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The Greatest Want of the World

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • December 16, 2016
    6:45 PM
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Good evening. And I'm very happy with each one of you. And it's a privilege to be here at Wildwood for your Went your fall graduation. And it's definitely good to see some familiar faces many of you. I do not know but some of you. I recognize from our paths haven't crossed and places in the past and I'm very grateful for this privilege to be here. I'm grateful for the testimonies that I've heard and I from the students and of an opportunity to see what's happening here at Wildwood you know this is the first time I have been in the stretch I'm thinking and probably about thirty years. When I was a child my parents would bring me here to the medical missionary conventions and so I do have good memories in the past we would stay with the family and then my parents would come to the meetings I was too young to really get anything out of it back then but I've always appreciated what Wildwood stood for here. So before we get and she were our message for this evening I would just like to offer a word of prayer and then we will get into your message our Father in heaven. We thank you for the Sabbath day we thank you for this weekend where we can dedicate and consecrate the students who have passed through their programs and I pray that you would be with us in a special way this weekend and that for the students especially they would be reminded of why they have come and of what the plans are you have for them as they move forward to be with me now for the next few moments as I share a few words I pray in Jesus' name amen. You know when Michelle contacted me about a month ago. I was definitely excited about the theme that was chosen for this. We can make that easy for a speaker when such a good themis chosen from the CO and education page fifty seven in the the theme is though the heavens fall and you know friends we are. Ensuring and time of Earth's history where every single one of us. As a Seventh Day Adventists must have a revolver in our heart that we are going to stand for Jesus. Though the heavens fall. And when you come to a place like Wildwood you are surrounded by many like minded people and you have a blessing of being in an institution where you can be trained in such a way but many of you are going out. To go back into wherever the Lord is leading you. And there will be challenges in trials and temptations. Should go back to what you've been before. And that God is looking for men and women no matter your age. Who will be faithful who will be God fearing. And who will rightly represent Christ and His character to a lost and dying world. You know there is something about Seventh Day Adventists. That none of the other Christian churches have. And when you come here to Wildwood you get a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation for them for Unfortunately many Seventh Avenue us have lost sight of and that is medical missionary. Medical missionary were. Is a gift that has been given to seventh am. Into us by God that allows us to reach hearts with the message of the Gospel that all the other denominations don't really understand the way we understand it and it's amazing to me how sometimes we as Seventh Day Adventists are almost embarrassed by the health message or were embarrassed by whatever other elements that are connected to medical missionary work yet rightly understood and properly utilized is the very thing that will bring the most success in advancing the work of God and God is looking for men and women who will come from this place those of you who have been trained your students who are graduating this weekend you don't know perhaps how blessed you are if you have been in a place like this. And I want to read the quote education page fifty seven to start off this message of education page fifty. The greatest want of the world. That's the title for our message tonight the greatest want of the world is the want of men now before I keep reading. Do you realize that the world. Is looking for help. In fact the world is so desperate. What gives us what happened on our way to throw the pencil election. People will do anything to ensure and to anyone to try to find help and we have the answers to what the world is looking for. The greatest want of the world is the want of men. Men who will not be bought or sold. Men who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call Hsan by its right. Naima let me tell you something. That is a gift or a skill or whatever you want to call it that has been lost in the seventh administers. Men who do not fear to call send by its right name men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall and then the next paragraph says with such a character is not the result of accident. You know you don't just fall into big thing someone who will stand for what's right no matter what that doesn't happen by chance. You don't come onto the scene of an accident or at to a scene of a crisis and suddenly know what to do you by chance. It is not the result of accident have such a character. It is not due to special favors or endowments of Providence a noble character is the result of self discipline of the subjection of the lower to a higher nature the surrender of soft for the service of love to God and man. Now if your motivation in standing for the ride. Though the heavens fall is so that you will make a name for yourself so that you will be famous. So that you will be known. So that you will be appreciated your motivation is wrong and eventually you're going to fall flat on your face. But when your surrendered to Christ because you love God and you love man and your desire is to do that which God would want you to do you you will not be afraid to take stands for God. You will not be afraid choose to say the right thing when you're the only one that stand. Now listen there are times when you will be INS places then in. Situations than in circumstances where you will be called upon by the Lord to stand up to say the right thing and it's not always a pleasant thing to have to do. It's not always fun. But God gives the grace to do so now when we look at this quote from education page fifty seven. This comes from a chapter in the book education. Where Ellen White specifically describes the experiences of Joseph and Daniel. Joseph and Daniel know amazingly Joseph and Daniel are young men who were taken out of their normal living environment. Both against their will. Joseph was sold into slavery. And Daniel was taken by force. And at that time they were both taken up in each other phases of their lives to the leading Empire of the world. They went from the surroundings of God's people. Choose to the leading empires of the world. Now those of you who are graduating this week and who knows where God may lead you who knows where he will be placed. But what I would submit to you is that if Joseph could be faithful in the Egypt surrounded by pagans and if Daniel could be faithful him Babylon surrounded by pagans what excuse the. They could not be bought or sold Joseph may have been sold as a slave but you couldn't buy a civil you couldn't buy his character. He wasn't going to compromise when nobody was looking and he out op. Which unity to do so. One part of her his wife came knocking and by the way she didn't just comes for the mama one time she pressed and she pressed and she pressed day after day after day. And unfortunately even among God's people. Many a man does not have the resolve or the character of a man like Joseph who will say I cannot do this wicked thing against God. Nobody's watching nobody will know but Joseph God and he knew that God was watching and he knew that the honor of God was at stake and we are told that angels watched with concern and with nervousness to see would Joseph proof faithful to his calling and he path. And God was then able to use them. Amazingly after that he's thrown into prison he's in prison for a number of years. And through all of that you could not buy or sell his soul. Joseph was faithful to God and when the crisis for Egypt came. God was able to use Joseph as a man that could bring help to the people of the world because God had a man who was faithful the greatest one of the world today is the want for men and women who have characters of integrity like Joseph. And it's easy to have that kind of an experience when you go to school here at Wildwood it's easier options but when you go back out into the world you're not going to be at Wildwood you're going to be were God has called you to be and the question is will you remain faithful to the calling that God has given you the way you have been here at Wildwood Joseph went from being the the favorite shy. Of his father surrounded by come for and luxury to being a slave and then to being in prison and through it all. He stayed faithful to God. The greatest want of the world is the one of men men who will not be bought or sold. Not only was Joseph faithful also Daniel was faithful we know these stories but it's helpful to reflect on these things very early on in Daniel's experience. He comes into the king's court and. The officers of the crew are. All the young Hebrews know that the king is bestowing special favor on these young men you get to eat food from the king's table and you get to drink what he drinks. You guys have it good. You guys have it made you get to eat the food the food that the king eats he is the leader of the world and look how great he is. Look how smart he is we're going to educate you. We're going to feed you. We're going to give you drink. We're going to change your names we're going to change your character. We're going to change your identity. You will become Babylonians here is your new food have at it. Guys you guys have it mean. Daniel Chapter one Verse eight says Daniel purpose in his heart he would not defile himself. You know it's easy. According to the health message when you're at Wildwood What are you like when you leave here. Daniel wasn and Jerusalem anymore. His parents weren't watching and hey all the friends that he came with from Babylon. Other than shatter Acme shack and about now go there. They're eating the food. What am I supposed to do. I mean if I don't eat this fair they're going to put me to death and then what kind of a witness will I be friends don't compromise thinking that by compromising God can use you to be a greater witness. We're still talking about Daniel today because of his faithfulness. But notice there's a way to stand for what is right. And this is from education page fifty five unwavering in allegiance to go unyielding in the mastery of himself. Daniel's noble dignity and courteous deference one for him and his use the favor and send her love of the heathen officer in whose charge. He was the same characteristics marked as life speedily he rose to the position of prime minister of the kingdom so here's the thing you should you study Daniel Chapter one. And so the prince of the eunuchs who Melzer had over these captives. Daniel comes to him and he says can you give us a ten day trial. Now there's. There's different ways that we can ask for people who don't understand about the way we drink or the way our lifestyle practices. There's ways that we can make that known to people you know Daniel. Could have been a noxious. Here he is a Hebrew captive he's been taken away from his parents and he could say these guys are such mean people and I'm not going to be nice to them and they're trying to make me eat food that I know is going to file myself I'm going to give them a bit of an attitude. Scuse me don't you know that I'm a vegan. This food it's filthy I'm not shut. In the stuff. So don't you set it in front of my ploy. And if you do. I'm not eating anything you gotta know is that going to win the favor. Notice he had courteous deference. In fact Scripture says that God had brought him into favor and send her love with the prince of the eunuchs meaning that Daniel had the poor of Christian character that sure that he was connected to the True and Living God so that even though he is a captive even though he is a slave. He is maintaining his dignity as a true follower of God as the witness of God And so when the opportunity and the time comes for him to stand for what he knows is right. He has already gained the favor of the people that he's making the request. Now listen friends. If you're trying to stand for the right though the heavens fall and people know you to be grumpy and obnoxious and someone who won't listens to anything that anybody else has to say it's my way or the highway. You're a headstrong you're hard headed hard to work with nobody likes to be around you. They aren't going to want to listen to you when you say excuse me. This is a matter of conscience I can't do this when we come to these key moments in life. The character that we have a demonstrated leading up to those moments will be the difference maker if you will in allowing God then to open the door for us to stand for what is right. Well so when we get to the Final Crisis of Earth history and we're getting closer to it than we ever have been as we look at the world that's falling apart all around us don't think that you're going to be faithful in the Final Crisis when you're not faithful right now don't think that you're going to have the character of Christ then when you're grumpy and impatient and grouchy now. When the Final Crisis. Those who have developed through the grace of God the character of Christ through surrender of self. Those will be the ones who will then be ready to as Daniel did stand up with courteous deference and say Here is the line and I can't cross this line. The greatest one of the world is the want to men men who will not be bought or sold men who in their in most souls are true and honest interesting that when we get to the end of Daniel's life when the Middle Persian Kingdom is set up the other leaders in the meter Persian Kingdom who were jealous of Daniel who had been elevated above them they had been waiting for years to become the new empire of the world and here's this Jewish captive that passes all of them and becomes the very top next to the king himself. They're looking for something that they can use against Daniel. They have the methods of the CIA and the F.B.I. where they can dig up any dirt that they could find if they want and in modern river natural or they would be able to track the websites you visit and the emails you've written in the things that you say and what you do when nobody is watching and when they did that on Daniel you know what they found a faithful Christian man. They didn't find secret websites that then you would be embarrassed for anyone to know that he was going to they didn't find things that he was saying or doing that he would be ashamed to see the light of day they found a faithful man and so they said this is a man who is true and honest in his inmost soul. So the only way we're going to be able to get at Daniel is that make him choose between the law of his God and a law that we create. If those same guys were alive today. And they looked into your lives. What with a fine. You know we can hide. Our inner self and our in Mosul from the onlooking world but we can't hide it from God and the greatest one of the world is the want of people who will stand for what is right. Who will be true and honest who are in their conscience as true as duty to the needle those of the people and this is who do not fear to call sin by its right name as I said earlier. This is seemly something that has been lost. If this is a lost understanding in Adventism you know obviously when we call send by its right name remember when Jesus over its turn the tables on that sample he did so with tears in his eyes. Sometimes I see some people who feel like it's their duty to be the modern Alija but they do so with the spirit of the devil and so we're calling son by its right name but we're not doing so in a way that will lead people back to Christ. Now it is true that sometimes you just half she call things as it is but you do so in the love of Christ but at the same time it is true. God's last the people who will stand through the final crisis will not be afraid to call certain by its right name and sometimes I've seen things happen in churches where and you're going to go out into these churches and you going to be doing medical missionary work but one of the things that God needs among his people are those who will be willing to stand for what's right. Who will be willing to call some bias. Right name and the love of Christ. Because there is this epidemic that says well this is happening in the church but if we did. If we say something about it then we're judging them. And so then when someone does speak up and say you know this is wrong then that person is labeled as being judge mental but guess what. When you label someone has been judged mental you're being judgement. So let's just take the judge mental label off the table and let's see what the Bible says about what's happening in the church and let's just demand of us they a floor for what's happening in the love of Christ say we will follow what the Bible says in Gaza last the church. No matter what. When I think of someone who does not who was not afraid to call us and by as right name I think of Alija who after three and a half years of hiding from King a have who after he had said there will not be rain in Israel. Except according to my word he finally meets Alija again or Ahab again in a Habs says to Alija Are you the one who troubles Israel and a large a bully says it's not me who's troubled Israel but you in your father's house because you're worshipping this pagan god that's why there is trouble in Israel. So those of you who are faithful followers of God. Don't allow the troublemakers. Those who want to bring sin in the church or into the church. Chuka call you the troublemakers of the church when you stand up and call son by its right name. We're not the ones that are causing trouble in the church. It's you who have brought sin end of the church who have brought pagan idolatry into the church and worldly practice of them to the church that is the trouble makers in the church. Now we can do so in the love of Christ but there is a want in the world for people who will stand for what is right because I see. People in my practice who talk about the church when they're talking about churches on the first day of the week they talk about the these churches in the town that I live in and some of them talk about relatives who are closest to them. One of them is someone who works with me. Her husband no longer goes to church because he's sick of the hypocrisy and the sun in the world and that has come into the church and that could be describing Adventist Church as in certain places as well and the world is looking for people who off offer the bomb in Gilliatt of those who follow Christ all the way the world. Those who are truly honest and looking for something that will feed their souls are not looking for a social club that will be a like the world that they have the rest of the week. They're looking for something different and you have come to this institution where you have been equal with tools to go back and to give back and to offer something that's different to offer the right arm of the third angel's message as an entering wedge to reach people's hearts to gain their confidence in a Christ like way so that then they will be interested to hear about the theology of the three angles messages and of the present time that we are living in and what the everlasting Gospel is that will prepare people chew avoid the Babylonian false gospel at the end of the world. And so I would say to you this evening that there is a great need for young people especially about people of all ages who are willing to stand alone who are willing to stand for what's right no matter what I'm going to give you a little story about myself as we bring this message to a close. When I was in Academy I. Into an administration boarding academy and I had many good experiences there many godly teachers and I just went back for my twenty year alumni earlier this year and it was good to see some of my teachers and talk to people. Again I had an interesting experience one time in my software Bible class and it was an unfortunate experience in many ways it's unfortunate that this happened in a Seventh Day Adventist school. Thankfully all of my other Bible teachers the other three years were not like this in defense of the school this was a one year experience. But this particular Bible teacher my sophomore year had different views than most of the rest of the teachers and we were talking about the spirit of prophecy. And he passed a hand out of quotes. All from Ellen White's writings. And. The very first quo at the top of the page. Was and I couldn't tell you where it was from I just remember what it said it says God requires perfection of his children. Now. He read that quote and he says. Does God really require perfection of his children. You know it reminds me now. The servant saying to God really say. And so of course all of my classmates were like Oh no of course no they were totally following him and then he started reading some other quotes. Then there were some questions from people. But isn't she a prophet and he was kind of going around on that and so finally he got a little bit bolder and he's like how many of you believe everything the elem Why is ever written. Now I should mention that I would have been about maybe fifteen or sixteen at this point in my life. By God's grace I started reading I was writing when I was nine years old in third grade at a get out in a school teacher who encouraged us to read and I was reading I read patriarchs improv is the big. What the literature of Angelus use the blue volume I read all the way through in the third grade and and so I would start a reading her writings early on and I have gotten through the whole conflict series by the time I got to this closet probably reduce our of ages and great Conover's each year three times by this point so I knew who I believed and I knew that God was speaking through here so he asked this question How many of you believe everything that has ever written. And of course nobody raises their hand. Except for one person with me. And I raise my hand I've never been in a situation like that before where I was the only one and I was taking a stand. But you know what the room got quiet. And all of this anti Ellen whites and some. Got zapped pretty quickly. Because the thing was a not to draw attention to myself but I also happen to make some of the best grades in the class so. And I had actually read her writings and they hadn't. So I could actually speak with some authority and nobody really wanted to challenge me about that again that doesn't make me better than anyone else and it doesn't mean that I've always done things right from that point forward but that was a learning experience for me that when you stand for what is right. God will enable you to have the boldness in the right way. I don't even say anything I just raise my hand and then I got quiet and I was a. And there's been some interesting experiences in my life since that time you know I've gone out alone a London and then I went to Trinidad for a couple of years and had some interesting experiences there are nine in a small town in middle Tennessee. I've been chief of staff at my hospital this year and I've had to face some very difficult challenges with some individuals where I've had to stand for what I believe was right. Even though it wasn't politically expedient to do so. And it's not always easy but God gives you the grace to do so and you may be good. Going out to places from here. That will challenge your resolve to be faithful to that which you know is true. But you know. What is your testimony you all have it the money. Can it be said of you. That you are someone who cannot be bought or sold that you are someone who will not sell out the truth of the biblical in time Adventism for the irrelevance of culture. Please don't tell me that we're going to win the world for Jesus by putting down the truth of the Bible and lifting up modern culture as a way to reach people's hearts people are looking for that they're looking for something different something better. What is your it's just a Mony are you being faithful to the Lord. Are you following God in every respect. So that God can use you to be someone who meets the greatest want of this world. You know as I close I want to read this last statement from Education Page two sixty four go ye and all the world and preach the gospel to every creature from Mark sixteen fifteen as Christ commanded his followers. Not all are called to be ministers or missionaries in the ordinary sense of the term but let me tell you something if you come to Wildwood you're in the top one percent of this world from the you don't have an excuse to not be a missionary Not that all are called to be ministers or missionaries in the ordinary sense of the term but all may be workers with him and giving the glad tidings to their fellow men to all great or small learned or ignorant old or young the command is given in view of this command so we have a come out to take the Gospel to the world in the context of the three angels messages in view of this command. Can we educate. Pay our sons and daughters for a life of respectable conventionality. A life professedly Christian but whacking his soft sacrifice a life on which the verdict of Him who is truth must be. I know you not thousands are doing this friends you can be on average out in us. You can go back out and just live an average Avernus life and show up to church once a week and hardly think about living a life of service the rest of the week that Friends. God has not called Seventh Day Adventists to live average ordinary lives of respectable conventionality where on the outside it looks white like we're living respectable lives but we don't have the slightest thought of doing service for the people of this world. God has called us as Seventh Day Adventists to take the Gospel to the world and he uses medical missionary work as the entering wedge to reach the people of this world and he wants to use each one of you here this evening to do that word. Don't go out and just live a life of respectable conventionality. Don't go out and live a life of average luke warm Laodicean added and then go out and make a difference for the Lord because you love Jesus take the things that you've learned from this place and make use of it and be a light to the world wherever you go in. And this time we are going to have. Our closing song so I would invite the student or through the come up for a closing song Father in heaven. Thank you for sending your spirit to be with us this evening as we begin the Sabbath hours. Other in heaven may we be among the men and women of this or. Who feel the greatest want. But the world is looking. For May we Beach through is the unity is the needle with of the poem may we be faithful to forgive us. Flora for being satisfied with living the lives of respectable conventionality ad for a job Adventism lukewarm Laodicean just one Sabbath of the next and nothing changes. Everything's the same some day. Jesus may come but not next week or next month or next year we're just going to keep on business as usual Lord shake us out of that mentality. Help us to be awake to the reality of the near Inus of the coming of Jesus and may we with a spirit of soft sacrifice and of love for God and love to man go forth to give the gospel to every nation kindred tongue and people be with the students especially who are graduating this week and may they be encouraged. Especially with the things they have learned to do your work in your way to bring souls to the kingdom. Be with us through the rest of this week and I pray in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service. Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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