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11. Never Good Enough

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • May 14, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Many within the church have felt that they were never good enough. I've never felt that way on the OWN anyone who felt that way. What this we've been here was that they had never truly understood from the Bible the understanding of what justification by faith means in the Word of God for the truly understood then there were never feel truly and stay in that situation of never being good enough because of this many people have felt this found it discourage because they have always felt never good enough. So this morning. May God help us to understand when the Word of God What justification is so that we may truly experience the salvation of God this morning. Let us pray Father the Word is open. We humbly ask that you may help us Lord who understand your word. We thank you. In Jesus' name as Christians. Is there any room for bursting with the Bible says the Bible says where is boasting then it is what exclude it. In other words there's no room for it in the Greek there's no room for bursting. And this is by well all of works. No but by the law all faith another words there is no low room for both thing when it comes to being justified to be made right is when it comes of salvation to be born again there's no room for bursting among Christians this morning. Amen. Now liking to be no boasting among Christian look at you read papers and I just did this all we can go through the sermon better as we study all. Swear to god we put in a couple of pics here and spear pops of course we'll look at if he shouted to verse eight and nine the bow says For by grace all you see through faith and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God Not of works lest any man should wild boast. There's a correlation here now between boasting and submission by works and by grace through fame. OK Now boasters one who brags or one who talks about what he's done. Maybe just talks about what he's done. Now if you believe you work for your salvation then a power says that you will boast you believe you are saved by works then you will boss but when we realize we are saved by grace and not by works this morning and that is a free gift then we will not boast according to the Word of God We're not balls. Now what if I said to you. I'm going to give to you a brand new car if if you work hard for it. This summer you work very hard. I say you work hard then I'm going to give you a new car. If you work hard. Now the end of the summer. You worked very hard and true to my word I gave you this brand new free car through them. I want to give this car because you did work for it and I gave you the car because you did work hard for it. You then able to tell everyone that you see this brand new free car. There's nothing of brand new car because you had while I worked for it right. So in a sense you can both tell people that I did this. That's why I received the brand new car they see that we love. Now when if I gave you a grand. New car as a free gear. Now you couldn't work at all for them for that because for the moment the moment that you begin to work for this free gift. It is no longer a gift anymore. You see that I give you a present for whatever you give your present. Remember you were even our slave little bit for it in the snow Mangere if we get right now because it was a free gift you would then not able to tell anyone you got the car the free car because you had worked for it. Are you following me you can not bear also tell that because I got this free car. I I had got this record because I had worked for this free car. You cannot tell that no woman no person could boast of this free gift of a new car in the same way if you're earning a serve they should buy you works then we love you have every reason to boast this morning and say that again if you earn your salvation this morning by your works then you have every reason to bear was because you had a part in the subdivision. If you were saved by works then the righteous would blame So if there were ever the wicked and then they were constantly compare themselves with each other as of who had done the most about us is comparing themselves against themselves is not wise the Bible says they believe a good works are the result of salvation and not the prerequisite for salvation this morning. Look at your bible text here. What is the reason why person Bowls have become too verse for another to says here. Why a person is pride for both the says Behold his soul which is lifted up or prideful who barely. There is not right. In him. In other words the reason why a person boasts or is prideful is because their soul is not up right. Another was they have they have seen their lives. Another was their truth their not really converted the unconverted according to the Word of God Their view is that they have a sinful heart and that's the reason why people barely of why they're more writers than the other people or put on other people in the church why they're sinful and I'm not like you first on top the one percent know what the Bible says a person who burns of the righteousness and cleans after they have lived without sin for many years. I heard people say I've lived without sin for so many years was about to say about the person who claims to be sinless what the Bible says first on top the one verse eight about what says if we say that we have no sin present tense. We deceive ourselves and the truth is not what who is the truth. No way the way the truth. So Jesus is the truth. So there is a say they have no sin when they live in a sin this life. They are deceiving themselves. And Jesus is not within them to love this morning. Now what happens when we compare ourselves our sins to give first John chapter one verse nine. If we confess our sins that we have sin with sinners was with we've seen in he is faithful and just to do two things to forgive us our sins number one we love and to cleanse us from man right as money Amen. And the other was he forgives us as if we confess. We have sin. He not only for gives us his but he gives us victory over sin this one. Amen. Victory over sin and forgiveness of sin comes because Be Love. We realize that we have seen in this morning. Is only would acknowledge that says that we are forgiven and cleansed from losses and it's only when you realize that we are sinners the God then forgives us and keeps us from sinning we love but if we say we don't sin then that is evidence that we have sin in our lives and that was in the plan of salvation. There is no room for human bears thing or human cry this morning. Amen. Nor will the whole human boasting at all. That's why I says you cannot bear this there's a Christian look at his calls here I'm going to be to you from outside Apostles G.Y. page five sixty two says here. Let burns a few inclined to make a high profession of holiness look into the mirror God's law as this seems fair which in claims and understand his work as that the sun not the thoughts and intense of the Heart Day will not while a barrel stop what sin this they will not bear most of sinlessness look at the next school Bible echo December first one thousand nine hundred two and you white paragraph five the coal so you come to Jesus. The mayor what fair to you appear you know nine the men for your vision will be clear and your imperfections will be seen in distinct contrast with his perfect character this morning. Amen. May was this the leader in the wilderness came down from the mountain not merely that his face shone belonged with the glow of the character of God This morning a man but I knew the prophet. Whom did look to find faith with him in the confines Mayfair within this man and all confined will soon. Pray to God. That we had Cindy love this morning. Amen. John the Baptist can't budge is the greatness of a prophets said he was not worthy to unloose the sons of his master this morning the Apostle Paul facility the greatest of and the early church said he was the chief sin is this morning Bill. Of Amen. But also we come to Jesus the man who confessed that we are sinners in America pessimist sinners. The man who is then reflect the beautiful character of Jesus Christ this morning. Amen. And if any saint was ever best in heaven there would immediately be sin but this would never happen but every minute into heaven. Eleven. This morning we have fully learned the lesson that it was God who will save them and he deserve all the on her glory and praise this morning we want to say let me say amen. Now what is Paul's conclusion Turn to Romans chapter three verse twenty eight Romans chapter three verse twenty as the Bible says Boss says we've been studying this three choppiness is there fail or we conclude that a man is justified or made righteous we study that with the salvation by faith without apart the without the deeds of the law or the works of the law. No one is justified or made righteous without the works of the law this morning and because they are sinners and can perform the reverse of the lead. No matter how strong their desires. In other words justification is by faith alone in the beginning of the Christian life in the end of the Christian life. And all the way down throughout the whole Christian life as a Christian. It is by faith and faith alone this morning. And the Christian Kelly be just fine. Any different from the sinner and the Christians can never get so good in this Christian way all they hear one day be justified by his works but we're not justified by faith and works as a five by a faith which works to love this one. Amen by love which works. By love a true faith will work a first day would not work to fate would bring the righteousness of Christ into our lives this morning. No food make boy to abolish the Law of God look at woman chapter three verse twenty one thirty one by Will says is he the God of the Jews only is it not also the Gentiles Yes of the Gentiles also saying it is one God which are justified to circumcision by faith and he on circuses and through Faith is the same god. Everyone's on the same equal playing what has the sinful flesh. This is in verse thirty one. Do we didn't make the really a making of money fed the law all through faith and those Apostles Paul says gone for good. Yea we established the law this morning. Amen. In other words faith beloved is mony establishes the Word of God this morning. Faith to bring into life the very life of Jesus Christ this morning and because Christ was appealing to all of the commands of God that very life for Christ will come with us and we have become or be the end to the commands of God Also this one. Amen. Now there's a lot of works and the law of faith here this morning. Now there's two different types of settings where there are people out there who believe in what they call cheek or. Ace and that means that it doesn't matter what you do you can do whatever you want and still love God and you're going to be saved us one group and then there's another group on this side. And this group believes in keeping the commandments of God this money men which is what the Bible says when that happens is within this group according to Paul. There were two different groups. There's a layoff a need people and the layoff words people and they all have the same goal and the whole going in the right direction they want to keep the commandments of God which is good but unfortunately what this group does move in this direction I'll say about ninety five or ninety eight percent or blowing in the direction of the law of works rather than the law of think this morning beloved who have the same goal. The same beatings. But they have when major difference. The Princeton New believes in the lab works. They have to do works in all to be saved. Never up Payne's true righteousness that a person who believes in a law faith in order to be saved. Truly a pains true righteousness this morning. Another person affairs allowed works is not always the hypocrite we love this morning for they have a sincere desire to keep the commandments of God but there does see that they can work them out themselves. This morning with the landmarks they see the person of believing that a form of blah leanness is good enough for them and I would appear in righteousness of the pair Ferris's but the present. Affairs a little faith will receive Christ and His righteousness and with us. Receive the very. Substance the true right is there's a south within there like this morning. Something you know this morning. They came from a background of independent Ministry still speaking there self-supporting ministries in different locations still and so I come on back on seeing this right is this by work the rest by faith and realizing that a lot of people didn't truly understand there are thirteen into the the human right is this of the law and God had to open my eyes or that's what I wanted I wanted the obedience of God but I was going through the different wrong way up human words I do not truly understand. Right. It is my faith as it was and Romans. There was a Bible working here and. Very strong sticking to strongly in the but I was sort of prophecy remember one day our walking around a corner and there I saw him. This sitting down there against the wall and I did I didn't notice him at first I stopped and I looked down and there you was this looking down says what's wrong and says pastor and he's aware suspenders very strict very strict in his in the health help laws and so he's a pastor's of what's wrong with you he said he put a suspended the flatted and he said it's all a form. It's all a form and he came to the realisation the same day as obedience to God's Commandments is good but he realized he would do it the wrong way he had only the form of Dolly ness denying the power there of it was only a form to him we were lies they did. Have the two substance of Christ within his life realize that his Christian walk was only out for him within his life. Nicodemus had the same experience turned me to John chapter three verse one John chapter three verse one of the Bible says there was a man of the various seas. We learn about the Fair see what they believe appear Jesus said they appear righteous on the outside of a far do what they do right. Keep it. You guys do what they do but how the problem is not what to do it upon is hard to a pain doing what is right. Amen is two different results. There is a man of the Farriss name they could deem as a ruler of the Jews a well respected man in a church. He was the first he knew them well you believe in obedience to the law that was in the process the same came to Jesus by night and said Him Rabbi we know that doll art a teacher come from God for no man can do these miracles that all doers except God be with him. So this Pelosi came to Jesus and he what he wanted to do was he. Well Ted to talk to Jesus about the great things that he had done he brought the subject about many miracles. So he brought that to Jesus. Now how did you just responded to by what says were three words he was a talk about different subject notices it says here. Jesus answered and said unto him. Verily verily I say and to be except a men B. was born again he cannot see the kingdom of God this morning. Amen. And then with Jesus. It made this parasitism knowing whether they could be. Had just said he they didn't read where he was direction he was headed and said he went to the heart of the matter this morning but she doesn't talk in the Can he was about the miracles that he did but instead he talked about the foundational truth and was one must be born again this one. Amen. He we directed his thoughts to being burned again to be justified to be made right as to obtain the wretch's a crisis of salvation. That's what he was fucking his thoughts through now ever look at the mess was well respected didn't understand his experience of being born again look at verse ten for the second for verse verse for the BIOS's Nicodemus said to him. How can a man be born when he is old and he entered a second time into his mother's womb and be born could be him is that he you have a clue about a hundred one was saved for he was not saved himself we love this morning. Amen. He was a men who knew all the church standards. He was a man who had the Bible prophecies. He was a man who thought about going to police. And they're all good but the lending that he did not. There was a spiritual leader which was truly important was Hall. One was to be truly bad again to love this one. Amen. And that's why we've been studying the book of Romans to truly understand how is one born again how's one to justify sanctification How is one made right just how is one a thing the right is this of Christ within our lives and that's why we've been studying this and the same We've been out there many in the church today who met all of the church standards who know all of the Bible prophecies who know all of the doctrine of beliefs. But the ranting that they do not know it. Jesus Christ and how we're on is it trying to say this morning. Hello. Now what did Jesus. And Satan they could be as John chapter three verse ten or the Bible says. Use the sense of the Senate to him Art The master or teacher of visual noise not these things but you claim to be a teacher and you don't even know the foundational truth. All right. Is this by faith not by the works of the lab but by the works of faith. Don't you not know the foundational basic simple truth of the Word of God a teacher not to such member. Do you not know how to be born again and I believe Jesus as soon as the same question is morning. How can you be a Seventh Day Adventist Christian this morning and not near the foundational truth about how you can be born again this morning the prison there so forth in Red Wings and Galatians teaching us the basic principle of what one must be do to be same. How can we not know how can I not know how could I not have known in the past. How could I not only known. Well the lab works and not truly understand the principles of rightness by Faith this morning. She needed to miss was trying to go in a different direction and Jesus brought him back and seven straight in the most important principle and I read you this quote here. Manuscript reduces page one forty three. This is here. There need to be fair mirror lessons in the ministry of the word are flooded through conversion and say that again they need to be fair many lessons in the ministry of the road of true conversion and again they are not the only game in it's all there run by. Actions not the actions of good we believe that praise God for doctors. Amen. Praise God But this is going to bias and then this preposterous and then needs to be Fame many are untrue conversion then also a comparison. Then in comparison to teachings all the arguments all the doctrines of all faith in men and then it says here. Right because this faith it is faith easier and natural for the heart that is not under the control of the Spirit of Christ to choose doctrinal subjects rather than the proper call conversion Amen. In other words the UN can bring to a halt this morning. Naturally lets the focus on the doctrines not to lots of focus on the standards nice not to like to focus on the prophets gave their good will and then it is to be born again because when who is not come British will love will not want to talk about conversion as money men. Well now would you want to talk about conversion. When you like look at the mission not converted yourself. So the Spirit of Prophecy is easier shown is from experience with Love you can talk about policies. You could talk about standards and doctrines when you're not converting but rather when you talk about being born again when you're not born again it pokes the heart the spirit conviction you. It shows that you are not born again. So you want to stay as far away from the topic as possible. This morning. God wants of people who understand the principles of Rights is by freeing the message God has given to our church the spirit prophesy. The eighty Jonesy E.J. Wagner writes of this by fate was given to his people that may truly understand what it means to be born again this morning that we may truly be able to reflect the character of Christ perfectly when he comes below. That's what God wants was people this morning and he's waiting for you this morning to allow him to come into your life. This morning. You want in the coming years more Thus it is I let me say man this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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