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8. Obedience From the Heart

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • April 23, 2016
    11:30 AM
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This morning a sermon is an obedience from the heart obedience from the heart and the message of Christ's righteousness is the sound from one end of the earth to the other to prepare the way of the Lord that messes the mess is a while. Christ's righteousness when responding rightly says by faith then it says here. This is the glory of God What is the global God crisis what right just as what we're studying in Romans chapter two study about that which claims that is the work although what third angel never heard of the three angels message or the closing up to thirty his message is the message of Christ's righteousness the rights of those by faith. What is Romans is talking about here. The North what it says in the last message what Wes's the what last message autumn or C. to be given to the world is a revelation off his character off what made no mistake with studying the thirteen was message this morning. If you believe that I mean you say amen with studying Christ's righteousness restudy the last message of mercy restoring the plan was in the Mark of the thirteenth you were studying the last revelation of his character love within the study of Rome in this this morning. And so we continue our studies in Romans chapter two verse twenty three his opening text this morning. All religious practices. Why do we do. That is what is our true motivation when we do them. Is it to have maybe a good reputation. Maybe to shun the punishment of society or up the police. Maybe maybe not getting it get out there maybe is it to gain the approval of maybe our fellow church members that we come to church with what is our motivation for doing good. You see beloved the only motivation for doing good this morning is not because of the lairs of the land hall over good that they may be it not because we want to receive a good reputation but of that is although a ball is not even to receive the praises of fellow church members here this morning. Even though that is praiseworthy you see love the only reason that we should do what is right is because we love God and we want to receive the praise and approval from him and from him along this morning. I believe when I say let me say amen. So this morning as the messes of Rights is this my faith is unleashed in our hearts this morning may have its perfect work within us let us pray Father. We carry the weight of this world you can truly carry our hearts this morning. So carry our hearts. Humble your messenger may become clear to your people your message. We thank you Lord in Jesus name. We humbly ask him what were the professed Christians are wrong doing. Verse twenty three The Bible says that all that make is your post off the all who breaking the law. Your dishonoring God. The Bible says here this morning that the Christians or Rome boasted of the law of their obedience to the law of God but really they were breaking the law of God and to dishonor God Now how the so we learn in the last sermon that if you can keep the outward law all right. The Keep to the standards are really. But if we do not keep the spirituality of the law we learn about right. You're really breaking the law of God So the people. No were thinking they were being obedient to the law of God in the best thing of the obedience to all of God's Ten Commandments but in reality because they were breaking the spirituality of the law they were breaking God's law and they were just owning God's name and blasting his name. Now where were the results of this look at verse twenty four The Bible says for the name of God is lasting among the Gentiles through you as it is written so because the balancing that these professed Christians they use God's name but in the meantime they were blaspheming God's name. Now I don't know about you but there's been times where I have felt ashamed to be a Christian not ashamed of Christ but a shame though being associated with people who say they are Christians but there are being very Sufis and arrogant in the deeds that they are ever happened to you you know when I first came here the Hanukkah church and I a few years later I moved down here and I was looking for a place to rent and I was actually on a place to read. And I went to this landlord and I let renting from there but it didn't work out but I was talking to his landlord and finally asked me what do you do as a warm a minister. And she asked you. Well what church do you minister. And I said the seventy AD. At this church and I'm a when I said Seventh Day Adventist Church. She went off on me and so are yelling at me about one of the church members from this church before I got here and she was saying that this member used to go to his house and preach them about the anti-Christ and while he was doing at his house he was drugged. The next day I saw her and she came up to me she was actually apologizing to me she was so sorry for how she has mistreated me an innocent bystander in a crossfire of somebody who was doing something that was not Christian someone who was with what Paul was saying here was professing the name of Christ. We love. Professor the name of Christ but by their actions and what they did they were really just all knowing Christ. Have you ever in my question again known someone who has been someone who has the honor of God but we can only point the finger there are some questions. I like the ass off solving the question of these who is the among us can truly say that and we ourselves have not broken a law and justice on our God who is among us including myself this one who can truly say that we as a Christian have truly always represented Jesus Christ through this morning was among us can truly say that we have not this grace goal in either our words or in our actions. Who is there misconstrue to say that we had a nut. This started the true picture of the character of God here this morning. So the Bible says through God's people. The name of God is blasphemy in among the unbelief. Yes but there is hope in Jesus Christ responding Amen. And the hope is found in the next verses verse twenty five what happens to one sort of system when one keeps up breaks the spiritual law twenty five L.. The Bible put that word circumcision for a reason. Circumcision is a cutting away of the flesh all the male sexual organs and it's only upon men. Now there's a reason for that I'm going to study that later on but I want to understand a general principle when talking about circumcision. He burst twenty five The Bible says for circumcision girlie profits if you keep the law but if you be a breaker off the liberal use circumcision is made and sort of says it will come back to this text I want to really understand what he's trying to saying here. Well look at your papers here and I have it down in Galatians chapter two verse seventy nine this by now what is this what this circus is I'm referring to when it says circumcision on circumcision more circumcise an uncircumcised was about talking about. Let's look at Galatians Paul is talking here he says. But contrariwise when they said that the gospel of the uncircumcision was committed unto me. So Paul says I was cool also post a priest of the uncircumcised. And the gospel of the circumcision was unto Peter. So all. Also I'm going to go through the uncircumcised Peter was put a goal to the circumcised and then it says here for he God that route effectually and Peter to the apostle says what the circumcision The same was mighty in me toward be one gent how Suppose I go to the answers of sighs Also I'm going to the Gentiles is the exact same thing. And when James see this in John the scenes you pillars to see the grace that was given to me they gave to me. Me I'm born to be the right. Has a color ship that we should girl on to the one he there. The gentiles the uncircumcised and they aren't to the circumcision the Jews believe or the Christian. So if you look at the diagram here and make it simple circumcision is referring to the Jews the believers or the Sunday before the Jews or the Christians of today and circumcision uncircumcised people we've heard to the Gentiles and heathens or the unbelievers even of today. So now we know what circumcision on circuses of means we can go back to at the seaward Romans chapter two verse twenty five is saying here is saying that if you profess to be a Christian. First of all. And you keep the spirituality of the law then you are a true Christian but if you say that you are Christian you break the spirituality of the law then you are not a true Christian but your unbeliever look at the diagram again says Christian if you are you profess I'm a Christian. We're all here today we profess and we keep the true spirituality of the law not just the letter of the law but the spirituality of the law then we are considered by God to be Christian as well. Bible says. Here in this verse that if we profess to be Christians but we're breaking the spirituality of the law then we really an unbeliever. And you follow me as that makes sense. So really what matters is are we keeping the spirituality of the law is what Paul is saying here. Hey look at verse twenty six the record out. It says here. What happens to unbelievers who keep the righteousness of the law. So we look at Christians who. And Christians who don't keep the law. That's two things and then it was one in twenty six. It says here therefore the uncircumcision keep the right is this the Lol showed not his uncircumcision be caught it for circumcision. Now we learn the definition of the two words right. In other words if the answers of his and or the unbelievers. If they keep the righteousness of the law or the spirituality of the law shown that isn't circumcision or has been a unbeliever doesn't count it counts for being a Christian and that's why we look at this diagram in your new green paper as it says here. If you're an unbeliever now. You don't believe in God according to the Bible but you keep the spirituality of the law the righteousness of the law the truth on the inside not the letter below but inside the spirituality of the law. The Bible says you are comforted and as a Christian this morning. Amen. I found we start about women have to run the people of their right who are nonbelievers but then we see by what Nature of which is the glory the character of God so unbelievable love this morning who keep the spirituality of the law or God considers them to be Christian right. Nobody will be here and across the unbelievers who break the spiritual law the still unbelievers. Now want to look at the contrasts. There are Christians who bring the spirituality of the law and God considers them to be unbelievers and then there are people who don't believe or he then Gentiles who keep the spirituality of the law and God considers. Them to be questions though they don't consider themselves to be a question below this morning by following God hold his people highly accountable for the life that has been given to them as a people. If we in myself I'm talking to myself this money by myself do not live up to the light the God has given to me. I'm held responsible for what I do all to live up to the other one will be accountable for it this morning. In school and I studied a Bible study verse twenty seven Romans chapter two verse twenty seven. Now what do unbelievers do to the disobedient professed Christians Romans two to verse twenty seven The Bible says and share and the circumcision which we learn is unbelievers. Which is by nature. If it fulfilled the law. Also if the heathen or the unbelievers who follow the superior to reality of the law they judge you. Christians who by the letter or the by following the letter of the law and circumcision or repairing religious practices. We break up those transgress the law break the law supposing there isn't the unbelievers who fulfil the true spirituality of the law. Don't be general you Christians who profess to be Christians but who are depending upon polling the outside letter of the law and practicing religious practices are breaking a law not depending upon the search out of the law but the I would ask of living to a certain standard Remember we talk about that to do list. Depending upon the outward acts. Do not these unbelievers out there who are obedient to God Spirituality the law judge us Christians this morning is my question. According to the Bible this morning. God's Word is true it judges us this morning. God does not call us into a church to hear things and this to be. Here is only God wants the perfect shoot off his word to transform and to change our lives that there will be a difference between us and those who do not believe but the Bible says we are judge this morning. Now my question is do you break the spirituality of the law by performing the letter of the law. Thus depending upon your religious practices for your salvation. You see below. There are many professed Christians today. Now believe that the performance of a certain religious practices would make them the members of the Body of Christ but there is no only this process that you can do this morning that will make you a Christian this morning. If you stop drinking that were not big you a Christian if you stop swearing that would not make you a Christian this morning. If you go to church every single week that will not make your Christian if you return the tides and offerings that would not make you a Christian if you even become a vegetarian to begin vegetarian this morning that would not make you a Christian this morning and you believe when I say let me hear you say men and I do I do these things but is not the doing of the things that makes me a Christian. There is only one thing that makes me a Christian. And then because I have submitted my will to do this crisis money men and women are the only well thing that's going to make us a Christian and that is if you have surrendered your all to Jesus Christ you surrender do we owe to God that makes you a Christian this morning. Let's look at the Bible study Romans chapter two verse twenty three The Bible says here. What was the mistake of the Jews knows what it says here. About Us is not doing first a Christian as we studied about earlier for he is not a Jew Christian which is learn what is that word outwardly neither is that circumcision or religious practices which is outward in a flash of the acts the after circumcision that we talked about the male us have always second is not the true source of this is not the one as I would in a flash. So Paul is saying there. Verse twenty nine the beginning part of says. But he is a Jew a Christian which is one. What is that word inwardly on the inside another word the power saying that a person is not a Christian. Just because they look like one on the outside and neither the person considered to be circumcised who is circumcised on the outside in the flesh but to say the person is a Christian who is a Christian on the inside of the heart Amen. A person is a true Christian who is one of the inside Beloved I want to study that why that song as we continue our study in verse twenty nine now what is true. Circumcision take place the cutting away up a flash when a baby is born to cut the flesh of the of the male or when the board. They cut the flash of a word is true. Circumcision happen according to the Bible Romans chapter two verse twenty nine about what says but he is a Jew which is one inwardly. And circumcision is that all of the one heart in the spirit. Not in the letter. So what is a system happening in the heart and there was a real Christian is one who has been circumcised in the heart. You have been circumcised but the spirit and not by the letter of the law as we studied about this experience a change in the in the life of the heart not merely a change in their outer lying in other words the change in the other life is only a wee action to the chain that has already taken place in the end of life or love Amen. And if you never had an authentic change on the inside of your heart you had never had an authentic change on the outside of your life. Amen. I believe you have changed on the outside but in your whole it is still the same on the inside then you have not experienced the new birth conversion and thus you are not a Christian. According to the by would this morning men cannot be if you had just change your outside life and stop doing this and stop doing that and doing certain standards and limit to the letter of the law as poss talking about here. If you just do not sign you're changing your diet you stop drinking you stop swearing and all that the whole good day may be. If you have not experienced a circumcision on the heart on the inside your life and experience but miraculous hope God in your life you have been. I'm not a Christian. According to the Bible be a lot. But this was not a new teaching of Paul but it was just as we saving a what had always been what had become perverted by the nation of the Jews. Now look at the papers here. Back to the Old Testament in Deuteronomy Chapter thirty or six The Bible says here. And the leg your god were circumcised is dying. What heart even notice a minute then we should have know the bottle says God were circumcised your heart and then it says here. Because God circumcised the heart the heart of your seed what happened about us is you are to love the Lord will dog with all your heart. With all your saw that you may live. Circle to circumcise and Paul says is not on the outside to Susan Susan is on the inside of that is why. Steve increased the message here and he preached in Acts Chapter seven verse fifty one knows what is message board. He priest of the Jews in the said this mess and you sit in there and the uncircumcised where on the outside in heart and hears you do all ways to resist the Holy Ghost as your fathers did so do you another was he priest amiss is that your son circumcised hard your unconverted you not truly Christian is and is because of this same men that in and raise the Jew so much that they took him and they murdered him by stoning him over the same messes that in wages someone's Seventh Day Adventists Christians sometimes because they be depending upon the things that they do. For their salvation rather than the change within there are now what motivates a true Christian Romans chapter two verse twenty nine. No sort of Bible says but he is a Jew which is one inwardly and circumcision is that at the heart in the spirit and not in the letter and then it says here whose three is is not of men but of God. The Bible says that to Christians all motivated it this morning be loved by the praise of God not by the praise of people this morning. Amen a court is by what makes them a reason why people live. Dolly lives because they want to be approved and accepted by other people but will it be true Christians are not worried about we see being the labor poor for mothers. Why would they leave the love and approval of others when they've already received the love and approval from God this morning. Amen. There is a story of a small wooden people called we mix. The simile. And he says these people work hard by a woodworker name. Eli whose work would workshop sat on a hill overlooking the village of the the weeks that he created. Now you have been we were it was different. Some had big no muses and others had large eyes. I was with hair another was short. Some were hats and some others were Colts and all then every day that we mix that the same thing every single day and what did. It was beginning each other. Stickers every single day each we make had a box of Gordon stores and Dot stickers. Now the go to stores was that whenever the another we make it good there give them a golden star and stick it on top of it every time we made a bad or put a good grade dot and put it upon them so ghost I was good for a DOT was bad and this ticket upon each other the talented ones got the stars some could live high six upon a bed their heads some could jump on earth boxes others could sing pretty songs everyone of them got stars. So we mix had stars all over there and every time they got a story I make them feel good that they wanted to do something else so that they could get another star on top of that. Now others could do very little I'm a little wee mix all they got was little round grey dots. Because all they could do was mess out and there's a little man. There's a little man named PUNCHINELLO he was one of them. He tried to jump like others but every time each other. Jumped he fell and therefore he would get his green dots on him stickers on top of him and every time he fell on me he fell down he would screw up is when the leg and therefore you get another God upon him and then you try to explain yourself why he fell down in his stomach on his word and then give him another dot. Yet some response without the everyone will see someone's got the point of that then read if they hear him put a great doubt in this for no reason. That's what his life was after a while he came so discouraged. He stayed in the wards in fact he a few times when all sides. He would only hang around other we mix who had a rather good. Dot's so he wanted people so bad to make him feel better when the day he met a we may unlike any other we met her name was newly out she had male dots and she had no saw S. she was unlike any other she was just avoided it wasn't that people didn't try to give her any stickers any stars or dogs is that when someone saw that she didn't have any dogs they want to give her a golden star so they went up to her and they give a go this time put it on her but that Bowden's thought I would follow the other people realize that she's only having to go to the store and so the run up to her and give her a grade not sticker for not having a gold star but that sticker also would fall off and wouldn't stick. He asked her one day. How is it that you don't have any stickers. It's easy. She reply. Every day I go to see the would make her the wood carver Eli Yes Every day I go to him and I sit with him in the wood shop. Why. And then reassess Why don't you go find a for yourself and then with that she skipped up and went away but you will want to see me he thought to himself that night he was to the windows. He was a wee makes when they run scurrying around giving signals to one another star isn't but to one another and he finally decided that he would go and see the light. So the next day he walked his way up that long path to the top of the hill where he knew the Eli the wood carver the webmaster was up there and he went up to the top of the here and they stood at the ferry peering inside the wood shop not seen anyone have been afraid he finally decided to turn away and to walk away but as soon as he turned. Around too. Well we heard his name. Until now low. The voices deep in strong PUNCHINELLO Stop want to know how good to see you comin. Let me have a good look at you. He looked around him a Punchinello. And he saw a punch in the wall had all these gray dots all over. He says I see that it like as an ingrate to you. President punch another said but I try to do good. I mean child I really tried my best. I didn't mean to Eli. Or you don't have to defend yourself. I mean chow. I don't care what the other we mix thing you don't know I should. And you should neither have they to give stars about us then we makes it just like you. What do you think there's another country. Oh all that matters is what I think and I think you're very special to me. Me special to you why I can't I can't walk past my pain is peeling Why do matter because I created you with my own hands and you're mine once you never want to know never had any one copy and like this before was less his maker every day I was hoping that you would come up I came because I met someone who didn't have any more. Why didn't he. Yes yes and make a why didn't the sequel stick upon him her because she had decided what I think is more important than what they think this think will only state he said if you will let this secures we're only stay if you let this it was only as think if it matters to you. That's the only reason why. The little you trust my love is sick my prey's the less you care about receiving the stickers of praise and. But then for Mother we Max. I'm not sure truly understand he said you will but it would take time you got a lot of work but every single day in your devotional time why don't we come to me where I can tell you about how much I care about you. And as PUNCHINELLO was leaving that would shock and as he walked he believed the words of his maker. The same he cared about him and as he that thought entered into his mind of God the law from here beloved to day more than ever before we live in a world today that seeks the praise of people rather than the praise of God In other words we try to live our lives according to the approval or disapproval of others this morning and how thoughts enough feelings are either elated or depressed. Depending on how we have been treated for that day as someone treats us value we're going to feel bad that there's something cheaters good. We're going to feel good for that they were beloved as the people of God We should be dependent upon what God thinks of us this morning. Rather than what people think of us here this morning. Amen. We should be concerned about the souls about the people tried to give to us and neither should we waste our time trying to give our stars about either but even though we may judge others by all standards and others judge us by their standards at the end of the day we are still fellow we merit. This morning. That is why we need to go to our maker every single day. So we can learn how much he really loves us here this morning. And as we go inside it is free to sit at the feet although the maker of this morning and every single day of our life we will learn no more how much God really loves us and then we learn that we are special to Him because He created us and he did. Old I think for us when we learn how much we care for us would not be concerned about what other people think about us. So this morning. Why don't you come to your maker. What do you come to come secure in his love one a new home in the third world both how much you care of them all this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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