible study guide and it's very simple. It's wonderful. We also teach people how to be church members. What do you mean by that you know how to be a church member Well in my mind a church member is someone that you know when when someone comes through the door at church the church members go and greet them right. Incredible concept. You know you actually go and you see a visitor and you're like oh that's someone I don't recognize I should say hi to them and so we teach them how to do that. How do we do that and this is where that awesome feeling comes from that I experience. I walked into a training in F M one A one training and this is what they were doing. We had one line of people at the door pretending to be visitors and one line of people pretending to be church members and these church members when the visitor came through the door the visitor the church member had to go up to them and they had to say. Oh hi. I don't recognize you. What's your name need and I'm We know it's so nice to meet you. This is your first time here. Wow that's so great. Do you have anyone to see what would you like to come sit with me. Oh great. Awesome. And then they would have to say you know you have to see for public afterwards. OK so we taught them to say that and it was incredible because some of these church members were like. OK. Hey listen. And you know it was just like you know and it was so funny. Because it's not like we don't know how to do that. It's just that sometimes we come to church mean we to be blessed ourselves our radar is not on to go bless others but we're training them we're training church members to be able to have their radar on to be in that mindset. We had a church that we did this training this there was a group that is training and their homework they actually have very practical homework afterwards. There's actually a table to the person there that actually put together if we want to on high. So we had this church did this training and one of the girls. Emma. Emma is this older Filipino lady and she you know not that old sixty seventy and she was also very shy some Filipinos some of them are really saying when but some of them are really shy. She was one of the shy ones. And she went through this whole training and so their homework was this Sabbath. When you see a visitor everyone needs you know like Basically you need to find a visitor encourage them to sit next to you make them feel welcome. But I'm part of Balika law. So all the radars are on the Sabbath and you know they're all like looking around all the people that were in the class and all of a sudden this woman comes into the door that none of them recognise and so they're all like Who are you know and it's funny because in some churches these churches actually compete to see who can get to that person first. It's amazing. I was soldiers are like that but Emma happened to be the first one to get to her she just made a beeline straight to her and went in and encouraged her into how you know come sit next to me this story comes out that this woman actually that morning she had had a little bit Aves background but didn't go to church ever she woke up that morning and thought you know I should go to us and they haven't a church. So she called her mom and Alaska and said Mom Where should I go to church and or mom said google it. So she Googled the one that was nearby so this woman walked into the Watsonville us the church. And she walks in and she answered meeting Emma. Emma gives her Bible studies because she just learned how this woman gets baptized and the she says the reason why she kept on coming back to the church is because the church members were so friendly and warm. And welcome. The amazing with just a little bit of training just a little bit very simple the church members were able to get into the mindset of the they had their paradigm shifted. This is what church is about change is about encouraging other people. I don't have the quote but Ellen White says that God does not now send lots of people to certain churches because those church members would take care of them. You know I've been to as someone that visits many churches. I know which churches but I know the reason why some churches have more church members in it than others. I go to centers where no one says hi to me. Literally I say hi to them because I just I targeted in church or not they had people. So finally at the end I can't contain myself if I were not. What's your name. Oh are you going to search your whole thing about myself but you know our church is a partridge for more warm and welcoming and I knew how to give bottles that he knew how to share their feet. I think more people would be willing to work. They just need to be taught simply how to begin. And it's incredible because these these resources that we have are actually here on this page that we're going to give to you maybe already have it but these are things that you can do you especially those of you that are just from campus and you have skills that you can teach other people very simple things along coupled with inspiring testimonies up front doing these trainings just have to share another story. This happened at MIT in mid-air A and actually A.J. probably could share the story. A.J. was a Bible worker there he had just recently come up with A F I want to one and had done this training with with this lady named. Bonnie. And Bonnie he decided I have a Bible study that I want to pass off to Bonnie. And so Bonnie went with A.J. she had just gone through the training and she was eighty to meet this woman that she wanted her study with and now this woman her husband was a USED TO BE A used to be a Baptist preacher and he was deceased and so she when she met this lady when by. And he met this lady she was supposed to study with they they did the visit. Bonnie met her and they were walking away and she turns to A.J. and she is like A.J. That woman is going to eat me for lunch. You know she thought this woman used to be a pastor's wife. I knew nothing about this. She's going to ask me all these questions have you guys felt that way before you're kind of afraid because you're like What if they ask me a question I don't know how to answer you know and all these fears but A.J. instructed had instructed her and he continued to encourage her and she's he's told her you know what funny don't worry about it. You've been in avenues for seventy years you know your stuff. And so and this woman had never done a bible study in her life right. Anyway long story short. Bonnie ended up studying with this lady and this woman and of getting that ties another one of the ladies friends got baptized and when I saw Bonnie Bonnie said you know last year I was praying for two souls This year I'm praying for four souls. She was so excited and this woman when I went up to visit this church she was upfront she was like taking the mike. She's like everybody had to be giving but also do you need to go through as I want to one you know she was so excited about it. She used to be so timid and now she's telling everyone. You can we do so too and that's the multiplication effect of training when you're training a group of people that doesn't have to be a very big group. I want to give you a few. A few pointers here when you're doing trainings. You know we can seminars are nice. They're a little bit more for inspiration more than actual training when you want someone to actually go out and do a bottle study or go and do something like a Health Expo it needs to be a good amount of time. It depends on what it is a health check so maybe doesn't need as much training or whatever but as far as Bible studies you want it to be eight to ten weeks maybe one one night a week something where in the middle they can have homework. Some of the homework is to work on the Bible study to go out with a Bible worker for half an hour. Like literally that's our homework that we have to schedule it in and go with them and it gives them the confidence you want there to be practical applications. Accountability is huge. And I'm going to church. We don't have either just talking. OK what times I can get in. I'm going to church. We don't have a lot of accountability when it comes to winning souls. We think it's a nice thing and we all say we should do it but when it comes to accountability there's not much. That's where inspiration is really nice because you have a church service where the whole sermon time you're just sharing testimonies then people think oh OK next Sabbath. We're going to share testimonies I'm going to do something for of angels in this week because I want to have something to share. I've actually led out in church services in sermon times where we don't do a sermon and I just call on people to share testimonies. It's incredible. People I like at first it's a little intimidating because it's like he's a human condition or anything but you know what people should do stuff. I mean in evidence or just people doing a vigil is them but they sometimes they don't have a platform to share and we've had some awesome experiences where out of the woodwork people are like wow you're giving false ID you're sharing your faith with this person and it's awesome that helps give accountability anything that will give accountability for people and you know not to the point of like you know if you go don't go do this you're going to lose your salvation but accountability like hey let's all do this together. You know like did you show your faith this week. So that's what that small group training does is you share with one another. What's happened and you have homework that you have to do a few more things here. This is something that you can do when you go back to your church. I ask you. Pastor a church leader can we have a training can you teach me how to do this. I have a great pastor's name is Alvin Raj and I've asked him. I'm like Can you teach me how to preach please I need some pointers. And he's a powerful preacher and go to your leaders of your church and ask them to hire someone that you know this is more for those that maybe here are on a church board or whatever that have a little bit more power hire someone who can train. This is a great book. How do you know sort of fulfilling God's anti mission by Mark Finley I would highly recommend that book. If you want to do something in of Angela's them whether it's an evangelistic series or your church doesn't know where to start or you don't know where to start you get that book. Basically this is everything that Marc. Finley has done in like decades of evangelism all in one book and he gives practical things what he even has on the back. There's like a pick a page that you can print that has. You know the the letter that you give to your boss if you're trying to get the Sabbath off I mean that's how that's how detailed this book is the discipleship handbook is amazing. I haven't looked into it a ton. But from what I've seen it's very simple and practical you can look for that online Christians are is obviously Ellen way a lot of what we're sharing here is from inspiration on the card that we're going to give you. It has our contact information. If you want more information on that I got to wrap this up here. Yeah. All right on on this card. That we're going to show you that you guys might have we can do it at the end. Yeah you can get in before you leave. There are a whole bunch of evangelistic opportunities that you can be involved in. When you have you can have. Inspiration at your church you're sharing testimonies you can have training but now it's time. But now it's time to actually go and do something right. So no matter what it is maybe you have a church where there's like a whole bunch of mechanics. I've heard about a church I forgot where it was but the church had a whole bunch of mechanics and so one Sunday they advertise that they were going to do some free set basic mechanical things for your car and a whole bunch of people came out and they made a whole bunch of connections with the community and it was amazing. They just used what they had do you have a church that's full of nurses and doctors do a Health Expo. Do you have a church that has a whole you know like what does your church have me what do you have what do you then your small group of five friends have that you can do in the community just do something do anything. Can you give a Bible study. You know teach someone else how to do it on this part it has a whole bunch of different things obviously glow I encourage you guys to go on Glo mission trips because I've heard Go mission trips this stuff is amazing. I went to Philadelphia and San Francisco. Oh it's like canvassing on steroids. I mean it's incredible. And it's only ten days present. And so you know you go and do things like that go to you. Threshold of you have never done it before. These are training opportunities as well as a Vangelis to opportunities that will help you be able to bring it back to your church. I don't have to go into that too much as far as of evangelism this kind of what we're talking about this whole thing is that do do what you have a talent for an interest in what your church has an interest in and maybe you want to serve your church send out a survey one Sabbath during the service and have them fill out what they're interested in doing. Lastly I want to share this last quote here. OK Because I know we're talking I've said a lot about Bible studies we've talked about preaching evangelism is not just about Bible studies and preaching. Evangelism is every day life whether you are paid to work at the church. Whether you are a literature of interesting earth. Whatever you're doing you should be sharing your faith wherever you go. And that's what we talked about in the first session genuine revival leads to total member involvement because it's just a part of you you don't have to force yourself to do it you just want to it's importance of revival Every year millions upon millions of human souls are passing into eternity unwarned and what. Unsaved from hour to hour in our very life opportunities to reach and save souls are open to us. He says from hour to hour that's incredible. These opportunities are what. Continually coming and going God desires us to make the most of them days weeks and months of passing we have one day one week one month less in which to do our work. What I want you to understand about this quote is that it's an every day life. You can do events. You can do a lot of events at your church but remember it's just an everyday interactions of your daily life that something could happen. You know I want me to think about that in your daily life. There are continual opportunities coming going. It's about us being open. To the Holy Spirit right. So that we take those opportunities. So I just want to make sure that's clear in your mind. It's not just about Bible studies it's not just about Evangel six series and things like that public events Elysium it's about who where sharing your faith with your coworker when you're at the grocery store. Whatever you're doing with glow every single every day life taking those opportunities. I'm going to pass it off to Heidi here who's going to finish up for us talking about how to help all of the of angels in that you do your church actually work together. Paula testimony having an alcohol there whereas for Bible workers. One of Angelus and one pastor and they were excited because they were doing a cycle of evangelism in their church they wanted to see things happen they wanted to see total number of volume and they wanted to see baptisms and these four bible workers are working the evangelist is amazing on point they're all excited. They're preparing for the evangelistic series they do the evangelist and series they start following up and as they're looking through all of the people that made decisions for about two years and they see something really amazing forty over forty people made a decision for about over forty people and as they're looking through these cards they find that only two of them have come from the Bible work or team. I know a little bit disappointing right to a Bible worker. For you to sit there and think we have four Pavel workers one of Angela's one pastor and only. Who are from us. But as they started looking at all of the other people who had been baptized they saw six of them had come in from the time ministry five had come because of the health ministry three had come because of this ministry over twelve ministries were involved and bringing in those forty two people is that all something that is the power of synergy my friends that is the parson or G. of working together. And as we think about that there it's amazing to look at at the power. Of unity and harmony. Now I know this is a little bit. Scary to think about but listen listen to this quote it says the willing subjects of Satan are faithful active and united in one object. It's kind of sick to think about but it says the willing subjects of Satan are faithful active in United and one object and although they hate and war with one another. Yet they improve every opportunity to advance their common interests. It is yet relished says disgusting it's a disgusting quote to think about but these these evil angels are united in one purpose. The question is are we. Are we at our churches in our schools are we. United for one purpose as were as we're working together is there synergy is it my ministry is better than yours. You know is it. I want more to come in through me. Then what comes through through your Cedric or is it how much can God do through us together right. So when you think about synergy what is synergy doing is decreasing pride and it's increasing humility and human because it's it's us working together and it seeing that in heaven. It's not going to be like all literature of angles and got all the souls know. It's every single ministry working together. God uses for the salvation of man. So as we think about synergy thinking back to the disciples that says one interest prevailed these are the Apostles one objects swallowed up all others. It sounds like they're in love right. When you think about one object you know you're like oh you know right before I got married I was so i'm through all of with the one I was going to marry. And here. It says one interest prevailed one object swallowed up all others all hearts beat in harmony are your hearts beating in harmony today. The only on vision of the believers was to do two things to reveal the likeness of Christ character and to labor for the enlargement of his kingdom. Is not awesome. It's like the only thing like I'm walking out of the store and the only thing I want to do is reveal Christ and enlarges Kingdom. Like that's why I exist right. And that's what they all experienced it says These scenes are to be repeated with greater power and with greater power the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was the former rain but the lottery will be more abundant I remind you success in any line demands a definite aim. So synergy and working together. You need one goal. You need one focus and so as you're working together with your churches as you're working together with your teams. Remember that success in any line demands a definite aim and what is our definite aim while our so the Apostles tells us that the church is God's appointed agency for the salvation of men. It was organized for service and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world there is our mission statement right. So how can we develop a total member involvement synergy in our churches these are some of the strategies that we have. Put into place when we're doing synergy at a church this is practical. Practically speaking the first thing is getting all of them it like anyone that is a ministry leader a passionate ministry leader whether it be health whether it be literature whether it be children's ministries whatever it is all of those ministry leaders in one room and this is a different meeting than a board meeting. OK this is not a board meeting. Board meeting you're dealing with all kinds of in ministration this is not a board meeting folks this is a leadership meeting. OK it's a leadership meeting that is a Vangelis tickly focused where every single. A ministry can plan the year round calendar together right where you're thinking where are we headed Lord what do you want to do first. How can we all be preparing for one object how can we all be working towards one goal. And there's there are some ministries right where maybe you look at them and you're like Pathfinders is a really evangelistic. But can it be you know Childers ministry is not really evangelistic but can it be. So so if everyone has the object of being about agency of salvation right. We can see synergy happening when we focus on the same thing and that is bringing people adding stones to the building of God. Adding stones. So have a meeting pull everyone together now you may not be the one to do this but you can go to your pastor and you can talk about communicate can we can we do something together synergistically where we can focus on on one goal and one purpose. Now one one powerful thing when you get together before you plan anything. What should you do united prayer. Please take in that time because the Apostles. I don't believe that their hearts were being in harmony. Just because what were they doing for days and days and days together. They were praying. So again it's coming back to this. What are you doing together and will God bring your hearts into harmony. Absolutely. Does he want to. Yes. And he can united prayer those leaders who have a burden to see something happen synergistically ministries working together then have each ministry have a relationship building focus. It's powerful to see that's what these ministries and alcohol on hand. The health ministry. They were evangelist and they wanted to build relationships through their ministry and then the tie group was building relationships through their ministry. Whatever they were doing they were building relationships. So that they could then when it came time for End of Angeles six series. They were not inviting strangers to a meeting but who were they inviting. They were inviting friends and that's the power of synergistically focused work leading towards what we call calendar driven events and this is powerful. You got to put something on the calendar. You really do like something on the calendar we've seen years where there's nothing on the calendar like they're not working towards say an evangelist experience or use that as an example. It's not in their cycle of evangelism they're cycle there is no real cycle there's nothing that they're pushing for as a calendar driven event and there haven't been as many many people added to the church. They haven't been added daily you know things like that but when there's something put on the calendar like in February we are doing it. Angelus experience all of us are working forward to that we're building relationships through all of these different means. And we're all working together for the same goal after that evangelist experience which is really just the tip of the iceberg. Right. Afterwards you're doing tons of follow up where all of those ministries are the nurturing the the precious people that have come in right. So it's this full circle experience of leading up to something preparing for something doing it together and then doing preservation afterwards to see that really happen but calendar driven events. It's amazing when you give someone a goal something that you're shooting for something that we're moving forward together. And now I do not think that calendar driven events are total member of all that I say they aid in total number involvement because you have a goal. You have something to achieve something to accomplish together and they're very encouraging. And last but not least just having a unified ministry mission and vision and really really having that in a clear way in your minds. Now there's. We are going to have a Q. and A in our next session. So we do want to invite you back for that if you can and we'll have some time to talk about maybe questions like Why it's what if I'm in a church where you know they're all older people. There's not a lot of a youth. What do I do you know it doesn't seem like they're able to do as much. What do I do in that situation. Maybe those other questions that you do have that you really want to bring to the table but before you leave and today we want to hand out these cards to you at the end and actually really can you have these out. I do want to do this right now. I there's a card that's going to be handed out right now a couple guys will help with it but it's it's the total number of all that resolution and as as you think about this. We're going to. I want you to just start thinking about this if you're coming back. So the next session. You can fill it out at that time. If you feel like you're going to be moving on we would invite you to fill this out and turn it in at the door when you leave but this total number of all of that resolution what can you practically do. The first thing is I want to experience a greater revival and commitment to God's work. If that is your desire check the box and say yes this is something I want to experience. Secondly I sense God calling me to be more involved in building His church through a specific ministry. Maybe there's something that you sense God calling you specifically towards or third I commit to approach the leadership of my local church with a vision for total number involvement. Maybe that's something you want to see happen in your church and you want to approach your pastor because we're not here saying Go into your churches and make a star and not communicate. That's not what we're trying to say we're saying Go into your church and communicate and be willing to work at seeing this have. And then last but not least I'm willing to lead and inspire others in total number of volved I want to multiply. So if you can fill that out. We do we do want to invite you to be a part of a Facebook page that we have or that we are starting it's an exciting Facebook page where you can interact you can share stories of people getting involved. You can ask questions and say this is it working at my church what can I do troubleshooting things like that. So this information is not so that we can sign you up for something crazy is just to give you that one invitation to interact with us after but why don't we just go ahead and close out this session with a word of prayer and again if you're staying for the next session you can turn that in later if you're leaving please turn it on at the door so that we can get in contact with you. Father God Lord. When we think about these different strategies and resources and we recognize that our greatest strategy is following the lamb wherever he goes but our greatest resource is on our knees when when we are alone agonize and pray with you and Lord I just pray that you would give us a greater hunger and a greater surfaced to see the total number involvement in our church as Lord help us to be willing to sacrifice for it to be willing to pray for it until it happens and we just ask Lord that your blessing would rest upon each one in this room that you take them back. Lord I believe they are influential people. I believe that they love you and that they want others to love you and I just pray that you would take this group and that you would help them to be instruments and agents of change and of growth in their churches and their schools. Thank you for being this prayer this media was brought to you by all. Audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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