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Strong or Weak?

Chris Buttery
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We will do almost anything to avoid being viewed as incompetent or weak. Revealing that we cannot do something makes us feel small and inferior. Sometimes we'll over compensate and make ourselves appear invincible and strong, but only to realize that we can't pretend forever. The solution to this problem is found in several key verses in the Bible. What are they, and how do they help us become all that God desires us to be? Find out in this riveting presentation by Pastor Chris Buttery.



  • June 20, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Today's message is intitled strong or weak strong or weak we continue our series The Whole Truth. Now we talked last week about the fact that when we read the Bible. We need to keep in mind that the Bible isn't written like a book of science way each statement is complete in and of itself when we come to the Bible. We must take the totality of what the Scripture says on a certain topic before drawing a final conclusion. Unfortunately half truths believed and taught as God's truth some individuals misuse God's word and take statements out of context to justify or excuse certain behaviors or certain practices. We must always view what seems to be to conflict NG thoughts in the Bible as twin trues that must be held together in healthy tension much like the strings on a guitar. These truths can also be viewed as arms to arms that extend from the one who is the Way the Truth and the life Jesus and just as Jesus cannot be divided. Neither can the truth. This morning. I'd like to talk with you about another two arms of truth if you please that cannot be separated from each other and that is strength and that is weakness. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to ask. Someone's advice but you were worried that you might appear to come across or just might appear to be incompetent. Perhaps you fall for the doing something you really liked for the same reason. A recent report study released by researchers from Harvard Business School and water and school in Pennsylvania suggests that the fear our fear of looking incompetent. This comes as good news to some of us. Alfie. Of looking competent might actually make us look incompetent the research found that though many people are afraid to ask for advice and risk being all looking incompetent they actually it actually works backwards people who seek advice likely to be thought of as more competent at least by the people they're asking which is understandable to an extent though the old adage there are no stupid questions. Sometimes it feels wiser to be quiet and to muddle through them to look like a complete fool yet. That's where the research gets very interesting research is paired participants with an unseen partner. That could only communicate over instant messaging and the partners didn't actually exist the researchers programmed the messages that were send the participants in within us to do a brainteaser before handing the task off to their partner the participants were asked to do that once they completed that time ask they received a message from the part their partner that either read. I hope it went well. Do you have any advice or simply I hope it went well. Later when asked by the researches people rated the partner who asked for advice as being more competent than those who would simply wish them well what's more the hotter the brainteaser the more competent the advice seeking Patna. Advice seeking partner was right it will do almost anything. We will do almost anything to be viewed avoid being viewed as incompetent or weak. Revealing that we cannot do something makes us feel small and sometimes makes us feel inferior. So we tried to avoid those areas of weakness but the reality is we cannot hide them life laughingly taunts us are you. Competent at this and then it hands us a completely new challenge. Life whatever area of insecurity your area of insecurity is the fact is we all have one the world around us has taught us ways of trying to look competent Some of us look competent by the by the clothes that we wear by saying the right things. Most of the time and perhaps even avoiding bad menace. But these are only appearances they can only be a veneer. We still carry with us. Feelings of weakness and security and we encounter various kinds of failure. It seems we're driven to prove ourselves strong and competent and to some degree we should for after all God did create us to be capable individuals. Now at the same time our capabilities are limited and life sometimes appears to be too big a challenge. We feel the need to prove ourselves but we're also afraid of failure. We are always vulnerable to failure and as we age vulnerability increases and we know we have limitations but often God calls us past our limitations. Jeremiah you remember complained that he was too young to be called by God to speak for him but what did God do they called him anyway you think about Moses he tried to excuse himself because he felt he couldn't speak or he didn't have what it took but what if God God called him anyway. We often find ourselves caught between the fear of failure and the need to prove ourselves but tween awareness of our weaknesses and God's cold. With strength. Let me say that again because this is the foundation of the what we're going to study here in we often find ourselves caught between the fear of failure and the need to prove ourselves between awareness of our weaknesses and God's call. Serve with strength now men in particular we often try to hide our weaknesses by showing how tough we really are. And we're not going to let on and let anyone know what our Keeley's heel is so to speak and sometimes women attempt the same tactic proving how tough we are may seem necessary. Perhaps in a dog eat dog world but it destroys any ability for understanding and to have any meaningful relationship. Don't Tread on Me attitude does not invite intimacy and neither does it. Invite trust the Bible is ultimately about living competently for God That's what the Bible is alternately about living a life that reflects the glory the image of Christ. What does competence mean competence means the necessary ability or having the necessary ability knowledge or skill to do something successfully in other words. Capability or competence means being capable competence means being capable like Joshua while we're called to be strong and courageous to me to Joshua chapter one. If you'd be so kind in just after the book of Deuteronomy Joshua chapter one. And we look here at verse six and nine look at the commands that God gives to Joshua God is Joshua has been chosen to take the children of Israel over into the promised land and God is encouraging Joshua notice what he says. Joshua chapter one in verse six God says Be strong and I was good courage now look at verse nine with me expands expounds that a little bit of expands that a little bit have not I commanded you be strong and of good courage Do not be afraid. Nor be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go like Joshua you and I. Told to be strong and we're called to be courageous What does all of that mean. Now whether through commands whether through proverbs whether through promises the Bible in effect says this is the way walk in it and please God God present something to us. He says I want you to do this. He asked us to walk in it and in doing so to please him. You see. But what the Bible says about Competent living is sometimes disconcerting to me over to a second term with me over to Second Corinthians chapter twelve and we look at verse ten over into the New Testament now second Corinthians chapter twelve and look and look at verse ten what the Bible says sometimes about living competently courageously being strong can sometimes appear to be disconcerting second Corinthians chapter twelve. And verse ten notice. Pole writes. And he said to me that is Jesus My grace is sufficient for you for my weakness is made perfect. My strength rather is made perfect in weakness. Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me in second Corinthians Chapter twelve in verse ten. We're told that in Al in our weakness God's strength is made perfect. Once again we're confronted with the fact of the scriptures point of view that the scriptures point of view is dramatically opposed to human commonsense misunderstandings of the dynamics of strength and weaknesses are ran rampant and even within the Christian community. If you have a good job and you have a bright future your wife was and your wife was offered a job she wanted in another town. Should the husband displaced rent and insisted they stay or should he show weakness by being willing to move you work at a real estate you work as a real estate agent and the competition baps is fierce your coworker betrayed. By taking several good clients away from you should you allow you should you show your strength by taking revenge or should you be weak and forgive her. Oftentimes the world's version of weakness and strength complicates the matter especially when Christians imbibe and believe the definitions put upon these words strength and weaknesses can be viewed positively or and negatively strenth my point to competence and to the power of God working in our life but it can also be used to suggest that we are strong enough on our own in that case that wouldn't be necessarily right. Weakness might point to our inadequacies or our limitations but as we'll see it can also be used positively positively to be referred to our identification with the cross of Jesus Christ. We will find here in this study that the Biblical formula for strength is found in giving up. That's what the Bible teaches strength of biblical truth biblical strength the formula for biblical strength is in fact giving up. It's interesting that of several words used for man in the Hebrew in the Biblical Hebrew two of them seem to have opposite connotations one appears to derive from the root meaning strong and the other from a root meaning weakness both connotations are true of humanity depending on how we look at things but neither approach viewed by itself is actually valid misunderstandings naturally prevent us to live the life. Christ desires us all to live. Either way over estimate. All we undervalue our capabilities. Now Paul wrote in Philippians Chapter four verse thirteen that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me but some people take those words and they simply say I can do. All thinks I can do all things. Their attitude is that they can handle life. By themselves without God and we tend to be only aware of God only when we have need of him. After having used all the the right language and we've done now little little ceremonies in the hope that God will listen and will please be pleased we presumptuously expect him to do our bidding. But God doesn't work that way the truth is that none of us are competent all of us none of us are competent for all of life we deceive ourselves by ignoring our frailty and in the motel. We've forgotten the words of Jesus found in John Chapter fifteen in verse five without me. You can do nothing. We live in a life that looks we can live a life that looks competent but competent living doesn't come from our attempts to prove competent while hiding our incompetence in the final analysis with only avoided the areas of weakness and we've avoided the difficulties that face us in a life without God any competence. We have even though is a gift from God is limited and it is temporary. Now other people make the opposite error. They take the words of Jesus without me. You can do nothing and they abbreviate them abbreviate them to say I can do nothing to many people view themselves as weak and incompetent especially when we came peril selves with others. When I think I've shared this with reminds me a little cartoon about a couple of cows out in a pasture and apparently these cows could talk and a milk truck drove up and parked itself right in front of the cows that were grazing on the side of the truck there. The truck said that talking about the milk inside the truck that it was passed. With vitamin D. added. Apparently these cows could talk and one looked at the other cow and said it kind of makes you feel inadequate doesn't it. Some people view themselves as we can incompetent and when we especially when we compare ourselves with others. Jesus' words don't imply that those without Christ can accomplish cannot accomplish anything. It is obvious when observing those who don't know Jesus when they don't know Christ that some of these folk can be creative. They can be productive. They can be wise they can be helpful. They can be loving to some extent and there are capable in many areas bearing fruit of the Spirit is the subject under discussion in John Chapter fifteen what the text means is that no person. No person can accomplish anything in connection with the purposes of Christ pot from Christ. That's what that verse actually is talking about the text doesn't mean that we are inherently incapable and inherently weak but amazingly that is exactly what a good number of people especially Christians say about themselves. Nothing is more devastating to competent living to authentic relationships to love to learning and to productivity than a negative self image the truth is we are both weak and we are strong. We are both weak and we are strong. We live in both reality it's common sense it's a common sense scenario a person never seems to get a break in the life. The home situation isn't good. And they do poorly in school and although the person appears to be capable they can't seem to find their way past the ordinary life. I can't see themselves doing anything worthwhile even perhaps for God There are many people that live their life like this although they might not say so or they view themselves as incompetent and negative self image results in self-doubt and a fear of people and fear of certain situations faced with the task of opportunity. People can become. So shackled with fear that they can't do the job that's before them one recourse is simply not to do the task and avoid the risk altogether. We could also follow the strategy that someone pointed out when he said I always fight with one hand behind my back so that if I lose I haven't a ski excuse. How many battles to you and I fight with one hand tied behind our back now Christians can sometimes you and I we can sometimes confuse the situation by misapplying the words. We're back in second Corinthians chapter twelve and verse nine just go back there with me. Second Chapter twelve in verse nine. We read this earlier. Let's read it again and he said that is Jesus said to me to Paul My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Sometimes we can make things more complicated and more confusing by misapplying these words My strength is made perfect in weakness. Sometimes we try to turn our deficiencies actually into virtues but that won't work either. What poll refers when Paul refers to weakness. He doesn't he's not referring to incompetence the context of this verse points to Paul's proverbial fallen in the flesh. We don't know exactly what that was maybe it was perhaps a degree of blindness that he received when he met Jesus on the road to Damascus. We're not exactly sure but the context is Poles for one in his flesh other techs where poll speaks of weakness refers to Paul's suffering as a as much as a missionary on his missionary endeavor efforts or in his identification with the cross of Jesus. They were there in Second Current is just jump back with me to Chapter eleven and verse thirty look at what he says here he says if I must boast. If I must boast. I will boast in the things which concern my wad my infirmities so that the hardships the difficult. These that Paul was experiencing on his missionary endeavors. Were those that were the witnesses that he is referring to you see in his inability in of himself to reflect Jesus through those difficulties and challenges you see go with me to Chapter thirteen in verse four Chapter thirteen verse four. He says for he talking of Jesus for though he was crucified in weakness. Yet he lives by the power of God For we also got weak in him but we shall live with him by the power of God toward you and so Paul speaks of weakness when he refers to the challenges he faces in his proclamation of the Gospel during his missionary efforts or his identification with the cross of Jesus weakness does not refer to incompetence it refers to the difficulties encountered in living and proclaiming the gospel Apoel place no value on his accomplishments. Neither on his standing in his community instead in Philippians chapter three verses four through eight Paul said he considered all things loss to gain Jesus he considered all things loss to gain Jesus. However it's one thing to refuse to place value on an accomplishment or on a standing and it's quite another to have no accomplishment or no standing there are three factors that normally render people incompetent and I'm going to put these on the screen if you want to time three reasons three areas three factors that normally render a person incompetent number one they fight the wrong battles they fight the wrong battles I put all the energy and time in figuring out more and more elaborate ways but not facing the very area. I need to confront this is merely this becomes merely a defense mechanism to avoid the truth. It's like worrying about you worrying about the paperclips in your drawer. Instead of getting. On with the tough issues in your job. That's what that's how some people live their lives churches Warry sometimes about their organizational structure all their programs in the local church and never get around to expressing and living the Gospel life must be focused on issues and problems that really count to live competently then requires the wisdom to determine what needs to be done and the honesty to deal with it directly. That's number one. First factor that renders people incompetent number two. Some people are incompetent because they are willing to they're not willing to expend energy to succeed. They're too passive too lazy. It's been said that the twin sources of all vices are pride and laziness. Fortunately Jesus can drive both out of the life. It is impossible to serve God and be lazy all at the same time. That's the second factor that renders people incompetent the third area. Some people are rendered incompetent because others have convinced them that they are incompetent people are not born with self doubt child when they first start talking the first words they do I do not speak is I do not like myself. I don't think I can do this instead what you see with a child is what determination you see perseverance. Just look at them trying to walk looking and trying to pull that look I'm trying to set up but I'm trying to keep their head still perseverant no one is born with self doubts we are taught along the way sometimes self doubts happen because a certain person has experienced abuse whether that might be sexual. Whether that might be physical or whether that might be mental or emotional or it could even just simply be neglect. They were not given the grace and the help they needed to learn that they could be what God had called them to be. There are countless episodes of individuals who were rejected by one or both of their parents from day one always called Dumb these individuals who become very capable people may never fully recover from the damage done to them by their parents but thankfully the grace of God can work to heal those scars of a man once who was walking through the twisted streets of Kowloon in Hong Kong where he came upon a tattoo studio in the window was displayed several samples of tattoos you could put on your chest or something like that but what struck the man with force were three words that a person could actually tattoo on their flesh born to lose born to lose. He entered the shop this individual in astonishment and he pointed to those words and asked the Chinese tattoo artist does anyone really anyone really take this terrible phrase and tattoo it on their arm on the chest or some place on their body and he said sometimes sometimes I do but I just can't believe that anyone in his right mind would do that. The man said the Chinese man simply tapped his forehead and in his broken English. He said before tattoo on the body tattoo in the mind tattoo in the mind. The only way to get out of the quagmire of self doubt is to begin to take seriously. One of the first things we learn when we read the Bible and what is that that it was God who created us. It was God who created us that he declared his creation good that he has created us in His own image dog God does not create John. It is not create junk we have the value and the abilities that God has given to us. Now this doesn't mean that we can be anything we like and nor does it mean that we are equally capable doesn't mean that people do have very levels of ability but we can fall. Because on the tasks appropriate to God's leading and we can work to prepare ourselves to perform those tasks and by God's grace. We become what God intended for us to become transformed by His grace. What puts fear into most people's minds. Well some people are afraid of heights. Some of you would probably say that here to them afraid of heights. Some are afraid of visiting the dentist. No harm done. Spiders snakes. Maybe flying some of you might be afraid of mice have closed spaces at the top of the list. You know what's at the top of the list of most people's fears by the way it is interesting. There is a fear. I don't remember the name of it's a phobia but it's the phobia of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth. It's an interesting phobia. But I read about that the other day but. What most people are afraid of is actually public speaking. Most people when they're asked to stand in front of a group of people don't want to do it. It's the Great One of the greatest fears people have to stand in front of people public speaking. I remember when I nineteen left home went to college came to the States and and got a call me to ministry and I I was questioning it all along the way but God kept opening doors I just was willing to follow where he led and I kept questioning is sure. Are you sure I enjoy people I love and I love to share the truth and help people point them to Jesus that bring he can bring true healing and forgiveness and hope that's something I love to do but to stand up in front of people or I don't know if I could do that but I know if I could speak and preach the word but if that's what you're calling me to do. All right. I'll give it a try but here's my thing I'm going to go to college but please my first quarter in college do not put me in homiletics class. I don't want to be in homiletics class I want that to come. Year to year three down the line. I don't want to be put in Home Alone it's class because you know what they do and homiletics class. In public speaking class and homiletics class that is the class on how to preach they actually get you to prepare a message and they get you to stand up in front of a class and look like a complete idiot because you don't know what you're doing at times. So there's homiletics Lord please don't put me in homiletics first quarter first quarter homiletics. First quarter homiletics and I was in a class with a whole bunch of students who'd been there for three to four years and I was asked to put together. My message fear fear of public speaking. Number one whether public speaking. Whether public speaking or any other part of life. One must want to perform competently and must be willing to face the risk of failure. No success was ever achieved without the risk of failure but failure is not nearly as bad as we suspect grace even allows room for us to fail and to start over again you see failing forward much more dreadful than failure is the fear that shackles us and either keeps us from trying or that stance our efforts in trying so so far what we've studied here this morning is the first people Irania sleeze see themselves as the source of competence. Second the people to see when they see themselves as being incompetent and know not speaking out of both sides of my mouth both statements are true however neither is adequate by itself. The solution is not some balancing act between viewing ourselves as something strong and sometimes weak. Even when we are strong. Then we are weak our strength is temporary a best and is often an illusion. The two arms of truth that are needed is the affirmation of strength and the confession of weakness affirmation of strength and the confession of weakness. Both are inadequate by themselves because they buy. Both make the same error they view the person as merely some isolated self that they can do this in and of themselves. But when Paul said when I am weak. Then I am strong. How can we strengthen the strength weakness rather be strength. How is it possible that weakness can be strength. Paul was not talking of course about human strength. What appears to be human strength is actually weakness force an attempt to promote and defend oneself weakness is true strength because the focus of self is removed. No longer is self promoted and no longer is self defended. Instead the weak person is willing to spend himself or herself to let go and to let God work in their life True strength is what God is able to accomplish through us and we are willing to be we cannot not to focus on ourselves then the Spirit of God. Can work through us to accomplish the purposes of God Whether strong All week we are not to understand those terms. Apart from God We are not created to be viewed any other way than in relation to God He is the one who is the source of our strength and the source of our ability whether through creation or a life of faith God is also. Also our strength through the Holy Spirit given to us our weaknesses and on and God ministers to us as competent in a life that reflects God's good grace God often uses those who think themselves to be incompetent we mentioned earlier Moses in Exodus Chapter three Moses trying his best to convince God that God has chosen the wrong people to deliver Israel can't do it can't speak. I don't know how to go in or come out. I'm just I'm not capable John the Baptist claimed that he was not even competent enough to carry the sandals. Of the Messiah pole. Pole confessed that he was not competent to be called an apostle because he had persecuted the early church but the confession the confession of human incapacity is not the end it is actually with God just the beginning is actually the beginning for without acknowledging our shortcomings and our weaknesses God can do anything with us can't do anything with us. It's the beginning when we confess our incapacity now incapacity is and continues to be absorbed. Listen carefully into God's capacity. We give him our weakness and he makes us strong by His grace you see the poll deals with this idea and second Corinthians if you're still there. Chapter two and verse sixteen go there with me. Second Quintin chapter two and verse sixteen after describing the character of Christian ministry. He asked the question Second Corinthians chapter two in verse sixteen. He says to the one we are the aroma of death leading to death and to the other the aroma of life leading to life and who is sufficient or competent for these things. So he's talking about ministry describes the character of Christian ministry and he asked the question who is competent for these things and then from verses seventeen through to chapter three verse three Paul essentially says we are we are competent but then we add some qualifications notice. Chapter three verses four three six and we have such trust through Christ toward God not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything being from ourselves. But Our sufficiency is from who from God who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant not of the letter but of the Spirit for the letter kills. But the Spirit gives life so poll says OK who's competent then he explains that we are but he says that our company competence. He is not from ourselves. It's not we're not a source of our competency but his competency comes from God He is the source. It's significant that the translators of the Hebrew all Testament into Greek use the phrase competent one when describing God in these verses he is the competent one he alone is competent in him we find our competency for life. He has given to us. Now this is not to suggest that our relationship with God will automatically give us strength and competency as if it conversion God will touch his people with some magic wand naturally abilities and preferences for special tasks will in most cases still be present even though they may not change or they may change over the years rather competency will still depend on training will still depend on effort and the application of wisdom that is grounded in Jesus Christ competency doesn't just happen. It is sharpened through great effort in the hands of Almighty God The competent one. Martin Luther that great promise and reform was in many ways a competent Christian leader but not just because he was a willing later he was well taught and he worked tirelessly at trends translating it writing at teaching and preaching and he sought to do God's will. With God's assistance finding your competency in God will require vulnerability. Require weakness to be led an empowered by the Holy Spirit. It will require a willingness to be made weak at the foot of the cross and such vulnerability and willingness are made easier for those of us who experience freedom and grace in Jesus Christ we do not need to prove toughness because Jesus certainly didn't. And we do not need to fear that we will be found incompetent Christ has shown that the only way to find life is to actually lose it is to lose it. Dietrich Bonhoeffer knew this when he returned to Germany in one nine hundred thirty nine rather than stay in the United States where he'd be safe. His. In turn allowed him to minister to people in his home country but it resulted in his arrest and ultimately his execution in our context the church loses life to find it by graciously receiving and ministering to those whom society would probably look down upon Christian experience Christians experience as you and I experience this when we give up our leisure time to perhaps mentor someone to volunteer our time at the thrift store or to all the winter center to go on some mission trip as service to God we sacrifice desires and pleasures to enable family friends and acquaintances to succeed we give up life to find it in these ways. God has made his people competent ministers of his new covenant the Bible says we are ambassadors for Christ we are fellow Labor us together without God He has made us competent to minister to worship to witness to give his medicine competence to be patient. To even grieve to suffer to work and also to rejoice. But the question often arises as to what part of the process is the divine pot and what part is the human. If God is the source of our competency. How do we distinguish who is responsible for what in our activities as popular as these questions are sometimes a misguided. We can't separate God's activity activity from the activity of his people not possible God works in and through his people. We must see ourselves in union with God He works through us. He works through us we can no more separate God's pot and out then we can separate the divine and the human natures of Jesus is not possible. The thoughts of Blaise Pascal provide a fitting summary for the two arms of truth that we've been dealing with true religion he said should teach greatness and weakness should make us by. Respect and scorn self love and hate it. There is nothing on earth which does not reveal even the wretchedness of man or the mercy of God or the powerlessness of man without God or the strength of man with God You are not able God says. But in a phase in chapter three in verse twenty but God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ever ask think or hope for you are not able but God is able you say you are not able he who will give himself. We're told in Acts of the Apostles two eighty three he who will give himself fully to God will be guided by the divine hand he may be loyally and apparently ungifted yet if with a loving trusting hard days every intention of God's will. His powers will be purified ennobled energized and his capabilities will be increased in Christ object lessons page one forty six. It is not the capabilities you now possess or ever will have that will give you success. It is that which the Lord can do for you. She goes on to say we need to have far less confidence in what men can do and far more confidence in what God can do for every believing soul he longs to have you reach out to him by faith he longs to have you expect great things from him he longs to have you expect them he longs to give you understanding in temporal as well as spiritual matters. He can sharpen the intellect he can give tact and skill put your talent into the work. Ask God for wisdom and guess what will happen it will be given to you. This is God's power. This is God's power and this is our pot and we work together. God works and we work and we allow God to work in and through us. You remember the story of David in closing said David. Overlooked when Send Your came looking for a family member of Jesse to anoint you remember the story. David was out there tending to a sheep. He was overlooked seen as incompetent not the one that should be anointed king and Samuel said hang on a second. God is not that impressed with any of these other guys if you've got another son Jesse somewhat surprised calls for David and David is anointed to be the future king of Israel remember David David goes down to see how his brothers are fairing down there they're fighting the Philistines and his brothers provoke him taunting him for coming down to leave his father's work to come and probably parlay a little bit with the enemy his brothers don't have a lot of a lot of great things to say about David. He's incompetent and yet he took down that giant Goliath soul comes to David and soul chases David for a long time fifteen years. David is on the run. David feels incapable. David feels weak. David seems like there's no future no promise where what is going to happen with the coronation divers feeling weak and incompetent. And God takes care of David God provides for David and through all these trials for all these challenges for all these difficulties that David faces God is is sharpening his intellect. God is improving his capabilities God is preparing him to be coronated king and one day. One day one day David is coronated King and man if you read the story. There was a perception of thousands and thousands of all the mighty men of valor from the different tribes of Israel that preceded David David was seen as and. David felt incompetent at times but through it all. God was preparing him to become capable a servant of the most trusting in him allowing God to work him into willing to do HIS good pleasure. And then he become competent because God worked in him and worked and cooperated with God. God is calling for us to be competent calling for us to be strong. But also be strong. Unless we recognize our weakness. We recognize our weakness. Only God can be shown in our weakness. We are both weak and we are both strong Christ last and for us want to be want you to be doing this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about it you would like to listen to visit or.


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