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The Jonah Saga

Chris Buttery
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  • July 4, 2015
    11:30 AM
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But we're going to go into our lesson study and it's Lesson Number four. I can't believe that we a third of the way through our studies already and talking about biblical missionaries the Jonah saga that Jonah saga the memory text is Acts chapter ten verse thirty four and thirty five. I'll be reading from the New King James Version. It says then Peter opened his mouth and said In truth I perceive that God shows no posse ality. But in every nation who have a fierce him and works righteousness is why not accepted in him accepted in him and we'll be talking about this a little bit more as we move through our lesson the story of Jonah and I would invite you to town with me there. We're going to be spending our time they are reviewing the story here. The Smalling the story of Jonah and it's a little book tucked away in the Old Testament and if you just flip through and you pass Obadiah just before nine AM you're going to come to the Little Book of Jonah and so join me there. You probably know and are familiar with the fact that Jonah the story of Jonah gets some flak. Some gets gets a hard time from time to time because of the. Because of the story of Jonah being swallowed by a fish and so a lot of people and even some Christians view the story of Jonah as an allegory or a fable designed just simply to teach some spiritual lessons and and when we talk about Jonah some people View Joy Not all when they think of a gene they think of Jonah someone who is a jinx is a Jonah and these things are kind of commonly associated with the story of Jonah but the story of Jonah is a factual historical story. There's no doubt about the fact reminds me of a little story that I read about a lady who was on a bus traveling and she. Reading her Bible and there was a gentleman who was parked himself next to her and he noticed that she was reading the Bible and he was not a believer in God or the Bible and he challenge her belief in the Bible. Can you really be sure that you can trust the Bible. What do you mean she said Well can you really be sure that God made the earth in six days and rest of the seventh literal twenty four hour consecutive days six days. Did he make the world and. Yes without even looking up she said yes I believe that and she said Well are you sure you can believe that he said can issue you can believe the Bible. Can you believe that God really saved Noah and his family in an ark and the whole world was filled with water without missing a beat. She said Yes I believe the Bible to be true and then he said well I don't know how you can believe the Bible especially that story about Jonah and she said What do you mean she said well it's not possible. He said it's not possible that a person can be swallowed by a great fish or a whale and she without looking up said Well I I believe the story and I don't fully understand it but I guess I'll join a when I get to heaven and he said well what happens if there is no heaven and then she said I guess you'll have to ask him yourself. The story of Jonah is a factual historical story if we're going to allegorize the story of Jonah what are we going to do with Jesus because Jesus referred to the story of Jonah in Matthew Chapter twelve and we'll get to that little incident here before too long. Jesus considered the story of Jonah to be a I actual historical event a story that actually took place and if we're going to question the story of Jonah then guess what we're going to have to do. We're going to start questioning Jesus and if we're starting to question Jesus. We have to question his messiahship and that and ask the question whether he is truly the Son of God on. I'd like to think that Jesus was telling the truth. I like to think that Jesus told a soul the story is historical and factual and I believe. We can see it the same way as well. The story of Jonah occurs around the middle to the late eight century a very difficult period of Israelite history. The cane the kings that sat on the thrones of Israel the throne of Israel according to the Bible all did evil in the side of the Lord and the Nash and national judgment was fast approaching. Israel all that God brought blessings to Israel in the hope that it would induce his people to turn back to him then King Jeroboam the second. The Bible says did evil in the sight of the Lord as did his successes so it wasn't good wasn't a pretty situation for the nation of Israel a Syria was the ruling nation at that time it was the dominant nation of the time bringing the surrounding nations under her rule the capitol of Assyria was the city of men of the city of Nineveh and this is the this is the city of Nineveh is associated with the story of Jonah so Nineveh was a couple of Assyrian it was founded by Nimrod and you can read the story back there in Genesis Chapter ten and verse eleven and it was founded by him on the banks of the Tigris River. Soon after the dispersion of the Tower of Babel over the centuries it flourished until according to Jonah it became an exceeding city of three days' journey and that's not to suggest that it would take three full days to walk one length to the other it's just Jonas way of saying that it was a mammoth city and it took him three days to get around and preach you see we're told that the total length of the ancient walls were about seven and a half miles and it's easy to measure them because they are still they had to be saying today that the area of the walled city which is roughly triangular in shape is about one thousand six hundred forty acres by allowing about. Fifty square yards per person in the Nineveh the ancient population inside the walls may have be estimated at about one hundred and sixty thousand people and you can be sure that there were more people living on the outside of those walls. I was in this city or this city that Jonah. The only prophet called to go to another country to share the message of God was called to go to. So the question that will be answering here today is does God care does God desire all people to have a knowledge of himself was the gospel just for Israel at that particular time or for all people in that region. The story of Jonah will highlight and highlights the need for missionaries and it outlines one man's response to the call of God to go on a mission for him and so we pick up the story and the lesson on. On Sundays lesson. And we'll look at the floor prophet here. Jonah floored prophet ten with me if you got your finger in Jonah go back to Second Kings Chapter fourteen because we actually first read about Jonah in the Second Book of Kings in chapter fourteen in verse twenty five Second Kings Chapter fourteen verse twenty five. Now when we think of Jonah what do we think about we think about a prophet who did what. What did he do. What does not join in on for power from being swallowed by a fish. What was the reason he was swallowed by the big fish he ran in the opposite direction. From the direction God called him to go as a matter of fact and then if it was northeastern Tarshish was West. So he ran in the exact opposite direction. We know. Jonah as someone who was fearful afraid discouraged who didn't answer the call of God initially that's synonymous with Jonah look at Second Kings fourteen those twenty five notice what it says he restored the territory of Israel. This is. Jeroboam. Jeroboam the second he restored the territory of Israel from the entrance of his mouth to the sea of Araba according to the word of the Lord God of Israel which he had spoken through his servant who Jonah Jonah the son of Amitai the prophet who was with who was from Gath have fur. So we think of Jonah as the runaway prophet and truly he he did repent and turn around and went on the mission of God originally called him to but our first introduction to Jonah is actually entered introduction of affirmation of commendation according to what we just read what impression does this leave you about Jonah he prophesied something that God asked him to tell the people of Israel and what happened. It came to pass just like Jonah had prophesied you see. So join where you see it the first picture we see of Jonah is a faithful messenger all Voice for God That's the first picture we get of Jonah here in the Scriptures. We see that Joyner in these verses we see that Jonah had a wider mission than what we see in the Book of Jonah just to Nineveh he had a much wider mission. He was from a place in the borders of the Zabulon about two and three quarter miles north by east of Nazareth where Jesus grew up and apparently there is an alleged tomb of Jonah that's still exhibited there. They say that Jonah is buried in that area. So this makes Jesus and Jonah Galilee and prophets separated by about seven hundred fifty years. They were both Galilean prophets. Jonah in this verse is as a prophet who predicted Israel's recapture of territory that was originally taken by Syria and so he's commended he's put in a favorable light for delivering a message and God God brought to that promise about for his people and so what were you. Learn about Jonah here is that he faithfully discharged his duty as what we learned about Jonah here. Jonah means dove. That's what Jonah means dove and his father's name was Amitai which means faithfulness. Jonah was a prophet of God And so one could expect that a faithful dove would be obedient to the call of God but instead when we read the story of Jonah when we get to his book. We see Jonah quote unquote flying in the opposite direction. Going in the different direction and God has called them. Let's go over to join in Alice pick up the story. Join the Chapter one. And we'll read a few verses here together jointed one and worry verses one through three that we're going to jump over the chapter to chapter three and chapter four just to read a couple of verses and I want to ask the question what do these verses tell us about Jonah's relation to the Cole to go to Nineveh what do these verses that we're going to read here tell us about Jonah in relation to his call to go to Nineveh look at Jonah chapter one verse as one three three now the word of the Lord came to join of the son of amortized saying Arise go to Nineveh that great city and cry out against it for their wickedness has come up before me but Jonah rose to Fleet Attash ish from the presence of the Lord he went down to Joppa found a ship going to. So we paid the fare went down into it to go with him to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord. OK Let's jump over to chapter two verse seven now. Jonah is in the belly of this great big fish and he's praying to God In verse seven he says when my soul fainted within me. I remember the Lord and my prayer went up to you into your holy temple and I'm just pulling some pieces together jump up to chapter three reverses one through five. Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time. Now this is after the fish had essentially vomited join up on to the on to the land and the word of the Lord came to join in the second time saying Arise golden in. Of that great city and preach to it. The message that I tell you so Jonah rose and went to Nineveh according to the word of the Lord the Nineveh was an exceeding great city a three day journey in extent and Jonah began to enter the city on the first day's walk and then he cried out and said yet forty days and then never shall be overthrown. So the people of Nineveh believed God proclaimed a fast and put on sackcloth from the great the greatest to the least of them. So join a ended up doing what he did up going on God's mission and how did the people respond favorably didn't they very favorably. OK. Chapter four and verse one. But it did displease Jonah exceedingly and he became angry. All right now we are not reading it all in context here but. Just from these few verses. What do these verses tell us about John his relation to his call to go to Nineveh the author of the lesson says Jonah emerges from his book as a strange mixture of strength and weakness. He says he is self-willed and he's rebellious but he's teachable. And he's obedient he was loyal to God courageous a believer in prayer and yet at time he was narrow minded selfish and vindictive. Jonah and others and Michelle run from responsibility and God's grace toward him provide incredible amount of encouragement to you and to me it should at least shouldn't that he was a man chosen by God and wanted to do. He ran he said you know what I'm not sure you're going to be able to use me I'm not sure that the message you want me to bring is going to make any difference. Make in effect. And so you know what I'm going to go. I'm going to run in the opposite direction when we read about Jonah we see a man who was as human as the next person and you can't blame him for not wanting to go to Nineveh We'll talk about how we could Nineveh was in just a little bit but you can't really blame him for not wanting to go to Nineveh. And so we didn't go and yet he. Had a had a in the belly of a great big fish you think that would get your attention. If you're swallowed by a pretty big fish. I get you get my attention and in the depths of the bowels of the stomach of that fish. He he prayed and he repented and then he went courageously and then he had a problem. And he was angry because God had done what he. What he probably expected John expected God would do from the very beginning and that is not punishment at all. And so Nineveh. When we look at when we look at John or rather we see a man who is subject to like passions as we are subject to humanity the flaws the challenges the struggles that humanity has joined his initial run from responsibility and God's grace toward him should provide encouragement to all of us who not only sense our insecurities but who also. Have acted upon our insecurities. God is patient but will sometimes using measures to get our tension you know humanity's head our heads pretty hard right. Heads are not like peanut shells or like coconuts. Got us pried open and get in there and and work on us a little bit to get our attention. Sometimes people read the story of the stories in the Bible and and ask why does God using string measures because it takes a lot to get through to affix skulls the kids doesn't it. Surely it does you look at the children of Israel for example all the wonderful miracles God perform and we stand here in judgment on them that the parting of the Red Sea and then they complain about no food no water and then God rains manna out of heaven and then he Moses strikes a rock and water gushes out from nowhere and they complained and they ranged and we we cast a judgment on them but we're not better off. God has done wonderful things in our lives and how soon we forget we're soon to forget and takes a lot of. And to get through these thick heads of ours. Molly some of us have thick heads. What makes what makes any one of us crumble. When we're faced with pressure or what appears to be an overwhelming task What is it that leads us even a Christian someone who's following God to crumble under pressure or with what appears to be an overwhelming task there are three things I'd like to share with you some one has a fusion Chapter six verses ten and eleven. That's the third I'm going to come to you in just a moment. Who's got a six. OK. Daniela Thank you. We'll come to you in just a moment. What makes us crumble when we're faced with pressure or what appears to be an overwhelming task. Firstly number one failure to pray failure to pray. When you read the story in March up to fourteen Jesus enters the garden of get seventy. He's tells his disciples wait here I'm going on to pray and he tells them to do was to watch and pray he tells them to watch and to pray. So Jesus is over there struggling that the weight of the sins of the world a crushing upon him he sweating great drops of blood and he comes back and he finds his disciples one finds him snoozing and sleeping and he tells them in March up to fourteen verse thirty eight that you need to watch and to pray because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and so oftentimes we find ourselves crumbling in the face of difficulty pressure and adverse circumstances because we have neglected or failed to pray with failed to pray when we fail to pray it becomes easier to quit. Number two failure to prepare a failure to prepare we read the story of Daniel Daniel's brought from his hometown and he's placed in the king's court and given the king's food and Daniel says you know what let me give this a look. Maybe give us a moment. Let me think about whether I should eat the king's food and drink that he do that the Bible says and Daniel Chapter one Verse eight that Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not to file himself with the king's meat and drink. What a den you do. He. Prepared. He prepared ahead of time he made choices ahead of time and we feel when we fail to prepare it becomes easier for us to acquiesce to give up to give in under pressure and the number three failure to post severe. Could you read fiction six ten and eleven place. Finally my brother ain. They strong in the Lord and in the power of His might put on the whole armor of God they too may be able to stand against the wild devil. Wonderful. So we often acquiesce we are often fold when the pressure comes on we're given a very old what appears to be an overwhelming task because we probably fail to pray we fail to repair. According to the verse that Danielle just read we failed to post severe keeping the whole armor of God on and fighting the good fight of Favorite not giving up when we failed to post via It then becomes easier to look to relinquish easier to give up and so God is calling us what's he calling us to do. He's calling us to not shirk our responsibility or to run from our calling his calling us to take a stand. He's calling us to dig in our spiritual heals and he's calling us to press toward the prize of the high calling of Christ Jesus. As Paul did pressing toward that prize. That's what God's asking us to do and there's pressure. There's pressure plenty in this world isn't there. There's pressure for you to acquiesce and to give up your your beliefs and your faith pressure all around then we have what appears to be the overwhelming task of sharing the gospel with the entire world not just taking the gospel to a nation but also making sure people in their native tongue in language understand that message. It seems to be an overwhelming task and when we think about it maybe our own neighborhood all of the people we work with and we say you know what there's no hope here. Don't fail to pray don't fail to prepare and don't fail to persevered and if you feel if you don't fail to do those things God will use. Bless you to bring a message of hope and encouragement and maybe sometimes even warning to somebody to get their attention point in pointing him to Jesus as their Lord and this savior Jesus wants us to persevered to keep moving forward. Amen. Surely. Let's go to Monday's lesson let's talk about Jonah as an early missionary let's look at Jonah chapter one versus one and two again. The Bible says. Now the word of the Lord came to Joan of the son of Amitai saying Arise go to Nineveh that great city and cry out against it for their wickedness has come up before me. So God tells Nineveh to do was go. He says go to Nineveh would you have gone. Would you have gone a few years before. Jonas Kol Assyria and remember Nineveh is the capital of a Syria Syria had brutally attacked and conquered Israel his home nation and event that was still very alive in the memory of the Israelites we can put it in today's context couldn't way we think about extremists and extremism. We think of ISIS and the jihadists and and so the question would be for us. Perhaps if we saw our own countrymen slain and injured and hurt in this context would we be willing to go to that people group and take the message that God wants us to bring to them. Would we be willing or would we say leave them to themselves and get all political. And so let's let's bomb the daylights out of them hang on a second is that the Christian thing to do oftentimes we confuse politics with Christianity don't we mix all that all together. God Soul Nineveh God So Assyria he saw what they did to his people and he goes to join and he says. Jonah God take them a message would you go according to name Nineveh according to them. Chapter three verse one Nineveh was the city of blood full of lies full of plunder never without a victim. I mean it was continual see. Ceaseless ongoing crime and bloodshed and in verse nineteen eos who has not felt your endless cruelty. It's a rhetorical question. So that was a Syria blood thirsty angry domineering is a likely Assyria it is very likely a Syria had perfected the art of genocide and also of torture and perhaps it wasn't the ideal place for an evangelist to hold an evangelistic meeting. How well do we do with Jesus. C'mon found in Matthew chapter twenty eight verses eighteen to twenty what does Jesus say go into all the world and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit. I love what Jesus said before he tells us to go you reminds us that all power is given to him so he says God I'll be with you I'll empower you through the Holy Spirit is see. So go so how well do we do. Jonah we look at Jonas John we said one Jonah. Come on. Why don't you just God look at all the trouble you found yourself in and we step back then we consider his store and we say wow look at where you was going calm blame him for not wanting to go look at the horrible crimes that they perpetrated on his own countrymen a baby. I wouldn't want to go even maybe I'd want to hold a grudge and say leave him to themselves. Leave him to the dogs how well do we do with Jesus. Come on to go preach the gospel even to people that don't like us and that sometimes we don't like ourselves how well do we do. Do we find ourselves making excuses like Jonah what caused Jonah what caused Jonah to run from the call of God What was it all the several things. It was fear wasn't there. There would have been discouragement right. Sure when fear sets in. People can be very quickly overwhelmed by discouragement. There was also commentators suggest that they could have very well been a cultural superiority and a religious prejudice against the people of Assyria and then of a. Because back in even those times. Israel was feeling somewhat elite somewhat better because after all they had been given the oracles of God Doesn't that make them better doesn't make them a better people than the Assyrians as pagans as people who put people to death and sacrifice their own children to their own gods. Surely that makes us better than them. And so they suggest that there was a cultural superiority and a religious prejudice someone quipped once quipped you can safely assume or assume you've created God into your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people that you do good point. That's interesting that with inherent within the command for Jonah to go to Nineveh we see a God who loves people and is not willing to see any perish and this is the message of the Book of Jonah and Sam thirty three verse thirteen the Bible says the Lord looks from heaven he sees all the sons of men. God is searching and he's looking looking for individuals who might respond to his salvation and his grace you see in Second Chronicles Chapter sixteen verse notices for the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal perfect to him. So God is searching God is looking and God looked down from his great throne in eternity and he looked down into Nineveh and he saw their potential he saw the hope that he sent somebody in there with a message of warning stern warning by the way folk would would turn to him and give their hearts to him in Job Chapter twenty eight verse ten Here's the verse. We're going to come to earlier but a says he cuts out channels on the rocks and his eyes see every precious thing. Do you think do you think God saw something precious in the people of min of or certainly he did. That's why he sent Jonah. That's why he sent you see. So we sent Jonah down now in Jonah chapter one verses four through seventeen we read that Jonah runs from God's call. We understand the story. And yet God sends a storm to wake the sleeping Prophet up the crew prays for the Laverne's to the gods and then we know that Jonah eventually confesses that he's the one that caused that particular calamity. And interestingly in that moment he's witnessing about the Creator God the true Creator God to the extent when you read the story the crew end up. End up turning their worship to the worship of the the Creator God the true God of heaven. It's an amazing thing God can even take a rebellious situ child of his and this is no justification for rebelling. But he can take someone's adverse reaction to God's call in their life and he can still turn it into something good. It's amazing. Again that's not justification for us to excuse disobedience or a rebellious spirit of doing something contrary to what we know God is called Saw God will just turn it into something good. Anyway no no no but God in His great providence in the way you work things out. He says he was able to through this fearful timid afraid rebellious run away prophet still through him be able to witness to these men on that ship. I'm going to tie. And as a result of his witness. And you know it's an interesting thing it wasn't a great witness was that he was down this sleeping kind of hiding out and then of course it just got too much and he came up and told him Look you know I just throw me overboard. I think we should do that you should throw me overboard and then he tells him why and they're impressed. Especially when they see that the storm and the waves in the wind calm and you know Jesus and Jonah have a lot in common in some respects was Jesus asleep in a boat. It was a but he was in a state because of indifference or because he was running away was a he was resting in the care of God and then Jesus got up and he rebuked the wind in the waves and what happened. The storm was calm and Jonah was cast overboard a little different but the there was this wind in the storm and the waves became calm and the disciples they were impressed impressed with what happened when Jesus. And I said Man even the wind in the waves obey him. They listen to his voice when Jonah was cast over overboard the winds in the wife stopped and the folk on that ship were very impressed with the God of heaven there's some similarities between the story of Jesus and journalism there certainly So there reluctantly throw him overboard and God does not only not only preserves the ship with the individuals in it but he also preserves the profit through a large fish we don't know what type of fish. It was some people say you know we're told about story of Jonah and the wild wild but it's not likely it was a while it was a big fish that took joining in and God saves Jonah and he saves Jonah with the intent to save Nineveh I want you to notice that the the lengths that God is going to to rescue Nineveh he could have said OK John if you want to be that way. That's fine. Be your own man. Do your own thing will see you later I'll go to someone else who's willing. Instead he reaches out he persevered with Jonah seeking to bring him back. Why there's really two reasons why he's seeking to save Jonah and he's also seeking to save Nineveh the lengths that God goes to to save Nineveh your life and my life is often preserved because God has a greater purpose in mind we don't always know what that purposes and it won't be until we actually reach the heavenly sure that God will reveal to us why he led us here why he allowed this to go to happen why we encountered these individuals why he did what he did in allies why we why we in the questions we had will all be answered and they were revealed to us that I had you here. I had you there. I had you say this I had you do that because I was seeking to save these individuals. I know as a little discomforting and I was a little challenging in trying to for you. At times but you will my witness. You're my man you were my woman and I was trying to reach those individuals for you. God has a great purpose and a great plan for each one of us and our lives are often preserved for that great purpose I'm interested in knowing and seeing whether in some cases where my life may have been preserved in an instance I may not have even though in a being aware of why angels of God stepped in and rescued and redeemed where I you know where I was oblivious. Maybe some of you had some close calls in your life and you. You know the angels of God were right there protecting you. He produced you preserves our lives for a greater purpose to point men and women to and boys and girls to up to the Savior of all save us. Jesus Christ He is King of Kings and he's lord of lords so Jonah was an early missionary Let's talk about his experience in the belly of this great fish Let's go to choose day's lesson. Jonah chapter one verse seventeen The Bible says. Now the Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow. Jonah and Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights some one has Jonah Chapter two verses not two three nine. Jonah Chapter two verses two three Monica thanks Richard will come to you in just a moment. You know it. Do you think it what it felt like forever in the belly of the great big fish. It would have felt like forever as a matter of fact in Jonah chapter two and verse six. Jonah said he was down there for ever. I mean for him. It felt like it was forever being in the belly of this great fish but the Lord had prepared for Jonah as unbelievable as the story seems the story is a true account of facts. After all there are stories of individuals. Who have survived being out in sea that have been swallowed by a while there are several stories on record of people whose lives were preserved because they found themselves in the belly of a great big wild fish. Now also the Bible says God prepared the fish for joining the story reveals again the lead. It's God will go to intervene in a person's life to save them. Let's talk about his prey down there because obviously down there you know when you're on your on your back. You have no no chance no opportunity but to look anywhere else but upright. God doesn't mind us being on our back so we look up and we call coal to him and so Jonah Coles to God and and to Richard if you could read Jonah to to through this chapter two verses two three nine. I cried by reason of my affliction until the Lord and He heard me out of the belly of him. Cried I. And you heard my voice for you had cast me into the deep in the middle of the sea in the floods compass me about all of my bills and I waves passed over me then I said I am cast out of your sight yet I will look again toward your holy temple the waters compass me about even to the soul the depth close me around about the we were wrapped about my head I went down to the bottoms of the mountains the earth put their bars was about me forever. Yet have you brought up my life from corruption the Lord my God. When my soul faded within me I remembered the Lord and my prayer came into in unto thee into your holy temple they that observe the lion vanities for sake their own mercy but I will sacrifice to you but the voice of Thanksgiving. I will pay that that I have vowed salvation is of the Lord Amen thank you Richard. You can know you and I can know without a shadow of a doubt that when we call God and if we are in the middle of distress or trying a difficult time that God will hear your prayer the Bible says that he Hood Godhood him his prayer and said into the very place where God Well I don't know and understand how all that works out behind the scenes God knows but he is the prayers and all the praise that are sending him. Minute similar all of the same time but you can know in moments of distress and discomfort and problem that your prayer is going to be heard. It's interesting that Jonah's prayer takes on a very similar flavor to the prayers of David in the Psalms you have an introduction to the prayer you have the stating of the actual description of the particular distress you have the individual crying to God for help then you have the statement of God's action what God did to deliver and then you have the promise to keep any valves made in other words God if you get me out of this mess. I promise I'm going to serve you all the days of my life or I'm going to do this this and that and how often we have probably pride that same prayer. It's an interesting interesting interesting to see the similarities between Jonas prayer and the Psalmist prayer is there anything in this prayer in this format of prayer that you and I can learn from Surely surely we can surely we can God If you do if you deliver me here's my problem number one I'm going to state the facts. Here's my problem. Here's the issue in God I'm going to now claim your promises and I'm going to trust you and we give a declaration of intially of God's deliverance. Out of that perfect particular predicament. Or maybe God didn't deliver us from that particular predicament but he gave his wisdom and grace and know how to be able to navigate our way through that particular situation and we praise him and we say God we're going to give you the hours of Thanksgiving what a Jonas I hear a sacrifice to the voice of Thanksgiving or pay what I value. Salvation is of the Lord and we we we rededicate our lives our hearts to God a good pattern to follow for prayers and not surely we can know that God will hear. I'll pray as well. I want to take over. Matthew Chapter twelve forty because Jesus talked about Jonah we mentioned that earlier on the let's go take a look at where he did that Joan Joan and I were not join a Matthew Matthew Chapter twelve and verse forty that you Chapter twelve and verse forty. How does Jesus take the story of Jonah and apply it to himself. Matthew Chapter twelve and the forty now there were some individuals that came to Jesus some scribes and they were looking for a sign from Jesus and Jesus said look in verse thirty nine. I'm not going to give you a sign except the sign of the prophet. Jonah and then he goes on to explain what he means verse forty for his Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish. So the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the hot of the earth was forty one and the men of Nineveh will rise up in judgment with this generation and condemn it because they repented of the preaching of Jonah and indeed a greater than Jonah is here. And so scribes come they told Jesus we want to sign prove to us. You're the messiah and Jesus said you know of this generation you know going to get one but I'm going to give you one sign and that's the sign of Jonah what was the sign there were two things that he indicated here two aspects of John his ministry that parallel that of Christ. Jonah encountered John his encounter with a fish being in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights and that Jesus was likening to the time that he would spend he would die be buried and then he would rise again he would be in the grave. You see. And secondly Jonas successful preaching to the people of Nineveh. These were the signs. You're going to know that I'm the messiah because I'm going to rise and to be raised from the dead. I'm going to rise again you going to see me die you going to be a part of that I'm going to be buried and on the third day I'm going to rise again the other sign is that Jonah is preaching was successful. That's the other sign now coming back to the evidence the supreme evidence this is the sign Jesus was referring to the supreme evidence that Jesus was the Messiah was his resurrection from the dead and pull writing about it expects periods of conversion a person must undergo in order to receive eternal life shows how Jesus' death his burial and his resurrection. Is the way to a changed life death to self burial of the old life of sin and renewal of life through the power of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit you see and you can read that in Romans Chapter six verse eleven and what affects this change according to what Jesus said what effects this change this conversion the preaching of the Word of God It was the preaching of known of Jonah to Nineveh that cause Nineveh to what repent to turn around ride and so there is power in the preaching of God's Word and God's word ought not be watered down. It ought to be just preached as it is as it reads with power with clarity and with the unction of the Holy Spirit and when the Bible is shared. In that manner then people's lives are changed. Don't have to coerce them enough to force them God's Word will have an effect on people's lives. I meant I meant. In the book design of ages page four hundred seven. L M Y tells us the change in human hearts the transformation of human characters is a miracle that reveals an ever loving living Savior working to rescue souls a consistent life in Christ is a great miracle in the preaching of the Word of God The sign that should be manifest now and always is the presence of the Holy Spirit to make the word a regenerating power to those that hear this is God's witness before the world to the divine mission of his son. So when a person responds to the preaching of God's word. That's another testimony that Jesus that God sent His Son into the world. That's the sign of Jonah. That's the sign of Jonah Jesus would be raised at the preaching of the Gospel people's lives being changed would be another sign that truly God It sent his Son into the world. Well we've got to run through Wednesday and Thursday relatively quick Nineveh God persisted in sending Jonah for two reasons we're enjoying a chapter three verses one and four one through four we're told that the word of the Lord came again. The second time to Nineveh God persisted in sending join up. Two reasons to save Jonah number one and to save the people of Nineveh number two God sends us on a mission. Oftentimes to save us to get us out of our complacency to rescue us and what was God's method in bringing salvation according to these verses. He sent Jonah versus people coming to Jonah. He sent Jonah and secondly through the proclamation of the Word of God versus theories or a modified version of the word and what is the message of God usually sends to rescue people. It's a message of warning that's often what God does to startle us to get our attention as a message of warning not a message that scratches our itchy ears and he often sends a message coupled with warning sends a message of hope and a message of promise. Today like in the time of Jonah God desires all men irrespective of religion. Irrespective of race. Irrespective of social status. Irrespective of gender irrespective of age to be saved. That's what God wants today. Perhaps more than any other time he wants all men to be so tired as Chapter two verse eleven tells us the grace of God bring salvation that bring salvation has appeared to all men he's got Revelation fourteen six and seven. Mike's got a right here. We're going to come to you here in just a quick moment. Titus tempted to tells us of the grace of God has appeared to all men bringing what salvation. Do you think the grace of God was shared in the preaching of Jonah. Surely it was right. Surely we're told that it is the goodness of God that leads men and women boys and girls to repentance Acts chapter eleven verse eighteen. We're told when they heard these things they became silent this is pita testifying about the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the Gentiles and he's telling them what happened he said when they heard these things they became silent and they glorified God saying then God has also granted to the Gentiles repentance to life and so God wants the message going to everyone everyone doesn't matter what they look like doesn't matter even how they respond he wants the message going. Everyone Revelation fourteen six and seven. Thanks Mike Revelation fourteen six and seven. Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe the tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and springs of water wonderful. So the message of the good news message also contains a message of why. Judgment warning. We're living in the hour of God's judgment is time to get your life right with God It's time to turn to him. It's time to stop riding the fence that's the message that comes to you and on it comes to the world God's message is to start a lesson to wake us up and to draw us to him to be saved in the end I want to read in closing from prophets in Kings page two hundred seventy seven the time is at hand when there will be sorrow in the world that no human balm can heal the Spirit of God is being withdrawn disasters by sea and by land follow one another in quick succession how frequently we hear of earthquakes and tornadoes of destruction by fire and flood with great loss of life and property. Apparently these calamities are capricious outbreaks of disorganized regulated forces of nature wholly beyond the control of man but in them all God's purpose may be read. They are among the agencies by which he seeks to arouse men and women to a sense of the danger God's messengers in the great cities are not to become discouraged over the wickedness the injustice the depravity which they are called upon to face while endeavoring to proclaim the glad tidings of salvation. The Lord would cheer every such worker with the same message that he gave to the Apostle Paul and we could Corinth when he said in Acts Chapter eighteen verses nine and ten Be not afraid but speak and hold not to apiece. I am with you and no man shall set on you to hurt you for I have much people in this city in the beautiful. There is much much people in the city of Sacramento for God there's much people in the city that that you're living in that you're viewing from here today. She goes on the close let those engaged in soul saving ministry. Remember that while there are many who will not heed the counsel of God and His word the whole world will not turn from Live in truth from the invitations of a patient forbearing savior. In every city filled though it may be with violence and crime there are many who with proper teaching my learned to become followers of Jesus thousands may be thus reached with saving truth and be led to receive Christ as a person in a beautiful. Take courage the world around us might be falling apart but God still has us on a mission. He has us on has a message that we need to share with every person on this planet. Every person within sacrament every person within your reach. Wherever you're watching from here today. God help us to not be like Jonah the first time be like joining the second time mission this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermon Visit W W W verse or.


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