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No Turning Back

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • December 19, 2016
    5:00 PM
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Well good evening everyone and happy Sabbath you as we see the Sabbath hours fade away it's been a blessed Sabbath and I've certainly been blessed to be here at Wildwood and thank you again for the invitation to be here this week and. Before we start this. Message I would invite you to be with me for prayer. Father in heaven. We thank you for the Sabbath day we thank you for the blessing of this graduation week and we thank you for the theme the classes and I pray again that they will be faithful to you though the heavens fall here with me now one more time as I speak give me the words to speak over these next few moments and may it provide one final reminder to the students of the high calling you've given to each one of them and to us also. So I pray this in Jesus' name and. The title for the message this evening is no churning back. City this evening. Summer seventeen two thousand and sixteen students is your graduation from Wildwood College of Health of Angeles I'm perhaps you didn't think when you first started that this moment would come. You have the older you. The longer you live in the older you become the faster time will go and you'll look back on this moment as if it was but a distant memory. But God has used this time in your life for a very special reason. You've reached this point not without some struggles along the way. Certainly there have been moments of difficulty perhaps even of discouragement. But you have. Pushed through till the end. You have reached this moment of graduation where you can see certainly how God has led you to this point and you have grown spiritually. And from what I've observed this week and I believe that many of you if not all of you have made lifelong friendships and God has designed this experience to prepare you to be part of God's in time movement. That will finish the work here on the surface and you know it's amazing to me and I hope it is you as well that from your class. You will be returning to the ends of the earth. But you won't just be in one place but you will be spreading out throughout the entire world and undoubtedly. You will face the major challenges. Wherever you go. And it is almost certain that some of you if not all of you will be tempted to turn back or to give up what you have learned while you have been here. And yet I want to challenge you today. To never forget the the never forget the convictions that the Holy Spirit has placed on your heart while you have been never churn back from your commitment to go never turn back from being a faithful God fearing seventh day and. And I want to hear in Scripture that he research efforts. The Apostle Paul is giving an admonition to the Hebrew Christe. It's. And he's reminding them of the experiences that they have passed through. And I would encourage you to make note of this section of scripture when ever you hit a hard time and your experience after ten starting in verse thirty two. Paul says but call to remembrance the former days in which after you were alumina aided you endured a great fight of afflictions Paul is reminding the Hebrew Christians that you pass through Pentecost you receive the power of the Holy Ghost. So you saw three thousand people baptized in one day and you became part of a movement that spread to the then known world where the Gospel was preached to every known man at that time. And as you became part of that movement under the power of the Holy Spirit you in view are to a great fight of affliction the first thing to remember it's a day is that when you endure affliction remember the times that you have had here at Wildwood where you were were a limb and aided by the Holy Spirit where you saw God working in undeniable ways where you saw scripture open to you very clearly where you saw the Spirit of Prophecy explain to you very clearly where you gained a deeper understanding for medical missionary work and of the role that I have of the right arm of the third Angel's muscles to prepare people for the coming of Jesus never forget this time of illumination. And as you go forward. Just as the early Christian church face a great fight of election. You will too. If you choose to remain faithful to the Lord. You will face trials and afflictions certainly God will see you through it but you will face the footman but God will be there to see you through in interest only Paul describes what these afflictions were alive verse thirty three says partly whilst you were made a gazing stock both by reproaches and afflictions in Perth partly wealthy became companions of them that were so used for you had compassion of me in my bonds and took joyfully the spoiling of your goods knowing in your saw of that you haven't haven't a better and an enduring substance. You know it's amazing what the early Christian church went through and sometimes I think the only people who may have some appreciation for the struggle that these early Christians went through are self-supporting workers those two sometimes don't know where the next paycheck is coming from and the early Christian church not only didn't know where their next paycheck was coming from it says they took joyfully the spoiling other guys meaning they lost all of their earthly substance and yet they took it joyfully and all have to be honest with you. I'm not there yet. If my house burned down and I wouldn't be praising the Lord like all this is wonderful and that's not the normal human reaction but amazingly the early Christian churches as they took joyfully the spoiling of their goods knowing that they had and have been a better and enduring substance and I hope one of the things that you have gained from your time here at Wildwood is that the treasures of the earth will pass away. Where Mothman rust corrupts. But if you do the work of the Lord as you have been trained to do so while you have been here you will know that you have something better to look forward to in heaven. You may not make much. Money here on this earth. That's a actually a good thing because the less you have the less you have to worry about losing. Because you know that your a bank account is in heaven. And you're simply doing the work of the Lord. You know it's interesting. With maybe a couple years ago my mother in law sent me an article that she read this and it was connected to the adult Sabbath school quarterly and the title of the article was the worry of the wealthy and these are people that are worth the billions of dollars and they are stressed about their assets as like they would be better off not having anything because they're always so worried about losing everything that they have. When you have the Lord and when you're doing his well and doing his work. You don't have to worry about those things because you know that God will take care of your every need every day. Verse thirty five cast not away therefore your confidence which has great recompense of reward as you go from Wildwood to day don't cast away the confidence that you have in the work that God has placed before you. The devil will throw things your way to cause you to perhaps the Tao the work that is before you but never cast away your confidence in the work that God has placed before you. In the faith that you have been blessed with cast out a way there for your confidence which hath great recompense or reward the reward of heaven surpasses anything that this world has the offer and you know you may be tempted. She turned to earthly rewards to turn to earthly possessions to pay yourself back a little bit for all that you've been through but never forget that the greatest reward is the gift of eternal life and of the Heavenly King. Verse thirty six for you have need. If patients that after you have done the will live again you might receive the promise of this passage is deeply connected to the third angels message of Revelation fourteen here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God in the face of Jesus because we see in the very next verse verse thirty seven. As for yet a little while and he that shall come will come and will not carry. So there is a special message for those who are waiting for the coming of Jesus that message is especially a pluggable the Seventh Day Adventists because we are waiting for the coming of Jesus and what this first says as you have need of patience that after you have done the will of God you might receive the promise not going to take the time to go through the several steps the preview what the will of God here is in this passage but if you do a little study on the will of God I can show to you that the will of God is the new covenant experience where God writes his law into your heart and mine. That's the new covenant experience which is the will of God Jesus says I delight to do your will. Oh my God gave I was within my heart in the New Covenant is God writes his law in our hearts and minds so after you have allowed God to write his law which is a transcript of his character into your heart and mind you have need of patience and while you have been here at Wildwood you have learned all about the law of God The transcript of his character of the righteousness of Christ and as you become an example of the character of cry. Patients becomes a necessity. And we see the demonstration of that patients just two chapters later and he reach after twelve words as where forcing We also are compasses about with so great. A cloud of witnesses. Let us lay aside every weight and the send which just so easily be set us and let us run with patience or endure and the race that is set before us looking into Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross and that word endure it is the same word as patients. So when Paul says here you have need of patients. What he is saying is that you need to learn to look to Jesus and experience Jesus as your friend so that you can demonstrate the same patience that he did when he you knew were the Corolla. And when you take up your cross daily and follow Jesus. He will take you places that you may not have chosen yourself to go. Some of you may never have dreamed that you would be a student here at Wildwood and that he would be graduating from a class in the fall of the fall class of two thousand and sixteen. But Jesus is speaking to you today that he has a path before you where he as he endured the cross he is saying run with patients the race that is before you. And as you do so you will have the experience of the third angel's message and the promises. Yet a little while and he that show come will come and will not tarry Jesus coming again. Don't lose hope. Don't lose patience in waiting for Jesus to come back. Don't throw away your convictions and your standards and your beliefs because you grow tired in waiting for Jesus to come as you look around him. You see the worldly who are making money and having fun and doing whatever. They DO YOU and fun isn't as in quotation marks. I might add. There is a temptation to go after what they have but don't give up what you have. What God has given you. You never want to give away in verse thirty is now the just shall live by faith those who have justification by faith of the third angel's message. Those who have the experience of the righteousness of Christ live by faith waiting for Jesus to come back. And notice what the last half of verse thirty eight says. But if any man drawback. My soul shall have no pleasure in him. Listen you have been privileged to be here at Wildwood you have been educated in the medical missionary work in of and the three angles messages and in the message for our time and the work for our time and God has given you a gift. Now to go out and share that with the world. And the command in the call for us is to have patience as we wait for the coming of Jesus yet inevitably under the inspiration Paul knows that Seventh Day Adventists who are waiting for Jesus to come can grow weary and waiting for him to come back and there is a tendency for some choose draw back and to go sure in a way and shew go back from what they have known. And I know that many of you some of you. Perhaps all of you will be simp to to give up what you have learned here in the time that you've been here and I'm saying to you today. Don't turn that Scripture says but if any man turn back my soul shall have no pleasure in him. You know you go to Second some of the chapter four percent because you may be saying over it. I. Here at Wildwood and I was surrounded by these good people and I'm always going to remember what it was like and I'm not going to turn back from what I know but notice second Timothy Chapter four verse ten the apostle Paul says for Demas how for saken me having loved this present world. And as the part of him to Thessalonica not bustle Annika Christians the Galatians Titus and of them. Aisha here we see demons who was closely connected Chu the greatest apostle to the Gentiles and he couldn't take it anymore. He saw the world around him the present world. The pleasures of sin for a season and he got tired of being associated with the greatest apostle of his era. If Demas could first say. Paul and reach urn to this present world don't think it couldn't happen to you. Just because you've been here at Wildwood for six months doesn't mean that you couldn't turn back. If you stop having devotions with the Lord in the morning. If you start shortchanging God cutting corners with God not spending time in Bible study in prayer. You could sure into a Demas. All of the knowledge that you've gained in your time here could be for not if you lose your connection with Christ and you may think that this is theoretical but I say this out of a heart that has been seen by the loss of friends through this world. I've been in ministry for a number of years now and I've actually lost some pretty good friends who are still living but they're not living with Christ and these are people that we went. Self-supporting institutions like wild. And now they are al in the world as if they had never been this experience. And so I just say this to you to remind you do not turn back. In fact one of my friends. Is someone the. I've been close to for a number of years and there was a meeting one time that he was speaking out where at the end of that series of meetings he made an appeal and I was there as you all of us who had been through that series of meetings to meet at the Tree of Life at three o'clock on Sabbath afternoon and I actually wrote him recently saying reminding him of the appeal that he gave and I said by the grace of God Brother I plan to be there and I won't be the same if you're not there and with some friends listen students. I hope that you get together and you set a time to meet at the tree of life. And it won't be the same if one of you is a myth. Don't turn back from the experience that you've had here at Wildwood these last six months. Don't become discouraged the devil will throw all sorts of things in your way seep your eyes on Jesus and hang on to everything that you've learned and keep growing in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as this passage comes to an end as is but if any man draw back my soul shall have no pleasure in him but not his verse thirty nine. But we are not of them who drop back on to perdition. But of them that believe to the saving of the Soul Now interestingly those were produced and you study Revelation Chapter seventeen the papacy leads the world into production. In John seventeen Judas is the son of perdition. And here we see those who have the experience in believing in the second advent of Jesus as we have patients waiting for Jesus to come back as we have the experience of Justification by Faith waiting for Jesus to come back we claim the promise that we are not of them who draw back under Pritish we will not turn back we will not go back to this world. We will not follow into dangerous past that the that the devil sets before us but we will be of them that believe to the saving of us on I have to say this as well. And I'm sure that you've been well educated in this but please stay away from fanaticism and of these things that are out there in the church I run into people all over the place the latest thing I've had to deal with are people who saying that the Holy Spirit didn't come into existence until Pentecost. And people who are saying that Christ came from the father and there's people who say that there is the this time prophecy twenty five twenty we even though I'm wise of the twenty three hundred days is the longest and last time prophecy and let me tell you something if you run into someone who has some fanciful idea where it takes fifty five quotes and forty Bible verses to try to prove one point and your mind is still cloudy when you've gotten to the end of reading all of it's because it's not clear. Stick with a clear of us. A F A lord. If you're having church with scripture around and fit things into different order that you've never seen before. Don't go for that kind of stuff don't turn back from a CLEAR THE say a full Lord that you find in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy. God is looking for. Well reasoned balanced minds he will educate people. She when knowledge of the. Truth and that is what you have gained here in your time here. And God is raising up more and more workers who will be part of his closing words here on this earth. I'm going to read you a couple of statements. About medical missionary work this is General Conference daily will is a march to eight hundred ninety nine as the right arm is to the body so is the medical missionary work of the third angel's message but the right arm is not to become the whole body the work of seeking the outcasts is important but it is not to become the great burden of our mission. So although she's saying there is there is that medical missionary work is the right arm of the gospel. I've run into some people who make medical missionary work. The whole gospel fact one time I was doing a series. I was part of a series of meetings where there were a number of seminars and I was doing a particular presentation on the sanctuary message and there was a brother who came to those meetings and he came up to me afterwards all frustrated because I didn't connect at the medical missionary work and I pointed out to him that there was actually another seminar that was talking about medical missionary work. So just because someone doesn't talk about medical missionary work in a presentation doesn't necessarily mean they don't believe in it right. But it's obviously an important work and it's the right arm of the Gospel Let me read you another statement in twenty thousand nine hundred one. The Lord is ours this church to be a perfect body not all arms. Not all body without arms but body and arms together and every member working as a part of the one great whole as the right arm is connected with the body so the health reform a medical missionary work is connected with the third angel's message and it's to work efficiently. We as the right arm for the defense of the body of truth runs. Don't lose that right on for most of us our right arm is our dominant hand and either maybe a few lefties in here and that's good but most of us. You're right handed. You don't want to lose your dominant hand and that's what adman have struggled with for many years. As we've been missing the dominant you have don't give it up and so I just want to challenge you as we as I bring this message to your close the Lord has a special work for each one of and you're going to spread out to the ends of the earth. And nobody can do what you can do to reach people don't give up the gifts that God has given you don't turn back be a faithful medical missionary for Christ wherever he takes you. And you will receive a reward in heaven. Not because you're trying to get brownie points but if you serve God faithfully out of love to him and and you fellow man. You will receive a crown. Of why that beats anything from so be faithful to my challenge to this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service. Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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