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Home, Sweet Home

H.M.S. Richards Sr.
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Marching to Zion - King's Heralds

Rock of Ages - Gerford Brothers Quartet

Home, Sweet Home - Del Delker

Happy the Home - King's Heralds

I'm But a Stranger Here - King's Heralds


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Leafed of the trump lead raising Jesus is being. To be. Jesus's. List says the boy some prophecy always crying in the wilderness of these modern day prepare you either way of the lone. O. me. From our voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California. We welcome you to this half hour of inspiration and music and scribe with the king's arrows. Right. Brayley and they can mess Richard's prophecy speaker leave it loaded and later it has been. Joined in with Swedish code joy and love. We say diva. And Larry every T.V. drama. We do is grim. Mudgee. Tooth. Well known. Where Mudgee glowed our Father in heaven. We thank thee for another opportunity to seek the I face bless this broadcast to every listener and we pray that our faith and our guidance and our counsel from the maybe new today support us. We pray in this in Jesus name of quote as. Jesus Lestrade sent from hold us. To the. King's heroes are welcoming to the microphone a quartet that is a little unusual as three of the singers are brothers. Another interesting sidelight is that the three crane brothers who sang in the original Kings heralds quartet. I don't cause of these three brothers who sing today two of them are employees right here in our voice a prophecy pretty depart. John first tenor Calvin second tenor and Waldo got third baritone gather with Russell Nelson bass now present a new arrangement of the rock a logo is clarify for me. For me it's flowed. Oh I see little. Good night. Oh oh good. My eyes nose is force the the whole. Planet. Oh prize I. See. Oh. I just before we hear the important subject brought to us by H.M.S. Richards the speaker sweet home which is also home. Home home home home home home. Oh I Oh no sir no no no no luck. Oh I talk to. I was slow to close close. Oh I'm still love for zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero for love wasp oh oh oh oh oh. Most loved one with whom OK. Screw a whole load. Oh I'm getting low home was. Ever since that lonely man John Howard Payne wrote those words. They have been sung by homesick people around the were owed med pleasures and palaces though we may roll Be it ever so humble. There's no place like home. And after all that's the way it ought to be. As Edgar guest once said It takes a heap of livin in a house to make it home home can be anywhere. He doesn't need to be a palace. It might be a palace. It may indeed be very humble it might be a straw a stone building. A structure of wood clay anything else but it becomes a home when it's the center of affection. Real living smiles and tears sorrow laughter when it is the center of our love our living then it's home home is not a building nearly all the latest in the base home is where we love each other. Home is where the Hearts at rest. Home is where we come at evening or from World long journeys pressed. Just to hear our name low spoken home is where the heart's at rest. Home is where we know each other where the in most thoughts expressed and there are no inhibitions home is where the Hearts at rest. Home is at the long trails ending where we live with love confessed. And. Palace or a cottage home is where the heart's at rest. A real home. Is a creation of love and loyalty. And hard work an American friend of mine was fulfilling an important place in the Christian ministry in the city of London. One evening he went to the Royal Albert Hall to hear. Jenny Lind saying. It was a wonderful evening of music and he greatly enjoyed it. At first the artist sang selections from Beethoven Hondo and other composers the great audience was charmed by the sweetness of her voice then pausing suddenly the Swedish Nightingale as they called her seemed to be preparing for a song of loftier flight softly and tenderly came the melodious words of this song home. Home sweet home. The vast audience held its breath and people forgot where they were at the close of the song everyone broke out in wildest applause as the voice of the singer was silenced many wept. Why because they'd all been home. In mind and imagination. My friend told me afterward that while Jenny Lind was singing. That immortal song of hers. He forgot all about London in fact he was back home on the farm in Iowa a. There was his mother getting supper. His father and all these brothers and sisters gathering for the evening meal. Then they seemed to be around the hearth stone bowing in family worship. Yes he was home again. But when the voice of the sweet singer ceased he came back with a start to the realities of life in the great city and the vision of home faded. Real family life is home life. Our modern civilization especially in lands that are. Technically advanced puts a terrible strain on the home. Sometimes the members of the family seldom see each other they get up in the morning a different times eat at different times work in different places. Go to bed it different times. People who do not eat together read together sing together and pray together. Soon are simply not together. And juvenile delinquency and adult delinquency. Become a major problem when home life disappears or is degraded. The home is built on the family and the family is built on marriage. Anything that loosens the sacredness of the marriage ties destroys the foundations of the home. A Christian college has meant much to me. A Christian high school more. But personally. I can testify that above all the influences of life. Our Christian home was the greatest of all. Their father and mother Christian friends and relatives molded my character. On the wall near the table where we met three times a day for meals hung the motto of Christ is the head of this house the unseen guest at every meal. The silent listener to every conversation. How wonderful those words to me as a child. Jesus was the head of our house. He heard what we say and he took part in our joys and sorrows that thought and that faith. Helped to make our home a little heaven to go to heaven in every home needs a lamp the same lamp that lightens the holy city the New Jerusalem of which we read the land is the light there all of you find it in the twenty first chapter of Revelation. A humble home in Bethany. As blessed by the presence of Jesus there Lazarus news two sisters my son Mary opened their home to Him Jesus love to talk with them to eat with them to have fellowship with them. So today longs for fellowship in your home and mine. And we all need him in our homes and in our business. Behold I stand at the door and knock he says he knocks not only at the door of every human heart but at the door of every home in a real Christian home the children have the right to hear the voice of prayer to hear mother and father pray and to pray themselves when Robert Burns wrote his famous poem The cutter's Saturday night. In which he describes the scene of family worship in a humble cottage of Scotland family prayers were commonplace read that wonderful poem again for yourself and if you can do it with dry eyes I'll be surprised a real home should have family worship. It holds father and mother together. It holds the family together it makes every whole house of prayer. Oh mother is there a load of just luck. Just. Oh oh. And now just a moment to the Bible. When the people of Israel came into the holy land they were instructed to destroy the military fortress of Jericho. Only one family was saved. A family that lived in a house on the city wall and here are the instructions to the head of that house in the second chapter of Joshua when we come into the land. Now show bind this line of scarlet thread in the window. Which thou didst let us down by. And I shall bring my father and mother and brother in all my father's house home under the it shall be that whosoever shall go out of the doors of the house into the street his blood shall be upon his head. So all they put the scarlet thread in the window. Notice one point the folks that came home and shut the doors about them and old Jericho were safe when that thread was in the window. And so every true home is a place of safety when the scarlet thread of Christ's blood is in the window and those in charge of the home are Christians whose hope is in the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross. When the home is protected by this thread. Their safety with the and. Gather the children Ian. Fathers and mothers grandfathers and grandmothers and protect them with a scarlet thread of faith. That's the only hope of a lost and ruined world but they're gloriously sufficient hope. Why not have that kind of home. Why not make your home like that. Where the presence of Jesus and the love for one another will make home a real home. There will be more than just a place to eat and drink to work and sleep. You'll be a place where the children will have games in good times or a father and mother would plan to be a part of all their pleasures. A place of neatness and order a school a church now be books pictures music. It will be such a delightful place that when children are scattered around the far places of the earth. They will want to found homes of their own like the one from which they came. As long as we have Christian homes the nation will survive. No statesmanship on earth can save us from lawlessness and anarchy. While the home is broken forgotten ignored dissolved. And its homes are right the nation will prosper. A well known minister went to conduct a funeral service for the daughter of a certain man. He was a successful business man thoroughly worldly on one side of the caskets at the father with his best friend. The father suddenly spoke more to himself than to anyone else you and I been living for a good time and success. We get everything we can during that week we are good poker players and Saturday night spend the weekends in the automobile and social pleasures. We put the club in the bank first but my son has disgraced me my wife has left me anon my daughter is dead. I tell you there's only one place to bring up a family and that's in a Christian home. There's only one thing to do with the children on the Sabbath not to take them to church. What with money and wine and cards and pleasure Also the weekend. And every night our family has been ruined. You may not realize what the end of these things is until the end actually comes. But I know if we have a Christian home friends let us thank God for it if we do not let us build one. If our home has been ruined a broken let us attempt to really know it. Remember this the home eternal really begins here. Heaven for us might and must begin on earth. What we make our homes here will in a measure determine what they will be there in Holy Scripture we read of an everlasting home of a country of a city of houses of a place from which we shall go out. No more. Where we shall meet and greet those whom we have loved long since and last a while. Home is the nearest thing to heaven that God could give to man on earth. It is our privilege to have a Christian home on earth in which to prepare for a home to come looking forward to that glorious home we may say Oh dear dear native country. Oh rest and peace above Christ bring us all to the homeland. Of diary deeming. The stray a bit is my goal. Good. It is a good. Oh it is mud and they. Mower. The good news is my home. Is my own home. Just as is my home have faith in God Wherever you may roam have faith in God Nice tant or Palace don't have faith in God and there's home sweet home and face dear friend in God we hope this transcribed program of ours has brought blessing to you and we invite you to join us again next week at the same time for another broadcast brought to you by the voice of prophecy. We would like to invite you each and every one to join our worldwide prayer circle how to join it. Just remember the voice of prophecy in prayer each week and the people who write to us asking an interest in our prayers every Thursday morning we meet here at headquarters to pray for our worldwide prayer from shit for you for all who listen but especially for. Those who write him. So let us pray together each week on The Voice of prophecy world wide prayer circle and now we say The Lord bless thee and keep the Lord make his face shine upon D. and be gracious unto the lift up his countenance of Bondi and give the.


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