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How Soon is Soon?

Siegfried Roeske



  • November 12, 2016
    10:00 AM
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Thank you for one of a message. Loud as my sermon. It's a privilege to be adamant hope. You are my people. This is how I was grew up. How we worship and this how we study the Bible. Try to do it all my life. If you're so much at home here when our oldest boy who is now fifty was three years old. One evening he had a hard time going to sleep and I walked to his room his eyes wide open and said Reiner you're not sleeping. And he looked up to me and said Daddy. How much longer is a night. It was eleven o'clock. I said Well now I tell you what you close your eyes and go to sleep. And the night will be over. Matthew twenty four. I like to read our basic text and like to talk about it versus one two three you more verses up to eight Jesus went out and departed from the temple disciples came to him to show Him the buildings of the temple and Jesus said to them. C N N All these things. Well yes and to you. They shall not be let one stone. Upon another that shall not be thrown down and then as they walked up to Mt of all of it. Jesus at the temple for the last time. As he sat on the mountain of Allah city Cyprus came to Him privately saying. Tell us when shall these things be. And what shall be the sign of a coming on the end of the world. That's the cry of suffering humanity this morning. Daddy. How much longer is a night and is it appropriate to ask a question disciples ask Jesus rebuke a pastor asked the same question. What is the sign of your coming in the end of the world. Then Jesus answered. In an interesting way by saying Take heed that no man to see you. Many shall come in my name the saying I am Christ shall deceive many just hear wars rumors of wars. That you not be troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet nation shall rise against nation kingdom against kingdom. There shall be famines pestilences earthquakes and diverse places. All these other beginning of the end the beginning of sorrows and then skip to verse fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for witness and all nations and then come. Yes This tune in class as other risky. With the events of this week you think we're living in the last days. I want to tell you that I have not experienced a week. Right like this one in my life I have lived a few years. And as out of myself. If this is not the end will be a foretaste. The grass the anger and the evil that has the streets. Some day will be turned against you and me. And I think definitely there's a sign a sign of the coming of the lord no doubt about it you know was a paedo Paul said we are closer to the end and we were before that makes sense and yet some people are backing away from the idea of soon is. At a time when it's sooner than it has ever been. In our lives. Now Jesus gave these signs and here's an interesting trick about these signs. I've heard a young theologians say one time when he was actually a colleague of mine. Some years back. All while these signs have always existed. They're not really signs. I mean wars rumors of wars Old Testament third was Wars. There are such a thing as it's true the first road war was just outside of the Garden of Eden Cain slew able to any five percent of the world's population was destroyed during that war. And there's been more ever since. It's nice to be able to grieve its people. A little bit and then come around with a curse. Also the ages president says earthquakes. Yeah well I guess we didn't have seismographs two hundred years ago. Now we have earthquakes. And quite by that. You know maybe back then we thought it was some horses running by the road. It actually was an earthquake you know. So there is a rationale there and the difficulties of life pestilence sickness disease. On the basis of signs. The signs of the times. The apostles and disciples saw Jesus was coming in their lifetime. And some people use ad kind of as doing away with the idea of science then of course through the ages and we come to eight hundred forty four. You know our pioneers expected Jesus to come into our lifetime on the basis of signs and prophecy. And then become a more reasoned I come to my grandparents. They were question your current grandparents. And certainly my parents and they're gone to they believe that Jesus will come in their life down on the basis of science. Therefore. My dear friend fellow he says don't worry about the science. It's just an sound right to me when I was sitting there taking this and it just didn't sound like. Yours and the spirit of the Lord tells you hey this doesn't sound right there must be a different logic and I meditated on it. I think the Lord help me the Bible to have a different perspective on the science. My question is were all these people mistaken. Should we feel sorry for them don't you're sorry for them they were not mistaken. This morning. I like to make two points. What is the meaning assigns And then number two what is the nature of assume. Now in Matthew twenty four. And I didn't read the whole chapter you know I did read it at home but I didn't read it here. You probably know most the details of that chapter. I see two kinds of signs and you check me out see if there's a logic or logic in this. The first one has to do with the end of all things the end of this world and Jesus breaking through the clouds. There are signs regarding that I want to look at them briefly. But then I want to spend a lot more time on the sign said pointing to the end of my world and yours which. An act of mercy on the part of God. Now the end of all things. What are some of the signs of we can look at. Of all the greatest of them is the gospel to all the world right out of organ Burke a senior you know I quite well. Aquinas him on the Sharon program took students from Union College to Zimbabwe Africa several times. And we really learned to appreciate other folk and work. The Gospel into all the world. The three weeks we were there by God's grace the students were there by God's grace alone and the work that the people of done that before we got there almost three thousand people were baptized by the students. Twenty seven hundred by was speaks about three thousand a day. What we attend across a because there were other students there from other colleges and I didn't add those in it was over three four thousand people who were baptized in one day by God's grace. That's probably the greatest of all the signs but I like to read in Daniel Chapter twelve. And at that time show Michael stand up the great prince resends for the chill of the people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was and so on and then I come to worse say yeah OK I'll go on the chill of the people and I shall be a time of trouble such as never was. Since I was a nation even under the same time and at that time the people shall be delivered. On found written in the book I should jump just skip to verse four. But now or Danielle shut up division. Shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end. And here's an X. rays many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased this morning in bed the phone was ringing my wife's cell phone. Again fairly early I said Who's awake at this time in the morning. And we contemplated the cell phone the cell phone is one of the best illustrations of this process of being fulfilled. There you are in bed and you punch a few buttons and a message goes around the entire world. More than one hundred eighty thousand miles a second. Boy I'm surprised I didn't get killed in bed. You know that's power. There's power you push a button and you as a measures around the world whether it's in your brother's Africa or wherever you go the frequencies all around the world should help us to know that God's ever present on the presence of God People find a difficult to believe was the cell phone is a good proof of it. That is possible on the human level already. But for six thousand years the world continued and the same way a plow with an ox plough with an ox you know the turn of the century in one thousand nine hundred two thousand. Eighty nine an intern one hundred and other certain things changed. Almost every major invention on this planet took place during my mother's lifetime. She was born in one thousand or three. Because she passed away two years. In. Less than a hundred years. Six thousand years and those people. Bright too. I mean some of the great classics and other things. Were introduced today they were building seven hundred years ago. So those people intelligence was not because they're not intelligent that they didn't have these modern technology explosion. Somehow I think there's a divine hand that held back and understanding because most of our technological advances are destructive to us. Electricity the light is not good. Artificial Light. Being cast to the skies six and of miles an hour. That can't be good for you you have a nice environment protection but if that goes you go you know. Many of these modern inventions are simply not good. You know. And I'm amazed at some of these you know. I heard somebody listening is one day it was kind of funny. You said the electric stove the electric eye on the electric razor the electric with the electric toothbrush the electric chair. You know now that wasn't so good you know. Somebody said that ninety percent of all the scientists that ever lived life today. That is amazing for six thousand years were held back then all of a sudden like a can of whip topping and explosion of technological advances and like I said most are not really good like television some of these are not really that great for. The World. Why has God allowed it and why has God held back and allowed it. There's really only one big reason to preach the gospel of the world. And if you can get to Africa and everyone now. You know why one night in England and France and then one night to Africa absolutely amazing. It took six weeks on the ship. By boat and maybe more sometimes. Now like I said you know the Internet absolutely amazing. There's also a lot of filth on the internet but God is using and God has allowed it to presuppose real role in the world in places where Otherwise human beings couldn't enter. So it's it's absolutely amazing. And then of course the gospel of the world. OK that's the global Jesus will come and the work is done and of course we'll never know for sure when when that will be and he will use the modern technology knowledge increased or I should say one other thing men shall run to and fro. Now you heard out of work say about the greatest you know migration there are human beings. Right and China but it's amazing. I remember the day when I went to the airport and I saw you know in the sixty's hippie Is that OK to say with you over his shoulder at the airport and as out what's a man doing at the airport airplanes only for the well to do for the educated for the upper class. Now anybody anywhere. All the time. Of course. About. When children to and fro I think about I ninety one. I last year. Every morning. And Jan's men one running this way. One man in that way I said what the world are the same way. I mean the same amount goes this way and that we were just stay where you are you know brain change jobs and save the Jans all the time and almost every day the accidents are most every day my wife came home. This last week she says the woman was lying. On the cement by by the wall there by the dividing line. I said was she alive. I don't know nobody seemed to care and nobody even covered her. I mean this is just. You know normal occurrence. So here we are war. Let's go to the person and now switch over. The person warm earthquake pestilences have always existed. Does that mean those signs are not important. Here's my understanding why has the Lord allowed signs of our history. Here. My ancestor this. Because God is interested in solve a sion of all people. Sometimes we think the only signs for the end while you know one another not that many people alive only six seven billion. They estimate that the years this planet has seen maybe one hundred forty billion people come and go. Some say eighty. Either way it's so big that you know it's out of it how to imagine God is not just interested in the last generation to make sure that as many as possible can be saved. God is intrinsic that throughout history everybody would be saved and would have reason to think that life is short and salvation is prime importance or series three. So it is all the people. Reasons to think that my world may come to an end not just the global and. So the signs was a point of signs. To encourage us to love and accept Jesus and His sacrifice. Now somebody says well you know science science you need science. Yeah we're human beings. Human beings are motivated on a human level and divinity came down to become humanity to motivate humanity. Yeah it's not wrong. Our summer school lesson without about Notice it's not wrong at human modus so long as a pure Yes we deny sinful mortice and dishonest modus but human beings we are attracted by human elements that appeal to our human nature and wide uses words like this word God has given us reasons to entice us for heaven. Why does he talk about building houses inhabit them because he knows we like the comforts. God is not against comforts. He wants people to be happy and comfortable or God talks about planning when years in the fruit not have no by and you run out of money. You know you have your own food and beautiful saying sticky sometimes I hear people say are don't you just want selfishly want peace for yourself. No I don't want this for myself I want a piece of Jesus because everything in heaven is Jesus not just his face should go to heaven only to see his face. You know that's narrowing Jesus down to do something that he is not Jesus is heaven. Jesus is the beauty. Jesus is the piece. Jesus is the the Congress has and pots and the bananas and exotic fruit. That's Jesus this is World. So when and his world. I'm just Jesus. And I want to go to heaven to be this Jesus and I want to have the blessings that he will bestow upon his people he will do that is his world. So the point is that. We do not have to deny our sanctified human interests. Because we are committed to Jesus and everything that we love and are committed to is Jesus and his world. You know the beautiful things. Life is short and the signs of the times war and so on they make life even shorter than it is. Now L.-Y. it makes an interesting statement about. The shortness of time and this soon as of Jesus' interest selected messages. The angels of God in their messages the men represent sent time as very short that as it has always been presented to me. So evidently time has always been short signs such as war. People go to war their expect to come back but they don't. Many do not hit the highways. You always expect to come back home. I tell the students the last era. Hey I'm a G.I. I'm a vet I saw by the war of I ninety one. Because many people do not every day you can you can count on it. And I mean I just takes me twenty five minutes to go down there. How about the rest of day. You know people are Motown during the day the truck is waiting. You know he doesn't just drive from home least by the highway. They should probably have an ambulance or two that you. So I believe that these signs help us to understand something about the shortness of time the Satan special devices to snatch flies unprepared bring in the. End of the world to the individuals involved. Because when you really think about it. The only end that really counts is your and the world of your and that's really the only thing that really matters. Now as missionaries you and others of course to be ready for that and to you know I don't discredit that but surprise we are concerned. So the end comes all this soon. People plan another day in the hospital you go on the same See you tomorrow and then tomorrow doesn't come. They're gone. Everybody expects one more day. You know I graduated from Canadian Union College years ago. In October twenty four nine hundred seventy one. There was a wedding at Walla Walla six students from Canadian college took their car and drove down there. They drove on I came to PASCOE. Pascoe's about thirty miles north of Walla Walla it had rained and frozen and then I came around a curve and didn't make it and the car rolled several times. And all six were killed. I actually have a picture for that. Graystone up in the comb over by the college share. And I could reach as the names of the great tombstones all at the same the. I for them to some other place. It was a time. Yes the South goes desk and Smen XP probation. The seat when the night in the Bible to me is. Jesus actual coming. Because the issues are decided the question probation is closed the Christians are praying day and night. Jesus pre-scan please come on they're committed to their worldly persons their laws. Probation is closed. They're not sitting at the edge of the seat waiting for Jesus. But a seat in the night comes when no one expects it and I think determination of our lives is to see tonight. Because it arise for most people by surprise and unexpected even those with terminal diseases. The usual always expect one more day. So in verse forty four of chapter twenty four Jesus says Be ready. Why because in our seeing not at the very end people was think they're waiting for Jesus the Saints are in the other's way out. It's not talking to them. He's talking to people and an hour when you think not. That's the terminations point of our allies because how often do you hear phone rings and so on so pass away here in the church. I'm amazed every week we're sorry to announce every week because it's a large church and many elderly people you know on come to the end of the lies at the time as you think not. Now. Lives cut short. But even every little for life. Three score and ten. How much is that seventy every day this and I seventy birthday friend of mine called me and said seeing. Congratulations. I want you to know that you now enter. Sudden death overtime that's a little football language. I thought a minute. You know yeah that's something to think about. Don't worry about it but son is think about it now. Did your brother. Made it to eighty. This year I had a few as healthy he was. I looked up to him because he was so healthy playing tennis Ping-Pong active swimming running boom one day while he was playing tennis. But three weeks later he was gone. I don't know. OK. I'm capable of speaking up. Usually I'm too noisy. OK thank you for them in mind. OK I will speak up. So whether we're eighteen or eighteen or whatever years we are like is short and the signs tell us that the coming of Jesus is soon. For each one of us. And it's always been that way. That's the only kind of time that we have on this planet. Yesterday I was thirty five. And I used to. I remember you say oh my kids you know the sixteen and and I was sixteen. Just yesterday. Well now that's stretching it. I was certified I was fifty. When was that yesterday. Or maybe day before. I kind of forget. Yeah. So if somebody wants to know about the nature of time ask me and some of you I my category and. Yeah that's the only time we have. But then how much time do we need. Just enough to be saved. That's the important part enough to know Jesus. Now I like to explain something about the nature of death and death. There is no passing of time. Now this is going philosophical but it's OK I think. Time is measured by events. It's a space between two events we call time when the events stop time stops. So when I die. The activities and events of my life. Stop. And when I'm the grave the world has stopped my world has stopped. Now what others do. That's up to them you know where they are but my world stops for me. There is no space between their resurrection and my death. Philosophically there is no time. And we are told that we may wake up to the same size was which we went to the grave. My father six boys and he would tell us boys. Now boys Jesus is coming soon. The signs are all about us and boom one day he was gone. Here to man the brain and called us to come to the hospital but my mother wasn't even home. My sister when she came back that is gone. I couldn't believe it. He was fifty one years of age I was eight years old. I only knew him for two years he was in the war. For forty six and he died in forty eight. Ready. Jesus is coming the signs are everywhere telling us the very next thing my dad will know is a resurrection. And he will get out of the grave and he will say boy this. I was telling you and I as I was telling you. Jesus come. Soon the signs are all around us. Why am I so testy. Why am I so does a shrinking of the dust of the place he's looking down and of course the angels hopefully will bring the boys right. Families where we did. And there's a pride light what's the light behind me and he turns around boys do you know he is here just like I believed all my life. Jesus would come in my lifetime. Once you know you did. He won't even see the hole behind him and he won't say here no Boystown than the grave. It's kind of boring for sixty years you know worms crawling around everywhere and just was nice down there. None of that none of that he's going to come back with enthusiasm and my dad had a temperament like I do you know and I loved his temperament. He was funny and yet he was you know very enthusiastic about the Lord he was not always a question he was a convert and the same passion he had before the sock on the other sayings. He now poured in serving the Lord and I was inspired I hold my dad in high regard. He has impacted my life powerful and then of course the angels will come and bring all the boys I hope by God's grace although I tell my brothers. Now listen you know hold in the line of six. We want all six to be there. And you know what the survey is going to be for all of God's people. None of them will be disappointed. None of them will say oh boy I sure feel it to lionize our Jesus lifetime know Jesus will come in everybody's life time. Before the resurrection out of the wrecks and resurrection those who are alive and those who will be raised from the dead. That's the way it will be and this way it's always been and Jesus is always coming soon. I had a friend in school. Well we're playing soccer in Germany and we came home at a soccer he said to me saying I have your race to the schoolyard I said sure. Let's go. And so two to three others joined us and we race is cool through the gate he got ahead of me. But he tripped and fell and my brother tells me that he was the one who gave him a hit on the seat because he was on his knees and it Latin out and I stopped and said he get up teachers coming. He didn't move. I saw how the sand was being blown by his breath. Teacher picked him up he was dead at fourteen. Forty. So it's Don't look around and look for the gray beards of those who have no beers at all and here. And there you know no hair no it doesn't go by age. Young people are coming to the end of life. Now here the Bible in verse of forty eight says. But if the evil servant. Shall say in his Howard. My Lord. Delay of his coming. And he goes to smite his fellow brothers in the church and it takes up social drinking and what else doesn't mention you know being evil then the Lord will come into time that he doesn't expect it. What's wrong with pushing off the day I tell you in my dissertation I study the Sabbath a seven day Baptist and compare it to the Sabbath this is the ology of seventy AD n'est And you know one great. Of factor of differentiation between seventy Baptist now seventy Baptists are wonderful people. I don't wonderful time with them and I thank God that they are trying to keep the Sabbath too but you know what in their writings and their theology they say we believe in the second coming. But we don't make an issue soon at. Time of eighteen hundred sixty seven in one thousand nine hundred then membership was twenty five thousand. It's still there today. I went to the general conference session in Kansas. There were six hundred fifty of them. At the time in Indianapolis of a forty thousand. What's the difference I tell you what the differences. If it's not soon it develops an attitude of carelessness. Because human beings we impacted by our thinking. We are our precinct and it was not sooner than I have time to do this and then the other saying and Jesus not priority. But if I believe that Jesus could come today my life could end today tomorrow whenever then I am motivated. Hopefully by the Holy Spirit to have a living connection because I live with the advent hope. What I like about this place. I pray Previn over every day. That God will shield ad one whole because I have the advent hope that's our name Seventh Day Adventist we live for the second coming. Because the second coming is not just the second coming. The second coming is not just a time of trouble. The Second Coming is Jesus. My savior. My friend my daily guide. So when we talk about the second coming. It's all Jesus. Heaven is all Jesus and by the way without much oh. You know the one thing. I feel is the answer to Joe's problem. We're not starting at all the time but we should keep in mind is the end the end of the seven the obvious face is an eschatological face to face with Jesus and the end in mind there is an end and the end is marvelous what God has in store for his children and like to share this with you to. In while the untruthful servant has no law to lay this coming. Do you know what Jesus says I need to read to you what he is. I was amazed because I heard not too long ago about this idea that we should be worrying about soon. This is what Jesus says on the last page of his book is a love letter to us. Revelation twenty two over seven behold I come quickly. Jesus believes that he's coming quickly. He knows life is short. No matter how old you get it's always short hundred fifty years to the Pioneers hundred seventy two actually is short two thousand years to the Apostles is short six thousand years on this planet. Adam and Eve got almost a thousand years old. If they kept up that way it would only be in six people out of our time. That's short six thousand years and the light of eternity is short and time. That's the only nature of time that we have on this planet is a short time like a vapor it goes away. So Jesus says Broder come quickly in verse twelve the order come pretty My reward is with me. Some people don't believe in reward. I have news for you. Jesus will give us a reward that we didn't earn. But his grace will give us the reward. I'm the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the end the person the last and then he says seventeen despair the bright say come let him that hear the sea come let him that is a service come. There's Jesus in the teach and he will come now burst twenty that's a second last verse in the Bible he wished testify as the saying say is surely that's unfair to grad I come quickly Amen. Even so come. Lord Jesus. Somebody says you may have to wait another thousand. Nears. The same color he said. I hope nobody here plans to be around. Thousand years. Well you know planning on it. That's a myth. The church has waited two thousand years is amiss. Nobody waited two thousand years nobody. Philosophical abstraction. And then the other one is. Well it could be another thousand years or one hundred thousand years. Don't count on it. For every one of us it's not going to be one hundred years. Because your youngest ones are probably in the twenty's or thirty's. So at one hundred hundred thirty not too many people get to be hundreds of years old. For many of us it's not going to fifty years. For many of us not going to be thirty years. When the world will end our world. For many of us it will not be twenty years. To see hold on one. Seventy six for me I won't be more than fifteen years. Probably not that much can get out of the seventies only one out of ten children got out of the seventies. So what chance I have got my mother was eighty nine. And I'm enjoying life so it's not the quality is still there. You know to me how many years dryad why No No My were going oh I don't know. I leave in God's hands. He's my savior. But I know it's going to come to an end and a brother go over the packing. So I tell my students. You know the way I like to die. I would like to die in your class said OK while I'm surrounded by all these friends and I'm having a good time and you having a good time talking about Jesus would be nice have a good. Shot out of the Saturn is follow what they do don't call the ambulance because that's going to be trouble revive me again and I have to die again you know and that would be less fun. I have to share on the side and I have a little bit about my situation I better not care until long but the I love this one. Listener this. Jacob in Genesis twenty nine served Labor seven years for Rachel. And then he had to learn the hard lesson of cheating people. Because he cheated and now. Lehmann cheated him. How can he have the honeymoon I was a wrong girl. That was bad. The master had a cover you know in this in the dark and whatever in the morning he wakes up with the wrong girl that was pretty hard for him. And he got out his father in law said you you cheated me badly. No doubt he said man I did the same thing. So anyway so then leave and you know I leave and said right then and said Well you're a good boy. Come on hang around here I'll give you Rachel. But you know what you gotta work seven more years because you'll have two women now and seven each. And Jake of said OK I guess that's what I do. But here's here's the bottom line. And it seemed down to Jake. But is a few years after fourteen years. For the love he had for Rachel. Then I'm still me the answer to waiting for the second coming of Jesus. When we get tired when we get weary. Not if we have a five on it ensues yardstick love relationship with Jesus. Well one never get tired of saying it soon because he's with me now. And I need to have a consciousness of the angels of the holy spurred the surrounding. All of us. When the vine of the Lord would switch and switch and we could see all the angels would be marvelous I believe it's a love of God and ours now in eight hundred forty four when God's people were greatly disappointed October twenty three Oktober twenty two they accepted Jesus. You know they expected him and he didn't come. And then October twenty three was a great disappointment and shortly after that the Lord looked down the angels must aware. Jesus must the way to see his dear people saw heard by the disappointments is terrible. I don't think we can really understand what he went through. Anyhow so he gave on my division to encourage them. The reason of the narrow passage leading to the holy city. At the end was Jesus and he would wave his arm and light up the path. Behind him was there like forty four movement to light up the past as well. So when we got discouraged he would wave us around and or just light it up incursion. And some deny the light that God was in it. To color the path they took the eyes of Jesus and Light says. It's not just illogical as not just Dr No because Jesus to great doctrine of all they took the eyes of Jesus and the hell away and then she was describing how she saw heaven. Are you was a field of flowers. She would plug some and she would shout out this is one of. And then we come to another clear then there are the animals the lamb and the lion and the leper of peacefully walking along following them like pets. And then she would meet some of the saints she would meet each. Finch style ten days before it in forty four and twenty or twenty two and October twenty two his children came to mother and said Man I was going to see the. Today this is a day of Jesus coming or yes children today is the resurrection today. The day came and went to angels cried again. It was terrible. Those children were waiting for Jesus and daddy. And this vision encourage the Saints and in heaven she met. Invision. And a sock man and a sock and was the one who encouraged a light to her faith in Jesus that here sins are forgiven that she's accepted and she helped her a lot this country. It's an assurance in Jesus he she saw him. And the speech and other things and and they ask you know what have you gone through. Now obviously this was you know seeing the future and this was a vision I'm not sure that the church was actually in heaven but you know in addition I actually saw that and encourage them and they came to the Tree of Life and The River of Life and so on all the beautiful things of heaven. And then in that vision. She describes Jesus' Second Coming. That little black cloud in the eastern sky have the size of a man's hand. And we all knew that this was a sign of Jesus' coming. And Ralston still on focus on that little cloud and it came closer and closer and brighter and brighter and soon we saw and I'm just always ten thousand times turned south of the angels and they sang a most lovely song and Jesus approached this planet. And then he blew the trumpet of God in one hand a super trumpet the other one a sharp sickle and he looked upon the graves of the sane. And he shouted Allah. Arise arise either sleep in the gust awake. And another powerful earthquake and they graze open up and God's children came. The grays. Angels came to reunite families loved ones who'd been torn from each other a wife from the husband a husband from the by little children have to live for two and a half and four who died in one week we had to bury ourselves two little sisters. I would like to see than I. One of the recognized me because I'm going to be some of the seven is going on eighty and they're going to be born four and two and a half how they're going to recognize the well against the help in the open eyes you know. Angels will come and take a little baby says a most touching part and placing a mother. Sometimes. Of they're going to cry but for joy. And then I see this comes very close to the resurrected a standing translated transformed the living transformed they are look upon Jesus and His Holiness and His mercy and goodness. And and they say who is worthy to stand before him that sinners up on the throne all those glory THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. And then the Angel Song. The trumpet starts and there's a moment of awful silence. Who is worthy to stand before him. And Jesus breaks his silence and say Yes my grace as he stretches forces Nance Garner hands. My grace is sufficient. When you come all come your blessing drugs the father and Herod the king and prepared for you from the foundation of the world and this Sainsbury into silence the choir sings again. And as they shout out worthy worthy is a land that was slain to receive on and glory and power for ever and ever. As I noticed that feet leaving planet Earth joining in that beautiful cloud of angels. Ready to go home and life. What a day that's going to be. By God's grace alone. I plan to be there. And I plan to be this soon and by God's grace. You're going to be there. That's very loving Father in heaven. Thank you so much for the Word of God thank you for the inspired writings that make this NG so exciting and so lively and so many for each one of us all. All of a saying you for the wonderful love it. Thank you for the wonderful plan with thank you for the beautiful pictures I was given us of the second coming and you see yourselves in the picture because we love you too and want to be forever in Jesus in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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