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Proud or Humble?

Chris Buttery
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What is pride? What is humility? Genuine pride can be experienced in sentiments of satisfaction for a job well done or in your children or grandchildren. The pride the Bible warns us of however is very different. It involves placing a higher estimation on yourself that you ought to. Equally dangerous is false humility, a self-depreciating mentality that underestimates what a person is in Christ. How can a person find the middle of road, and what does any of this have to do with Paul's liberating statement, "I am what I am by the grace of God"? Find out in this week's exciting presentation with Pastor Chris Buttery.



  • July 4, 2015
    11:30 AM
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We're going to continue our series The Smalling the message today is entitled prowled or humble We need a proper understanding of genuine pride and also what Biblical pride represents especially in the face of the recent Supreme Court's ruling and what is being splashed around the newspapers regarding our pride or our proud nation we continue our series the in the whole truth. Now in his youth. You are familiar with. George Patton the World War two hero well in his youth. George General George Patton the World War two hero wrote of his intense desire to be great. He said he would even be willing to endure a torture or even die just so that he could be a right. What drives a man to seek this type of recognition for superiority is a pride or could it be the fear of being shown to be inferior remember in the Bible the story of soul Kings first. Rather Israel's first king he felt inferior that he tried to hide among some baggage to avoid being appointed came later he became so arrogant he became jealous that he almost went insane as Alfred Adla said to be human is to feel oneself inferior pride is often defined as the instrument we use to block out any feelings of inferiority and give ourselves value. Let me say that again for someone to say proud is the instrument we used to block out feelings of inferiority and give ourselves value youth have the ability to look in the mirror and exclaim. I'm pretty great. And then the next day or even twenty minutes later they moan you know what I'm pretty worthless and you know it turns out that we never really lose that skill. We as adults just become a little more sophisticated in expressing ourselves but we find that we still give voice to both sides both words pride and humility have positive and negative connotations. And we know that pride is the root of sin and yet we also know that we can take pride in certain accomplishments and achievements. Humility is considered a laudable verge virtue worthy of saints but the word also conjures up perhaps images of people groveling around in the dust and in the dirt. But as we've seen with our previous messages saint or sinner great or slave strong All week we can't trust popular definitions or opinions on these issues a biblical understanding of pride and humility give us a less give us less disjointed and a more helpful perspective. Perhaps you know somebody who might be extremely eager to stickle an arrogant. You may know someone who doesn't like to work well or doesn't like to work under anyone because they feel superior to others someone who has to be in control someone who is never wrong. Someone who is never who never receives instruction or constructive criticism someone who is a master of putting other people down someone who leaves a train of disunity and conflict or someone who if he or she had been run out of town would make you think that they were leading a parade. Pride is like that it is simply blind and it is simply self deceiving. So what's the origin of pride. Someone suggested the pride emerges from the legitimate necessity to does. Sorry. Intimate and necessary desire to show that our lives have value. That's that's what someone suggested about the origin of pride emerging from a legitimate and necessary desire to show that our lives have value and that's why we often use the word positively for example in saying that we take pride in our accomplishments or in the work that we do and we take pride in the way we've raised our children except. We mean that we have showing that we can do something of value. That's what we're saying when we're mentioning we have pride in a certain accomplishment or thing that we have showing that we can do something of value pride though it becomes twisted when we think that a personal asset or personal accomplishment gives us more value. So we can have pride in our accomplishments pride in how we're raising our children pride and in our church in the message that we're sharing and that shows that we can do something of value but pride becomes twisted when we think that a personal asset or accomplishment gives us value. Pride is the result of out of the thinking that out concerns. Our design. Our accomplishments are more important than those of other people like the disciples of Jesus who kept asking in Luke twenty two. Verse twenty four who is the greatest humanity you and I are not content with value but we desire superiority. We desire to be number one and at this level. Pride is no longer a feeling of accomplishment but an estimation of ourselves as more valuable than somebody else life then then becomes dominated by the attempt to prop up that estimation and pride had its origins in the way back there in heaven. Lucifer said you know what I can do a better job than God I could actually be like God Actually I'm going to take the throne of God And so he's spent. I don't know how much of it the better part of his life on. But he's spent these last six thousand plus years seeking to have to place more value on himself than he deserves more value on himself than others and then God Almighty Himself His life has become dominated by attempting to prop up this estimation false estimation about himself. The evil that led PETA to fall and to shut out the Pharisees emerging from Christ object lessons page one fifty four the evil that led to Peter's fole and the end that shut out the Pharisee from communion with God is proving the ruin of thousands today there is nothing so offensive to God or so dangerous to the human soul as pride and self sufficiency of all sins. It is the most helpless and the most incurable. That's pride and that's pride that we need to stay away from my men. So only now pride was a major problem in the church at Corinth. If you have your Bibles Tim there with me. The first Corinthians chapter three that we go read that for us here this morning she did so wonderfully didn't she. Pride was a major problem in the church at Corinth in fact pride had led divisions in the church the Corinthian Christians were boasting about their knowledge about their level of spirituality and they're also attaching themselves to specific ministers as heroes of their particular group of people were saying I'm a pole or. I'm of safe Peter or I'm of a Polis and someone even saying I'm a Christ and these arguments were about of the level of a classic playground fight about whose dad is the greatest and his first letter to the Corinthians poll addresses these divisions and in summing up the argument he states this first Corinthians chapter three and verse eighteen in on let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you seems to be one. Eyes in his this age. Let him become a fool that he may become wise for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God For it is written. He catches the wise in his own craftiness and again The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise that they are few tile therefore let no one boast in man for all things are yours whether a pole or a policy or see for us all the world a life or death or things present or things to come all are you all of us and you are Christ's and Christ is God's The purpose of these words was to help the Corinthian believers change their thinking with regard to the estimation that they placed upon themselves and upon others poles message is this that we should neither over estimate what we are neither should we underestimate what we are in Jesus Christ. That is that's his message Don't overestimate what you are and do not under estimate what you are in Jesus. You know it's interesting that God designed the body wisely and I don't know if you've ever tried to pat yourself on the back. Have you ever tried to do that. How easy is it to purchase stuff on the back converse Lee It's not very easy the body is not well equipped to kick yourself too easily either God planned it just that way and we would not think too highly of ourselves. Neither underestimate our selves as we are in Jesus Paul says Let no one in verse eighteen let no one deceive himself pride is really a form of self deception where deluded when we attempt to think that meaning or purpose for life in ourselves or others as if we were wise and if we could provide a solid foundation for living and this is what the Corinthian church was fighting about who was the wisest what is really deluded is that anything human is is by nature temporary and flawed. And so it was just an unnecessary struggle. It was an unnecessary fight it was unnecessary divisions because everything human is by nature temporary and floored pride invites delusion and looks within itself. For something it can comfortably rest upon it. Values accomplishments and I look at what I did and because of the look of because of what I did look at how valuable I am it values friends in values possessions look at all the stuff that I have a values ability. And in today's day and age and even value sexuality and interestingly it even values spiritual gifts as factors that make a person worthwhile and grant status. It's delusional but Paul in his words here in First Corinthians thirteen bursts that fragile bubble. He points out that human wisdom is inherently flawed in fact the wisdom of the world in this is in fact fullish ness it's an attempt to ascribe ultimate value to that which is fleeting into that which is temporary and that's why poll recommends that instead of clinging to human wisdom where to become one of the say there in those words becomes what fools become as fools pools not simply singing the praise of fullish mishear or calling us to sacrifice our intellect. Rather he is urging us to perceive that the foolishness of God is displayed in Calvary's cross. That's what that's what he's saying when poll asks us to become full. If we are wise in our own estimation he means we become a fall from this world's perspective by embracing the cross of Jesus. That's what he's referring to the cross makes as much sense to the secular mind as does an inflatable dart board you remember those little so. Flyscreen door on a submarine those types of things the cross. Makes as much sense to the secular mind as some of these ridiculous things to them. It's a sign of weakness and to them. It's a sign of rejection to them. It's a sign of failure. Paul addressed that in the first chapter of First Corinthians Chapter I.I. Chapter one Verse as eighteen to thirty one to them the world they see the cross as a sign of weakness rejection and failure. However real wisdom and power to be found in following the Way of Jesus and the cross to embrace the cross of Christ is to refuse to find meaning and purpose soley in ourselves and in our accomplishments or in anything that is merely human and this refusal is not a one time decision friends. It is a way of life. It's something we continually live with things that could be considered a means to gain out of be considered as Paul put it as loss that we might gain Jesus that isn't that what we want surely So poll his immediate conclusion is that no one should boast in people we read that in verse twenty one. Therefore don't boast in Maine. So the various groups in Corinth were boasting in their adopted leaders such as poll policy and see. Peter's other name. We also perhaps have our rallying points that end up being reasons for boasting and causing division the thought that our association with some person or with some ministry makes us more significant is in fact really juvenile being associated with a group of people with a particular ministry doesn't make you better than anybody else can I get an amen. I'll make you better than anybody else but it's very common Christians even find their value in the type of that worship that I participate in church that I attend all the choice that is made might be the right choice. Yes And the best choice and a good choice that choice doesn't make that person any better than the next person despite polls concern to prevent boasting about Christian leaders elsewhere. He speaks of legitimate boasting if you are still in first Corinthians go to chapter one and verse thirty one chapter one in verse thirty one. Notice what he says here. The spite preventing talking about preventing boasting about about Christian leaders. Paul speaks of legitimate boasting notice what he says First Corinthians one verse thirty one that as it is written. He who glories let him glory in who. The Lord he that glories or he that boasts that's what the word is he that boast let him boast in God That's right. Let him boast in God God's salvation precludes human boasting you cannot boast about anything human but Paul says you can boast in who in the law you can boast in the Lord you see much of Poles boasting theology if we could call it that is lost because translations often use the word rejoice or glory for those places where pole uses the word boasting positively you can look at Romans Chapter five verses two and three in verse eleven. He rejected any attempt to boast. If we can say in the flesh meaning in anything that is just simply human but he eagerly boasted about a variety of things that the Lord had done just a flip over with mitigations chapter six and verse fourteen which is going to help around a few verses here. The lace in chapter six verse fourteen. There were several things that polled. Actually boasted about glacier and six verse fourteen he said but God forbid that I should boast except wot in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world has been crucified to me and I. I to the world and so pole boasted in the cross. According to Romans Chapter five verses two and three he boasted in the future glory and God's present working in affliction that there Romans Chapter five verses two and three he says through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of God and not only that but we also glory in tribulations knowing that tribulation produces perseverance. So Paul boasted in the cross posted in the future glory of God in his present working in our daily afflictions and he also boasted in the current the INS willingness to assist monetary Lay and you can read that in second Corinthians Chapter nine in verse to Christians. Even referred to as those who boast in Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh according to Philippians chapter three in verse three. Similarly pole. He rejected a negative idea of commending himself second Corinthians now disco over there. Chapter three in verse one second Corinthians chapter three in verse one poll puts down and demolishes the need to boast in yourself in anyone else except Jesus and it the way he is working in your life but he similarly rejects the idea of commending himself second Corinthians chapter three verse three first one he says do we begin again to commend ourselves or do we need as some others epistles of camp coming into you or letters of commendation from you if you go over to Chapter five in verse twelve. He says For we do not commend ourselves again to you but give you an opportunity to boast on our behalf that you may have an answer for those who boast in appearance and not in hot. If you jump of a chapter ten and you see this again Chapter ten versus twelve and he says. We damn not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves but they measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves among themselves when a wise verse twelve for a day not class ourselves. Class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who command themselves and over to verse eighteen for not he who commands himself is approved but whom the Lord commands and so pull rejects the idea of commending himself but he had also a positive view of self commendation in view of what God it was accomplishing in and through him. Still in second Corinthians look at chapter full and verse to notice this second chapter four and verse two but we have renounced the hidden things of shame not walking in craftiness nor handling the Word of God to see fully but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the side of God and look at Chapter six verse four Chapter six verse four. He says but in all things we commend ourselves as ministers of God in much patience in tribulation in need and in distresses and so we also had a positive view of self self commendation in view of what God was accomplishing in and through him. So what can we conclude now about pride. What can we say about pride. There is a legitimate drive for us to do acts of value but neither those acts nor any assets we possess give added value you see we need to reject the whole process of trying to find value in ourselves. Only God has abiding significance and abiding value Amen. Therefore the only legitimate foundation for boasting is found in God and in his activity in Christ and Christ activity through the Holy Spirit in you. And in May You see we over estimate what we are if we do that through our we do that we do that to our own peril in doing so we turn from that which has real value to simply an illusion. And so that's what we can conclude about pride that there is a legitimate drive to do X. of value but neither nothing that we possess none of these things that we accomplish. Give us added value of value comes from God's declaration and we'll talk about that just a little bit now on the other hand this talk about humility and false humility. There is a danger in under estimating pride as overestimating humility is under false humility is under estimating there's a danger in under estimating what we are in Christ self depreciation is just as much a problem as pride is on hearing that our righteousness. You remember reading in a chapter sixty four of us six Our Righteousness is like filthy rags Christians too often conclude that they are and have no real value knowing that pride is sinful we run into the arms of false humility that belittles ourselves and how God views us and sees us. Trisha she considered herself worthless and she considered herself incapable of accomplishing anything significant. She didn't feel that she deserved respect. She didn't deserve. She didn't think that she deserved decent treatment is her humility legitimate and her humility is not legitimate. She married a man who mistreated her and she was trapped in a miserable situation. True true she rejected pride but she devalued herself in the process under estimating herself. You see few words are so poorly. Understood as humility and few of us know how to practice it. We might well he the words of Golda Meir who said don't be humble to know don't be so humble you are not so great. You see in our attempts to be humble. We have ended up telling lies about ourselves saying we cannot do things that we can certainly do very well why would a corporate executive or man who runs his business feel he is unable to pray in public. What's with that. Why would a well educated nurse or someone who goes to school or someone who's working hard. Why can't they learn about the Scripture and contribute meaningfully to the other adults in the church and perhaps even adults and people in their community. You see our attempts at humility have led us to self effacement to the extent that we are on able to even receive compliments the most common reaction to accomplish or to an accomplishment is simply to deny its validity. You've all said it you probably said it yourself and you did a wonderful job that wasn't wasn't that good and we have a hard time rather than just saying thank you very much I appreciate that but true but true humility I'm reading from Christ object lessons page three sixty three true humility is widely different to be clothed with humility he does not mean that we have to be dwarfs in intellect deficient in aspiration and cowardly in our lives shining burdens less we fail to carry them successfully she goes on to say that real humility fulfills God's purposes by depending upon his strength. That's true humility true humility doesn't mean you can be a dwarf an intellect deficient an aspiration coward in your pursuits shining burdens less you are afraid that you can carry out the mouth successfully real humility is. Following and fulfilling God's purposes for your life by trusting in His strength to accomplish those things that's true humility. Can I get another Amen out there truly the biblical concept of humility is not self-effacement and it is not the least conducive to what some term a worm of theology. Although the Bible does sometimes talk about or give that impression in Psalms twenty two six the summer said I am just a worm. And I am not a man but humanity is viewed in a negative light when we are seeing independent of God or when someone witnesses God's glory and the magnificence of God We tremble in our own humanity. Under those circumstances the words of. Forty verses six and seven a correct the voice said cry out and say and he said What shall I cry all flesh is grass all flesh is grass and all this loveliness is like the flower of the field the Glock the grass withers the flower fades. But the breath of the Lord blows upon it. Surely the people of grass in other words what the Bible writer is saying simply he's not talking about the value of the person he's talking about the fact that our life is temporary and our life is fleeting and so we need to place our priorities and values where they ought to be in something lasting and something natural eternal eternal We are also created in the image of God and God gives us an inestimable value through his work of creation and His work of redemption in Psalms eight verses four and five. David recognizes this aspect of our worth. He wrote What is man that you are mindful of him and the Son of man that you visit him for you have made him a little lower than the angels and you have crowned him with glory and with Ana we are. When we are insignificant rather when viewed a pot from God But when we have viewed in relation to God we possess value twice through his creative acts and his redemptive acts you see that's why false humility is just as wrong as pride both view our existence from a merely human point of view now rather than showing false humility poll makes several exulted claims about Christians throughout his letters. It's interesting if we confine our attention to only the first chapters of First Corinthians will read these things will read that we find that we have received the Spirit which is from God We have the mind of Christ our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We have been washed we've been sanctified we've been justified in the name of the Lord and by the Spirit of God. Now there's no self-effacement present here whatsoever on the contrary these words represent the value that's being given to believers by God's grace. That's what they represent and the most surprising statement is found in First Corinthians chapter three and where reverses twenty one to twenty three. Again a part of our scripture reading notice is just just remarkable how to get your mind around these sentiments First Corinthians chapter three and verses twenty one twenty three. This is the most surprising statement that we can find from pole. He says in First Corinthians chapter three verse twenty one. Therefore let no one boast in men fall all ah lot your US ALL YOUR us all yours. Whether pole or a polis or sea for us or the world or life or death or things present or things to come all your. All your boss could pull have really meant what he said All things are yours his initial concern of course was to explain to the Corinthians that they do not belong to their ministers rather their ministers belong to them. That's what he was first addressing you say but the passage moves far beyond just simply the ministers of the church he goes on to say that not only a policy and poll and see first belong to them but also the world also life. Also death. Also the present and the future all belong to those who find themselves in Christ Jesus. You see that's quite a gift. Wouldn't you say that's a huge gift. One of the states this these realities talking about these verses he said these realities are sorry these realities are no longer to threaten us or to control us. That's what I like the way you put that that's what Paul in essence is saying these things don't need to control us and they don't need to threaten us. Rather they are to be owned and appropriated for life in Jesus Christ. Let me say that again these realities are no longer to threaten us or control us rather than to be owned and appropriated for life in Christ even the world even death. The Christians and other be used for God That which we instinctively cling to such as life and the present and that which we instinctively dread and don't look forward to such as death and no longer realities that dominate us or determine who we are there is a larger reality to the life of a Christian a follower of Jesus all things are ours in Christ Jesus. And here is the basis for true freedom. And the foundation for true Christian living you say I've known people and you probably known them is Well who in the face of terrible disease lived their lives in such a way that does not draw sympathy to themselves but instead elevates a person's thoughts to the goodness and the mercy of God and you step back and you say How on earth is that possible. How are they living above and beyond the tragedy in the suffering in the playing that they're going through. I've met people who have been suffering who have suffered under terrible terrible injustice but their lives reflect poisonous and balance and grace as they reflect the attributes of Christ in their daily living all things they S. all things. This now Paul. He didn't fear death. Neither was the world for him something to possess or fear rather poll felt all things were his including death and the world to be used in service for Christ for Christians in a real sense the world is our oyster in a real sense self-effacement has no illegitimate place in the Christian's life. Now obviously polls words can be open to abuse that could easily be taken out of context and made the basis for some type of triumphalism of which Christians have too often been guilty and triumphalism the focus is placed so heavily on victory that the reality of sin its results and even failure in our lives are often ignored. God has promised to make me wealthy his promise to make me healthy its promise to make me happy and sadly these attributes invariably lead to pride and even the dead then a Gratian of others and what's surprising about these verses however is that Paul made these all yours statements to the church in Corinth to the very church that was guilty of triumphalism. That's very interesting. This teaches us that we cannot correct the error of triumphalism by the ministering the victory of Christ all the privileges that he's made available to you and me by grace through faith all things are ours in Jesus Christ but triumphalism does need correcting and Paul does just that first while it appears a poll gives the Corinthian believers a basis for their boasting really he has pulled the carpet out from underneath their feet when he told them all things are yours look at a says All things are yours verse twenty three and you are Christ's and Christ is God's that's how he pulled the rug from underneath their feet. He told them all things are yours but added You are Christ's and Christ is God's only as we are Christ's things out in other words only possession of all things is determined by Christ and our relation to him and certainly that prevents any abuse resulting from pride egotism in any ideas of privilege. Secondly secondly to be Christ to be here is is to be shaped by both his death and his resurrection triumphalism forgets what the Corinthians had forgotten that forgotten the cross of Jesus the content of Poles gospel centered on both the resurrection and the cross of Christ and while resurrection the resurrection of Jesus dominates the end of his letter the first to the first Corinthians letter the cross dominates the beginning of his letter the statement all things are yours is couched in the theology of Calvary's cross you say the willingness to give ourselves to Christ excludes selfishness and excludes individual ism all things are ours to be used for Christ in service to Him to him and toward others that's what he's referring to. That's what he's talking about. The attempt to avoid abuse of Paul's words should not diminish our appreciation of the breath and the depth of what we receive in Jesus Christ similar expressions of value occur throughout Paul's letter and throughout the rest of the Bible. There are several I'll just share with you here. Number one. Christians are fellow is or joint is with Christ. Have you ever stopped to think about that. Have you ever stopped to consider that everything God has given everything to Christ and if we are in Christ we had joint is with Jesus. In other words everything that Jesus possesses you possess. Have you stop to think about that reality. How much does God possess everything and when we express faith in Christ give him our heart surrender our wills to him. We become joint heirs with Christ the universe the myriad galaxies the stocks the planets all things then become. US Have you considered that Christians are fellow is the Bible also talks about the fact that we become members of God's family. We will also and but God through Jesus adopted us into his family. Do you know what it's like to be a part of the family of God to know the privileges that are entitled in becoming a member of Adam's The second Addams Family because in the first Adam we all we all suffer. We all die. And that's it. And we're sin and because we've sinned we deserving of death but when we express faith in Jesus and we're dumped it into God's family. We may suffer for a time and we may die a natural death or a painful death but we will be raised to everlasting life will be raised to eternal glory becoming a a member of the family of God means that no longer does sin have dominion over us because we're sin abounds grace that much more does abound. When we become a member of the family of God The second Adams family we sin doesn't have a hold on us anymore we are free in Jesus. Fredo I bought a free to live for Jesus. That's what it means to be become a member of the family of God The Bible also says that we have glorified with Christ the Bible suggests that we are already living in heavenly places. It's like we are already there. God views us as such we are given the glory that God gave to Christ and five we are given a great and tremendous gift in the gift of the Holy Spirit a wonderful gift to guide us to direct us to and light now minds as we study God's word to direct our footsteps to teach us to train us to educate our consciences in the Will and Way of God the Holy Spirit has been given to convict us of cinder prove us tell us judgment has come to surrender all to Jesus. We've been given tremendous gifts the point is that we have received value and we have received standing by God's grace in Christ Jesus. There is no limit. I'll say this twice there is no limit to the grace that has been given to us all so again there is no limit to the grace that has been given to you has been given to me the only limit that we place on the Grace is our willingness to embrace it or not embrace it. That's the limit of all there's no limit to the grace of God has given us. But as always with grace. There is always a call to responsibility. Life has not only been given to us but meaning and purpose have been given to us as well in the call to serve the one who we now declared to be lord of all things true humility therefore is that which recognizes that our meaning purpose talents abilities and even our life are not our own but their gifts that we receive from a very gracious God in the Christian life. There is simply no room for either pride or self-effacement the choice left to us is not a tightrope to walk between the two but a simply an entirely new kind of life living for Jesus pride and false humility share a common perspective. Both focus on self both focus on self but Grace moves us to a new horizon and with a new gives us a new entirely new perspective. Now we see ourselves in our relationship to Jesus Christ the wealth that this relationship brings however is not a basis for pride. It is the wealth as someone put it is the wealth of a steward not in Christiane's First Corinthians four verse seven Paul asked the pointed question what do you have that you did not receive and if you received it. Why you boasting as if you it was yours. We can ignore who we are or what we have and on top of that we haven't been asked to we are asked. However to find the basis of life in God rather than ourselves and to know that whatever we are all have is a gift that comes from a gracious God having a proper understanding of himself in Christ did not stop pole from having a very robust view of the importance of his ministry. He took a back seat to nobody on the other hand Paul referred to himself as least as the least of the science and as the least of the apostles because he persecuted the church but even his persecution of the church did not lead to self depreciation for he went on to make one of the most liberating statements ever made and it's over in First Corinthians Chapter fifteen and we close on this verse first Corinthians Chapter fifteen and verse ten First Corinthians Chapter fifteen and verse ten Paul said by. By the grace of God by the grace of God I am what I am by the grace of God I am what I am and His grace toward me was not in vain but I labored more abundantly. Then they all had not I but the grace of God which was with me. You see how the facts and our failures are not causes for self depreciation and our strengths and our accomplishments are not the basis for pride. All we are we are by the grace of God This is the basis of freedom in Christ and our service for Christ Grace should never be used as an excuse to do nothing. Not to be. It's an excuse to actually do the exact opposite. We are responsible to see that Grace has an effect on allies that is revealed and seen in serving others for Jesus. Is individual that I read about never never liked to speak publicly at all. He was a quiet and almost bashful man. More likely choosing to be in the corner than be behind a podium. He told his class once that he would have been happy to be in an L. of elevator operate on the campus college campus and he taught at. The God's call on his life to not allow him to be self-effacing by grace and with hard work this teacher developed knowledge he developed inside and an ability to communicate in a way that was spellbinding. That ability didn't make him better than other people. He didn't act as if he thought he was for his students he became a prime example of humility competent and gifted because he trusted God work Tom and he let none of these accomplishments go to his head is important to learn that we should not overestimate our own importance as if we were the center of the universe and all things revolved around us by ourselves. We are nothing in a soon to be wilted flower on the other hand we should not underestimate ourselves for Paul said we have been given all things because of our relationship to Jesus Christ to borrow poles words we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength plays Pascal expressed it all this way and Penzeys page five twenty six and five twenty seven the knowledge of God without that of man's misery causes pride the knowledge of man's misery without that of God causes despair the knowledge of Jesus Christ constitutes the middle course because in him we both find both God and our misery. Jesus Christ is a God whom we approach without pride and before whom we humble ourselves without despair. Once you give up. Trying to be superior and be faithful instead. Once you reject messages of inferiority even eternal ones because Grace says that it doesn't matter. Won't you. With Paul the one who persecuted the early church the one who did horrible things. The one who himself in doing those things thought he was good thought he was righteous thought he was great better than other. And yet on his way to a little town. He ran into Jesus Jesus knocked him off his horse. Couldn't see a thing and those words out of that doc that spoke to him. Paul why. So why you persecuting me. And soul and we know as Paul had a change of high converted gave his life to Jesus Christ was a changed man. No longer did he seem selfish better than anyone. Others knowing he no longer did he do those things that were pleasing in God's eyes when he came to understand the truth of the matter from God's word. No longer was the same may be. Transform by grace with poll that man who was changed. A Chinese man because he encountered Jesus. Once you say with him by Christ or the grace of God I am what I am my God help you. God help me to be all that He desires us to be so we can be effective ministers for him effective servants for his cause. Each one reaching one for Jesus. Although I am by the grace of God All That You Are by the grace of God with poll by the grace of this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more sermons to visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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