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4. Above and Beyond Adventures in Prayer

Melody Mason


Following the example of Christ in intercession, recognizing the power of the Word, and the power of personal and corporate prayer


Melody Mason

Coordinator of the United Prayer program and assists with the Revival and Reformation Initiatives at the General Conference



  • December 29, 2016
    4:00 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W T Y C. Women who are OK We're going to go into our last session for the softer new above and beyond adventures in prayer before we do. Just make sure there's no blue bookmarks under your seat in the last session. I think I'm still missing one or two that did not get claimed. So I have. Just look under your seat make sure there's nothing taped right under your seat. Most of you are probably here already. Maybe you already look to look in the seats around you if they're empty. OK Above and beyond adventures in prayer. I want to share a little bit more this afternoon. About ways that I believe God may be calling us as young people and as a church to pray and we heard some of that with Alex's testimony before lunch. You know God is looking for intercessors for the land. He's looking for people that will stand in the gap and intercede on behalf of the nations on behalf of those that are struggling and if we're not doing it. Who is who's going to. So we're going to talk about that the softer And so before we begin our heads again for a word of prayer. If you have only father. We just praise you. For the God that you are the one who we're told in Jeremiah thirty two seventeen is stretched out the heavens by his great power and there is nothing too hard for you. Father forgive us for thinking that we in our own strength can do anything forgive us for thinking that we can do the work that you've called us to do in our strength. When actually the work you've called us to do is impossible and it can only be done in your strength father as I share this final message this afternoon. I'm praying for strength because I'm tired and I'm sick and I don't feel good but father you say that your strength is made perfect in our weakness. So I just cling to that right now father. We know that the enemy is angry he doesn't want us talking about prairie doesn't want to talking about intercession as we saw today when the fire alarms went off. Well Alex was talking. But we praise you father that you are powerful and you are more powerful than the attempts of the enemies to shut things down. So please be with us right now. I pray in your precious name Amen. Speaking of distractions of the enemy. The enemy does not want to see praying. And. I think it was a convention a few years ago I was actually on stage with a couple young men that were sharing their testimony about the power of prayer and you know what happened. The fire alarms went off. We were actually inviting people to come to the prayer room and to come and experience and they were sharing this powerful testimony and the fire alarms went off the enemy does not one want to spring another situation that happened a couple years ago when I was doing a person or. As not always the star Matic But this is a good illustration was I was working with arc. It's always the on a conference we were doing this per conference at this church and I just finished talking and all the lights electricity went out and there was a storm coming didn't realize what kind of store but the lights went out so we got in the front we started praying in the dark and well we were praying the wind and the rain was coming against the building so ferociously I thought the windows of the church were going to blow and we were praying that we were all peaceful in the group and then we heard the sirens starting to go off the tornado sirens and we just kept praying Lord please protect us and God gave us peace in this group and the storm passed and went over and we came out of the church. And parking lot there was limbs and stuff everywhere. We had it down the road we didn't get five hundred feet down the road and there was a tree across the road and it actually fallen on a car that was driving but it was just the hood. Nobody had gotten hurt but it had right on this car a tornado had actually come through. Hope we were praying and we tried to go the other way and it was blocked off. So we had to go back to the church and wait until all of the emergency people came and cut us out. But anyway in that group and there in that church that night there was a family praying a couple praying and at their home that they had left their children some older children and some younger children and they had this huge huge oak tree that leaned over their house and the storm came into their house basically blew open some doors and some windows and stuff and that oak tree was rather old and it fell over. But instead of going into the house. It felt like this. Tell me that's not America. Because the storm was coming into their house but rather than falling into their house like it should. It felt like this like angels just took it the other direction and that happened while we were in that person. Incidentally the next day that was Friday night when the store data came through. The next day. One of my people as I was working with was talking and I smelled something burning. And so I was close to the fellowship hall so I went through a side door into the fellowship hall the see what was happening and the stove was on fire. A glass casserole in the stone had exploded. And the food was burning. And it was smoking and everything and probably in another five minutes the whole kitchen would have been on fire but I found it and got help in there anyway. The devil's trying to give us distractions trying to start fires anything that he can to keep us from experiencing what God wants us to experience. We want to start fires but we want the Holy Spirit to start the fire. So. I mention this quote earlier you know I'll just share it again for any of you that are new the softer new. Prayer is the key in the hand to face to unlock heaven storehouse where treasure the boundless resources of omnipotence. God has given us this key and that's what we're talking about this afternoon but the key is not going to do any good if we leave it on the shelf. It's not going to do any good if we turn it if we put it in the lock. If we don't turn it. He's given us the key in the hand of faith and the hand of faith has to turn the key. He's given us prayer and he's given us a measure of face and together. Amazing things will do. We're told in ministry of healing five o nine. There's no power on earth like like what prayer can do and I love this verse from three ten which says Prove me and see if I will not open you the windows of heaven in part a blessing that there's not room enough to receive it. That's what God's Waiting to do in this whole journey of prayer. I've told you kind of stages of the journey over the smarting. And some of my personal testimony. I decided this was back in two thousand and twelve. I think to start the year at the beginning of the year it was January with some time of prayer and fasting usually every January. I will have some time prayer and fasting it might be ten days it might be twenty one days and when I talk about fasting I mentioned fasting earlier fasting is not just food by the way. OK fasting can be media. Media fast it can be electronic entertainment different things that we do that we just it could be fasting from. Your news feed. Would you survive if you can read the news you might not feel like you would but you know trust me if something bad enough happens you'll hear about it even if you're not reading your news feed. But anyway we have different things that we get addicted to actually the polis away from our walk with God and I have to periodic Lee. Just turn off Facebook. Just because it's a distraction and it's like the only way that I feel like I connect with certain groups of people in my life and so I haven't felt like gods convicted me like I just need to leave it but I have to keep boundaries around it because otherwise those things can control you as well and I just decided a little while back that I was going to delete the Facebook app from my phone. That doesn't mean I'm never going to be on Facebook but it means I'm not going to always be looking at it on my phone which is very quick to do. Oh OK Well I have a few seconds. We don't need to be doing that. You know we're told. When we have refused few seconds a few minutes put the words of the words of God in memory memorize scripture lay out his words in our heart that we will not send against him and so we have more profound things that we can be doing in the little amounts of time anyway. A few years ago back in two thousand and twelve. I was just really convicted to start the year with some time of prayer and fasting. And it was a powerful experience for me personally but as I was doing I was really conflicted. Melodie what if you took three weeks to go. And fast and took a team to fast and pray for the world church. Now we had already been doing per ministry at the General Conference headquarters. But I was just convicted. That there need to be more serious intercession and this is why when you look at Exodus seventeen verses eight to thirteen you see you see a battle that was happening with the children of Israel Moses was up on the hill and down in the valley was Joshua and the Israelites fighting against to be a mallet kite's right. And when Moses held up their hands. What happened. They were winning but when his hands came down. They were losing That's right. And so but Moses arms got tired and so Erin and her came and held up his arms and God began to Latest on my heart. Let me tell you this was not what I had in mind. When I was praying to be a missionary and to be used by God my dream. If you didn't get that from some of the things I shared this morning was more adventurous some places like the jungles and things like that. God convicted me. You need to be praying on behalf of your church leaders do you know that they're in a very serious spiritual battle and that those on the front line are attacked spiritually even more than than the rest of us. You need to be holding up the hands of your church leaders. So I was convicted about this but I wasn't exactly sure what this was going to look like and I thought it was a little strange. And so I didn't say anything about this for a while but then a few months went by and over the summer time I was talking with Jerry page at the General Conference and I had already been volunteering and doing prayer ministry for them they had asked us to come previously. For and your counsel back starting in two thousand and ten and you know Council is when the church leaders all come together to make decisions that happens every October they make decisions for you know the mission initiatives and things that are going to happen for the next year. So it's a business session. For the world church. So they had asked us to come back in two thousand and ten and as a result. This was a this was the first year when Elder Wilson was elected and present president and we saw God really bless it was really powerful we had a prayer room there and we were just praying with the leaders we had division presidents and different leaders coming into the room and some of them were telling us you know we've been coming to the G.C. on church business for the last fifteen years and we've never felt the power of the Holy Spirit as we have this year. God's really at work and so that was really encouraging to hear. But anyway. God was convicting me you know what about taking a group there so in the summer time I talked to Jerry and Janet Paige about the idea and they were like Why don't you talk about the sooner we need this desperately this would be powerful. So we started praying and brainstorming and God I didn't know if God was going to. If he would provide the team of people because three weeks is a long time for I need I need people for three weeks who are willing to come and pray we need place to house. We need funds to do that and we need permission from the from the G.C. headquarters to get into the building and pray the D.C. headquarters is a big building it's a beautiful building and coming there and praying God has really helped me come to love the people there but there's about seven eight hundred people that work in the General Conference headquarters so it's a big building and you don't just march in any time you want you need to you know be checked and all of that. So I was convicted that if we were going to come in and pray we needed to come in in the middle of the night because we don't want to disturb everybody at their workplace right. And so I don't know how this was going to work but we move forward and God began to provide a way for this to happen. These are pictures actually from two thousand and ten. When we first were asked to go to the General Conference and to leave. Prayer chains and it was a really it was really beautiful seeing what God did with the leaders there during that time. So in two thousand and twelve God brought together a team of about eight of us and every morning we would go into the general conference at three o'clock in the morning which meant we were getting up earlier than that we go in at three o'clock in the morning we would go to the basement where this beautiful Ellen Ellen G. White. Picture of Jesus and the Ellen G. White Center actually and we would just dedicate our hearts to God and to say Lord please use us today as we go through this building and as we pray for the leaders of our church as we hold up their arms and I actually had names of all of the employees in the building so we were praying for them by name by name by name and it was really powerful we would go through the building. I really believe I don't believe I mean like Alex said I agree I agree with him. The small inning. You know the Bible talks about wherever you put the sole of the foot. I think that that's a powerful promise that God has given us of course it's not all about location we can pray from our home as well. OK but there is something extra powerful that I have discovered when you're on location. When you are there in person in the room where important meetings are going to be taking place. So the big God atory him or whatever. There is more just because of our own human nature. There's more of an earnestness and a passion and like Lord in this room there's going to be important meetings and we need your Holy Spirit to fill this room and we're praying for the names of the people that work in this department. You know. And so well I say you can pray from wherever you are and God's going to use your prayers. I'll share another testimony. Really briefly to illustrate that but location I think is very very important back when I lived in Loma Linda still and I was going to the advent hope Sabbath school. One of my roommates. I would go and we would pray on the steps about hope in the morning and it was just powerful. I mean it was powerful for us. Personally I didn't end up staying long enough it had been a hope to see what God did with those prayers but it was powerful for us to have the time. Just to give you. I'm going to break away in the will come back to this testimony. There was a man. I think I heard of him through the voice of the martyrs or something like that he was a man that was a prisoner a Christian. Not a Seventh Day Adventist but a Christian pastor that was in prison and I started praying for him I'd read a story or heard a story and I was just convicted to start praying for him and I was convicted. I was like Lord. It was kind of like a test for me. You know God says prove my word and test me and I said Lord I want to see you work in this man's life. I want to see that you can work in his life in answer to my prayer. Even though I have no contact with him. I can't reach out to him he doesn't know me I don't know him anything but this is just just a strange little thing that I had I wanted to see God answer this prayer and I just chose this pastor that happened to be in prison. I started praying for him and I started praying for him and I prayed for him for several months very earnestly that God would work. One of the things that I prayed for is that he would have evidence that God was with him in a special way you know whatever God chose but that got he would feel that God's presence was with him but another thing that I had prayed for is that God would give him a spirit of praise and singing even in prison. Just like Paul and Silas had you know we were in prison are we singing praises and I hadn't seen that in him from what I had seen. So I was just praying that God would give a spirit of praise about three months after I started praying the prayer. There were different reports that were coming out. And he was able to get a letter out of the prison where he was to his wife and family and in that letter he shared two things. One was. He had felt the overwhelming presence of God and His angels surround him in the prison and he knew that he was not alone. That was powerful for me but this was the clincher. The second thing was he was singing and present and this inmate's attacked him. Because he was singing and praising God and I was like wow that was what I prayed for but the interesting thing was he had only gotten out like three or four letters in the whole time that he'd been in prison. This was the last letter he got out and that letter was written on my birthday. And I didn't see it didn't come out until like a month or two later but it was actually written on my birthday and I was like like God is showing me see even though you had no way of touching this man you don't know I'm anything. I heard the prayers that you prayed and so God It doesn't matter where we are or what our situation he hears the prayers and he can work but back to praying on location with the General Conference. So we were convicted to be behind the scenes and for the first few years that we did this we kept this all behind the scenes. I didn't I didn't want it publicized I wanted to do you know be part of a work behind the scenes and so that's the way it kept but it was interesting because at one point. Janet said something to some of the people at the G.C. about something about a prayer team being there and this was during the time that we were there. And this was one of the department leaders and they were like there's people here praying for us and she's like I was supposed to say that. You know and I'm like no no this is this is so wonderful to hear because you you you have to understand we have been having all these issues in our department. For the last few weeks we have just had all these are resolved issues. But the last week or so and this was during the time we were there purring all of those issues have been resolved and God just brought peace and unity into our department and we were talking amongst ourselves and talking about like what is. Made the Difference. What was going on with having all these issues announced just like God brought them together and resolve them. And so the lady was really excited that she accidently heard this because it was evident God was doing course we were really excited when we heard the news because it showed us as well that God was doing something behind the scenes so that was really cool. But over the time we were praying we were praying a couple different things. I really believe because the Bible says that God sets people up in place right. That means the secular leaders even if they're not serving God he's allowing to be in place for a purpose. Maybe our character. You know. Thank you for creation or whatever. I don't know but he allows people to be set in place good leaders and not so good leaders but we're praying for church leaders and we're praying two things we're praying. If they have a walk with God which I believe most of them do that God will take them deeper that God will give them a deeper walk with him. The second thing we are praying. Is if they don't have a walk with God that they'll be convicted to give their life to God and not live a life of hypocrisy which unfortunately is happening in the church. So those are the two things that we're praying and as we started doing this we just began to see God working in really special ways and we're obviously not going to know until eternity how he answers our prayers when we pray but he gave us little glimpses of the work that he was doing. I remember. One employee that came to the prayer time. So let me just explain what's happening. We're going in the middle of the morning in the middle of the night to pray. We're walking through all of the departments we start about three o'clock in the morning and we ended about seven. So it's about three and a half or four hours of prayer. We would start in the basement and then work our way all all the way up to the to the top. But then once the annual council meeting started. We also had the annual council meetings to host a prayer room. So we'd come in early in the morning. And then instead of going back to our rooms to have our quiet time or to rest a little bit more something else then we'd stay all day and staff the prayer room so we could pray with leaders so that was very taxing but God gave us strength physically during that time because we only had to do that like four or five days. But anyway so during that time we had different people coming to the prayer room to pray with us and they would be coming praying and asking for prayer for the very things that we had been praying about which is really amazing. We had this one girl that came and she came in and she was crying and she said could you pray for me in the last two weeks I've been really convicted. I've been here working at the G C. And I don't have a walk with God and I want him to give me a walk with him. That's what we are praying doesn't answer prayer and the other really exciting thing that happened. One morning three forty five in the morning we were walking we were down in the basement and one of my prayer team mates pray this prayer and she says Dear Lord if there is anybody here. That is not their heart is not right with you wake them up right now convict them to get out of their bed and on their knees and repent and make their life right with you. We don't want to see anything between us and God and if there's a lot of stuff between us and God It's a block in hindrance in our life in testimony how much more is it a block in hindrance in the life in testimony of our leaders those that are touching you know thousands and millions of people around the world. So this is what she prayed that very same day I saw a posting on one of our church websites and this person had put a post I think it was on what might have even been on the revival Reformation blog this person for the post. At three forty five this morning I woke up out of my sleep. And I was convicted that my life was not with God as it should be and I got on my knees right there and asked God to forgive me and I made my life right with God and I encourage you to do so as well that's what this person posted that day was that just a random Was that just something random that happened I don't believe so. I believe that God just gave us a little. Of what he was doing behind the scenes even when we can't see how he's answering our prayers. He is working and he's answering our prayers. You know we are told testimonies to ministers and gospel workers page five zero seven five. We may have had a measure of the Spirit of God but by prayer and faith. We are continually to seek more of the Spirit. So this is what I keep sharing we hear a lot about we hear a lot about praying for the Holy Spirit. You know pray for the Holy Spirit. You know. Should we ever stop praying for the Holy Spirit to know we have to keep praying. But one of the biggest things that we need to be praying for the Holy Spirit is not just that the supernatural latter rain is going to come and overwhelm us and fill this place and that there is going to be tongues of fire on our head we have to pray that he will change us so that we can be receptive. Because as he changes our hearts that is evidence that the Holy Spirit is already here working in our midst. There is a mighty power in prayer our great adversary is constantly seeking to keep the troubled soul away from God. An appeal to heaven by the humblest saint is more to be dreaded by Satan than the decrees of cabinets or the mandates of kings. You know when I was younger in my faith journey. I remember looking at different things in the church and things that were as they should be and thinking man you know if I was in a position of leadership. I would do something about the sore I would do something about this you know we all think those thoughts especially when we see people doing things that we don't agree with. But God. Has given us the most powerful tool for change that we have in the world and in the church and that's the key that we've been talking about and that is prayer to think the fact that an appeal to heaven by the humblest saint is actually more dreaded by Satan. Then the things that happened with cabinet thinkings and all these things God has given us this amazing gift in prayer and as I have seen the leaders coming together and humbling their hearts before one another in just asking each other to forgive you know forgive me for this and I have seen God doing really special things with our church leaders and it has given me a new respect and love and appreciation for our church our leaders perfect. Do they always make perfect decisions no they're not they're fallible. They have their struggles but I want to encourage you from someone who gets to watch some of these things from the front row. That God is working with his church there is a sweet spirit at the General Conference building and headquarters there is amazing things going on. It goes back to what we were talking about earlier humility at the foot of the cross and dying to self. Imagine if we would put away the things that are between us as churches and as people the unity that we would experience Check out this quote This is an L and white. Quote letter eleven one thousand five. Crucify self in place of seeking to crucify the brother and. What would happen if we were cursed if I self in place of seeking to crucify the brother and we would have a different church. So it's been really really special seeing how God has taken taken meetings and turn them into prayer meetings. You know I have to I have to say again and I just really appreciate the leadership. The God has brought the emphasis on prayer from Elder Wilson and from those that he's called on to the team and it's really it is really making a difference with our leaders. This is a quote from a book by and Christian the kneeling Christian Our problem is self dependence. We do not live in a praying age. I think it would be perfectly safe to say that the Church of Christ was never in all its history so fully and skillfully organized as it is today. Our machinery is wonderful and it is perfect. Or so we think. But alas it is machinery without power and when things do not go right instead of going to the real source of our failure and our neglect to depend upon God and to look to God for power we look around to see if there is not some new scuse me some new organization that we can set up some new wheel that we can add to our machinery. That's what Alex was talking about today new programs new this or that we have altogether too many wheels already what we need is not new organisation not some new wheel but the spirit of the living creature in the wheels which we already possess. Prayer has as much power today when the men and women are themselves on praying ground and meeting the conditions of prevailing prayer as ever had. We need to get on our knees and pray that's from the kneeling Christian. The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the churches look forward to in the future but it is the privilege of the her church to have it now today. Yes this is our privilege today. I see quotes like this I add them to my stack of references and I start praying them and I'm like Lord. You told us to ask for rain Sacro ten one says ask you Lord rain you tell us that it's your desire to give it to us now. I don't see it happening but Father I'm asking that you would work and that's. You would bring that rain that she would work on behalf of your church it's been really amazing seeing because we first started taking the perching in two thousand and ten and then two thousand and twelve we started doing the three weeks of per twenty one days of prayer and fasting and even KNOW what are we two thousand and sixteen going two thousand and seventeen four years later I'm seeing God answering prayers. Now that we prayed four years ago. It's taken the time for some of them to be answered. But even now I see God answering prayers and it's really exciting a couple years ago the West Central Africa to division was really struggling with their tie. They were bringing in twenty three percent. Is that. A good if no we should be bringing in one hundred percent right. That should be what's coming in. So we're praying for them they went back to their division the next year they came back and they came back with a different report and the report was one hundred and three percent tied. The treasure at the General Conference was like what happened last year twenty three percent this year one hundred three percent. And they said it's the power of prayer. We went back to our division we preach revival Reformation we've been praying with the people teaching people to pray and God has blessed as the people are being revived that they're going to give right. When we are revived personally. We are going to give and so that was really exciting seeing. Here's another quote I just love. Prayer is Heaven's or day means of success appeals petitions and treaties. Between man and man move man an active part in controlling the affairs of nations. And of the church but prayer moves have been. The most powerful gift. Prayer is based upon God's word kind of makes you want to. Happened Next Door. Yeah I'm sure it's something very good. I'm surprised you all aren't over there. OK you know even when we're praying for the leader so this was really exciting for me to see that God cares about those at the gate when we started going in praying with the leaders are not praying with them but praying for the leaders of the church every morning we would come in at three o'clock in the morning or something like that we would come in and we would we would have to pass the security at the front desk and we all had our badges because we'd all been approved but we don't have to check and do you think the security guards were very excited to see it at three o'clock in the morning. No they weren't to be honest and some of them were quite grumpy about it but as we would come in we would always ask them. Is there anything that we can pray for you for today. And some of them would. Well you can pray for this or you can pray for them and some of them. You know they would be more bold and sharing things and so it was really neat we're praying for the security guards this one man was especially difficult in the beginning but I began to see how God was softening his heart as we were praying for them each day. So we're praying and the next year we came back and we did the same thing again and that year he was a little friendlier and the next year we came back and we did the same thing again and he was more friendly last year. When we came to pray he met us and he said I have I have I have bad news if you could pray for me. He says my wife suspend diagnosed with breast cancer and she has lumps all through her breast and. Can you pray for us. And so we started purring every day as we went through and of course I'm praying. I believe that we serve a God of fable to heal. And we don't want God's word that it is His will to heal his people. The thing we don't always know is the timing of the healing. We don't know if it's his will to heal immediately or gradually or not until the second coming. But we do know it's his will to heal. So we're. Prying they were just praying Lord if it could be your will to glorify you would you heal his wife and if not give them strength to walk through it. So we kept praying this every day the last day it was the last day that we were coming in the meetings had just finished we came in a little bit later he was waiting for us and he was a little worried because he got us going to see if because we came in late and he met and he says you will not believe what happened. We went back to the doctor and had more tests done and all the lumps have gone they're gone and the doctor says she's cancer free. And he was crying. He's crying and we have course started crying and he says the doctor says he doesn't know what happened because we have evidence that the lumps were there but he says I told them that there's a group that's been praying for us and that's why God worked and so I think it was really it was a really special medical that we had last year because this is evidence to me. God's caring. I mean he said we're here. Praying for the church leaders were trying to hold up their arms but we're also praying for those that the gate. And God cares about each one of us to really meet what happened with the security guard now Jim told you a little bit of the testimony last night on the stage he didn't completely share. The details correctly but one hundred days of prayer. It was really really exciting. Maybe some of you took part in the hundred days of per leading up to G.C. session last year it was really really exciting because once the G.C. session came we had all these people that came to the prayer room to pray and if any of you are interested I'll just challenge you start praying about it for for two thousand and twenty. If the world hasn't completely fallen apart and we still have a G.C. session. I'd love if some of you would be interested to come and help volunteer at the per room because we had this prayer room and D.C. session we had fifteen thousand people or more come through the prayer room and it was just packed we're having united prayer constantly and then of course there's these. Prayer groups going on and just beautiful beautiful things happened in that prayer room we saw so many miracles we had people that came to D.C. session just to pray. They'd been part of a hundred days and they were convicted to come and pray and some of them came not knowing where they were going to stay and after they got there. God provided housing and food and everything for them. So you know there's there's more and more people that are walking out by faith and trusting and so it was really exciting to see this one group came into the prayer room and I heard this testimony later from one of the division leaders this group came into the prayer room from Papa New Guinea. They couldn't speak English. They couldn't understand English but they came into the prayer room to be with the people that were praying and well they were in the prayer were they understood every prayer that was prayer. That's the gift of hearing the gift of tongues the right. The gift of hearing. God gave them the ability to understand the prayers and the current. That was amazing. We saw people that had physical maladies that came into the prayer room that were healed but one of the most exciting testimonies was this group from Kenya and ship them. I think is her name. She's right there with me. They came and shared how they had started a prayer time during the ten days of prayer by the way. Just a little commercial here. The church if you're not been part of it has a ten days of prayer every January and we have one this January it starts January eleventh and goes through January twenty one and so if you've not been part of it before I challenge you to take some of the spirit of prayer that you're receiving here at G Y C and take it back to your churches take it back to your youth group maybe just take it back to a friend I have a friend that we did ten days of prayer together and I was actually struggling with some issues in my life that I just felt like I needed ten days of fasting and prayer. This was not the ten days in January but it's just ten days of prayer that ten days of prayer. Not only did God work really powerfully in my life but it completely changed her life. Just those ten days of prayer and we prayed together united prayer every day where we took time praising God confessing our sense and then giving him our request and she had never prayed those type of prayers before it's always you know like OK Lord we need this. We need that and just the time of worship together and then making searching our hearts and asking him it is just the two of us. So it could be a little bit more intimate and personal it was a beautiful and she was so convicted she's like melody. I want more people in my country to be part of this she is actually from Romania she's Romanian Jews from Romania at the time. No more people to be part of this. And I said well just praying God's going to work. Well just a few weeks later somebody in her country asked her to relook at could you come and start this could you do this per ministry pro she's like oh no I can't do that. And I was like. Didn't you just pray that God would open up opportunities she was very nervous but you know what she did it. And God took her from there to there and now she's led pro groups all over Europe some of you probably know her some of you have actually come and talk to me this morning about religion and knowing her and her per ministry God just took the sister mazing what ten days can do so. The reason I share that is even if you can't go back and pray with your church you can find a prend a friend to pray with for ten days and see what God would do so they had the ten days of prayer starting in January and God really blessed. But then they went starting the hundred days of prayer back in March and they started praying with their group and the group kept growing and growing it started like fifty people and then one hundred people and then two hundred and then four hundred and just so many people were coming. They even had people of other face and denominations that were coming not add to this coming. They were so blessed. They went and got pastors from their denominations and said you got to come to this part time that we're having this is power. Are full and these pastors who are coming from other denominations to the seventh they have this per gallon. And they mean they talked to the leaders and they said you know we're really impressed by what God's doing here with your group would you mind taking two or three days to teach us what Seventh Day Adventists believe what they're all about. So they had this study group with about thirty pastors thirty five other denominations and of those thirty pastors sixteen made the choice to become baptized Seventh Day Adventist I don't know if that was clearly emphasized last night when Jim said sixteen pastors made that decision to become baptized I was like did he say that they were nonsense they have for the caster. And I didn't hear that in the testimony he didn't say OK yeah it was no minister was a pastor's from other denominations the studied and said This is the truth. This is what they left their denomination to become Seventh Day Adventist pastors and it's interesting because I think one or two congregations made the decisions to follow their pastors and to become Seventh Day Adventist congregations. Now we've had another I don't know how many I think were thirty three or thirty four pastors have been baptized. So there's a whole group of them in Kenya and they have a problem because they're trying. What do we do with all these new you know pastors that work this is a good problem and we're told in the days to come that we're going to have more you know good things like this happening so these are these are exciting things that are happening. I love this. This is referring to the power of United. Prayer. Matthew eighteen nineteen says if two of you shall agree is touching anything that you ask it shall be done for you. Of Our Father which is in heaven right. We are told we are encouraged to pray for success with the divine assurance that our prayers will be answered. The promise of Matthew eighteen nineteen is made. On the condition that the United prayers of the church are offered. And in answer to these prayers. There may be expected a power greater than that which comes an answer to private prayer the power given will be proportionate to the unity of the members and their love for God and for one another. How can we expect to see God working in answer to our united prayers when we do not have love for one another. There has to be unity and United prayer and that's what's so beautiful about what happened with the disciples in the upper room for the ten days they were searching their hearts they were putting away sand all desires for self supremacy and all these things were pushed away as they contemplated the love for Christ and they drew near as we're told in Acts of the Apostles they journey or one another in love and as they did that the Holy Spirit could be poured out and I'm convinced the same thing is going to happen again in the future as we pray so it's just been amazing. Seeing what God has been doing in answer to prayers I didn't share this morning about a group in the Philippines we had a prayer team because we saw God working in so many ways both with our we can't conferences and then we began to get asked for the prayer team to go here in the perching to go there and we were traveling started going to different divisions and working with the leadership in different universities and colleges and we had a group with the advent of the universe city in the Philippines and real special things happening there. But there was this prayer room there at the college and this young man came and he brought his friend she was I don't even think an active Christian believer a professed but not active. Anyway they prayed and she prayed during the time of you know prayer she was crying. It was really special. But this is the important thing that happened because at the end one of our team mates I think it was Melissa. She was talking to them and then asking the girl because she'd been crying you know are you OK. And how is your experience that she's powerful I've never experienced anything like this before this time of United prayer this is beautiful but she says this is why I'm crying she says during the prayer time I opened my eyes and I saw the circle of dark evil angels that were trying to break into the prayer circle and to stop the praying but holding them back was a larger circle of angels of light and she says I can see God is with his people when they pray and of course our team didn't see that we didn't see that but she was allowed to see that because God knew she needed to see it but it's a picture of the supernatural spiritual battle that we are in and we do not even realize you know I have heard testimonies from former people in the dark world Satanist or whatever you want to call them they have said you know Satan is casting spells on communities. He is casting his people are going around casting spells and praying over communities and they're seeing all these issues and violence and crime. Why is this happening because Satan is at work but they have said there are certain places where they cannot cast spells or do work and it's where their families and groups praying together. When there are groups praying they are not able to completely in case that community in the darkness. If we realize the gift that God has given us the key that God has given us through prayer. We would be spending hours on our knees where today we are spending so little. I had the privilege. This last summer of visiting the Philippines and going to Philippines Youth for Christ which is actually a. What do you call Child ministry of G. Y.C.. Philippines Youth for Christ was founded because of G Y C. And they have the Scroope of young people so passionate for God leading up to the. The Philippines used to Christ. They had one hundred days of prayer. Now I walked on the campus and I felt the Holy Spirit was here we had our first prayer time it was powerful. It's like somebody has been praying here. Do you know that there was some prayer before this conference started. Are you aware of that. There was forty days of prayer leading up to this convention that the leaders have been having forty days of prayer and many of you may have taken part of that but the people I see there was one hundred days of prayer. It was really beautiful. You know at five o'clock in the morning they had their united prayer time. We're having ours six. Five o'clock in the morning they had their part time and you know how many young people showed up. Four hundred four hundred young people showed up and I had heard about what God was doing in Philippines if for Christ. I'm jet lagged of course because I've traveled from the opposite side of the world and I was one of the speakers and coming to share. I'm like I have to go and see it was powerful God was doing there. I might even have some pictures. Anyway I had so many young people that came and shared testimonies but this is this is really sweet this one girl came to me and she had just spring had read daring to ask for more and she told me she says melody and we've been having these meetings. And I started praying that God would give me twenty one souls for the kingdom to Ciro I wanted to see twenty one people brought to Christ. She says but I didn't ask for enough because he's already given me thirty one and she was so excited. You know I knew now after enough this young man he went home after the conference and he and another friend decided that they were going to start praying for their local church and for the backslidden members in their local church. If you have backslidden members in your local church. Yeah we do they went home and started praying for the backslidden members and within two or three weeks. Those members that they had been praying for many of them. I don't know if all of them came back to church and started to attending. Just because two young people said. We're going to go home and. Prove God's word and test this out and try and see if God you know will really do something in God long as he delights to answer these prayers. Earlier I talked about what does it mean to live by every word. It means we read the Word of God and we align our lives to the Word of God When God says something his word. We don't say we need to change that. That's not the way I want to live. We say Lord change me. What does it mean to pray by every word I believe that means we measure our prayers against the standard of God's word what God says in His word goes. We pray our prayers based on the standard of God's word then we move forward in faith. You've heard the song and God said it I believe it and that settles it for me. We are to believe the Word of God whether we have any manifestation of feeling or not I'm going to talk a little bit about this tomorrow. I use to ask God for a flight of feeling but I do not do this now this is what Ellen White writes I come to the god with the naked promise and say Lord I believe that word like a law again and again I press my petition to the throne of grace and when the Lord sees that I realized my inefficiency and weakness the blessing comes come to the Lord with the promise that he has given. This is another thing she says in early writings page seventy three. I asked the Lord why there was no more faith and power in an Israel is in the writing and I put in the I'm going to church. He said you let go of the arm of the Lord too soon press your petitions to the throne and hold on by strong faith. Sorry. Hold on by strong faith. Praise the Lord. He's going to he's going to hold my voice last through the seminar. Hold on by strong faith perseverance in prayer has been made a condition of receiving. Perseverance. You know I believe we give up far too easily. We need to pray through. You know we talk a lot about praying for. We pray for our food we pray for our classes we pray for safety on the road we pray for loved ones but we need to learn to pray through not just for. Praying through means I'm going to pray until I see the answer come. I'm going to hold on and persevered until I see the answer come in the Bible we feel lots of examples of perseverance in prayer from a lie. John Mount Carmel and Jacob wrestling with the angel the neighbor knocking on the door at midnight the widow and just a judge had something kind of interesting. Happened a few years ago I told you about spending some time in Bangladesh I ended up going to bed Bangladesh to do medical work and as I share the testimony this morning the country is so destitute and just very very sad but at the same time the people are so beautiful and the need and I just fell in love with the country and I ended up not only doing medical work but going in voluntary going to the orphanage. There's an orphanage over there called Bangla hope when I first started volunteering at the orphanage there were sixty five children and now there are probably a hundred and sixty children just a beautiful beautiful place. So I've gone back multiple times over the years since that first time that I went to Bangladesh. Anyway I met this young man. Jacob on one of the trips that I went with university to to do the medical teams and he got my email and we became friends and everything and he was one of the students at Boston College training to be a pastor and that year after I went back. I got an e-mail from him and he's like melody when you come back next year. You know it's coming back next year. By the way have you been to Bangladesh. OK You look familiar. I was like. You look like one of our Yes Yes OK So he's like Melanie when you come back next year. Can you bring a computer and this is a legitimate need that he had he needed a computer but I'm thinking I'm already doing a lot of full time ministry of different things. I don't have money to buy myself a new computer let alone to buy somebody else a computer. So I was kind of like a whatever you know every effort but he thinks we just have in fact we can we kind of say you know. Anyway. They just think we have all the money in the world here and we do in comparison but we still have our struggles right. Anyway so he wrote me and asked for this computer a little bit more time went by and he wrote me again and asked for the computer a little bit more time wrote by he wrote me again and he says. And when you bring that computer could you put such and such a program on the computer like powerpoint or such and such or whatever that I need for my presentations and I was like What am I going to do this guy he really thinks I'm going to bring him a computer. Anyway. He kept writing me about this computer in the time is coming close where I'm going to go again with a medical team. And I'm thinking I better figure out how to get this guy computer. And so I recruited some of my friends there at Loma Linda to raise funds and I bought him a computer and when I went to Bangladesh. I had a computer for him and do you know I don't remember when that was two thousand and nine or two thousand and ten he still has that computer and he's still using it. He wrote me just a few weeks ago and told me I still have the computer that you got me. The funny thing was is the next year he wrote me he said can you help me get a motorcycle. I was like no. I didn't I didn't want to do that. But perseverance has been made a condition of receiving if we're praying for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on our church. God is going to answer our prayer. We may not feel like it. We may not see what he's doing but he is going to answer. We had a really special experience that happened I'm going to wrap it up here. Earlier this last fall. We're December back this fall. We had a group of young people that came and we had this special outreach time planned for all the leaders now G Y C goes out has a very powerful outreach if you haven't been part of it you need to be part of it will really make an impact on your life. So we wanted to do this with our church leaders they need to see what it's like. To go out door to door knock on doors and meet people and hand out things and see what it's like so God brought this group souls West a different young people maybe even some of you in the room. Are there to come but guess what happens. We have a hurricane coming up the coast hurricane Matthew I think it will. I think was the same Coming up the coast with all of these storms that very Sabbath. So we started praying and we're like Lord please. We if it's breaking in pouring they're not going to take the leaders out we need to see you work. Would you believe that morning it was raining you can see the forecast see the forecast all afternoon they're supposed to be doing outreach when it came time for the outreach this is what happened. The storm began to split the storm is splitting when they went out for outreach this is actually what was happening with the storm stopped raining when they went out. And when they got back in the bus to come back home. It started raining again God actually parted the storms. If he cares about the physical storms. What about the spiritual storms that we're facing. You know we're told man can accomplish nothing without God and God is the range his plan so as to accomplish nothing in the restoration of the human race without the cooperation of the human with the divine this is really important. We can't do anything without God But you know God has a range of things that he has to have a part of this picture the part man is required to sustain is immeasurably small can we measure it. We can't right because it's immeasurably small yet in the plan of God It is just that part that is needed to make the work a success. The part that you play the part that I play is part that is needed to make the work a success. So we're praying. We're praying for rain for our church just like we have seen God do in times past you know we can look at the revival of that happened in Wales and how thousands and thousands of people came to Christ. Which is one of the most powerful revivals that we've had in the last two hundred years but an even greater revival is coming to this church and I believe that the same thing that happened when we look at the revival of whales is the same thing that's going to be the precursor to our own revival and that is that we are going to put away said among us. We're going to put away those habits that are not right we're going to obey the spirit whatever God is prompting us to do and confessing our faith in Christ publicly because there cannot be anything between us and God. I will share this story later I'm going to share two more quotes and I'm going to close. Would you agree that we're in a crisis. Yeah. We are in a crisis in our church in our homes personally in our world. I'm going to share that story later too. But I want to share this quote saying it's going to work his miracles to the sea. He's going to set up his power as supreme. But referring to the crisis in the church the church may appear about to fall but it does not fall. Yes. It remains will the sinners in Zion will be sifted out the chafe separated from the precious wheat This is a terrible ordeal but nevertheless it must take place. We're told. None but those. Who have been overcoming by the blood of the Lamb in the word of their testimony will be found with a loyal and true without spot or stain of sin without guile in their malice we must be divest rid of our self-righteousness and arrayed in the righteousness of Christ we talked about that the smarting we must be arrayed in the righteousness of Christ the church is going to go through but my question challenge today is who is going to pray the church through this crisis is it going to be us. Just as a lie. Joe God worked with a lie just in the grave crisis in the history of his role as he prayed his faith reached out and grasped the promises of heaven and he persevered until those petitions were answered. He did not wait for full evidence that God heard him but was willing to venture all on the slightest token of divine favor and yet what he was unable to do under God all may do in their sphere of activity in God's service face such as this is needed in the world today faith that will lay hold on the promises of God's word and refuse to let go until heaven. Hears. All around the world we see God's people coming together and praying and as a result. Amazing things are happening and things are going to happen in the future. You know Ellen White tells us about visions where she sees a great work happening among God's people sick being healed and miracles rot and the spirit of intercession being seen and that's what I'm praying he will revive among us as young people a spirit of genuine conversion. The world is going to be lighted with a heavenly influence but where will the revival of prayer start is going to start with a group of young people in Indonesia that are praying through the night is it going to start with those four hundred young people that I met in the Philippines that are coming at five o'clock in the morning because there's so in earnest to have a deeper walk with God Is it going to start with us here where. Is that going to start. You know we're told not one prayer that we're praying for the Holy Spirit is lost every prayer is added up. And there's going to come a point when those prayers are going to overflow and that influence is going to be seen all around the world. So those prayers that we're praying right now they're accumulating even if we haven't seen the full answer yet they are accumulating and God is working. So let's close with a prayer. I'm going to challenge you to go and challenge you to be part of tomorrow's United prayer time that they have at six o'clock in the morning. I plan to be there as well and I also want to challenge you. I have some bookmarks on the back of the tables if you did not get them earlier on the back there's a space ten spaces there and I want to challenge you to put ten different things on that list you can put more if you want to but there's probably ten different things that you can think of maybe people you're praying for issues in your life you're thinking of that have seemed impossible and you felt like what can we do about this. I want to challenge you to put God's Word to the test and claim his promises and see what he will do in answer to these prayers. Let's power heads again for a close and we're going to have the father I just thank you for the amazing God that you are and we've just barely got a glimpse tasted of the great God that you are and what you are doing around the world and the answer to prayer. There are many stories that I didn't have a chance to share. But Father. I just pray for this group in this room right now that you would equipped us and strengthen us to go forward as mighty intercessors for you as we were challenged today the devil's angry he doesn't want to spring and he's going to do everything he can after G Y C to discourage us from becoming the intercessors and becoming the students of the word that you called us to be Father help us to go forward strengthened and rooted in you you are a foundation and we know overridden you when the storms come we're not. And we're just crazy because you are wrong. Thank you for hearing this prayer. Thank you for saving my voiceless afternoon and giving us strength of today and bless as we continue the meetings we bring you personally this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org.


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