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After Trump

Peter Chung
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Prophetic implications of the recent election and the solution Jesus has for America.  


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • November 26, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Father. Our Father God in heaven Father we thank you for religious liberty. We thank you. That we could worship freely here today in this house of worship. And father you know my life. You know me you know my heart. You know the course of my decisions. I am a weak man I'm with dust in them and I am all flesh. So father in spite of myself my be a blessing not a curse to people. I ask you fill me with your Holy Spirit. May you fill all of us with the Holy Spirit so that mind heart indeed will draw closer to you. So that we can love you with all our heart soul and mind and love our neighbors in our enemies as ourselves. We asked for a special experience here today. This week for a in Jesus name on the first Tuesday of November by the way for those that don't know me I am a US history an American government teacher a saint Abel Academy in Southern California. And so obviously you had to pay attention to this election. Otherwise I would not have a job. And the election of the straw poll proportions it show the deep divide of the United States of America here today. Now in my human reasoning I said there's no way a reality show show man that some professional wrestling could be the president of the United States. Whereas I saw what's happening in the ballot ground states and as I saw what was going on as the election coverage continued I realized that something is different. And Donald J. Trump was elected. Our president. Now some are afraid of the future of this nation especially people of color and minorities and as myself as a minority some of the rhetoric that President Trump has stated is very concerning to me. Vilifying a whole religion is something that concerns me because we live in a nation that embraces religion liberty of conscience and religious liberty and the fact that one religion is being vilified does concern me. Now I do understand we're in a situation where radical Islam is very concerning for our national security. But develop far anti-religion in my estimation is wrong so close. Back in the one thousand two hundred sixty years of papal supremacy Christianity was no different than ISIS. There were terrorists from nation to nation forcing people if they didn't believe just like ISIS to kill him to destroy him to maim and so to vilify entire religion is wrong and so I was very disturbed not because he's a Republican but because of some of the things he said. And so whenever I'm bothered disturbing a little depressing or what I do. I exercise. So I went to the chip. I felt better. And got impress my heart and mind. The name never can. That is or came up. Never can. That is or is one of the most brutal kings in history. He conquered and then known world but yet God worked in the heart of the work in there and converted them even though it looked hopeless that such a brutal man that destroyed the Hebrew nation. Yet God saw beyond what we see and he will be in the kingdom of heaven we should pray for our president he may have never been as experience. And a verse came to my mind the Bible says and John Chapter fourteen verse twenty nine. And also the Bible says the Bible says and now I have told you before I come to pass that word it is come to pass you mark one. So prophecy is given so that we my believe it is very prophetic was going on here in the United States here today. You have two factions you have extreme conservative the Republican Party then you have the extreme liberal the Democratic Party but the Bible predicted the extreme battle between extreme conservatism and extreme liberalism in the Book of Daniel in the Book of Daniel chapter eleven verse forty knows the Bible service the Bible says and that the time of the end what time. Time it is we live in the time of the I magine still shell of a king of the South push at him and then killed or shall come against him like a whirlwind which chariots and with horsemen and where many ships and show enter into the countries and show overflow and pass over. So at the time and in two powers he had a king in the south and the king in the north. Now we praise God for the Bible because the Bible interpret itself. And so we are as a seven thousand as Christians we don't have to be mystified by all prophecy. Because scripture on lock scripture. We have to ask ourselves Who is the king of the South and who is the king of the north at the time when it. A corner Daniel chapter eleven verse in the King of the South is identified as Egypt. Now the question Is Egypt a world power here today. Yes or No no. Because Egypt is not a world power today. Obviously we have to conclude that Egypt is symbolic here today. And as we compare Scripture with Scripture. We know the characteristics of Egypt. Chapter five years to Pharaoh doesn't acknowledge the true God Egypt represents atheism. In Revelation chapter eleven verse eight the Bible states that Egypt is connected to Sodom. And he were shot to live verse twenty four twenty five the bottom of the squad's Egypt is having pleasures and sins for a season in Leviticus Chapter eighteen and Jew Chapter seven. The culture of Egypt and Saddam is one of immorality licentiousness sexual morality these three ality the things that we see in Hollywood here today there represent the extreme left. The push for the legitimacy of the same sex marriages the push for anything goes free love to sleep with whoever you want as long as it feels good. So the king of the South represents extreme liberalism. Now there are some seven the avenues that rather a voted for Hillary Clinton saying that she would be more favorable to religious liberty but we have known that this these past eight years the Democrats were in control and our religious liberty. As Christians have been threatened in fact let's go to current events we see here in June twenty sixth two thousand and fifteen the Supreme Court has a monumental case of same sex marriages now let me preface the fact. I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman that's God ordained. However. If a same sex couple wants the benefits of marriage and tax deduction. That's not my business. That's the realm of the government and for society and so whatever they decide is up to the government and society. My mission is to show them a better way that God is Love and God is giving them something better. But one problem with this Supreme Court case is this When the solicitor general. Now the solicitor general represents the United States government the Supreme Court when the solicitor general was interviewed by Want to Supreme Court justices basically the solicitor general point of this quote stated in June twenty sixth two thousand fifteen Washington Post. He said is this that if world leaders groups don't abide by accommodating for L.G.B. T. professors and employees in a religious institution then possibly their tax exemption or nonprofit status may be revoked by this being approved. So our schools may be affected. Our universities will be affected our colleges may be affected because we are distinct admin this and we believe in our Bruce Willis' that marriage should be between a man and a woman and for the government to say listen if you don't hire certain people that believe in. L G B D. Then we're going to revoke your nonprofit status. In fact Chief Justice John Roberts said unfortunately people of faith can take no comfort in the treatment they receive from the majority today. So the killer south has been persecuting religious liberty in fact. It gets worse in October fourteenth two thousand and fourteen. The mayor of Houston and these Parker demand the passion to turn in any sermon those that speak against homosexuality. Now I'm not going to turn in my son in law is to any American official in my cell and those are precious to me. Now if you want to study it on your own that's fine but I'm not going to submit it my friend Dr Eric Walsh. It May sixth two thousand and fourteen. He was the director of policy in the health and he was chosen to be the commencement address or for Pasadena City College but what the people did or the inviter is did is they looked at their one and Google pastor Aquash daughter Aquash and they heard sermons that he preached as. In the sermons and they fired him for preaching at the service. Our religious liberty is a threat. Now down the road and gross more of it where our parents live the Oregonian July to two thousand and fifteen Oregon bakery. Some of you know this case. In Oregon big. That with Liberty causes respectfully decline to make same sex marriage cake and even given the alternative for them was fined one hundred thirty five thousand dollars for their convictions. And recently in August twenty sixth two thousand and sixteen. Dr Eric Walsh had a lawsuit in Georgia of religious liberty where the governor of Georgia demanded he submit his Bible his preaching Bible his sermon notes and this laptop to be under review. Religious liberty is under attack by the camera. But there is another power the Bible says that the time of the end shall the king of the South push at him and the king of nor shall come with them like a whirlwind. So there is a pattern throughout history when you have the extreme left is switches to extreme right. And so we want to know who the king of the north this. The Bible says and Daniel eleven verse thirty six thirty seven the killer north is identified to exalt himself. Man if I'm still above every God and shall speak marvelous things against God and gods in other words they kill the north identifies himself as that he is God in the place of God. Now that's similar language to Daniel seven twenty five a little foreign power who speaks words against the Most High thing to change times and laws and second telephone started to verse three and for the same power exalt some self above God and shows himself as God sitting in the temple of God in Revelation thirteen five and six this power disk. In the north is the Squire's obesity speaks great things that glass means. Against God in the Tabernacle the king of the north represents the papal power the papacy. Now we know from papal sources and also what this source says Pope is the fifth the pope and God are the same so he shall all power in heaven and earth. The pope takes the place the Jesus Christ on earth he is infallible ruler the universal ruler of truth. The supreme judge of heaven on earth. The Judge of all being judge and no man God himself on Earth we see here that the king of the North fits the description of the papacy. Now how does the papacy connect with conservatism in the Republican part. You see one of the major voting blocks for adults from was the religious right evangelical Christians. And in the past ten years especially. Evangelicals have been seeing very interesting things noticed BISHOP Tony Palmer he is a Anglican priest he died. Notice what he said brothers and sisters Lutherans protests is over is yours. In other words the protest against the papacy is over. In fact Rick Warren famous Christian author of years of mega church in Orange County Down the road where I live in Southern California. Knows what he says we have more in common than what divides us. And recently in August thirty one twenty six thing I see brotherhoods in the in the audience here today. I believe you went to Sweden to pass out great converses praise the Lord all momentous occasion happened where the Lutheran Church. The Family Church of the promise and reformation now was the reason why the Protestant Reformation Rose. It was because the papacy declared that they are in the place of God and. That they declare that they have the power to forgive sins. You know recently. Pope Francis stated he ordered that all priests could forgive the sins of all portion. Only God could do that now and then. And so in the Lutheran church when on protests Martin Luther protest the fact that a man is the clear to forgive the sins that only God can forgive and in August thirty first the Lutheran Church and the papacy. Apologize for the division that happened. The protest is becoming more and more diminish and the last Protestant church that remains is the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We're becoming single or straight laced and then to the eyes of the world extremes. Now this is the agenda the pope this isn't Fox News this is an actual legitimate Web site. This isn't fake news a man. Pope Francis is maybe it's time to ask ourselves is if working on Sunday is true freedom. So here is the situation you have like the Democrats and liberals the extreme left. They're pushing for Secular Humanism licentiousness there's persecuting those that believe in the Bible thing the Bible is outdated those that believe in the Bible do not believe in equality of all those that believe the Bible should conform to the civil rights in the standards of secular humanism today that the king the self there on the opposite. You have a king the north. The Republicans in the extreme conservatives that want to legislate morality and force people to be Christians by government mandate. Now I believe the Bible says that God is love and love is a choice. And so even his side. Neither party you vote for. You will be accountable for the degradation of religious liberty. And so the United States itself is the scribe of color religion Chapter thirteen versa Levon as a land that speaks as a dragon now in John chapter one verse twenty nine the land represents to Jesus. Do you know in John Chapter eighteen verse thirty three the thirty six Jesus declared that the separation of church and state. Jesus is my kingdom was not of this world. If my kingdom of this world then my servants where five. So the United States came as a nation that believes in religious liberty. But it would speak as a dragon was a dragon or a business rather should have to twelve years for we have described here that the dragon seeks to devour the man child who was Jesus when he was an infant question. Harris who did what government did he belonged to the Roman Empire. So that dragon represents pagan wrong and Rome persecuted God's people. Now one of my favorite avenues authors name is eighty joints. He wrote a book called The Republics. You see in Rome it first started as a republic a representative government but because of social armrest then terrorism and being a world power it transition into and. Dictatorship then transitioned into an empire and then while it was an empire it sought to try to control society but it was still the grey and finally it crumbled and it rose a church state system called the papacy. The United States start as a representative Mark Willacy is now transitioning into an empire and soon because society will be coming worse and worse and worse. No matter who's in office. It will then see to a system of church and state. Well the papacy will once again control and legislate morality. History is being repeated right before our eyes. You see brothers and sisters. We just celebrate Thanksgiving and you know what the purpose of Thanksgiving is you know with a ritual Thanksgiving. It was the Pilgrims you know why the pilgrims came they came to escape persecution. They came for religious liberty. And Thanksgiving is a holiday we have some of the abolition embrace the most because the holiday celebrates will they just liberty. Do you know when the Mayflower. According to James White autobiography page one. It states that James why it's father was on the Mayflower coming in to North America. Literally run then of the sea was on the Mayflower guy was organising events where pilgrims were later on his the Senate would become a founder of the seventh there in the scherzo Thanksgiving is a very prophetic holiday. So enjoy that told for people who are slippery. Now how does apply the dollars from August fifteenth twenty six in Time magazine. Trump promised that one of his first efforts as president would be to dismantle laws that keep Christian churches from spending taxes that money on political advocacy. He promised to vigorously attack our laws stablish in the one nine hundred fifty S. from legislation sponsored by then Senator Lyndon Johnson amending the U.S. tax code rules that prevents taxes them organizations such as churches or educational institutions from endorsing political candidates now some people say that's no big deal. But what it's doing is giving power to the religious right to openly declare candidates that they want to vote in the churches you see L.-Y. it's a great constipation fine idea knows what inspirations this political corruption that destroying love of justice regard for truth and even a free America rulers and legislators in order to secure what public. Or will you go to the popular demand for a long enforcing Sunday observance Donald Trump who does not practice Christian morality. Who does not act like a Christian. I don't know it's hard though God is the working on a name and. In order to secure our public favor has a bracer religious right. And so either if you vote Democrat Republican Hillary Clinton or don't shrug know this our church is in a rock and a hard place. So this is what's going on America right now has more to decrease. Has natural disasters increase. Are we in the extreme financial debt right now. One the reasons why many people in Michigan Ohio and all the belt way states voted for dollar Trump is because temple prosperity. Many people are losing jobs in this international global economy and because of that national chaos are we seeing a smidge of the National chaos right now we're seeing protests even in Portland. We're seeing protests in Los Angeles. We're seeing protests in New York and these are going to get worse and worse by the Sisters. Until a solution will come for a mandatory day of worship. We see the pattern right before our eyes. Now I'm not going to say doll talk is the one that's going to pass on the law because quite honestly when President Bush was elected Bush Jr in two thousand and many people that believe that he would pass on the law but it didn't happen and it doesn't really matter who passes it. What matters is that we grow closer to Jesus. Amen. And so for those that are in partisan politics. I believe this is a plausible fundamental Christian education paid for seventy five the Lord would have this people bury political questions on these things silences eloquence choirs called. Parsifal to come into unity on the pure Gospel Principles which are plainly revealed in the Word of God we can I would say fifty vote for political parties for we do not know whom we are voting for. We cannot labor to please men who will use their influence to repress religious liberty and to set an operation or process oppressive measures to lead or compel their fellow men to keep Sunday service the people of God are not evolved to place such men in office for when they do this they are partakers of them all the sins which they commit while in office. Some of the think about when we vote. Now she doesn't prohibit us from voting. But she says that we can I cast our faith in political parties. But you know what bros and sisters. This seems scary doesn't it. The reality of the matter. We're living in some tough times. Both of every crisis there is also a hole. For every flaw. There is there are for every Southerners destroyed there is a lot that is it. For every truth and that was destroyed. There was a prophecy where Christians were delivered and the Bible says in down Chapter twelve for us. One ever have had time shall Michael stand up the great prince will stand for the children of our people. Jesus stands up for you all die no matter who's president no matter what society. No matter if military scum. No matter how militaries follow Jesus standing up for us. And have that Michael Cera the great prince will stand for the children our people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was. Since there was a nation even to that same time but in that time of trouble were is never before seen and that that time of trouble which was never before seen the white people shall be what delivered. Everyone there should be written in the book. So there is deliverance in this a crisis we must just cast our trust and faith in. And to no one is to love them and to love them is to trust them and to trust them by His Word. If we understand in their own chapter eleven that these prophecies come to pass. Can we not believe that Jesus loves us that Jesus seeking to forgive our sins that is seeking to give us a picture of our sins that Jesus knew all the were defective and feeble and unworthy of his grace that Jesus wanted to clean this up and to love us and to Quins us with His blood. You see this is the reality of our world today the Bible says in the last day in Jesus. And because iniquity shall about the love our many shall wax call we're living in a time work stream racial strife. We're living in that time were people are angry with each other in Facebook and social media people are disparaging we we can't even respect each other's opinions anymore. Everyone's just like you are bad you are evil and condemning judgment brothers and sisters. We live in the United States of America. We should respect each other's opinions. But brothers sisters this is not the meat of my message because I like preaching about Jesus. You see all these quotes situations going on crisis going on. We find hope in the history of scripture. You see in the time of Jesus. We could find hope because of the time of Jesus is similar to the time of the United States here today. You see in the time of Jesus. According to chapter two verse one. There was a super power nation called Rome that ruled all the world just like nowadays there is a United States of America. There are rules of all the world. So in the time of Jesus. There is. Superpower nation move chapter two verse one we are Caesar Augustus taxing the whole world we live in a nation that's fiercely divided between the liberals and conservatives in a time of Jesus' call X. twenty three percent. I mean you had Sadducees unfairnesses extreme liberal extreme conservative valuing each other just like it is today. Now one of the reasons why Hillary Clinton did not become president was the accusation that she was corrupt political corruption in the time of Jesus corner John Chapter two verse fourteen. There was mass corruption in the day of Jesus. Now we're in that age of civil unrest or protests of different factions and different groups. And looked up to thirteen first one we see that in the time of Jesus. There was quite civil unrest. So much so that the Galileans sought to supplant the Romans and pilot and pilot would kill these rebels we see here civil unrest in Jesus' day and civil unrest here in the United States here today. Now one of the major social issues of this time there's a revival fortunately is that of racism. But in the time of Jesus. There was extreme racism in John chapter four his nine you had Jews hating Samaritans. So it's a time of great racism in a time of Jesus. Now in the time of Jesus. There was great religious persecution. Just like religious persecution is here today with my friend Dr Walsh and we know there in John Chapter nine hundred twenty two. This is the year cow where a blind young man would heal from his blindness and he was disfellowshipped by the Farriss and the parents and not stand up for the child because they were afraid they would be put out of the synagogues. Religious persecution was real during the time of Jesus. But what did Jesus do in this divided society. What did Jesus do in this time of great strife in this time of great uncertainty. What did Jesus do when the time of corruption and the time of hatred due to the special work and so to God is calling us to do a special work in those of the Bible says in Luke Chapter four was eighteen and nineteen the Bible says in a spirit a Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to those who to the poor here sent me to hear all the to preach deliverance and to recovering the start of the to set our liberty them that are to preach the except war years a lord in other words Jesus came with a message of freedom and the message of what it says is to heal the broken hearted the message of emotional healing. Connected with the message of prophecy to preach the accept all year of the Lord. So a prophetic message. What a mess is emotional healing. You know brothers and sisters. Nowadays our society. The reason why we are so much hating each other. The reason why there's so much hostility is because our homes are messed up because love is not being modeled in the old and many young people are being raised in societies where parents love waxes cold and so does the calling us to be healers of those that are broken healers of altar and Dan has given us the Gospel message to be our message of healing and God has given the Seventh Day Adventist Church a true picture of God to show true love to bring healing to society. To heal the broken hearted because of the thoughts are right the actions are right you know I know one thing as a teacher. Licensed as a teacher is this. There's always a story behind someone's behavior. Some students acting up and we're like man how come he doesn't get it. Why is he like that. But then you realize that he comes from a single parent home. That's being abused. There is always a story behind the action and God wants to give us the wisdom and the knowledge and the Huling ministry to heal those that are broken hearted. And so what is the message that Jesus preach along with a prophetic message the Bible says from that time Jesus began to preach and to say rough pen for the king of the heaven as our hair. Now what he called the kingdom of heaven as I have do you will decline a prophetic message to Daniel Chapter nine that the Messiah is on the scene. Jesus preached a message the prophecy of Daniel. But he also preached repent. How do we repair it. The Bible says it is the goodness of God that brings us into repentance. You see the message that we should be clear is not only a prophetic message but that Jesus is there to forgive us of for our sins. The message of justification by faith. The message that when we come to God no matter what we did the moment before will matter. A formal bowls of all no matter what sin we committed. If we come to God and we confess our sins He is faithful and just to cleanse our sins and as though that we have never sinned. There are so many people are in the bombs of guilt right now there are so many people in the bondage of pain and hurt when we declared a message that Jesus truly forgives your sins as though that you have never said that love to love and that low will lead to them keeping the coming of a cigar. You see we have the same fear of the sin that what our problem is we say keep the Sabbath first. Do health reform first keep the commandments first we put the cart before the horse but when we show the love in the G.'s that Jesus seeking to forgive our sins as Jesus declared. TED for the Kingdom of Heaven I sent a message of forgiveness along with a prophetic message. How much more power on this issue of. What did Jesus do to reach the people with the gospel ministry knows what the Bible says the Matthew Chapter nine first thirty five. The Bible says and does a while about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel the kingdom and healing every sickness and every disease among the people. Jesus did medical missionary work. And every one of us is called to be a medical missionary. Now you may now be well appointed where natural remedies or the healing powers are you may not be a medical professional but a medical missionary someone also deals with the heart. Each and every one of us has experience of pain and experience what we bear her. But when we find healing in Jesus. We can extend that human to another person and Jesus calls us to heal and not to destroy. You see I am very blessed that our seven thousand churches right now doing these mobile clinics pathways their health and these clinics in places like Los Angeles and San Antonio are free medical care for those that don't realize that there is a god out there and many are seeing Jesus for the first time and that is the work that some of them have in a should do a medical missionary work along with a message that do forgive their sins and a prophetic message. What is a solution to the political divisions of that this time were extreme divided right now between liberals and Democrats Democrats and Republicans do you know our message reaches both Democrats or Republicans present sisters. You see the Democrats want freedom and constitutional liberty. We have a message to religious liberty. The Republicans want people to behave the right way but we have the message that in order to behave the right way. You must receive Jesus and accept his forgiveness. So we have a merciful for the left and the right. That's what the Bible says and John Chapter twelve or thirty two and and I if I would you be lifted up from the earth will draw how many men of Democrat Republican red or blue and to me. How the Jesus addressed the corruption of that time. Remember Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus was a our first tax collector for the Roman Empire. He the father of many people but when he found Jesus calling the loo Chapter nineteen for seven and ten when he was a queen. There were Jesus and he saw that Jesus could forgive even here. What happened is that he is. And Zacchaeus third and said until or Behold or to have my good idea to the poor and if I have taken anything from any man by false accusation. I restore him for fall and Jesus said unto this day is salvation come to the house for as much as he also is a son of Abraham but a son a man has come to see and to save that which was lost always declared a message of the friggin it's a sense corruption will be in the way so even the most corrupt involved person who has the searing guilt in his conscience of want to do something better but he can only show them that Jesus loves them that you can change of heart so to then Jesus. Transform this heart and the corrupt became he on this person. The solution to corruption is the gospel there God can change the heart. How did Jesus deal was simple rest and this content the Bible says and Matthew twenty first point twenty one and he said that to them. Whose is the image and superscription they said unto and Caesar's then serve unto them render therefore to Caesar things which are Caesar's and to God the things that are God we are to respect the government. It is the government. However when their governments or men contradict the government of God we are to where God rather than men but in all possibility we should respect the government. How did Jesus do with racism. Remember the Samaritans and the Jews hated each other. It was a racial issue. And remember that Jesus saw it and talked to the Samaritans the woman at the well in some area. Jesus went to the range that was reviled and hated any minister known to them and his son and gave him the gospel. Now only that but. Jesus also here on the dollar. I can and I Greek woman and Jews also heal the Roman centurion we have an issue reach of those that are racially or Christ. God is given the system Osage. Do you know early on in this history. Do you know that most Seventh Day Adventists are pioneers they were abolitionists they were against slavery. Do you know when in eight hundred fifty there was what's called a fugitive slave law in a compromise eight hundred fifty in other words if a slave and skids to the northern side of the United States then citizens were obligated by law to return them back to their master you know what all while bro. She said that we should this obey that law by Canon Boyce you see the center of a church was always for the betterment of equality humanity and so as Jesus ministered to those are racially oppressed so too. We can do the same. You see our crazy God as an Asian man as a career. I had to go to all these different churches under every nationality under the sun. I'm not the only Asian in some of these occasions and praise the Lord for that because the benefit of bitching. Out to people every nation kindred tongue and people comes in ten fold that. You see I know that the survivor church is the true church in a war. For the tailor a lot of work to meetings or an African-American man with a GED or Hawaiian young man with no college education will do meetings and every nationality white African-American Asian Middle Eastern war come together and gather together united and hearing the first second and third interest message we have the solution to the racial problems of this time it is the everlasting gospel. It is in time gospel message. How did Jesus address the issue of religious persecution and also the Bible says and John Chapter eighteen verse twenty five thirty six. I'm almost done. The Bible says and power answered I am I a Jew that I no nation the cheap priest have delivered me or to me what has now done. Jesus answered My kingdom is not over is what if my king the world this world then were my servants what that I should not be delivered to the Jews and now is my king and not from here in other words Jesus said that my government's not of this world. If my governments of this world. Then I would have sort of tried over for the government. I do not connect church and state together. I have a separation of church and state. Jesus require religious liberty separation of church and state. You know we are Seventh Day Adventists or one of our missions is the clear religious liberty. Do you know at the time of in the ninety's there was a bill in Congress called the player bill of a son in law and he T. Jones one of our pioneers came and addressed Congress to stand up for not only some of the others but every other religion to say that that law endangered our liberty. So too. In these last days seventeen hours we have a mission to give religious liberty for all. If a Muslim child is being banned for a headdress we are so. They have a standard for them. Therefore goodness can worship. However he wants or he wants. We should stand up for them because those places will come ten fall because the time of the Lao quite come those moves with them. Buddhists will remember the kindness that we gave and they will join the remnant full and join God's in time church when Gloria. And because Jesus gave a most is a forgiveness and restoration healing and prophetic message who followed him also the Bible says In March chapter two verse thirteen and seventeen. As I bring some final point. The Bible says and I came to pass that as Jesus sat mean in this house many publicans and sinners also sat also together with Jesus and as the cycles for there were many and they followed him and when the scribes and Pharisees saw him and Eve were publicans and sinners. They said unto is the samples. How is it that he eat and drink it were. Public into the sinners. When Jesus heard it he said out of them then that our whole have no need of physician but there are six. I came not to call a righteous but sinners to repentance. When Jesus gave a message or justification by faith that Jesus is seeking to free gear or since. Sinners and public kids. Meth addicts. Prostitutes gangsters CIA agents cross all class and color ones will follow us and God is calling us to be a unifier and not a divider. Because we represent the kingdom of heaven. That's why the Bible says the Romans twelve or twenty twenty one. Therefore of Dinah enemy hunger feed him if he thirst given train for and so doing that show he coals of fire upon and said But being not overcome evil but overcome evil with what God has blessed us with so much. God has given us the health nurses the medical mission and nurses the mercy the restoration the messes the. Forgiveness of sins the prophetic misses when not overcome evil with good. And that's why the Bible says the Philippines to fifteen that you may be blameless and harmless the sons of God without rebuke in the midst of a cook in a perverse nation among whom he shine as lights in the world do you know you are like brothers and sisters and I'm a light. And as darkness falls upon America America is reaching the sunset over democracy. So too. In the creators of darkness. We are in this or we shining the brightest light or the character of God in the midst of the greatest crisis and God is calling you and I to be that person. You see God has given us a through angels messages. The first angels mercy is that everlasting Gospel for every nationality and race that the judgment of our Jesus is seeking to forgive and forget our sins revolution forty six and seven. You see in that they were told me in that day of judgment in the Hebrew economy. What happened was this that the high priest was removing the records of sins of the people. Jesus seeking to forget and forget our sins and that is the message of those judgement hour that Jesus seeking to forgive and forget ourselves. The second mangers message Babylon the fall balances system of trying to earn forgiveness from God by works was falling with a message that Jesus three forgives us four says we don't work our way for salvation we just accept the furniture's message is that an oppressive church and think institution which seeks to force worship upon the people will be destroyed and God's people will prevail. The first second and third angel's message is a blesses a hope and deliverance and God is calling us to declare this message in louder tones here today in the United States of America. We have the most. We have the solution to all the problems but what's what solution will march. Blessing comes much responsibility. What are we going to do with brothers and sisters our nation needs us this world needs us. And as followers of Jesus as we call ourselves Christians. Will we not do what Jesus did in this earthly ministry will we not give a message a prophetic ministry a message or forgiveness and a human ministry to our sin guy world. God is calling us to be that people. Our Father and God in heaven. Father we thank you. That even after Trump you're still working in the hearts of the people. Follow We thank you that you have the solution to all of society's problems and father we are blessed with so much. You given this church so much. And Father you have orchestrated events where the world. Not realizing they are hungering for you. And you've given us the entire Gospel message. Father help us to understand. Help us to receive and help us a lot of brothers sisters as their heads about in articles. Is there someone today is a father. Use me to be a blessing here in the United States of America use me to be a representative baster of Jesus to bring a solution to the pain the suffering and division. To be the solution to the racial problems by declaring you're in time gospel message if that's your desire. Simply. Police there that you desire. And brothers sisters in are ready it's OK. But if you saying today father today I want to be part of the solution to the problems of the United States. You see brothers sisters when we mobilize and do this a new super power nation will come on the scene. The last superpower will be the only superpower that will rule from here on to eternity that superpowers the New Jerusalem. And when our new Jerusalem the superpower nation comes. We'll be in a gated community with our free medical care because we have glorified bodies. Were free clothes will have the governments of Christ's righteousness. Who are free food the the tree of life free access forever. God will provide everybody with free welfare because he bought it with the blood of Jesus the superpower a nation that's coming on the same will happen only where we as God's people here today. You let Jesus as our King. And how do we elect Jesus. We elect him by doing the work of love of the medical missionary work the message of Justification by Faith and the clear in this entire Gospel message to ascend dialogue. Father in heaven. Father I am standing with your people. Follower. We thank you for blessing this church with so much. We thank you. That even in this crisis Our that there is hope that even though there is pain and suffering in the world. There you are given us the ministry of being wounded healers. To be agents of change in the Sendai world. The change of a new heavens and the newer things. There you. Have called us to help assist the bring forth and so far we are standing here today as broken feeble people as people in worthy of us call the father you have deemed as worthy father we thank you. Father use us. As broken hurting people. Weak feeble people to do a mighty work to finish the work in this generation that we be in such a show your love and their character and the clearest manner so that all the world can make a final this is revenge for calling us through this marvelous this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W.


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