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2. Above & Beyond Humility at the Foot of the Cross

Melody Mason


Righteousness by faith, and grasping hold of a gospel that will change your life!


Melody Mason

Coordinator of the United Prayer program and assists with the Revival and Reformation Initiatives at the General Conference



  • December 29, 2016
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web OK We'll get started on session number two above and beyond humility at the foot of the cross lets power heads for prayer. Heavenly Father I just want to thank you again for the opportunity to share here today. Father I just again want to pray and ask that you would speak through me. You know that the enemy is attacking my voice and he doesn't want us to humble ourselves at the cross he wants to. Keep us holding on to those things that separate us from you. And so I just pray that she would perk our hearts today and father that we would not leave. The same way that we came into this room today Father we need a deeper revelation of who you are of what you long to do for us and of what you are calling us to so heavenly Father please speak through me today. I pray please cover me with your righteousness. May you be glorified in all those shared in your precious name Amen. I just want to begin by sharing a little bit more. Of my testimony that I alluded to in the first session that we just finished. As I said I grew up in the church in the Christian home. Seven They have an installment background. My family on my mom's side actually goes back for about five generations. So I was very immersed in that my father. I think three generations. But the point was that I was in a wilderness spiritually. Now I did not realize that at the time. I thought life was pretty good as I shared earlier I had a really good experience. In Academy Cademy and that really helped cement me more in being a solid Seventh Day Adventist but even still. I didn't truly understand what God wanted to do in my life and I'm still growing to be honest because we keep thinking Oh I've arrived and I've learned and then you come to a new point in your life you know like I thought I had arrived before but God taught me so much more and he keeps teaching us more and more. But I got very exposed early to the mission field and mission trips and activities and I wanted to work for God I had a desire to work for God. So I started getting involved traveling here traveling there. I'm going on all these different mission trips around the world and I had a lot of great experiences but the reality was especially during those early years that. I became very busy doing many things in fact many people told me oh are you going to do so many exciting things I wish I had the life that you did. I mean I had lots of exciting adventures traveling here traveling there seeking to be a blessing but very little fruit as a result. Of course it was always cool because I could come home and I could show my friends pictures of the amazing places that I had. Then the things that I had seen the things that I had gotten to do. And I did I got to do many things. Now I would say back then I would say that my first goal was to be a missionary I would say that an honest way I thought that's what it was. But as God began opening up my heart to my need and how desperately I needed a closer walk with him. I think that this was more the way that things were I wanted to be a missionary but I wanted to have adventures and I wanted to see places and it was it was a lot of that there was a lot of pride and self but it's interesting because I did recognize that initially. I began sensing that I was missing something. I remember seeing different people that were broken at the foot of the cross. If you ever seen those people that have come into the church and they're just so excited. There we being in praising God what he has done for them for His forgiveness for his grace for his mercy. You know all these different things. There's just so broken over what Christ has done for them they're basically broken at the foot of the cross and I would see how. I would see these people and I think. I know Christ has died for my sons. Intellectually I knew that but it did not pierce my heart I didn't feel it in fact the best thing that I can say is I was in my heart to what Christ had done on the cross. I grew up knowing you know the gospel I grew up knowing intellectually but it did not pierce my heart and kind of telling you my story in stages because tomorrow I'm going to share a little bit more about the real struggle that brought me to this change in my life where I began tearing to ask for more but I came to a point where I just said God I do not understand the cross. Personally I know. Intellectually in my heart that you've died for my sense that your son has died for my sins but it doesn't touch me. Can you please give me a glimpse of what your Cross has done for me hope and to touch me in pierce my heart personally and that's what I've started purring. It's really amazing. You be careful what you start praying. Because God He wants to answer those prayers and especially if you just say Lord help me. I don't know where to go but help me teach me how to get in your word teach me how to pray teach me how to have a deeper walk with you if you start praying those prayers. God is going to answer. Well it's kind of interesting. I'm going to share just briefly how this came about. I was planning another mission trip to another exciting place where I thought it was going to go or thought I was going to go to the country of pero I had never been there and while I was planning that trip things kind of fell apart and they were working out and I had a friend I was living in Loma Linda at the time. And working there a friend that was in the School of Dentistry at Loma Linda and he said he melody you know we're going with a group to Bangladesh in a couple weeks and we need more nurses. I'm a nurse by the way and he said would you be willing to come and help us. I was like Bangladesh. What is Bangladesh. Some to give you a little. A little. Missionary. Thing here. Bangladesh is a little little country over there. Next to India crammed in there between surrounded by India and just to show you a little bit of Bangladesh. The U.S. population we have three hundred some million people in the whole United States. OK that's in the whole United States now in Bangladesh. They have one hundred sixty plus million people crammed into an area the size the state of Iowa. So they have half the population of the United States crammed into like one little area master. Massive amounts of people. I did not know anything about Bangladesh basically before I got there but what do you do. When four million visitors come to town. This actually happened a couple of years ago when I was over there working. They had a big Muslim festival in the city and this is what the trains look like coming in and out of the city there riding on the rooftops of the trains just coming and going. It was crazy Bangladesh has beautiful beautiful people. But very devastating poverty. And there are many places around the world that did. And I've been and many of those places but this was really the first real hard core wakeup call for me. Now I have been praying that God would give me a glimpse of the cross. I had been praying that he would help me to catch a deeper vision of who he is and what he is to me. So I'm in Bangladesh and I'm seeing all this poverty of the suffering of people in the streets. Do you know that this is a cross Stumm I don't know how prevalent it is but parents will actually main goal their children. So that they become better beggars. Can you imagine that. It's just horrendous and I'm sure that's probably not the only place where it happens in the world but you'll see children with these weird crazy deformities that their parents created so that they will be better beggars. Is very very sad. I remember being there with my friends from Loma Linda. And so those who are Americans of course they want to take us to a nice restaurant where we can have safe food or we won't get sick and we went out to this restaurant probably cost us about ten dollars a meal which is nothing compared to what we pay normally. But he was talking to us we had just passed children on the street this little baby was playing on the street naked. Nobody apparently paying attention. I'm sure there was somebody around but just playing there and different kids hungry and begging you. And the doctor there. That was working there at the time told us you know we were asking about money and how far it will go and basically found out that ten dollars would feed like thirty people or something on the streets. Or maybe it was more than that. Anyway it's just like a big difference and my friends and I were really convicted. You know we don't need to go out for these these expensive meals. Even if they're only ten dollars to save the money and let's buy some food that we can give to the people and so we started doing that giving out food to the children in different things but the problem was. Is there's more and there's more more children more need more you know everywhere I mean just give a little and then the need is magnified and the need is magnified and it just kept growing and this is breaking my heart I go back to my room and I'm just like Lord What did you about all these people. You know. My first real role exposure. Anyway so it was interesting because I had so I started praying a few months previously and Lord please give me a glimpse of what you've done for me on Calvary. And I was crying about these people in the streets there are men with just like Lord. How do I reach them. I mean like just looking at the City of lone Dhaka the capital of the city. It's impossible. How could he you mentally we clean up the city not considering the whole country of course and my heart was breaking and it was during that time wrestling and prayer and just all these different things. I was reading my Bible one morning having devotions and God says you know you've been asking me for a glimpse Do you really recognize what I've done for you and Calvary. Do you recognize the impossibilities of your own heart in life you've been trying in your own strength to clean up your life to do this and to do this and to do this. But you know what it's humanly impossible. Just as impossible it is as it is to clean these streets and to. Ring healing to this country in your strength. It's just it's impossible to clean up your heart but that's what I did by sending my son to Calvary. That's what I did by sending my son to die on the cross for your sins I did what is humanly impossible in your strength it cannot be done. That's what I did. It's very hard for me to read. The story and the profound impact that that made on my heart I can retell but it's still not the gravity of how this mean just like a ton of bricks hitting me I was like I think human impossibilities of my own heart my own selfishness my own pride. Now I thought. I thought that I was there doing good things for the people right. I thought that I was there serving their needs and. Helping them and I was trying to do good things for them but the problem was I had so much selfishness. So much pride in my own heart you know it's kind of interesting. As I was praying and thinking about all these things God began to convict me. And show me of my own heart. He says you know you think you're a pretty good person. Don't cheer. You've been a Seventh Day Adventist your whole life you've gone to Christian schools. Not just Christian schools seventh Avenue schools. You've done this. You've done that you've been trained in all the things you look around at the struggles other people are having and you think in your heart not meaning to be self-righteous but well I am glad I don't have struggles like they do. You never thought that if you were a thought that in your heart you look at the issues other people are having you know like at least I don't have struggles like they do or you know man this and that we don't realize our own heart need in our depravity of where we are is and as Christian young people we don't. Is how desperately we need him. We think we are good. I thought I was a good person. Like I said doing good things. After all. In the midst of the you know the sight seeing and the different adventures we were having I was meeting people's physical needs and all of that. But God began to open my eyes and he said Melody do you recognize how desperately you need Jesus. This is my body which was broken for you. Have you ever looked at the cross and realized his body was broken for you and if you were the only person alive on this planet. He would have said it's worth it for you my body was broken for you. To cover your sense to cover your pride to cover your selfishness. My body was broken because of your self-sufficiency because of your pride because of your lust because of your gluttony because of the way you talk to your family. That's not Christ like because of your selfishness because of your lack of love for the last because of your secret stands no one knows about except for you my body was broken for you. You know when this began to sink home to my heart I was just floored when this realization came I was having my morning devotions this one morning in Bangladesh and I began weeping and crying and I was like Lord forgive me. Thank you for sending your son to die for me thank you for sending your son to take away my sons. I never recognized my great need. I thought I was a good Seventh Day Adventist young person I did not recognize how desperately I had need this is a powerful quote from inspirational says however trifling this or that wrong act may seem in the eyes of men no sin is small in the sight of God. Man's judgment is partially imperfect but God estimates all things as they really are the drunkards despised and told that his son will exclude him from heaven will pride selfishness and cover just missed too often go on rebuked but these are the sense that are especially offensive to God for they are contrary to the benevolence of his character to the unselfish love which is the very atmosphere of the fall and universe. These are the things that are most offensive to God He even falls into some of the grosser sense may feel a sense of shame and poverty and his need of the grace of Christ but pride feels no need and that is why pride is so deadly. We cannot remove pride from our hearts we can't do it. Pride will not allow you to remove pride from your heart. That's why we have to say Lord take my art. Forgive me take this from me. I love this quote from ministry of healing it says our only crane claim to his mercy is our great need. And that's why I've been sharing like what I shared in the first session this morning. When we recognize our need that is the beginning of where our life can take off to be that abundant life that is called us to be because then instead of all our strength. It will be his strength working through us. It will be his Spirit working through us. It won't be just us putting on an act. It will be him doing what he alone can do. Did you know that there are only two places where God dwells. You know what the first places in the high in a holy place. And in Him That is a con try and humble spirit in the broken heart. He. Wells' in our hearts but it's the broken heart. It's not the proud heart. These are the two places that he dwells in the high holy place and with him. That is a contract and humble spirit to revive the spirit of the humble and the contrary at once. One of our greatest needs is humility. And we're not ever going to get to the point where we can say well I've arrived now. I'm humble you see how humble I am. You can't say that right. Because if you say that I actually showing you're not right. That's pride. You're not going to feel like it at all. It's actually going to be at the foot of the cross you are going to be thinking I am so far. Lord please be merciful to me a sinner and that's the point where he meets you humility at the foot of the cross by the way I'm kind of going through these I have a lot that I want to share in this in the session this morning and have a lot of quotes that I'm going to be sharing on the screen all of these quotes I'm actually going to turn into P D F files and they will actually be uploaded on my website which I didn't give earlier those bookmarks on the back of the table daring to ask for more dot com same title as the book daring to ask for more dot com There's a resource tab on the website and if you go. Yeah you can go to the resource tab or you can go to my seminars. Actually the resource tab will talk more about that as the per cards but if you go to my seminars you'll see the G Y C seminar and you can you can actually download P.D.F. of all the all of the presentations I've given so you can see these quotes. In the book humility says it's easy to think that we humble ourselves before God The humility towards Man will be the only sufficient proof that our humility before God is real. The humble man feels no jealousy or envy he can praise God when others are preferred and blessed before him. Can you do that. And I'm not asking for a show of hands. He can bear to hear. Others praised him self forgotten because in God's presence he's learned to say with Paul I'm nothing. It's OK he's received the Spirit of Jesus who pleased not himself and sought not his own honors the spirit of his life. This is a little sheet that I often pass out at seminars and I'm also going to put this on the website to download. The beauty of brokenness and humility. You know we we think we tend to think a little bit more highly of ourselves than we ought to think. And we need those wake up things like to hand the south. It's called The beauty of brokenness in humility contrast and proud verse of self people self self. Sorry. Proud self filled people versus humble selfless people and let's just look at a few of them there. It's a really tiny on the screen so I apologize but I read a few of them cheer. So proud self of people desire to be a success. So others will see where as humble selfless people desire to be faithful that God's glory may be seen. Proud self of people see all the good they do and they feel worthy of salvation while humble selfless people know that only through Christ blood can they gain salvation. Proud self-willed people feel confident proud of how much they know and Seventh Day Adventist. And humble selfless people feel humbled by how much they have yet to learn. Proud self-willed people thank God they are like the world around them but humble selfless people realize that pride itself is as deadly as the sins of the world. Proud self. People are quick to cast blame on others for problems will humble selfless people are quick to accept personal responsibility for problems. Proud self. People have a difficult time saying I was wrong. Will you forgive me humble selfless people are quick to say I'm sorry. Let's work this out. Proud self of people tend to focus on the failures and weaknesses of others will humble selfless people feel deeply that their own weaknesses feel deeply their own weaknesses and great spiritual need. Proud self of people have an independent self-sufficient Spirit will humble selfless people have a dependent spirit recognizing their constant need of Christ help. Proud self of people have to keep personal control everything must be my my way. After all my way is the right way about that. People are willing to surrender control they only want God's way. And sometimes God uses other people's imperfect way to get his way. Proud people have to prove they're right and save face when they're wrong humble selfless people are willing to yield the right to be right even when they're right. Proud people talk a lot about themselves their life their accomplishments the great things that they've done humble selfless people are more interested in asking questions and learning about others where they've come from what they've done proud self of people are very self ocus self serving only see things their way humble selfless people or other focused willing to take a servant's role and see a different way. Proud people are often unmoved apathetic and aloof to pain and suffering and others who are as humble selfless people have a broken heart for those in need weep with Christ longed to do something more. Proud self of people to go the busy to notice or care about the small people in their life will humble selfless people seek to serve and minister to the small people even the least of these and this really shows are true Christianity how we are willing to serve the person who can do nothing for us. You know you can't do anything for me. In my SO going to be nice to you my so going to be Christ like to you. Proud people desire to be recognized and appreciated and honored. Well humble selfless people are content to go unnoticed as long as God gets the glory. Proud people desire to be served and feel entitled to special treatment and respect. Whereas humble selfless people are looking for ways they can bless and serve others above self. It goes on and on. Proud people focus on spiritual formants performance and achievements will neglect thing. The hard work whereas humble selfless people always seeking to connect heart to heart and share Christ's love proud people defensive and criticize when offended. Usually offended. Humble selfless people receive criticism of the humble open heart. Proud self filled people when confessing sins to God and others deal in generalities whereas humble selfless people when confessing sent to God and others deal with specifics when the specifics involves them. Proud people are concerned with being respectable and not a spectacle. Proud or humble selfless people are more concerned with being right with God regardless of what other people see. And proud self of people are concerned with the out side profile what others think the most selfless people more concerned with purity of heart and what God thinks. Proud of people compare themselves to others and feel deserving of salvation and honor will humble selfless people compare themselves to God's glory and realize their complete unworthy unworthiness and last proud people don't think they need revival that they think everyone else does but humble selfless people are always the first to acknowledge that they need to daily continual revival. This is to show us our great need. This is a quote that my best friend gave me last night I thought this is powerful and I had to put it in self is our biggest enemy. We cannot afford to let our spirits chafe over any real or suppose that wrong done to ourselves self is the enemy that we most need to fear no other victory we can gain will be so all precious is a victory. Gained over self. And once again with pride. We can gain the victory of our self because self does not want to crucify self. Do you want to crucify yourself no we don't want to crucify self that's only something that God can do we should not allow our feelings to be easily wounded we are to live not to guard our feelings or our reputations. But to save souls and that's why we are to live. I could tell you about a man that I met. Maybe two years ago when I was traveling with the Southeast Asia. I've been to Southeast Asia ministries with their team in where were we. I think it was in my AM Are we were in my I am our former former Burma and I met this man I interviewed this me and he shared how he's one of the Bible workers there and the chief of another village had come along. And ran into him with his motorcycle. And this man by the worker wasn't doing anything wrong he was hit by the other man but the chief he was kind of drunken known for having a bad temper he accuse the man of the fault for the accident even though it was his fault. Do you know that that Bible worker very meekly accepted that and paid him the charges for the repairs for his whatever. But he not only did that. He went to the village and to the Chief and asked them if there was anything else that he could do for him or his family and the chief put him to work doing some stuff in his field or something there close by and the people in the village were like What do you think you're doing for this man don't I mean don't try to make friends with him he's he's not he's not a good man to anybody. So don't worry about him he's just he's always this way you know this is what the people were saying. But he just tried to surf and minister this way and I don't understand why he did this because this would not have been what I would have time. You know I don't know anyway so he goes the Minister is this man the people in the village were. So impressed that they asked him to come and teach them the Bible and there were no bible studies going on in the village at the time. But because of his response to how he was treated and going the extra mile to minister to that man the whole door was open into that village for him to share Bible studies and share the Bible and I don't know what the current update is but God was working in the village as a result of that man's attitude I thought wow if that could be if that could always be our response in our attitude. We should be like this house. Let me show you why we cannot say we are righteous before God through faith in Christ and be unrighteous among men. Let's put it this way we can liken a man to a house and has a roof and walls so also man in his fallen state has a roof on top of this since coming between him and God and as walls up between him and his neighbor but it selve ation when broken at the Cross not only does the roof come off through faith in Christ but the walls fall down in man's true condition as a sinner saved by grace is confessed to before all men. The thinker and to continued revival is continued brokenness. This testimony is Page eighteen says let the proud spirit Balin humiliation let the hard heart be broken. No longer pen pity still look upon him who our sense of peers see him descending step by step. The path of humiliation to lift us up. Abasing themselves till you could go no lower and all to save who are fallen by said why. Will we be so indifferent so cold so formal so proud so self-sufficient who of us is faithfully following the pattern of us has instituted and continued the warfare against pride. Of heart and self. You know the Bible tells us to be doers of the word and now here is only. What does it mean to be doers of the word. I believe it means that we measure our life against the standard of God's word. And if our lives don't measure up when we say we say Lord change me. This is not how my life looks you tell us in your words this is what my life is supposed to look like but this is not how my life looks like what am I supposed to do we say Lord change me. Now there's another sermon. I mentioned David Asher earlier that really affected my life a few years ago. Do you remember the sermon. Lord solve my problems save my pigs. It's about how Jesus and the disciples landed on the shore and the to do moan Erik's came out to meet them. You know those people in that area obviously had a big problem right. They couldn't go near the shore because of those wild men and they needed something done about them. So Jesus goes he heals those men and the demons that were in those men they go into the pigs right. But the people may have thought you know that. So that's nice that you did that but we needed our pigs. What are you doing. Sending those you know into the pigs we need our pigs. And so is so often is true with us. And I want you to think about how this applies to our own life. Oh my word. OK Melissa. Sorry. The girl I was talking about the smarting of the permit the story has been working in an undisclosed location just happens to be in the back room praise God. Oh Lord I need you to solve my health problems but don't ask me to give up my favorite foods or unhealthy lifestyle habits. Don't ask me to exercise or to follow your health laws. Lord I need to help I need you to help me with my financial problems and help me get out of debt but don't ask me to be a good steward to stick to a budget or to deny myself. Lord I need you to solve my relate. Your problems but don't ask me to be the unselfish one to admit that I was wrong. Don't ask me to make the first move. Don't ask me to be the servant Lord solve our church problems with don't ask me to humble myself to say I'm sorry for ways that I wounded others don't ask me to stop talking behind other's back or to go against the doubt and skepticism that I hear voiced and others around me. Don't ask me to actually get involved. Lord solve my spiritual problems but don't ask me to get up early and sacrifice my sleep. Don't ask me to take time to really dig into your word and to wrestle in prayer. Don't ask me to confess and repent and make right those things I've done wrong. So all of my problems Lord. Solve my problems. Lord build my faith but don't put me through the testing fires. Don't take away those things that I love or those things that I depend upon for my security don't take away my feelings of control or my backup plan for safety. I need Facebook father please don't take me through the fire. This is so often our proper prayer Lord solve my problems but save those pigs. And our prayer should be Lord solve my problems and deliver me deliver me from the pigs. You know we are called in the Bible to be repairers of the breach. That's what God has called us to be in Isaiah fifty eight twelve. But you know the problem is we cannot be repairs of the breach for the world around us because we have so many breaches in our own lives. This is our problem. You know we're talking about the seminar the whole seminars above and beyond keys to spiritual revival in abundant living and this is a huge part of it. It's removing the breaches it's recognizing our need at the foot of the cross. Satan has an agenda to distract us and he's doing it in a thousand thousand ways. Anything that he can to keep us from deep time with God and deep time in the word business bill. Breaches even through doing many good things as long as they keep us from connecting with God and I tell you what the busier you get in ministry the more he attacks you. It's OK to keep doing the good things you're doing just make sure you don't have time for him right. If we lose that connection we lose the power because we can't do it in our own strength. Don't talk about some spiritual breach is really really briefly. These are of course much more significantly covered in daring to ask and I will share this with you because if you don't have this book. I think Friday night. I'm not sure they're still working out the logistics. We're actually going to be giving away a bunch of them the Ministerial Association is after the meeting and so anybody that wants one will be able to have one talk about these things in great detail. These are some of the spiritual breaches that affect our lives unconfessed sin idols addictions ungodly mindsets ungodly conversations behaviors on godly relationships worldly preoccupations I want to just zero in really quickly on the ungodly mindset. I read a book a little while back called the respectable sense of confronting the sense that we tolerate and these are the sense that talked about in this book anxiety frustration discontentment judge mental spirit and thankfulness backbiting pride selfishness lack of self-control impatience anger resentment envy jealousy. I mean a struggle the sense that you don't have to raise your hands. We all struggle don't we. You know why we don't speak against the sense we don't speak against these things because we all struggle of them. I struggle with them too you know we're told in God's word not to be anxious for anything you tell You know we're told not to be offended one thousand one sixty five great piece of the. What's love the law and nothing. If we are truly dead to self when we are poked and prodded we are not going to respond and you know you're not dead when you respond because dead people don't move right. Dead people don't respond. God has a wealth of things in His Word and promises that we are to be claiming for each one of these areas in our lives and many more. But we're too lazy. I really feel like and I was I was I was praying about the smarting when I was having my time with God because God was convicting me of this too. It's very easy to get spiritually flabby spiritually lazy. You kind of know what you're supposed to do. You've had success already. After all and you get lazy and we can't get lazy. The Devil isn't taking a vacation. You know we take a vacation and we tend to let our guard down especially over the holidays. This is the time for me to relax enjoy a few things that I don't normally have you know we get a little lazy with our sleeping habits with our eating habits and everything. The Devil isn't on vacation. He says oh I'm getting some extra some extra tentacles here some extra ways to pull them down and the things that we do they affect our mind our lifestyle habits all these different things and he's just waiting for those opportunities we need to ask God to take the spiritual flab out of our lives and help us to be strong and fortified and spiritually fit for him. Now you can look at these different things and you may be discouraged and it's OK because remember what we've been talking about already is Jesus came to save sinners. So you recognize. Oh I have so many more needs I didn't even realize I have that's a good thing because he came to save sinners I want talk about one more area probably most of you in this room would say will say tannic strongholds is not an area in the we struggle with. But listen to the story. There is a missionary friend of mine. In South America that was on a bus one time traveling along. And he discovered he was sitting next to a witch doctor. And they started talking in the witch doctor started boasting about the things that he could do and he told my friend David he says you know if you wanted I could cast a spell over your family and I could cause your wife to leave you and I could bring you the woman's of your dreams. You know so you could really have your dreams come true. Right. As if David wanted a different wife. But anyway. This is what the man said and he says no I don't think so. I don't think you could do that and the worst office said Oh yes I could in their kind of arguing a little bit and the West doctor says well let me ask you a few questions. So he started asking he says do you listen to such and such. And he listed some of the popular music in that region of the world. And Dave says no he says Do you watch such and such. Some of the popular television programs in that region of the world and him says no he says Do you watch soap operas for some reason that was part of the conversation. David says no. And he kept going down the list. He says Do you look at pornography. You know. You keep going down this list of questions and at the end he said You're right I can't touch you. But the moment that you partake in any one of those things. I can exercise all the power in the world over you because you have given me a foothold into your life. How often do we not even recognizing it in the little worldly associations that we have whatever it is music diet who knows. I don't know. God knows and he can park your heart of that and that's what he needs to do for our hearts today how through some of those things in our lives are we allowing the enemy a foothold. So that he has a breach and we're wondering why we're not strong when we're going out to battle. This is encouraging news though we're told in Christ object lessons page one fifty seven one fifty in the whole say Tanach force there is not power to overcome one soul who in simple trust cast himself on Christ can you say and amen. But we must have a knowledge of ourselves the knowledge that will result in contrition before we can find pardon and peace. It is only he who knows themself to be a center that Christ can save. Do you recognize how desperately you need Jesus. We need to examine our hearts and ask him to search your hearts and show us what our needs are. You know and that's what Satan doesn't want us to do. We're told there's nothing that he fears so much that the people of God should clear the way by removing every Hendrick's so that the Lord can pour out His Spirit upon us. God wants to give you deliverance from addictions for among godly thinking patterns from anxiety from spiritual discouragement and oppression or depression. From relational tensions and pain from distractions that keep us from God. OK I'll go back to that last screen for those of you who are trying to take pictures. He wants to give us deliverance. And he can give a little give us deliver and I shared a few testimonies this morning already in the first message about him setting people free. He wants to heal us and make us whole spiritually physically mentally emotionally. You know we suffer under this discouragement and down and depression and fear and anxiety. Can you imagine God up in heaven looking down upon his people. And having a panic attack. And think you. What are they doing what am I going to do you know they got themselves into the specs or melody did this to know what am I going to do to solve this. Now is that God's attitude towards us. No I mean that's put up that's preposterous. That's preposterous we know that God has everything in control. Great Peace have they which love thy law perfect peace. He gives us perfect peace. Whose mind is stayed on him he does not give us the spirit of fear but of love sound mind. And again once again from the soul that fills his need nothing is withheld. He has unrestricted access to him in Him all fullness to Wells. I love this part if we are determined not to be separated from the source of our strength. Jesus will be just as determined to be in our right hand to help us. I love this. Just seek Him and you know what it starts by just acknowledging we don't have it. And that's what really started for me in my brokenness in my last notice that the time I was just like Lord I don't have what it takes to be the Christian that you've called me to be to be the seventh Avenue to call me to be I'm already a young adult I mean I know I've heard this and I know that whatever but I don't have what I need. Please help me show me where to start and that is when you begin to work. You know we've been talking about different lifestyle things as R.B.T. and save us just to remind you we're told for by grace are you saved through faith not of yourselves with the gift of God Not of works lest any man should boast right. However our obedience is the test of discipleship So it's our obedience that gives evidence of what God is doing in our lives in. Is the keeping of the Commandments that prove the sincerity of our profession of love when the doctrine we accept kills then in the heart purifies the soul from defilement bears fruit on the holiness. We may know that is the truth of God blessings page one forty six. Matthew six thirty three. I know that you're familiar with Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. You need to take a cough drop because matter is getting a little joy every side of this verse for years seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. But you know what I only really paid attention to the first part of the verse. Seeking first the Kingdom of God That's what I'm doing right and his righteousness his righteousness is desperately what we need to cover us were told in Isaiah sixty four Our Righteousness is filthy rags. You know I lived a good life for a young adult and my twenty's I had this and this and this I can tell you the right answers to this and this. But did that righteousness save me so that righteousness give me what I needed no it is only his righteousness that can save me. And this is from desire of a just page three hundred. The proud heart strives to earn salvation but both are title to heaven and our fitness for it are found in the righteousness of Christ the Lord can do nothing toward the recovery of man and tell convinced of his own weakness and stripped of all self sufficiency heals himself to the control of God. Check out this one. When his very existence by faith from testimonies to ministers page four fifty six. It's a work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which is not it is powered. To do for himself. That was God and he lays everything we think all. I can do this I can do that and he says I love you my child but that's nothing. Take my robe stop trying to cover yourself with your rope in your righteousness. Stop trying to cover yourself with your good works if we love him. We're going to do good works that's going to be the result but those good works do not save us. And I feel like for the first half of my young adult life. That's what I was trying to be I was that good person I was doing this I was doing that but I'm still having all these issues and whatever I still have issues because I walk away from that abiding experience but God has shown me it is HIS righteousness that is the secret that is the key staying abiding in him. This comes. I don't know how many of you have seen this book. If you haven't lessons on faith by eighty Jones and Wagner very powerful. There is one important qualification for us to be able to receive Christ gift your love this. That is that we must acknowledge that we are in godly and we believe that Christ saves us. It is quite easy for many to believe that their own godly and even trick knowledge it. For them to believe that God justifies them. That's too much and the reason that many cannot believe that God justifies them is because they're so I'm going to worry. That's the problem. Listen. It goes on when a person sees himself so ungodly as defined. There are no possible ground of hope for justification. It is just there that faith comes and indeed it is only there that faith can possibly come in for faith as dependence on the Word of God so long as there is any dependence on himself so long as there is any conceivable ground of hope for any dependence upon. In anything in or about himself. There could be no faith faith is dependent on the Word of God. He has to cover us with his righteousness and the fact that we are so on. Godly is our greatest qualification for him to cover us because it's our great need. I'm going to close with John John Bunyan testimony we've all heard of the book programs progress very very very long lasting popular book. John Bunyan was actually his parents dedicated him to God as best that they knew how as the time that he grew up kind of wild and vulgar language and actions and everything else but then God began working on his heart and convicting him to. You know that he didn't need to live this lifestyle and so he started you know doing more good things to stop swearing and his companions began to notice that were changes in him. But he still struggled. He struggled with depression without discouragement. And it was like he never really had victory he was always struggling even though he was trying to serve God and the breakthrough actually came. For John Bunyan when he was walking through the field. One day and he remembered that promise from John six thirty seven says Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. I love that promise. I claim that promise. Again and again. Lord he said if I come to you you won't cast me out. I'm sorry I've made the same mistake again. Please help me forgive me. He says I forgive you. Abide in me trust in me Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out so that verse came to his mind and he grasped the whole of this and it was just like a revelation from heaven. You know you are trying to find your righteousness in yourself and in your works. You've been trying to live and you keep falling and failing. Your righteousness is and have been that's where your righteousness is. At last he realized it was not his good works that made his righteousness better nor his sands that made his righteousness worse. His righteousness and salvation rested alone in Christ for the first time he realized that it was Christ work at the cross and his being high priest in heaven that gave him. John Bunyan salvation and as a result the power to live for God as the truth burst upon his heart the chains of discouragement fell off in the flexions of his soul at last fell away and that is true for us as well our righteousness is in heaven. It's not in anything that we do we have to be covered by Christ's righteousness. I love this quote from sons and daughters of God page twenty two. Christ has pledged himself to be our substitute ensured the end he neglects no one not one of you in this room does he neglect not one of you. There is an inexhaustible fund of perfect obedience accruing for his obedience. In heaven his merits his self-denial and self-sacrifice are treasured up as an offense to be offered up with the prayers of his people his perfect righteousness is to cover our eyes to cover our imperfect life as the sinners sincere humble prayers and ascended the throne of God Christ mingles with them. The merits of his life of perfect obedience. In our prayers are made for I grant. By this instance. Crisis pledge and self to intercede in our behalf and the Father always hears his son the same man the father always hears his son. So just a couple more quotes I'm going to share. As we're drawing this to a close. It is very exhausting in yourself to try to do. All the good things that you're supposed to do you know that and if you try. You're going to keep falling and failing and it's a struggle and you get discouraged and you might even be tempted to give up. That's so discouraging. And I've been here and I know I can speak for this but our goal is not to try to do all these things. Our goal is to abide in Jesus. To ask him to cover us. And as he covers us his life begins to flow through ours His spirit is flowing through ours is coming from a book they found the secret but I think it's just a beautiful illustration of what it means to abide. How does the branch prayer for. Not by incessant effort for sunshine and they are not. By vain struggles for vivifying influences which give beauty to the blossom and virtue the leaf is simply a bides in the vine. In silence and undisturbed Union and blossoms and fruit appear as a spontaneous growth. How then shall a Christian bear fruit by effort and struggle to obtain that was just freely given no by learning to abide like a child in the arms of its mother. That is our greatest goal and that has been what God has really been seeking to teach me more and more even recently it's just like Lord help me to a by. And as I can stay a abiding in him things that would normally offend me or be frustrating or whatever they won't because I'm in him and he covers. We must abide. So above and beyond humility at the foot of the cross. Our goal is to stay at the foot of the cross. Kneeling in face at the cross. We have reached the highest place to which we can ever attain. This is this. Kneeling at the foot of the cross you want to no secret. Personal revival. This is really where it starts kneeling at the foot of the cross and staying at the foot of the cross. You know it's easy to offer ourselves an offering to God But the problem is we keep crawling back off the altar right. That's why I think a living sacrifice. You know he's called us to be living sacrifices a living sacrifice has a choice to crawl back off. We need to continually make the choices we're told in the Bible to die daily to stay on that altar. And not crawl off. This is where we need to stay. So this sums up what we've talked about in the session here. Humility at the foot of the cross. We recognize our desperate need. We humble ourselves before God's throne. We ask God to help us remove the breaches in our lives. The stinky pigs in our lives those things that we're holding onto and he will show us you know if we allow Him He will show us what those things are we accept what he has done for us. We learn to abide in Him we remember our righteousness is in heaven and this all goes together this isn't necessarily in a certain order but this is just how I shared it with you today. And last but not least and I mentioned this earlier we live up to the light that we have been given we have to be responsible. As Christians to do what we can with what he has given us like I said earlier stirrer what you got whatever God has given you use him for his glory. Those talents those things that he's given you are not for your own selfish gain they're not for you to use for yourself or the world. They're to use for God use what he's given you for His glory. If we want to be part of the laddering we are told to only those who are living up to the life they have will receive greater life. If we're living up to what God has given us. We're going to receive that outpouring when it comes. It's not going to miss a. Yes but unless we are daily advancing in the exemplification of the active Christian virtues we shall not recognize the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain. It might be following our hearts all around us but we will not desire to receive it and I don't know about you but that just like Lord I don't ever want to miss that. Please keep me into the spirit that I will not miss that outpouring when it comes. So this is my prayer for us today as we close this session. That we will stay at the foot of the cross because that's where true humility is we can't make ourselves humble but as we kneel before His throne as we see him as we see ourselves as we are and we see him as who he is he will change us from the inside out one of my favorite songs often sing in the morning is change my heart change my heart. Oh Lord make it make it totally yours. So that's what I want to share this morning. I'm going to have a closing prayer the softer noone will go into above and beyond growing in above and beyond devotional life. So give some more practical tools for that and go from there. So let's bear heads for word of her. Dearly father. We just praise you for what you've done for us on the cross Father forgive us for not recognizing the great sacrifice which we're told is caused you pain and causes you pain even still today as we continue to wound you afresh father please forgive us for our pride in our self-sufficiency and our independence. Forgive us for wounding you afresh. Father forgive us for shunning the Holy Spirit we desperately need you. And we haven't recognized your great need. But Father. We just give you our hearts again today. Just ask that you would change us. You see all the issues and the struggles. We have you see all those breaches with the enemies trying to use against us but you say that you come to give us life a life more abundantly. You say come to set the captives free you say the time to give us healing and so Father we claim that today. Your word does not return to your boy. Thank you Father for what you're going to do. Thank you for what you've done. We love you. This message was presented at the G. Y.C. twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot com where Gene.


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