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Joseph the Problem Solver

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • December 17, 2016
    4:00 PM
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Father in heaven. We just thank you so much again for the Sabbath for heaven. Old for reminding us about the things that ultimately matter. But we just pray and ask that as we hear another message. God you'd keep us alert but our hearts would be open to what you are personally saying to us. That we would have discerning ears to be able to understand and grasp the things of God for our lives. Thank you Lord for being with us in Jesus' name amen. All right we are now. OK And people have their Bibles. But your Bibles in the air and smile next to the proof that a person who doesn't have a Bible right we're going to be nice. We're going to be nice right. So if you had if you don't have a Bible sit next to somebody who does if you have a Bible CITIC somebody who doesn't write because we need to get into the Word of God today. You know when you actually go into the world to do a lot of evangelism you come across a lot of different kinds of people right. You say well no daughter right. Well let me be a little bit more specific. When you're doing evangelism you come across. I diversity of opinions about God. Even when you do these evangelistic series which I do multiple times throughout the year people oftentimes will come to me with their experiences about God and they will say something like this. I think this about God I feel this about God I have this sort of just attraction to God I like these things about God but you know when you actually study out the scripture gone does not want you to start with your thoughts about God when you actually come to God He wants you to come to him with his thoughts about you. In fact that is something that we need to understand more and more of gone doesn't want us to begin with our thoughts about him he wants us to begin what his thoughts towards us. So what are gone. Thoughts towards us. Notice is beautiful. Promise. Sometimes promise that we hear from a little old lady in church and you oftentimes say things like this. She says. Do you know God has plans for your life right. You might have heard that before but friends I want you to understand that she is not just simply making these things up the Bible tells us something so incredible with the thoughts of God and this is the first place. We need to start for I know the what thoughts that I think towards you. Says the Lord. Now let's stop right there. God is actually affirming himself he's saying look I know what I'm thinking in other words what I'm about to tell you is really in my heart. So what is God actually thinking about you know the thoughts that I think towards you. Since the WHO Lord thoughts of peace. And not of evil to give you a future and A what. So what are God's thoughts towards us. If this is the first place. We need to start with not God wants us to start with his thoughts about us. So what are his thoughts about us. Thoughts of peace and how to be able to give you a future. And a hope. What's the implication that that really outside of God. There really is no hope for real future. Friends I bring this up because this is God's desire for all of humanity and what we're going to be learning today is a story about a very interesting individual do you know how when we study the scriptures we understand who God is He said we understand who God is from the reading of the Bible. No we understand who God is from the stories that are found in the Bible and these stories contain the lives of individuals. So in other words we know something about God from the life of a point. We know something about God from the life of Elijah we know something about God from the life of Paul God use this people to communicate who he. This and still the Bible is more than a collection of stories. It's a collection of lives of testimonies and I say this because part of eternity is that we're going to be able to share our story with others and when someone is lost. That particular angle of who God is is lost as well because the individual beautiful particular angle we get about who God is from the life of a perhaps cannot be found in any other life. We get a particular angle of who God is from the life of a lie job or from the life of a modus And so when one of the you know one of God's people are lost. It's a really big deal. It really is a big deal. And so friends what we're going to be learning today is what God's desire is for Humanity we're going to be looking at the life of a very special individual His name is. Joseph by the way. If you've been noticing recently there's been a whole slew of Christian movies that been coming out. You've been noticing a right. This isn't coming from so low budget Christian film director out of his garage. This is actually coming out of a big Hollywood production teams right. You have a powerful movie great powerful great movie stars experience individuals that are stepping into biblical roles but when you actually watch these movies you know what you find. But do you find. Do you find a beautiful depiction of who Moses is by Christian Bale. Do you feel like Russell Crowe accurately portrays no one. I mean do you friend you think you know when you actually look at these Hollywood movies. And then you come across a new thing and. Why do they have to keep changing the script right. Why do they have to keep badgering adding C.G.I. why. They have to complete manipulate the entire story here is the number one reason why. And that is this because Brant you can't duplicate real face you can't act it out and so they have to introduce a change in the story. They have to introduce C.G.I.. Because this kind of stuff friends doesn't happen in real life. But the reality is it dos and so when we're studying out the Bible. We can learn about powerful men and women one of these men and women His name is Joel suff Now do you know how Joseph how old Joseph was. Joseph dead by the way. Hope you understand that right. Joseph dead but at the age of seventeen something took place in his life. Something unusual took place at what age. Don't forget that age. What age were going to come back to that he was seventeen years old at seventeen years old because of the things that happened in his family. He was be trading right. We know the story. He then was taken to Egypt now there's something to understand about this young man Joseph Joseph was somebody who was a bit spoiled growing up he was somebody who lived a very charmed life being seemed to be very good for him. But the age of seventeen and then usual circumstance took place that put him in some very negative encounters of life. The Bible tells us he was then taken down to Egypt we know the story. His brothers betrayed him through him in the pit some of them were going to kill them but some intervene some Ishmael like triggers came by and they said We'll just sell him to Egypt and there this is where Genesis thirty nine point one thirty nine one takes place now. Joseph had been taken down to what Egypt now you can just imagine this scene as he's just being taken away. You know led by these Ishmael like traitor traitors. And that's he's being taken away. He's looking off in the distance his head is looking back and there you can see the hills of where his father's tent is and he doesn't know if he ever is going to if he's ever going to see them again. His brothers don't like him. And so you can just imagine the entire world of Joseph comes crashing down at this moment. Now why is this important. Because it's very interesting. Joseph does something amazing take your Bible Let's go to Genesis thirty nine point one. Genesis thirty nine one. And let's start with verse one again now. Joseph had been taken down to what Egypt and part of for an officer of Pharaoh kept in the guard in the Egyptian body in from the Ishmael like to a taken him down there now and this is such a key part. The Lord was with who Joseph and he was a successful man he was in the house of his master the Egyptian and his master saw that the little was with him and that the Lord made all that he did prosper in his hand so Joseph found favor in this site and served him he made him overseer of this house and all that he had was put under his authority. This is such an amazing point because what you begin to discover about Joe So Joe So grows where he's planted you see when he was just brought into this circumstance we're now he was sort of at the bottom of the totem pole. He was a slave. And by the way in the Bible a slave was the worst thing you could be it was the worst thing you could be in fact God starts off the ten commandments by saying look I got you out of slavery. But for Joseph Now he's thrust into this position and here he is all alone but he makes a decision. Do you know what his decision is. He is going to grow where he is planted and so Joseph begins working heart he begins honoring the Lord. And something happens because a part of for whites by the way. If you read a few verses right before part of first wife starts trying to seduce him. Do you know what it says about Joseph. He was in the field working. Why is that important. You know they noticed something there was a survey done about why soccer players are so attractive to women. What does this have to do with Joseph. To reason. Number one they get plenty of exercise and number two they're out in the sun. Not sweating but they're on the sun getting a nice tan. And so here Joseph is working. You know probably becoming a little bit more tome. Right. Part of why starts looking at him and the test takes place and we know the story. What happens. What happens next to him. What he gets betrayed and part of for not knowing what to do says you know we're just going to put him in prison. And the Bible then tells us something interesting about this place where Joseph was now placed in now he was a prisoner. He had gone from being a slave and now he was a prisoner but do you know what Joseph does when he becomes a prisoner he grows where he's planted. Now why my bringing this up because when she also finally reached the place of success his previous experiences had prepared him. Did you know that the entire you workforce of Egypt consisted of two groups of people slaves and prisoners. Slaves and prisoners know what did it look like the path of success for Joseph was actually gone intention for Joe So you see when Joseph would be commanding the building of Graner East and when he would be involved in all the things that would take place in Egypt gone needed. Joseph to go through some humbling experiences but those things were preparation for what God had in store for him. You know Mike says something amazing here she says something powerful and I think very practical. She says this. So today while the humble worker for God is following is what. Following his what employment angels of God. Stand by his side listening to his words knowing the matter in which his work is done to see if larger responsibilities may be what intrusted to his hands by the way do you know the parable of the Talents. It's one of the last parable Jesus gives right before you know he's crucified. Do you remember the first person in the parable of the Talents. He had or the last person he had one talent. How many talents to make. You lost it. The guy that had two talents how many talents to make he made two more the guy that by talent how many town city make it wrong. He made six he made six in the end you see he was given additional talent that he wasn't expecting you see this is so important because here you have what Ellen White saying she's saying look when God's people grow where they're planted when they're faithful and honoring God and say look if this is want to Matt I'm going to do the best I can to honor the Lord. You'll see what God does for you in time you know I've been so blown away with the work ethic of Joseph. And I say this because there's a generation today that doesn't really know what our work is all about you know what I'm talking about. I used to be a used past. Her and member my car tire went flat one of my youth kids was with me and I was like OK this is the time to teach a man a lesson. We walked outside I said man what are we going to do the tires flat. And he's like well we need to change it. I'm like OK so what do we do and he's like do you have a Jack gets in the trunk. And so he gets a Jack now. And he starts pulling the jack but near the car and he starts turning and he's like now I'm like What are you going about and he's like there's answers that are biting me and I'm like keep turning that wrench and he's like and he's like I can't do. I'm like you got to figure out a way right now. And he's like OK he stands back up and then he uses weight. And he finally gets that thing lose but I say this because I mean we're dealing with people who don't know what hard work. It is. And I mean this is important because we're going somewhere with this and here Joseph if much of his life he lived a very charmed life. He wasn't use to hard work. He wasn't used to trials by the way and this is very relevant. I read this research paper that described two different kinds of children. The children of the wealthy explicitly doctors. And the children of poor people people who were below the poverty line. And when they tested these two groups of people do you know what group of people what they found to be more intelligent. The children. That came from parents who are below the poverty line. You saying why is that the children of the doctors want used to. Hard work. They were given a silver spoon. Now hopefully this isn't true from Loma Linda Medical students and die. Doctors and men. But I'm saying this to you because it's true adversity. It's true poverty. It's true struggle that we actually grow that we actually learn to confront issues we learn to problem solve. You see Joseph was learning with these things during these trials of being a slave then being a prisoner in one of the bottom of the totem pole. Yet it was through these environments God was using and preparing for the big things you know and this is important because sometimes God takes us through a detour. Sometimes he doesn't give us the things why the way that we try to work hard for you know there are many people today they just fall eight to beat a seed to D. and then they get what they want. But then when God's people attempt to do think sometimes it's like OK I had to then be OK. Why am I having to go back to a OK go to A then you go to B. then you go to see that. Why do I have to keep going back all the way to a right here and we find God keeps bringing us back friends because what God is trying to do. He's trying to make you responsible for the success that's going to come in the future and so as God was preparing Joseph for success. He was leading him to trials two times that were humbling in times of obstacles and it was through these experiences gone was doing amazing things by the way. What is so amazing about the life of Joseph do you know the very first dream he was given. Was the very first dream he was given. He had this very magnificent dream where he saw beings Balin down to him he saw himself exultant Why is that important. Do you know the very second thing he does when he encounters a dream or the second time he encounters a dream. It's not his own dream. It's the dream of who. The cup bear. And the baker. Do nother know another time that he encounters a dream. Pharaoh. Now why is that important. If when Joe self helped other people with their dreams that his dream was finally fulfilled. It was only as he went to go help the couple here and the baker with the situations in their lives and their dreams and then with the feral then ultimately God used those circumstances to fulfill his dream. Francis is so important when we are looking at success right here you are seeing it right here by a man who was humble but willing to grow where he was planted to work hard to kill and everything and to honor golf who were all he was learning the lesson. Of selfless love of bring glory and honor to beyond this one thing about himself and Joseph proved himself to on all some ultimately be a man of God. Now it's very interesting because when it comes for us when it comes to us in trying to understand OK. God I don't know what I'm going to do with my own life. We have a prescription here that I really believe is super important is found in the book education. This is such a powerful quote and very practical. We need to follow more closely God's what we have and we talked about plans. OK What about plans where Gaunts plan of life. OK God What's a plan of life to do our best in the work at life nearest comma. To commit always to God comma and to watch for indications of his providence. These are rules either What's another word for rule. Long. These are laws all kind of laws are that these are rules that ensure safe guidance in the choice of an occupation. You see Francis is super important you see three principles here. One of the three principles to do our best in the work that life on earth was that Joseph. You've got to believe it right. He committed his ways to God You better believe it. And notice the third thing he watch for indications of his providence is. And when he apply these rules. What he begin to notice were patterns and these patterns serve as a sort of signpost and the sign points signpost was pointing in a certain direction friends when we begin to apply these principles in our life and we begin to see certain opportunities. God will continually open up. It's like what do what does this opportunity keep opening up forming take it as a kind of signposts that God may be directing you toward something in that field that you know there's a lot of people to especially a lot of young adults. What do I do with my life I don't know wrong going to go right. I'm going to keep going to school till I'm eighty five years old right. And by the time to get out of school they don't even have a degree they don't know what direction the going to mayhap the one hundred thousand dollar debt right. But see we need to start applying these principles to our lives. OK what are these principles to do our best in the work that lives near us. OK God I want to do any opportunity to give to me what is that around me. What is it. Do you go to give it to me then number two I'm going to commit my ways to God every single day. I'm saying more I'm giving you my future. I'm giving you my future and giving you my future then number three. You're going to be open to the providence of God What's got up to right now wait a minute. Is he just doing something over there is something happening over there. And these are the rules rules Ellen might say that ensure see a guidance in the choice of an occupation and that's so important because when I went to college I thought to myself OK I know what I'm going to do on my sisters went straight to the university. I had this brilliant idea. It's like I'm going to go to community college. Then I'll transfer to some university I spent four years in the community college. Four years. You wonder why. I don't know what I was doing with my life I had no clue and no wonder so many I had no direction no guidance and if I had known this at that time. It will save me a lot of trouble friends. We've been given beautiful Council. God doesn't leave us without guidance and the same God who led Moses who led the Israelites who leads his people leads you. God will still bless you. Amen. And this is powerful. Now let's continue with this Kate the Bible then says this about Joseph experience he was as a prisoner and something unusual happens. At the highest government at that time then it came to pass at the end of two four years that Pharaoh. Had a what. Had a dream. Do you mean what his first dream was what was his first dream. He see seven healthy stocks of corn. And then what does he see next. Said bin and help the stocks of corn right. And it withers away the good corn and then he has another dream demand what his dream was the second one he sees some healthy cows and then he sees some imagined C.A.T. cows and one of the emancipated cows due to the help pick out they start devouring them and fill wakes up and of course work. What in the world is that. So then he calls all his jet eyes and Harry Potter's they all come to him and he says look what is this dream mean and none of them can answer. And so you know what happens gone it uses that problem. This is where again so interesting gone use is not problem to now exalt Joe So Joseph comes in and do you remember what Joseph said this is what the Bible says right here. God uses Joseph first of all to tell him what the dream meant. Do you remember what that dream meant. So many years a plenty would come upon the land of Egypt and seven years of work. Founded by the way when you study up the Old Testament do you know what the. Ammons meant in a land. You know a family man in the land. Judgment judgment. Now did Joseph stop right there with the dream and say seven years of famine are coming upon God bless you. It's already done but it's just of do at that moment. Very good close he actually begins to introduce a solution. In fact what's the solution notice this letter would do this let him appoint officers over the land to collect one fifth of the produce of the land of Egypt seven point two four years. I mean just think about this this is what he had learned after a slave and as a prisoner. He had learned to economize he had learned to see he had learned to save his crops in the crops of you know part of for from destruction. He understood accounting very well that as soon as the problem is introduced. He merely has the solution ready to go. Joseph was preparing for this moment. Let's see what it says right here of the produce of the land of Egypt in the seven plentiful years and let them gander all the food of those good years that are coming and store up the grain under the authority of Pharaoh and let them keep food in the cities. Then let them be as a reserve for the land for the seven years upon which will be in the land of Egypt that the land may not perish during the famine. This is such a powerful being friends because Joseph was more than prophecies problem because or he was prophecies problem solver. You know there are many Adventists that have a perspective of Bible prophecy and that if we just got to tell people the problems of prophecy. You know what I'm saying. Oh yeah there's a lot of backs of coming. God bless you. Destruction is coming upon the land. Good luck. I know you think I'm joking but the reality is there are a lot of people lot of Adventists to have this perspective our job is to slowly just tell people judgements coming. The problem is here without providing the solution. Friends you want to know something about Adventism that I'm starting to understand more and more is that Adventism actually contains solutions the world. Adventism is actually a problem solving religion designed by God and this is such a powerful thing because a Seventh Day Adventists are called to be problem solver first for the Paul issues of this world by the way when you study up the life of Christ even the very first miracle that took place. It was at the wedding of Canaan right. When Jesus shows up the mother says they ran out of grape juice right. I think that's a translation. Well there isn't a great use right. And you know what she said she tells the servants whatever he says to you do it. Let me ask you a question did Jesus do another any miracle prior to that time. And if she know he would fix the situation then. Into a single miracle up to that moment. What did she understand about Jesus growing up he was a problem solver. Friends I say this is because God calls his people to be problem solvers. And there is a whole host of problems and new ones that are going to be emerging in the coming year gone wants to use his people to provide solutions case in point. You know I'm somebody that doesn't look it may not look like it but I like to work out a lot and I like going to the gym. And I'm somebody that you know as soon as I could buy really really bad gene. And see products. I would. Give them a GNC of. What's GNC. It's called waste of money right. You go by the G.M.C. shop. And the previous guy they're both gone and there's this advertisement to our new glutamine said to me not to me and get these big muscles overnight. Every OK here's my money take it right now I'll get buff overnight. So I grew up I was somebody when I workout I would take a lot of this protein power these mass gainers as you can tell it's obviously work right. I mean I would take all this stuff. I mean it would just be many times I'd just be putting the powder in and I want to even mix it may want to be drinking it just gets caked all over my face and you're laughing right now you're laughing but there are a lot of people and this is very interesting in what they're discovering about bodybuilders who are now taking supplements. They're dying around the age of forty of cancer because they're not putting good stuff in their body to putting junk in their body junk. And so they're getting these temporary results but in the end they die a very short life. And so I was like OK you know I was like No more taking this job. I'm a Seventh Day Adventist I'm going to look for Begin protein powders let me tell you something. You need a checkbook when you go buy those things you go to the store fifty sixty seventy dollars for these things and I was like can't buy this stuff you know it's too expensive. I don't want to take that junk. And I can't afford this other stuff and by the way it's missing some of the stuff I want. So you know I did. I said I need to problem solve right here. So I went online and after a long time of research. I made my own plant based powder and not just any kind of plant based powder. I used elements of powder as I had brought in the past. I made some. Stuff and secret I'm not telling you what it is now you're thinking OK what's the big deal right. So I went on Instagram. One day. And I took a picture of my Begin protein powder thirty six grams with kale also part of that kale powder and I was like OK cool. And it tastes really good. I've actually given it to bodybuilders and I've given it to marathon runners and cyclists and they absolutely love the stuff. This is an advertisement or simply saying this. So I took a picture I put on Instagram and I put in these different hash tag and I put plant based powder begin protein powder very next thing. I got multiple messages saying can I buy your protein powder. I'm looking for something like this. I need something like this. I need this and I was like I was getting even like here who you say you know what company using to sell this and I was thinking myself I'm not selling it. Actually when it was my maybe I'm not selling it. I'm not selling it but I realized something I'm like people are looking for something better. This into his face something. Better. Problem solving is finding something better. You are very intelligent people I know a number one you're here right. Number two you guys love the Lord. You don't want to just it's not just about making money it's about providing something better. The world right now is looking for solutions. Do you know where I had our church plant we started it one day we went to the city. We sat down at their board at their business meeting and it was very interesting their town hall meeting and they spent a lot of time just talking and mulling over things I turned to one of my bad workers and I said I want you to pay attention to this. They said what. Notice how inefficient this is. So OK. Then we sat down and talked to some of these board members later on and they said hey you know if you guys need any help. Doing any kind of health based stuff let us know what they liked so you know we've been looking for a faith based group that's interested in health. You know big help. Specific That is right group that loves help that promotes help Right right. But yeah we can provide it. And this is what they said to us. This is amazing. They said could you do cooking school for us like yeah we could. And then they said these words this is the funny part. How many months do you need to prepare. And I said months. They said how many months and I looked at my friend Bob workers like we're seven them as we can do tomorrow. I mean cooking schools. You know what I mean it's part of children Sabbath school these days you know what I'm saying. And they were so shocked because they were looking for solution. And you know what's so amazing. Not only did they pay for that cooking school. They paying for many of our health based programs and guess what. We don't hide or shy away from the fact that we are Seventh Day Adventists it is the brand. Right here. It's a Seventh Day Adventist cooking school in the city pays for it. We did a five K. sponsored by Seventh Day Adventists they paid for it. We did a health seminar they paid for the facilities. They're putting out thousands of dollars. You wonder why because they have a problem. The problem is health. They don't know who can answer that solution. And guess what. Seventh Day Adventist you are called to be problem solvers people are looking for something better and in Adventism you will find that and we share the principles of added. Some people are born way wait a minute. Where did you get something like that. And that one day I went to a Sabbath school is that not separate school was a Sunday school and I sat down there. First that you know during their Sunday school and you know you go in there and you answer those questions and you know you love people. And you know I was just answering my questions and what they didn't know is that I was quoting a lot of home white but I didn't fit all in white. You know and the SAT the Sunday school teacher at the end he sis man you should be teaching our class right now. And it's not because of me. There's nothing special about me. I'm simply sharing what God has already given to us and listening to what I'm saying to you right now. Joe also wasn't prophecies problem causer he was prophecies problem solver the world right now is looking for a solution and specially among young adults a sort of an entrepreneurial spirit right now we're where you're looking to provide something better and that the principles of where you can find something better isn't adding to something is very much a problem solving movement and I absolutely love it. And as Joseph was called to be that so we are called to be that as well. The Bible tells us about Joseph life. And for many years during this time of plenty and then famine God took care of Egypt but it was during that time. And this is interesting when I ask a question. Do you think at that time. Joseph could have gone back and saw his father. I'm sure when he was a slave or person he was ready to get out. But now when he actually had the opportunity. Did he go. He did take off. Did he mean send a message. What did Joseph finally understand. What did he understand. What isn't. Waiting on God He learned to trust that God would bring things about in his own way and sure enough do you know what happened during that time of famine. The brothers of Joseph show up and through some of various circumstances a reunion takes place but my favorite part of the story is this is when Jacob discovers his son is really alive and when you're reading this this kind of moment when Jacob comes closer to his son. And recognizes after all these years that he thought he was dead. His son was still alive. And this is such a powerful thought because Jo Jo Jacob said Any said. Indeed I have heard that there is grain in Egypt go down and by that place. We're got past that part we get to a place where there's a reunion. When Jake up finally. Hugs his son Joe So it's such a powerful thing you want to know why because it then tells us that Joseph told the family hey come live in Egypt. Do you know how long Jacob actually lived in Egypt before he nine seventeen years. Now why is that important. The best seventeen years of his wife was with his son Joe self. And then his son was taken away. He's reunited with his son and he's allowed to relive those seventeen years. God We stored to shake up the best years of his life before he died and seventeen years he was allowed to spend again with his son. And this is such a powerful thought because these are such interesting words indie end you'll find the beginning again. In the end. God will bring it full circle. He'll bring you right back to that place and you'll look back and you step back. You see the grand scope of what God has done for you and you will praise God for the life. He's given to you. Do remember what I said to you earlier that we are being led as if we as the way we don't want to be led. If we could see what God has seen this is the life that God gives and offers to his people and when he says I know the thoughts that I think towards you. Thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope that promise applies to every son and daughter of Adam. Amen. I want to end with this story. Now a G. could say and. It's very interesting you go to different parts of India and been there a number of times and you go to different parts of India and there are some curious things that you encounter in India. I remember one time I was going to this village and I was going to this village and I was just looking for something to buy so I could where I was looking for anything or squid I didn't want to do that I wanted something that was more simple as someone went walking through the village there were people so Indian food. There was people selling trinkets and Sarina and there's just that very ethnic sort of feel as you're walking through the village right. Now son I stopped and I noticed something. It was a place where they were selling saris beautiful quat that women wrap around themselves with designs. Beautiful design as I stop and watch how they were making those saris you see there was a young man who was seated on the floor. And in between him and his father who was seated on the stool. There was this wheel. And the stream. And this contraption what it did. Is that it made the saris. But the way it worked was quite interesting. You see the sun that was sitting on the floor. He was just looking at the father the whole time he wasn't trying to make the design. He was simply following to father's instruction to put the string here or the string here or the string there and then he looked at his father and watched the father's instruction he kept putting the string where it needed to be the thread and as the threads get placed in a certain spot. All of a sudden this beautiful design begins to slowly a merge from the sari that comes out. You see the sun didn't have the design in this mine. But the father did. His son's job was simply to respond and followed the direction and the guidance even if it didn't make sense or wasn't clear. But as he carried it out. A beautiful design was being produced that was in the mind of the Father. Friends when we open up ourselves to say Lord not my will but I will be done and we respond to God's directions and we carry out what God has given to us to do. In the work that lies in yours to commit our ways to God to watch for indications of Providence. We will see the beautiful things that God is making in our lives friends do not think to yourself that somehow you are disqualified from what God. You can do in your life. In fact the people that think those thoughts are precisely the people that God wants to use them. Amen. That's our heads forward pray. Father in heaven as we just conclude with the beautiful story of Joseph. Thank you Lord for His faithfulness and thank you Lord for your spirit that work in his life and his faithfulness that inspires what we should do even when things don't make much sense to us. And even when it's uncomfortable or to help us to follow your directions and trust the design you have in your mind bless each person may they leave with hope knowing what you can do for them. Thank you God for being prayer in Jesus' name this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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