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What the Law Is Not

Dee Casper
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Dee Casper

Evangelism Director for UnScene Media Group



  • November 4, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Briefly unseen media group is the ministry that I work with we are basically a media ministry with the intention of creating content to reach young people and we also actively train young people to reach young people. So we have a school evangelism called Idea for which is basically a film school and the school vandalism together and it's in a ten month internship format so there's more doing than sitting so we travel and preach they preach when we travel and film a film and we're filming for a lot of the church organizations A aside you I see the end this review provide an Information Committee and anyway it's a super super awesome I'm really excited about what we do and I'm really excited and I had to travel much longer I put fifty five hundred miles on my car in seven weeks and I did two weeks of prayer in a row. I've done three in the last seven weeks. And I'm super stoked to be here. I'm a little tired but I'm super stoked to be here. I have a film a gig in Philadelphia next week and I don't do anything to you I see. And I'm looking forward to seeing my own bed for more than the span of five days. But I love it. I work for Jesus. I get to share the everlasting gospel of people from coast to coast. I absolutely love what I do and have the energy to do that. It's just once I get done speaking that to T. catches up with me but in a way that's who we are these slides are based upon the week of prayer that I've been doing around the country called What if it's better basically sharing with young people. What if religion and God are way better than you ever imagined. What if there is far more beauty to the everlasting Gospel in the Advent movement than maybe you realized and that's basically what I've been covering with them and this is one of my favorite topics to cover it's called what the law is not. What the law is not and I assure you we will not be doing away with the law this evening I assure you of that we're going to be dispelling the myth that the law and the gospel are two separate things. And this is part one of a two part message on the thirty message. So the second will be tomorrow afternoon it's called. But the gospel is not Tonight we're covering those who keep the commandments of God. Tomorrow will cover the faith of Jesus and then for divine service we're covering a message that has radically radically transformed my life in the last nine months and it's called do you want to be made well and we'll talk about that more obviously tomorrow. But again it's a privilege to be here. Danny deserves around applause because he has been here for me and more than one way it's really bailed me out. He was waiting to pick me up at the airport as early as twelve forty five yesterday and I didn't get to the airport to like eight seven or eight but he was always ready whenever the time came he be there for me and as a med student that's it that's a big deal to me and even bailed me out and get him into the treatment center they don't let foreigners in there. I guess you had to have someone else for you that you're a real person that can actually be permitted inside and we can edit that out of the recording if that's going to be too problematic for people. I just wanted to lift weights but I had to have a witness. So Danny bailed me out and I got my my new start in today thanks to him. We get a nice green juice from the Loma Linda market got sunshine I got a walkin exercise we're we're good. We're good. So let's begin with a word of prayer and it will dive into the study that I absolutely love what the law is not. Father thank You for this privilege to come into your presence to see him and I just ask that in the very special way that we would since that you were here that you care and that your plan particularly regarding the new covenant is far better than we ever could have imagined. I prayed that you would minister to us that you would encourage us and he would speak with power clarity and conviction and that you would do for us what I cannot do. We love you and we think you and we asked this in Jesus name. Amen. So I'm going to be covering the Old and New Covenant this evening and will begin in Jeremiah chapter thirty one. Jeremiah chapter thirty one this alludes. So the new covenant then will kind of define what happened with the old covenant of jeremiah chapter thirty one and will begin actually in verse thirty one. So really easy verse to remember the New Covenant Jeremiah thirty one thirty one. And it says this year. You guys move fast. Jeremiah thirty one thirty one. Behold the days are coming says the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel in with the House of Judah. Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt my covenant which of they broke though I was a husband to them. Sin is the Lord. Now what seems to be at fault here from the get go he says I'm not going to make a covenant with you like the old covenant I made with your fathers the day that I took them by the hand to leave them out of the land of Egypt my covenant which was his say in the text which they broke though I was a husband to them. Though I was the love of their lives. So what seems to be at fault here then does it sound like it's the contents or does sound like it something else. Was telling to you. The people right. There's something at fault with the people now to better define where we're coming from here. I just want to lay the framework because God says that there's something wrong with the Old Covenant So now let's read the Old Covenant to see what that was. And let's turn Exodus Chapter nineteen beginning in verse three X.'s Chapter nineteen will come back to Jeremiah thirty one. Just to kind of define our terms here we have a bible study the C.V. OK with that phrase a lord Exodus Chapter nineteen verses three to eight. X. is Chapter nineteen beginning of verse three says a Moses went up to God in the Lord told to him from the mountain saying. Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob and tell the children of Israel. You have seen what I did to the Egyptians and how I bore you on eagle's wings and brought you to myself. Now therefore if you. And deed obey my voice and keep my covenant. Then you should be a special treasure to me. Above all people for all the earth is mine and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests in a holy nation. These are the words which I shall speak to the children of Israel. So Moses came and called for the elders of the people and laid before them all these words which the LORD commanded him then all the people answered together and said all that the Lord has spoken. We will do so. Moses brought back the words of the people to the Lord skip down the verse twenty fourth. Then the Lord actually go to twenty one so God tells Moses go down to the base of the mountain and tell the people don't you dare come up here. This is not a place for you to be right now and do not come up to the top of this mountain even to the base of the mountain anything that comes to the base of the mountain will have to die animal or man either one. And had to be killed. Like with an arrow or something they can't even touch these people. So that's the first thing God says tell them don't come up here he goes up and tells God what the people have said all that you have said we will do and then he goes back up to God and God says go down and tell the people don't touch the mountain don't come up on the mountain. Lest they break through to gaze of the Lord and many of them perish in verse twenty one verse twenty two. Also let the priest who come near the Lord can see consecrate themselves little or break out against them but this is really perplexing to Moses because I just told them that I literally just said that to them and so the Moses said to the Lord verse twenty three The people cannot come up to Mount Sinai for you warned us saying sent ballons around the mountain and consecrated Then the Lord said to him a way get out of here men get down and then come up to you and Aaron with you but do not let the priests and the people break through to come up to the Lord lest he break out against them. So Moses went down to the people and spoke to them. So God seems to want Moses to be with the people when the very next thing happens now. What is the very next thing in your bible the Ten Commandments. So. God wants Moses with the people when they hear the Ten Commandments but one time now an exodus nineteen they've said all that the Lord has said we will do right now going to Axis Chapter twenty four will pull up my slide of your exes Chapter twenty four verse three and also verse seven X. is twenty four verse three. So Moses came and told the people all the words of the Lord. And all the judgments and all the people answer with one voice and said all the words with the Lord his said we will do skip down the other verse seven. They need took the book of the Covenant and read it in the hearing of the people and they said all that the Lord has said we will do and be obedient. So three times now once a nexus nineteen and twice next is twenty four the people say that all the Lord has said we will do. Now I have a very simple question for you this evening. Did it. No less than forty days later the running cat the running laps around the golden calf in pagan revelry and licentiousness It's an ugly scene that Moses comes down to by the way this is the reason that Moses comes down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments in his hands and every time I view this in my mind Hollywood does this to us they put pictures in our minds it don't go away and vision Charlton Heston with his big gnarly beard and it comes down from the mountain any throws the Ten Commandments on the ground and breaks the tablets not because God did something wrong. It was signifying what the people had just done. Yeah. So this is axis one thousand x's Chapter twenty four. So in Deuteronomy Chapter One more thing. All of the Lord has said we will do. Obviously that work out too well for them for time's sake I'm not going to read it or want to before eleven to thirteen if you want to put it in your notes you can by the way to what my notes are slides or audio no problem if that makes it easier for you. I don't own it. It's God's it's not mine. If you need it. Take it if you miss something. But in Deuteronomy four all this basically saying is that the Ten Commandments are the. It is what Moses says the Covenant is the ten commandments if there's any doubt in anyone's minds. It is the Ten Commandments. Now let's go back to Jeremiah thirty one where we were to start now we've gotten the context for that statement in Jeremiah thirty one. But I'm to go ahead and begin again at thirty one. It will read through thirty four. Jeremiah thirty one thirty one. But Whole The days are coming says the Lord I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel in with the House of Judah. Not according to the covenant that I made with them with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to lead them as the land of Egypt my covenant which they broke though I was a husband to them says the Lord. But this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those days says the Lord I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts and I will be their God and they shall be my people. No more. Still every man teaches neighbor and every man his brother saying no the Lord for they shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest of them says the Lord for I will forgive their iniquity and their sin. I will remember no more that super good news. Hold the good news in this new covenant. So the first thing that God promises to do is to have the law no longer be something that seems as if it outwardly imposed. It's now inwardly inscribed right. God is writing the law of God in the hearts and minds of his people. So does it sound like the law is going away then God forbid polls is not going anywhere but the onus of who is responsible for the keeping of the law is what gets shifted here and I'll explain more about that as we go through the message that's Jeremiah thirty one. But it gets even better because he says I will be their God and they should be my people were assuming that because we haven't kept the law that we're going to be cast off and for sake of God but he says. Donna No they will be my people and I will be their God Why because if I'm going to take the onus of responsibility. I. Well inscribed the law in their hearts and in their minds and then it closes in verse thirty four by saying that their sins and their lawless deeds. I will remember no more. Now this is beyond good news and it sounds too good to be true because the real issue and the great controversy that we really wrestle with is the fact that can God actually forgive me because the accuser of the brethren is costly telling you am God what a dirty mess that you are. Now it's his fault because he's on the tips you to make this dirty mess and as soon as you fail. He goes and tells God You see you can't keep him there mind. So he's accusing God by accusing you before God This is the great controversy situation but the beautiful thing here is that God says I have no intention of remembering your sins or your lowest it's none absolutely none. So if God has no intention of remembering your sins. Why is it that you want to continue to remember your sins. God has no intention of remembering it but we can't forget it. We refuse to forget it. We continually remind ourselves of all the ways that we failed God when God has no intention of remembering them because they've been covered. You've entered into a new covenant experience with me I have absolved you of your sin. Why are you continuing to dig up something that I've already covered. I don't even remember what you're talking about. Yeah but there's that time I did. Yeah I don't I don't remember that you stand like we have the problem of reminding ourselves of the sins we commit and God has no intention of remembering that he's already forgotten them. We're told to turn to Hebrews Paul picks up on this idea of the New Covenant and Hebrews Chapter eight. Hebrews eight. And I'm going to get in verse six Hebrews Chapter eight in verse six. Now Paul does something really frustrating. He uses pronouns and sometimes you have to go like seven paragraph. Earlier to tag the name to these pronouns. So I supply that when I preach cold writings to make it easier. So if I am putting that in there that's why he. But now Jesus has obtained a more excellent ministry in this much as he is also a mediator of a better covenant which is established on better promises. No longer is the covenant based upon man's faulty promises to God. The company is now based upon God's faithful promises to man. This is the beauty of the new covenant and it is through the hands of a mediator someone to mediate on our behalf. Now continue over seven for if the first covenant had been faultless the noplace would have been sought for a second. Right. We had the saying in America if it ain't broke don't fix it. At least in southern Illinois if you use it in sophisticated California but in rural Illinois we say that right. If it ain't broke don't fix it so I didn't go to college. Sorry but it says that there's a first come to have been faultless that no place would have been sought for a second verse eight because finding fault with them he says and then he quotes Jeremiah thirty one thirty one and thirty four that we literally just read it but he says finding fault with him. So again is abundantly clear the covenant is not the issue. It's the other party. This self confidence of the other party to be even more specific. Now skipping down the verse thirteen because he just quotes excellent reverse twelve. He says for I will be merciful to their own righteousness in their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more first thirteen in that he says a new covenant he's made the first obsolete. Now what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away. Beloved this evening. Our old covenant experience has to vanish away. It has to work killing ourselves we're frustrating God we're making a mess of the name of God amongst the nonbelievers because we're claiming that we can do something that we know good and well that we can't do and then we get so. Discouraged winds up happening is we are so confident that we will do what God has asked and we go in full bore with full sincerity and we try to keep the Law of God and it feels like we're making promises that are like ropes of sand as it always is and steps to Christ. We keep trying. We keep trying. We keep trying. We don't find ourselves succeeding why because you're trying to do something that you were meant never meant to handle on your own the New Covenant was never this idea of God saying hey this is what I want for you and I hope that works out for you and if you succeed then you get to hang out with me for eternity but if you don't succeed. It's just it's just not your luck. God never intended the covenant to work this way God intended it to be something that he would do for a man what man could not do for himself and White says specifically regarding the idea in the message of justification by faith. This is from the faith I live by. I want to live it. She says What is justification by faith it is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for a man that which it is not in his power to do for himself and when men see their own nothingness. Then they are prepared to be close with the righteousness of Christ. When we recognize our inability to succeed are our complete moral bankruptcy. So like there is these dormant faculties of obedience that lie within this that we just have to work hard enough to find we are desperately in need of a righteousness that is not ours. That's the point and God longs to supply that but when you start telling God all that you have said I will do. There's not a lot of room for God to fit into this equation if you think you're going to King candling handling this. We're carrying this burden. So eternity thirty six the expense upon this even more and then I'll make an awesome awesome read to you something absolutely awesome from the book from attorney to pass but turning thirty six. If someone had asked me what is my favorite passage of Scripture. I would be tempted to tell you as you have thirty six twenty or thirty. And actually going through as you go thirty seven hundred fourteen. I would be tempted to tell you that the creatures can have as many as they want. So in any given moment I could have a new favorite text but mine as of right now is probably in this area is equal thirty six beginning in verse twenty two. Says therefore say to the house of Israel of the says the Lord God So these are not conjecture of a man. Who knows God These are the words of God Himself. Says I do not do this for your sake a house of Israel but for my holy name sake which you have performed among the nations where ever you wince. God has a real big problem here. His mission the whole objective for the world was for the Israelites to reach the world through their example and through their teachings. This is what God desperately wanted for then it is YOUR was located in a very strategic location that people traveling from the north the south would walk right through Israel from the south to the north right through Israel and they would be continually coming in the contact with the people of the faithful God of heaven. And they would just keep being reminded the fact that many of these people got it together. I want what they had this is what God's intention was that they would be a prosperous people that they would be a healthy people that they would be a right just attractive tactful people but it just says here what we just read as you go thirty six is not for your sicko house of Israel but for my holy name sake which you have profaned among the nations where ever you went. Just imagine the very evangelists that God ordained to reach the world or cause in the world to blaspheme in the name of God. Paul says or Romans two verse twenty four. I believe he says that the name of God is blasphemy and among the Gentiles because of you actually. He says that Romans two twenty four the name of God is blasphemy among the Gentiles because of you he's speaking to the church. Why because the people of God don't look like God and people are assuming what you claim to know God and if that's what God is like I'm not interested and many of our young people right now are having the same battle in our own ranks. What. How do I fit into this thing because what you're talking about it just doesn't make sense to me that you know if this if this religious thing does not adequately represent the horror and character of God not just the expectations of God but the heart and character of God It's really hard for people to resonate they don't understand but when you explain to the New Covenant and the reasonableness of God in the sufferings of Christ. He's absolutely the most beautiful being that could ever exist bar none. And we'll cover that throughout the weekend but I'll keep going in verse twenty three. He says I will sing to find my great name which has been profane among the nations which in their midst and the nations show know that I am the Lord and I hope you're following with me yours I need your help. And the nations verse twenty three shall know that the Lord says the Lord God how. When I am hallowed in you before their eyes when you look like Jesus the world the surrounding Gentile pagan nations will know that I am. Yah way when you look like Jesus. This is what God wanted first people on not to be these tactless selfish egocentric people who don't talk to people they have cooties outside of their people groups God wanted them to be attractive to be missional to be right. Examples of himself. Yes but how do I look like Jesus. How is it that God is going to make his people look like Jesus in which will in turn make the surrounding nations want something to do with God That's verse twenty four. For I will take you from among the nations get you out of all countries and I will bring you into your own land then I will sprinkle clean water on you and you should be clean. I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols notice that God is until the people who clean themselves up were beginning to read ten. I will statements from God God is saying I will remember three times in X.'s once in one thousand twice and twenty four all of the Lord has said we will do. God is now saying I've had enough of that here come the I will. He says I will bring you into your own land then I will sprinkle clean water on you. You should be clean. Then he says I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols all those things that we're running to do a skate from God to numb our pain to scape reality. He says Oakland you from that they go running from religion even running from God Himself He says ya'll cleanse you from that. Continue in verse twenty six and I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and I will give you a heart of flesh. Maybe you find yourself in is this this cold indifference to religion to God to the things that God carcasses yell fix that too. I'll give you the abate the ability to be able to feel again. Test some form of sympathy for your fellow man some type of love and appreciation for me and the things of me and then he says and I will put my spirit verse twenty seven within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them. That's a promise he says when you enter this new covenant experience obedience will be found in your experience one hundred percent. Now what is the I don't mean to insult your intelligence. This is this is a super fancy good school but what does the word cause mean. No answers. This is a college. To take effect. What else. About to unable to impact if you were to cause someone to do something you would be enabling them or empowering them right. God says I will cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them. God says I will empower you to do what you couldn't do before when men see their nothingness right. He will leave the glory of man of the does and do for man that which is not in his power to do for himself. That is equal to six. I will actually enable you to obey the Ten Commandments he is this so again the Ten Commandments is not leaving the believers experience is not nailed to the cross and often some partisan thing. It served its purpose for a while we don't need it anymore. It goes from something this just you know actually all of our churches initially had the Ten Commandments right behind the pope. Here it wasn't just something that you looked at in church and it was right in the Bible. It was a part of you. It was a part of your nature your character it was a part of your that's what God wants you wanted to be an internal thing. Not this thing that you believe but it's a very essence of who you are were being made in the character of God in the New Covenant and the law is a transcript of his character. So in that transcript is put inside of you. It's meant to become a part of you. So the law is going nowhere but a permanent edifice inside of you. Yeah that's abundantly clear the law is not something that just is meant to go on for a while to disappear but God doesn't want to be this dry lifeless experience either. He says unusual to all the land that I gave your father's verse twenty eight and you shall be my people and I will be your God Sometimes we feel that we can't be the people of God anymore because we've just made a mess of life we stink like I'm not doing the things that God wants of me I feel like the guy in Romans seven you know that the very things that I want to do. I don't do and the things that I don't want to do I do if I lose track of thought I say the same thing twice if I said the same thing twice you know Romans seven you know what I mean right things. I don't want to do I do the things I do want to do. I don't do that we get in that situation. Don't we. We find ourselves in this absolute this cycle of destruction that we're not who we want to be and so we think how could God possibly do something for me and he says all clinch you. I'll give you a new heart. I'll put my spirit within you and you will be my people all enable you to obey and you'll be my people. So God is not cutting ties with you at all. Doesn't matter what mess you are in right now. God has every intention ability. There are no terms and conditions here in a sense of well if you are this then the new covenant is applied to you like this is the covenant to God's people period that includes everyone in this room in the most broken person this planet today. So he says in verse twenty nine and I will deliver you from all your unclean this is and I will call for the grain and multiply it and bring no famine upon you and I will multiply the fruit of your trees in the increase of your fields so that you need never of. The reproach of famine among the nations. Never again will people say that God can provide for his people. Then you will remember your evil ways and your deeds that were not good and you will load yourselves in your own site for your iniquities in your bomb a Nations. This brings repentance in the human experience Romans two four says that the goodness of God leads to repentance. This is one of the things that leads to that God would do that for me. Yes but look at me I have idols. I'm unclean. I was still only Hearts and I don't obey and yet God looks at me that way. Yeah one hundred percent. And when you see that you see that God is willing to do that for you it does something for you. This is you know I'll give a perfect example I gave a friend of mine my car and I gave it to my pastor first than he has all miracles and I gave my car to my friends I had to give it away twice and I don't have a car. I'm giving away the only car that I have at this stage and I give it to my friend it was a classmate of mine from arise and he says like he was the initial reaction he gave it was one of being upset of all things because you feel guilty. Just let me tell you something. So you know you gave this to your pastor he was a ministry and you had it you were ministry and you're giving it to me and I'm not in ministry and I said Brother you're a husband and father what you're doing is ten times as important as what I'm doing and he just felt so guilty that he just couldn't accept this gift. It was just too much for him. Now it's a two thousand and three Chevy Cavalier with like one hundred sixty something thousand miles on it. This isn't a Tesla. But still it was far beyond what he deserved what he currently had his wife was pregnant and they had a two he's gorgeous His name's Judah. It's like this tall and he's some He's half Cuban and half American and this little boy somehow developed this British accent that they just can't explain his talk with him just because of Thomas the Tank Engine. We're nearly sure it's because of Thomas the way he's adorable little blond haired blue eyed. Babe. Magnet He's awesome. And he loves Thomas the Tank Engine and you should too. But anyway he's this cute little boy and so he's got this family as a brother just take it as it will look we're going our tax returns soon and then we can is like you don't understand this is Grace baby like I'm not asking you not getting anything for me you know giving me anything. This isn't mine. It's yours. Just take it but we have this sense of guilt when we come into contact with the extravagance of God. We don't deserve it. We don't know how to handle it in this is why God said you're going to load yourselves. You're going to realize that you've been spitting in my face for years even though this was sitting right before you. I've had this experience for you all along and you're trying to find happiness away from me and you're going to what with yourselves he says so. Repentance is found in the new covenant too not just in the Gospel transaction. So that's thirty six twenty two to thirty two. But some people may be getting antsy in this room. Yeah but we've got to do something like you just can't take this like we have to do something to earn what we're getting will you. There is something we have to do the I know is of God are dependent upon your I will. I will cease working until my hands bleed to try to please God in religion. I will seize trying to work my way out of debt to the law with my own deeds. I will seize this absolute fallacy that God could never do anything for me and would never want to change me and he can't change me. We have to lay aside our old mentalities our old identities our old code and experience and choose to yield. Our wills to him. The I will is of God are dependent upon your I will. That's how this works right. So that's as if you're thirty six. So God is asking you to lay down your old come to experience of I will go into rest in his no more all the Lord has said I will do we have to rest on what God has said that I will bring you into your own land clingier from all your filth is from our idols. I removed. Heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them lay down your old come in experience of I will sit and rest in mine who says this is what God is asking of us this evening and the surrender of the wills the hardest thing in the world to do because we just have to feel like we've got some ownership in this thing. But we don't know. Remember she says when men see their own nothingness and then they are prepared to be close to the righteousness of Christ. You have nothing to offer God nothing but you. That's it. What I love about Jesus is that your piety does not impress him and your dirt does not discourage him. This is the most beautiful thing about Jesus His love for you is at the zenith no matter what you do obedience disobedience it doesn't change. We think it does but it doesn't and this is a beautiful thing that God offers us so I'm going to give the commentary from the study Bible on these this passage says God will move his followers to obedience to the power of His Spirit. This is a unique declaration about obedience as a result of God's working in humans through the Holy Spirit. Thus obedience is not our achievement or performance but to what. But the consequence of letting God work in us alone. We are not able to follow him. Power to overcome evil live in harmony with His commandments comes from a source outside of us remember there's not this intrinsic you know dormant faculty it will be in the human life that if you just work hard enough and dig deep enough you can grit it out and fight it. It's not there. There is no right to sin is in you you are solely dependent upon the righteousness of another in the obedience of another this is why Jesus had to live a sin was life to give you this. So the power to live in harmony with the commandments comes from a source outside of us only the Spirit of God can transform the hearts and enable people to observe his laws and instructions and I love this what God requires He also provide. It's this is the beauty of the New Covenant and why phrases it this way that all of his bidding are enabling and another example would be found. Actually in John Chapter five we're going to walk through this tomorrow for a church. But in John Chapter five Jesus strolls up to this guy and says Do you want to be made. Will the guy tells him all the reasons why you can't be made well and then Jesus tells arise take up your mat and walk. Now this is ridiculous. These are a bunch of medical school medical school people. He's been an invalid for thirty years. His legs are spaghetti noodles. There is no ability for him to support his own body weight the muscles of add to feed. He's a rat of humanity and all White says he's the most helpless case there and that's why Jesus went looking for him. And yet Jesus tells the man rise take up your mat and walk the audacity of Jesus. Here is mind blowing. But remember with the command of Jesus is the power of Jesus to obey the command all of his buildings are enabling us. So when Jesus told the man to rise take up your mad and walk. Jesus knew that he'd already given him power to rise take up his magic walk and she says and desire me just two or three they had this man stopped to doubt he would have lost his one chance of healing. But she said in acting upon his word he received strength. He leaned his body weight forward he chose to believe that with the command of Jesus was the power of Jesus to obey to carry it forward in any found the man was leaping around the temple like a five year old child. This man found he was looking for but all of God's buildings are enabling this is a beautiful story the message to righteousness by faith but the beautiful teaching of the message or righteousness by faith but I want to share a story with you this evening that always warms my heart. This is from the great controversy. We assume that the great controversy is this book about the End Times about the Sunday law crisis and that mark of the beast you all like this is this is the dangerous stuff. It will be and burned at the stake and all kinds of you know eschatology and so on but the everlasting gospel is all over the great controversy and the message or righteousness by faith was actually being preached in the midst of the Dark Ages. I just want to read you a quote from Pages seventy two to seventy five not all of it. I assure you. But Senator to seventy five is the range that I'll be reading from. And this is what she says the wall didn't see and saw that under the guidance of pope in Priest. Multitude were vainly endeavoring to obtain pardon by afflicting their bodies for the sin of their souls taught to trust of their good works to save them they were never looking to themselves their minds dwelling upon their sinful condition seeing themselves exposed to the wrath of God afflicting soul and body yet finding no relief. Thus conscientious souls were bound by the doctrines of Rome thousands of band and friends and kindred and spent their lives in convent cells but oft repeated fast and cruel scourging. By midnight vigils by prostration for weary hours upon the cold damp stones of their dreary abode by long pilgrimages by humiliating penance in fearful torture thousands vainly sought to obtain peace of conscience. Oppressed with the sense of sin and haunted with the fear of God's avenging wrath many suffered on until exhausted nature gave way and without one ray of light or a hope they sank into the to these people died without hope. And without Jesus. And yet they worked their guts out in religion from stem to stern and they died without hope. And without Jesus. This is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. It can't be she says Jesus died as a sacrifice for man because the fallen rays can do nothing to recommend themselves to God. The merits of a crucified and risen Savior are the foundation of the Christian's faith. The dependence of the soul upon Christ is as real and its connection with him must be as close as that of a limb to the body. Were branch to the vine. It was a wild Indians greatest joy to give hope to the conscientious in stricken soul who could only see of God a vengeance waiting to execute justice and many of us still have that picture of God even a Seventh Day Adventists. As a God a vengeance. Who's waiting to exercise justice but with quivering lip interior full I did the wardens the often on Been did me. Open to his brother in the precious promises that reveal the sinners only hope. Thus the light of truth penetrated many a dark in mind rolling back the cloud of gloom in Till the Sun of Righteousness shown into the heart with healing in his beams. It was often the case that some portion of Scripture was read again and again. The hearer desiring it to be repeated as if you would assure himself that he had heard a right. Just seems too good to be true. You mean he could do that for me. Can you read that again is specially was a repetition of these words eagerly desired the blood of Jesus Christ his sin his claims of this from all sin. As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. Even so much the Son of Man be lifted up that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life. The assurance of a Savior is love seem too much for some of these poor tempest tossed souls to realize so great was the relief which it brought such a flood of light was shed upon them that they seem to transported to heaven. Their hands were laid confidingly in the hand of Christ and their feet were planted on the Rock of Ages and all fear of death was banished you want to know how you can find all fear of death being banished from your experience. It's not going to be memorizing prophecy charts and it's not going to be memorizing scripture songs. It's going to be an experimental religion as hell awaits is that you know god for yourself that you love him for yourself and that even when you feel that he has for seeking you and left you. You're still going to stand because you love him and you know him period doesn't. Matter if your friends desert you it doesn't matter if your emotions fill you and God is nowhere to be found Go still stand because you know him intimately. These people found that and they were ready to face death unashamed all fear of death was banished and they could now covered the prison in the burning stake if they could thereby honor the name of their Redeemer in the secret places the word of God was thus brought forth and read sometimes to a single soul. Sometimes to a little company who were longing for light and truth and often the entire night was spent in this manner. So great would be the wonder and admiration of the listeners that the messenger of mercy was not infrequently compelled to cease his reading until the understanding could Graf's the tidings of salvation. I just need a minute just slowing. Like this. This can actually happen to me. Can I just have some time to think about this often with words like these with the entered. Will God indeed accept my offering will he smile upon me. Will he. Pardon me and the answer was read Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Faith grass the promise in the glad response was heard no more long pilgrimages to make no more painful journeys to holy shrines. I may come to Jesus just as I am sinful and unholy and he will not spurn the pin the gentle prayer that I sins be forgiven the mind even mine may be forgiven. Faith grasp the promise of the glad response was heard a tide of secret joy would fill the heart and the name of Jesus would be magnified by praise and thanksgiving and those happy souls return to their homes to diffuse light to report to others as well as they could their new experience that they had found the true and living way. There was a strange and solemn power in the words of Scripture that spoke directly to the hearts of those who were longing for the truth and it was the voice of. And it carried conviction to those who heard. This is the story of Bible workers in the midst of the dark ages old instance. I've seen people had this experience I've had a woman I was studying with who was in the atmosphere for movement she was not a member yet and she was just in this this life of bondage. She's never going to be good enough for God She can never really work there because everything she keeps trying to say isn't working. And I laid out to her that night the things I'm sure if you this evening and she literally just put her head on her dinner table and cried and cried and cried and cried because she finally found she was looking for rest. It's not in activity. You will have obedience in your experience but you find rest for your soul because God has no promise to do for you what you can't do for yourself. Instinctively you know that this is a fruitless venture but stubbornly we just try anyway because God says if you love me keep my commandments and I beg of you do not commit the sin of reading John fourteen fifteen and stopping there. Don't do that to people. I've had to counsel so many people who don't understand the gospel because they've been beat over the head of John fourteen fifteen. Well he says if you love me keep my commandments. I'm not keeping the commandments I must not love Jesus let's just give up on the whole thing. I'm serious as a heart attack. I've counseled so many young people through this you will. Jesus says a verse sixteen. He says and I will pray the Father and He will give you in the other helper the Spirit of truth in the world cannot see because it neither sees him nor nor knows him but you know him for he lives with you and will be in you. He's basically telling you that you will keep the commandments because the Spirit will come to help you in the Greek it's not in the imperative. If you love me. You'll do this. That's manipulation. God doesn't work that way and the text is not read that way in the Greek but we're so addicted to the law and its validity that we end up causing our young people to be lost in the way that we communicated. Yes. The law is immutable. But it's written on your heart not demanded from a judge with no help. There's a huge difference and some of us are wrestling with this. I guarantee you three being is getting alarming amount of phone calls from Seventh Day Adventists adults who had zero assurance of salvation full grown adults. None and another personage that are equally scary who are sure that they'll be saved because of what they do neither party understands the girls will talk about it tomorrow afternoon. But this is real it's absolutely real. But isn't what God intended for your experience he never asked for that. OK So Chapter thirty two of the book from Attorney pastel White says this about the covenants. It's also in chapter thirty one of paychecks and profits either one of those you read either one. So it is called like the law in the covenants I think in some prophets. Here's the deal with the old in New Covenant. She says specifically that the covenant that God made with Abraham in Genesis Chapter fifteen and it says that he believed God was accounted to him for righteousness publico is shared with me that the original language actually says that he was counted as righteous as God Himself. First of all why because he chose to let Christ be his righteousness that's Genesis fifteen but she says that the covenant that God made with Abraham is the same thing as the new covenant in Jeremiah thirty one and his equal thirty six is the same covenant. So the reason why there's a new and old covenant is because the blood that was shed was shed later. So God makes a cuddle with Abraham. But the blood for that come is not shed until the death of Jesus that come is ratified by the death of Jesus. OK Because every come next as some form of shedding of blood to signify it to ratify it. So in the mean time between Abraham's covenant and the death of Jesus the Israelites coming out of four hundred years of bondage in an appeasement based pagan religion. That you do deeds to appease your pagan gods they felt that they could obey. So when they get to the base of Mount Sinai next chapter nineteen and God says here. What I'm asking of you. They say oh yeah we can handle that. No problem we've got you X. is one thousand X. twenty four three times they say all the words said we will do. She says that God did not want this to be the experience of the Israelites he never intended for this covenant to be the come of the would make with them but because they have lost sight of their need of a savior God allowed them to make this come in so that they would crash and burn and realize their need of a Savior. So she says and that blood was shed at the base of Mount Sinai the spring of blood on the covenant and on the people on the scroll on the people. So it's referred to as the old covenant because that blood was shed first but it wasn't the first couple it. And God did not have a reasonable covenant with Abraham then change his mind made an unreasonable covenant with these are lives of open my bad. And then he came back and said You know I have a better idea let's fix this. Jeremiah thirty one is make a new covenant was it not in a no the covenant that God made in N Z. Thirty six in Jeremiah thirty one in Genesis Chapter fifteen is the only covenant that God ever intended for man to experience allowing Christ to be the righteousness period. He allowed them to make this covenant the base of Mount Sinai so that they would crash and burn and see the need of the sea. That's why because they were so stubbornly self-righteous that they wouldn't listen to him so he let them fight all that you've said we will do yet go forward and this is with us or we're talking about so Romans eight pick up Romans chapter eight and reverses three to rule most. Romans chapter eight verses three to eight. Acts on to be number one. So Paul remember he has a Roman seven this awful experience the cycle of sin and forgiveness that you and I happen to be on a lot right. The things I don't want to do I do the things I do want to do. I don't do and these His old man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death. The answer is Romans eight. And while most chapter in a verse one is says there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are. In Christ Jesus for those who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit. In the voice of condemnation does not come from Jesus period. Any voice that you hear in your heart in your mind this condemnation does not come from Jesus Jesus as in John three seventeen that I did not come into the world to condemn the world because the world through me might be saved if anyone has a right to Condon to condemn people is Jesus. He lived a life or you didn't live. He's got that street cred. And he doesn't do it. I didn't come to condemn you Romans eight says there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus Who are those who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit so condemnation is never meant to be the experience of a believer never what God intended. But going on to verse three it says this for what the law could not do save us and it was weak to the flesh because in our flesh we can't keep the law. God did this is the most awesome awesome response what the law could not do save us in there was weak of the flesh our flesh can't keep the law. God did it. You can't. God did it all the Lord said we will do no you can't I will God did. God did by sinning his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh in flesh like yours that could have sinned. Right. And on the count of sin he condemns sin in the fly's Jesus overcame sin in the flesh and here's why. And for that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit. Jesus did this so that you could now have an obedient life. A vibrant Christian experience this is what he intended for you. That's Roman eight Romans chapter eight. Verse five Now for those who live according to the flesh at their mind of the things of the flesh but those who live according to the spirit the things the spirit for to be carnally minded is death but to be spirit in mind it is life in peace. Because the carnal mind is in the against God for it is not subject to the law of God nor indeed can be so. Then those who are in the flesh cannot please God Nothing you do in your flesh can please God none of your achievements are what pleases or impresses God nothing. It's only accepting the righteousness of Christ that is what's going to get us anywhere and that's the point. So that's Romans chapter eight. Now I want to finish out as equal thirty six. So does it sound like the law is going to disappear from the believers experiences even exist. Like that's going to happen. Absolutely not. God forbid as Paul says. In fact is even more part of your life now than it was in our legal listing framework because we were trying to do something extremely but never really achieve victory internally. Now we achieved victory internally and now we have a victorious life. Outwardly right. She talks about with health reform that starting from the outside in never works and never will work. Sanctification never works that way it always has to start at the heart level we need new hearts we have to acknowledge a fact and accept the fact that we have no right just as of ours. Absolutely none. The whole head is sick. He says God has to give us everything from scratch and he will do that for us but now pick up on as he killed thirty six where we picked off where we left off in verse thirty two. Those says the Lord God verse thirty three on the day that I clinch you from all your iniquities I will enable you to dwell in the cities and the ruins shall be rebuilt some of your lives may feel like ruins right now that everything you try to build is falls apart and it's a mess. I'm getting nowhere. I just can't get anything right. The desolate land should be tilled instead of lying desolate in the sight of all who passed by so they will say that this land that was desolate has become like the Garden of Eden and the wasted desolate and ruined cities are now fortified and inhabited. Remember all the nations around Israel are blaspheming God because the people of God look nothing like God but they think he does so they want to thing to do with God. Now something's different this place that was a dud. Right that this religion that was totally repulsive to me that I wanted nothing to do with something's changed something about this is different. Then the nations verse thirty six which are left all around you shall know that I the LORD have rebuilt the ruined places implanted what was desolate I the Lord has spoken and I will do it. God is the one who repairs our brokenness our failures our mistakes he rebuilds all of that and then a verse thirty seven that says the Lord God I will also let the house of Israel inquire of me to do this for them. That's an altar call baby this is an open call to you that you can say this day I want to nuke up an experience you can ask God for that he says I will let the house of his require of me to do this for the and he says that I will increase their men like a flock like a flock offered as holy sacrifices like the flock address on its feast days so shall the ruin cities be filled with flocks of men and then they shall know that I in the Lord. When people have a radically transformed New Covenant experience. It's contagious disease Chapter eight I think where people just come swarming to the Israelites and say we want what you got I want in whatever this is I mean it all when he is that give me this. This is what God always intended for the Israelites in the new covenant can bring it into reality. But some of us as we close this evening may be thinking at this just this just sounds too good to be true. I don't know if you understand. Do you like my life is a mess. My life is filled with shame it's bare and it's a wasteland. I am dead. And deader than dead and no one can raise me to life. It just can't happen. Well the beautiful thing is God actually into suppose this response. Turned up at thirty seven. It's literally the very next words in the Bible. There were no separations between chapter there were no chapters or verses in the Bible when it was written this was added later for reference and other things but it wasn't written that way. And we typically had this view that when you have a new chapter. You have a new thought totally different topic totally different context totally unrelated but Matthew Chapter sixteen into seventeen proof of that drawn. Right. The idea of Jesus saying some of you who are here will not taste death to see the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom. Then Chapter seventeen one says now after six days in the Manage Transfiguration happens wasn't two different stories from sixteen to seventeen. It's one long story. Those chapters are there for reference. Not necessarily a change of thought and we take a Western view of literature and apply that sometimes a lose a blessing in reading the Bible. This is why reading larger passages can help you find context. So again God knew that people would have this type of reaction of just sounds too good to be true like God really do that. I'm a mess. There's nothing good in me I continually fail God none of my promises been right. I'm a barren wasteland. Look at the very next thing that God says to handle the Lord came upon me. This is equal. Thirty seven verse one and brought me out in the spirit of the Lord and set me down in the midst of the valley. It was full of bones. Then he caused me to pass by them all around and behold there were very many in the open valley and indeed they were very dry and I'm at Loma Linda University you know you don't know a thing or two about medicine. Can anything good come from a dry bone. Right. Used to work in public safety when someone has you know a patrolling bone through the flesh the town council has put something wet and damp on the end of the bone to keep it moist enough until they can do something like you want to keep your and bones because once the moisture is gone. There is zero hope of life period. Nothing can happen. It's a forgotten for seeking case now remember this is how we feel that it was you kill thirty six. This is just too good to be true. Nothing could happen to me. I've just gone too far. I mean I've continued in the religious thing just to save face with my family and stuff from my friends but inside I just I threw in the towel like I just can't do this anymore. I just keep failing God I just can't. So the deep the bones were indeed very dry verse three male and he said to me. I love this God asked is equal Son of Man Can these can these bones live. You know we're God is going with this. I love Jesus. He says so. Can these bones live and responses Lord you know and then look what God says verse four. And he said to me prophesied of these bones and say to them. Oh dry bones hear the word of the Lord. Thus is the Lord God of these bones surely I will cause breast to enter into you and you shall live. I will put sinews on you and bring flesh upon you cover you with skin and put breath a new end you shall live then you shall know that I am the Lord if I can raise your dirty dead body from the dead I can save anybody. You will know that I am the Lord when I transform your experience and he continues. So I prophesied as I was commanded and as I prophesied there was a noise and suddenly a rattling in the bones came together bone to bone and deed as I looked this Susan flush came upon them and skin covered them but there was no breath in them. This is where false revivals come in. Apart from the holy unction of the Spirit of God no outward transformation or outward changes are really going to be any good for you. Mere external revivals never last. They never last. And you know that because you've been in it yourself. I'm sure many of us have so just being put you know even having flesh put on us and other things. If there is no holy unction from heaven with the Holy Spirit. It's still not going to help us. And so verse nine. Also he said to me prophesied to the breath. Prophesies Son of Man and say to the breath this is the Lord God come from the four winds Obreht and breathe on these slain that they may live. So I prophesied as he commanded me and breath came into them and they lived and stood upon their feet and exceedingly great army. This is what God wants. And exceedingly great army of people who get the message to righteousness by faith who preach a message of Christ our rights as is and bring hope to a dying world that they can show people that there is a God who is real because I was dead. And God brought life in the My experience of God in real life and in my experience you can do it for you too. Then you said to me Son of man. So you may be thinking this just seems like a stretch like this is just this is a prophecy it's an allegory this isn't really talking about us but look at what God says next. Then he said to me Son of Man these bones are the whole house of Israel. They indeed say our bones are dry. Our hope is lost and we ourselves are cut off. Remember this is how we feel when we come face to face with the goodness of God It just it just couldn't apply to me. No way were cut off. We think. Behold people I will open your graves and cause you to come up from your graves and I will bring you into the Land of Israel then you shall know that I am the Lord when I open your graves and my people are brought you up from your graves. I will put my spirit in you and you shall live and I will place you in your own land and then you should know that I the LORD have spoken it and performed it says the Lord can I get an amen out of that God will radically transform our experiences from death to life dead bones. Who cares. Your life has been full of continual failure from stem to stern a religion if you like the people of dark ages of the world into preaching to so what. So what God can raise drybones from the dead not a single soul has gone too far for the grace of God The new covenant can become part of your experience. Remember he says I could also let the house of Israel asked me to do this for them. You cannot step this evening. You can ask Jesus to bring the Holy Spirit unction to your experience and break the bonds of failed religion. He can do that for you. He can raise you from the dead. I'll just leave this up here this is a circle ministry stuff for your prayers. But as this may since this evening. This is super super good news for us because we've not gone too far and the standard of God is not an unreachable. And this is not legalism either right. This is not saying you know if you don't keep the law. You're not going to be saved. No no no you're only a hole of keeping the law is if you are saved period. This is not this you need to clean yourself up first and then you come to Jesus. He says all Clinton is equal thirty six you had a cold stony dead heart that was nothing to do with me and religion. I can fix that to give you heart of flesh. Yeah but I try to obey and I can't I'll give you that to you but I'm dead like there's no hope for me life into you. You literally have no excuse for why you can't be saved. That's a good excuse. There is nothing. There's a God in heaven. Who knows no failure. Who never loses a patient when the patient locally stays on the table but that same friend that I gave my card to his sermon to rise. It was one of those moments where I saw the spirit of Jesus fall upon a crowd of people. It was amazing and he didn't know what to do because it wasn't him he priests and people are weeping and they're groaning and we're in weeping. Now just like you know sniffling like there's groans in the room. And he just stands and isn't know what to do. And eventually just goes and sits down but the point he made in a sermon he did the topic the silence of God. The point he made in the sermon is that when God is wanting to work in our lives. It's very similar to surgery. There's no restraints and there's no anesthesia and you can get off this table anytime you want any time now and God starts cutting and going and all those areas that need to be dealt with. It's not comfortable is it and we can run. And the process can be delayed we could bleed out we could go through all kinds of difficulties but yet God him is so merciful he'll even love us enough to chase us. Down and asks the question what are you doing here like you do the lies you we're doing here. He didn't condemn a why didn't you send them back to Israel. I didn't I don't what are you doing here. What errand have you here. I didn't stingy here and I'm not giving up on you because you are here go back. So we come back we get back on the table and God starts cutting we endure one part that is that next year he was like I don't want to do this. I don't want to give this up. I don't want to deal with this right now. God could you really change me God to answer this is abundantly clear this evening that there's nothing that limits him but us remember the I will give God all ten of them and as he thirty six are dependent upon your I will. When you submit to the process we trust that the only things that God will ask you to lay down or to give him permission to take from you really are things that are for your good in the first place. She says and steps to Christ that all of heaven is interested in our happiness and this is a mistake to think that God delights in the unhappiness of his people. Is that deprives people what God has to offer is vastly better than we are so when asked for by the question is What are you going to do with the pleadings of God this evening. The new covenant experience is available to you it doesn't matter where you are I had a really broken life until Jesus got a hold of me at twenty five full of lots of failure full of lots of sin and I still deal with a lot of shame because of all the mistakes that I made and God continually reminds me I'm so grateful you may be a preacher the gospel because I have to hear this all the time I'm preaching to me every time I share this message that it doesn't matter what I've done. God can bring dead bones together. He can put flesh on them. He can put sinners on them and he can breathe the Holy Spirit unction of my experience in a radically transformed me. I'm not cast off. I'm not for saken No The same is the case for you this evening. We need not be afraid we need not fear failure when we serve a God who knows no failure. And that's what's available to you. You can ask the God of Israel to give you this experience this evening. I want to New Covenant experience. I'm tired of giving promises to God they're like ropes of sand and saying that all that you said I will do and then crashing and burning a week later I don't want this any more. Oh wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death and Romans eight what man could not do it. God did by sinning a son of the likeness of human flesh. And on account of sin he overcame sin the condensing of the flesh why that the right to sort the law would be fulfilled in us who do not work according to the flesh but according to the spirit. You can have it this evening. So if you would like to take hold of the new come to experience this evening. If that's the desire that you have that is one invited in the air with me as we pray. Sweet Jesus I think you for the fact that none of us have gone beyond your reach. That you have offered us something that just it just feels in seems too good to be true but you're so insistent in your word that it's not. And so I'm praying that we would believe what you believe this evening about our condition that we would no longer listen to the accuser the brother and mention of Revelation Chapter twelve in fact it says that we can overcome him by the Blood of Jesus that was shed for us and by are testimonies by the blood of the lamb or by the power of the testimony by recognizing that God Himself has transformed my life and will continue to transform areas of my life that we serve a God who knows no failure. And that we need to feel fear feel yourselves God I'm praying that you would remove every ally and every objection that lives in ours to see evening as we come face to face with the undying love of Jesus for divine service in the afternoon tomorrow to all of our walls of opposition would come crashing down. That we would find ourselves being drawn to you that your love would be irresistible. So it says in Jeremiah thirty one. That you've loved us with an everlasting love therefore the loving kindness have you drawn us to yourself and you told us in the Gospels that if you be lifted up you will draw him into yourselves I pray that as we look at the life of Jesus in the next two meetings. It would be impossible for us to say no that we would choose to yield to the I Will of God knowing that this is what we've always wanted and all it costs us is something that's hurting us anyway. So Jesus I pray that you would soften our hearts that you would give us new cars that would forgive our sins. Of refusing to believe that you could do anything in transforming our lives. Are refusing to let go of the fact that we can't save ourselves our deeds do not impress you that our piety does not impress you but God I think that our dirt does not discourage you either but I pray therefore believing that lie that I got to do something to get myself out of this mess that you would forgive us of that sin as well. And more that you would forgive us of the sin of not forgetting our sins. Your word says A You have no intention of remembering our sins and our sins are always did you remember no more. And yet we continue to run back to our guilt we continue to run back to our guilt and dig it back up a pretty good forgiveness of that sin. Of not forgiving ourselves and that we would enter into a new covenant experience this evening. Radically transformed by the grace of Christ. And that we would find a holy engine from heaven enabling us to live lives that we could never live before and finding a joy in a peace that we never had because the law is being fulfilled lives. Heal us Lord save us. I pray and I ask this in Jesus this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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