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Yesterday's Christmas

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • December 17, 2016
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven. We just thank you again for the promise of the Holy Spirit for Sabbath morning. We asked Jesus that you would speak to us that you would minister to us. Lord we pray by the time we leave. This experience we've been changed because we've encountered your word. Thank you for hearing us in Jesus' name amen. Can you hear me OK. Oh good. OK Very good. How many people have their Bibles right now put them in the air if you have your Bibles. OK look at the people who didn't bring their Bibles with the very judgment to look it's very important when you come to church you bring your Bible and meant you know even as a pastor. I used to always think to myself well all just you know bar one of the church's Bible friends I want you to understand something. There's something very special about using your own Bible. Amen. It's important and so I highly recommend you get a good Bible if you don't have one and just make it your own. Well you today's message is intitled yesterday's Christmas yesterday's Christmas. You know might say something very interesting about Christmas and this will sort of be our launching pad for the message. This is what she says right here the twenty fifth of December. Has long been commemorated as the day of Jesus' birth and it is not my purpose to affirm or question the propriety of celebrating this event on this day but to dwell upon the childhood and life of our what So she essentially says she's a very practical woman Ellen White is and she says look you should use Christmas to dwell upon the childhood the life of our Savior Amen. And then notice what else she says right here although we do not know the exact day of Christ's birth. We would all honor the sacred event made the Lord forbid to any one of us should be so narrow minded as to overlook the event because there is an uncertainty in regard to the exact time. You know one thing I realized as I grew. I grew up as a Hindu I still come from a Sikh background and about seventeen years ago I became a Christian. But my father who was a very devout Hindu would often times use Christmas to speak to us about Jesus. In fact one of my very first sort of images I had about Jesus was Christmas morning my dad turned on the T.V. He sent all the kids down and he said. Watch this movie about Jesus. In fact when he brought out all the sort of Christmas ornaments. He brought up these statues of the Nativity scene and he put it up there and so we always had these kinds of images or depictions of the Christmas story. If you go into my dad's closet where there was a lot of idols you had a statue of Krishna a statue of good Nash you had a statue of Buddha and then you had the statue of Joseph and Mary missing the baby Jesus but this is how I was introduced to the Christmas story and the more I've come to understand the Bible. The more I love the beautiful story that's been given to us in the Word of God Amen. It's a powerful story and it's a story especially during the time of December. I really think we should study out here is the reason why because this may be the only time that some people are actually open to the Gospel. Including Hindus like my family. You know when I first learned about these things I thought to myself you know what I'm going to do I'm going to witness to my family. This is a little bit funny because my form of witnessing was trying to remove Santa Claus from my household. I thought to myself OK The first thing my family need to know about Christmas is Santa Claus is speak. And I just think about that. OK these are Memoirs of a conference evangelist right here. So my little niece. She she was just there one day it was like December twenty third or twenty fourth and she's just there. And she's near the Christmas tree and I walk up to her and I give her a hard time she. He loves me and I love her and I said these words to her I said What are you doing right now. Leah. And she says I'm excited because Santa Claus is about to come down the chimney. And so I stepped in a little bit closer and I said these words are I said if a large man comes through that chimney in the middle of the night. I'm going to call the police you know she did she ran off she's like she took off running right. In fact the next day I saw my little niece and she was putting out cookies. OK And I thought to myself. All right. It's time to talk to her. So I walked up to her. I said What do you do with these cookies and she said I'm putting them out for Santa Claus and the elves and then I leaned in a little bit closer. And I said the only one who's going to be eating those cookies is me she ran off again and this time my sister came right. But I say this friends because you know when it comes to this whole idea of the season of Christmas. We need to look at the gospel stories Amen. And let's understand what the Bible is actually teaching about this beautiful time. Everybody let's take our Bibles Let's go to the Gospel of Luke Chapter two. The Gospel of Luke Chapter two. The Gospel of Luke Chapter two. And it's amazing because I love the Gospel Luke it's one of the most beautiful gospel so most beautiful depiction I believe of the birth of Christ and we're going to notice some unusual context there in Luke Chapter two. Now you may think to yourself. Pastor No I heard something like this before and I love when people think like that because at the end the spirit really gives it to them. All right we're going to Luke Chapter two. Let's start with verse one notice the context in which Jesus Christ is born right here this is what the Bible says right here and it came to pass in what. Those days that it went out from who. Caesar Augustus that all the world should be was. Register none. Notices friends because this is such a powerful concept. When you actually study out the will Testament you hear about some powerful miracles can you name one powerful miracle the Old Testament. Fire coming down from heaven. The parting of the Red Sea right. You can see so many powerful miracles angels destroying armies the walls of Jericho are falling down and as you read the Old Testament you're getting to sort of build up something big is about to happen. You get these powerful miracles. And they're all pointing to the time in which the Savior would show up and bring redemption. But then when you actually turn to the New Testament and you look at the very chapter in which the Redeemer is born. It's perhaps one of the most un providential chapters of the entire Bible. In fact it's so unusual because it doesn't match the direction of the Old Testament the Old Testament is pointing to the power of God the glory of God the might of God the deliverance of God and then when you reach chapter two of Luke. It's like. What what just happened here. Let's continue reading. Notice what the Bible says right here and it came to pass in those days that a decree went out from who Caesar Augustus that all the world should be register. Now what's so interesting about that time is that Caesar Augustus was actually adopted son of Julius Caesar. Now there are so many unusual parallels about Caesar Augustus what is so amazing is many of the same characteristics that were tributed to the Messiah were actually given to Caesar Augustus in fact is so interesting. There's a well known scholar by Craig Craig Evans. He's a New Testament scholar and he goes to these unusual parallels of Caesar Augustus north where he says right here. The clinical inscription from the mentioned above describes the birth of Augustus notices the beginning of the good news. The what. World. Now what we heard that before here in the gospels right. Notice what also said right here according to Virgil the great Roman poet. This is he whom you have often you have so often heard promised to you. Augustus Caesar son of a what God filled knows that Augustus was called Savior and benefactor in honor of the Roman emperors Advent coins were struck reading this is interesting Adventist gusting the coming of Augustus there was actually an ex soldier who said that when his body was destroyed cremated that he saw all the century a kind of resurrection that took place in fact I was reading to one account given by one of the Roman historians they were saying talking about Caesar Augustus and they said this is quite interesting. Jupiter appeared in one dream and foretold that Augustus would become the same year of his country. In fact when you actually look at the coins. There were around that time they would say Pax Romana or a time of Roman peace. So essentially at the time that Jesus was born. You have a human version of the Messiah who is the greatest man at that time I mean just think about it. Friends because this is where the whole world was focusing its attention and it's in this context. The Messiah is born the Messiah is born knows what it says right here. Joseph also went up from Galilee out of the city of work. Nazareth into Judea to the City of what. David which is called Bethlehem because he was of the house and lineage of work. David to be registered with Mary his betrothed wife who was with child and so it was while they were there the days were completed for her to be delivered and she brought forth her first born son wrapped him in swaddling clocks and laid them in a manger because there was no room for them in the end. Now I want you to hone in on something we just sort of got a person. Ective of the world and we're going somewhere with this and though want you to see the perspective of Joseph Joseph or somebody who was in this very unusual circumstance. He was told by God. That the son that his wife was carrying would be the great messiah. But I want you to think. Now what happens next to Joseph This is interesting. Joseph also went up from Galilee out of the city of Nazareth into Judea to the city of work which is called Bethlehem because he was of the house and lineage of David to be registered with Mary. The Bible tells us at this very inconvenient moment. A census takes place. We don't know exact reason why it could be for mere taxation it could be for military or government purposes we don't know exactly but we do know something that this was such inconvenient moment for Joseph. I mean just think about it for some reason and it's assumed by scholars that his wife actually passed away his first wife and now he was betrothed to another woman who happened to be pregnant already. And I want you to think about this now I want you just sort of build this up. OK. Joseph shows up he said OK I'm going to marry just woman he finds out she's pregnant. At first he didn't know why she was pregnant and thought to himself. You know I'm going to get rid of her. No one's going to know about I'm not going to bear serve. But then God tells him guess what. This is the Messiah. And then you know what happens at that moment you can just imagine are gone. Is coming down in human flesh the entire Old Testament is building to this moment things are going to change and you know what happens. Joseph has to stop carpentry. He has to stop what he's doing. And now he has to travel some distance with his pregnant wife. I mean friends we're looking right now at the greatest plans of God taking place and then this is so amazing because Answer getting closer and closer. Or to the end they get to the end what happens there's no room at the end by the way friends I want you to remember something. This is the greatest plan of God right now this is the climax of all the provinces of the Old Testament. It's building to this moment and you know what Joseph encounters in every part of his experience of this moment in convenience trials. This doesn't look like the providence of God But this was God's greatest act. You know sometimes during Christmas you get these gifts. And the really packaged ugly and today you know I'm talking about. Sometimes you just in yourself who package that thing right. And then when you open it up. You're blown away. You see when God sent His Son. It wasn't packaged very well the wrapping paper didn't look very good. But God He gave us the greatest gift possible and we're going somewhere with this this continue reading and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a work manger because there was no room for them in the world. They get to the end what do they find. There's no room there. Right so what's the point the point is this that when it seemed like God should be working in Joseph six periods. He didn't seem like he was working. Would it seem like OK God is going to just open so many doors. He's going to bless us in extraordinary ways and then all of a sudden it's like one inconvenience after another inconvenience after another inconvenience after another problem after another trial after another thing keeps happening over and over and over to Joseph Now friends if you want to look at this chapter from a completely secular perspective. Would you say I can see God working in this. Oh yeah I can really see the power and miracles of God displayed in this chapter. And the reality is it doesn't look like it. It doesn't look like it. Everyone had those experiences where you knew God led you to something. He brought you to an event or to an experience. He led you perhaps into a new career or new phase of your life and then when you get into that space. All of a sudden it's like everything falls apart. I guess what that was Joseph experience to. He had to stop carpentry he had to travel long distance and then get this friends when he gets to the actual in there is no room there. The baby is born in a manger and let's just take it a step further. You know when you go to southern California where you're from Southern California. I'm talking about my family lives in Orange County. Another part southern California. I grew up in the suburbs and my family would sort of have these kind of neighborhood rivalries with other neighbors and they would put out this like awesome. Amazing the T.V. set and you're seeing those nativity sets. I mean they're just like life size statues. Right. And you got these beautiful depictions there. You've got this very clean looking stable and there's the baby Jesus is smiling Mary seems to have a hill over head. Joseph see are smiling right. You see the calcined the sheep apparently bending down as well. The little good happens to be there to the legs meant show up. And there Santa Claus ha. And this is so amazing because Frosty the Snowman is also there as well. And you've got this hey that's sort of sort of parsed over to the side right. And you got this beautiful Christmas light and we think to ourselves all that's just a wonderful depiction. The way the Messiah came into this world. Prince I want you to understand something. There was none of that. You see when Jesus came into the world. The manger there wasn't really like the mangers that we have today scholars which you know in just doing some research it was more like a cave and it was a cave where animals were kept and you know what had you know what a barn smells like friends. I mean what's the point smell like doesn't smell like a bathroom after Popery sprayed. Most of what's a problem. Smell like. Yeah dry by cows how do cows smell. But it doesn't smell pleasant right. Friends I bring this up because this was not a very pleasant location inside milk good trusty The Snowman was nowhere to be found. The wisemen didn't show up tell a couple years later and so you have to circumstantial with the messiah shows up and he's just there. He's being bored and there's Joseph and he's thinking to himself. This is a mighty act of God. Frank let me ask you another question does this look like the providence of God in this chapter. If you were to look at it very superficially would you say I can see the powerful deliverance of God doing in this chapter. You don't you see when the Messiah came into this world. He didn't come during the time of the Red Sea parting he didn't show up during the time when there was a great reformation in Israel during the rebuilding of the temple or when the line. She was calling down fire. Do you know when the Messiah showed up he showed up in the earth and the filth and the inconvenience of humanity. Guess what are normal lives. In fact when you actually look at the picture. It's a little bit scandalous isn't it. Here you have Mary pregnant. Or they were actually married here you have Joseph apparently not having any kind of networking or any kind of connections in that place where he now he's thing involved as the man who provides for his family. The only place that he has. Is a stinking manger. Now why am I bringing this up. I bring it up friends because we need to understand something about life and you may understand it by experience but by faith we need to understand this. Sometimes grown God's greatest works. Don't look like God's greatest works from our perspective. Sometimes a series of trials that hit us where the circumstances of inconvenience or when it seems like failure after failure after failure after failure or inconvenience after inconvenience keeps happening. You're thinking to yourself and you're tempted to believe maybe God is not part of this situation. Prince I want you to understand something. This is exactly how the Messiah showed up the greatest miracle in all the Bible showed up in the midst of human inconvenience and trials in fact I came across this powerful quote from the spirit of prophecy it is so amazing right here. When we are in perplexity perplexity anybody know the definition of the word perplexity. That is perplexing. What a perplexing situation right now is pretty perplexing no one knows what perplexing it perplexing that he actually means very good. It means to be confuse. Right. It can time of confusion when we are in perplexity anybody ever felt confused before some of you are honest right. This is interesting when we are in perplexity. Even before we are opened. Him. Our distress. He is making arrangements for our deliverance. Can you say meant to them this is where gets even more amazing our sorrow is not unnoticed. You know when I was in school. I remember I had this circumstance where it was like you know God provided for me every semester I had a good friend whose dad was a dentist and his dad brought him a lot of things and when it came to registration day I remember his dad would show up just come there. And he would pay the entire year off. He said put it on the card and walk off. And I remember there I was thinking myself as a God keeps putting me on like a lady when he provided should be the only month a month to write you know but I realized something during that time God still was in charge and it was through these trials and circumstances and these inconveniences that Dawn was actually doing something in my own heart. This is where it gets even amazing right here. Notice what she says he always knows much better than we do just what is necessary for the good of his children and he leads us as we would choose to be led. If we could just sit on our own hearts and see or necessities and perils and what friends notice what is being said here. We were being led as if we would want to be led. If we could see God has seen. Not just think about that. We were being led as if we were as we would want to be led. If we could see the way that God sees the situation and offer many of us the things that we think terms of how could any of this. How could any of this circumstance ever make any kind of logical sense. Friends. I want to still understand something even about the book of job do you know when you study out the Book of Job I mean you look at the very first chapter you want to one of the best lives and all screwed. It's actually the first few verses of Job Job actually has a very charmed life. He's not only bless spiritually but financially socially relationally he's the greatest man of the east right. And so you get this sort of runway in the Book of Job that job is a good man even God says hey no one is like job he's just an upright then all these bad things happen to Joe and it's very interesting because at the during the middle of the Book of Job. His friend show up and his friends by the way you don't want friends like the friends of joke. There are some of the worst friends possible because the essential you try to figure out why he's suffering and lead the blame right back to job and job or such it gets frustrated with them right. And it's so interesting because when God actually shows up in the book at Joe gone begins to ask Job a series of questions. Now there's something to understand about the kinds of questions that Joel was asked by God there were questions that had to do with Earth questions that had to do with childbirth questions that had to do with the animal kingdom with the plant kingdom with the solar system and the Senshi what God was saying to job was this job if you can't understand the deep things of this earth. How could you understand right now the deep things of heaven. Because friends. The reason why we don't actually have clear direct answers to the problem of suffering is because the problem is much bigger than our planet. Therefore the answers are also much bigger than the planet. We're given a glimpse we're given a glimpse in the Book of Job but God actually never speaks to job and says to Joe By the way job I want you to understand something. Satan was challenging the government of God throughout the entire universe your feet fullness actually saved us. Saved the universe from falling in to the same problem that Lucifer had job was never given that insight. But do you know Job said something in the middle of the Book of Job that was. Amazing. He said these words he said all of them my words were written down. Do you know who wrote down the book of job do you know who inspired Moses the Holy Spirit. There was no one during the time a job that simply recorded or documented Job's life and job died not understanding the big picture of everything. But years later the Holy Spirit would inspire Moses to write down his life. Do you know what's going to happen when job gets to heaven. He's going to understand that his faithfulness during the time of suffering and the time of inconvenience actually kept all the wealth from the belling and going into the exact same experience that Lucifer had. And when you begin to think about this issue was much bigger than we fully understand. And so when we're dealing with circumstances or trials or inconveniences friends. I want you to stand by me. I'm not like someone who's like I don't know what that's all about. I know what it's like I know what it's like to not sense. The future. Not see clearly. I know what it's like when you're just there near to get yourself. Man Why is it that one thing after another thing keeps happening to me and it feels like all these obstacles are against me. Friends but fate looks on for those things. And you know what Joe Joseph understood Joseph kept having you know he put his faith in God and he kept persisting even though these things didn't make sense in his life in fact that's why the Bible says Joseph was a just man he put his faith in God even though these trials were making wasn't wasn't very clear to him at that time. God wants us to trust him. Amen. You know and I really believe in specially in the year two thousand and seventeen. Our World. Is going to face greater and greater suffering. How that suffering comes about. I'm not sure I don't know what to say to you but you sense it coming. And then when it says there is wounds that are going to come upon this world. Not even the balm of Gilead God will be able to heal. A time of suffering and pain and God wants His people to be in the midst of that provide income for and hope. Amen. By the way do you know what book was written to give a sufficient answer to the problem of evil. Anybody know. Which book was written to give a sufficient answer to the palm of evil. Bibles good good one. Anybody else. The great controversy is actually in the introduction run by Ellen White she says this book was written to give a sufficient. Here's me all the answers to the problem of evil but it's the only place where she actually says Problem of Evil sufficient answers to the problem of evil. OK The book was written for a purpose. So we always have some kind of direction with the palm of suffering now what's my point when you open up that book. What is the very first thing you are introduced to. Some of your checking your little i Phones right now. You're introduced to the fall of Jerusalem but you know what your introduced in that chapter to. Jesus weeping now notices. If this book was written to give a sufficient answer to the problem of evil. What is the very first thing that we're introduced to that god weep to that God is broken hearted in or trying to give people help and comfort when they're going through times of suffering. You know the very first thing we should be introducing them to. Is that there is a God who understands what broken this is all about. Because when you actually look how he came into this world. He came in the midst of that. Amen. Continue on with the story. The Bible then tells us something interesting. It put sort of a pause on this scene right here where Joseph and Mary are right there in the manger and you can just imagine that sort of dark gloomy moment here they are there and they're the stinky animals I'm not sure if there was animals but at least we know probably smelled like animals. And you can just imagine it's not like people cleaning up barns on a regular basis much them back then in Jerusalem where you actually had these caves is not like all let's go there and let's clean these things up every single week. I mean that doesn't happen. It was filthy. And so there's sort of a pause that gets placed on that experience. And then the Bible then shifts our perspectives not just from the world's perspective from Joseph perspective. But now to an and jelly perspective. Not the Bible says right here in Luke Chapter two verse eight says these words. Now there were in the same country shepherds living out in the fields keeping watch over their flock by night and behold an angel the Lord stood before them. And the glory of the Lord shown around them and they were greatly afraid. Then the angel said to them Do not be afraid for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people for there is born to this day in the City of David A what. Savior who is Christ the Lord. Now here they're just building up this whole introduction. You're about to see the Messiah. You're about to see the Christ child. THIS IS SO AMAZING angels have come from heaven for this great message and so you can imagine these shepherds right there shivering a friend but at the same time in all notice what is said right here this is quite amazing. And this would be the sign to you. Here's the indication the evidence. You will find a baby wrapped in what. Swaddling caught lying in a work. And you think OK what's the big deal. The big deal is the response of the entourage that enjoy Brar. And suddenly you know the word suddenly means. Suddenly Yes OK very good and suddenly there was what an angel. What a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying what. Now I want you to know this when they react. It's when the angel he begins to say hey look you're going to find a messiah. He's wrapped in swaddling cloths. He's in the manger and as soon as he says those words that phrase all of a sudden it was like this heavenly choir right there. Just burst out singing. No friends. I'm going to ask your question. Why at that moment. Was this sort of early. To sing. This isn't sound like to just OK when I see the words slaughtering cloths it's time for you to sing. The sounds like this was something that was just a impulse this Ingles begin to sing it was a piece of the moving moment that these words were being told to the shepherds all of a sudden these Angels almost in kind of a uncontrollable moment just said we just got a thing to go out and they begin to praise God and I want you to notice one words if they say. Glory to God in the word. OK. What was told to the shepherds. You just have to look right there right there. This is interesting. Notice the irony here you will find right in the City of David the Savior. Who is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign. You'll find a babe and then watch what he says next wrapped in swaddling clothes and then he doesn't stop there. He then says lying in the manger. At the very moment this angel sporting out the condescension the humility of God the praise that comes in response says glory to God. In the higher yes. As they were talking in articulating the humility and the condescension of Christ. Their response was a praise the highest kind of praise in the entire universe. Because there's something that heaven values friends. It's humility. Humility is currency in heaven. Amen. You know when we think about heaven by the way you know we think of when we say yeah Jesus came from heaven. We're centrally saying Jesus came from the sky. Yeah. Jesus came from the sky. In fact when we talk about it will say yeah Jesus came from somewhere there. But you know something that these angels understand they understand what the universe is really like they understand how big the universe really is. You see to these humans that heard it. They just thought Oh yeah. The Messiah has come down. But these angels who understood what the condescension really was. Understood it from a whole new perspective because they actually have a greater understanding of the big mess of this universe. And for them. The condescension is far greater from us. We're just like out somewhere in the sky. Maybe you over there in that star system right there really not sure but these lying Jaws who travel to up the universe who've been to the very throne of God understand how great is the glory of God and so they also understand how great is the condescension of God. And so at the very moment that they're talking about this. You can just imagine Shepherds are just like these angels like you're going to find the Messiah. You're going to find a baby. And then he says he's wrapped in human clothes. And he's in a manger. It was like at that moment these angels that were there. I mean I just sometimes picture you know I think in my mind you know public Head Angel We don't know who was maybe he was gay but we don't know he's probably telling all the other angels don't seeing yet. Till I'm done talking about this. Because he understands these angels love to praise God and the glow we have gone out is seen in the condescension of God And so as he's talking right. I just sometimes picture this one angel just shaking. You know he's off there in the choir it's like the guy that starts before the piano starts right. You know what I'm talking about Pro Day All right. And so as he's talking about the condescension the sacrifice of Christ. All sudden these angles. They can't contain themselves anymore and they begin to sing and praise God and the graders. This is so interesting this beautiful song by the way. We're told something special about the song that they sang interesting. Notice what I said right here the heavenly messengers have quieted their fears he had told them messenger had quite a difference. He had told them how to find Jesus then the joy and glory could no longer being hit be hidden. The whole plane was lighted up with the bright shining of the host of God earth was hushed and heaven stooped to listen to the song Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace good will towards men all that today the human family could recognize that song. The declaration then may notice these key words the no then struck will swell to the close of time and resound to the ends of the earth when the Sun of Righteousness show arise with healing in its wings that song will be read at Code by the voice of a great what. Oh it's going to be sung again friends. It's going to be sung again as the voice of many water saying out. For the Lord God of nip didn't rain. We're told that this song will be sung again but not by angels but by the Great. Redeemed family of God. Friends this is so amazing when you begin to think about this great condescension. You know part of eternity by the way we're going to understand something about God you know we're going to understand part of eternity. How infinite is infinity. You know that. Like we're really going to understand that in fact we're probably not going to understand that but we're going to understand that. I mean we're going to understand. Eternity is a long time isn't. Right. But what we're going to understand is that the infinite God the more we come to understand him the greater Yes right. So part of eternity is understanding the glory and the greatness and how big God really is. I mean we really don't have a real conception on how big God really is part of eternity will be to investigate how great how magnificent how many minutes. Is this being Now what is my point. As we understand more and more throughout eternity the bigness of God the greatness of God The young the tutor who God is greater and greater and greater and greater will be the condescension greater and greater will be decided deal with the minute. He didn't just leave some local planet to come here. He didn't just leave some star base or whatever. He lost the very throne of the universe. Part of eternity will be understanding the greatness of God and in effect the condescension of God and greater and greater will be the thought of how immense was the sacrifice for you. And for me. We're going to have been one day and the angel. We're going to say hey by the way we're earth is going to say All right let me just show you the star map right here you see this dot right here. Oh some are no that's the Milky Way galaxy. Whereas earth you actually can't see it. Or you hear what I'm seeing right now because this is so important for us to see this is what angels were grasping they were understanding you know in some way and by the way even. Angels had a beginning point they had a starting point. So even they don't fully understand how big order really is. And part of eternity will be their understanding in their investigation and that's why Vince is in first Peter they love to look into the gospel. Because even they are starting to glimpse more and more the big how big God really is. And part of eternity will be sort of a revelation of how amends and powerful and loving the God of the universe is to leave all of that. To come down to a planet. Not during a time of Israel's glory. Not during a time of Israel's victories God showed during a time of Israel's defeat. And you may feel that defeat today. Or you've had the spirit of defeat for a long time and one thing I have sense over and over again with God's people is the spirit defeat is contagious. God showed up during that time. He showed up. And he gave the greatest gift possible. A gift that brought redemption to you and to me. The greatest Providence were wrapped in trials and circumstances and obstacles but God was doing his greatest work during that time and friends right now I just leave with you this thought that is this that God has given us the greatest Christmas present. Amen. And the gift that keeps on giving. We have a God who loves us who understands us who understands our lives who stepped right in the middle of it and can sympathize with each and every one of us take hope and take courage and the example of our Savior. Let's bear heads for a word of prayer. Father in heaven. We just thank you again. Thank you Lord for the plan of redemption. Thank you for the everlasting Gospel and Lord thank you for your thoughts towards us. Father in heaven. I just pray that each person would recognize how much you really love Him God and how even in the midst of trial and suffering Lord. You are still very present Lord May we go into this season and bring the same whole and encourage me to others. Thank you Father for hearing prayer in Jesus' name this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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