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6. Come As You Are

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • April 9, 2016
    11:30 AM
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This morning a sermon isn't tied over just that your mother should be for the purpose of this series that you would fall so fully in love with Jesus that you want to be anything you wouldn't do for him this morning. Amen. Because God loves us infinitely and we're going to learn from the Word of God how much he loves us and what are his character traits that we may appreciate them and fall in love with him this morning. So I'm going to turn to opening packs of Romans chapter two verse one for which of the two verse one. And Romans chapter one. Paul proclaims that the heathens talk about the heathens they ought to know better or at least they had a chance to know better but we learn that all of nature right out there declares the glory or the character of God and thus every person has been given a fair chance to know who God is and isn't for this very reason that even the most degraded He then that out there know that they are guilty and worthy of their And that is why Paul funny declares that they are without excuse the people in the world are without excuse and Romans chapter two the audience which is from the heathen to the Christians within a church. So we can apply to our lives. This chapter is there to review to us all to condition as humans that we may exude the humility of Christ within our lives. So this morning as we continue our study and write to this by faith. May God reveal to us our true condition that he may be truly humble. Let us pray Father as we humbly open your precious words this morning. We do ask that you speak to us we humbly ask the Lord that you may help me. That may be simple and clear to your people. We think in Jesus' name amen. What does the Bible say about Christians who judge others. And as the Bible says. There for you or inexcusable without excuse or men who so ever. Your that judges the first what are uses there in Gromit of the two first one is there for another word we use the word therefore what are you saying there is something about what what happened before that I previously. Sold pasta because of what I share with you in chapter one. Therefore because of what I explained to him the more and therefore you are inexcusable you know all without excuse. Now we learn in chapter one about the heathens and other words the heat is no better we have a chance to know better. And I without excuse for rejecting God Therefore if the heathen though without excuse. Then you Christians who profess to know better or even more a soul without excuse right. Therefore you are inexcusable Christians for the heathen know about God you more. So who claim to know about God all without excuse on top of that it says Whosoever you are that judges. Now when someone judges someone else. What are they saying basically about themselves they actually know what is right and then saying they know what is wrong. Right. And so when I judge someone else or use just someone else what you say is that I know what is right and I know was wrong. The former able and capable to judge someone else right. So the balancing is a cave you're a. Able to judge someone else because you don't claim to know what is right and what is wrong. Therefore you are without excuse for doing what is wrong. We do something wrong. Right. So we just always said I know what is right out of it all so therefore by just one therefore God how would you respond was OK you judging someone therefore you are without excuse because you claiming to know what is right and what is wrong. So the boss is there fail or you have without excuse all men whosoever you are that Georgists. That is why we as Christians shouldn't judge one another. Amen. Now there will come a time where we were jobs men and angels doing the millennium. But the time has not yet come and there is a place for the church leaders were told to rebuke open sin and to decide cases between brothers and sisters so they won't take each other to court but there is a special time in place for that but as for that every day. Criticizing and complaining about the mistakes and shortcomings of others. There has no place in the life of a Christian I sorrowfully admit that I'm guilty of this very thing and I know there are many of us here this morning. Who are also guilty this morning and that is why we should repent of the sin and purpose in our hearts that we were not judge one another but leave all judgement into the hands of a loving God amen. Now what does the Bible say about those who just want to verse want to get the recipe said they're for. Your inexcusable man. Whosoever you are the judge is for worrying you judge another you condemn yourself for you. That does does the very same thing. The boss of the golden judge others shouldn't judge because both to judge others are actually guilty of the very same things now. How's this soul would turn to me with me to collation chapter five. Up to five. Verse nineteen to twenty one. It was collations e Feagin Philippians Colossians relationship to five. Verse nineteen to twenty one. How is it that we who judge others all guilty of the very same thing. What are the works of the flesh according to the Bible to see what the buy we have to say. About Us is now the works not the flesh manifest or the deeds of the flesh which are these adultery fornication sensuality idolatry sorcery enemy T. strife jealousy outbursts of anger disputes dissensions factions anything and being drunkenness and carousing to interpret a little bit. Another was the works of the flesh is sinful. Not the bow do the same now the works of some of our flesh is simple but instead a says that the works of the flesh is sinful which is all inclusive whatever has flesh all of all works is sinful all of our flesh is sinful. In other words the works of every single person's flesh who has ever lived is sinful we're told we have sinful flesh but we all had the same evil within ourselves but more or less develop all I mean we all have all these evils I was just mentioning relationship to. Verse nine hundred twenty one. We all have it with an awful ass but just more or less developed a certain people and then in others. You see the flesh of all humans who have ever lived is sinful that everyone here this morning in this church is capable of every and any sin that is why those are just others are guilty of the very same thing. What those who judge others had the capability to do the very same sins but the only reason that we're not doing is because of the restraining Grace and Mercy of God this morning. Amen. That's the only reason we're not doing it. I'm not doing another words we're all in the same boat and the belt is sinking this morning in the boat is sinking within every single one of us is the sinful nature to be drunk. Within every single one of us is a sinful nature to be a homosexual. Within every single one of us here this morning is a sinful nature to commit adultery with in every single one of us this morning. There's a sinful nature to be a murderer. The only reason why we don't do it is because of the restraining grace of God this morning. And if we truly understood this then we wouldn't judge one another but instead we would pray for and encourage and support one another. This morning. Amen. That's where Martin Luther when he saw a drunken man staggering out of the tavern. He said A Vera. But for the grace of God goes our math in loop understood that even though he was not physically drug that day that if it wasn't for the grace of God restrain him from that doing that sin. He too would be a drunkard and the same conscious understanding there were Chris. Within all of us are he merely tea. We love it there. We're not judge others. So back to Romans chapter two verse four of the continuous studies in Romans chapter two verse four. We learn not to judge one another we all have the same flash we're in the same boat. They're sinking. We're not pride ourselves or betters. We're only great for the god because there's a strain immersing Grace is holding us back. But what of another person is doing. What is the goodness of God The Romans chapter two verse four the Bible says the spies is that all the riches of His goodness and forbearance and long suffering not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance. You see the teaching that is taught in most all Adventist churches today is the teaching of Arminianism. This teaching teaches that salvation is depended upon our ability to confess and repent came out of the Dark Ages. In other words another first we see salvation we must first compel I'm sorry confess and repent of our sins right. I mean heard that before. Which is true. But all of this is true. This is not the complete picture but the Bible says that it is the goodness of God or His A grace that we receive first right. That leads us to repentance in other words God initiates with his goodness first his grace and then we respond by repente right. It's grace and then we repent. Now even though God initiates with His grace is we Penton is fully our part and to act up to five or three. He wanted the five for thirty one. So we looked at God's grace leads us to repentance. But it is now we have to repent now is repentance fully our part. Now this is what the Bible says action of the five or thirty one now would I say what the Bible says Him as God exalted with his right hand to be a prince and a savior god forward to give what we pen tends to Israel and forgiveness of sin not only does grant give forgiveness. But about as God is the gift of the Pentagons So the gift of the Pentagon's enabling all of us to repent is only through the grace of God This morning also. So we know that God's goodness which is a Gift of His grace leads us three pen which is also a Gift of His grace this morning. What about our salvation. If he is in chapter two verse eternity fees in's chapter two verse saying. What about also vacation. This whole process of being seen the power says followed by grace or you say how you saved through what Graves or you say through faith and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God this morning. Amen. The boss of the Salvation is also a Gift of God's grace to us look at this paper and. This little diagram I made for you. So you understand it this morning. The top's is God's goodness. Which is a Gift of His grace. Is what leads us to repentance which we learn in Acts five is also a Gift of His Grace beloved this morning. With the whole process saves us with us also. Gift off his grace this morning we love. In other words it is only gold and his grace that saves us is this morning we believe what I'm saying let me hear you say amen. It is grace grace grace that saves us completely this morning. So we know the process God's goodness resist to repentance change our life forgiveness. We transform. Is we're saved by His grace all grace. But do we see God's goodness in this earth at all and see what the Bible has to say turning me to Psalms thirty three Verse five Psalms thirty three verse five. We want God's goodness right because there's no way we're going to repaint unless we see God's goodness. What does God have His goodness in this earth at all. Is there any goodness of God in this Earth Song thirty three verse five. The Bible says that he loves righteousness. He loves a right just isn't judgment than the Power says the earth is full of the mud the goodness of the lowly So is the earth full of God's goodness this morning. So all around us those witnesses that God is good this morning the God is merciful to us this morning and the only reason why we when we penned the fallen Romans chapter two verse four is that because we despise his goodness. We've seen about we don't want to believe that God is good. We want to complain a murmur when God why did this happen to me why did you allow this to come my way while you tell me what to do. Why aren't you. Leading by Providence and making a clear in my life. Why did my husband die why did my children have to go through this torture in the hospital. We blame God you're the one that did it why don't you make things better and we blame God for all the evil things that Satan does in our lives we reject God's goodness. Kindness and patience that he has for us this morning that turned out to be wrong. Romans chapter two verse eleven Romans chapter two verse eleven is God impartial this morning by I was says for there is no respect or persons with the God the Bible say that there is no respect the persons with God are posher ality with God God is not impartial to us and that it was God does not prefer a certain class of people over another. He doesn't have respect to regard to a persons I would circumstances but instead he would respect it. We go to our intrinsic merits within us how does God see us this morning turn to Galatians chapter three verse twenty. Elation chapter three verse twenty. There is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither ban nor free. There is neither male nor female for you are all run in Christ Jesus this morning. Amen. In other words no matter what we all are no matter what we've got this morning gone still sees all of us as being equal this morning. Amen. You see we as humans we like to label. We like to stereotype. We like to categorize people wise so we can better understand them. When we can better know. Hard to relate to one another but the problem is that there are negative effects in stereotyping people and categorizing them. We stereotype the poor has been envious of the rich and the rich as being greedy. We categorize the conservatives as being rigid and the liberals as being compromising. We live where the Chinese has been stingy. Japaneses been sneaky. Portuguese is talking too much and you know the other races I can go on and on and on some not so good. But part of my labeling is that when we do label certain people a certain way. It may not always be true. Through right and worse it affects our relationship with one another and sometimes we get so condition in labeling people that when we cannot do it. We get frustrated. That a pass was meeting the any of last year. Some classes I was to get a class of their with other pastors were up there for week so week when I was at audio verse. And while I was there I happened to pass by these two passes the older one and a younger pastor and was this into the conversation and the elections are coming up you know how things get when elections are coming up and as young the passon pastor happened to be an independent he wasn't a Republican he wasn't a Democrat he was the independent This got the other past a very upset because he wasn't willing to be labeled a Republican or Democrat. You know and saying Right. You know people like that they get upset because you're not labeled. So they were he was actually all you with his younger pastor. Well when you says claim a sort of the Republican or Democrat and it's only. I don't want to be a Republican or Democrat. I want to be independent and if I see a good can I going to choose or if he was the best person and this person was all human for I'm curious for a long time and this guy was going to man. This president emeritus younger pasa because they wouldn't categorize them in the category that they want to be stereotyped as we saw condition to labeling people that were we cannot do it. We get frustrated but we love it even though everyone around us once a stereotype or label us the same become a cold principle still applies to us today. If when we go all out. There is neither caucasian the Filipino needed neither Chinese the whole law and neither educated well and educated neither Democrat or Republican. Neither rich or poor neither degreed No none degree this morning beloved neither liberal or conservative for we will all run in Christ Jesus. They believe what I'm saying let me hear you say amen. We're all equal in the eyes of God this morning. Now what did Jesus say who did Jesus say needed a physician turn me to march up to to verse seventeen. Mark Chapter two verse seventeen. Who did you to say needed a physician when Jesus heard it he said to them they that a hole or a will have no need of a physician. But they that a sick. I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance you do say that those who are well have no need for physician is only those who are sick that need to. Physician right well you good. You don't need to go to the doctor right. It's only when you're sick that you need to go to the doctor. In the same way those who feel of us who feel this morning feel that we have a right. Chiz. We have no need for a C.B. is only those of us here this morning who feel we are sinners over a spiritually sick that we feel that we need that the buying physician here this money meant the Savior. But the Bible says that all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God This morning in other words the reality is every single person in this church this morning is spiritually sick with sin whether we realize it or not this morning. Amen. And every single person needs to come to the divine position this morning our Savior to be healed this morning. You see beloved the church as you presented is a hospital for sinners to be made whole this morning. Amen. The first of all in this church hospital. Of course the staff. So says the elders and leaders of the church need to be spiritually competent enough to be able to help and heal the sick of the people that come in. But nevertheless this is their hospital for sinners this morning. Now you don't go to the hospital because you well you wouldn't waste your time. Besides visiting but you don't go to the hospital because you will but you go to the hospital because you're sick in the same way you don't go to church because you think your righteous so you will but you gold never actually go to church because you realize that your spirit to be sick and you need spiritual healing here this morning. Amen. I've heard people people have told me in this district people in the community they told me that I would never go to church. Because I'm soul sinful that if I was awake in a trust the way or the fellow that I never had that people. I had a three people in this could be tell me that they were flawed so I'll say for the walls of all about think about THAT know if you were sick and you going to die. And if only wanted to take you to the hospital. They said you know that he told you found him as I never go to hospital because I'm so sick that if I was a link in the hospital the lives of four dollars. Hold that sound doesn't make sense in the same way we if we need spiritual healing and we go to church to be made whole. Well it would be way worse furball be love. If we were spiritual hospital doesn't make sense. Never heard people tell me that the other go to church because other had to be a hypocrite. You heard that before they want to go into a car accident and you're only a cut off and you're bleeding profusely out of your arm. You're bleeding to death and the people there on you at the emergency site the situation the cops and say we're going to take you to hoss but he got to go no where you gonna die you really is really badly hurt. You're sick and he said well I don't want to go to a hospital because of a goal to the hospital. I'm going to look like a hypocrite. How would that solve in the same way if we need spiritual healing beloved this morning and we walk into the church to be hold. Why would we be called a hypocrite is only when we don't feel we need spiritual healing. If you would ever write and have no need to be made whole. You may be a hypocrite is a quotation I read to you in a red paper if you look down. By James White of all the beautiful presentation off your paper that says the blood of Christ alone can make us clean we can never make ourselves better. We must come to Jesus to make us better. Until then nothing is done our very first duty is to come to Jesus. Amen. Come then poor sinner wait not another moment furnish the thinking you will be more bitter by and by you will never be more fit and never meant welcome than at this moment. Jesus knows far better than even you do how sinful of Baal you are yet he does not say Wait. But come. Come then with all your sins and weakness and heart is a heart come to Jesus come as a sinner and come just as you are this morning. Amen. This money why don't you come just as you are. Why do you come and be here this morning. Why don't you come in restored back into the I'm as a God why don't you come and experience his life changing love that you may be made whole this morning. But before you call me you must first sit down and count the cost for you. Really. You must realize that if you do cause you will never be the same again. For God to change you. And then for his very real reason that you may end up losing the affections of your friends your family your coworkers or your neighbor this morning. But we let me be do calm you have finally be free free to live out your dreams free to finally follow the dictates of your conscience free to become what God wants you to become here this morning. Amen for this morning as you now Tiffanie see. 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