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10. Relying Wholly Upon Our Savior

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • May 7, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Of life. You may be in we need to be thankful that God is willing to save us is willing to save other people you men were all on the same level here this morning the Bible says here in verse twenty three all have sinned and come short of God's glory as character. Now some people say Lord forgive me for coming. Short and some people people believe that coming short all shortcomings are not real since but the definition of sin this morning is actually to miss the mark. So whether you missed the mark by a lot or you missed the mark by a little it's still a sin is money. Amen. And it's a nice way to say Lord forgive me for coming. Sure we don't like to use the word sin Lord forgive me for being a sinner for sinning done wrong. It was my mistake. I'm the one to blame but instead was a lawyer. Please forgive me for my shortcomings in the sound nice pleasant sound way better than the wickedness of sin right. How could we as church members sin and so we see short comings coming short but God wants us to realize that we are sinners and we finally realize that we have sinners and we have sinned all have sin. I mean there isn't one person in this church that has not sinned is impossible. The bosses all have sin but when we finally realize that we sin how we didn't justify look at verse twenty four The Bible says being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is increased use the process of being justified. How freely this morning when we are really. Is that we are sinners the Bible says this morning that we are justified freely by His grace this morning. You see it was a study of the book of Romans during the Dark Ages that brought about the great reformation in Europe sawed off in Germany and Martin Luther in a great way a great movement and back then the red mist church used to teach that you could get right just as we've been studying righteousness remember that you could get righteousness by purchasing it never heard of indulgences of penances you ever heard of that penance. They had in badasses where you could actually pay money to buy a paper that said you received and dabbed as means in other words you could indulge in sin. You could get away out of purgatory. You could pay you were so you could get forgiveness for Passons. And also thirdly you could actually pay money so that you'd be forgiven for future since how that one and the church actually deceived the people to believe that you could actually pay your way for salvation and then penance came penance was a way that you would work hard in order to work to earn your salvation also a Martin Luther he believed there so work you know what pilots there is right and rare. He was working on his knees I believe you walk on to me so many times you will be saved as well. Q. nobody's needs and we funny we sort of top the words from scripture whispered in his ear. You know what those words were The just shall live. By faith not works by faith. He got up his knees and went back to Germany and he when he proclaimed the Mrs and he started teaching and a university a Wynberg writes is by faith in the book of Romans is sort of in song but he started preaching on teaching on the book of Romans righteousness by faith and the world came out of the Dark Ages and the church came to church as came all of the Dark Ages because of the teaching of righteousness by faith. Now and by all this is are not so common today but Christians today have gone back to the Dark Ages and believe that some work must be done in order to purchase righteousness once again. There must be something I must do in order to be saved. I have to do this and I have to do that and I have to do something and other to purchase to earn my way to get that salvation but the bulbous says we are justified. What freely by the grace of God is ONE Amen. It is free. It doesn't cost anything. You cannot work forward. You cannot earn it. The both of you are justified freely it's free. There's nothing we need to pay. There's nothing we need to do to a ping righteousness the Bible says it is free to air where we see this morning. Amen. But not too many people realize it this morning. Some people say there's something we got to do and one person even said well I know the thing we need to do we need to pray. That's all we need to do works. But if a prayer is a means or works then we're no different than the realm in the day Hindu be very low T. who has a prayer certain amount of prayers and order to be saved. There's a little different. There's a difference between saying a prayer and true prayer. According to the Bible. Now if someone was to come up to you and illustration and and ask you for food because they were starving. And decided to give them food because they're worthy So if you give them food and later on they went up to the person and you gave food to and they asked them what happened. It's a well this person which was you. He gave me some dinner but he made me work for it and then they asked him Well what how do you make you work for it. Well he made me ask for it he said but we love it. Asking is not work this morning. Amen. In the same way God. When we pray and dog gives us His blessings we can a say he gave to us because we work by saying our prayers we love this morning. Amen. We cannot say that this morning prayer is not the work saying a prayer and true. Prayer is two totally different things. Through prayer is just the Thankful Sept ins of God's free gifts this morning. Amen. That's all it is people are made prayer and have the rose reason to be that whatever. And pray pray as a means to some people maybe news in as a way that if I don't make an appearance today I'm going to make a nuff tomorrow. Or maybe I do. A lot of prayers today. So tomorrow I can ease off on my prayer but it's just a form of works beloved as morning for we are justified freely by God's grace if you understand this. Let me hear you say amen. OK Romans Chapter twenty three verse twenty four This could be on. Study of Romans Chapter three The Bible says being justified freely how we justified freely the question by here is Gray's through the read then Sion that is in Christ Jesus. Now that word we don't shit. What does that mean something. What I mean by a bad something you by a bad. So we are redeemed. So another was always turn to life. This morning. It couldn't be given for nothing in hand to be purchase it had to be bought by but we had nothing to buy back with So Christ and self bad are bad and then he gave it to us freely. Amen see each other. Life is presses very costly but the only one that could buy is so expensive. Was Jesus Christ himself and he bought it back and he gave it to you and me here this morning when we did in the bad back with the gift on the on the papers here that were handed out first. Peter one eighteen nineteen knows the Bible says fear is much as you know that you were not the bought by recruit the Will things or things of this world a servant girl or money or you know anything from your vain conversation we see by tradition from your fathers. But with the precious blood of Christ as a lamb without blemish and without spot so we were brought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ as morning Amen. Now what is the blood like at the next verse in the Vatican seventeen eleven in this paper for the life of the flesh is in. The blood. So in the blood is the what flesh so that both of you. Brown were brought back with the precious blood of Jesus Christ another were the same were bath bath with the precious wild life of Jesus Christ. Where on the cross of Calvary You see we love justification. So base in is very expensive this morning in men. There's no such thing as a cheap grace this morning. So Beijing is very very expensive so expensive that not one of us here this morning can purchase or own it here this morning. No matter what works. You may do no matter how much money you may give it doesn't matter. None of us has the power debility to buy deceleration this morning. There's only one human I could and did it and his name is Jesus Christ as money Amen. He brought this expensive gift and he paid it with his very life he gave up his life he died on the cross of Calvary for you and me and then when he gave his life and brought it back then he comes back. You say you don't have to give me a penny for this but I give it to you. Freely this morning. Amen. And he gives it to you and he gives it to me this morning freely and religion and churches and doctrines and dogmas and beliefs have perverted the gospel to believe that yes I have faith. But there is something that I must do to earn my celebration is not to be love this morning. Salvation is free this morning according to the Word of God. Now what happens when we try to do the works of the law. Look at Galatians two verse twenty one the next one in your paper past said I do not frustrate the grace of God Paul says for Paul said thought if righteousness con by the law. Then crisis is dead in vain. If we can work our way to heaven on earth in a way then Christ this on the cross is completely worthless. It would have been better Below that we had said from the beginning said I were earn my way to heaven earn my own salvation and save Christ but trouble dying on the cross for us. Amen. What's the point of Christan on the cross. If you're going to earn your way to salvation this morning beloved You frustrate the grace of God When you think you can work your way or do your way and make it to heaven without Christ what you're saying is Christ. I've known you first read the Koran the first regard for using God Christ. You don't even have to die for me because I can buybacks ovation when my own strength my own works. It's a free gift and what a blessing give it is to us this morning. Amen righteousness like you. Verse twenty five what the God the Father said for Jesus Christ to do the Bible says who God this is a challenging text who God has set forth talking about Jesus God said for Jesus to be a pulpit to ration through faith in his blood to declare his rights is for the remission of sins that are pass through the forbearance of God I'm going to break down his text Melissa look at the first word God said for Jesus Christ to be appropriate to Asia now where perpetuation means sacrifice sacrifice. So God So for Jesus Christ to be a sacrifice this morning the word remission means passing over no sacrifice let's look at that word people think of cycles. As our wrath of a god that needs to be a peace to be sued. But we live in it is foolish this morning to think that God is angry with us and that he will not forgive us this morning is not true. And that he needs to be sued is Mayor foolish to believe that God then often isn't so true here in self by which he is satisfied with what we've done. We love it is we who we hired a sacrifice not God and His goal was actually who provided the sacrifice and not us or he the religions. We provide they provide the sacrifice to the gods but the law is the one that provided the sacrifice in the first place. Amen. Contrary to all heathen religions. Now what they Crites do for us on the cross look at your papers again. Colossians one twenty one to twenty two knows what it says here. And I knew there were some time alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works yet now had to be reconciled in the body of his flesh through death to present you holy and blame a bow and we provable in his sight. Paul is saying here at one time in your life were never maybe. You were in your mind because you work it works at odds with God and enemies of God because you saw God to be a certain way we studied this before you remember we saw God to be a coup God a vengeful God but now I know you've been reconciled all your minds been changed by the body of his flesh through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross account. We really the god is not a vengeful God but God is a merciful and loving God to us this morning. Amen. Even chains one time you saved all the best for God and that you had to attain for your sins and you have to do these things but now through the death penalty on the cross of Calvary revealed that God is a loving a merciful a kind hearted God and now you realize that you are actually love this God amen. And you change your mind of who gathers enough so Paul is saying here. The cross reconciles us back to God amen. But the heathen idea out there is that people must provide succor Feiss to satisfy their god that you. Now you go to you have the killing of a creator right don't you see that they call the whole cuckoos receive like the tea leaves the seed of stone you happen to live where you see best of all I mean fruits or vegetables offer to be bad impelling God is Pele right. One of those law is actually guess as a gift to the gods to appease a rock of the gods or para for how we've gone astray from where we should be at how the land is being taken away and everything you hear that a lot of right. We need to appease the gods and Pelly So the search for Jasmine's will come down upon us is that not true and what happens is when they feel that God is angry they give a sacrifice and when they believe that their god is very angry they require a greater sacrifice called human sacrifices. Human sacrifices and Christian persecution and with people and Christians who have been persecuted. By other Christians is just an extension of this heathen worship this morning of sacrifices you see religious leaders believe our salvation is by works and if so vision by works then we must are told him for our sins by offering gifts of works to our God and what they've done is in the past they offered up this group of people who went against the teachings of the church who offered these people as we balance people as and they thought in a bind as a sacrifice to God in heaven to appease the wrath and then go of the god are you following me. Righteousness by works leads to other thinking that you must have peace God or His anger he's a vengeful God and therefore it will always lead to human sacrifices and persecution in the last in the in the Dark Ages was always based upon this principle right is by works led the people to kill the true Christians as forward to the last days. All that's going to happen in the last is a repeat all writers by works. The churches are leaning toward writers of my works. And if it's by works and I have to earn it and not the total for my sins and I have to please and satisfy this vengeful God and then all of a sudden the jasmines aboard a fairly upon this earth in the future. There must be a group of people a sect of people who are not willing to obey God because they're worshipping on Saturday the wrong day they're fair are bad in heaven means to be a peace. He did receive his anger because the judgments the earthquakes of falling the tsunamis are coming to need to be gone in Heaven has to be a P.S. and therefore we must sacrifice these humans who are disappearing God's law you follow and it's want to belong. Our concept of God affects how we treat other people. Berner persecute because they believe that God's realm then is responsible for the God's judgment of God and they must sue the vengeful God But before we point a finger. What about us this morning. Do we live a rices by works in our life. Do we feel that we have to sometimes said other people straight to fan of the by a bow right. So God can bless us and our church once again. Do you fear that we have to use force to make sure people doing the right so God won't send his curses and a judgment upon us and his church. Do we fear that we must atone for our sins in a tone for the sins of people in the church the things that are done must be done my way or the highway. For the God blesses people once again always thinking is just the same thinking of righteousness by doing the works of the law then we must atone for our sins. And please an angry God Now continue on our side we learn what sacrifice was this call back to Roman three verse twenty five and it says here. God is so far. Jesus Christ to be a sacrifice through faith in his blood so they also have faith we learn blood is life. Suppose a faith in Christ life on the cross and then a salute to declare here is right. Just this for the remission of sins that all are when pass through to for parents of the patients of God So God speaks his righteousness. For the remission on the passing over all of sins that all are specific universes the sin that are when. In the past about what's says here. You see when you said Jesus Christ into your life God would not see your sins anymore but the righteousness of his Son Jesus Christ. Amen. Not only that when you said Jesus Christ into your life God sees Jesus now in you and not you in email are so that now when God looks said you. He'd see Jesus he treats you as if you were Jesus himself Amen. And Say that again when God sees him you accept Jesus you are God looks down at you and he sees Jesus in you he now looks a new as if you were Jesus himself this one. Amen. And I sometimes have a hard time to wrap my mind about around that. But God see the red right as he sees you need to treat you as if you were Jesus Christ when you accept Jesus in your life righteousness by faith not my writings but Christ's righteousness given to you and me by Faith this morning. Amen. No God Christ declares his righteousness for the past what I was to declare is right as a Roman three Verse twenty six to declare I say at this time in his righteousness that he might be just and a justifier of him. Which believe it in Jesus Christ this morning. God declares his righteousness for this time. In other words we know no need rights is to justify us in the past we also need Christ's righteousness to justify us in this present time this morning. Amen. Don nobody uses righteousness a judge. So far as to forgive us of our sins in the past but is very right as this gives us the power to have victory over sin and temptation in our present life today this morning. Amen. You see when right is this is in the heart. Sin is remitted or sent away for right is this and sin can appear in the same place at the same time they can exist together. The Bible says that to declare his rights is now to declare means to speak for God speaks his rights as to you and me. Now look at your papers right here. Some thirty three verse nine talking about creation. It says he spoke and it was how long did after God spoke. Let there be trees. Was there through trees. One day. Thirty seconds half a second. Maybe he could think immediately write the word spoke and he was right. OK. Going back to their says. God speaks his righteousness to God to declare I say at this time his rights to all speak his rights is this to you and me this one other words when God speaks righteousness to us men and women become righteous at that moment Amen. That very moment as soon as God says we are right as we become writers his word accomplishes what it says they were doing this morning. Amen and were make us right is if we would only believe that is were to accomplish what it says they were do now who only would be justified in saying Look at verse twenty six and says the clear I say at this time is right. Is this he might be just and the justified him. Which believe it. Jesus who only a justified. Those who believe in Jesus but what does it mean to believe in Jesus because those in the Bible also say that their boards believe but they're not justified. They're not made righteous the not see to believe in Jesus means to believe in Jesus and what he has said in his word. Amen. So let's take a look at his word and how we are justified turn to Luke Chapter eighteen. We got to go back to our scripture readings my new chapter eighteen verse nine new chapter eighteen verse nine. Who did Jesus told this story to look this is the story about the two men that went to the temple. Bible says this is Jesus and he spake this parable unto certain with trusted in themselves that there were one righteous and despise others in other words Jesus spoke this parable to those who trusted in their own watches this they were self righteous they believed that their righteous works were sufficient for salvation to get them to heaven. That's what they believe the Bible also says that these people who are self righteous also despise others. You see we love soft righteousness all ways leads to despising others of that so so frightened people feel that they have within themselves all the righteousness that they mean that we know in the Bible that only God in Heaven has the right is this that we need this morning. Amen. So these people who think they are bad are right is that they need within themselves believe that they are just. Like God himself and therefore when they think themselves as God they look bad upon everyone those because then that able to come up to my right is this that I have thus they despise insult to self to see themselves that they are better than this as we do it all the time right. We could have size you put down other people lie so that or make us look better form of self righteousness right about us as we are not the put down and criticize and talk down upon other people with the spirit of self righteousness that leads us to do this now who went to church to pray that they look at eighteen verse ten Judas went goes on tells the story he says two men went up into the temple to pray the one the ferrous see a religious leader and the other publican tax collector or known as a banker today a sinner as no one likes you have a religious leader and you had a sinner. No one likes what happened next. In verse eleven. What did a fair see say the Fair see the religious leaders steward and pray thus with himself gone. I think you that I am not like other men are is extraction or is unjust or batterers or even this public and this sinner. Now want you to notice that this some of the C. Christian was then. Comparing in self and judging others to prove himself that he was actually better and deserving of salvation. The harder the heresy compare his works to other breast to all he said I fast twice in a week. I give pies a bar that I possessed I want you to notice that he we live upon. One is external is all side works to show that he was saved. But we love it. This morning our side works is not a safe index of true spirituality. We can appear right just on the outside Jesus said but be wicked on the inside of the not true. And so he tried to point to is all good works but what you know is what did the sin and do like a verse thirteen and the public in the sinner standing affair often about going to church would not lift up so much as his eyes into heaven but smelled upon his press saying God be merciful to me a sinner the sinner realize that he was a sinner and this realisation made him humble and depended upon God what are the some of the worst sins that are out there. People say that out there homosexuality murder rape. You know worse worse is out there in society. And they are evil the wicked sinful thing we were to disagree with that but I want you to read this quote with me subsequence P. thirty on this paper. Gladys now we guard all Syrians as of equal magnitude. There are degrees of guilt in his estimation different type of sins different levels. Some are worse than others as well is that enough man and look at the next both princes the drunkard the outside sins the drunk good is the spies and is told that is sin were excluded from heaven while all cried. Can you see pride. All the time in our time some is in the party rethinking pride in the minds right. But you can't really see it so inside selfishness. It shows only the outward life but sometimes people suffers in the heart and not saying it right is kind of lets you go right on the inside surface this covetousness they can be hidden sins. Too often go on the beauty that this all the sins that are especially pensive to God worse then the drunkard the homosexual the murderer the rapist and then it says here will print he who faired into some of the grossest sins these gross and by we think all may feel a sense of his shame but listen to this and poverty and his need of the grace of Christ but pride. Feels no need. And so it closes the heart against Christ. It does make sense it makes sense to love when I was prideful Even my life I never thought about God Why would I need God when I had everything in our I live my own life I had all the right as I needed and all the friends I needed. I didn't need a god in my life a private person wholly rejects dependence upon God resents it and what we need to realize this morning what Jesus is saying to us and what he's saying to us is this you are a sinner. You have to change and you need me this morning. Amen. We need Jesus Christ this morning who ended up being just if I look at verse fourteen. I tell you. Jesus said this man this humble man went down to his house justified justify means made right his or saved rather than the other not the not the church member. For everyone that exact and so shall be humbled and he did Humble insult shall be exalted I want you to know those beloved the sinners prayer and not the church members prayer was the one that was answered in this story. Amen. The sinners and not the church member was justified made right his and was saved. It was going to men coming to church that was saved in his story. It was there when there was a sinner who was repentant that was saved. Why because the sinner put no trust in his own works where the church member assumed the righteous next not the words but again rights homosexual who is repaint tent. Will say whether church going deacon was last there Bastion performing physician who was repentant was saved. Right. Upright for elder was lost. He found a caning a bachelor who was repentant we'll see whether safe righteous church going member was lost. According to the story of Jesus was when we're truly humble before God that he has news to us. There's a quote I want to show you the last one here. This quote I remember we might call it was put up upon the wall inside our dorm lobby. I'll never forget I said look at in this weep thinking about the word the said nothing is apparently more helpless and I felt helpless at that time. Nothing is apparently more helpless yet really male or invincible. Then the soul of the feel it's nothingness and realize holy upon the merits of the Savior Amen. There's nothing the invincible or than the person who feels the nothingness who feels the hopelessness who feel that there's a penance upon. When he is made a pole fall and depending because of God's power for when we are weak. Then we are strong when we are broken then we are here when we are humble then we are exultant in the Son of God This morning this morning we need to stop the pending upon what we can do and start depending upon what God can do in my life and in your life. This morning. Amen. If you would only be humble. If you are probably for the penny you can do there will be no power in your life. The being the poet in the church and when you believe that there is a goal who is all powerful that you can take the little you the sitting here this morning little me and he can manage to make you and take all of Heaven's power and putting within your body to be used as a minister for him God there is not a limit as to the part of a God can use in the Holocaust district to love him in bad one. So used to he was a call you to ministry probably love you cannot do with your own pride. You must sense to nothingness this morning. You must sense your helplessness and then I am of heaven will come to your aid and give you have a power in heaven to do his work. This one. Do you believe that with me. I believe I would all my heart this morning. Your need to throw our hands up in the air and allow Jesus to take control of our lives. Many of us have been driving our own lives and taken a wheel of our life. And many of us feel that we can take control. We make a mess of it. God wants to do is he wants us to give up the wheel and let him take over take over the driving this morning we love. And it is going to sing a song. That's a title Jesus. Yes. Take the wheel. That's your song of a story of this woman who is driving the car and a baby's in a back seat in a black ice. High speed and spinning around. And why sees there and scared to death. She who has a hands in the air and she cries out to her God Jesus Take The Wheel go out saves a life and she's sitting there to realize she's been gone away from God and she needed the pray for the first time in a long time she bought her as a lawyer gone the wrong way. Take the wheel of my life. That's what God wanted to do this morning this morning. Why don't you let Jesus take the wheel of your life is this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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