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12. What is Faith?

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • May 21, 2016
    11:30 AM
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It is certainly good. You have me this morning believe that let me say man. The servant out of this morning is what is fake. What is thing. What is faith faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen without it cometh by hearing and hearing the Word of God You know there are right answers. All right answers and we may be able to give a good definition of faith. But like other things sometimes we may give a good definition of faith but not understand the true meaning within that definition is that not true. We can give a definition but maybe on the stand. What does that really mean when we say fade up a does the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen we can repeal like that faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God But what is there really me. So this one going to break down the words on the Word of God that the Bible be Zone interpreter and learn what it means to have faith. So this morning. Maybe understand the meaning that is within the definition of Faith this morning. Let us pray Father. We do humbly Yes that you me teach us you being the head teacher lord me you only use me Lord. It may be clear and simple for you people to understand Jesus' name. How he justified. Romans chapter three verse twenty and what the Bible says. Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by what. Three without the deeds of the law. We're justified by faith without the deeds of the law. Now we need to be justified or made righteous in order to be saved and is by faith that we're justified or made right is or will see in other words are also Beijing is dependent upon faith this morning. Do you see that our salvation is dependent on Faith this morning. And it is our salvation and thus how important it is for us to understand the definition of faith. This one because if our if our salvation is based upon faith then we need to understand what faith is to you and we have this money men. So we need to understand now how important is it is to understand faith turned to he was shot this eleven verse six Hebrews to me there were Bible students this morning he was shot to eleven verse six. Hebrews chapter eleven verse six is a possible to please God without fail. Does the Bible says the power says but without faith it is was impossible to would please him and the words you cannot please God this morning. Unless you have faith and how many you this morning. Want to please God let me see hands. I want to please God this morning. So in other words we must have faith this morning. If we want to please God we must do it by faith. Now why is it impossible to please God without faith in me to Rome and up to fourteen verse twenty three Romans Chapter fourteen verse. Twenty three was impossible to please God with all faith you know the Bible says. Bible says and he the power of the doubt it is than defeat. Because he eat it. Not off what thing whatsoever is not of faith is what sin in other words what ever bright just out there. You may do however right you say may look I have a right as you may thing where they were right. Is that you do that is not done by faith is considered by God to be sin this morning. You see that you love so you may do the most writers out the most loving service but whether after you do that is not done by faith the Bible says is sin this morning and sin this pleases God does not the sin displease God as money. Amen. And that is why is sin this pleases God and what we do without faith is sin then that's why whatever is not of faith this pleases God You see that. So you gotta have faith this morning beloved and all to please God you got to have faith so that your works will be wickedness and sin this morning. But if you have thing it will produce truly right just works that will please God this morning. Amen. And we want to please God like you just said earlier. So do we need faith this morning. Amen. We need faith this morning and we're going to get this yellow paper here from Ellen G. White review and review inherit October eight hundred eighty nine eight this is here then mounted what the Scripture means when we urge in upon us the necessity of Costa. Bating faith is the main essential then any other knowledge that can be acquired. Amen. In other words faith. I understand our knowledge of faith is important than any other known as any other matters that can be acquired. Why because if we do what we do in life it is not benefit it's still sin That's why do you see that we love those who are the knowledge of faith as may be parted in any other knowledge that you can get it. That's on par their faith is this morning is another is a cultivating faith. Now we can't cultivate faith. We don't even know what faith is this morning. So we have to live on the Word of God What is this is how important faith is and so now that we know the importance of faith and hope it stirred you a little bit. Now we can learn and the Cerne from the Word of God through His Holy Spirit. What is Faith this morning. So turn you to the Bible to Matthew Chapter eight verse five. To a story here that interprets actually has a definition of faith in Matthew Chapter eight verse five. What's going on in this story and as the Bible says here. And when Jesus was enter into Capernaum there came unto him a centurion beseeching him. So this Roman soldier officer came to Jesus and pleaded with him. What did he plead with him for six and see the Bible says and saying Legard my servant lies at home sick of the policies paralyze and hold me sit grievously time and in very gravely ill and sick in pain. So you tell them that's what's happening to Jesus. Now what did Jesus say to the center and also the Bible says in verse seven. It says And Jesus said unto him. I will mud. I will grant of all I will come and he will here so I'll go to his hall. I'll go to your house or your servant is right and I will hear your servant. Amen. Praise God but I want you to notice what it is Centurion asked Jesus to do instead look at verse eight and nine about says here. The centurion answered and said Lord I am not worthy that power should come under my rule but speak the word only my servant shall be healed from a man under thirty having some which is under me and I say to this man goal and he goes and to another come in. He comes and to my servant do this and he do it in other words he told Jesus they will come to my house but instead he asked Jesus to what Speak the word what I am me and his servant will be what. Healed. Then come to my house. We don't need your presence. All we want is for you. Jesus to what you speak the what we heard was only right now we're only going to come back to that speak the word only and his servant would be here. Now let me just and say about this and to indicate first ten was the Bible says here. When Jesus heard it he was made of all he was amazed and sent to them the followed then they sent to you. I had not fallen soul great what faith not in what is your own amazement. Said he found OFI in all of Asia. Now what was it that Jesus consider that this Centurion there was of absolutely no great thing this morning. Tell us this we kept the secure and went to Jesus he wanted a certain thing done right and he wanted Jesus to do it but when Jesus said I'll come and do it the centurion stopped him and said noël don't come to my house but instead he said Speak the word word only am I so what servant will be here. Oh now when was it that the since when was it that the centurion expected would do the work of healing a servant What was it the word the word and something else. The word what was the Bible say beloved the word what biases the word was evilly and beloved this is what Jesus says is what Faith this morning he said there's nothing so great a faith as this man what it is meant to be said though come to my house just speak the what the heard only just said this is not only faith but this is great faith this man had great faith. So what is paid according to the Bible ought to look at this quotation here the second one. Faith is depending upon the Word of God only one independent two parts but expecting that word was evilly to do what it. The word says it would do this morning. Amen. That is Faith this morning. Faith is believing in the way they got only a speck thing that was only to do what it says it will do. Well you say with me. So you can again your mind. Thirty eight is depending upon the Word of God early and expecting that word only to do what it says it would do this morning. Amen. Now that isn't true believer that Jesus presence would heal his servant but according to the story he didn't believe his present. You said I'll give you my presents and come to your hols what the toy you know all he told him no he didn't believe in the presence of Jesus His servant is a know all rump a new is to speak the life when what Ellie not the word on your presence but the word what they only this morning they disinterred as you desire. Tell him this in turn one does not tell him what he needed to do so that he could go and hear a servant and all he said I want you to comment. All this speak the word only. But this in turn asked Jesus to tell him what he need to do so that he could do it and God strength to hear a servant. I follow me beloved No he said DOLE No don't call him. We don't your present what I really want is for you to speak the what the word only its not my words but love as the Bible is where they met the word only the security believe that it was the Word of God and the Word of God only that was able to heal a servant and it is this that Jesus called great faith this morn to see that we love great faith. Is believing in the word of Dot only and I suspect in the Word of God only took up this. What is says it will do so let's look at the power of the word this morning trying to solve the thirty three were six and you see the whole Bible does correlate in this whole story that. Jesus talked about it actually with his own words spoke about Psalms thirty three verse six. How did God create the heavens and the Earth not the Bible says here. The Bible says not pass like a Allah. But the Bible says this morning by the what word off the Lord were the one heavens mean and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth so how was all the hosts and the heavens were and the earth and how was it may be love this one. How is it made by the Word of God Only this morning we see creation teaches what we just learned above think that it was the Word of God only that is able to do what it says he would do this one you see that you love all of creation. All it does is it teaches that the Word of God and whether God all is the only thing that can create this morning. Now turn to sound thirty three verse nine Sound thirty three verse nine a few verses are not about says here before something existed what first had to happen about us here for were he what spake and it was was done he commanded and it was stood fast this was before God spoke and with speaking there must be words are you following me before he is full. It was not but nothing he spoke about or says it was in order for something to exist. God must speak this more and there must be word this more and see that we love and all are for him to be created dog must speak this morning. Now let's study from the Bible about the word Look at your paper right here and look at John chapter one verse fourteen about the word by was says and the Word was made while for that word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory. Whose glory goes on the glory as of the only one be gotten off the father saw this words glory is the same thing as the only begotten of the father now who is the only begotten of the father was turned to as like the gold text a text to make sure it's clear. John three sixteen is a For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten who son so that went by Also on the only big lot is talking about the son so as talk about Jesus saw the Word made flesh is actually Jesus made flesh. So the word is Jesus to see that he now we go down to three verse nine. And to make all men see what is the Bella ship of the mystery which from the beginning of the world has been hid in God the Father who crew aided all things by Jesus Christ. So was there anything that was created that was not done by Jesus Christ like a God who created some things that were biases. The other created most things by Jesus Christ. The Bible says. God the Father created. All things by the word. In other words there wasn't anything there was ever created. That was not done through the word. Are you following me beloved because Jesus is the word we did learn. So the whole world the heavens and everything there was ever created was only done through the word making a point here is going to get back to it. The only thing that can create is the word and that has ever created is only the word nothing else has the creative power to do it. God's presence was not what it was that created it was not his presence beloved god spots was not what it was that created. According to the Bible all things where anything that created has all any power to create it is the word this morning. Amen. But word when there was darkness. God said When you say something. What comes out of your mouth words. That's what when it was doctors God said Let there be light and there was light. Now what it is like come from it came from the spoken word with by itself produce the light. You see that when there is no atmosphere God said a word right. God said Let there be firmament and it was so what caused it to come to pass the nerd only he spoke and it was so the word spoken because the very thing to exist. God designed dry land. How could God do this again. Gawd Sparrowhawk God said let the dry land appear and it was sold. You see that when there's no vegetation. Where should this come from again God spoke and God said the Bible says which came out. Let the earth bring photographs this is God's word and it was so the Bible says again he spoke. God said Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven and it was saw again his will dart said Let the earth bring forth a living creature and it was soul. It was by the word of the labor that all things were created this morning. He spoke the word only and it was soul a man as a was in creation. So was it a redemption for he huge the sacred love with his word he cast of the devils with his word he still the temple sequins the lepers he raised the dead he forgave the sins and it was all in the things also that he spoke and it was the Bible says and the buzz of the dog is the saying yesterday today and forever. And today he still does things by his divine power off his word today and because he is still the creator of the universe. He's through the able to do many mighty and powerful things within your life and in my life through the womb of gold in the wind of God Only if you really believe this money Amen within your hands right here. Below is the Create ative Polar of Goa They created the heavens and the earth this money men. Within your hand this morning is the power to transform and to change and to make you a new person that is the creative part of the word. If you would only believe this morning we do not realize what we've got within our hands whole precious It really is this morning the Word of God this morning is powerful more powerful than many lines. Now what is it that God cannot do is anything that God cannot do what is it a god cannot do is a very good student of. Praise God. I dish up the one verse two I said to sit down you have a very good. You know your picks you know your Bible. I dished up the one verse two. I this chapter one before Hebrews Chapter one Verse two What is it that God cannot do this morning. You know the Bible says here in hope eternal life with God you think about it you think God can do something but not what it says. Which glad that cannot what lie promised before the world. Began it is impossible for God to lie this morning. Amen. God can allow this morning another only because he will not lie but because he cannot lie this morning. Amen. And the reason why is impossible for God to lie is because when he speaks the creative energy that is within that very word creates the very thing that is spoken in other words this is the word light when that word the breath of God right when their word light comes out of God's mouth. Inside of that word is creative energy of light Suns moment comes out it becomes a very thing that is spoken and seen. So that's why God can a lot because the very word he says will become the actual reality we may lie I may say I'm going to the beach but I may not go to the beach my world may not come true and thus I'm a liar but God's word is soon the comes out a compass it what it says it will do this morning. Genesis one twenty seven look at it right here. Let's call a bit more into this Genesis one twenty seven years. Papers. What we created into the buses so glad created men in his own life image in other words we are may in the like this or the semblance of God There is an experiment done by Mrs Watts Hughes and he heard about this the use an idol phone which created voice figures. Let me tell you all works. They had this too that a singer with single word to give a word like law there sing a word and sing it. And that by Bray sions in that wind of the voice and the agitations had this little speckles on his long tube and maybe sand particles is shoot it up with the air and then at the end of this tube there was actually a way out that had glue or sticky stuff at the end. So it was scattered up agitated up your goal and splat everything on the wall. Now you think that at the end of this when a single word like they go they make a quarter master knows what happened. This is actually voiced figures here. When the Senate would like to say the law what happens all the parliaments was up with the air agitating and we hit the wall and now we're come if I'm off a fern or you see that hum of a fur and the next one you have to sing another one day and I will come out and. Agitating you hit the wall and act this actual This is at the actual pictures below about the actual picture that they took after his experiment left Pham of a daisy. I see that had an expat look at the other one using another word like son son right and goes a pansy with foreigners and then other want to sing like say skies no one is making example and all we come up with. Landscape form you see the rocks in the trees and the sea that you see beloved in a bread were made in the image of God in the breath is only the form of living things they see that we made in him is likeness of God So when we speak of words it creates a form of what creation looks like we see that below but doesn't have any part. There's no power and this is only a form but the breath of God There is the very living things themselves this one. Amen. For he is the living God and with him is the fountain of life and when God speaks the very word which named the thing contains the very thing itself this morning. Amen. And whatever the weather go describes exist in living form inside of that very word you see we have only the likeness of God but God is the very substance of God this morning. We have many the fame of Dahlan is where God is buried the power for the power of godliness as this money men and this is how it is impossible for God to lie simply because when God calls a thing by name and says the thing will be it already exist even very cannot be seen for the thing is within his word for his word is divine his word is creative energy his word is living in power for his word is so fulfilling and to trusted and to depend upon it is what it means to exercise faith this morning. Amen. What does the word say it would do turn to is there fifty five or stand as a fifty five. Rest in. What is the worst thing you would do as a fifty five or send eleven the boss as far as the rain comes down and the snow from heaven and returns not there but the brothers the earth and make it bring forth them but that a maze give seat to the sword of bread to the eaters. Then there was the rain comes down it accomplishes the purpose of what is the earth. It makes the plants to bud to bring fruit to give C. to the sore. So when rain comes down dog make sure that the rain accomplishes what is sent to do the questions of the earth and knows what it says him verse eleven. Shell and other words in the same way my word be that goes forth other my mother you are the same issue that we turn to me boy empty handed. So just like the law to come does what it says or do but my word again although my mouth but it. My word show accomplice that which I please and it shall prosper in a thing where to I assented the words just let the rain in Central and encompass what it says or do is beautiful out there because of the rain loss is my word when it goes out it will accomplish what it says it would do. Now they are calling a fit. Definitions of feed the people right here. Faith is believing a word of God expecting the word only to come to what it says or do not a con if it fails in this way. I used to believe in all all three of them actually. Faith is believing in God only not in his word but dissing God that there is a God and expecting the mysterious presence of God to do something but faith is not believing in some nebulous God that is out there who might. Do something if you pray hard enough Faith is believing in something substantial and does something substantial but love is the Word of God The Cogia that there is a God or you follow me. That's a sense I simply orders got to pray more and and love blood I don't need to buy I just need to love God but faith is a sense you have to believe in the Word and the word only Amen. Conniff it to Faith is believing in the Word of God only. And you doing what the Word of God says it is not you doing what the Word of God says is impossible for you this morning to accomplish what the Divine Creator Polvo of the Word of God says this morning following me the creative power God's word create the heavens light light. You cannot create this morning to love you cannot create is the word in the Word of God only on the fifth three Faith is believing in the will of God only and you doing with God strength where the Word of God says faith is not you doing what God St with the word says but instead it is the word only with Bob you and bad that are conscious of what it says it will do you are not there with Goldman he created the heavens and the earth and you are not there you are in goal when he creates within you. A new heart for all that you can do is surrender to the word and allow it. The word told Culpepper's what it says they were doing you like this one and then I said leave a look at the word all the action are still I should not there are going to try and then to do the word and not steal. That's your own works. Love this morning you allow the creative power God's word to submit. To the word this morning submit a sermon and we actually take the word submit that we take there were surrender and we make it to redefine it and make it as a word a something we got to do submit to God means that you have to do or God says to do but some minutes really means that if I'm in a Forth and you're talking me the call boys in attacking us. You know you want to hear the Indians once in a couple of attacking us and the surrounding us right. And here we are in this forward safe and secure or. And we finally surrender. That means what we're saying is OK we surrender. We're allowing you to do whatever you want to do with us. Are you following me. So when you surrender to the word what you're saying is submitted We're just saying is OK. Lord and tardo trying to accomplish what those words says I should be doing you follow me and I surrendered to the word. Therefore I allow you to accomplish the word to Congress. What it says they would do in my life and I surrender humility. I cannot do it this morning. And that's why you had people who believe that they don't need to study the Bible and they can do whatever they want or cheap grace don't believe in a beat. And so they don't need to study the Word and then there's two groups of men we study about these two groups who want to be obedient. There's one group here by workers who believe that what the whether God says Thou should not murder or thus not commit adultery. I'm going to do it in my own strength. That's words the other path is this is ninety five percent of people follow this route I see they try accomplish themselves what the word says to do right. I mean up in there and then the two percent figure it out to be obedient Yes but along the Word of God Only the creative Paul two culprits with their mother life. What is it. Said it would do within my life I love this one. Amen. That's is the Gospel here this morning. I gave the examples if you have a stormy stressed out unsettled heart as the waves of the sea you go to the scripture you bring it from memory and it says Be still and know that in God you don't try to do and be don't try to be still. But you surrender to the words right there BE STILL AND KNOW them. God and when you meet the man when you surrender then that word. Be still becomes a realisation in your life. The power of the word Another example if you are very impatient I will be very impatient go to the Texas is wait I say on the Lord Amen. And when you submitted surrender to the word of the look at it and Psalms. Wait I say on the Lord some twenty seven that word comes in my life and explodes with the creative power and within my life and it comes the realisation of my life and transforms me and I am now patients where once I did it. I'm struggling with sexual temptation. I go to the Word says flee fornication. I submit and surrendered to the word free fornication comes of my life a realisation the creative power creates free fornication I had victory over that sin in my life and I'm discouraged the bars a bit of good curtain he saw strength in your heart. I submit to the world be of good strain the be a good courage and the word creator with me encouragement in my life. We're justified by faith in my faith alone. We are not justified by any works we may do even if it's in God's strength we love it is the word and the word only. That has the power to save this morning. This morning. Are you willing to submit to the word only. My question is. How can you submit to the word. If you never read it. How can you experience a create Apollo Golding a life. If you never open the book be love. All you can have is a human power that is what this one is or we need crew in a divine power in this world. Amen. The book must be opened. Don't answer the question Mom Yaki open the word besides last Sabbath this past week and studied it. Why not in a sense for intellectual knowledge or for the sense of surrender to the word this morning. Are you willing to submit to the word this morning. My question how me this morning are willing to surrender submit to the Word of God as one of you see if you love me this morning brothers and sisters a command to you this book the Living Word and within this group contains all the Creator power that you will never need to reflect the character of Christ in this earth and in a world of this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about him or you first. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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