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1. Biblical Christian Covenant

Ganoune Diop
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Ganoune Diop

Director of five Adventist Mission global study centers



  • December 29, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C. Where I guess. Very briefly maybe it would be good to given the nature of our topic. You know that that we pray together. Is it OK beef before we start. Welcome. OK. Thank you. Our gracious lord for this opportunity we have this morning to consider it is very important topic. World Religions. Our neighbors what they believe and their practice and how we can better share with them communicate the gospel. We would like to start with the bill a good Christian faith the covenant that you have so graciously given through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ help us now to articulate this in a clear and simple way. But in a way also that every person present here will be able to internalize the truth that you have revealed and share with other people induces them I pray. Welcome. I think I am wondering with you may come up front really is no problem. It is not a problem. OK. As you feel comfortable. OK. Yes So I was saying if you look at the. The sketch our first topic this morning will be a biblical Christian covenant Now I could have say did biblical Christian faith or so what are the topics but let me maybe let well come. Well come and I was just saying and you you will see in a second that it is not this you know like to talk or make a nice speech to say that what I'm going to share is really indeed the most important topic and you will see why the whole Christian faith is based on what we're going to talk about today. I call it Biblical Christian covenant. That even sounds too complicated. OK let me be generous and there are some people coming in. So maybe let me. But this. My objective is very simple. Is that at the end of the session. You. You may be able maybe you can do that already but in case you can't that you may be able to clearly articulate or point out what is the Christian faith. What is it that Jesus really brought I mean clearly imagine somebody meets you in the street and asked you. So what is Christianity. What would you answer. So very clearly then before the session ends and I would like I would just makers. You know like maybe half an hour presentation and then engage you. To see if what I have saved makes sense. You know you will be surprise and I can tell you I beat Adventists around the world. Actually my function. Leads me to almost every country of the world and what people asked me mostly is the following question Who are the seven their movies. What do you believe. Our department is public affairs and British liberty. So basically my my job is to introduce seven the Adventists. To Woolley does. To other world religions also I mean and to other Christians. But. Let's start on a very basic level meaning. I think I can really trust you to ask you a question and you feel free to answer. It's not it's not threatening but this. It will really help. If we start talking a little bit maybe two or three minutes. If someone meet you in the street and ask you what is the Christian faith. What would your answer be. And if I wanted to say something somebody meet you in the street and say What is Christianity. What is the difference between Christianity and any other world religion what would you say any idea. This is yes so but imagine these people know nothing about Jesus. How would you say it in a way that they would understand what you're saying. You know we're going to do it in a sentence but could you just say something. How would you do it. OK. Yes. God. Yeah. OK. When. OK. Right. So he is basically telling us a story. Something happened in the beginning it went bad and God is going to fix it right in a sense. OK welcome you can come forward. No problem. I feel lonely here you know so you could feel free to come forward. OK. Let me go right to the point and say the following Christianity. This is Christ in me so that he will not turn my back on you. This is Christ came to bring a new covenant. Now of course we would have to explain what it means but essentially Christianity is a new covenant. But what kind of new covenant What is the content of this covenant. And of course when we talk about a new covenant it supposes that there was an old one but Christianity is a new covenant of now let me say this very clearly and I will come back to these a new covenant of free access to God and now. Think about this and I won't develop and you will see most of world religions and even Christian. Gentlemen Nations. They function in another system. And I'll show you this this as though brought a new covenant of free access to God. The new way of relating to God. That was unprecedented. Now for you to feel what I am talking about think about the all the covenant in the first place. What if we have you have specialized people. Who had the function to mediate between God and others religion. Was basically predicated or based upon the premise that you cannot have direct access to God. Some other people have to be between God and you. Think about it. So in other words Judaism was a religion based entirely on the idea of mediation you had to have a mediator Torre's people who basically regulate your relationship with God What RIGHT NOW THIS IS came and say no there is a new covenant. No more mediation. You have now you and I have the privilege to have direct access to God. This is a revolution. Just think about it. And actually sometimes even within our circles. Adventist if some pastors misunderstand. Their function they will think that they are still in the all in the covenant of mediation of me your Torah system. OK let me say this and walk you through slowly but surely I hope that makes you one of you will be able by going out. Explain to anyone. Oh so what is the Biblical Christian faith. You can say hey it is a new covenant of now direct access to God before I show you feel slight. Just to reinforce right. The slides are used to reinforce not you know to make a presentation or something like that because I want you to understand. First the content of what I'm saying. And then you know we can Greenport think about this. So what I have said so far very simply is this the new covenant that Jesus brought. ISA. New Covenant of free access to God the end of mediation maybe before even I go further. Just think about an Israel an Israeli an Israel add in the Old Covenant. You come to the to a son to every There is a barrier. You can and does enter like that. And you have all kinds of separations you can enter the center if you come from the east there is a door. And then you can in this go like that you have to come with a sacrifice and then there's an art of sacrifice the priest will then you know perform some rituals with the blood and you cannot enter this like that because you have several warrants of separation. First of all you have to. The court of female. The courts of. Ma'am. The court of priests and then you and a section that is called Basically the holy place right. And there you can enter somebody else had to enter on your behalf mediation the priest only could do that and by the way. Only in the most funny place only one person could enter to represent everybody else and that is the high priest question you were saying something. Well. It was in the beginning in the beginning there was direct access to God in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve could communicate with God directly without intermediary or mediate or right. But because of sin sin brought separation and erected a build towards since then and that's the problem. But God The provided a covenant with Israel and with the world by the way so that the sin problem might be solved. OK so you had an altar covenant where you have mediations and then you have now the new covenant where no need for mediations anymore. Now. Think about the revolution first first. No need of holy place anymore. No need of sanctuary. Remember there is a in the Bible. There's a conversation between this and the Samaritan woman. And the terms of the conversation you remember that. Of Lee clearly the the Samaritan woman told this is oh no we say that we should worship on this mountain man God is in by the way. And you say the Jews that we should worship in Jerusalem and Jesus answered the woman. I tell you the hour is coming where the true worshipers know that God is seeking are those who worship him how in spirit or in truth you don't need to go to Jerusalem or to any of the Holy Place In other words with the new covenant tongues the end of holy places when you pray. This is didn't say when you pray go here go there. No no and to your room. Because that can become a holy place now. And to your room and speak to God freely and God can hear you. You have you know the words direct access. No need for a holy place that is a revolution. And not only that not only that you don't need any holy place why because you have now become in the new covenant a holy place. That is why the apostle Paul says very clearly your bodies are the what temples of the Holy Spirit. So in other words every person here in this place is immobile temple. Because guts Holy Spirit can now in happy you. That is extraordinary people built temples because they were or sanctuaries because they were expecting the Divine Being the divinity to come into our home and they call it a holy place but Jesus with the new covenant. Christianity in essence is that no need for a heart for holy place anymore. Oh. No need for Laplace So what does it mean when in midst of now you are the holy place the habitation of God and that is extraordinary. No other religion speaks like that. Only the Christian faith. By the way because in my my second. Seven hour is going to be about Islam. You see now I'm laying the foundation of the New Covenant and then this will help us to look at Islam Hinduism Buddhism and see why is it that Christianity is unique and how we can concretely relate to our neighbors who are Buddhists Hindus Jews and secular past mother and atheists and agnostics and so forth that is the purpose. Now I'm laying the foundation. Why is it that who are when we say some of the Adventists we say we have the three and just messages but people don't understand that eat them in the language that those idioms. So we have to be able to translate this very clearly right. So that they understand what we're talking about when when we talk among ourselves you know with the three and US measured message and you name it. People have no clue. So let's lay the foundation So first of all the new covenant is I mention sorry to be redundant because I really want you to be clear about this first before we can move forward so that the new covenant then first of all is that now we have direct access which means one. No need for holy place. So if there is no need for holy place. Number two that means you are free not to go to any pilgrimage journey. No only for prayer for prayer for for pilgrimages right. You know people go to prison. Images holy places here in their hygiene for Muslims and we will see later but you don't need that anymore because why you have direct access again think about it. I have provided almost casually. A lens that will help us read when you meet people you will understand immediately their world view in light of precisely this lens that I'm sharing here. I'm telling you I share this with people from all over the world all over the world. And immediately they will see. Oh OK This is what Christianity proposes now. So for us. No need for holy place that's one or two. No need for holy pilgrimage is anymore. I don't have to go to Rome or have to go to any other place to make it to Mecca or to the Ganges River or to any place to hide because again direct access. Number three. No need for holy objects anymore. What does it mean. The new covenant. Does not require an emo sacrifices. It's all over. Why because Christ took care of that once and for all think about the millions of sacrifices in our world every day talk about the hydrogen Mecca Muslims make certifies there are many religions that are continuing to make sacrifice Christianity. No more sacrifices. Why because no need for holy object to mediate between God and. Not is only this is based on the you know like upon the premise. God is way too far far away and high. And too low. So I can have access. I need places to go to meet him. I need people to mediate. And it objects to media. No no no. The new covenant say it's over. In the middle. OK And we will see the implications shortly because this is absolutely marvelous It's absolutely extraordinary when you really think about what is at stake here. So let me recap pretty late because as I told you before we go out you should be able to be clear about this one. New Covenant of direct access to God meaning. Oh I don't need media tours no holy places anymore. No pilgrimage. No holy objects anymore. And by the way this is what this one is difficult. No holy personnel any more media tours mood this one is difficult but think about it. Because you have direct access you don't need a pope. You don't need bishops you don't need priests. You don't need confesses. You don't need pastors. Yes to be between you can't because you have now what. Direct access was the good news. Right. So I know that this one is difficult because your neighbors they are still praying Saints but you don't need theirs to have access to God. You don't need By the way. Mary or any other personal a holy person. It's all over. You see. These are the things that the world need to know it's good news of the new cover. Yes I wanted to say something and by the way. Feel free to interrupt me you know as any time if something I say is not clear. Please. Yes. Sure. OK. Now. Of course of course only God can be the mediator of God in that sense you know so the Bible is very clear but other human beings that are sinners like us are even if they become whoever they become they cannot be mediators only God can lead to God in the words. That's a fundamental principle. Only God can lead to God yes. Yes Yes because God The erected a system in Judaism that's why I was talking about the sanctuary you know you had the sanctuary a holy place you have holy objects sacrifices you have holy personnel priests. But in the New Covenant those are obsolete now it's over the problem is many Christian continue even though they are saved this is a lord and savior and so if they continue with the mentality of an old covenant. Oh I need my pastor I need my priest I need you know the conference President No we don't need anybody to have access to God Now it doesn't mean these people cannot pray for you and show solidarity and so forth but your relationship with God does not depend on any other creature. That's radical. Yes. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Well both both the reason why before the people as a was not not. There were mediators. Before that. So it means that even in Eden. They had to make sacrifices. And then you have the priests in the family and etc etc etc So but then of course because of sin exacerbated or you know made the situation worse. People develop a wrong idea about God and because of the wrong idea. They said oh OK so not you. That was terrible because they were created in the image of God we were created to communicate with God So the worst thing that can happen for us is not to be able to communicate with God So in other words the Salvation is we need the reconnection and we will see what is the difference between that and Hindu ism. For example which I'll talk about this afternoon. Probably you know. So think about this. OK Are you with me so far because I want to make sure that we have the we are together on this so new covenant Dick axis of God to be redundant but then it's clear the access to God which means now that I don't need mediators whether it be places. No holy place anymore needed. No holy objects sacrifice needed no holy by the way. Personnel I mention it needed another thing. No holy language needed. Why Pentecost remember in the fall of the New Covenant Pentecost the all people heard. Gazza wonders how. In their own mother tongue just beautiful. You see the problem sometimes and I'm you know I'm telling you this very humbly I engaged my birds isn't and sisters Adventist you know. OK So what is the good news. Even three Angus message is the everlasting good news right. What is the good news. And then all that I hear sometime is oh God it's going to you know there's the judgment is no. Tell me first about the good news judgment. Yes What did well it's kind of the good news. So we had to understand we were Thomas in the past go based on the on the new covenant and now here is the thing though so far all I have said is Christian faith is about direct access to God right. No because of direct access no need of mediator. Now I'm repeating this because you will see Islam. Whatever Christianity hey came to basically. Abolish whatever Jesus came to abolish Islam reinstated. It. Interests by the way I have written an article for those of you would like to you know after just log in go to Adventists Review Online dot org. I have written an article there on relating to Muslims Christ away. You know where I show. Basically the what Islam is doing and we'll talk about that in the second presentation so I'm not going to spend too much time on this right now but it's basically OK Does a say no more holy place is some say yes holy place Mecca. No more Pretty much yes. Pilgrimage. No sacrifices. No no sacrifice. No more holy language if some say. Nonono Arabic holy language. Complete reversal. But the new covenant ought to be very clear. I mean you have to be clear in your mind about the new covenant. Now we have now and I when I say we have please. Understand this fundamentally. One of you is important in the sight of God. Each one of you has infinite value that doesn't depend on your performance that doesn't depend on your lineage. That doesn't depend on you know on you but under God who loves you unconditionally and fully God less of what people think about you. So the new covenant of direct access to God really. Wow that is the most extraordinary thing ever. Yes. Yeah but that has nothing to do with having access to God You see what I'm saying. We're talking about a relationship with God. Now the pastor is useful Don't get me wrong here. I'm a pastor by the way right. But what I'm saying is the relationship between God and every person on planet Earth doesn't depend on anybody else. That is usurping your prerogative to have direct access to God Now of course when people get married there is a cut ritual. But there is a convention. It's a pure convention. God wants it. Of course a pastor to bless on behalf of God of course but that's. Different but at the end of the day this new couple when they go home they don't need the pastor to have access to God That's the point of the new covenant. Imagine. Imagine now. These people go home and say OK now we need the we need God to bless is but God will only bless is if we go through the pastor that's heresy of apostasy. But that is terrible. So basically then you have to understand the new covenant is. Freedom finally to have access to God you know interrupt me. This has to be clear before we can move forward. Yes. In a well in of was a. Well that was the continuation of the covenant with the with with Adam because you have basically the heathen covenant. But that was broken right. And then you have I mean those that are explicit because they are you know God related to other people. God gave His law to Adam who transferred young men who were transmitted to him to his descendants and of or so on but it is it is the same you know like. Before they had direct access now it was mediated However God chose some people who were functioning like Priest the head of the household for example etc etc etc now. OK yes. More. Through. This. All of them. Yeah well except that in the Old Testament God gave very clear laws of mediations the sanctuary the sacrificial system the Herod the Terry laws of the priest all those things were part of the Old Covenant in that sense. But it was just an accommodation and economy until by the time that is why the prophet Jeremiah chapter thirty one announce time will come when I will provide a new covenant. And this is where does this came to bring Now let me start being very concrete. Yes. Yes there is a very important aspect because of the coming of Jesus but now. I need to work clarify this for us. What was the purpose of the sanctuary. Exodus up to twenty five God very clearly say they were built a sanctuary and I will. What do well so it was purpose to illustrate money for as you know God's presence among his people. However however because of sin again people could not discount to God Remember even when they will search if they want to priest and they touch the art of the covenant they would die for example. So in other words the system of mediation was there as an education on the part of God. However this whole says God And this is where I think we completely agree. God did not want that. As he didn't want sin. So he decided that he was going to take care of the seen problem. That's why Jesus died on the cross for our sins and then you know when Jesus in the when he came he was the manifestation of God God That's why by the way his name was what Emmanuel. God with us. So Jesus came among us as God as actually the son to bury himself. Jesus is the sanctuary. If you read in the Gospel of John for example. He. The Word became flesh right and what do well. So the would do and tabernacle pitch its tent among us. This was to say that God now replaces the sanctuary by his very presence in Jesus. OK So because of that when this. The diamond across one step further the veil was tone top to bottom this to say now direct access is possible. And what this is did then was oh where ever he was there was got sun to every In that sense but now. There is some and there is something connected to this. This is the sanctuary of God you because of your connection with Jesus are also now sanctuaries of God mobile champ world where you are there is God sent to every. Let me tell you this. I know many of us and assimilate who we are but if you are somewhere. The Evil One cannot touch you or even people around you because of you being the temple of God don't and submit that aspect. Now the New Covenant and I want to address the I have to look at the time here. The new covenant has the aspect remember. No more any place. No more holy objects no more any personnel no more holy language by the way and I could continue no more holy culture. Because now God's people expanded to on. OK you are is right. It says you know in in the new covenant because you are God's people. Now this is clear in first Peter chapter two verse nine. You are now a holy nation holy nation. There is no earthly holy nation by the way God's people are wherever you are OK so now what are the implications of this. If you were in the New Covenant. What kind of a covenant is that. Well this is the new covenant where if you have direct access to God If you communicate directly with God So who are you. Well you are now gots re presented Eves directly. He sanctuary. His temples. He sacrifices. When people see you. They ought to have access to God through you by the way I'm busses and you have several turns in the Bible. But before we get to there. There are some implications. What did God bring now. Jesus. First of all this new covenant started teaching us that we now are a new family. This is difficult because the world is not like that the world is division separation between ethnic and you name it with Garth's new covenant brings in a new reality this is the problem. Christians refuse to live. According to the new covenant. Here are the implications. If you were in the New Covenant that Missler you are part of the family of God Remember what is the title that Jesus uses most about God our father he revealed to God as a father the Minster now a new family but I'm telling you the you know this is this is our challenge and maybe this new generation is going to start saying OK let's leave now according to the new covenant we are a family. That's not the spirit of the world. Not today by the way not ever before. But that's the challenge. OK. The way Jesus summarizes all this was that he came to preach the kingdom of God So when you are in the new covenant then you are citizens of the Kingdom of God primarily. Now you see sometimes. People. It's more easy and I must tell you it's easier to talk about prophecy. It's easier. I spent almost thirty plus years thirty four years talking studying teaching about prophecy if there was a but when it comes to choosing to enter the new covenant and to live according to the new covenant to leave. According to God's Kingdom plan is too challenging so we leave it alone. It's easier to for me to come and one you. You know Jesus is coming judgment is put to invite you to be a Christian to live according to the values of the kingdom that Jesus is coming to see and once and for all that is more challenging. I'm serious. You know sometimes. I'm invited even in some places when I work when I think about the expectations it is people are really not interested in Jesus' message because think about it. This is say seeking first what God's Kingdom and what is right. Are sinners. Oh but what is that righteousness. You know I hear a lot of people. Oh we need Christ's righteousness really do we really understand what it means Christ righteousness. That's part of the New Covenant by the way. Now you know it's simple to know what Christ righteousness is all about because this is taught about it now. First of all he said OK you first got Kingdom in and it's righteousness and then he say. Mark you Chapter five verse twenty one. If. Your righteousness does not surpass that of the scribes and the end of the Farriss he says we shall by no means enter God's kingdom. So without question righteousness he says we can't enter God's kingdom another term for the new covenant. OK but wait. But wait. And then he illustrates what it means and one of the things you know I'm not going to take too much time and go through that whole sermon on the Mount where we have Jesus' teaching. I'm not going to go through all that but what I would invite you. Is this through snap shots here and there. One of which. You know the most. Christianity is about defeat of evil. Let me start with that one because this is even taught us how to pray he said Deliver Us From what evil and by the way my last presentation I will show. I will talk more about that very specifically and show you those from the Book of Revelation in the in particular the seals and the evils of the world and so for and how we are delivered from them but deliver us from evil so that's one and then deliver us from sin and sin. Then if there is deliverance from death. That's why he came and died for us so because he is victorious Christianity the new covenant is a covenant of life. Because Jesus was victorious of the death now but here is probably the poor pillar of the Christian faith is about the revelation of God. And what is that Revelation of God first. John four eight say's God He is what love and by the way. This is the most difficult concept ever the most difficult reality ever and it is at the heart of the New Covenant remember. Does this. Well before I talk about Jesus because that's really the easy part. Let me go to first Quentin Chapter thirteen the Apostle Paul talk about the most excellent to what way. And then he says now I am a seven the Adventists and this really rebukes me to the depths of my being. He says if I have the gift to speak all the languages write of men and of angels and I do not have love. I am noice if I have knowledge of all the mysteries and by the way. If I know all there. What prophecy is and I don't have love. I am nothing. Whoa. Even if I give myself a sacrifice. I don't have love it. Prophets me nothing. So in other words. OK beef prophesy is important. Yes but without this centerpiece of the Christian faith. It's nothing that is a rebuke to me. Remember I spent probably most most of my time you know unpacking prophecies I'm serious. But these calls me to the new covenant first. No wonder that Jesus says well OK listen. You have heard. That you shall love your neighbor but this is a. I don't tell you to love your neighbor. I tell you to love your what and means even as a New Covenant is the natural in. We. So what is the new covenant. Well this is a new covenant of defeat of death of sin of evil. Yes it is a new covenant of love. Because at the end of the day the direct access to God What is it for it's for fellowship. It's for worship. Is for of friendship with God is for love. Relationship with God For if that's the good news. We're talking about your understand this you know I'm telling you a lot of people out there preaching angry about you know everybody else. You know castigating all the other germination said religion send eighty's an agnostic and so forth but perhaps they have to show the fruit of the Spirit and what is the first one love. We don't want the new covenant. Now you understand why Christian faith. This is what it is all about and even and I would take time to come back to that in one of my presentations later the three and just messages. Right. It's nice of God what is right. Is this. Well righteousness is to love as God loves Oh you think that is just something that I'm making the remember what does it say be there for preferred answers your heavenly father is. When did he say that he say that this right after saying love your enemies. Perfection is connected to love even love of the let me by the way this is what Jesus in the New Covenant came to illustrate that is why even on the cross he was so free that he could even pray for his enemies. He said think about what it is. Far the father again the name forgive them for they know not what they do in you think that this is just an isolated instance this is then demonstrated it but not only does not. Not only did he demonstrated the Apostle Paul himself understood. Understood the his whole Christian experience actually in terms of and I would like to go here to Romans chapters chapter Romans Chapter twelve. This is just amazing how could these people understand Christianity like this Romans Chapter twelve. Listen listen listen listen to this is this natural. No it is not it is Christianity. It is the new covenant you know what it is he says this Romans Chapter twelve let love verse nine Let love be genuine or authentic. A boy or what is evil hold fast what is good worth ten love one another with brotherly affection outdo one another in showing honor that's beautiful. By the way. Rejoice be patient and so for and was forty and here it is. Bless whom. Those who persecute you why are usually you here hate those. They don't like you hate them here. This is the this is the new covenant. So that's why when you see people cursing others. You wonder. Have they really entered the new covenant because the new covenant look at this. Blessed those who persecute you bless and do not curse them was fifteen. Rejoice with those who rejoice we also we live in harmony. With one another. Do not be Howdy. But associate with the lowly never be wise in your all in your own eyes were seventeen repaid no evil for evil but give thought to do what is honorable in the side of all and this is this. This is the this is beautiful. If possible. So far as it depends on you live peaceably with all beloved never avenge yourself but leave it to the wrath of God For it is written Vengeance is mine and I will repay in I will repay says the Lord to the contrary if your enemy is hungry. What feed him. Whoa. If he's thirsty give him something to drink for by doing so you will he burning coals on his head do not be of a come by evil but overcome. Even with good feeling for. Chris Christianity by the way that's what it is. Do I understand we have until ten thirty ten fifteen if you few more minutes. Let me just show you feel. Summary. And then I open the the floor to some question again. See this is just a short summary. My computer I don't know what's going on today was very had all kinds of problem working but. I guess I'll provide it and then come back to it. OK So what did Jesus bring a new covenant. What kind of new covenant direct access to God. What does it mean. Now. Holy Places abolished holy objects of violence holy personnel as means for mediation. Irrelevant. Holy culture holy language all those things. Now we have direct access to God wonderful. What for. Well for fellowship for worship for communion for friendship. But what kind of friendship Well that is base one hundred new covenant of love by the way. This is God's character that is called perfection. It is guts right a sense that he gives it's not natural in me that is why by embracing Christ. You know we allow His Holy Spirit to transform us from within. And he is the one doing the bureaucracy. So therefore he's the one. Having all the glory. Now of course in the context of. Here we go. So you see. Let me just say. Historic Christianity has developed into Vera's expression. Unfortunately you know that's why you have so many but but the faith is initiated is entirely based on a new covenant. It was a revolutionary new covenant think about it on the one hand sacred places sacred objects are no longer no longer relevant. Jesus came. For a decent girl ization Now don't take the of religious mediations with a place places space places object ritual performances religious personnel or ceremonial festivals done with on the other hand the fear of the faith is characterized by an abolition of barriers that prevented access. To God no need for intermediaries I mentioned that sanctuary no longer a central idea is the following the freedom to have direct access to God positions the biblical Christian faith as a unique power there is nothing like that anywhere in the world. I think it's really a new covenant the new way of relating to God a new way of relating to other people a new way to treating other people. Maybe I should say this. Imagine if I really believe this. If I really believe this. That now human beings are temples of the Holy Spirit. What does it mean every person I meet what is your name John Wright you haven't done. Meaning God is Grace Well the way John. If I meet John. I don't know anything about John. But I should know one thing that John is a holy person he is a temple of God He is infinitely valuable. I ought to respect John. Even if I don't know anything about John. He is as sacred as any church or temple. You see if we really believe our faith in we live by it. How different will it be. We will not despise people anymore we will start looking at people with different lenses on the basis of the new covenant. But I will say this is our struggle that's why I myself I pray every day. Help me God because I forgive these you know. OK now. I think about this. So and I mention so then the key component at the same time. Of this covenant is relationship of fellowship intimacy complicity and love with God. This access had the prove requisite of liberation. Now. Wow. And this is something that I will develop in the next presentations when I will talk about Islam is one of them but traditional and tribal religion think about it. The only. They all have their mediator the saints the ancestors the spirits and you name it. All those religious your neighbors religions based on these mediations you. Got has freed you. And say or do you need is me. Sufficiency of God Isn't that amazing. You can think about it but I meet people and then a basis. They need to wear crucifixes others wear talismans of to protect themselves from spirits and all these things. They have done to these things you don't need anything just the name of Jesus is enough and we're talking about the majority of the world population not knowing the good news. You know. So this is why it's important that we tell people you know become it'd be a witness but you have to share the faith intelligently. You have to speak in a way that people understand what you're saying and by the way this is the reason why in the next session. We'll be talking about Islam. So we can better understand the mindset and package the gospel in a way that resonates with their needs and then they will understand what the choices are and they can intelligently choose. The this is really what we're talking about here. So. Any question. You know you have the program or need to go back to it. Next year is Islam and then the following one. It is. But we want to equip ourselves but before you before we say we are to understand who we are a Christian. We are people of the new covenant. You know. And of course I would take time in one of the presentation to go back to a specific time perspective the three and us messages. What is it because there is a lot of confusion about that too you know with all people. Oh the tremendous measure of fear God but what does it mean fear God right. And I don't need to be intelligent. I just have to go to the Bible to fear God is an invitation to life for example the fear of the Lord in the fountain of life. The fear of the Lord leads to life say the Book of Proverbs you see it's a totally different approach. Yes. I am sure you must have an idea help me. What do you see they have anything like in Adventism. That we would consider that her maybe here we are not really very careful and hey remember we are on the path of reformation and it's going to continue until Christ comes right. So yes if anything we see in our midst. That it's not coherent you know hey yes we should address it. Absolutely. If if that is the case. No question there's no such thing you know holy building and you know we can use Yeah I agree. Yeah. Here they're all exactly. Yeah. Let me put it. It's way. Christ or to be the model in everything. If he's not then that means we're falling back. That is the actually yesterday I I didn't you know last night nine P.M. They asked me to do. A small. Recording about should Adventists be present in the public space and what does it mean. Because my department of the G.C. is public affairs you know so we relate with governments with the religious leaders in the office on so. So what I say is here is the principle Christ should be our model insufficient in everything and here too if a department and the G.C. is not justified on the base of the Bible then he you know then we should reconsider. For example you know that I mentioned in that case. That you know Jesus asked every one of his disciples to be witness witnesses. How do they witness when I look at the Book of Acts. They started with the religious leaders Ferris's you see the son of Brennan's office on the disciples. At the end of the book of the Apostles You see Paul in Rome witnessing to political leaders now people of influence. So I can fairly say that if we want to finish the mission. We cannot forget religious leaders we cannot forget political leaders at the same time because that's part of the outreach in some area to the extremities of the world for example. But that's probably the to me the lens we should use meaning in everything everything. Take this is our sufficiency and by the way in because that is Our sufficiency we don't need mediators. Right. I mean again the new covenant is entirely about you are you know for us. That is why I don't go to St and go to Mary. I don't go to who ever because Jesus is our sufficiency as of the Adventists. I think that's beautiful. Now. It is exactly ten fifteen and I want to be perfect. You know this kind even though they are the perfection that is love is more important but. To finish on time would be important. Thank you very much. You are welcome to then you know like. Good people are coming. Also for the next one on Islam in particular. I will make it very plain very clear what Islam is all about. And then we can go from there. So thank you very much. We just take two minutes or not as a pause because I don't want to lose you. But if you need a break of one minute to take going to just change my prison visitation and then we can move to the next is and this is it at ten thirty. Also we have fifteen minutes in OK Thank you. Blessings that you want to thank you very much. This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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