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1. Biblical Christian Covenant

Ganoune Diop


Ganoune Diop

Director of five Adventist Mission global study centers



  • December 29, 2016
    9:15 AM
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(Intro )
This message was presented at the GYC 2016 Conference, When All Has Been Heard, in Houston, Texas.
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(End Intro)

I think maybe, given the nature of our topic, you know, that we pray together. Is that okay? Before we start. (Welcome. Come over)

Thank You, Our Gracious Lord for the opportunity we have this morning to consider this very important topic: World Religions. Our neighbours and what they believe, their practices and how we can better share with them, communicate the gospel. We would like to start with the Biblical Christian faith. The covenant that You have so graciously given through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Help us to articulate this in a clear and simple way but in a way also that every person here would be able to internalise the truths that we have revealed and share with other people. 
In Jesus’ name we pray 

Welcome. I think I am wondering whether…. Yeah. You can come up front. Really, it’s no problem. It’s not a problem…. As you….. feel comfortable.

Yes, so I was saying, if you look at the schedule, our first topic this morning will be [The] Biblical Christian Covenant. Now I could have said Biblical Christian Faith or several other topics but let me…. You will see in a second that is not just, you know like, just to talk or just to make a nice speech to say that what I am going to share is really, indeed the most important topic. And you will see why.

The whole Christian faith is based on what we are going to talk about today.
I call it Biblical Christian Covenant. That even sounds too complicated….

My objective is very simple. Is that at the end of this session you will be able to (maybe you can do that already, but in case you can not) that you may be able to clearly articulate or point out what is the Christian faith. What is it that Jesus really brought? I mean clearly 

Imagine if someone asks you in the street and asks you ,”so what is Christianity?” What would you answer? Huh?

So very clearly then before this session ends. I will make a half hour presentation to engage you to see if what I have said make sense. You will be surprised and I can tell you. I meet Adventists all around the world. Actually my function leads me to most countries in the world and what people ask me mostly is the following question:

Who are the Seventh Day Adventists? What do you believe
Our department is Public Affairs and Religious Liberty
So my job is to introduce Seventh day Adventists to world leaders and other world religions also and to other Christians

But lets start on a very basic level. Meaning. I think I can really trust you [that I can] ask you a question and you feel free to. Its not threatening but it would really help if we start talking a little bit.

Maybe two or three minutes. If someone meets you in the streets and asks you, “what is the Christian faith?” What would your answer be? Any volunteer?
Someone meets you in the streets and asks you, “what is the Christianity”
“What is the difference between Christianity and any other world religion?”
What would you say?
Any idea?
Jesus. Yes. But imagine these people know nothing about Jesus. How would you say it in a way that they would understand what you are saying?….
We can not do it in a sentence but say something. How would you do it?
(Inaudible Audience responses)
Okay. So he is basically telling us a story. Something happened at the beginning, it went bad and God is going to fix it? In essence?

Please come forward. I feel lonely in the front. Feel free to come forward.

Okay Let me go right to the point and say the following:
Christianity. Jesus Christ,…. Came to bring a new covenant. Now of course we would have to explain what that means. But essentially. Christianity is a new covenant. But what kind of new covenant. What is the content of this covenant.

And of course when we talk about a new covenant it supposes that there was an old one. But Christianity is a new covenant of (now let me say this very clearly and I will come back to this) a new covenant of free access to God. 

Now think about this and I will develop and you will see that most... world reigions and even Christian denominations, they function in a nervous system. And I will show you this.

Jesus, though, brought a new covenant of free access to God, a new way of relating to God that was unprecedented. Now for you to feel what I am talking about think about the old cvenant in the first place.
What did you have?
You had specialised people to mediate between God and others. Religion was basically predicated or based on the premise on the fact that you can not have direct access to God. Some other people had to be between God and you.
Think about it.

So in other words. Judahism was a religion based entirely on the idea of mediation. You ahd to have mediators. People who basically regulate your relationship with God. Now Jesus came and said No. Now there is a new covenant. No more mediation. You and I now have direct access to God. This is a revelation!
Just think about it.

And actually sometimes within our circles (Adventists). If some Pastors misunderstand there function, they will think that they are still in the old covenant of mediation. Of Mediatory system.

Let me say this and walk you through. Slowly but surely I hope that each one of you will be able by going out explain to anyone. “Oh so what is the difficult Christian faith.” You can say.
“Hey. It is a new covenant of now direct access to God.”

Before I show you a few slides
The slides I use to reinforce not to make a presentation…. Or something like that because I want you to first understand the contents of what I am sharing and then reinforce.

Okay think about this:
So what I have said so far is this, very simply:

The new covenant that Jesus brought is a new covenant of free access to God. The end of mediations. Maybe before I go forward. Think about an Israelite in the old covenant. You come to a sanctuary, there is a barrier you can not just enter like that. And you have all kinds of separations. You can not enter the sanctuary if you come from the east, there is a door. And then you can not just go like that, you have to come with a sacrifice. And then there is an altar of sacrifice. And the Priest will then... perform some rituals with the blood. You can not enter just like that because you have several walls of separation. You have the courts of female, the courts of male, the court of priests, and then you enter a section… called basically the Holy Place. And there you can not enter.

Somebody else had to enter on your behalf. Mediation.
The Priest only could do that. And by the way. The Most Holy Place, only one person could enter and that was the High Priest
(Inaudible Audience question)

It was in the beginning. In the beginning there was direct access to God. I the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve could communicate with God directly without intermediary or mediator but because of sin. Sin brought separation and … erected or built walls since then. And thats the problem. But God provided a covenant which well and with the world by the way so that the sin problem might be solved.

So you have an old covenant where you had mediation and then you have now the new covenant where you have no need for mediations anymore. Now, think about the revelation. First.
No need for holy places anymore. No need of sanctuary. Remember there is in the Bible there is the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan Woman. And the terms of the conversation, you remember that probably clearly. The Samaritan woman told Jesus, “We say that we should worship on this mountain (Mount…. By the way) and You say (the Jews) that we should worship in Jerusalem and Jesus answered the woman, I tell you, the hour is coming when the true worshippers, that God is seeking are those that worship Him in Spirit or in truth. No need to go to Jerusalem or any other holy place. In other words, with the new covenant comes the end of holy places. Whan you pray, Jesus didin’t say go here, go there. Enter your room. Because that’s become a holy place now. Enter your room and speak to God, freely. And God can hear you.

You have, in other words, direct access. You have no need for a holy place. That is a revolution.
And not only that. You don’t need any holy place, why? Because now you have become in the new covenant, a holy place.

That is why the Apostle Paul say very clearly, your bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. In other words, every person her in this place is a mobile temple. Because God’s Holy Spirit can now inhabit you. That is extraordinary. People built temples ...or sanctuaries because they were expecting the Divine Being , The Divinity to come and dwell. And they call it the holy place.

But Jesus with the New Covenant, Christianity in essence, is… no need for holy place anymore

Oh? No more need for holy place?
So what does that mean?
Well, it means that you are the holy place. The habitation of God.

And that is extraordinary!
No other religion speaks like that!

Only the Christian faith. By the way, because…. In my second seminar is going to be about Islam. See, now I am laying the foundation of the New covenant and then this will help us look at Islam, Hinduism, Budhism and see why is is it that Christianity is unique and how we can quickly relate to our neigbours who are budhists, hindus, Jews and secular post-modern, and atheist, and agnostic and so forth. That is the purpose. Now I am laying the foundation. What is it that?
Who are we?
We say 
Seventh day Adventists, we have the three angel’s messages but people dont understand that language, those idioms. So we have to be able to translate this very clearly. So that they understand what we are talikng about. When we are talking amongst ourselves, you know. Three Angels’ messages and you name it. People have no clue. So lets lay the foundation. So first of all the new covenant as I mentioned 
Sorry to be redundant because I really want you to be clear about this first, before we can move forward. So the new covenant then. First of all is that now we have direct access which means 
1. no need for holy place
2. That means you are free not to go to any pilgrimage journey,. No need for pilgrimages

You know people got to pilgrimages. Holy places here and there. Hadji for Muslims as we will see later. But you dont need that anymore! Because why? You have direct acccess again, think about it. I provided (almost casually) a lens that will help us read when you meet people you will understand their world view in light of precisely this lens that I am shring here. I am telling you I ave shared this with people all over the world…. And immediately they will see Okay this is what Christianity proposes now...

So, first. No need for holy place
… No need for Holy pilgrimages anymore
I don’t have to go to Rome. I dont have to go to any other place. To Mecca or to th Ganges River. Or to any place Why?
Because, again, direct access

3. No need for Holy object anymore
What does that mean? The new covenant does not require animal scarifices. Its over. Why? Because Christ took care of that once and for all. Think abou the millions of sacrifices in our world everyday. Talk about the Hadj and Mecca. Muslims make sacrifice. There are many religions that are continuing to make sacrifices. Christianity. No more sacrifices. Why? Because no need for holy object to mediate between God and us. Nothing!

All this is based upon th premis that God is way too far away and high and I am too low so I can not have access. I need places to go to meet Him, I need people to mediate. I need objects to mediate No No No. The covenant says it is over. No need…

And you will see the implications shortly. Because this is absolutely marvelous. It is absolutely extraordinary when you really think about what is really at stake here.

So. Let me recapitulate. Because as I told you, before we go out you should be able to be clear about this.
1. New covenant – Direct access to God. Meaning I dont need mediators
Meaning, Oh, I dont need mediators. No holy places anymore. No pilgrimage. No holy objects anymore.

By the way…. This one is difficult. No holy personnel anymore. Mediators.

Oooo. This one is difficult. Think about it.
Becasuse you have direct access, you dont need a Pope. You dont need Bishops. You dont need priests. You dont need confessors. You dont need Pastors… Yes…. To be between you and God because you have now what? Direct Acsess!
This is good news.

I know this one is difficult. Because your neighbours are still praying [to] saints. But you dont need that to have access to God. You dont neeed byt the way, Mary or any other Personnel or any holy person. It’s over.

You see. These are the things that the world needs to know. Its called the good news of the new covenant. Yes…..

[Inaudible Audience Question (about mediator)]

Of course. Of course. Only God can be the Mediator of God. But othe human beings who are sinners like us. Even if they become whoever they become, they can not be mediators. Only God can lead to God. That is a fundamental principle.

[Inaudible Audience Question (about sanctuary system erected by God)]

Yes, because God erected a system in Judaism. That is why I was talking about the sanctuary…. You had the holy place, you had holy objects (sacrifices), you [had] holy personnel (priests), but in the new covenant those are obsolete now. Its over. 

The problem is many Christians continue. Even though they say Jesus is Lord and Saviour they continue with the mentality of an old covenant.
Oh. I need my Pastor, I need my Priest, I need…. The conference president. No!
You don’t need anybody to have access to God.

Now that does not mean these people can not pray for you in solidarity and so forth but your realtionship with God does not depend on any other creature. That’s radical!
(Inaudible Audience Question)

Well. Both…. The reason why because…. They were mediators before that. So it means that even in Eden they had to make sacrifices and then you had the priest in the family…. But then of course because of sin exacerbated…. Or ….make the situation worse , people developed a wrong idea about God. And because of that wrong idea they said, Oh okay, not you.
That was terrible. Because they were created in the image of God. You were created to communicate with God so the worst thing that could happen for us is not to be able to communicate with God. So in other words…. Salvation is really the reconnection. And you will see what is the difference between that and hinduism for example. We shall talk about this afternoon probably… Think about this!

Okay. Are you with me so far? Because I want to make sure that we are together on this.

So. New Covenant – Direct Access to God…..
Which means now, I don’t need mediators, whether it be places, no holy places needed, no holy objects (sacrifices) needed, no holy personnel needed…. Another thing. No Holy language needed.

Pentecost….. Thats part of the new covenant. Pentecost, all people heard Gods wonders...How? In their own mother tongue. Thats beautiful!

You see the problem, sometime…. And I am telling you this very humbly… I engage my [Adventist brothers and sisters]… What is the good news? Even the Three Angels Message is the everlasting good news, right?
But what is the good news?

And all I hear sometimes is God is going to… the judgement. NO!
Tell me first, about the good news. Judgement, Yes! But judgement is part of the good news. So we have to understand, we need to understand the gospel based on the new covenant. 
Now, here is the thing though. So far, all I have said is Christian faith is about direct access to God. Because of direct Access no need of mediator. 

Now I am repeating this because you will see Islam. Whatever... Jesus came to basically, abolish, Islam reinstated. Just by the way…. I have written an article for this if you would like to… after thiss… log in to AdventistReviewOnline.org. I have written an article there… on relating to muslims Christ’s way. Where I show basically what satan is doing…. And we will talk about this in the second presentation, so I am not going to spend too much time on this right now.

Basically, Jesus says no more holy place. Islam says, yes holy place. Mecca.
No more pilgrimage. Yes, pilgrimage.
No more sacrifices. Oh no. Sacrifices
No more holy language. Islam says No, no. Arabic, Holy language.

Complete reversal. But the new covenant … you are to be clear in your mind about the new covenant…. Now when I say we have, please understand this fundamental. Each one of you is important in the sight of God. Each one of you has infinite value that does not depend on your performance. That doesnt depend on your lineage. That doesnt depend on you, but on God who loves you unconditionally and fully, regardless of what people think about you… So the new covenant of direct access to God? Really!?…. Wow!

That is the most extraordinary thing…. ever! Yes…
(Inaudible Audience Comment/Question)

Yeah. But that has nothing to do with having access to God. You see what I am saying? We’re talking about realtionship with God. Yeah? The Pastor is useful. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m a Pastor by the way. Right? But what I am saying is the relationship between God and every person on planet earth doesn’t depend on anybody else. That is usurping your prerogative to have direct access to God.
Now of course when people, you know, get married there is… ritual. But that is the convention. It’s a pure convention. God wants it of course. A Pastor to bless on behalf of God of course. But that is different. But at the end of the day, this new couple they go home they dont need the Pastor to have direct access to God. Thats the point of the new covenant….

Imagine now…. These people go home and say okay now we need God to bless us. But God will only bless us if we go through the Pastor. That is terrible. That’s apostasy. That’s terrible. So basically then you have to understand that the new covenant is freedom finally. To have access to God.

….This has to be clear before we can move forward
(Question about Enoch)
Enoch was… That was a continuation of the covenant with Adam. Because you basically have the Eden covenant but that was broken. And the you have... those which are explicit… God related to Enoch and other people. God gave His covenant to Adam who [passed it on to] his descendants…. But it is the same … like… before they had direct access now it was mediated. God chose some people who were functioning as priests. The heads of the households, et cetera, et cetera,

(Inaudible audience question)
Well, except that in the Old Testament, God gave very clear laws of mediations. The sanctuary, the sacrificial system, the hereditary laws of the priests. All those things were part of the Old covenant in that sense. But it was just an accomodation. An economy until the time that is why the prophet Jeremiah Chapter 31 announced time will come time will come when I will provide a new covenant. And this is what Jesus came to bring.

Now let me start being very concrete
Yes, that is a very important aspect because of the coming of Jesus….
Okay… I need to clarify this first.
What was the purpose of the sanctuary? Exodus Chapter 25 God very clearly said they will build a sanctuary and I will what ?…...Dwell!
So it was purpose to illustrate, manifest…. Gods presence among His people

However. However…. Because of sin again people could not just come to God. Remember, even when they will touch…. If they were not priest and they touch the ark of the covenant they would die for example… So in other words the system of mediation was there as an education on the part of God… However, this whole system God… and this is where I think we completely agree… God did not want that and He didnt want sin so He decided that He was going to take care of the sin problem. Thats why Jesus died on the cross for our sins. And then… when Jesus ...came He was the manifestation of God… That is why by the way… His name was what? Emmanuel. God with us.

So Jesus came among us as God, as actually the Sanctuary Himself. Jesus is the Sanctuary. If you read in the gospel of John for example. He….. The Word became flesh and what? Dwelt! 
So The Word dwelt. Tabernacled. Pitched His tent among us. This was to say that God now replaced the sanctuary by His very presence through Jesus... So because of that, when Jesus died on the cross, one step further, the veil was torn top to bottom. This to say now direct access is possible. And what Jesus did then was. Oh wherever He was, there was God’s sanctuary. In that sense.

But now…. There is something connected to this. Jesus is the Sanctuary of God. You because of Your connection with Jesus are also now sanctuaries of God. Mobile temples. Where you are, there is God’s sanctuary.

Let me tell you this. I know many of us underestimate who we are. But if you are somewhere, the evil one can not touch or even people around you because of you being the temple of God. Don’t underestimate that aspect. Now. The New Covenant… Has other aspects remember, no more holy place, no more holy objects, no more holy personnel, no more holy language by the way…. And I could continue no more holy culture. Because now Gods people expanded to all.

You are Israelites…. in the New Covenant because you are God’s people. Now see this is clear in 1 Peter 2:9. You are now a holy nation, right? Holy Nation. There’s no earthly Holy nation by the way, God’s people are. Wherever we are.

...So now. What are the implications of this? If you are in the New Covenant, what kind of covenant is that? 
This is the New Covenant where if you have direct access to God if you communicate directly with God. So who are you?

Well. You are now God’s representatives. Directly. His Sanctuaries, His Temples, His sacrifices. When people see you, they ought to have direct access to God by the way.
Embassadors and we have several terms in the Bible but before we get to there, there are some implications. What did God bring? Now.

Jesus. First of all, this New Covenant started teaching us that we now are a new family. This is difficult. Because the world is not like that. The world is division, separation btween ethnic and you name it but God’s New Covenant brings in a new reality. This is the problem. Christians refuse to live according to the new covenant. Here are the implications.

If you are in the New Covenant it means now you are part of the family of God. Remember what is the Title Jesus uses most about God? Our what?
He refered to God as The Father, this means that now a new family. But I am telling you, this is our challenge. Maybe this new generation is going to start saying okay lets live now according to the New Covenant, we are a family. That’s not the Spirit of the world. Not today, not ever before. But that is the challenge.

Okay, the way Jesus summarises all this was that He came to preach the Kingdom of God so when you are in the New Covenant then you are citizens of the kingdom of God primarily. Now you see, sometimes people think its more easy. And I must tell you it’s easier to talk about prophecy. Its easy.
I spent almost 30+ years, 33 years talking, studying, teaching about prophecy…. But when it comes to choosing to enter the New Covenant and to live according to the New Covenant, to live according to Gods Kingdom. That is too challenging so we leave it alone.

Its easier for... me to come and warn you…. Jesus is coming…. But to invite you to be a Christian. To live according to the values of the Kingdom that Jesus is coming to seal once and for all. That is more challenging. I’m serious… Sometimes I’m invited… some places… When I think about the expectations, these people are really not interested in this message. Because think about it Jesus said Seek ye first what? Gods Kingdom and what? His Righteousness. But what is that righteouseness.
… I hear a lot of people. We need Christ’s righteousness. Really? Do we really understand Christ’s righteousness? That’s part of the new covenant by the way.

Now, you know, its simple to know what Christ’s righteousness is all about because Jesus talked about it. Now, first of all He says, Seek ye first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. And then He said Matthew Chapter 5:21 that if you righteousness does not surpass that of the Scribes and the... Pharisees, He says you will by NO MEANS enter God’s Kingdom…. So without Christ’s righteousness we can not enter God’s kingdom, another term for the New Covenant.

But wait…. And then He illustrates what it means.

….But what I will invite you is just a few snapshots here and there. One of which…. The most Christianity is about defeat of evil, we started with that one. Because Jesus even taught us hoew to pray. He said deliver us from what?
And by the way, my last presentation I will show …. talk specifically more about this very specifically and show you... from the book of Revelation in particular. The seals and then the evils of the world,,, how we are delivered from them. But….
Deliver us from evil
And then deliver us from sin…. Deliverance from death. That’s why He came and died for us. So because He is victorious, Christianity, the New Covenant is a Covenant of Life. Because Jesus was victorious over death…. But here is probably the core pillar of the Christian faith is about the revelation of God. And what is that revelation of God?

1John 4:8 says, God is what?

And by the way, this is the most difficult concept ever. The most difficult reality ever! And it is at the heart of the New Covenant. Remember, Jesus…. Before I talk about Jesus because that is really the easy part. Let me go to 1 Corinthians chapter 13. That was supposed talk about the most excellent what?  

And then he says. Now, I am a Seventh Day Adventist and this really rebukes me to the depths of my being. He says if I have the gift to speak all the languages right. Of man and of angels and I do not have love, I am noise. If I have knowledge of all the mysteries, and by the way, if I know all the what? prophecies 
and I do not have love, I am nothing. Whoa.

Even if I give myself a sacrifice, I dont have love, it profits me nothing. So in other words… Okay…. Prophecy ids important, yes. But without this centre piece of the Christian faith, it’s nothing. I feel rebuked… Remember, I spent probably most of…. My time unpacking prophecies but this call sme to the New Covenant first.

No wonder that Jesus said…. Listen you have heard that you shall love your neighbour… but He said, I dont tell you to love your neighbours, I tell you to love your what?
Enemies. Yeah
That is the New Covenant. It is unnatural in me. So what is the New Covenant?
Well, this is a New Covenant of defeat of death of sin of evil, yes.
It is the New Covenant of love. 

Because at the end of the day, the direct access to God, what is it for? It’s for fellowship. Its for worship. Its for friendship with God. Its for love.
Relationship with God forever.

That’s the good news we are talking about!

You understand this!?…. I’m telling you.

Lot of people are out there preaching angry about…. everyone else… castigating all these other denominations and religions and aetheists and agnostics and so forth. But they have to show the fruit of the Spirit and what id the first one?

We’re talking about the New Covenant. Now you understand why Christian faith, this is what it is all about. And even…. And I will take time to come back to that in one of my presentations later. The three angels messages. The righteousness of God. What is righteousness. Well, righteousness is to love as God loves.

Oh. You think that is something that I am just making up? 
Remember what Jesus said.
Be ye therefore perfect as Your Heavenly Father is. When did He say that? He said that just right after saying that love your enemies.

Perfection is connected to love. Even love of the enemies. By the way, this is what Jesus in the New Covenant came to demonstrate. That is why on the cross He was so free that He could even pray for His enemies…. Think about it! What did he say?

Father (Father. Again that name) forgive them! For they know not what they do... You think this is just an isolated inci….. Jesus then demonstrated it but not only that… The Apostle Paul himself, understood ….His whole Christian experience actually, in terms of… and I would like to go here to Romans Chapter 12.

This is just amazing! How could these people understand Christianity like this…. Listen to this. Is it natural? No it is not. Is this Christianity? It is the the New Covenant. Do you know what this is?
He says this Romans Chapter 12:9
Let love be genuine or authentic. Abhor what is evil. Hold fast what is good. 10. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo each other in showing honour. That’s beautiful by the way... Rejoice, be patient, and so forth, and Verse 14 here it is.
Bless who?
Those who persecute you. Wow!
Usually hear hate those…. They dont like you. Hate them…. Fear.
This is the New Covenant. That’s why when you see people cursing others you wonder, have they really entered the New Covenant. Because the New Covenant, look at this. Bless those who persecute you. Bless and do not curse them!
15. Rejoice with those who rejoice. Weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another, do not be haughty. But associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own eyes. 17. Repay no evil for evil but give thought to do what is honourable in the sight of all…
This is beautiful. 

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved never avenge yourself! But leave it to the wrath of God for it is written, vengeance is mine and I will repay… says the LORD. To the contrary if your enemy is hungry, what?
Feed him!

If he is thirsty, give him something to drink for by doing so. You will heap burning coals on his head. Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.

Christianity, by the way. Thats what it is!…

Let me just show you few…. Summary… and then I open the floor to some questions again….

See, this is just a short summary….

...Okay so. What did Jesus bring?
A new covenant
What kind of new covenant?
Direct access to God
What does this mean now?
Holy places-abolished. Holy objects-aolished. Holy personnel as means for mediation- irrelevant. Holy culture. Holy language. All those things. Now we have direct access to God. Wonderful!

What for. Well for fellowship. For worship. For communion. For friendship… But what kind of friendship… Well that is based on the new covenant of love by the way.

This is God’s character that is called perfection. It is God’s righteousness that He gives, it is not natural in me. That is why by embracing Christ… we allow His Spirit to transform us from within. And He is the One doing the miracle. So therefore He is the One having all the glory. 

Now, of course in the context of...See let me just.

Historic Christianity has developed into various expressions. Unfortunatley…. Thats why you have so many. But the faith Jesus initiated, is entirely based on a new covenant… It was revolutionary. That new covenant. Think about it!

On the one hand. Sacred places, sacred objects. Are no longer relevant. Jesus came for a decentralization…. Of religious mediations whether place, places, spaces, objects, ritual performances, religious personnel, or ceremonial festivals, done with!

On the other hand, the phase is characterised by an abolition of barriers that prevented access to God. No need for intermediary…. Sanctuary. No longer. Central idea is the following:

The freedom to have directl access to God positions the Christian faith in the unique path. There I s nothing like that anywhere in the world. It’s really a new covenant. A new way of relating to God. A new of relating to other people. A new way to treating other people. Maybe I should say this.

Imagine if I really believe this. If I really believe this!

That now human beings are temples of the Holy Spirit. What does it mean?
Every person I meet. What is your name (Asking Audience)…. John 
Yohanan. Meaning God is great, by the way.

John. If I meet John I dont know anything about John. But I should know one thing. That John is a holy person. He is the temple of God. He is infinitely valuable. I ought to respect John. Even though I don’t know anything about John. He’s as sacred as any church or temple. You see, if we really believe our faith and we live by it, how different it will be. We will not despise people anymore.

We will start looking at people with different lenses on the basis of the new covenant. But I was saying …. this is our struggle. That’s why myself, I pray everyday, Help me God! Because I forget this!…

Think about this….

So then the key component, at the same time, of this covenant is relationship, or fellowship, intimacy, complicity, and love with God!
This access had the prerequisite of liberation. No? Wow!
And this is something that I will... develop in the next presentations when I will talk about Islam is one of them. But traditional and tribal religions think about it!
The saints, the ancestors, the spirits, and you name it. All those religions. Your neighbours religions based on this mediation.

You. God has freed you. And say all you need is Me.
Sufficiency of God. Isnt that amazing?... Think about it!

I meet people on [a] daily basis. They need to wear crucifixes. Others wear talismans. To protect themselves from spirits and all these things. They are bound to these things! You.. You don’t need anything. Just the name of Jesus. And we are talking about the majority of the world population not knowing the good news…. This is why its important that we tell people… be committed be a witness. But you have to share the faith intelligently. You have to speak in a way that people understand what you are saying.

... This is the reason... why the next session will be talking about Islam so that we can better understand the mindset and package the gospel in a way that resonates with the need. And then they will understand what the choices are. And they can intelligently choose….

This is really what we are talking about….

Any questions?….

… Next is Islam and then the following one is… but we want to equip ourselves. But before we equip ourselves we need to understand who we are. We are people of the New Covenant… Of course I will take time in one other presentations to go through specific end time perspective, the Thre Angls’ Messages. Because there is a lot of confusion about that too…

We tell people the Three Angels’ Message. Fear God. But what does it mean Fear God… And I dont need to be intelligent I just have to read the Bible.

To fear God is an invitation to life, for example. The fear of the LORD is the fountain of life. The fear of the LORD leads to life says the book of Proverbs…. Its a totally different approach.
(Inaudible Audience Question/Comment)

… What do you see. Do you have anything in Adventism… Like maybe here we are not very careful… Remember, we are on the path of reformation and its going to continue until Christ comes. Yes, anything we see now that is no coherent…. Yes, we should address it.
(Inaudible Comment)

...If that is the case then no question. There is no such thing... holy building… you can use…. I agree.

(Inaudible Audience Comment)

Let me put it this way. Christ ought to be the model in everything. If He is not then that means we are falling back… Actually yesterday…. They asked me to do a small… recording about should Adventists be present in the public space and what does it mean…. Because my department at the GC is… Public Affairs…. So we relate with governments, religious leaders and… so on…. So what I say is here is the principle: Christ should be our Model and Sufficiency in everything. If a department at the GC is not justified on the base of the Bible then we should reconsider. .. I mentioned in that case…. Jesus asked everyone of His disciples to be witnesses. How did they witness?
When I look at the book of Acts, they started with the religious leaders…. Pharisees… Sadducees… Sanhedrin… The disciples at the end of the Acts of the Apostles. We see Paul witnessing to political leaders. People of influence. So I can fairly say that if we want to finish the mission we can not…. Religious leaders… political leaders at the same time because that’s part of the outreach in Judea, Samaria, to the extremities of the world. But that’s probably… to me. The lines we should that is in everything take Jesus as our Sufficiency. And by the way, because Jesus is our Sufficiency, we dont need mediators.

...Again the New Covenant is entirely about You are enough for us. That is why I dont go to saints, I dont go to Mary…. Because Jesus is our Sufficiency. I think that’s beautiful.

Now its exactly 10:15. And I dont want to be perfect…. Love is more important

…. But to finish on time would be important. Thank you very much and you are welcome to then…. Because people are coming also for the next one on Islam in particular. I will make it very plain. Very clear what Islam is all about and then we can go from there. So thank you very much….
Blessings to all of you….

This message was presented at the GYC 2016 Conference, When All Has Been Heard, in Houston, Texas.
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