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1. The Gospel is the Cross!

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • March 5, 2016
    11:00 AM
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Servent How did this morning is the gospel is that the medieval Dykeman Egypt's what a drug time in history is the time it was the people who were enslaved to the traditions in a superstitions of the churches in that time which people feared the sight of a big God who took pleasure in punishing the unrighteous a time in which people were obsessed in punishing themselves that if only they could gain the proven assistance and the peace of God within their hearts. Surely was a terrifying time when I thought about the true condition of churches today beloved this morning. I often ask myself the question Has anything changed and we today gone back to the dark beliefs of the dark ages and only a little different way and we go back to the days in which people feel that no matter what they do they're not good enough if we go back to the days when people feel that they're not really sure whether they're Same with nazi we go back to the days when people are looking upon God as one who is out to punish the unrighteous are not people today oppressed the law this morning with the same fears that plagued the dark ages. You know of this morning I present to you from my experience is that they are and they believe that the only thing they can break is away from the chains of spiritual depression be love is the Word of God Amen. For the river. God is anything that can set us free from the slavery not being good enough. The woman God's only thing that can. From the tyranny of fear of God the road to God is the only thing that can give us hope for something better in this life and in the life to call this morning as you begin the study of the book room in its will eyes be open to God's word. That it's pray Father. Help us to understand you were maybe glorifying Jesus be uplifted thinking Jesus name it. We're going through a Bible study this morning Romans with the Romans beginning and the Roman stuff the one you going to stay a moment up that one this morning. Know this. Look at a little bit of the introduction obedience look at the moment of the one verse one what did Paul call himself the Bible says Paul. A What servant of Jesus Christ. No servant is one who what does what serves the other was always one who was then living softly for what he wanted. But he was living on selflessly for other people. There was a time impossible before he only lived up to please what he wanted he didn't care about everyone else in his life. But all that changed when he got a glimpse of Jesus Christ on the real to the mascot's and the scales for all from his eyes and he got to see a true picture of who Jesus Christ really was. And when he beheld the unselfishness of Christ that Christ was in Salford the christ was once all for when he saw that below then that transformed him to be calm and softness also in the same way beloved When the scales are I and we get a clear. Of the true picture of the character of God is unselfish life. We too will be transformed and start living and so firstly for other people like you first family with the past saying he we see Grace and apostleship for one verse by the Bible says by whom we have received Greece and apostleship through obedience to defeat among all nations for his name so that he we see groups and apostleship for obedience to the feet. No true faith is obedience. But a barrel says in James two seven their faith. If it does have works is what I did. So there must be what you can't just profess to be a Christian but there must be actions and works toting relationship to five or six that works. The hardest feat to work. Look at your let me give you example look at the yellow papers there on the top there. If a person has a light is a lie. What is that person two three not a right. But every person is not a lie. The person does not have life. What happens to his grad there is no Brad. So no mother to breed one must be alive and if someone is not alive then that person does not breed. Faith in works of the same thing a lie. Faith is like being alive and works is like the breath. If a person has to do the true faith that is conifer to feed the person that has true faith then bad thing will have works with it but this tonight is. But I think if a person has never faded or even a coveted faith that's not the real faith. But a person has true faith then that true faith has little to feed them but I swear I have no works. Do you see that a true faith in God will bring works within your lying is a natural consequence of having a true faith in God through. What the pastor he was look at Romans Chapter one Verse fourteen. Most of the Bible says. Paul said I am a better better to the Greeks and to the bad better and it's better to do wrong ways and to be unwise Paul said that he was a debit to the whole world. In other words he did believe that the whole world over himself thing we believed he could try and get the men saw the everyone odd there and to take advantage of people because he felt his whole life was to be in debt to serving other people some people out there may think that but they act like the world always them something they expect people to spoil them expect people to do things for them when they got the graphs of the gospel. When he understood the gospel. He had the burden for the world that he felt there was he was in debt to the world we see the grace of Christ in this life and the person who received the Medal of the grace of Christ in the life we give them the most back to crying's through people. Amen to enter Romans Chapter one Verse seven as you study study Romans Chapter one Verse seven. How were all the Christians are called what his Bible says and won't top the one hundred seven looking at the the B.D.'s of the Church of the church the Bible says has read here to the church and Goldman says to all that be in Rome. Be level to God to be but it's a saying grace see you in peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Now how many sinners in this earth as my name see you had so many sayings in this post. Let me see you had. Interesting. But I want you to know that the Bible takes said that he called everyone in a saint. If you look at all the letters the pair will he went through this to the saints in the deficit is going to saints in Korea and see what has happened in the dark ages the church the red one church was that they separated the labor spirituality. The need was level the common people. Everyone else and then the religious workers of God who are very spiritual They put them up there are insane. Who are out of that right. And something to peer is all the pollution and spirituality and so humanity all of us to it is the believe that. We are sinners Yes but this word does not apply to us first of all we are sinners saved by grace Amen. We all know that every day we have a part of what the Bible called those who are in Christ who surrender quite as The Bible calls every single one of us in the church see by the grace of God into the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen. Because if we don't believe that we are seeing through it. Maybe a bad girl. If all goes there are to be holy and pure in Christ we would never even go down that road in that direction and so the Roman church has learned in that direction for us to believe that those two tiers of spirituality within the world. I'm going to sit here this morning. I mean it seems here this morning by the grace of God Amen. How it was the Church of Rome looked at look at Romans chapter one verse. Most of the Bible says as you go through a Bible study this morning. For this. I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all that your faith is spoken all throughout the whole world and then there was this church where the only call saints but this church was also spoken all throughout the Heavens because of their fame. No faith must work in other words there was no need for their faith in God and also their works and their obedience to God So he was the choice that was faithful to God So the church at that time was good. Akkad it to serving and loving God they were there for the faith which work throughout the whole world and my question this morning is what is the home of the church known for in this community when people think about the church or whether a church or maybe from where people think oh yes the church on the corner right. When you think about our church what is the holy Qataris known for the church to read was known that the feed would know not only in the district in the community but it was known to roll up the whole world but my question is what is this choice known for in this community and throughout the whole world over. You know for being the people of faith. Of serving the community. Loving the community role goal. Among the people here is my question here this morning. Or do people not even know who we are and I was. Stephen. This is the always to see if this church. Was the shutdown would they ever misses here. Remember he also asked me the question where people would be mail out rage because a plane shut down then the whole A car turned shut. And I didn't really move to move because the Salvation Army brings to make Donal's in why there were to be a move and I worried that people picking in the streets because they were on planes back because of the holocaust here. With the pad look forward to the Romans Chapter one Verse twelve when the Bible says. Paul says about this church. Receipt Levin says that I love to see you in the bad news that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual Philly. But you and me he was the church were the ministers will come not only to minister to the people but he said he himself a minister would be comforted by the mutual fate of you and me. In other words the trust was so strong the church membership was so spiritual They had a faith which work that they were also able to comfort and bless HALL The Apostle Paul for church Amen. Slim dedicating it so it could mean they were the members so full of God's love. We think it is beautiful character that he looked for them to come to the ME LOL to see them that he could be comforted from all his trials and hardships together with the mutual faith the joint feet effort between the ministers and the church members. Again I ask that question. Always the whole. Church is this is a church with ministers calming the speak here and not only can they minister to all souls but just them being here. They themselves feel that they've been refreshed and blessed by being with us in this church. It's a good question to ask this morning to them what the past say that he wasn't ashamed of Turn to Romans Chapter one Verse sixteen this is the first I want to focus on this morning. The main thrust this morning. Knows what the Bible says what the past say he was in the sheen the Bible says. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ was not ashamed of the Gospel but in first me today there are many people to do who are ashamed of the Gospel is Christ a stream the bus Hebrews says God is not ashamed to be called the god would be prayer for them a city and two eleven says God is not ashamed to call them brother another was God is not ashamed to call us. His brother was the first thing to do be call our blog that is not ashamed of us this morning. Have you ever felt ashamed of hanging around a certain person I meet anyone out there that you just don't want to hang on though you seem to be around them. Did they really know anyone like that. Maybe as you this morning. Now they're talking about this seeing you because their friends like to embarrass you in front of Bravo in front of the population that's on top a seam of talking about you know I'm talking about right. They do things that make you feel foolish and shameful. But I'm talking about the sheen that you would feel because the person that was with you had the shame. Reputation in other words you feel shame highly around a certain person because if you were that person with little or your name or your reputation. You know and someone like that. My question this morning. Is this are we ashamed of the guy because we fear that our name. Well reputation would be lowered because of it. Think about that and see if there was a machine to gather belittle to think themselves to be superior to God and that is the living of the dignity to be associated with this if we ashamed of someone you actually think you're better than that person that's what you want to be associate with that person right now. So you distance yourself from that person and wishing the Gospel wishing the Christ were shamed of being a Christian wishing the god when we're really saying is that we were subpoenaed to God Therefore we don't want and in we are like God hanging out around me you will be no more associated with me because I don't want to lower the dignity of my name or my reputation that God this morning. Never has to be ashamed of the gospel of Christ is just so gross cases there are exhortation up so we think that we are better than God and that he is not worthy to be associated with us. Shame the god this morning and the meantime is where you neglected to pray to let people know you're a Christian. Talk about GOD continue on the first sixteen Romans chapter one verse sixteen. What is the gospel of Christ the Bible says for I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. Three is that the power of God The gospel of Christ is the power of God You see God is implanted in within all of us a desire for power. I'm fascinated Deborah has to see most of us we think that power is to be gotten in possession of the ball when the positions of power. So people work really hard to upping these things but only Crace is the only one who desired Nations is the one that can feel the longings within the heart for the power of the Gospel disappointed men only Christ can fulfill this and satisfy the loneliness of the soul this morning. Now what is the power of God Look at the moment. Chapter one Verse sixteen notices here for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God this morning. Amen. Do we need power this morning we love. Do we need God's power is my question. This morning and this is unto salvation. It is the power gathered to salvation that it was not only does the gospel have to give us the power of God and satisfy the wrongs of the science but also the gospel is the very means that save us. Do we need salvation this morning we love. It is the power of God. To salvation return within the Bible that we are to preach the gospel to every word in other words the Gospel is so important that we are to preach it whatever it is to roam the whole world. But as the grass grow is the power grab and to salvation then what else besides salvation. Do we need this morning. Maybe you can we ask for this morning. What exactly is the power of God twenty first Corinthians chapter one verse eighteen. First Clinton chapter one where seating. What exactly is the power of God. We know that the Gospel is the power of God and also the Bible says here first going to Chapter one receipt for the preaching of the cross. So the cross is to then the parish foolishness so to they let their hair last the cross is foolishness. But this is but unto us which I will see it is the power of God So the cost of the world is foolish but to day and so will see the Bible says here but the cross is the power of God this morning. Now look at the papers here. It's called substitution. Bible interpretation. A B. and B. will see then we will see the barrel says and women Chapter one Verse sixteen that the Gospel is God as the first line then we learn the first condition of the one verse stating that the cross. Also it is the power of God through the Gospels the power of God and the cross is the power of God then we live it. The Gospel there are two priests the upper hand is the cradle of kill every man that is the gospel that is to care for another word for the name gospel is what good news thought it was the Good News According to the Bible straight from the Bible this morning as we study it. The good news but the Gospel is. I mean of Jesus Christ dying on the cross of Calvary for you and me. Amen. So the concept of you have to priest to overwhelm is the message of the cross of Calvary this morning. I want to notice these quotes here one from gospel workers. They read a quote discourse is the essential. That people may see the chain of truth link up the link uniting in the perfect whole but listen to this but what does that say. Discourses ever be preached without presenting Christ and Him crucified as the foundation off the gospel he met and Suman that is preached every subs who crosses that is caught should always be presented with the foundation of the cross of Calvary just one and then another thing also goes on and says here. In the blueprint the Son of God up and look to the crabs. This is the foundation to be discussed given by our ministers. Everything that is caught and believe within the church is based upon the foundation of the cross of Calvary. The love of God His character revealed that is to be share one in everything that is presented to the people what the passage about the cross so much. So look at first with in chapter two verse two that's OK I've said. In chapter two verse two he said. He knew this too and that's what he had when he put it he said Paul. Ah indeed Truman. Now when you determine that pretty serious. Is to fall on determined not to do anything among you. I believe in the anything in this world but when thing and he said I'm determined not to know anything among you see Jesus Christ and Him crucified Amen. I don't mean the anything else but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. On the cross of Calvary. You see Norman as a church. We have a system of truth comprising the SO subjects as the third interest message is the Ten Commandments. The Sabbath. The second advent. All your father and your mother should not kill should not steal should not buy cetera et cetera. And to all of these you add a little gospel on the side to each of these doctrines as we try and teach them by idea of justification by faith. They believe in this holy even then God in the Bible they were to preach and that gospel is the gospel the cross Amen. If you would the priest any subjects within the Church of God then is to be priests with the foundation of the cross of Calvary which may be used the love of God for us all of these subjects so good and important because in the light of the cross the only way below the true character of who God really is this morning so that we were fell in love with him was the last quote. It says here. It will be that's what I was said in desire he does it will be with us to spin a thought in contemplation of the life of Christ we should take it point by point and that the imagination grasps each scene especially the closing ones. What cools that one. Across the calvary. Every day we are to be the cross of Calvary for at least an hour or so we can meditate upon his goodness his love his mercy his favor for every. In the pause and we behaved that it would transform us as we meditate upon the scenes in our mind the power of God will be a lease in our lines those behind the scenes of the nose. Being pierced through his hands and feet are required for your hearts. Will be humbled and so do. I just smell the stench of lead from the whippings of his back. You would then experience his great low that would give you pick to open your sins and you taste the same or a crisis that your good be good to see the kindness and the goodness of God that transforms you and to hear the Psalms of the willing women you then begin to comprehend the depth of the sacrifice they are make and mend Jew into his image and if you are the pain of the insults cast upon our Savior. You did experience the broken heart that trustingly depends upon him the thoughts and feelings of the cost were transformed you like anything else will for the cross of Calvary good luck is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This morning. Do you need to call God in your life. This morning. Do you need a higher odds to overcome the power and arrogance in your life to be the pole babbelas morning to become the sins and evils and dependence on men in your life to be the power of God There will come the selfishness within all of the hearts this morning we love. Do we need or the church has more than the power of God like we never seen it before and that polecat is found within the wave of God within the cross of Calvary as we head of the cross will be transformed. Into the light and so Jesus Christ. Amen. We need power to the love. If this really needs wrong thing. It is power to overcome any type of dependency addictions in our eyes we need a mirror than ever before our web is saturated with sin with evil with wickedness some of us parents we tremble at the thought of all children growing up in this world. Through. If there ever was a time when we needed God and God help us. There was a time when we need it. The craw it is today. Now is the time. Now is the time to take it seriously. Now the time to spend the time of God. Now the tongue to behold his love of the cross of Calvary that his love can transform us this morning that every time we need to be free for it is now if this is true then why don't we study the cross of Calvary and true to his word that would transform our lives. Why don't we believe in the promises of God this morning. Why do we look upon that sacred head. That is wounded when we look upon what he did for you in a cross and I can promise you. By the grace of God this. If you to spend time with God every single day every morning and meditate upon his life the life of Christ and what he did for you on the cross of Calvary if you would only do that I can promise you. By the grace of God you will be a different person. Your home will be a different home your children will become different children you will. Neisha Shepherd train husband or wife would be a different relationship would be a new creature in Christ. I'm longing for that. How about a me a longing for being a new creature that across this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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