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2. Righteousness by Faith

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • March 12, 2016
    11:00 AM
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Seven hundred this morning is right. Just this by faking righteousness by being remember the last thirty we studied about the gospel is the cross of Calvary. In other words within the cross of Calvary remember we learn that there is our God amen. But when we encounter the love as revealed within the cross. Then we are the grasp of Satan be torn apart when we see the unselfishness as we build in the cross. Then I was shocked cause of self-seeking will fair law when we experience a merciful God other on the cross then was sin no longer have control over us. Amen. This morning. I believe that the prophetic messes that God has given for us in these last days is the message of righteousness by faith within the books of have a cut and Hebrews law is the command to preach in the last days the message is the just shall live by faith for this is out charge. This is our calling this is our commission and as a church collab we have been wondering around in the spiritual wilderness up human works for far too law the ground. Wants to deliver us from the wilderness of legalism into the cave in off of rights. Is this by works you believe what I'm saying let me hear you say amen resins by faith sorry men. And at the. Thank you brother. Leroy. Words keep me on my toes here. Now writing by were granted by Philly. Amen. And as the Mrs is priestess morning. The question I asked you this morning is Do we really want to be set free. We really want to have a big Taurus Christian life. Do you really want to enter into that glorious land of Canaan that spiritual man or Cain in this morning. Would to God that would be open to the messes that God would have us to hear this morning. Let us pray Father. Again as your word is open. We humbly kneel before you word in our minds and we pray for your Holy Spirit to help us create the Lord we may truly be of humility in our hearts the pure in Jesus name. Look at verse seventeen Romans chapter one verse seventeen. We're going to going back a far from the word to the pink paper here. So we're going to go back and forth but where is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith follows About says in verse seventeen for the boxes for there in is the right is this of God we view it from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith. So the Bible says that the right to this of God is found there in other words referring to the previous tax in verse sixteen. So within what we study the last servant is found. Also the righteousness of God Now we said in last sermon that the Gospel equals the cross. So there was a right is of God we built on faith a faith is found within that in capsule within the messes of the right up the cross of Calvary which is the gospel. So rest is by faith is within the messes up the cross. It's now we're going to look at different things in this text look at specifically only into text here. Seventeen anything but it says here is the right is of God is revealed from faith to feet as it is written that just so live by faith. Let's look at the first word righteousness. Let's study that word righteousness. Now look at your papers here. Let's look at Tex and Matthew chapter six for thirty three years the Bible says here. The Bible says See he what is that word first kingdom of God and here is what is that word which is this and all these things shall be added unto you. We are told in the Bible the first thing we want to see is the key number God and here is righteousness his righteousness is the righteousness of God and when to find out that's the very same thing. The Kingdom of God in the righteousness of God are the very two same things going to find out what we taught him about the very first thing that we ought to seek us Christians is supposed to be the righteousness of God That is what we are to see when Unfortunately there are many Christians today are not not only not seeking the right distance of God according to the Bible but is not even then not seeking it. Firstly in their life. Now how many of us think OK I need to see the right is this of God It just really happy is but the Bible says we are to seek His righteousness. Now why do we need to seek the right is this of God turned to Proverbs Chapter twelve verse twenty to. So than Proverbs Chapter twelve. Verse twenty eight. Why do we need to see why it is so important to draw the God says Seek it first. Not only seek righteousness but seek it first before anything else problem Chapter twelve verse twenty eight The Bible says why do we need to seek the writers of the Bible says in the way of right just now since is what life the way of right just this is life in other words the reason we are to see. Right. Is this person because righteousness below equals lying and I was talking about here. Not by I was I was talking about the life abundant we experience in this world in this life but also the Eternal Light the by was talking about. So when it is there is equals life. This morning and do we need life. This morning we love. What else is the writer's innocence God turned to the book before and Psalms shop the one nineteen. Psalms one nineteen verse one seventy two as we go through a Bible study this morning. Psalms one nineteen verse one seventy two. Righteousness equals life. One night he one seventy two. What else is righteousness the Bible says. My tongue shows speak of your word for all your commandments are what righteousness the Bible says that God's commandments are right. Just this in other words the righteousness of God Also his commandments but the righteousness of God. Does not lead or is written on a piece of paper or tables of stone like the Ten Commandments of wit the word righteousness means right. Doing. Therefore the rights of the god is the complete for film in of all the commandments of God that's written on tables of stone the pieces of paper books every week. The writers on the battlefields all the requirements all the commandments and therefore we ought to see that now. People talk about being say going to heaven and getting to those heavenly gates but one is the requirement in order to get into heaven. According to the word. Through me to Revelation chapter twenty two. First fourteen. How does one say he does the question this morning. Ho we see every Christian should ask this question or even one question How can I be saying that's the question. Revelation twenty two verse fourteen I see what the Bible says. The Bible says less is are they that dude his was commandments. That's why they do his command That's right. Is do is commandments that they may have the right to the truly awful it like the Tree of Life. If eating gives you eternal life eternal life going to get and may enter in through the what gates into the city. So one must be done in order to enter into the gates of the heavenly city follow the commandments Amen. Now I want to look at it pink paper is here. Very good. Follow the commandments. And that's what it says here. The condition. You know is that when the book Amazing Grace. Well in this text of Revelation twenty two forty No it says here the condition of eternal life is now just what it always has been this what it is whether it was in paradise before the fall of our parents notice what it says and say is perfect obedience to the law of God perfect right just this really want to say let me say amen amen. Now is the next paragraph beloved dog will be satisfied with nothing short of perfection perfect and Entire to all its claims to come halfway to its requirements and not when the perfect and foal submission and obedience will a video nothing. Look at the next look at the next one. Very good. Can we do that the bowels of the Roman three twenty three The Bible says next. I have blood sinned and come a short all of the life glory of God. So according to the Bible all of us have sinned and you believe that let me say amen. And if the requirement into the get into heaven is perfect obedience could have been only our early love is anyone office here going to make it. I mean things are going to make it so you on your own because perfect obedience. One hundred percent perfect beat ins and polo. This is required submission to make it into heaven less of those that keep the commandments of God the my next question is if I have said we don't have the perfect obedience or whatever I have. How anyone one of us be saying. Where is the solution. The solution we love is found in the right just ness of God Amen. You see the righteousness of God is life. Why because the righteousness of God fulfills all of the good requirements for perfect obedience to all of the commandments of God Amen. And the person who has the righteousness of God who we sees it in their life would then have dust receive the fire and fulfill all of the requirements to get into heaven with me. And that's why we need to see the righteousness of God this morning. You believe what I'm saying let me use a minute. So the next question is. We know we need this right as this but were any type of righteousness do tend to Isaiah Chapter sixty four of us six as their top the sixty four verse six. As their chapter sixty four verse six. We know we know need right just this because right just this is what the ticket is going to get us through the gates of heaven. But is any type A right is this sufficient to get me through the gates of heaven or sixty four bits six the Bible says. But we all as an unclean thing and all our righteousness all are as was filthy rags. We all do fade as a leaf and only committees like the wind have taken us away. This is not is any way just as with the seeker after the boss is his righteousness. All right. Is this is as filthy rags so men's rights in as women's rights is this is completely worthless my right is this your right as this is completely worthless in other words. Any right doing that we do without the converting power God in our lives is completely worthless we believe one of saying Let me here say amen. And if our righteousness is worth this should we seek out there are only righteousness. No look at a back page pop education culture the exercise of the will him an effort all have their proper sphere but here they are powerless. They may produce an outward correctness of behavior but they cannot change the heart of the inside they can appear find it springs of life. There must be a power working from within a new life from above before men can be changed from sin to holiness that power is Christ you see education being culture of being we find all of these things is not what God primarily wants in our lives. God does not want to serve came really the. Right. Is the man you know living. I hear people say this all the time we're pretty good Christian I go to church every week but we love it being a pretty good person doing a lot of good things going to church every week is not sufficient. Right. Just this to get us into heaven. You see that no matter how good you've been because of me no matter how good you gonna be no matter how good you currently are. There's no mother right is this that you do all we're ever do or have done. That's going to get you. As a ticket into heaven and whatever right is this that you've done is not sufficient to make it into heaven. We must accept the writers this God that capsulated with in Jesus Christ. It is not the right is this of K. our law that's going to get me to have it no matter how good no matter how much people I help all know how many homeless people or feed know how many minutes she's I do. That's going to get me to heaven and people say why I live a pretty good life and I do this and I go to church. I have a position where love is all that great. Is this is worthless. The only righteousness the has sufficient power to get us into heaven. It is the righteousness of God. You see believe it. The standard is so high in a set so high because it's a way to break righteousness by works if we think that we can attain the right is the sin is a certain level we think that we don't need Jesus but the reason why it's so hard to show. Is that we all need Jesus Christ as one Amen. Look at the court again in a pink paper. The Bible says I mean since here we have you inherit. Jesus rendered perfect obedience to The Divine requirements and offer to the father an unblemished offering and also to says here. There are those who believe in Christ as their personal Savior all made the right is this of God in him. Amen. Those who believe in Jesus Christ and receive the writers of God who are become the roots of God in him. They will we see their righteousness of God and thus when they are paying the wages of God It is sufficient to meet the requirements to get into heaven. The next question is we know the importance of righteousness. How do we a pain. We see this righteousness of God Turn to Romans chapter one verse seventeen Again back to our first text Romans one seventeen. By Will see if what they're in is the righteousness of God We build from faith to faith as it is written in the just or in some version so the righteous is actually the same thing and writes is actually a better word. The righteous show live by faith and works. And what it says they sure are. Pink papers. It says add to his words God's words lesson. God he will prove you be found a liar. Not to God's word this morning. That's got to cruise mean we found a liar but just all the righteous shall live by faith and faith are low. That's why says the next when he says Chapter two verse eight in a pink paper For by grace or you say to faith and that not of yourself. It is the right. Do we have to earn righteousness. It is the gift of God It is something that is received the not earned where it is this is something that we do in order to get it from God but it is a gift freely given by God twenty Romans Chapter twelve or three were Romans Chapter twelve verse three Romans Chapter twelve verse three we know once again. Now. So right one of soon to seek righteousness we know that's how thick it to heaven. So right it is what we need to seek first and now we learn that this righteousness comes through faith. How do we get faith faith is a gift of God created a channel which we receive the right is of God into our lives now where do we find this Gift of Faith Romans Chapter twelve or three The Bible says. For I say through the grace given to me to every man there is among you not to think up in south more highly than he ought to think but the things soberly. According as God has done out to every man. The measure after a while. How many people in this church according to this tax has been given a measure. Or failing some most of you every single person every man has been given every person has been given a measure of pain so faith is within the grasp of every single person in this church. Whether you believe or you don't believe whether you're just whether you were a kid with a good whether you're bad. Whether you're right. Chiz or whether evil every single person is be given a measure of faith. The question is will you exercise the faith and believe in what God has already given to you this morning. That's the question within this is there is the right isn't a righteousness of God as is able to be a least within your life if you would only believe this morning. Now what are the Christians in the last these known for turn to Revelation Chapter fourteen verse twelve Revelation Chapter fourteen verse twelve. This is the third in his message talking about the last days when the beast power talking about nine ten eleven and then verse twelve the last remnant church knows what they're known for the power says here. Here is the patience of the saints here are they that do through two things they keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Now what are some definitions of the word Keep they wanted out there what is it to observe to guard. To hold fast was follow. OK to follow. In other words we had to gord and hold fast the Ten Commandments right to keep them to do there but I want to the north is something else. If I give you a twenty dollar bill hundred dollars one hundred dollars and I give it to you and I say keep it and don't let anyone take it from you. What does that mean. I keep it meaning that you're guarding it. You're holding on to your protecting a right. So when above the saying here in chapter fourteen was to have here's the patient the scenes here are they that keep two things the commands of God and the faith of Jesus Christ. Let's look at the faith of Jesus Christ what the saying is that God has already given to everyone a measure of faith right and saith he was to come in take it from you right. That's right. So see if you want to take your phone you write. So what you want to do is not say so you. Let somebody take it away for you but you keep the faith of Jesus has already been given to you. Amen for free. So God says in Chapter forty first of all he says here they in the last days is going to be a people who realize finally that the Lord is give to everyone. The measure of faith. And they are to keep to heaven or not Satan seal it away from them to let Satan take it away from him or her. Everyone has been given a measure of faith. Now let's look at the text the faith of Jesus. I want you to know is how is worded. Here is the way to keep the commands of God and of faith. What are you OK. Now if I. I was to say to you. I know Michael very well here is going to come true. You have to have faith in Michael what does that mean. What does that mean to you what is the definition of that mean that you need to believe in Michael right. You need to believe it's on you right you have to believe right in Michael. Now if I say to you Michael has the very you all faith. You need to have the faith off. Michael meaning whose faith is that your faith or his faith is so in the Bible says here here they they keep the command of the garden had the faith all Jesus is saying that it's not telling us that we need to believe in Jesus as it all depends upon me. But what I'm saying that you need to have and the whole gone to the faith or Jesus is faith that he had when he lived on this earth two thousand years ago and exercise in this world. I believe what I'm saying let me you say amen. Is Jesus faith is his thing the produce the right is this of God there lived a perfect life off a B.B.S. the last day people in the last days will be a people who realize that there is a faith OP Jesus not a faith in Jesus. They realize that is jesus faith and that they have that being given to them they must hold on and allow that faith Jesus paid to live out Christ's a little bout his life within you and me this morning. Amen. And that's why beloved. Jesus would be very precious to us because without Jesus. It is impossible to. Make it to have been impossible because within Jesus faith is uncapped so do the righteousness of God within Jesus is what fulfills the requirements of perfect obedience. It is impossible to make it to heaven without someone surrendering the life to Jesus Christ. Otherwise it's a life of the living. I'm a pretty good person. I do a lot of good things I go to church every week that is not sufficient righteousness to make it. Have you need perfect beatings. But we love it. The good news is that perfect obedience is found in Jesus Christ a man. That is the good news. We love that is the one the phone lose to all of us this morning. Look at the other part turn to John chapter six was twenty eight twenty nine John chapter six. What do we need to do in order to work the righteousness of God to do the works of God John chapter six was twenty eight or twenty nine. The Bible says then so they aren't to him. What should we do that we might work for the works of God what have the rights of the US of God the disciples asked Jesus wept. What can we do we want to have the right to this of God we want to work the works of God What is there we need to do with know that Jesus said in verse twenty nine. Jesus answered and said to them. This is the work of God That you what believe on Him whom he has what said you want to do the works of God. You would have the right is this of God You have to believe you have to surrender your life to Jesus Christ or if you believe you would do the right is this of God You see the righteousness of God does two things The first thing it does is that it covers you it fulfills the full requirements of perfect P.D.S. in order to make into heaven gives you the ticket to heaven. That's what the writers are God does the second thing the writers of God does is that once you receive it even really had you been saved by the grace of God Once you receive it. It would then transform you back into the image of God Amen. It would transform you would change your life. There will be changes within your life and my life. The very same moment that we we see the rights is of God is the very same moment that we are saved by the grace of God and also the very same moment that we receive the righteousness of God as the very same moment that the right is this of God even really begins to restore us we love it back into the image of God then back to Romans Chapter one Verse eighteen Romans Chapter one Verse eighteen were seventeen says four there in seventeen but there it is the right is of God We've built on faith to faith from moment to moment is like you breathing you've read only one breath at a time you depend upon God One moment for the next moment then it says in verse eighteen for the wrath of God is reviewed from heaven against all ungallant this and underwrites is this of men who hold their true. In unrighteousness. Now the definition of hold means to hold back to restrain another words the wrath of God The Bible says is review from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hope back all who restrain the true in unrighteousness. Look at your paper here. And the bad. Jesus said unto him. I am the way the world. So who is the true. Truth is a person so verse seventeen it says in eighteen the wrath of God is viewed from heaven again song Dahlan is on the right says Be off men who hold to restrain the truth all restrain Jesus cries in righteousness in other words Jesus is the one to sixteen and save in a loss. He's certain up to you and me. He's the truth and the truth comes out to you and is knocking on your door are and it wants to come in. But we love it. We are the ones who wish to bring the truth into unrighteous this we hold back to choose. Is not that God is the want to blame but is by all choices this morning that we were holding back. Jesus Christ this morning. How much do we need the right is of God in our lives today. How much do we need through the grace of God This shouldn't stop our salvation. Today. How much do we need Apollo God to transform our lives through the this morning we love it is the truth that is seeking and searching out there us hoping that we receive Him into our lives. It is the truth that is knocking on the girls of our hearts asking us to let him come in. It is the truth that is pleading with us to believe that we may receive the right as this of God This morning will be love it. Why don't you allow the truth to do its work within you. The give you the right is the godless one this morning my pew to you is this you see you need for the right is this of God This one and thus do you see in me would Jesus Christ as one not one person were and turn to heaven who has not accepted the righteousness of God Jesus Christ a man not one person will make it through the gates have not accepted Jesus this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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