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Tricks of the Devil

Eugene Prewitt
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Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • March 6, 2009
    2:00 PM
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one describe in the book how our mind was meant to be able to grow but the way the roses by contemplating a large and deeply profound ideas thinking about eternity thinking about the love of God considering the idea of our destiny and the breadth of our duty these are all very large ideas we can't really comprehend them but we can think about and the process of thinking about them our minds become stronger the opposite is also true when we don't think about things larger than we can easily grasp our minds become weaker very much like an arm that's in a cast for a body that's forced to live for weeks that they never had that kind of experience with arm the cast of the body in the bed the strength was there but as it wasn't used it's lost and many of us have lost the strength of Armagh we've lost the strength of our mind in this respect because we haven't thought about those large ideas haven't spent the proper time contemplating them are lines of narrows it down so their only capable of dealing with little commonplace human the kind of stuff happens all around us we want to read that chapter in the book education the chapters are there river anything yet here in Job thirty eight to look at verse three of verse two foo is this that darken counsel by words without knowledge Job thirty eight she was such an interesting question because it looks like it's being given in reference to Job 's three friends and when I reenter Earth for earlier call in the book Joe when I read that they have to say these men had a great deal of what I would call knowledge in fact if you're not careful I challenge you to try this for about ten years whenever you see a quotation from the book of Job look it up in your Bible and see who's speaking and I think you'll find that about one fourth of the quotations in the book of Job are being quoted from these friends who darkened it counsel by words without knowledge that make any sense to it I just but what they say house I'm not idea or thought in it that it looks sensibly goes big problems out of some of these things but what Jesus would God say in Job thirty eight about their works those were words without knowledge those words darkened counsel when they jump into my first point and will get our list and move through it very rapidly today have you ever heard this idea that were to teach the young people how to be thinkers and not merely reflectors of man's thoughts and the way we usually shorten that person we want to teach them how to think for themselves and the way we can assent when Rihanna 's I want to learn to think for myself and when we take the slow idea of thinking for ourselves the trick of the devil in this is to put the emphasis on myself and not on think tonight I just want to portray this idea as I'm understanding it there is a difference between thinking for myself and concluding for myself there is a difference between thinking and well I will use the timing so I should explain what I mean thinking and that make in my own opinion the devil would like to so confound those ideas that when you come to your own conclusion you figure that you're thinking for yourself the thinking and concluding ourselves far from being the same sign that the difference between network into the problem and writing down an answer can you see it in your output class how would go if you decided that you are just going to write down whatever answer you thought would be kind of pretty and the end of the that would not be thinking I said that four times and I should move on so second a lot of are going over today is the trick the Devil has told many young people that they will not enjoy heaven they won't like Kevin B Boring the trick is rarely used on people over the age of eighteen I think it's just is more often used right around the ages of eleven and twelve because when you get a little older you can see right through it usually not right see the disorder just looking you realize that the same God who gave me taste buds so that I can enjoy good apples the same God who gave me the ability to enjoy being been able to move quickly the same God who gave me ability to enjoy the love and affection she's the one who invented having an idea that I am going to have less capacity to enjoy likely see how how inconsistent this is the think that heaven am to have more capacity to grow more capacity to think us bigger body of a stronger mind more capacity to live like I'll never die and become to have less capacity to enjoy as a sophomore at all and I'm really our first point here is for the very young because you'd be surprised at how consistently do tell young people that they're not going to enjoy having because they associate happen with the restriction of their things I like to do for fun maybe we can conduct that an afternoon session for a minute or two of development the answer that is an Proverbs sixteen must turn there with me for a minute Proverbs sixteen nonstop Proverbs of songs song Psalm sixteen and looking at verse eleven song sixteen in verse eleven says thou wilt show me the path of life in thy presence is fullness of joy listen carefully at thy right hand there are what's the word pleasures for evermore so we talked about yesterday last night how rebelling in at least originally sprang God through the dissemination of lines lies lead the rebellion that is when people don't really understand what God thinks and does and how he gathers they're not nearly as inclined to submit to him and you see now why the devil would like to tell very on people that they won't enjoy happen this because of the beautiful truth that if they knew how much they would enjoy heaven they surely wouldn't let anything keep them from getting turned in your Bibles to Matthew chapter twelve run to our second point already today Matthew chapter twelve verse thirty eight the second track of the Delaware talk about this morning is what I called a proven track the first trick was I won't like Kevin the second trick is proof it as people say Matthew twelve in verse thirty eight then started in the surprise of the Pharisees answered saying Master we would see a sign from the so why do they ask for proof you know it's because they didn't want to believe and before I exposed this trick for the trip it is just like us to build a self identify the cause of how how worked so well it's one we don't want to believe that we tend to demand proof if someone came with evidence that eating the apple I was good for us we would like the accepted without any checking of references right when is it that we tend to demand proof is when we don't like the conclusion my father died of lung cancer eight years ago and lung cancers release for my father was a slow painful and very hard to watch process do you know in the nineteenth century in eighteen hundred 's there were many people that suspected that smoking was bad for your health but there wasn't any proof in the eighteen hundreds what otherwise is evidence there were people who observed that smokers tend to cost more than others and the caulking people tend to get sick more than others and the people attend the cough a lot get sick a lot if it becomes a no that's one thing they often do I have to immerse people did observe things like that even in the early eighteen hundreds and there were people who said that smoking is bad for your health at the same time there were others and observe the people who call many times smoking will help calm down the coffee and there was some legitimacy to this and there were a number of people who made presentations to the fact that smoking might be good for you at least for some ailments in some circumstances millimeters jump to my point isn't about smoking at all it's that sometimes it's very dangerous to wait until proof is available I mean that smoking a would kill someone in eighteen twenty the same way it killed my dad in two thousand one my dad had a whole lot more evidence than the man who died in eighteen twenty but the cigarettes hurt them just the same the following say I think this is a real parallel for example to the stage right now of science in relation to the effects of music I think that if you go really searching diligently you can find significant evidence but the kinds of music that are are not recommended by parents in this kind of church you can find a real evidence of that kind of music is bad for us morally if I'd be very frank with even the parents I don't think what you can find qualified proof I don't think that when I taken the evidence myself and try to compile that I can find I can find stuff on both sides and I think that someone looking out at a young person who is versus here and say that if you're been the really hard on the data like you need to be in research you can Caroline and the subpar and what you're left with is its evidence but it doesn't qualify for proof but let me just can't bring this to the conclusion if if when I go to the Spokane airport on Monday morning if one I walk in alarm goes off and an announcer says please calmly exit the building there has been a bomb threat even though I know from my experience with the news that probably there's less than the one in fifty chance of the really is a bond there do not talk about very few bomb threats are connected to real balls still I'm going through very politely and happily exit the building rights this is because the amount of risk I'm willing to take is related to the value of the object that is at risk and if I was risking losing a block I would care really about until I really wouldn't care about the bomb threat but when I'm risking is losing a lot in view of the great treasure I can lose even a very small risk is sufficient to lead me to exercise extreme caution my caution Anna be sensibly proportionate to the risk you follow it when saying about this this is why we should not demand proof in many cases we need to go with the ball of evidence we need to run especially if what's at stake is something as track this great treasure is my soul all the really does a significant chance that this activity could harm me in a spiritual sense I'm not can tell you that I'm sure that will I don't have to preach to you that I'm a hundred percent certain that it will send a very sensible way say I'm not going to partake as I may criticize your website I can refuse to go there simply on the treasure that I don't want to risk for something that isn't certain if I see significant evidence pointing in that direction so I've talked a little bit about that trick of demand improved I think just remember how we started this track but many times when doing demand proof is when we really don't want to believe in which I shouldn't let ourselves deceive ourselves that way our third trick than talk about this morning I'll call it that I'm rich and doing evangelism tract in your Bibles to Ezekiel thirty three Ezekiel thirty three is a fascinating passage is helpful in sharing the truth that once your say that doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to be faithful to the end we want to observe that a thought here Ezekiel thirteen looking at verse thirty three look at verse thirteen Ezekiel thirty three and verse thirteen when I shall say to the righteous that he shall surely live there are to see that this righteous man must be a justified man he can be a self-righteous man because that's not the kind of man that Jesus ever says to him thou wilt thou shalt surely live the first half of this verse as someone who's had a real experience of trusting God to look at what happens when I say to the righteous that you shall surely live if he wants it say trust to his own righteousness and commit iniquity of his righteousnesses shall not be remembered the trip as described here the W loses if you can't stop you from being justified if you can't keep you from coming to the point of full surrender then after the point of full surrender to try to get you to compare yourselves to the majority because the truth is majority doesn't fully surrendered they never have to even in church and if such a silly trick that we fall for it I mean to look around us and let the devil tell us that since we finally here we were we are battling with visitation that one this one and that one finally been given up those things that we were rebelling on for so long and now were suddenly I had above is true the register had above the people who are just like we were just a few days ago but the devil would like this at this point to compare ourselves and if we would begin comparing ourselves with others we cannot often fall short described in this verse beginning to think that if anyone's going to get to heaven it must be me since I'm not one of the few I know was given at this level and that's just a nasty trick that gives Jesus the Lord and takes it right back the trust him and entrust self we shouldn't fall for the rich and increased with goods and the need of nothing trick the fourth record talking about are so related and in character monotonous thoughts look at Luke chapter eighteen oh oh oh I need helpers for this now I know some business Sara page in the audience here version of shipment Mister Walker from anywhere you want to say anything you say a single word and then as an miss Heather Roux is also here is Heather here had to appear for just a minute I did write down both your names on my notes I than just Microsoft I had here on Heather could you just unable to chair fermented to make this work right Heather could you stand right about here write about their essay had the concerns and Heather but Heather go ahead and then certain with distributors in front of it like you stand right about their ladies you don't say anything or just illustrating something on the sword better if I do a little different other like you to start right stand right there okay what you need to do it either is I want you to try to stay in between Sarah and I about equal distance between us like so she's not going to move on the move and so is a satellite triumph estate equally between us to examine your printer do okay outside of the doctor sees now that it is some purpose I thank you kind Los Angeles and illustrated by that but a silly activity is a very common trick in the dump this idea that the liberals are like this I do see is a concern of his elect the first is a very aliphatic analogy like that the downfall would like to change the way we find truth from looking at things outside to look in at the populace and the devil would like to lead us to conclude to get us to choose the way we live on the basis of avoiding extremes so I been away almost talked myself like this I end not an extremist I am not an extremist and the way we try to stay in the mill the road is by making sure that we don't go to either extreme the following three caring about the idea it becomes a balancing act the way we choose our life becomes a balancing act but can you just see just below straight the balancing act is not a stable way of determining your positions on the double has to manipulate all yesterday to manipulate me if you want me to move to the right all he has to do is bring some right extremist and put them out there my field of vision and then I'll feel a little bit left of center or if he wants moving to the left you can bring some left extremist or a bunch more people on the left and has their way out there I'll feel a little bit right of center and it really becomes very easy to just move me around people who choose their values like this moving from one part of the country to another is often a shock a shock to their value system because give you follow the idea that you're in Luke eighteen are to look at verse eleven him Pharisees stood and prayed us with himself God I think breathe out I am not what to say as other men are extortioners unjust adulterers or even as this public and can you see the irony in this idea for a man to say that father I thank the that I am not like the sad to see and I'm not like this Pharisee and insane it to be just like the Pharisees in the peril one of the first in the parable do she evaluated the correctness of his own position and experience as well as experience on the basis of distancing himself from those of you new to the wrong in their experience we can do it it's just a trick site summary ways to not make more clear moving on our first trip are talking about I call it the authorities disagreed trick cucumbers that talks about this in the Bible talk to slip one of the places look at John chapter nine Johns chapter nine and were looking at verse sixteen John nine in verse sixteen therefore said some of the Pharisees this man is not of God that would be Jesus because he keeps not the Sabbath day other sad how can a man is a sinner do such miracles and there was lots of saying can't explain you how this trick worked with the people in the time of Jesus and how it works today I talked last night about how the devil likes to lead us to think of it in a very we very are way about our own minds how does this with a large part of the populace because you're what we talked about that last night it is not he wants to be humble because he wants us to be dependent on someone else the devil doesn't like humility but he does like it when my guiding one man who can move ten this trick is related the devil tells people that people have been arguing about this topic for centuries great man had been talking about hurting our talk but that argument like this I think one of the most famous ones are not even getting into the details of the buddies as illustration is the nature of Christ when I was a child I heard people talk about how there been arguments in the church about this topic for a hundred years and the devil is trying to communicate something in that sentence not so much about the nature of Christ is about how I find truth if the great big smart people can't agree then there's no sense in the even start eating the topic that's a trick as if God can't write things in such a way that we can understand the so part of the authorities disagree trick is just that is the idea that because even the elders in the church can agree on this issue has divided the church therefore it's hopeless for me the housewife to get it is pure cynicism application the very same track it really isn't true that the reason that people don't agree is because the data is so shady rarely is that it's James forces something different says that the worst arguments on my him because people are serving that appetite surpasses their desires thus the normal thing I don't mean there isn't anything is truly confusing the understanding trick there's another part of this authorities disagreed trekking my call informed and intelligent judge trick almost like just been using it with you this trip people do use this with each other for example if I was for example lecturing on whether or not it's a good idea to eat fish if I talk like this that some studies have been done that if shown that fish has omega three oils to dramatically increase that our ability to deal with depression and stresses but the other hand the studies in this part of Washington have shown that heavy metals from industry have begun really filling the fashion making them a real threat to our health and then I would say something like but will once the researchers have missed is that I share some other point there is something I said without using any words I said that I am a well read person I've read the studies on the side of the argument I've read the studies on that side of the argument I evaluated them both and since I've read them all thoroughly I am that informed and intelligent Josh and you ought to believe what I have to say since I've already evaluated all the data but that is just another version of the authorities disagree Shrek only in this trick by making myself into the authority and you fall for it terribly if you think that everyone who's read all the studies things the same as I my position is really based upon a and objective consideration of all the data amusing to read the words to express a very simple thought we just try to think of some other way to do it the fact that someone else's study something else the fact that someone you know has started a topic doesn't really mean that you can trust them to be right in their conclusion when I was teaching my very first year of wash sales Academy teaching their this was nineteen ninety one and some of you are old enough to remember what was going on in nineteen ninety one as if I'm an old man it was so silly and on anyway the one that was happy in nineteen ninety one was a lot of argument about time about where time could could not be spent or sent and so he was my freshman Bible clasped the Academy and invade their parents were really into this and they were on the same side of the issue of piercing children whose parents were worth fighting on the third through eighteen they often get along just great but if they're fifteen there often fight just like their parents do I mean that was kind of interesting this kind of thing and so here are my students and so I assigned them to write a research paper on the issue of time I told them that I would not drain them of their conclusion I would grade them only on the quality of their research I wanted to write at least four pages some of my students wrote twenty pages they did put more energy into this resort product research project and then and anytime given and before that in terms of starting when they handed in the papers she was the dissolution named Bush I knew the positions that each of them had half for they had done any research when they had finished their research not one of my students had changed the position that they happened before they did the research you follow what I'm communicating and someone who only know one of my students could offer the truck like this that while since JavaScript are twenty pages of information he must be right but you see the trick it's the intelligent informed the judge trick you don't know if maybe the reason John came to the conclusion is because he had the conclusion before he even did his research the only way you're going to know what's right is if you go after it yourself and even after you do you shouldn't expect e-mails to believe that you're right because you want after it yourself trick number six were talking up this morning is that it doesn't affect me that way trick I think that we can finish this one in ninety seconds this is simply confusing sensitivity with fun or ability I've offer while Sprint can't find the right word for it outside to read my note sensitivity of vulnerability but let me see if I can explain this is so briefly there are some people my wife is one of these people that if she needs something she can feel kind of bill about it right away it's not that way with me and there are some key when they are candy bar they suddenly within an hour to they feel set is another other people they can beautify candy bars and they just feel energized right and there are people who can drink several beers and not even act like they have a buzz and our people and if they had half a chaos that would you could just tell a difference in their mental frame of mind this is the trick of the devil to say that those that are less sensitive are less impacted it really isn't true sensitivity is thence a an increased vulnerability is an increased ability to sense to figure this something doesn't affect you just because you don't feel it just isn't sensible I was like a part of you caught that was our check number seven I call it the God told me trick of it doesn't make you nervous of potluck today or fellowship meal but I don't tend to really credit people too much when they tell me that God told in such and such talk about this kind of thing here's what I find is that we have impulses and we have feelings and we have imaginations and even desires and we often confound those stains with the voice of God especially when they relate to our desires so that people will we know when we first do this that it's wrong we tell someone we had an impression that something is right some directions ready to go him how someone God told me to go such and such but don't you noticed who the first time we say it we don't feel very good about saying that I'm in the first time that we say that God told me we sort of feel like we've misused his name we have this premonition that that was a real exaggeration but the problem is that once we commit ourselves with speech who our minds are powerful at building up fake down that the defendant erroneous statements I mean we trick ourselves to to find some way to get out of back tracking what we set when communicating to you is be careful how you use the phrase God told me there are three ways that God communicates to us you can find this why the testimonies page five hundred and twelve and in fact I would recommend for example you go to the website Bible doc .org and download a study called how to know God 's will for your life and that's ominously about that one you ought to read it will move on to point eight I call this the I prayed and prayed to trick I prayed and prayed Iran a student relevance to students 's is in the early nineties and they had inklings toward each other of the romantic type and they prayed and prayed that God would help to know whether they were right for each other and then as they were driving together with a few others on a road they saw within a few seconds of each other to Road signs like for like a Denny's restaurant type sign e-mails and assigns and the two sides had each of their names on them one on one side and one in the other and that was there that he will sign him to I really didn't mean for this point defined by this realize it was not sorry and I want to show you what's wrong with that way of thinking terms in your Bibles to Psalms thirty two Psalm thirty two of her looking at verse eight Psalm thirty two and verse eight the passage says I will instruct the end keeps the in the way which thou shalt go I will guide they with mine I be not as a horse or as a meal which have know what's the word understanding think that through per minute whose mouth must be held and with bit and bridle what God is saying is that there are two ways he expects to guide me it is with his counsel she expects to guide me with his counsel and then he expects that the Council can interact with another gift GRE gave me and that was my understanding because he didn't give understanding to the meal the meal has to be guided by paying but what if you give me sardonically guided by pain they didn't understand my end understanding interacting with God 's counsel is his way of guiding me in this is the trade and trade trick is that when God has given us the counselor tells us which way to go instead of reading that are believing that our going after finding what he said about direction instead we pray for a miracle or else we just choose a direction for the battle close the doors of its not his will thus the most common version of Shrek we pick a direction of critical close the doors but God does not insult himself by closing those doors as a way of bypassing his chosen means of communication to us I mean he gave us counsel if we don't go after the Council was shown that we should talk or act as if the open doors of the result of God 's providence we chose our own way if you are going to choose a sign from heaven you should choose something very very strange I mean it you should choose something like if the lights are not on in the sanctuary for a certain meeting that's not strange enough should be more like the light one of them explodes and then turns into green jade or something I'm telling you why you should pick a very silly something like that because when it doesn't happen you realize that God did answer you by SR when you pick something to normal you end up thinking you been guided by assignment all that really happened is you didn't go after his counsel we didn't go after his counsel didn't use your judgment you just ended up driving yourself in the deluding yourself to think that you're being guided by him yeah it's a very nasty trick the trade and trade trick our check number nine this morning I don't have time to speak about us as the type what is tight where you can get resource I do with with pain why didn't God let it happen is the idea the trick as I call it God let it happen trick 's idea that God can be trusted I don't want to surface or something because some terrible things in my experience many my parents got divorced that's how often is for twelve or thirteen -year-olds and really for older people to let us were often starts God let it happen at that website Bible .org I have two articles one on its own why why God allows things to happen and I have another one on how to deal with pain how to deal with the problems that have come your way those are both relevant has this scourge comes in Northeast Washington were some young people are cutting themselves as a way of dealing with pain as I come up here but it's really it's moved around if it has I really recommend that young people and parents read that second article on hell to deal with pain but for the questions of why did God allow it and how to deal with it the devil has a bag of tricks are well exposed and those resources also to wash Hill's website and there are some archives of prayer meetings and when I did occurring on this just two weeks ago pride be there in a few weeks you can watch if you have high-speed Internet you could just see him in one of five about here because just top telling you where to find it took three minutes to talk about it would take another hour it's it deserves more attention than that the tenth one this morning which isn't the last time to go twelve the times one is I called the slippery slopes trick if you could pick sure in this way many people that grow up in a conservative environment especially they know quite a few don'ts just from having been in the society for a while and you probably noted you live in this area that not all the concert of families have the same don'ts the makers has been communicating there are various don'ts and the families the devil will often tell a young person that if he is going to be conscientious he's going to have to go all the way in other words if he's willing to give up this music it won't be long until he will given up Avenue three singles dining that's important to him and the devil tries to paint the town of conscientiousness as if it is something like pennants I don't know how to describe it is as I know it's in the minds of so many young people as if it's going to become a suicide of you want flight read it white you if you and if you admit that it's wrong that freedom is gone as if there are picketers who are saying don't past that threshold of conscientiousness it's the slippery slope to trick the devil time you that you're going to lose everything if you would if you choose to be conscientious part of this trick is an extreme exaggeration of the fund arrived from doing wrong you might enjoy serving your loss and went after your pleasures he probably could enjoy it a little bit for a while really isn't nearly as much fun as you pretend this it really isn't nearly as satisfying as the double portrays it as being really it isn't such a great sign that you're giving up in fact those who have given up have said that they count those things as trash behind on the same idea right they count those things as worthless for what they gained and what you're going after your number is real treasures things like love and peace and joy these are these are substantial things that you are the benefits that you gain to gain love and joy and peace over consecrating the thing that you know is wrong is a beautiful trade and you cannot really be sure that all of the don't you've heard about are legit until you've researched them for yourself really the only thing for you to do is to trust that God loves you and knows best until one by one to do the things he's asked for and what you get is that love and joy and peace yet the slippery slope was an imaginary thing really his ways are when we read earlier songs pleasantness there's pleasures for evermore there was a lot more about the slippery slope trick on this in that article I want to get to three more there really importance me to number eleven is the duty to your family trick for many younger people and even middle-aged people when they are struggling with some show in our life hold back on for consecration because of their desire to win their family I been talking to a young lady this year or in California some foods she was struggling with novels for example and then asked Justice she decided to stop reading down at Christmas time two different relatives of her trying to be very careful purchased for her beautiful moral teaching pieces of fiction and what the devil tell her that tonight except those when she surely ministered and then ask her how she enjoyed them when they picked him out just to meet her needs just to help you understand the pressure double spin on here this is very much manipulation with the double dozen the sky situation is just slow it down manipulation but that is what he always does you can't be surprised when he does it but the pressure on her is that it if she doesn't read those that don't make her look like a real fanatic is people who don't even understand her values at all to understand the double is saying to her and I was one reply except her into the general situation by the job situation by telling about locked lots was in Sodom and lot hesitated to leave sought on because he didn't want to lose his family she was hesitant to move out in our heart rate because he didn't want to lose his wife in particular what we learned Peterson profits is she did not understand at all how to help his family you take to keep communicated to value that he wasn't in London as believe in an sincere about his values as he was with his words and after you happen with great zeal laughs on him his words would've hung around in the minds of his life and works from home they are and whatever vibrated until she realized that he was if he was willing to leave over this he must really believe about this and she would've got up and left also and lots wife would not have died I guess what I'm saying today young and old here is that the best way you can serve your families is to be true to your convictions when you are sure your convictions even at the risk of offending or hurting I don't mean you can be mean and how you do it not all will talk more about that later today but when you're true to your convictions only that communicates that you even really believe what you say you believe in any other type of activity just undermines whatever you try to preach to them in the past Owen talks about this and one other way that significance she talks about people who have haunted homes I believe in haunted homes but not needed I think homes are haunted because some spirit likes to live there because of someone who died ages back that is not a superstitious haunted home would like to but the real haunted home it goes like this you are trying to do evangelism your giving Bible studies the man you're starting with his just make a decision he's on the verge of coming into the truth and that the devil moves on some family member at a distance to call and tell you that the we hope there was some issue or problem in their life and when that happens if you leave the field of labor and the struggling person to go help your family the devil is no doll scholar she knows now what fun to push to get you to do what needs to be done and your family becomes a haunted home I mean whenever the devil wants to slow you down you will irritate that vulnerable part of your experience when I went that you will find that you can do the search and Valencia Romm and let the dead bury their dead it's around the statements only talks about this haunted on concept what she writes their is that if on the other hand he will state true to your duty and help the struggling soul the Angels from heaven will be commissioned to help with your family and will do more there than you could have done it with your own process and they will say to the double standard that and you know if you say it doesn't help a bit but if they say it makes quite a difference so there are another sixteen tricks that were not talking about all industries of lectures that I think you'd be worthwhile to look over them and you can find those at Bible .org me summarize briefly will close this morning session everything I said really can be summarized very simply there were going to have to go after the data ourselves were going to have to do the research ourselves nothing of our other methods of finding it has been a work we can't find my consensus we can't find it bike was a reliable authority we can get there by balancing between the two extremes we can't get there by our impulses our imaginations are feelings we can get there by praying for I assign or night and I will give us permission to do such and such a block away from getting there we can't find God 's will that way were going to have to go to the source the devil will do anything to get us to bypass the only dental work he gave us reasoning not to reason without it but to reason from its dots the thinking is before you learn to think for ourselves this is what it's all about learning to gather the data to think through what it says using the money being given and in that way God will guide us to the path he wants us to follow he says don't be like the horse or the meal that must be kept in the bit and bridle you'd like to guide us with his counsel by his eye and in that way should lead us to the very place you would like us to be a star answer our father in heaven I asked if she will bless the sessions we have later on today especially that she would teach us what is right and best and I asked that whatever I've share this morning that is true that you would impress that on the minds of those are here and she would give power to your holy Bible and I ask for this gift in the name of Jesus and


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