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4. Making God Like Us

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • March 26, 2016
    11:00 AM
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Good morning. I want to thank the Lord this morning a man is God good to us this morning. If you believe that let me say a big man is good. We're continuing our series. There was a study out of the Dark Ages studying a book of Romans this morning and we're on I think sermon the before we stone Romans chapter one. And I felt we needed to take a different course and study about how much God really loves us even though we can fall in love with him. The cement out of this morning is making God like God who is he the so many people have come in contact with that claim they have the answer of who God is but every time I go around and try to get my question answered I can never find the right answer for it even within our own church there are many different people who have a different concept of who they think God is this morning. The only answer that I come up to this with to this question is that we can't believe in what religion say what God is like we can't believe in what others say who God is like we can't even believe what I say what you think in your mind who believe God is like the only person that we can believe. Who God The farmer is really like is a person named Jesus Christ as morning Amen found then. The Word of God Amen. Jesus is the word. And the word explains the father reveals his beautiful character. So this morning as we open the sacred pages of God's Holy Word this morning male minds be illuminated with the understanding of who God really is. Let us pray Father help us to understand you were maybe clear Jesus' name. He may well mean Chapter one Verse twenty two and twenty three. What do the people who impairs the day do what did he do in the Bible says here. Professing themselves to be wise they became food and then it says here also has the chains the glory now God's glory is His what character did change the character what are the thoughts and feelings of God how he thinks holy feels how he looks down upon what he thinks about us what he feels about us the Bible says upon his days the people in those days they change the glory of the character the thoughts or feelings of their god what did he change into the Bible says the change the character the thought and feelings of the uncorruptible God the infinitely and intrinsically good God did change this to not corruptible all we killed even mad you and me and two birds and four for the beast and creeping things so they will careful is because they changed the glare of the Infinity and intrinsically good God to. Person of God with the same character as you and me that was their sin. No most of the heathen gods or mean of their heathen gods that the worst of the gods or at least a confusing mixture of compassion and cruelty these gods they require a lot but they give very little. Because in quest. Arthur worshiper is to appease the wrath of the gods out there through the means of religious ceremony the giving of gifts. Whatever it may be or the doing of good deeds. Strangely the gods are there the heathen guards they require goodness. But they themselves are not good in Hawaii in ancient Hawaiian or even today and the renaissance of Hawaiian culture there is also of the worship of gods but what people think about the we did a system of the old Hawaiian people was not their original true religion at all in the beginning it was a fairy religion introduce by from Tahiti. They're not sure exactly when but anywhere from the eleventh century to the fourteenth century power came with his letters from his Navy form to Haiti and they came in a sense they overthrew the islands in a sense and then they introduce the human sacrificial system of the Me Knowing You know a new that they introduced a human sacrificial system. The if we do introduce the oppressive Kapu system and then they also produce the worst about the little nature of God like Pele and everything. And they also introduce any chain's coup which was a god in Hawaii which was a benign god a good God and it changes Good God into our way kid and a very cruel god of war who needed to be a peace. By the people and so the people who oppress during this time especially by the God who were he was a very bend Bens for a bloodthirsty God. Now this couple system made the people very proper press was oppressing the people especially the common people they called them up and want to show you this diagram here. Look at this diagram by David here and this is actually what happened is a little diagram. He grew he drew actually translate into English because the today. But in her mind of the same is a kid who wanted to come to the people in these crew which is the God of where our crew of God was change requires a sacrifice you. Lanny a chosen because you said and secretly ground. They broke the cop who was the keep and then he says I didn't mean to do it. It was a clearly more and they are taking Lani away from the family and the crime mother from the father who loses purses Dardenne his taker and offer her in the hay all as a human sacrifice to appease the gods who in this situation and sacrifice is human being to peace and to balance the car who enters and also the leave which is the chief who knows that the priests appease the gods because they want a man a man of means power a divine power and when they did they made a mistake by breaking a copy to the balance of mana was broken and so that the balance of my. Again by offering the human sacrifice. Finally in eight hundred nineteen the cop who says still be fair. Even the missionaries came this a few people were witness to these kings. At the death of King come a have they heard the first after he died in one thousand nine hundred King coming home here the second was Luna lelo along with his wife. No thank you. Or pool. He or poor Lani was two people. The three people overthrew the couple system and with this. I want to show the first quarter left she said the highest ranking to leave the hollow highest ranking chief in the whole rally she said our gods have done us no good for they are cruel. Now so must me look at this and think what other nonsense and glad I'm a Christian a man glad I'm a Christian not a heathen. Not so fast and researchers say with absolute accuracy that Christianity is the ME to having affairs conceptions of our creator God this morning but unfair to me that is not the case here this morning. Let's look back to the Jewish church in those they turn to sounds of the fifty first one twenty one sound Chapter fifty verse twenty one. What did the Judas church God's chosen people in very close days do most of the Bible says sounds pretty verse twenty one The Bible says Brother saying to his people these things you have done and God says and I kept silence. You found that I was asked to get the certs and won as yourself. But I'm movie prove you and set you and I heard it before your eyes the sin of God's dearest church was that the answer to them is one thing you're done you thought that I my character was exactly like your character. My thoughts and feelings were exactly like your thoughts and feelings. My temperament is just like your type. And what the bomb was says the hearts of the C four desperately wicked also says a massive fifteen one thousand that are best heart the natural or proceed evil thoughts murders or bare trees for an occasion. Perhaps bears witness is blasphemy out of the natural heart. So as we made god like us we nationally make him evil because real evil without God And so we make a picture of God the God is a HORTON Is God a heartless character just like us. My question to us this morning. Is this. Have we done the same thing to our God today since we are unfair giving to others then we have a god made out to be unforgiving towards us since we hold grudges towards others against others knowing we have created a god holds grudges. When we sin since we they are led by enemies we made God out to become callous also told us this morning and this morning I again ask the question are we doing the same thing that. All the other heathen religions have done in the past is my question are we making our guard into an image like ourselves. They make cruel was a benign god a good God into a kid an oppressive God they made him that way in this picture here. It wasn't the God who could there's no really God who stated using that God cool but what happened was they using people to paint a ferrous picture of who Cooney was a falling me to believe it. We do in a very exact same thing say thing uses people church members to paint a picture of who they think are we think oh you thing or I thing who God is this morning. You're not sure of the answer to these questions let me give you some examples of what's happening out there in Christianity and I'll let you be the judge a Christian leader preacher he has a model out there when he's on the radio and his motto is turn. O'Byrne that's his motto and this model is what he calls the gospel. How many of you ever heard this part and maybe want to sermons in our own churches. When do or do you want to his programs he preached to his audience this message. It is right it's in here. This is what he said I'm going to preach it to you. OK how it sounded OK when from you since accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior and RIM prison you in the family there will never cease to burn you for an eternity. I suggest you get your act together in a hurry and don't forget. God loves you. Never heard that before I never have even a Seven Day Adventists sermon some time in the past about before and the end the ever forget da loves you he died on the cross for you make a decision for him by the way by the way. Another example to story man was in a hospital from an accident after he got into a fight with his wife and losing his temper his wife came to the hospital to visit him sitting there and his Christian woman said to him God push your car onto the uncommon car and that's why you're here. And this cop in the pastor was visiting with the with his wife sitting there next to him and he said as soon as he said that he said Amen. Gosh your nerves how to bring us around the way we do that picture God the vengeful cruel God a woman who once requested prayer was an ass to pray by this man refusing to pray she stated that she was afraid of God the Father. She's afraid of him but then she said but but Jesus is compassionate but hopefully he can also guards anger in this round by pleading on my behalf. I love it is that true. Jesus said If you have seen me what you see in the Father and Mother was God the Father in me. We have the same care with the same God is love. I am love the cannot be a difference between Jesus and the father and there are some of us this morning who see a God who compares. This is his will upon us whenever he chooses we see a gag was either lead being angry towards the pending upon our successes or failures. We see a guy who plans the tragedies in our lives that brings us heartache and pain. We see a God who is quick to punish and slow to give out the blessings in making the intrinsically good god like sinful man we see an ugly unattractive God through two ways either becoming an atheist or a Christian who did never want to go back to church by the way he's been raised and how he is seeing God He hates God He don't ever want to live for God He wants to live for the world but we stay in a church and become a few for slaves of God within his church the picture of God is false. We're live a miserable life. Eleven I could tell you from my experiences as a minister of the Gospel but really as Christians generally have received a layered view of who God is and different places where visiting or in the hospital room in a common set of maid and in the homes. I hear a affairs picture of who God is found not only are they in a way from church members beloved not understanding his shoe character and some other tax. That says Dad is led out of has not registered you look at this poll right here in this blue paper look at the inside paper like it says I once saw God as through a window a clear window. Looking through in my soul I peered he was just as I suspected just as I feared so selfish and cruel. He appeared to be so very ugly saw unlike me then looked I.D.P. are still deeper with pine was a mirror all along and the image was mine and that you see all we know is what we know we look at from our point of view we see going through all the minds through in glasses right we see through our own eyes. That's how we see oh god that's all. Everyone sees God differently from your own experiences in life when your own farts and your own feelings so you see God how you cigar how you want to see God what you know about God but your picture of God is different from God's picture of God This morning found in his words a man of God is truth. You can a lie and it tells the truth of who he really is this morning. Now turn back me to Romans Chapter one Verse twenty five it continuous study and Romans Romans Chapter one Verse twenty five. Now let the people in pass they do to the God they created they created this god. Now what did he do to this God knows what it says the same is who chains the truth of God into a lie and the rich stripped and served the creature made then the Creator who is bless forever. Any man in other words they change the truth to the law the bill. The lie. And then is this they worship and serve the creature they worship service dog this fence concept of who they created God to be so is it possible we love it to wear show and serve a guard that we have created in our minds that is not a true picture of the real God is that possible that it was a possible to come to church and actually when the being does not really who he really is. Is it also possible Could it be possible this morning. The only can we will ship for God That is not really the true God of who the Bible says. But we're actually serving our ministry in the ticket offices within the church and serving as God who we think is the real God but is actually a fancy picture of who that God is that possible here this morning going to the Bible it is they worship a creation of their own hands when they change the beautiful Good God into a goal of their minds and then the money made this God but the Bible says that they worship and they serve they need two positions in the church and there were none in committee and there on a church bird and they came to church every single week meeting. He was a problem. I a picture of God determines our motivation to follow me on this and we say that again whatever picture you have of God will determine what you. Your method of delusion is if I have a picture or God is a picture of a mean in the crib God then moon or serve in Washington him are the fear to not be punished. I hope I do what is right the God blessed me and be rewarded for you. Failing me. So now you found in cause effect. So now I made a vision changes and we live a fear is not enough powerful for us to hold you through a few hold you felt when he said I seen people who I got almost God save me from an accident. I changed my life. Again my heart to God female held them fairly depends on the person in the last four months I may last for years may last for a few years five ten years whatever but I would never let Love is the only thing that would not feel the Bible says. Love is the only member of vision that will never be for eternity. What is the reason that we don't love God to to first John four Verse eight first John chapter four verse eight first John chapter four verse eight Bible says He that doesn't love doesn't know God For God is love. The reason why we don't love God is because we never really knew God but we knew God then we would look him right. Again our picture of God determines our motivation. If a picture of a god is a picture of an infinitely and intrinsically good God They now have a vision for worshipping and serving this God will be loved. Love this one. Amen. It will be live for God look at his quotation from Desire be just look at the next one in the bottom to the inside left page it says here clearly. It is not the fear of punishment and the whole everlasting reward to be blessed by God that leads the Disciples of Christ to follow him. What is it then right here they be whole the Saviors. Matts less love revealed throughout his pilgrimage on Earth from the manger Bethlehem to Calvary Scruffs and the sand of him with trucks is not a burden. If trucks them itself ins and subdues the Cerro Leben break ins in the heart of the beholders they hear his voice and they fail him the beautiful way to serve the Lord Amen. What happened next turn to Rome is back to Rome and up the one with twenty six to thirty you want to read if you text here. Romans Chapter one Verse twenty six to thirty one soul. First they did was they made God and changed his character to be like their wicked characters as parts and feeding with old inspiration is character so thoughts and feelings into their own character and then they worship and they went to church and the servant is servant committees and boy isn't everything that is wrong with that but the wrong motivations for serving him and because of that they may God God down to their little is a natural result. It has for this cause because of this dad gave them up and to viral. Factions. But even the women the chains the natural use into that which is against nature and likewise also the men leaving the unnatural use of the women burned in the last one toward another men with men working that which is unseemly. And receive in themselves that recompense of their error which was mean homosexuality a natural result in a sense here and even as they did not like to retain guard in the knowledge God give them over to rep of the mind to do their things which are not convenient being filled with all on right is this fornication wickedness covetousness maliciousness. Full of envy. Murder debate. You see malignity whisperers backbiters hate is of God despite the spite for proud burst ministers inventors of evil things disobedient to parents without understanding Covenant Breakers without natural affection placable unmerciful you see the natural desire shipping and serving a God we human like qualities is wickedness. You see the principle holds true that where there are you be hurt you become so first of all this is our expressive all. You may God how you think God should be which is like you your unforgiving have a bad temper. You have no patience God's unforgiving is not P.C. with me I make a mistake. He's mad at me quickly angry because of that we worship and serve him out of fear. Well motivation but now we have a past conception of God So we are worshipping his god would be holding a wicked God therefore we never change. We stay exactly where we are there's no transformational life because our picture of who God is. It's just like us they see that a picture of God must transcend the must go beyond who we think God is that's the only way we're going to change that God is beyond what I am and what I think and what the Bible says he is then I will be transformed into what I behold and I think and I meditate upon. But we meditate upon evil things not to things. What's going to happen is that my life's going to continually reveal these evil and wicked character traits within my own life because of who or how I see God to be I was God's church worshipping and serving him today in the last days turn to second Timothy chapter three verse one two five second Timothy. Chapter three verse is one to five. Second ten with the chapter three verse twenty five. And also the Bible predicts and prophesies that's going to happen in the last things about what says this no hassle that in the last days Peronist time shall come and what days the last days what's going to happen the last days. Men should be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud last reamers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy do you see the things in this world today. Then this is without natural affection breakers for us accusers incontinent fierce despises of those that are good as heady highminded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God and the notices last verse specifically talking about people in the last days A says have been a fair arm of godliness in other words these are people who put me on the far more they call in the name of being a. Form of God is pertaining to the same the Christians saying they're in Adventists so specifically talking about within the Church of God in the last days there are people who profess to be Christians but they are denying the Lud power they're all from such turn away but has been prophesied in the last days there are be a people professing to be Christians but not having the power to live Christian lives are we there yet. This morning. My question within our own churches are we seeing those evils within our own church. Look at this course on his shoulders and quotations. And inspired writing of the time when one of these comments was back then when the church was going to fire than it was today and the other said this is it is a salmon statement that I make to the church but not when in twenty whose names are registered upon the church books are prepared to clear their earthly history and will be as very Without God and without a hope in the world as the comments in are now one in twenty say there's seventy people here eighty seven given is eighty one in twenty would be news for people in this church who would be saved or converted by one you PIO be one everyone's hoping the one before but if this is not well then a given God blesses church so there is one is a not even one but will say God bless it there is one say there is four people in this church. You need magic. Then another testimony it says here and there is great necessity for reformation among the people of God Do we need a reformation in out churches today below. Do we need a revival within our churches beloved today. Yes we do. The present state of the church leads to the inquiry. Is this a correct representation of him who gave his life for us is this really a representation of a God who sacrificed his life force on the cross of Calvary this morning when he answered that is question is no within the ministry for about ten years now I come to the realisation that our churches including the whole in our car church is in a pathetic spiritual condition. And as her foot to some of our pride here this morning. There is no way in our present spiritual condition that we are going to be making able to make it through the last days. We love it that says the truth. So now that we see a pitiful condition. What is the solution that was the solution that God has for us this morning. Turning to first John chapter three verse one first. John chapter three verse one. And as the Bible says. The Bible says Be Heard. Behold means what. Look upon the Think of power to meditate upon. Behold. Manner of love. Man what love for Fandor has given upon us eleven the call today is Behold the Lamb of God that we Behold the Lamb of God they would take away the sins of our lives. Amen. Behold the love of God Behold what manner of Love The Father has for you this morning. The solution to our pathetic condition today is for us to see and meditate upon the love the god has told us you and me here this morning. Amen. You see a come to the conclusion that preaching to you. Passionate and powerful sermons that either convict you or route convict you. And let you should be doing is not the solution to our current problems. We are not going anywhere. You know right because most of us here this morning. You only narrow what you should be doing right. We're just not doing it. I mean all honesty right though most of us already know what we really should be doing. You can read. You know where the church should be at spiritually. You know where your standards should be you know where you should be spiritually right. You have ready made all the only solution to the wretched condition is a church is to understand and meditate and be heard the great labor God has for us we build through His Word. So that we may fare fairly in love with God amen. That is a reason why I'm doing the series My primarily girl primary goal is for you to fair so fall in love with God. That you a serve Him with all that you God you serve Him with all that you got. But we truly love God we would worship Him and serve him with a whole body we would give him everything that we got a heart of mine a circle and then everything that we do. I realize the problem in our churches is not that we need to hear sermons of what we need to do but we need to hear sermons that reveal the character of God's love to us if we would fairly live with this God Absolute coolness where they would hinder us beloved this morning I continue this poem here continues from the beginning one in the beginning of the sermon it says. I now see God as to ascend I gaze so beautiful I would goodness. All of his ways. As I continue to look deeper still deeper with time. His character of love finds a mirror in mine. When I was younger there was a. I live totally for myself in my life and. Lived very selfishly in my life. And they really care about what people thought about what I did. Where. When. And that time I did not know who even God was. Is interesting. I realize that where grew up in what churches. Went to it wasn't a spiritual experience for us. Young people was more it was a social experience for us fun experience being entertained having fun and so there was funny and went off and I was getting one more in this selfishness and worldliness of them with terrorism in this a whole different lifestyle and got worse and worse and worse and finally came to appalling way hit some very hard times in my life and I hit my rock bottom looking up. I had nowhere to go. So I turned toward Jesus. And I started having little Pine's with God in the was all having devotional thoughts and studies every morning I spend time at God as if to see I realize that it wasn't any sermons that brought me to God because I felt the sermons there never led me to love God. It wasn't the church the probably the God because I didn't really see the live within the church that brought me to God was any people I knew the power to God because I didn't see the love of God through the people. It wasn't through the Bible because I didn't study the Bible God use whole experiences of my life and use that experience to teach me that and to see and to pace that God is good is always all solid the holy will it is experience he took me in a different path. When I took the whole experience of life to be rebooted the bad character is a character of love. Can explain it. That's a work in my heart and is not is an intellectual experience that I know God or Love God Love is an experience or experience that I had this morning. I've experienced a love of God and not everyone here knows what I'm talking about this more you this pie over the head with some of you. I have come. City of people I saw talking about my love relationship with God and you know how he's moved in my life and he has directed me to see blank stares with some Christians sometimes I you know I'm talking about what was that experience with God and I know God is real with me as not something up to make up and really about in a book and these reveal to my experiences and a moment by moment in my life that he is real. And every He's moved by Providence something happened my life. He revealed a little picture of his beautiful character of love. Something else happened in my life and they've used another picture in my life of who he is and not this here in a sermon or Sabbath school or that experience with god. So I came back to this church. I don't know anything. I got involved in youth ministry that's me. Bobby The A why I've been a few minutes. Leader Within this church on the church board. And I admit I made terrible many mistakes. But this is a city love God at that time and so I was I did this god somehow and we love it. I was going through time student at the University at this time but think about this time student like a food time job to them. Student going to school in boarding youth ministry working hard. I gave my all I wasn't out of fear without being rewarded or just going to social club in the because of my position. I did it because I love God. God bless this ministry in spite of my many mistakes and I think about it. Why bless so much. This one person. We had a we had oh I've been a student board committee that we've met once a month we had about thirteen of us including me that's bigger than a church board here Honokaa important not a paid worker as a church member the passes the other passes in his conference they call me. A grassroots pastor because they said we came up among the people I know what it is to sit on a church but I know it is the full time student and give my life to God and the melody and I realize it hit me. The problem is not through tell other people what they need to do more so. But help them to fall in love with God because they fall in love with God they're be fully committed to God and I was fully committed to gonna serve and God bless and the Bible can swear by our can sometimes there are more people in this church with this A young people like T.V. who are so active so much events we are planning our earth thinking about Michelle so my classes and my studies are thinking about ministry was I think about all the time we love when the Sunday I just thought about doing on Saturday and Sunday I want to do all the time he magic a church full of people fully in love with Jesus Christ this morning. So God blessed God bless this ministry. And I came to realize they should. The thought about it recently. Again that what we really need to do as a people fall in love with God amen. I believe that what the time we need to hear today is sermons. We need to hear today the time is now for sermons on righteousness by faith. Salman's that will help us to fall in love with God. When we fail and never go there be nothing that we wouldn't do for him this morning this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W dot org.


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