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How to Have a New Start- Part 3: Faith or Feeling

Taylor Hinkle
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Taylor Hinkle

Pastor of two churches in Michigan Conferences and currently serves as the General Vice President of External Affairs for GYC.


  • January 23, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven. What a privilege it is to be here. The Sabbath. What a privilege it is to be called your child than to have your word and to read the encouragement that you give to us and Father we just prayed this morning that as we study the Bible together that your spirit would speak to our hearts and our minds that Lord you would give us understanding of your word that would speak directly to the different places where we are in line Father we need your spirit to intercede and to guide as we look through this and so we pray that you would bless. And that you would draw us nearer to you and encourage our hearts in Christ's name we pray and. Well this morning we're going to be looking at the third part of the message here is that we started a couple weeks ago of how to have a new start in the Christian life. I hope you remember we've been discussing that a little bit and two weeks ago we looked at the story of Luke Chapter fifteen with the product will Son you guys remember that story and we looked at the story and the what we found through that study was that God is a God who longs to give us second chances to remember looking at that. And not only does God long to give a second chances but God longs to transform our lives and we look to the stories of some of the apostles we look to the story of David who is king and fell into sin and the Lord restored him. We looked at Saul who God restored and made him into Paul the Apostle and look at all these different sin glimpses of what God's power can do in the life of his people. Well last week we looked at what is it that can prevent God's blessing from being made a reality in the life. And we saw that the Lord not only desires this to happen but in order for it to take place in our lives to give us a new start in him. There must be an attitude of repentance towards God right remember looking at that and we saw that unless we repent with a deep sorrow for sin and with a turning away from it. The Lord is unable to give us the new star that he longs to give us that we look that read. Penton says nothing that we can produce on our own. And we saw that it's truly just the gift of God It's the spirit who helps us to will and to do of His good pleasure. And this week we're looking at a new start faith or feeling and the question that we're looking at this morning is how do you know when you have a new life in Jesus and I believe that one of the reasons why many of us or many people get discouraged in the Christian life is because what they thought was supposed to happen never takes place. And I want to ask you a question for anyone who's ever gone on a diet or an exercise program. How many of you have ever given up because you didn't get the results you wanted anyone. You know you read those things I remember watching those commercials for the person perfect push up stands of different things like that and I looked at the guy who was doing those pushups. And I thought man for nine hundred ninety nine. If I could look like that. You know that would be absolutely amazing. You know and so we start these new things and we start going through it but when we realize that what we expected the outcome to be doesn't happen. We begin to face discouragement and the Christian life. Well this morning what we're going to look at is what is it that God promises the new life and Jesus not only will look like. But what will be the experience that we have when the Spirit of God is working in our lives and we're going to attempt to do that by starting and looking at Matthew Chapter eight The the story of the century. Matthew Chapter eight The scripture reading is where we're beginning this morning. And we've already read through it. So it's fresh in your minds. And this is a story that we had an opportunity to talk about at the elementary school this week. So some of you young people have already heard the story and you know some of the punch lines so don't tell your parents because they they won't listen anymore. So Matthew Chapter eight beginning in verse five. We're going to look at the story one more time now. Jesus had entered Capernaum. In a century and came to him. Pleading with him saying Lord my servant is lying at home paralyzed and dreadfully tormented. Now I want to ask you a question as we start to analyze this story as Who is it that is coming to Jesus. What does the Bible call him. Ascend cheery and right now a century is that someone who is a low ranking official or who has some authority of the top authority Rightmove. Later on in the story where the man says I tell someone to go and he goes and company comes I wish I was that easy in our lives today right. But this man is one who had authority and he comes to Jesus and why is he coming to Jesus. What is he looking for healing right and not just for himself but is looking for healing for his servant. Now in many of us looking for healing as well in our lives you know what's interesting to note is that the word for salvation or healing in Scripture and you might have heard me say this before is the word soap so and Greek which actually means the exact same thing salvation or healing and so as we're reading through this story of a man who's looking for physical healing for his servant. Could it be that the Lord could give us some instruction of how to have some spiritual healing or a new start or a new life in Jesus. Do you think that's a possibility. Now we often realize the Jesus connected health and salvation when he communicated to other people that he was healed. Remember the man who was lowered through the roof by his friends right. And they pulled the tiles off and Jesus is there and what does Jesus say to this man first your sins are forgiven you're right and then he says Rise take up your bed and wall while he doesn't have to give your bed and walk he says go home. You've been healed but he has this experience of where he's first spiritually healed and then physically healed that's all just to say that this process of spiritual healing and physical healing often coincide with how God. Delivers it. Now we often realize in life too. And this is just the caviar parentheses that sometimes we don't realize physical healing in this life and other words sometimes we go through physical pain and we don't have that healing experience that we're praying for. But God always gives us spiritual healing Would you agree with that. God never leaves anyone who's looking for a spiritual new start and discouragement thinking that there is no possibility so this man comes to Jesus looking for healing. For his servants. Now I want to ask a question and this will give us the first understanding for how it is that this man was so confident that this experience was going to take place and the question is why did this man come to Jesus for he'll. I mean this is a century and he surely had some money to go to the modern day doctors right. Or he could have gone somewhere else to try to experience what he's looking for but why is it that this man comes to Jesus looking for healing What's the first thing that comes to your mom. He's seen it done before. Right. You look all the way back. Maybe in Matthew Chapter four even our first starts were talks about Jesus going about all Galilee preaching the Gospel teaching and then healing was such a large portion of the ministry of Jesus in other words. The reason why this man is coming to Jesus is because Jesus had a reputation and that reputation was one of re storing those who were in need of physical restoration not only to restore those in need of physical restoration but spiritual restoration as well. And as this man saw the sickness of his servant he thought Man where in the world can I go. Who can help my servant. And in the name of Jesus pops in his mind he knew that Jesus would be able to solve this problem. I want to ask you a question this morning is Jesus today still in the business of restoring law. You see the reason why this man was attracted to come to Jesus was because he realized that. Jesus's very desire was to heal. And the very need that his friend had was to experience healing. So Jesus allowed this man or drew this man to him and the man was drawn because he knew that Jesus's desire was an exact fulfillment of what his need was you know many of us have come to Jesus morning and as we've talked about this experience of new life and Jesus and constantly growing right it's a daily process that's not just for the Pagans out in the world but we all need this new birth experience in Jesus daily we need to die daily as Paul says. And as we come to Jesus. Often times the first doubt that arises in our mind is Jesus truly willing to save someone like me how many of you have ever been tempted to think that I know Jesus can save them and them that's kind of what we've talked about two weeks ago but notice that the reason why we're attracted to Jesus and the reason why this man in the story had such assurance that God could heal his servant was because the very desire that he had for healing was the very wish that Jesus wanted to be experience that is law and other words he did that to convince Jesus to heal him but it was already Jesus's designer and so when he comes to Jesus. It's not trying to coerce Jesus and the healing is served. But he was allowing Jesus to just fulfill what he already desired to do now is this the attitude that we have with God When we come to the Lord in prayer. Oftentimes when we come to pray and we ask the Lord for forgiveness do you ever feel like you're trying to twist God's arm to get him to forgive you know maybe you might not admit having that experience but I can look back on my life countless times and the times that I've pleaded with God almost pleading with them thinking that God didn't want to do it. But what does first John chapter one verse nine tell us. It says that if we confess our sins that he's well faithful and just to forgive us our. Sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Does that sound like it's God's desire to forgive our sins when we come to him just like it was Jesus's desire to heal this man servant when he came to Jesus. Absolutely. Notice not only does the Bible. Tell us that Jesus longs to forgive us. But turn with me to first piece second Peter chapter three in verse nine. As we're looking for a new start in Jesus. Often times we wonder Is God really willing to give it second Peter. Chapter three and verse nine we're reminded that once again what gave the century in confidence was Jesus's desire to heal and we realize what can give us confidence today is Jesus's desire to restore us as His people second Peter chapter three beginning in verse nine. Second Peter chapter three in verse nine tells us it says that the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some count slackness but as long suffering toward us not willing that any should perish but was but that all should come to repentance. Now how many of you are thankful that there are some things that God is not willing to do and that one thing is that God is not willing that any of us should be lost. God wants all of us to experience the regenerating power of His Spirit in our lives and so when we come to the Lord and were asking for a new start. Can we have confidence that the Lord will give Do we need to wonder in prayer. If God is going to answer the things that we're asking notice one last passage along this line is equal Chapter thirty six Chapter thirty six and verse twenty six. One reason why we often don't experience the new life in Jesus is because sometimes we don't believe he wants to give it easy. Kewl. For thirty six. Notice what verse twenty six tells us actually will back up to verse twenty five Chapter thirty six in verse twenty five. And this is the Lord speaking and he says that I will sprinkle them with clean water. And you shall be clean and I will cleanse you from all of your filthiness and from all your audience. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. And I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of Fla. I will put money Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do that. Does this sound like something that God is willing to do. Does God desire to give us a new start to give us a new life. In the exact same way that the Lord desired to heal the century and servant Jesus desires to give us a new life in him today. How many of you think that's good news. I meant the Lord is the desire for us to have this new Burke not something that we have to convince him to do but the only way that we can have the confidence and assurance of this new birth as knowing that Jesus longs to give it much more than we even desire to ask for. Let's go back to Matthew Chapter eight continuing with the story. Matthew Chapter eight The century and has come to Jesus. Asking for help because his friend can't do anything he's paralyzed dreadfully tormented. And what is Jesus's response when this man shows him the need that his friend has Matthew Chapter eight in verse seven. When Jesus hears the requests the Says And Jesus said to him. Ah I will calm and heal him. Jesus gives us the same answer today as he gave that century and years ago when we asked the Lord for healing is. Willing to do it to do this have to check a schedule first. To do this have to see you know what your for a one K. look like or your social status or if you are good enough. No the reason why Jesus helped him is because Jesus long for him to experience restoration. And Jesus cigs desires us to have that same spiritual restoration today but notice what the second point is why is it that Jesus helps this man. What's interesting to notice if you'll turn with me to Luke Chapter seven Luke Chapter seven gives a similar account of the story. But add something that I think we often try to add to our prayers. Luke Chapter seven. Beginning in verse one. Luke Chapter seven. Beginning in verse one and it says now when he concluded all his sayings and the hearings of the people he entered Capernaum this is talking of Jesus and a certain Centurion servant who was dear to him was sick and ready to die. So when he heard about Jesus. He sent elders of the Jews to him pleading with him to come and heal his servant. This is the same story right. But notice what these elders add to the store. And when they came to Jesus. They begged him earnestly saying that the one for whom he should do this was deserving. For he loves our nation and he has built us a synagogue. Now this is a very interesting juxtaposition between the stupid two stories in Luke Chapter seven. You see the men coming to Jesus on behalf of the censuring in and saying hey Jesus you really need to help this guy why do they need to help him. Well he's really deserving You know he's done a lot has really helped our nation. He's a really good person and Jesus that's why you need to help this one. Now with that thought in mind go back to Matthew Chapter eight and let's listen to the very words of the. And sure you can and you're going to notice a very different attitude as to why God is helping this man. The Jews want to Jesus to help him because they thought the man was deserving of restoration. But notice what this man says about himself. Matthew Chapter eight and verse eight. Verse seven Jesus promises to come and he says I will come and heal him but notice what the century and says And Matthew chapter a diverse say the century an answered and said Lord I am law. Now the Jews seem to think he was worthy. He was quite deserving right that's actually their own word you know this man deserves your help in other words you're indebted because of his goodness to be able to go and help his servant but this man when he looks at himself and when he looks at what he is requesting Jesus to do all that he can say is I am unworthy. You know oftentimes this is where Satan gets us to fall because we come to the Lord seeking for healing right. We seek restoration we're looking for a new start in the Christian life. But at the same time Satan's begins to bring doubts upon our minds that we are unworthy and let me ask you a question Are we on worthy of the Lord's help. We could say no when we can say yes all the same one is there anything that I can do to deserve the Lord to make the lord need to help me. No I can't deserve. I'm not worthy enough myself. The only thing that allows me to be worthy to experience a restoration is the sacrifice that Christ has made in my behalf. Amen. It's not because of what I've done or what I'm not doing or what I am doing that the Lord is now able to do the work in my life. But when we come to the Lord for healing Satan often longs for us to say will remember such and such in your life. Not what you did yesterday. Remember what you just did. Now remember how corrupt you are remember all these difficulties and fallings in your life. Remember what you said to so and so and the list goes on. On and on in our minds and we come to the Lord and often times it's our own unworthiness that shakes us from thinking that the Lord will not help but is that the case in the story. Notice what happens this man as he realizes Jesus longs to grant the request for healing. He admits his unworthiness but he says. Lord I'm not worthy that you should come under my roof. But only speak the word. And my servant will be healed. Now this is mind blowing. Here's a man who understands that he is absolutely unworthy he has nothing he's not deserving of the help of the Lord. But yet it doesn't prevent him from asking the Lord to work on his behalf. I wonder sometimes if we allow Satan the temptations and the downs that we face to hinder us from asking because we feel so unworthy. My question this morning though is has God ever helped anyone. Because they were worth and we looked at the story of David and Bathsheba right. And here David isn't a lying adulterous murderer and does the Lord forgive him because David is worth it. No absolutely not. You look at the story of Saul becoming Paul who was persecuted the Christians for years. And now he comes to the Lord in the Lord forgives him was it because Paul was worthy. You look at the story of Peter who denied his Lord in front of him when he needed him the most and did Jesus forgive Peter because Peter was worth. Then why would we start to think in our own lives that the Lord is going to forgive us or not forgive us based on our own word that Satan longs for us to think that God wants to put us on this probationary period that if we're good enough then to work in our law but if we're not good enough then we have to continue kind of just struggling on our own until we get our act together then the Lord helps us. But that's not what Jesus is alive when Jesus sees all. Unworthiness. He doesn't run and say we'll forget about you but Jesus says blasts that are the what poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven in other words a very first thing that allows Jesus to be able to help us is the sense of our own worth. No notice this man had a correct view that Jesus was willing to help his friend even in spite of his own unworthiness he still pleaded with the Lord. But what is it that gave him this so surance that Jesus would truly do what he says to do. Let's finish our reading the story will start again in verse eight so we get the whole feel of the century and ask and said Lord I'm not worthy that you should come under my roof but only speak a word and my servant will be healed. For I am also a man under authority having soldiers under me and I say to this one go. When he goes into this one company comes and to my servant do this and he does it. And when Jesus heard it he did what have you ever wondered how to shock Jesus how to make him surprised. It's having the faith that makes him Marvel and it says and he said to those who follow assuredly I say to you. I have not found such great say no not even in Israel skip down to verse thirteen. Jesus said to this ensure you go your way and as you have believed. So let it be done for you and his servant was healed that same hour. You know I read the story and you think about the faith that cause Jesus to marvel what is it that gave the censuring in such great assurance that the Lord was truly going to say what he said he would do. You see Jesus all the Jesus simply said is all calm and this is probably what we would like more or less today as we want to experience Jesus in a visible tangible way. And unless that takes place we really don't know if Jesus is working in our law. But this man says I don't need to see any evidence or tangible picture that you're working in the life just speak the word and all know that it's done now this is pretty amazing and I think this is often times where we get caught up in the Christian life just like those exercise programs that never seem to give us the results that we want. Often times we experience coming into the Christian life. We say Lord I want to start I want to do hard I want to be born again I want to be forgiven of life sins and we're expecting to have this overwhelming wave of emotion knowing that the Lord has done something different. Right. We're looking for a tangible change. Maybe I feel a little bit better in my hearts a little bit happier there's something that's tangible that I can experience what I want to ask you a question Second Corinthians Chapter five verse seven says that we walk by faith not by what side. Could it be that the reason why were hung up in experiencing the new life in Christ is because often times we're expecting God to do something he never promises by giving us these tangible evidence is of his workings when yet he tells us an order to move forward in the Christian life right to walk by faith we can't rely on what we see or what we experience. How many of you have ever said that you've you've seen your own life hindered because of what you were experiencing let me give you an example. And a high school I surrendered my life to the Lord for the first time that I actually knew what I was doing and I remember going to that experience of coming to the Lord in prayer in the morning and I would be pleading that the Lord would give me a new birth a new life and correct the things of my life. You know I saw how central I was and began to plead with the Lord for revival. And I would get up from prayer and go on to work or go on to school or whatever else. And I would wonder is it true. That the Lord has really forgiven. I don't feel any better necessarily you know I still have the different stresses of life and things like that. I didn't seal assurance you know I didn't have this feeling of knowing that Jesus was right beside me. One of my friends came up to me and said man you know I know I seem really spiritual He used to lead out on the song services for our school and stuff like that and he said No I know it seems spiritual things like that but whenever the music stops and the emotion is gone and things like that. I often wonder if God really is working in my life. I think of the story to have someone very close to me who had prayed for four years asking that the Lord would work in his life and he was six desiring it as well. Himself and after ten years of praying that the Lord would do something just a year and a half ago he started to have a revival experience and as he was going. It was noticeable to everyone else that there was a change in his life but he didn't see it himself. I remember him calling me after a few months and he says you know I I'm studying my Bible and I'm praying and I'm trying these things but work I'm still having struggles with that and in life you know there's this and that going on and I don't feel like I'm any different. And I said Well it's very clear to the rest of us that the Lord's working in your heart and feelings don't always the Terman what the Lord is doing but because of that he had the strong desire of feeling something different. He decided to turn back to the world and not continue in his walk with God You know I wonder how many of us today. If we had faith like the century and would see the Lord doing such great things in our lives when he would be able to comprehend. Oftentimes we pray Lord I want to do start I want to be forgiven from sin but we get back up thinking that God hasn't done. We pray that the Lord would put a new heart within us to give us the desire to walk after his will but what would happen if we held on to the Word of God by faith. And believe that what God said. As he is able to do you have the story of the century and who he's used to commanding people and he knows that his own word is powerful right. He says I tell my servant go that way to go. And this way he does that now is there any question about the authority of the century and no the people know they interact with him. They realize that he's reliable. Then why are we questioning the very one who spoke the world into existence that the Word of God is not powerful enough in our lives. If God can say if you can speak in the waters can part I think the Lord can speak and put a new heart in me. Do you agree. The Lord is able to speak all of these things and to hold the world an orbit with this power but yet we doubt his were to think this is Satan's desire for us. You think of saying to just get us to doubt and be in disbelief that maybe he could conquer us because he knows that the faith that we have and Jesus is ability. As the all lay thing that can allow us to experience the new life in him. You know Jesus's words in Matthew Chapter eight in verse thirteen. Are encouraging but they're also thought provoking. Jesus says to the man go your way and it's interesting the man doesn't wait for a visible appearance or lightning from heaven but he goes. But this is what Jesus says and he says as you have one. Believed so or in like manner. Let it be done for you. You know Jesus pulls out a point here is that in the same way or to the measure in which this man had to say is the same ability that the Lord would be able to work does that make sense. The proportion of his faith was proportional to the healing that this servant experience. I wonder if the reason why we don't experience more power in Jesus is because we start to doubt his word and this believe that God is able to do the things he says oh for any of you who are discouraged. I would encourage you to remember. That the Bible is true. Amen that every word of every promise that Jesus gives us not just for your neighbor the person sitting on the pew but God has meant it for you if the Lord promises a new heart he means that he'll do it at the LORD promises forgiveness he means he provides that not tomorrow not next year or next week but God provides it today and the Lord is able to do what he tells us he will do. I don't know about you but I struggle with faith in the Christian life. It's so much easier for me to believe what I see than to believe what God says so much easier to say Lord I want this new life experience but I when I realize the struggles that I still face to be able to doubt and wonder if God's working but what would the church look like today what would your life. Look Like what would mind life look like if we could grasp hold of the Word of God and not allow the discouragements and doubts of the devil to overwhelm us. You know one of my favorite quotes as I was going wrestling with this issue of not feeling like Jesus was close to me or not knowing what the experience was of salvation that God was longing to give is found in steps the Christ page seventy. And I think this clarifies the point to a large degree and it says a life in Christ is a life of restfulness. There may be no ecstasy of feelings. But there should be in a biding peaceful trust you know when I read this quote It was like a burden lifted off my shoulders for years I've been looking for this a motional experience where I've been looking for tangible evidence that I knew that Dawn was close to me. Other people around might have been able to see it but yet in my own heart I knew myself but yet what was clear is that God is not waiting for us to have an emotional response to prove that he's working in our law. What the Lord is looking for us. To do is take hold of his word and believe. When we do that the grace of God will give peace in our hearts and we don't have to wait any longer. Knowing if Jesus is with us. One of my favorite verses Isaiah Chapter fifty five or seven I would encourage you to turn there with me. Isaiah fifty five and verse seven such a beautiful promise as a fifty five in verse seven and hear God speak such kind words to us and the SAYS Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thaw it's let him return to the Lord and the Lord will debate about having mercy on him is that what it says and the Lord will have mercy on him and two are gone for he will abundantly part the Lord desires us to have a new heart more than we decide the Lord desires us to have spiritual revival more than we even want. Jesus is longing for us to have a new birth in him to walk him to live a life that looks like he is and to experience victory over the things we've struggled with. The answer doesn't come because of war worthy just like it didn't come for the century and the Lord doesn't help us based on our goodness. But it's because we know that Jesus is in the business of healing centers. Now we can have confidence in his ability. And says we take the Bible as it reads as we look through the pages of scripture and we find these precious promises we know that the Lord is able to fulfill his word today. Say Knopf and wants to get us to discourage another quote from steps to Christ page fifty three. Such a beauty. For one it says Satan is ready to steal away the bless that assurance of God How many of you have realize that. He desires to take every glimmer of hope in every ray of light from the soul but you must not permit him to do this do not give ear to the tempter but say Jesus has died that I might live. He loves me and will not that I should perish. I have a compassionate Heavenly Father and although I have abused his love through the blessings He has given me and by squandered. I will rise and go to my father and say I have sinned against heaven and before the end no longer worthy to be called by son. Make me as one of the hired servants the parable tells how the Wanderer will be received when he was yet a great way off his father saw him and had compassion ran and fell on his neck and kissed him. We have to fight away those temptations that Satan gives us to be discourage we know that the devil is a liar and the father of and all the words of the Bible are true and my question this morning as what are we taking hold onto. Are we believing the lies of the devil are we investing in our time in the Word of God so that our heart and our faith can be built up you know we need to have faith like a century in man and how is it that faith is grown Romans Chapter ten tells us that faith comes by what hearing and hearing by the Word of God Now is it possible for us to have increased faith without spending time in the Word of God. What do we have to anchor our faith to write faith is only believing what God says is true and this is why it's so vitally important for each one of them for you and for me to be spending time in the Word of God because without what is our hope of an assurance. But with it we can have victory and we can have assurance that. The Lord is working in powerful ways in our law. A verse I want to leave you with for those of you who might be discouraged the small in our last verse. We're going to look at as Philippians chapter one. Flippin chapter one of verse six there might be some of you this morning saying Lord I I know you're saying all these things but does that mean me. But notice what Philippians chapter one of verse six promises. Flippy in chapter one of verse six. Paul tells the church of Philippon. Being confident of this very thing. That he who has was begun the good work and you will do was complete it or finish it until the day of Jesus Christ we might feel discouraged today we don't see hope of how we can move forward. How is it that the Lord can give us victory in the Christian life. I can guarantee you that the Lord does not start a project that he can't finish. The Lord doesn't lay a foundation that it doesn't plan on doing something with. But Jesus whatever he starts he will finish. And this morning we can have that assurance and I would encourage you throughout this week. Whenever Satan temps us to think that there is no hope for someone like me to remind him of this promise that being confident of this very thing that he was begun a good work in you will be faithful to completed till the day of Jesus Christ is this your desire this morning would help my faith to grow help me to have this experience Lord I don't want to just believe that you're working in my heart because of the things that I'm seeing because I can't walk by sight I have to walk by faith. How many of you say Lord I want my faith to be grown so that I can really trust you. Regardless of outward circumstances. Regardless of the feelings of my own heart. I want to know that you're a God who loves and transforms and can empower me and Lord I know that to do that I have to help you by. Reading my faith in your work. I'm going to say this morning. Lord I need to spend time more time in your Bible. What I need to spend more time filling my mind of these things. Maybe when I'm driving listening to it when I'm talking to people I need to talk about the Word of God in the hope we have in salvation. And Lord I want to spend more time with welling up on the bless that assure that we have in Jesus such a desire this morning of so I would invite you to stand with me as we sing our closing song blessed assurance Jesus is more this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit W W W audio verse or.


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