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Determining Your Own Values

Eugene Prewitt
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Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • March 7, 2009
    12:00 PM
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there is a type of common speech mistakes that people make I'm one of those people management commonly and that is when I am thinking about one thing while talking about another thing one of the words that fits in well and I'm thinking ends up replacing the right word for what I'm saying you need to understand I thought about this mistake and one of the most common ways that happens in my teaching is between the books of Daniel and Revelation particularly between Daniel twelve in Revelation twelve we returned either one of those it will help this case they understand both those chapters have twelve they both have Michael they both have the twelve hundred and sixty day prophecy and in my mind that revelation are very related to each other already so those chapters are in such a similar box that often when I'm intending to say Daniel twelve I say Revelation twelve and off we went in to say Revelation twelve I say Daniel twelve there is another book like that I often mix up with revelation actually it's Romans I mean that often when I'm intending to say Romans such and such because I saw often think about revelation I say revelations such and such and I usually don't catch that I didn't either until my students say it doesn't say that none figure out what's going on and the reason I told you all that is because I honestly happen I was typing the Scripture for this service I was thinking Romans and I typed revelation is that you heard a most interesting Scripture Revelation fourteen verse four and ten three twelve and I almost like I was when the pre- shot when I heard of him and but if you return your Bibles to Romans chapter fourteen I want to show you what I intended to type by Romans fourteen and were looking at verse four Romans fourteen and verse four who art thou that judges another man's servant to his own master he stands or falls yes he shall be holding off for God is able to make him stay in first half but why dost thou judge thy brother or why dost thou set at naught thy brother for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ for it is written as I live saith the Lord every knee shall bow to me and every tong confess to God so then every one of us shall give account of himself to God today were talking about in this particular sermon how to arrive at your own sets of values in such a way that will be the right set of values in such a way that you won't end up being rebellious and such whether you end up being content when you stand before the judgment seat of Christ and before I go into methods that are so related to arriving at a correct set of values I want to catch this idea in verse four the idea is that it is appropriate for me to evaluating your standing before God on the basis of your conclusions and it is inappropriate for you to evaluate standing before God on the basis of my conclusions I will say this in a different where you can see it and as it is in the passage Martin Luther in Carlstadt debated over one issue I mentioned last evening and that was the Sabbath Martin Luther was wrong and Carlstadt was right but it would be wrong to conclude from that that Martin Luther was not consecrated and in fact it might even be premature to conclude from that Carl Stout was consecrated I would like to create your mind understanding that there is a disconnect between accuracy of conclusions and the consecration of the heart consecration leads to accuracy but often does it on a very slow and laborious journey and accuracy sometimes calms through some other means than consecration for example believing that someone told you that happen to be consecrated or growing up in a home that happened that teach you the right conclusions you follow insane there's quite a disconnect between being accurate and are being consecrated that might be interesting to you to know that John Bunyan the one who wrote Pilgrim 's progress the one element right so glowingly about the great controversy the hero quite a number of books and one of his books is about the Sabbath they sound the entire book is represented to show that is no longer binding on us on this plan is quite well-written book I think I'd almost say I don't recommend reading but I cannot find the basis of reading the books say that John Bunyan was not a consecrated men to understand that when trying to communicate to you is this point verse four who art thou that judges another man's servant to do John Bunyan served as the Lord Jesus they had a duty to serve whether he served them or not that was his duty that's the verse is saying is that every man has a duty to serve the Lord Jesus himself and I can not by looking at how it's not my business to evaluate how well he serves him I just hope that you can see that I'm not making this up it's in the passage who argue that judges another man's servant to his own master he stands or falls does the passage say that everyone is noticing it doesn't but it says I'm not one I can figure out who was which so you start with the last trick of the devil and move into how to form your own values the last shred of the devil is related to this breakpoint it's the nice people are right trick I configured to store as my own short life related to this I was in Maine and I met a lady who at one point had been studying with Jehovah's Witnesses at one time in the week and list some of the administered another time in the week she was learning a lot from both camps and some of the things they have in common rights were sometimes very common unfortunately her house burned to the ground the Adventist church offered something like some clothes and a few hundred dollars and the local watchtower Society rebuilt her house was nice and do that but you think I'm sure there was some some sincerity in that service and I doesn't overlook the sincerity of even erroneously but it was a mistake in the part of the sisters this included the Jehovah's Witnesses were right because they were nice but as if she concluded when I met her she was a Jehovah's Witness the second story of it happened in the Bahamas a lady was studying should just join the Seventh-day Adventist church but while she was there she began studying with numbers of the Shepherd 's Rod were also Seventh-day Adventists are part of the same denomination but they had different views than others in their church and while that was going on hurricane came to the island was one of those once we heard about here in this country and it took the roof off her home it took the roof off a lot of homes in the local something this church was able to help her out particularly a lot of them were suffering Annapolis with the included as part of a clinical interest in the perspective of a lot of people lost I'm not stupid they were mean but listen carefully but the Shepherd 's Rod persons and she was studying with for a new roof on her home and she concluded that they were right it can you just understand that that just doesn't follow in terms of logic but it's very difficult for young people and also simpleminded all understand so that it becomes a very normal trick of the devil to bring item young person who has learned a great deal about values into contact often with a sincerely consecrated very sweet and kind person who knows very little about values and often in this scenario this young person contrast the sweetness of his previous teachers with the sweetness of his parent-teacher and concludes on the basis of the sweetness that his current teacher is more accurate than his previous teacher we should be willing to confess and to be repentant and sorry for the fact that we might fit into the category of being less sweet guy does require sweetness and it is just a normal trick of the double to lead some people to focus all their building on accuracy related others to focus other building on sweetness such that this clamp ends up being right but not sweet in this camp ends up being sweet but not right and that this really works of the devil 's bandage and I hope that you and his carbonation would include to work to the end of being rights and suites at the same time it was just so undermined many of the devil 's efforts on this planet locator talked about how to form values and I guess we started out by saying that one when it doesn't work it won't work for her values on the basis of copying the sweetest person you know it won't work much better would be to copy the sweetness of the sweetest person you know but not their values their sweetness made then learn from Jesus the other values have some other place entirely if you learn value shouldn't have to go to the source of the accuracy this also is the source of the sweetness and it's just a mess to try to get one under the other album without without taking both from your Bibles to Proverbs chapter five Proverbs chapter five are talking about six or it might turn into seven principles of how to arrive at true conclusions about values Proverbs chapter five look at verse eleven is an excitable passage and now more at the last when I flash and lead body are consumed here we are reading about the thoughts of the potential person in the lake of fire and the wise man with an insight from heaven tells you what kind of thoughts that you don't want to be thinking in the lake of fire course you don't want to be in the lake of fire and by looking at what the thought to summon the lake of fire are you might learn a good hint about how not to be there Proverbs five verse eleven and all more at the last knife flashed in my body are consumed and say how have I hated instruction in my heart despised reproof and have not obeyed the voice of my teachers nor inclined mine ear to them that instructed me I was almost in all mischievous nest that's what I'm saying for the evil they are in the midst of the congregation assembly my first principle this morning 's don't start from scratch when it comes to making values God never intended that each generation would start over you never intended that I would have to begin at the same place that my parents had to begin he attended the church would be a growing process and that we would be learned in fact you can you I teach church history for loving one of my most enjoyable lectures to give is what I call the progression of truth we can just show the ages how God permeated society with shrews not only were true but were foundational to the next sure that he intended to put in society and so that is not like all society followed by the what led up to the great awakening in the preparation for the advanced begin with excepting a few foundational ideas this idea production of truth is important and you never will for example become a sanitary and Adventist yes you begin from scratch trying to figure out even if the Bible is a reliable block and you don't have help from the behind his people the goddess already been teaching God never intended that we would be a bunch of independent apps and so his normal method is that she gives you true for me and gives me truth for you to see that stealing if I give you five dollars and tell you to please pass not my wife in your pocket and that even though I put it in your hand willingly to pocket his staff because I gave it to you him him to you for new gimmick when you accepted it for my hand in a way you connected to do with that what I asked you to do with it if you were going to do that you should've refused to take Xanax as to what I'm saying is the way the Bible portrays the way God gives me truth he gives me truths such that I am a debtor both to the Greek and barbarian both to the wise and unwise I have a responsibility to them because the truth was given to me was given to me for them to Jeremiah twenty three speaks about people who steal God 's words everyone from his neighbor how you still God 's words from your neighbor is not you go to his house and take the words away that the words never were in his house the words for the neighbor were given to you and Wendy don't share them that is itself a type of theft I'm moving to a different terminal to get I want to come back and say that we begin forming your values one is don't begin from scratch realize that God is the one who intended that there would be teachers in the church is the one intended that there would be instruction she said reproofs of instruction are the way of life in fact this idea of teaching coming your direction God understands that you only have about seventy years to get things straight sometimes only five and in the process he is or he often brings people write to you because he doesn't want you to wait for your age ninety two to finally find it on your own digging processors and communicating but that method appears of bringing truth into your field of vision just doesn't work if you're trying to start from scratch was moved to point to it might help explain one turns when your Bibles to Romans chapter three Romans chapter three and were looking at the first three that says for what if some of them did not believe shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect not at all whenever you see the word God for bid in the Bible read it not at all because at least in the King James version every single time it appears that the word of God nor the work for bed is in the Greek it's just the way the sixteenth century that man said not at all so they would come to the great work that said no no which means not at all and it would write God permit will be helpful to you but it was helpful for me when I found not to ball game let God be true and every man let's say a liar as it is written the second point is that you're going to have to have confidence in God and not confidence in their you see that in those two verses both of those ideas confidence in God enough confidence in men and how does that fit with the first one where we need to be open to teaching this is how it affects when I am listening to you teaching me when you're sharing with me I am not looking for your conclusions I am looking for your data I'm interested in what you think as far as your conclusion but that's more of a curiosity factor with me what I really want to know in terms of helping me is why do you think that you followed on communicating so I don't want to begin this grass from scratch I really want to benefit from my teachers I want to benefit from what the church is been built up to now I want to learn from these things I want to sit humbly as it were at your feet but not to them by your conclusions rather I really want to know what your reasons that's how I can trust in God through you without trusting in you I look at what God has already shown you I'm not trusting that your judgment but I'm trusting the word of God that you have always found the councils you've already learned on trusting the truth that he sent your way for me I think you can see what I'm talking about this really does the benefit for example of parents when young people are forming their values you don't have to send young people that your parents are consecrated to gain this benefit from them you don't even have to assume that they're good people all you have to assume is that maybe somewhere along the line they might have run into some sort of truth from God and would like to know what reasons they have what they think it's beautiful to ask and find out if they happen sometimes I don't have any that they don't have any good is necessarily evidence of the wrong is just a president that might not come the truth the right way is to follow and communicating what you need to get other from some source wherever you can find it it is what is the data what are the things that God is not the various people who will show you a very interesting passage to me turns me your Bibles in numbers chapter thirty six people in their mid- twenties have a few questions are particularly perplexing to them quite often and one that I think I've heard probably around forty thousand times is how do I know who God wants me to marry I didn't talk like that number was an impulse numbers chapter thirty six and were looking at verse six this is the thing that which the Lord doth command concerning the daughters of the Xalatan 's law to half something like that saying let them married to whom that day once the bird think fast only to the family of the tribe of their father fathers shall they marry is quite interesting Augusta if the question is daughters could you think God wants you to marry God answered it he said here are the boundaries from within these boundaries do say just take whoever you're inclined to buy impulse and what does not reset right it wasn't by impulse but it didn't rely upon something with them what was it that we talked about Sabbath school this morning don't ask the daughters to use their minds to find out what is the best option and when by using their mind to evaluate God 's counsel they would find the best option God is getting them latitude to do that thinking Ensign Mary that's quite a conclusion to come to Jerusalem saying on as a lifelong commitment they could even enter into a lifelong commitments by this method of using the reasoning combined with God 's counsel that God gave them limits what was the limit thanks for inside their own try not to limit he doesn't get everybody that Linda applied to them particularly and why it had nothing to do with their personality in fact what doctors expected out of them had more to do with their great great great grandchildren with anything else it was so that there would be confusion over what property was owned by which try you can read more of the story later the case of the district where dollars let me introduce that is like it's not one of the six points principles in Portland on the side do you realize that God often asked his church to do things he gives them guidelines that might not even be a very personal benefit to down if it really will be a benefit to someone else and it's fair to accept the guidelines that he gets that way I'll get your opinion I have about the I think that wearing jewelry is not intrinsically morally wrong I said enough this weekend 's regional endorsement Jubilee USA some like that and I'd like to take me at face value I construe by even see some evidence that before sin entered universe the person jewelry being born but I see plenty of evidence that jewelry does cause problems for some people and it does great pride in some people and it really distracts many people from what true holiness looks like a beauty of character and I submit to God 's counsel that when he asked his whole church to boycott jewelry as a way of demonstrating as a body what beauty of character looks like even if I can't prove to myself that there's something morally wrong with this I can easily and willingly submit to God 's counsel on this for the benefit of whoever it's going to benefit I think you can see that if you put it the other way around let's exercise my liberty at the expense of even a very few souls would be a far too expensive exercise of liberty and irreverent pulsars that about food offered items is just three sentences there's nothing wrong with that I'm not needed because I don't want to hurt anybody else so the third point is to find your latitude and watch your attitude and arrives which can make people not think about it so I want to explain what I mean by that latitude that is find the limits that God has given and when you have those leathernecks then realize that you have the freedom there are some value questions that God does not get as for a specific assembly would like to get know the limits that he's given find those limits like those daughters dad and then be sure you watch your attitude because bitterness will cloud your mind to really what those those freedoms are turn in your Bibles second Samuel second center were looking at chapter four second Samuel for in the Ravenna look at three passages here are all in proximity to each other that our about thinking that didn't work out well second Samuel chapter four in verse ten when one told me saying behold Saul is there thinking to have brought good tidings I took hold of him and slew him is a galactic who thought that I would have given him a reward for his tidings is what you observed a very simple point and ask that your resume on who was thinking things through he thought through that David installed along Salzman trying to kill David Salzman tried to kill David for a long time and it David my heart saw him on respect for him but now the God took care of an solace dad and I'm sure Disney very glad to hear this news maybe he'll even give me some reward for having had submitted with it I think he's setting us up to do it when you get the news is not clear to me that that was the truth might've been a lie what an expensive life was but he understand the man was thinking through that he would get a reward for that somebody get he die can you see my point of thinking doesn't always work out well that's that's my point and I like you to look a little further look at chapter five verse six and the king and his men went to Jerusalem unto the Jebusites this is when the Jebusites control Jerusalem the inhabitants of the land which spake unto David saying except you take away the blind and the lame and you will not come in hither what they were saying is that our city is so well fortified that even if the blind and the lame our garden the fortifications or not you can get in they were thinking that David cannot come in hither but the next verse indicates that David went in the word holds that means that there in that sentence he went in there can you see in verse five her her sex work out well for them sometimes thinking doesn't work out they were thinking through the vest they had a great fortification how strong they were the great history of Israel not be able to copy them they been in the midst of Israel for a long time to think and almost went through just didn't work out before few chapters to chapter ten second Samuel chapter ten and verse three and the princes of the children chapter ten verse three and the princes of the children and men decided to hang in there Lord Hainan was the Crown Prince 's father had just died thinkest thou that David does honor your father that he had sent comforters unto the half not David rather sent his servants unto the discharge the city and aspire out and to overthrow it these counselors were thinking things through David conquered the Jebusites David Carr occurred some other persons and saw the ammonites were thinking David really is it trying to comfort us it's a trick that is sending these comforters just to really see what our fortifications are like and in view of thinking it through they treated David's men very shamefully and then they paid for because David really was being nice that really was trying to comfort them there really wasn't any hostility and sending those member to see the thinking things through doesn't always work out my fourth point is that when something makes sense don't let that way to have only with you to find a way to say this the way it is in my mind I put don't put too much stock in it I mean we've been talking about how we need to use him I think things through but when I got to that process though my thought is the best I can come to I don't want to figure that just because I came to it by reasoning that it's certainly true my mind isn't that going reasoning is better than guessing but even when I'm done with the much better process are not certain that I write you following communicating when you're coming your values you need to hold your own conclusions tentatively I mean you might come to different conclusions and next year than this year if you give yourself latitude to think that way it's legitimate to say that right now it looks to me as if it probably is this way in fact that's better than just decided once and for all that it settled through your Bible to Deuteronomy chapter thirteen Deuteronomy chapter thirteen are looking at verse verses one through three if there arise among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams and give us see a sign or wonder in the sign or the wonder come to pass for us he spake unto the same let us go after other gods which thou hast not known and let us serve them thou shall not hearken unto the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams listen carefully for the Lord your God proves you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul I turned this into a principle that even works outside the realm of prophecy it would be the fact that an idea works the fact that it succeeds is not conclusive evidence that it is right but if I can illustrate this in ways that are relevant to you there are things that can be done in evangelism that might work better than evangelism the way I do it they might get more people but the fact that they work isn't proof that they are right in fact according to this passage sometimes God might even let wrong things work to do why in the passage to test us whether we will be dependent on discounts and we will certainly fail about if we are going after his counsel so that fifth point the fourth one was the fact that makes sense is inconclusive that it's right the fifth is the fact that works is a conclusive that's right the first hint was they gave it was really before one is a given my very sweet person is not conclusive that it's right to understand a lot of these prisons are giving you are saying what doesn't work because there really aren't a lot of principles about what doesn't work if I really let myself what does work it would be to go and get it except for there was that principle don't start from scratch because God has been teaching us for a long time in your Bibles to Proverbs chapter four run six and I have been to make this the last forty which was remaining thirty five percent through the Proverbs chapter four are looking at verse eighteen it says but the path of the Jost is as shy the signs more and more unto the perfect day one weakness with well-known passages as people don't think about them enough and I'm afraid I could happen this passage the plan on bringing out about this is when you're finding your values aim for progress rather than for conclusion this is especially true when it comes to help I think that I can't identify a year of my life in the last fifteen years that I have not made some changes in my personal value about how now he wants people you know your seen people to change in both directions I mean I routinely meet families acquired for example newly vegan and routinely meet families who when I tell them about my own dietary choices showed me that at some point in the past that they used to be the and I'm not even talking about veganism understand illustrate an idea that if you want to arrive at true value more important than the conclusion you arrive at today is the mentality you arrive at today that you're looking for progress that you want to come closer and closer to what God says that what you understand today that you accept the fact that he might reveal to you more tomorrow some people try as it were to for some choose us to be mean I mean you're very sad that I have many things to send you but you are not ready to say that you don't want to as it were force yourself to have Jesus send them all to you right now she knows you very well he knows what you can handle and about how ready you are for truth and she is a patient teacher so the mistake would be when he shows you point a that you jump on it let your feet and say this is my conclusion is on a process to run Sandy you want to conclude that he's right in view of the fact that he might show something more with you later than if you ever conclude like this should make you so gentle with other people I mean a maybe they haven't been led to where you are yes and surely you can be patient with them in view of your own tentative position and if it looks like that there ahead of you you might not even half because Jesus has taught you yet a way to know whether or not they are fanatics are just more things you might not have any way to know what Zemeckis has run communicating his apostolate they are fanatics it's possible and you certainly wouldn't want to follow them another fanaticism is it possible that there just more advanced than you it's possible and you don't have to figure out which is true because who are you the judge is another man's servant to his own master he stands for falls and you and I are to stand before the judgment seat of Christ herself we want to be sure that they were standing on what he taught us NBA were willing to make progress so those are all the points I want to review them with you briefly and then we'll have the choir will sing for us another song at all have a closing prayer for myself I want to have the values that Jesus wants for me if my values are not going to be shaky and like the wind I put him on some foundation more firm than who is sweetest that who is most sweet foundation often leads to retrograde and randomness in people 's values you have to go after the Council but the second point was I can't afford to start from scratch God has given us a church acts fifteen is all about the authority of the church when the people come to come to a conclusion when the church could agree the church as a whole had something to say and got expected people to listen to what the church as a whole have decided you can read that chapter is fascinating I don't want to begin to scratch but when on the icon in the point to listen to what God teaches me through other individual in my searching for their conclusions no I'm curious about the conclusion but really I cannot put much weight on what am I looking for I want through that I want to know their reasons the people who disagree with me I can assume that their mistaken for many I think they are harvesting the conclusion that when it helped me to please know the reasons for the wife to think they think this point to is what allows us to talk at the table about controversial issues without getting so emotional and hyped up released to be curious enough to know why other people think the funny things they do the third one is to know the latitude that God gives you the freedoms that are outlined in his councils and then to watch her attitude interrelations of those guidelines to see what happened to the dollars until the fat if they would have really decided that they really love someone outside of their tribe began to chafe under that debt though they had been given a great deal of latitude by one desire outside of that found they could've spoiled their entire happiness and value system and messed things up for a lot of people the Bible is a voice they were not they did what they were told to do but I really hope they did it's like that with many of the values that gives us two gives to us as a church 's values are for the benefit of the people and since he gave so much to benefit me is not rational it I harmonize my life in such a way as to benefit as many as can be done the fourth and fifth points were very similar the fact that it makes sense for the fact that works are good enough reasons to adopt it for my value system and it's true and that last point was that I want to let Jesus be patient with me as he wants to be so when he teaches me one thing today I don't want to stick my foot down as if I'm never going to move from this position I want to accept it wholeheartedly in view of the fact that he might have more for me later so what am I aiming for not so much for conclusions as for progress believing that God is not finished with the work you did and started me but that he will guide me more and more unto the perfect day I hope to come back for more information this afternoon obese favorite now a special music by the choir


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