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6. My Story

Michael Dant
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This is my story. It is a story of a supernatural God Who loved me so much that He pursued me for 30 years after my baptism until I finally said, "Ok, Lord, my life is all yours, be Almighty God in me."


Michael Dant

Embedded Computer Science Teacher at Southern Adventist University. 


  • April 30, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Before I share my story I like to share a parable of my story. And I do that first a parable of my story a parable about rich the poor man. Now Rich was so poor that he could not feed his family. He struggled with all of his might to feed his family and they often went hungry. He had lost his business in a flood several years back and from the nap point of this he's been looking for jobs and not finding them. You find a little job here little job there is make a little bit of money his family struggles. But life is not all a struggle for Rich. He has a hobby. His hobby is collecting beautiful stones. There are no intrinsic value in these stones. They're just pretty and he likes them and they're cheap I mean rocks right. Cheap hobby. So he collects these rocks and he polishes and them and he admires them and he spends hours enjoying them. And he likes a rock so much that he has taken a stand the cream of the cream of the cream of these this rock legend and he carries it with him in a bucket. Everywhere he goes because he's not to let this rock out of his sight he spent years collecting these things and there's no way going to lose them. So he takes them with him wherever he goes when he goes to work. He takes his bucket bucket of rocks with him when he goes to the market. He takes his bucket of rocks with him when he goes to church he takes his bucket of rocks with him everywhere he goes Well one day a rich is standing on a street corner in this in a city nearby his home looking for work and this rich gentleman stops by says hey tell me your story and so it tells about how he had lost his business and how he struggles to feed to sandwich and the guy felt so bad for him he said this is ridiculous. You have had such hard knocks. Let me help you out come to my house and I will give you gold coins. Well Rich could hardly believe his ears but he says OK a little skeptical of what's what. The guy selling whatever so he goes to the guy's house and the guy runs in he comes out with two handfuls full over flowing with gold coins and he dumps it into Rich's bucket and Rich thanks him profusely he rant runs home a status he can't he burst into the kitchen. He's calls his family. We are rich rich we have gold coins and his family of course come running. But when you come in they look at the bucket there's only three coins lodged in the top all the other ones had fallen were the size of the bucket was too full to receive the gold coins and his wife looked at the three gold coins is as you know rich that's not nice. It'll help for a couple weeks but you know that's not really making us Rich and Rich says I don't understand it he had a whole pile of gold coins again. Well they went to the store and they got their food and after a little while the food was gone and Rich was saying you know we're hungry again and yet he gave me that big handful of gold coins and he really wanted me to have those I don't have them so I want to go back I'm going to ask if I can get those back again. So he goes to the guy knocks on the door. The guy opens the door and the first thing he does a smile. Oh Richard back. I'm so glad you ran away with all these gold coins on the street and the guy and Ridge says yeah well no I don't know what happened there but I really appreciate that we're kind of out of money and good again and I was wondering if you'd be willing to give me those gold coins back again and the guy says Of course I will. So he goes back into the house he brings out two full handfuls of gold coins again he dumps him in the bucket Rich thanks him profusely runs all the way home yells to his family. We're rich for rich and of course there's only two gold coins in the top of his bucket. This happens a couple times and one of the times when Rich goes back to the gentleman to get some more gold the guy says You know Rich I don't want to be pushy or anything but I really like you I want to help you. And if you don't you know if you wanted to. You could come with an empty bucket and. I would fill it to overflowing for you and Mrs Well you know I appreciate that. That's very kind of you but I can't do without my rock. What would I do without my rock. These are these are precious to me. And so he goes away with his two or three gold coins again. After a while. Rich started thinking about this and he started to resent those rocks more and more he realized you know I can be rich beyond my wildest dreams and these rocks are getting in the way of that one else. And one day he decided to do something very radical he went out and took his rocks with them to a remote place in the forest where he'd never been before he dumped his rocks on the ground. Emptied his bucket completely turned around. Walked away and never came back. And now if you go to that town. You will find this guy knocking on doors and when people answer. He says Hi I'm rich would you like some gold. That's a parable of my life. For most of my life I've been walking around with a life full of worthless choices. That I was not willing to let go of. For God to make me rich. I am a fourth generation Seventh Day Adventist I grew up in a good seventh heaven is home. My mom. Appreciated morning and even worse of so much that she would have that with us kids. All the time. In fact by the time I was my brother and I went to cademy. My mom had read the entire Arthur as Maxwell ten volume Bible story set to us kids over eleven times. I went to admin to schools from first grade to graduate school in Regina versity. I was a missionary overseas my wife and I were overseas for six years and both of our sons were born there. I was an ordained elder of the church. I was always a good kid in school. I never did drugs or alcohol or premarital sex. In fact probably shouldn't say this but a couple months before our wedding my wife's to be said to me you know Mike. Maybe we should practice this kissing thing. So that when we get up in front of all those people we will make balls of ourselves. Fortunately I was a quick study. I was in the cademy I was president of the evidence used for better living society. I was intrusted with the key to the administration building. I was the student worker in the girls' dorm. That was probably too much trust and trust to of listening and boy but I never I never betrayed that trust. I was a good kid. And yet there was me on the outside. On the inside. I was broken and battered and living a spiritually impoverished life on the inside. I was polluted by sin. I would be set by addictions and bad habits and character flaws and shortcomings I was a slave to sin but now the tragedy of my life was not that I was a slave to sin everybody was born a slave to since the tragedy of my life was that I was a Christian I was a follower of the Almighty God and yet I could not get victory over these since that was the great tragedy. I remember over and over again. Sincerely pleading with God to give me victory over these sins and he didn't. You know there's this wonderful promise and James for seven resist the devil and he will flee from you is not a promise. That didn't work. Didn't work. You know I say I resisted the devil. I pled with the Lord to give me victory. The devil just laughed in my face and kept on knocking on me and Telecaster to me. I mean I remember. Thank you. Why do I even try. It didn't work for me. I was baptized at the age of eleven or twelve. But from the time I was born in tell the age of forty four. I never understood surrender. And never understood what it meant to give my all to Jesus. You see I thought that I would give God My one or two worst problems. And then he would give me victory over those and then we worked. We had I given my next one or two. We're going to some day. We're going to these little things that really aren't that bad. And besides God isn't finished with me yet. That's what I thought and so I thought surrender worked. And after three decades of following God to the best I knew how sincerely following God. Not only had I not gotten victory over those one or two first besetting sins. I had picked up new ones along the way. So I was in some ways worse off than when I started. And I blame God I went through this desert experience I said God I've been sincerely falling all my life I don't know what else. And what more else like a do if you exist I have no proof of that I have not seen you give me victory in my life. And I told that I said I'm not going to be in heaven unless you prove yourself to me supernatural exam done with all this. Wishy washy intangible saying. You have to prove yourself to me supernaturally or I'm not going to be there. I went overnight from being what I thought to be better than average Christian to being a faithless skeptic. I don't even know God existed. I lost all my faith in God. Because I realized that nothing was happening to all of these decades a falling of Almighty God there was something wrong there. And so I did my own thing. I sought my own selfish pleasure. I die pretty much lived my life without thinking too much about what God wanted. And I gave up on God but God didn't give up on me. He kept on going he kept on working with me. He kept on pleading with me. He kept on showing me that there was something wrong he kept on trying to help me and he rescued me from the depths of spiritual slavery that I was headed towards. And for that I'm thankful. The key to the transformation in my life came when I was with my mom at Cannes meeting. I was visiting her and she was I can't meetings so I went with her to the meetings and I remember that the sermon was about surrender and I remember I don't remember anything about the sermon to this day pretty much but I do remember one thing. I remember thinking I wonder if this is what went wrong in my life I wonder if it's possible that I never actually succeeded in this most important basic other Christian life. Perhaps I missed it. Well I said to myself OK that's a possibility but I'm not going to jump into the saying all fours just yet. I've done that too many times you know that new program of the new process is supposed to revitalize a Christian life or whatever. I said no not going to go there. So I decided to do was to study surrender. I want to learn more about this thing called surrender so I decided to read the New Testament or the guild zillionth time but this time I was going to ask myself for each passage. What does this passage tell me about surrender. What is it. What does it look like. How can I become surrender. How can I know if I'm surrendering. How can I station and I had all these questions about this most important topic and I decided that I was to see if I could find something about it in the New Testament what I found astounded me. Did you know. That self-surrender is the substance of the teachings of Christ. I learned that by experience and then I found it here sell surrender is the substance of the teachings of Christ and it's not just the new testament not just the Gospels. It's all through the Bible. This idea of giving God everything. So that he can take care of it. And. How could. Well surrender the the substance of the teachings of Christ and yet I for forty four years missed it. How could I have missed it. Even though I was privileged to live and be born in such a godly home and a godly environment. How could I have missed it. If this is the substance of the teachings of Christ. At that point I begin to realize something. I said to myself. Mike you may never have actually been truly converted. You may have fallen for that trick of the devil. Maybe you never actually did succeed in giving yourself fully to Christ in everything all the time. Oh I sang the surrender song and I prayed surrender prayer I meant it. But maybe I had never actually given God Everything we are told that many look for a special change take place in their feelings. This they turn conversion. Over this error thousands has stumbled to ruin not understanding the expression. You must be born again. As I studied surrender I very quickly begin to realize that there was an important aspect to surrender that I needed to start doing and that was counting the costs. Jesus teaches very clearly that if you're going to give yourself all to him you need to count the costs. And as I looked over my life I began to look at what my life would look like if I really gave my life wholly to him. I mean if I gave got all of my choices not just the big one. As much as the big bad choices but the little things I knew weren't quite you know right. What if I gave got all of those that's called counting the costs. There were it turns out in my life. Several choices that I had never really given God completely because I said Oh out there just little things besides God isn't finished with me yet but you know it's those little things that the devil uses to get into our lives and undo a lot of the good that God is trying to do in us. It's those little things that let him slither in all he needs is a crack and he'll slither in and he will muddy up our life and that's what he was doing in my life. One of those little things for me was movies. And yet all my life I knew that movies were not. Healthy spiritually. I mean I knew that flipping was for eight the diverse we read this morning first picture. Finally Brother and whatever is true. Whatever is honorable whatever is right. Whatever is pure whatever is lovely. Whatever it's good repute there's anything excellent anything worthy of praise dwell on these things I knew that most things come from Hollywood weren't true. Or good or praiseworthy. Even the true movies were based very loosely on truth but were highly sexualized I knew that when I watch movies that they instigated me unhealthy emotions. I knew that they encouraged me to eat unhealthy foods and I had a hard time watching movies without snacking on something I knew that watching these movies took up large chunks of my time. I knew that it was more difficult for me to enjoy the Bible. After watching a movie. And I knew that these movies were allowing worldly ideas and values to creep into my system I knew these things. And I want to decree over it but I couldn't get the victory. I tried many times. I remember having a spiritual high Sabbath morning and say OK movies gone forever by the time sundown came and I was running. To the T.V. Guide or the or the movie store my resolutions are like ropes of sand. I have never felt that way your resolutions are like ropes of sand. But as I studied surrender. I think even to realize that if I was going to truly surrender for the first perhaps the first time in my life. I was going to have to give God that choice. That was one of them. That was one of the costs that I had counted. And that was going to have to go and what made this so difficult for me was that at that point my life I traveled quite a bit internationally for my company and I could not imagine literally I'm sorry I could not imagine flying for twelve or fourteen hours across the Pacific or the Atlantic with in that tiny little seat without watching a movie or three. I could not imagine it. It did not seem like it was in the realm of possibility for me. And what's really amazing. And this is no coincidence I believe. Right at that time when I was coming to this conclusion about surrender in movies. I had three international trips scheduled. In three weeks. Three consecutive weeks six times across the Atlantic in three weeks. I went to England the first week and came home for a day or two and went to Ireland the second week and came back a day or two with it to the France the second the third we came back and so as I was looking at my surrender and looking at this. Daunting travel itinerary. I said to myself. Mike you've got to surrender soon as you get back. Right. I mean only a little space and so on and on the trip to England I watched a movie I distinctly remember the movie a member watching it and it was a psychological thriller and I was so upset with myself for watching it I cannot believe they actually showed on the on the plane it was it was. Violent and it was just terrible. So why do people watch this junk. Why do I watch this junk. So after that I said to myself well I'm going to have the least reduce the amount of movies that I watch as I load it for the next trip I loaded up my M.P. three player with good music and good sermons and probably some good reading material some stuff I really enjoyed reading and I said OK I'm at least reduce the number of movies that I watched. Well the next it was Ireland and I slept the entire way. Never underestimate the value of sleep through this thing temptation. I'm sorry. Sometimes I can really. Write so I remember it was a late night trip I still sleep almost before the wheels. We took often and I was waking up when the when we were landing and I was praising the Lord for that in the middle of that trip to Ireland. I woke up one morning ready to surrender to like and all I can say I woke up and I said. I've got to surrender. I've got to do it now I want to. So now through the weeks and months that I have been wrestling with God about this whole surrender thing he had finally got me to the place where I was ready and willing to do it right and I realized it was the worst possible time it was right in the middle of all these this travel schedule but I wanted to and God enabled me to I knelt down right there. And I gave got all my choice and every aspect of my life all the time. In spite of the daunting travel schedule had to mean you know when traumatic things happen to you. You remember where you are. I remember distinctly that room in Ireland to this day. I remember a lot of the details of that room and I remember on the corner of the desk by the window. There was a sigh a bag of chocolate mint candy that my wife had snuck into my my suitcase. Lovingly. It was. It was a special treat. Because our That was our anniversary. And so she had snuck in there and I appreciate that. Because I love chocolate mint candy. But you know unhealthy food was one of those choices that. Also I realized that God was asking me to give to him. And as I thought about this this bag of candy sitting there on the on the corner I said Oh my goodness. I really should throw that away but then I said well the Julie will be so upset because she got this is a special gift for me maybe what I'll do is I'll just eat one a day. All bad ideas. I threw it away. I threw it away. God gave me the grace to say OK Lord I give you that choice I give you all my choices. And when I got home and told my wife about it. She was happy for me. So don't let the devil deceive you. I was coming home from Ireland. And I sat down in this brand new airplane never been in a type of airplane before never actually I don't think flown on this particular carrier before it was my usual carrier and I sat down and you would not believe what I found in the seat of from front of me. There was a wide to screen entertainment center that I had never seen in my whole life. I mean I traveled a lot. I've never seen anything like this before it was widescreen and I had movies inside of it wasn't piped along you know the network of the plane like I used to do in the old days where they had six creams you know and you know probably too young to remember this or haven't done this but used to be that they had six movies that they would show during international flight and they would all be together they would also among the same screens and you had to kind of get your timing just right to make sure you could get all the ones you want to get here though you could just play it anytime you wanted to anyone you want to as a whole bunch of different genres and there are different kinds of really cool movies. And you could posit any went each time you wanted to go to the bathroom which is you know that's kind of nice. In the old days you had these huge lines at the end of a movie you know every had to go at the same time now because pressing that a little bit. So anyway. But I had given God that choice. And he gave me the victory. Even though I had this incredible temptation in front of me. God gave me the victory it wasn't hard to get that victory. He just gave it to me even though there was a little kid over there watching all these cool movies you know was really that bad. There's a little bit of a temptation every once in awhile have a look you know look away. But God gave me the victory there was one thing though and that was there was a map button you press a map and you see the map of where you are you can look up a little a look at that you know I like doing that. So I said OK that's fine. We still have this beautiful maps I pressed the map button and guess what it said it said this function not yet implemented. Please make another choice. That was all my choices. I had no other choices but God came to victory. You know I enjoyed our flight. Probably more than I had enjoyed the flight when I watched the movies. God was able to help me to do something that I did not think was possible to enjoy a twelve hour flight over the ocean with just little sea and no movies. God is a lot stronger than we give him credit for. If we will let him he can do incredible things in our lives. Why is it that all the sudden I got a victory over movies when my resolutions were like ropes of sand before. Why was it that after that that day that morning in Ireland line knelt down and said Lord. Here's all my choices why is it did movies suddenly become a victory area in my life and like you take your Bibles and look up with me this text. Member this text resist the devil he will flee from you. Open your Bibles to the Book of James try to after Hebrews chapter four and verse seven let's see if we can discuss. Evern this passage in the secret to my success in overcoming this movie problem that I have. James Chapter four verse seven. There are four submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Did I leave anything out when I share that verse with you before. Yeah there's the submit to God thing and by the way it's first and ask to happen first. There's a specific order that happens here. First you submit to God. Then you can resist the devil and then the devil will flee from you. All my life I had started in the middle. I had said Someday I will submit to God I'm going to try to resist the devil and the devil just laughed in my face. But all of the sudden now God has given me a supernatural victory over sin because finally he had gotten me out of his way and he had become Almighty God and mean you know that word submit it's a very interesting word in the Greek it's Hoople Taso Google means under and hostile mean sat. And it's in the passive voice which means somebody does it to you don't do it yourself. It's a passive voice which means God has to do it to you. He has to set you under himself. Only God can do it. Remember that only God can do it but what only I can let him. That's the key to surrender. Only God can do it but only I can let him. And finally for the first time in my life. He brought me to the place where I was willing and able to let him have my life. Let's let's read this together on the screen. Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. That is our key phrase. For this presentation. Re. Submit therefore to God then resist the devil and he will see from you. Well the devil was not happy with me I can tell you that for sure because the next week I was going to France and. I think I slept on the way to France on the way back I was I remember distinctly I was sitting down in my seat and out of habit I had reached over and started to get the entertainment guide that was my habit. Whenever I sat down an airplane first thing you do is look at the entertainment guy and figure out your movie schedule. And as I was reaching for I said What are you doing. Mike you gave those choices to God and I said I tend to say Oh well I will watch a movie of see what's on right good idea right. You know. The Lord showed me that side. No I'm not going to go there. I don't you want to know what's being shown. I had flown on this airline for over four hundred thousand miles. And what happened next. Had never happened before that I know was the purser came on the intercom and movie by movie told us what was being shown on that plane and serious that had never happened to me before. And one of the things that was being shown in this is no coincidence was a G. rated family comedy. And you know in my mind started to go right. It's only G. rated and by the way do you think those people who make those ratings are inspired just to say I'm just saying OK. No but I also believe he made and I said to myself. Besides laughter is the what. That's medicine right. It's a family comedy to what could be bad but I said to myself. Mike you gave those choices to God you gave that choice to God and I didn't want it. God gave me the victory over that the devil was very unhappy. But you know what God was very happy. Because God was getting his way for the first time in my my life and he was able to bless. Me beyond my imagination because finally. Finally I had dumped out the rocks. Finally I had given him an empty bucket and said Lord fill it to overflowing. And he was very happy about that. Almost immediate Well immediately immediately after that morning in Ireland. God gave me victory over every besetting sin of my life every known bad choice in my life. God gave me victory over immediately. Supernaturally Now there are probably people in this room who will doubt that. And I wouldn't doubt it if you told me that for most of my life my friends that we do not necessarily recognize the power of God in a fully surrendered soul because very few of us have done it. Very few of us have really learned God the Almighty God in us. But God immediately gave me victory over every known bad choice in my life. That was the first time in my life I actually ever experienced supernaturally the power of God He does do miracles and I didn't know it from of my life because I wasn't letting him perform those miracles in my life. And immediately after that surrender experience I began to enjoy prayer. Prayer was always a hard thing for me perm was always one of the things I knew were important and I tried to but I had a hard time praying for ten minutes at a time. Immediately afterwards I began to enjoy prayer. I could spend an hour in prayer and enjoy and look forward to it and it became a priority for me and I got consistent addict. All these things that I had wanted to do all my life and was unable to all of a sudden God was able to do miracles in my life. My friends. If you want to enjoy water. Stop drinking soda. You should I'm saying. If you want to enjoy the spiritual things of God which are subtle and pure and good for you then you're going to have to give up the worldly things that are yes there's there's stimulating until later. Right but they're they're worthless they're meaningless. They're unsatisfying. If you want to enjoy God's pure healthy water. You have to give up soda and that's what God taught me in this whole surrender experience. When Saul surrenders itself to Christ a new power takes possession of a new heart a change is rotten which man can never what. He never accomplished for himself. It is a what. Supernatural work bringing a supernatural element into the human nature the Soul that is yielded to Christ becomes his own fortress which he holds in a revolt of world and he intends that no authority shall be known in it by his own a soul that's kept in possession by the heavenly agencies is what in pregnant bolt. To the assault of Satan. But unless we do you'll ourselves to the control of Christ. We shall be dominated by the wicked one. My friend I could have told you this by experience and many of you. I pray have experience the same thing. This is a message that we need to teach people around us. Everyone that will listen you can experience a supernatural power of God You can be God's own forecasts impregnable because he's also Satan. If you'll get out of his way and let him guard your for that's the key. He's the Almighty God but he won't force you into his goodness. So I want to make a disclaimer here. I don't want anybody leaving this room saying that Mike stood up there said he's perfect. What I am saying is that God gave me victory over the known bad choices in my life. Does that mean I never make mistakes. You know. Does that mean I don't have shortcomings. You know. Doesn't mean I don't have character flaws No the difference between my between now and the time before my surrender is the chosen bad choices. The known bad choices. Those are the ones that separate us from God We are all sinners. We are all going to be sinners. We're standing in a need of grace. No matter how perfect your actions. But by God's grace. You can get victory over the bad choices the ones you have choice or that's what the freedom the power of choice is all about God can give a supernatural power to make those good choices. And while we're making those good choices he's over here sanctifying us and helping us or to overcome those mistakes and shortcomings and character flaws. He's making us better that take some time but I'm not worried about the unchosen since those are God responsibilities. What I'm worried about are those little choices that I know are not gods choices and I say to myself all the house just a little thing besides God isn't an issue with me at those are the things that keep mean from being God's own fortress. It's the little things God can't give us victory over the big things until we give him the little things. He who is faithful over little will be faithful overmuch. Shortly after my surrender I had several weeks of panic attacks. I had these these severe bouts of. Fear. I guess would be the best way describe it. What have I done. Have I. Really separated myself from my favorite entertainment for the rest of my life. Do I want to live my life this way. Can I live my life this way the devil would attack me with all of these questions. God got me through those episodes step by step. I remember what a struggle. It was but after a couple weeks they went away. Because God gave me these surance that yes he could give me victory for the first time in my life I have struggled for over forty years without movie problem. Maybe not quite so much. Thirty five whatever way a lot of years decades with this movie problem and then all of a sudden got to give me victory over it and took him a little while to build as faith that he could do that. But God gave me the victory over those panic attacks and he taught me that he really can be Almighty God in mean my friends I shared with you about movies and unhealthy foods that those were two of the bad choices in my life. Not all of you have the same bad choices everyone has different things that the devil works on them. I remember sharing this with a with a friend this testimony with a friend. And he said Mike I don't think your surrender is sincere because movies are easy to deal. Well yeah for him it was for him. We were never a problem. He never even thought about them. But each of us has any area. In our life. That may look trivial to somebody else but to then it looks like an insurmountable mountain. And so don't look at the specifics of what I said today. Look at the principal got of a devil is attacking each one of us in our own ways but God is working with us and willing to give us victory in our own ways. Each one in that particular challenge that you think is insurmountable mountain. I was sitting on an airplane coming back from germ. One time from a trip and as I was sitting there. This lady and her son walked by me and sat behind me in coach class and I remember thinking that you know I hope that they're going to meet the husband and father and I like watching people as they get on planes. It's really kind of fun a short time later I heard a little bit of a. Shuffle back there. I'm sure was going on but a couple minutes later this other lady a different lady came forward and she had a ticket a boarding pass in her hand and she was walking like this and. You know. And I knew exactly what had happened. This is happening me several times before two people on the same plane had the same seats and they both had boarding passes to prove it. It happens. And sure enough this couple minutes later a stewardess came back with her and they went back and there was some more scuffle I didn't because it was too far back I could hear it or see it. I knew there was something going on back there commotion back there and a short while later the original young lady and her child got up and left the plane and she was crying. Somehow I don't know how they made that decision but somehow the white with the kid just has to go or something. Anyway. They made that decision. I remember feeling very sorry for her and hoping that she would get another flight very quickly and would miss connections and things. Well she didn't find in the flight just before they close the door on the airplane she came back on. And this time she wasn't crying. She was smiling. And this time she didn't sit in coach class. She said business class. Do you think during that long flight when she was enjoying the business class food and the business class recliner. Do you think she ever looked back to coach classes lore I wonder what I'm missing back there. My friends. All my life I have been clinging to my coach class ticket. I was crying Lord don't take this away from me. And he was trying to give me a first class Christian experience. He was longing to give me a first class Christian experience. And I was the only one keeping him from doing it. That's the power of choice. That's the scary power of choice. You and I by our power of choice can keep the Almighty God out of our lives. You can keep him from being almighty God in you. That's Neil together. Holy Father you are in this place right now. And you are drawing each one of us to yourself. You are pleading with each heart and each mind. To let you come in and be almighty God Father I want to pray a special prayer of consecration father pray that for each one who has come forward this morning that you will provide the miracle in their life. That they need for their own special circumstances father to be fully and wholly surrendered to you. Father may each one of us be unreservedly unresistingly unrelentingly surrender to you. Consecrate our hearts away from the world to you father. Please bless each person in this room. Please continue to work with us by your Holy Spirit. Please continue to bring to our minds. What we need how we can let you come into our life how we can let you be make us into your own fortress. I pray for these things I thank you so much. Jesus this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon leaving the W W W audio verse or.


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