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3. Growing an Above and Beyond Devotional Life

Melody Mason


How to have a fulfilling and vibrant devotional life, walking daily with God, learning to pray God’s Word in faith, and how to experience personal victory.


Melody Mason

Coordinator of the United Prayer program and assists with the Revival and Reformation Initiatives at the General Conference



  • December 29, 2016
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference call has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at. W O R G this afternoon. We're going to be talking about growing and above and beyond devotional life. In other words themed on three twenty which says Now on to him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think I believe that we serve a god that wants to do exceedingly more than we can imagine we're told in Jeremiah thirty three Verse three call him to me and I will answer the and show the great and mighty things which thou know us not so this morning we talked about. Growing a prayer life daring to ask for more. And we talked about above and beyond humility at the foot of the cross. How important it is with with revival if we want to have a personal revival with God it really starts at the foot of the cross. The glory of man must be laid in the dust and recognizing taking on the righteousness that he has given us recognizing that in ourselves we can do nothing. We cannot save ourselves so there is still see thought here please feel free to come forward. I see a number of seats up here. There is room to squeeze and so there are seats up here. If you guys are saving maybe you can. Hold up your hands or something. So people know where their seats. Yeah lots of seats to choose from. Yeah. And there's still some up here on the front row too. Which is the best place to sit by the way the best place to third of all not her. Oh yeah. There's a number of seats up here still. OK. Let's go ahead and start with a word of prayer. If you would bow your heads with me. You have only Father we thank you so much for. What you're doing in our lives Father we thank you so much for bringing us here. And this afternoon. I'm asking that you would just speak through me in the time that we have together as we take some time to share and also some time just to think and pray about how to have a closer walk with you and to see you in the scriptures I just just pray Heavenly Father that you would be glorified in magnified here and that we would leave today with fresh inspiration for what you want to do in our lives. And how you want to grow us to have a vibrant and alive devotional life for your glory Thank you Father for hearing this prayer in your precious name Amen. OK if you have a seat next to this open Go ahead. Raise your hand again. So all those hands there are seats open that you can come in said Keep your hands up those of you in the back of pca hand raise There's a seat beside them that's open. There's a couple seats there and yeah. Keep your hands up. There's still people come in and. There's still there's still a couple more seats up here. OK You know we struggle in our devotional life and this is something I think very typical for us if you did not have training with your parents if you did not see this model. You don't really know you know how do you have a devotional life and my parents were very dedicated and godly they believed in the power of prayer. I saw God answer many prayers in our home. But I didn't really see a practical devotional life model until I was actually in Academy and I had a roommate that had devotions every day with Jesus and that was the first time I'd really seen it modeled. But I didn't I didn't really understand myself and of course it's been a growing process. You know God wants to bring us we talked about the smarting how he wants to bring us out of that wilderness Christianity experience that he wants to bring us to a life more abundant. There are reasons that we get stuck in the wilderness though and this is very you know common sense to say yeah I understand but I want you to think about the fact. How many of you would have how many of you guys have had a good meal at least one time a day for the last thirty days. If you were fasting. How many of you guys have eaten just a normal at least one meal a day right. Most of us are eating something every day right. I just had a wonderful lunch. That was just amazing that we had down in the dining hall. We are eating our food because we know if we don't eat. We're not going to go for it right we're going to get weak and start getting dizzy and we're not going to be able to think we have to eat. And think about the fact that if we had a spiritual battle or something going on now and I'm sorry if we had a physical battle that we were going out to fight. Would we want to be armed. Before we went out to fight that battle. We would want to be armed. Who would have to be armed by the way there's still a couple sea. Up here for anybody that wants to come there is like a couple here and a couple there. We would have to have our physical armor on before we went out to battle but the problem is we are in a bigger spiritual battle. We are in a bigger spiritual battle. There's still two more here so you can pull them together and go ahead and sit there and we are in a spiritual battle how much more important is it that we have are our armor on how much more important is it that we are ready. You know we're told and steps to Christ page ninety four the darkness of the evil one encloses those who neglect to per day the whispered temptations of the enemy entice them to send and it's all because they do not make use of the privilege. God has given them in the divine. Appointment of prayer. We are in that spiritual warfare. Many of you heard that testimony that we heard right before lunch with Alix wasn't that powerful you know why the enemy tried to shut that testimony down of the fire alarms he does not want us talking about these things in fact every time I see. Her ministry or something like this going on the enemy is constantly attacking to try to keep this message from going out and so when the fire alarms went off the person I was sitting with we started prayer like Laura This message has to be shared. You know the devil is trying to stop this and this is so important and that's what happens time and time again we are in a spiritual war temptations often appear your resistance will because through neglect of prayer and study of the Bible the tempted One cannot remember God's promises and meet with scripture rep and. You know throughout the Bible. I just want to mention this very briefly before we talk about more more key. And in tools for studying growing above and beyond devotional life. If you look at the stories throughout the Bible. What do you see. You see a lifestyle of all of the men of God women of God have fasted took time for prayer and fasting you know what the Bible says that about this kind go it's not out but by prayer and fasting prayer and fasting is so important. I'm not going to talk a lot about it here but we're told the man who never fast is no more in the way to heaven than the man who never praised John Wesley said. We're told John Calvin was a habitual faster. He lived to see God's power so we have other Moravians fasted as the house. Well then since you cannot Scottish Covenanters except for a prevailing prayer that included fasting we would have had no reformation. And great awakenings over the centuries that's from the mighty prevailing prayer. Why should we fast and these are all this is all from the Spirit of Prophecy I'm not giving the all the references here. I have a chapter of this in daring to ask why should we fast we should fast when searching out essential truths so our understanding is clear when when seeking heavenly wisdom. We should fast when seeking God's direction and making important players we should fast and dedicate it. Dedicating our talents to God's service we should fast when requesting God's help in crisis when contending with demonic oppression. We should fast when seeking God for more labors for the harvest thinking unity for church members seeking heart cleansing and when seeking to overcome spiritual temptation. If you are having a struggle in your life and you're just like I can't I can't get past this. It's kind of like you come up against this wall and you can't you can't get past it. That is a time when we need to be seriously fasting and praying. Seriously if there is there is a time to fast and pray when making. Important decisions fast and pray. That's all I'm going to say about fasting there's so much more that could be say said but I just want to say it is a very important part. If you want to experience a deeper personal revival and if you want to grow your devotional life even not knowing where to start with studying the Bible and spending time in prayer. But let me just talk just a few basics. Apologized to told the group that was here this morning. But right before coming. I came down with the head cold so I've been struggling a little bit but God is helping me. We have to learn to prioritize the smarting I talked about the fact we want God to solve our problems. We want to give us spiritual victory but just like the people that objected when Christ cast out the demon the demons from those demoniacs you know they said and they went into the pigs right the people protested and they said don't send him into our pigs we need our pigs right. We have to prioritize and that means getting up early. It means taking the time the sacrifice and I have struggled with this probably like many of you have struggled. I have gone through periods in my life where I just could not wake up in the morning is just like this this lifeguard thick blanket I don't know how else to describe it. Love hard to like it over and I'm just like oh I can't get my eyes to stay open and my head is foggy and it's just. And I finally realized I was struggling with this a little while back that this is actually a spiritual oppression this isn't just that I'm too tired. I mean you can you can be too tired because you stayed up late the night before and when we do that we make the decision actually to put God in the back seat the night before you know when we take time doing our own thing and I have to fight with us tonight. Lord help me. I've got to go to bed. I don't need to see what everybody has done. On Facebook. I don't need to read these e-mails. I don't need to do this. I need to go to bed so I can wake up in the morning and spend time with you. But but you can go through periods where the devil begins to take and takes advantage of that spiritual flab that we get and so he just cast this blanket over here and I remember I was really struggling. This is a few years ago. When this I really recognized it for what it was and I just it was just couldn't shake this this fog and I was trying and trying just like I was drugged the foot. I felt like I was drugged and I start praying and I got my Bible. I got my Bible and start claiming the promises and I couldn't stay on my bed because I wouldn't fall back sleep so I was off my bed and I was walking about round my room and I was just like Lord. You said this. Please help me. I'm all alone waking early to spend time with you with the Devils trying to cloud my mind I can't even wake up I can't even think and I was just I was just claiming Bible verses and I was holding them up to God and saying Lord look at you promised this you have to help me and I was claiming this Bible verses and I was wrestling and I think probably. I don't know. Four or five days it was a few days. It didn't just happen overnight. I got up every morning and I was just wrestling and it was it was like a physical battle. And then like on the fourth day or the fifth day I don't remember exactly it was. It's like the cloud just lifted it was just like completely gone and clarity and I was waking up early. When I wanted to wake up and spend time with God and just like wow it was just like freedom. And so I just want to challenge you wherever you are in this struggle to get up in the morning in the spend time with God you know some of you may say I'm not a morning person. I can't get up early to spend time with him. I just want to challenge you. God can make you morning person. I have had so many people so many people tell me I wasn't a morning person. But I said God if you want me to get the morning. You help me wake up you give me the strength. If you wake me up. I'll get up I you know like people tell me I was have to have an alarm to get up. I used to to actually. But whenever I give God permission to wake me up. You know what he wakes me up and you know what's really funny. He usually wakes me up one minute before I gave him permission to like OK God you can get me up at four o'clock in the morning. It's OK three fifty nine. I'm wide awake three fifty nine one more minute but it's like it but then my heart becomes glad and happy because I'm like you know what he's really excited to spend time with me. He's more you go to spend time with me probably than I am to spend time with him and so he's just like OK you said I could wake you up by ready to spend time with you and I've had that happen time and time again it's it's actually it's almost Yeah it's almost funny sometimes. And I just wake up and just glowing and happy and it's like thank you Lord. And you just have beautiful times so I want to challenge you. I don't know what your struggle is but allow God to to prove his word to you on your behalf allow him to prove his word to you and he will wake you up if you will give him permission to do so. Now this is a big thing when you get up don't get distracted. How many of you have these little contraptions smartphones. You know I really believe the devil is really smart when he came up with some of the devices and gadgets that we have nowadays they're wonderful. They're really helpful I really like mine because it actually I'm using my phone actually is my clicker and I can actually see what I'm going to talk about next on my phone. It's amazing the things that you can do with technology. But the problem is when that technology pulls us away from our walk with God or distracts us and this is especially. Prone to happen in the early morning because we wake up in the morning. The same struggle the same temptation that you do and the first thing we see is oh look at we have all these messages you know I've got to see who's texting who's who's written who you know whatever. Usually I have all these notifications and it's a struggle to go into your devotional time or whatever because I want to see what those little things represent right. I want to see what is written last night or whatever and I've actually gone through periods of time where I actually turn my phone actually on airplane mode at night. Maybe you can't do this because you want to be reached by your family overnight and stuff like that. And so you don't want to cut off emergency communication but it might be best. As soon as you get up and start having your devotions to turn your air your phone on airplane mode so you don't start having people texting you while you're trying to have your devotions but I'll turn my phone on airplane mode and won't even open anything until I've had my time with you know it's so important that we have that manner early before it melts away. Good things can be the enemy of the best thing minor matters occupy the attention and the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the church which would bring all of their blessings that strain is lacking that offered in plenitude and this is the whole thing because you know this isn't bad. We have different things that we're dealing with in life. They're not bad but the thing is the enemy is very good at using good things. To get in the way of the best thing and we need God to help us to get back to what that best thing is now let me just give you just a quick overview. I want to do a little Bible study this morning this afternoon to show you a few things that really help bring the bible to life. But just just kind of a little overview. As far as my devotional habits different people have devotional. I mean different ways of having their devotions and I think the most important part is that you have that you have that time with God and that it includes prayer and Bible study. However that works for you. OK but usually when I get up in the morning my practice will be we don't think a lot about worshipping God. We don't think a lot about coming before his presence and just adoring him and worshipping Him and I recognized you know earlier that I was coming to God with lots of requests and needs and things but I wasn't taking the time to worship him as I should. And so God just convicted me to start adding music as part of my devotional time whether or not you're a singer does it really matter if you can sing to God in your quiet time or you can play play some soft worship him. Or something like that and sing with them and that's what I do I have some really soft worshipful songs on my player and I just play them and I sing with Jesus name above all names I love you Lord. You know Father I adore you. Of course that's just me. I'm not interrupting anybody because I don't have any roommates or things like that. And so I can do that but having worship as part of my devotions before I actually get into giving God all my request in before I get into my Bible study time has really added a depth and a richness to my devotional time that I never imagined before because it's so beautiful when you actually take time to worship God and as you worship him you realize more things that you have to worship him for and so that's something that I do. That's really special and then I'll go into my prayer time giving my requests through the different things and I I really like to be prepared in my heart before I actually get into the Word and start reading and studying and all of that. And so then I will get into my Bible. I'm following along in the belief has. It's Bible reading program which we're doing with the worldwide church you can learn more about that revival in reformation dot org where we have a daily Bible reading and thousands of people actually all over the world are participating in this and they have a blog where different people are somebody writes a little comment on the chapter for the day and then there's a lot of people sharing the insights that they're gaining from that day's reading and I don't have time to read all those comments because they have so many things going on but it is something that can give you new perspectives and be special. It's a community as we're reading through the church together. Reading through the Bible together as a church. So that's really special. But I have another place in the bible where I also read different places. I'll be studying and sometimes I'll just be studying out a topic maybe I'm struggling with such and such and I want to learn more. What God says about this and then else so usually do some spirit of prophecy reading and that may be geared around the topic that I'm studying I might be searching L. and Y. in and reading all these different quotes that go with a topic or I might be reading through a book you know I've been reading the conflict at the ages series again in Christ object lessons and that's really powerful. So again the point is not necessarily how you do it but that you are doing it and you're making it a priority because we can't expect God we can expect to have the strength that we need for all these battles that we're facing. We're going into warfare and armed to for not having that time with him now is something that is super super powerful and I've talked to you some about it is the power of praying the word. Now you can just get into the just get into the Bible. I mean just start with Psalms or whatever and just read the song and then pray it back to God you know Lord you said this magnify the Lord with me. Let us exalt his name together. That's my prayer to you today. Lord help me to exalt and magnify your name. You know I'm reading and so I'll just I'll just pray the word back but something that's also been very powerful for me is the different areas in my. Life that I'm struggling with or that I'm needing prayer for has to do with my own spiritual life and growth it has to do with those that I'm praying for has to do with ministry needs these different things is I would I would collect Bible promises I would click Spirit of Prophecy quotes and promises on the power of prayer and I would begin praying them as part of my prayer time and this has really added a strength because this isn't just me. Praying right. This is God's word that we're actually praying back to him you know we are told this comes from ministry of healing page sixty five. We are told grasp his promises as leads from the tree of life. Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out as you come to him believe that he accepts you because he has promised you can never perish. Well you do this grasp his promises as leaves from the tree of life that one was from ministry of healing. There are so many different promises about how we can trust in God's word one sentence of scripture is more valuable than ten thousand of man's ideas or arguments. Why should we pray God's word. It expresses his will. Yes. The word tells us as will the word his word is settled in heaven. We're told he cannot lie before praying God's word back to him. It's his word he didn't he didn't lie right. We're claiming his word his word does not return to Him void the word tells us his will. Love this from Christ object lessons God stands back of every promise he is made with your bible in your hands say I have done as you have said I present I promise to ask and it should be given you seek and ye shall find knock in the. Door shall be opened on to you. And so that's why I said when I've been struggling or wrestling with different things or praying for different people. I'm literally taking the Bible in my hands and I'm going through the Bible looking at different promises that I know and I'm like Lord. You said this. I'm counting on you to fulfill your word you have to fulfill your word when we know that we are praying for his will and His glory he will fulfill his word. I want to. Share just a few different promises Let's say that we're praying for our spiritual growth I'm going to mention this earlier. Here's some examples actually put these some prayer cards together as examples which you can download them from the Internet and you can print them up yourselves I'll tell you more about that but just to help people pray the word and so here's examples I have a prayer on one side and have a bible promise on the other I praise you Lord that you have power to bring new life to dead bones. Please rescue me from any spiritual complacency. Give me a passion to know you and to live with you live for you with joy and then I'm claiming here is the kill thirty seven five. Thus saith the Lord God into these bones Behold I will cause breath to enter into you and you shall live. That's a promise that we can claim today here and now for us. I praise the Lord for bringing personal revival to my life and relationship with Jesus help me to earnestly seek this as if my life depends upon it before it does. And then we're told some say the five six will that not revive us again that by people may rejoice in the here's another one I praise the Lord that you will give me a heart to know you help me to seek you with all my heart and not settle for a superficial relationship with Jesus. Give me a heart to know you. Jeremiah twenty four seven. And I will give them a heart to know me the. I am the Lord and they should be my people and I will really be their God and they shall return to me with their whole hearts is that promise for us today. You say I want to know God I don't know where to begin just start claiming this promise he says he'll give you a heart to know him. The promises go on and on this is promises I have for spiritual growth let's look at some promises for for overcoming spiritual breaches in our life. Oh this isn't a bible promise but listen to this. By watchfulness and prayer. We may so guard our weakest points that they will become our strongest points. Through the grace of Christ we may acquire moral stamina strength of will and stability of purpose to rise above the alluring. Infatuated temptations of Satan and to become devoted Christians. So our weakest points can become our strongest points God can actually turn those around. See hear what I have. Praise the Lord that you promise to heal me of my wounds put the spotlight of your word upon my heart. Show me the specific ways I've dishonored you the people I've wounded the sense I need to confess heal me and lead me in the way everlasting and then I included someone thirty nine twenty three and twenty four. Search me oh God know my heart and then I included Jeremiah thirty seventeen. I will heal the of my wounds say if the Lord I don't know how many of you in this room feel like there are words in your life you need God to heal you from spiritual wounds he promises to heal and make us strong. So I have promises for overcoming spiritual breaches. I have promises for praying for your marriage also have promises praying for your future marriage. If you are not married yet. I promise is praying for your children if you have children. Let me just share. A couple here. I praise the Lord that you hear my prayers on behalf of my children and that you're fighting for your for their salvation I praise you that you will save them. Thus saith the Lord even the captives of the mighty should be taken away and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered for I will contend with him that contend with B. and I will save the children many many promises here and I claim these promises on behalf of my spiritual children you know if we don't have our own children physically we have them spiritually and in very encouraging to claim these promises Jeremiah thirty one sixteen and seventeen. Thus saith the Lord refrain that I voice for me from weeping and eyes for tears for the work should be rewarded say if the Lord and they shall come again from the land of the enemy and there is hope and one in saith the Lord that the children should come again to their own border. If you have children and they're not walking with God that would be a powerful promise. I'm not going to go through the rest of these but I have prayers for ministry growth and I have prayers for the Holy Spirit pleading for the Holy Spirit. So basically what I've just done is I have I have a lot of these in a notebook which I use myself but then I put together cards that you can actually pick and choose the ones that apply to your life you can edit them actually if you want to and print them up on different colored paper on white paper or whatever you want to do and claim the promises if you will start praying the word I can guarantee you you're pro-life will change. As you pray the word it's God's word. These are not your words anymore as we pray God's word. He is in able to do what he would not otherwise do as we talked about he's not a man he cannot lie. These are some these are some that I actually shared earlier before the prayer cards. There's an app on the phone. I think it's for the. Both the apple and the Android phones but it's a flash card program it's by kayo ventures in Calle ventures and basically what it is that the flash card program. So if you're memorizing Spanish or you're memorizing whatever you can you can enter what you want on your flash card and when you click on your phone. You have one side. Let me see here if I can pull this up really quick. Most of you are sitting too far away to see. I'll just give you a quick example. You can actually pull up here. OK so you can't really see here but I have a I have a prayer request on one side. And then I click it and the Bible the Bible promises on the back side that I'm claiming for it. OK So this is something I use as well and I can edit them and change them and I can swipe through them just like I'm going through flash cards and so I like this because when I'm traveling and I don't happen to have my key ring with me or if I'm in the dark and I don't want to turn on the lights and wake up people actually have the request right here as well. So in Khela ventures is an app that you can use and you can make your own your own prayer list and all. OK. What I want to really focus on during the last half an hour of our time is talking about Bible study and seeing Christ in a new way in Bible study how many of you actually bought your Bibles today. OK off them. We're going to use them. You know God has given us a treasure map and His Word. If you were looking at a treasure map and you were looking for gold you'd want to make sure that you follow the map right now the problem is we need to make sure. They were using the right map a little while back a few months ago actually the summer I was going to speak at a camp meeting in for Ginia and I set my G.P.S. to where I thought I was supposed to go and I got to where I was thinking I was supposed to go and it turned out I was actually three hours south of my destination. And the problem was I never double checked the G.P.S. to actually see if it was going to where I was supposed to go. I ended up down near Charleston and I was supposed to be up northern supposed to arrive at this camp. You know Friday afternoon and I didn't get thirty seven o'clock Friday night it was very very frustrating. It's so important that we are using the right. But what I want to talk about right now and think about the fact if we have a treasure map and we start cutting off certain portions of it is they still going to be good to us if we start trimming the edges away. Know we need the whole map arrange we need all the details in the same as with the map that we've been given because our map is God's word. This is the treasure map that we've been given and the ultimate treasure is Jesus and that's what's really exciting is seeing how God's word leads to Jesus something I have really discovered as I've been going through scriptures and I don't have time to share this message here is the fact that God actually tells us how to handle his word he actually lays out how we are to steam this word and then he shows us that the way we treat the way we treat this word is actually the way we treat Christ think about that. The way that we treat this word is how we treat Christ and I mean the respect we have for this word is not just about the pages in the black and white but it's about the person that God's word leads to now I don't know. If you struggle with Bible study if it's so hard sometimes you open the Word of God and you're trying to do what you need to do reading some things but other things you read in the Bible you just don't make a lot of sense of that's you know some people say I read the Bible but just seems like I'm seeing jagged lines. I'm not going to go through all the principles of Bible study here. Actually if you visit the revival and reformation booth over where all the exhibit hall in the exhibit hall. You'll see some resources to help you. We have a little green booklet I didn't bring it with me this afternoon called revived by God's word and it will give you practical tools for Bible study. We also have a little blue booklet called praying for rain and if you want to learn how to lead United prayer like you experience this morning for those of you that went to the United prayer session by the way I heard it was powerful that there were a good group of people there and I want to encourage you. If you've not gone yet to go tomorrow morning because this united prayer time as we start the day together is so powerful. But praying for rain is actually a booklet that will teach you how to lead United prayer yourselves but right now I want to focus on one part in the few minutes that we have together and that is looking for Jesus in the scriptures because this part has really revolutionized my Bible study life you know we're told in Luke twenty four twenty seven The Bible tells us the beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expanded on to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself back in the Old Testament we are learning about Jesus. In fact all through the Old Testament we see glimpses of Jesus in all the different characters in the Old Testament. You know throughout the Bible the Bible's full of symbolism and I'm going to talk about this and. If you come to a Bible conference. You would learn more of this but the Bible is full of symbolism all these different symbols are. Actually different glimpses of looking at Jesus and it's really exciting when you see this look at the sanctuary for example when we look at the sanctuary. We see Jesus along the steps of the sanctuary and I know that you've heard this before we know that he's the door as we come into the sanctuary he is the Way the Truth and the life right. No one comes to Jesus. No one comes to the Father except through the door. He's our sacrifice he's the water that cleanses fees are he's our intercessor he's the living bread he's the light of the world. He's our our kids are safe place. He's our covenant on and on through the sanctuary you see symbols of Jesus. I'm going to talk more about this in depth but what I want to actually do is just to take a few minutes where you right here in this room over here today to know we're going to a little Bible study in this room with the people around you. Maybe two or three. I just want you to take a few minutes and I want you to consider the story of creation. Now you know the story of creation. You can go and read it in Genesis one and two but I just want you to look at the story of creation and I'm going to give you maybe three or four minutes and I want you to find Jesus in the story of creation OK just very very someplace so go ahead and open your Bibles. If you have them or share with somebody next to you and this is really going to I think bring the bible to to life in a new way. So I'm going to give just a couple minutes of silence maybe three minutes of silence and then I'm going to ask you to speak up and share and I'll repeat it so that we have it for the microphone's what you saw in Jesus and the story of creation. I would encourage you to before you get too much into it to pray in your small groups then ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Because we can't get into God's word without the time of prayer. OK so we're just going to do a short little exercise and then all talk through. OK I haven't given you very much time sorry. Let's stop and let's talk just briefly about how you saw Jesus. How many of you saw Jesus in the story of creation. OK all over all over. I want to hear just throughout the audience but maybe one at a time how you thought Jesus maybe one point somebody tell me speak up. Tell me so I can hear. A man. So the earth was without form and void it was dark and he came and he brought the light. Amen. OK. Somebody else. Raise your hand. So I can hear and. So God. Adam to tend the garden to take care of the garden and he has called us to take care as well and we do that in different ways. OK broke. In. Name and. You know it's really beautiful how each in each day of creation. We see God filled the day right. But this Sabbath. He filled with himself. And that's the best gift of all yes. God could have created everything at once could have all put it together proof. But he took time and he put it together piece by piece in detail by detail for our sake actually and to show us the order so beautiful. OK all the way in the bag. Yes amen That's beautiful. So the Earth is our foundation Jesus is our foundation. If he is our foundation. Just as she shared the text. He tells us to bring forth through the earth to bring forth. We will bring forth fruit. That's a beautiful example. OK I'll take a couple more or less. Yes yes yes. Yeah. We're told to bring to bear fruit. After our kind and yes. But if we were born of the flesh we're going to bear fleshly fur right. That's why we need to stay connected to Jesus. So that we bear fruit of the Spirit. Yes. And let us make man in OUR image. Yes that's a beautiful picture of the Trinity. OK. Yeah. It is good. Yes that God has a standard that's powerful. OK. And. In the beginning was the word he said. OK. As we're looking at the beautiful and I know many more of you had thoughts that you didn't speak up and share but just looking at the story of creation. I want to look at the very first sentence. What's it say in the beginning. Just in the beginning. We're looking for pictures of Jesus Jesus is the Alpha and the omega as we're told in Revelation one eight in the beginning. He's our beginning. Jesus is the light that separates. We talked about that he divides the waters from above and beneath think about His Word is a sword and what does the word do it divides. Yes. It cuts. Does it cut to kill and cuts to heal to kill self. Yes. We need self to die. He's the living water. He fills the Sabbath Brooke brought that up this. This really love in the story of creation. You know that Adam was put to sleep on a Friday and out of his side came a bride think about what happened with Christ. He was put to sleep on a Friday. Crucifixion. His side was pierced out flowed blood and water and his bride was born the church came forth. We're told when a man sees a woman that he loves he will leave his father and go to claim that. Woman. Christ saw a woman that he loved. And he left his father and came to earth to win her. And he marries us and we become one flesh. Adam to bear fruit. After his kind. We are to bear fruit. After Christ. First fruits came up on the third day of creation. So Christ rose from the dead on the third day and it goes on there are so many beautiful pictures of Christ and this is just creation and it's three thirty seven. OK. Well look at. You know as we look at the Bible. All through what we'll do we'll talk about one or two more stories before we close. Not only do we see pictures but we see comparisons and contrast and we saw a little bit of that in what I just shared but I'll show you a few of those again looking at Jesus and Adam. As you're looking at the stories in the Bible. Look at how Adam failed the test and he brought spiritual death to our planet. And Jesus overcame the test and he brought a spiritual life. Now think about this. I don't know if I have this in the slides Adam failed in a garden. He failed in the Garden of Eden. Where did Jesus conquer. He. Yes he did he conquered actually in the garden of to seventy. He conquered being under the weakness of sin. Adam breathed his first on a Friday Jesus breathed his last on a Friday already. Share this Adam went to sleep out of his life came out of the thought came alive Jesus went to sleep and his side was pierced and out came his bride his church. We have the temptation in the wilderness. And. OK Looking at the story Cain and Abel I think actually we are going to move forward if I had more time we would go over more of these stories. What I want to give you a glimpse of that. Let's just look at look at the story of Jacob and Esau really quick. And I'm not going to have you get in your little groups to do that but this is talk about the story of Jacob and Esau. There's a story of deception something that happened that should not happen and it was done in the human flesh in the human way. But even in these stories even in these stories that went wrong. We can actually see pictures of Jesus. This is really amazing. And some of these things I'm sharing. I can't take credit for these things I've been seeing some of them as a study but these are also different things that Pastor Mars has been sharing pastor bachelor many other speakers that we have had come and shared our main Bible camp they talk about finding Jesus in the scriptures and at the end I'm going to give you some more resources. So you can go and study more of this on your own. But just looking at the story of Jacob and Esau we see how. Esau went out into the field. Jacob came into his father to get the birthright. That was supposed to be his and it was his but he went about it in his own way but when he came before his father. What was he covered in. He had skins on. He was covered in skins and his father. Yes. Think about what we have to be covered in to be acceptable to the Father. We have to be covered in the sacrifice of Christ. Something has to die. Christ had to die. We have to be covered in His sacrifice he. Think about the fact when Jacob came before the Father. What did his father say his father couldn't see very well but he said it smells like the field right. If we are serving Christ as we should be what are we going to smell like we're going to smell like we've been out of the field right. Harvesting souls for the kingdom harvesting we're going to smell like the field. Even the story of of Jacob and Esau. And it's really interesting to see the parallels. OK We're going to go here. We're going to actually close with the story the story of Joseph. I want you to think and you can you could read through all these different chapters and actually this is really interesting because at the Army Bible conference that I shared about with you earlier today how to Mars and other Bible teacher teachers or just training people how to study the Bible. They've actually been teaching people how to see Jesus throughout the Scriptures is just powerful when you see this but I'm one of the organizers of the ministry as an organizer I'm usually in and out. I'm not always even the meetings and so I heard some of the things but I'm just very busy. As we get when we're in ministry right now I'm doing my things with God and I'm studying and all these different things but I wasn't looking for Jesus in the Scriptures until a year ago my friend and I were studying and challenge me Melody why don't we start looking to see if we can find Jesus in the scriptures in every chapter that we're reading and looking at was like OK well we were actually studying Genesis at the time and going in the story of Joseph in the very beginning and we started seeing all these parallels sometimes dozens of pictures of Jesus in the story and I would. Just blown away because you're I am helping lead a ministry this teaching people how to see Jesus in the scriptures and I was not looking for Jesus from the Scriptures. I'm ashamed to say that but this actually just became more real to me just like a year and a half ago. Seeing Jesus in the Scriptures is amazing. So we can look at the story of Joseph. But yeah. We're going to actually. But we don't have time to look at all the chapters because we're going to draw the session to a close but I just want you to share with me from your thoughts because most of you know the story of Joseph. How could you see a picture of Jesus in the story of Joseph and if you have a thought just raise your hand. He was betrayed. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers. He was sold. Joseph was submissive and obedient throughout. OK. Yes. Joseph went to Egypt as a foreigner and he was used to save not only the Egyptians but his father's house. Yes. Joseph was thrown into prison for doing right. So Christ was persecuted for doing right. Joseph was dead to his father and he became alive again that's profound same thing happened with Jesus. He was dead for a time to his father and came back. Yes they were both temptin both Jesus and Joseph OK right behind her. Joseph was the jewel to his father's eye and so was Christ OK. Was that he reckoned Sile. Joseph was used to reconcile his family so Christ has been used to reconcile the church to the family of God way back in the back. He was sent to save the people. OK yes there was an investigation to make sure that the brothers were truly repentant that things would change that they were saying if to be in the kingdom right to be saved and so the same as with Jesus. OK. He was sold for the price of a slave. Yes I'll come back to you. Yes Some forget OK we don't have much time but I want to just share a couple of points from the story and then we're going to close and I actually have a special surprise for you as well. Considering the story of Joseph just one point I want to challenge you by the way. If your Bible studies a little bit dry go back to the beginning go back to Genesis start going through those old stories and ask God show me Jesus. Show me Jesus the story of creation and on you know you may not see Jesus and Michelle A very quickly but the more you start to find him the more you see him in the scriptures just come to life. Joseph is an amazing story to see Jesus. There's just so many so many illustrations but think about the fact that Joseph was in prison with two prisoners. One the baker and the butler right. One was restored to his place of power. One was hung one died one lived. Jesus was on the cross he was surrounded by two thieves one lived. One died. Think about all these different. There's just so many and so many illustrations where you can see Jesus in the life of Joseph and it's just powerful and you mentioned some of those so I want to challenge you. Hopefully in the few minutes that we've had together. I've just given you a little taste of what it's like to see Jesus in the scriptures and I want to say this will really bring your Bible study alive. Don't stress about trying to be like the theologians or this or that to say Lord help me today to see you in the Scriptures today. Help me to see you and show me what you want me to do with what I see today because not only should we be reading God's word we should be asking him how should this change my life today. And praying and asking that he would change our life today. OK before we have prayer before I lose you. These these bible verse cards. You can download them on the Internet. Let me give you let me give you the website here. I'm more stories that I was going to share about our time but but as far as looking for Bible study for Jesus in the Scriptures. Here's a two really good resources and what I would encourage you to do shadows of light by Doug Bachelor of seeing Jesus in the Bible. I would encourage you to go get the book but before you read what the book says Read the story and ask yourself where is Jesus in the story then read what Doug Batchelor writes about it and you'll you'll just see amazing new things. If you want to study the sanctuary consider Operation Blue Print with Pastor powerful and here's the two books that I was telling you about before. The sources for revival reformation and here's my website which OK I don't have the tab here this is an older one. I have a little tab here called prayer resources and if you go to the tap you can find these cards for download it. However I have made some copies and five six maybe seven of you are going to get a free set today. So look under your seats and see if there is a blue bookmark taped to your seat and if there is hold it up. OK hold it up so we can say OK here's some books marks. OK this is what they look like OK so. I'm going to have a word of prayer and then those of you that got one of those bookmarks can come up and I will give you one of these packs of prayer promise cards. OK lets power heads for prayer. Dear heavenly father again I just thank you for the privilege of worshipping you and seeing Christ in the scriptures and we've just been barely superficially able to take time to look at this today as we talk about growing an abundant devotional life. The Father I pray the seeds of implanted in that you would help us in this room as we go forward to search even deeper to see the mazing God that we serve the treasure our treasure of the Scriptures. Thank you Father for who you are we praise precious name Amen. This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire you. Young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G Y C Web dot org.


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