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1. Thinking Skeptics and Ignorant Christians

Chad Kreuzer


Often this is the perspective of the world. Is this reality? Are we to shut our eyes to science and focus on faith? In this seminar, we will lay the foundations for a reasonable faith.


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films



  • December 29, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C Where All right welcome and is as people are coming in. You're welcome to still you know there are still some seats closer to the front. You're welcome to move on up. There's a few in the back too but we probably have more up here actually just before we begin just to let you know I have made one change to the schedule for any of you who are thinking of coming back. It's actually two of the messages we're going to change. I thought because of a change. I made it would work better and I didn't realize the last message would be on Sabbath. So I switched two of them around. I put it on the screen here. Our first message is thinking skeptics and ignorant Christians. The second message would have been Did Darwin murder God but now I've switched back to on Sabbath and I've switched the one that would have been the next message at ten thirty which is going to now be is evolution a detriment to health and science and very powerful information. You probably never heard anything about evolution from this standpoint that we're going to look at in the next message so that'll be there if OK we have a quick announcement they are scanning each person that's in the room just to see how many are here. And so if you weren't scared and on the way if you could please go out that door so that he could see you on the way out. They just want to you know what you don't have to do now but afterward right. I'm on your way out if you go out that door. He's in the back gentleman. People right now back to us so. I'll scan you at the end and then then they'll know. You how many people were in the room that will help them out because probably for future subjects they'll want to know how many people need to you know how many people come to a given subject so you help us out. It helps you. I see out with that. So once again for those of you didn't hear we switch the next message which is going to be is evolution a detriment to health and science with the last message which will now be to Darwin murder God will be Saturday afternoon. So that's the only switch we're making. But let's begin with our first message before we began to ask me for a word of prayer Heavenly Father we thank you for the opportunity to study me your holy spirit guide us in the name of Jesus. You know when it comes to science and the Bible actually before we even begin let me just tell you quickly who I am my name is Chad cruiser. I was born in Grand Rapids Michigan. And I have been traveling around for the last fifteen years we put on various different seminars and I make a living as a documentary filmmaker so I go around archaeologists historians theologians scholars health professionals and make documentaries about history argue ology the Bible and also science and so our newest one I'll share with you some more of those different things as we go forward. I am not a scientist by the way I'm just a documentary filmmaker. So that's how I make a living and we all should be able to be thinking people and have a reasonable answer for what we believe so you don't have to be a scientist per se to think about these things but once again I'm not a scientist but I am fascinated with science. So I regularly read books about science and so it's just something that interests me in that we produce documentaries about various subjects but when we think about the idea of science and they. We typically think of articles like what we see here this is an interesting thing we see in the Washington polls faith. Versus what fact as if fave is against facts right meaning faith could not really be true so faith vs fact why religion and science are mutually incompatible meaning the idea in much of mainstream media today is that faith cannot be compatible with science that these two things are against each other they are potentially polar opposites. And so is this the reality and I hope to show you that this is not the case and actually our faith in what is actually true should enhance our view of science and actually give us a better life as a result of it. And I'm going to share with you in the next message that creationists true creationists following science from the Bible. They're the longest living people in the world. Creationists evolution has not created the longest living people in the world very interesting to think about and that is scientific. I mean one of their. And so let's go forward. Let's start with some definitions quickly the word fetus and atheist is atheist as one who believes in look at that in just a moment but an atheist is one who believes that there is no God They are convinced there is no god that's that's what an atheist is and when you think of a deist a deist is someone who believes that there is a gone but it is a God who is detached from humanity. Basically the D.S. believes there is a creator God who set in motion all the scientific workings in nature. He allows them to begin. But then what does he do. He just lets them kind of work out. Then work out them sell. Meaning that he doesn't really interact with humanity that's what a deist is but we go on to atheist a theist as one who actually does believe in God and generally believes that God has in some way communicated with humanity delivering a message and that God is a personal God I want to tell you that I am atheist I do believe that God actually has communicated with humanity and I'm going to give you some evidence for that also but there's another kind of thief another belief system. And by the way an atheist is a faith system and I'm going to show you that further as we go on with these messages. But there's another one that you may never have heard of it is called The Feed day or field day ism and what is feed day is a fee day ism is a religious understanding and these would probably typically beef someone from a Christian perspective who has a very particular understanding about the Bible and about faith. I am not someone who is of the day it's now these people believe that having evidence for what you believe. Would go against faith. That faith should be believing. By blind faith meaning if they asked in essence might might think this. That if evolution has had greater and greater arguments against the Bible that was wonderful because that can help us to have even more faith. Because we'll just believe blindly in what something says like a religious book that's a field day it's. Now I do not believe that I believe that God has actually given us evidence in Scripture and in science and that having evidence does not lower faith but it can actually enhance faith and by the way that is what faith is you may know. The Hebrews chapter eleven verse one says that what it says something very interesting about faith. Is that faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. So the Bible actually says faith can have evidence for something you've never seen. I'm going to go into detail on that when we look at did Darwin murder gone very powerful presentation that's the one Sabbath afternoon so we're going to look at that Saturday afternoon. So do we have evidence now we're going to talk about that here in this first presentation. This is very interesting you know. In ancient history in Greece you had lawyers you had men of the law. Who would use a word they had some of you have heard this word they would use this word is a Greek word for their defense in court. Meaning if they were in a court process and they were trying to either defend their cause they would want to have a defense in the word they would use for that depend defense in Greek was apology. Apology you know and what does this mean. Now this is where we get the word in our modern English language which by the way. English is the largest language in the world. Incidentally because we adopt the words from all other line not all but many other languages. So it's continually growing language and so it has more words than any other language but in the English language we have a word called apologetics apologetics Now that might sound like you're apologizing to people but that's not what it meant in the original Greek the the apology Oh it was a defense for something you supposedly had evidence for and in Christianity or in religion we have a study a kind of study called apologetics that's studying to have an answer for the. The belief system that you have do you actually have good sound evidence for what you believe and we call that apologetics and we get that obviously from the ancient Greeks and we get it from that we talk about in Christianity from first Peter chapter three verse sixteen which says but sanctify that means to make holy but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts him be ready always to give an answer that's apology. To give an answer to every man ask you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and. Fear some of the new translations like the E S V says it said it says in your hearts were regard Christ as the Lord is holy always being prepared to make a defense that is apology a making a defense to anyone who ask you for a reason for the hope that is in you yet do it with gentleness and what and respect. Now when we're defending the faith it. It's interesting that when he talks about defending the faith. He clarifies right there in the context that if you're going to defend the faith you should do it with gentleness and respect. Now with anger and yelling. Shouting in you know you know putting somebody down but we should if we're going to share the faith. Hold up the faith we should be doing it with gentleness with respect with kindness to those that we are speaking to. And so thinking about this the Bible says you. You probably many of you have heard these words by Jesus and John Chapter seventeen for seventeen sanctify them once again make them holy through your truth your word is what truth your word is truth. But is it really truth. Now if it's really truth and it should have something to be able to buttress it to be able to hold it up. It should be able to show and reveal by evidence that it is actually true. Jesus says that it's true and I believe that it is but the question is why do we. Good evidence for that won't. Some of you may have heard this argument. I'm going to tell you very quickly this first message. The purpose of this first message is to establish that there are lines of evidence and we're not. I mean we're going to just touch on a very few of them in this message. There are lines of reasoning that can help us to understand that the Bible can be trusted that the Bible can be trusted. And so I'm going to talk about some science in this message but in any form of science the word science coming from the idea of knowledge in any form of knowledge one form of science needs different evidence than another form of science meaning biology. Needs different evidence to prove certain biological things to be true then geology would need. Meaning geology would have different things. Now they can both be tested. They could both be verified generally but there's different forms of evidence so to in the knowledge of religion. God gives us different forms of evidence that may be a little different than maybe testing how much you know iron is in a certain piece of of metal. So there's different forms of evidence and we're going to look at some of the forms of evidence both scientific and more spiritual and historical in this message then as we progress through each message we're going to be looking at more of the science breaking down various aspects of both creation and evolution. But let's look at this now how many of you have ever played the telephone game anybody ever played a telephone game. OK And maybe most of you very sure am. But some of you have and maybe it's because you just don't know what I'm talking about it works like this if I were to take a little sentence and I would whisper it into my friend here Wardell into his ear and then he would whisper it into Gabriel next him and and we would begin to go around the room and they would whisper the message. Let's say I said the web. There here in Houston is beautiful. Today. And then Wardell says it to the next guy in the next one you whispered into the ear of the next person and it sneaks its way around the room finally comes up to the young man here in the front and then I ask him. Hey what. What did I say toward del you tell us what you heard from the person with you. And he says to me something like this purple bunnies looked nice in the sun. Is that how is that how the game works yes or no. So how many of you play that is that how it normally works out for you. It always works out that way almost always I should say right maybe one or two times it's actually worked out where someone got the message across. But virtually always it turns out crazy by the end. And you may have heard this argument that believing in the Bible is irrational. It doesn't make sense. It wouldn't stand to reason why because it's clearly like the telephone game. There was no hard drive that kept things from you know changing through them the money Linea that we've had the Word of God. So the idea that it is stayed firm for the last two to three plus thousand years is just not rational. This is what many of the skeptics would say just so you know there are several seats closer up front for anybody who would like to come up front. You probably don't want to come up from what you're welcome to anyway. You're welcome to come and so they say you know believing the Bible is like the telephone game. It's it clearly would have been changed over the millennia. Well that's a good question is that the case. Well I will go into all the details on to why we know that it has not changed virtually at all over the millennia. But I will give one simple thing that you may have heard of and it is evidence it's so interesting because as skepticism was creeping into Christianity. Whether it's from secularist whether it's from people of the Islamic faith people in Islam are very staunch many of them about putting down the Bible and saying that it cannot be trusted that it has been changed over the centuries that the Qur'an by the way has not changed at all but the Bible has changed significantly. Which by the way they have ancient manuscripts from the Koran that are similar issues to the Bible by the way various different you know dissimilarities but by the way back to our regard this back to back to our point here. So do we have evidence that the Bible can still be trusted. Today just as it was for the last several thousand years then you may have heard of the story of in the year one thousand nine hundred forty seven and one nine hundred forty seven forty eight the story. Actually there's a kind of dispute about the years but there was a young actually Muslim boy and I this is kind of ironic that it was a young Muslim His name was Mohammad ed D.. And this young boy was a goat herder. In the area of Qumran and so he's hurting is Goldson there's only only so many things to do while you're herding goats and so he walks by a cave picks up a rock and he throws it into the Rock N O. And as he throws it in there. What is he here. He hears something shatter. And all that interests them I want to what that was so he goes into the cave and he finds some broken. Pottery. And within those pots were some scrolls and so he took them with them with him and through a series of events. It was finally discovered by somebody who knew what these were and as they looked into it. This began to be the discovery of what. The Dead Sea Scrolls That's right. So this began to be the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Now what these were were ancient manuscripts of the Bible. And the dates range a bit from somewhere between maybe two hundred fifty before Christ or something like fifty before Christ some of them just after maybe. And you had hundreds of scrolls and you had thousands of pieces I mean they many of them had broken down some of them were very well preserved like the great Isaiah Scroll was preserved very very well and now we could test because these were over two thousand years old. These were a thousand years older than our oldest manuscripts that we had extent at that time. So now we could see these is the Bible like the of the telephone game right. Is it just like the telephone game does it just change over time. And so as the scholars began to test it. What we found as we as we could compare our modern taxed in you know the year two thousand and sixteen almost two thousand and seventeen. Has Are we reading something completely different than Jesus read when he was here reading from the book of Isaiah and Luke in the book of Luke was he. Was he reading from something totally different. Well now as the you know these we could call you know these linguists are looking at it they found a note that the Bible has not been changed. We see here just a quotation about it from Jeff. Jeffrey sheller and is the Bible true. He says the scrolls have been shown that our traditional Bible. Has been amazingly accurately preserved for over two thousand years. Meaning the Bible is virtually unchanged there yes there were some discrepancies like spelling differences and yes there were a few words here and there that would mean the same thing as the other word of you know something that is synonymous. Very few discrepancies. But one thing that I had not changed through the millennium is the message the message was unchanged the same thing was said two thousand years ago as it is said today. And by the way like I said. Islam has the very same issue even though most is most people within Islam do not know that that they found what they actually believe is an older manuscript of the Koran in England of all plays. Says. And there are discrepancies we have the very same thing but the message hasn't changed the message has not changed. What's interesting is there was a man by the name of serve William Mitchell Ramsey this man studied in the the he was studying you know to looking at religious ideas and he was being educated. In what we would we would call today higher criticism. It was a German school of religious thinking. Meaning that was the understanding was the German ideas which were a form of skepticism and so as as Sir William Mitchell Ramsey was studying these things he became convinced that the Bible was not true it could not really be trusted that as a historical document it was not verifiable actually to the to the opposite that it would be something that you couldn't trust it just wasn't true and accurate when we come to historical events archaeological events were interestingly enough for William Mitchell Ramsay became an archaeologist one of the most popular archaeologists of his day. In as he went to actually do some of the digging into the rock records himself he came to the opposite conclusion of what he had been taught in school. There's a passage in the Book of Proverbs. That says the one who states his case first seems right until the other comes and examined Sam is an interesting idea. The one who states this case first seems right until the other comes unexamined So we're going to look at that text in almost every message I go through because this man was first taught that the Bible could not be good and the one who states this case first seems right. Intil someone comes in examines it. And so as he examined it through the actual. First hand Iraq records. He came to the opposite conclusion and and one of the things he looked at specifically was Luke because. Luke is very meticulous and describing where events took place. What happened there where places were and looking back on this or William Mitchell Ramsey. He ended up saying. Luke is a historian of the first rank. Not merely are his statements of fact trustworthy. This author should be placed along with the very greatest of why. You see he heard one side of the story in school and it destroyed his faith. Until he tested it. Many people lose their faith and never end up looking into it for themselves. And that could be a danger for you I'll tell you if you go off to university. Whether it's one of our schools or whether it's a public school and you have professors teaching evolution and I have no problem teaching evolution and teaching why it's not true. I think we should do them. We should teach this is what is taught in evolution and these are evidences that we think are persuasive that it is not true. I have no problem with that. But many times people teach it because they themselves have never looked at the other side of the story the want to state this case first seems right they went to school they watch Discovery Channel. They watch History Channel they heard one side of the story. But when they begin to look for themselves they see. Oh there's another side. That I never heard which is much more logical much more. Actually fits better with the science that even many of the top scientists acknowledge. Yeah we know the greatest proofs in the textbooks are not true. I'll show you that when we go forward in the lies in the textbooks. They know it's not true. Yet it stays in the textbook decade after decade sometimes at least one of the evidences for ninety years is still in there. And yes scientists acknowledge top scientists and yet we've known this stuff is just not true. Not even creationists just secular scientists. So we're going to go on and I don't want to. So will you. Mitchell Ramsey as he studied it himself. Now here's the thing. See him in the the reason why I'm sharing this kind of an apologetic to begin with the first message is kind of apologetics the rest is scientific. But here's the thing. Why would we believe in the biblical story if there is no good evidence. The Bible said that we should be ready to give an answer the newer translations say be ready to give a defense and apology a for what we believe but always with gentleness and respect. Always with gentleness and respect. So what someone might say OK well that's all nice. Yeah the Bible has some maybe historically accurate you know descriptions of places and archaeology May me. But us what the Word of God says. But how do we even know about Jesus. How would how do we even know he existed and maybe maybe the disciples just kind of made up the whole story. We're going to talk about them. I want you to think about this. What if the Bible had been totally taken away what if in the first century. They were successful at crushing out the message of the gospel through the Bible. I'm going to share with you quickly that we could have virtually the main message of the Bible even if we had no Bible saying what what if we look at ancient historians that lived during Jesus' day or right after Jesus' day and look at what ancient Roman historian said about Jesus. We could get the basic message of the New Testament without the Bible. Now we have the Bible and praise the Lord we do God preserved it so that we could grow we could be edified we could strengthen our faith but notice we look at some of the ancient historians Tacitus who was known as the greatest historian of ancient Rome or one of the greatest historians of ancient Rome. Not a believer in Christ by the way. This man wasn't there as an apologist for scripture. He was a he was not a believer but notice what he said he said Chris to store Christ from whom the name had its origin suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tybee Arius at the hands of one of our proc your answers. Pontius Pilate is not does that show some of the biblical story right there. Yes or no. Yes. Notice he knew that it was during the reign of Tiberius. He tells us that it was during the time of Pontius Pilate this Bunny's pilot. And he also tells us it was Christ and he suffered the extreme penalty which what would the extreme penalty have been. Death of the Cross it was the worst punishment the Romans could've flicked on inflict on you. Let's go forward. Here's plenty who lived from eighty twenty three This guy lived during the days of Jesus to eighty seventy nine. The whole of their guilt or their error was that they were in the habit of meeting on a certain fixed day before it was like when they sang in alternate verses a him to Christ as to what So notice this guy who lived during Jesus' day said they were worshiping Jesus as a what as a gone. So the idea that the divinity of Christ came somewhere maybe in the third century for a century. That's not true even secular is story and notice and these people are worshipping this guy like a gun right. And so it says they were singing hymns as to a gone and bound themselves by a solemn oath not to do any wicked deeds but never commit any fraud theft or adultery. So we see these were very moral people they were worshipping Jesus they would sing about him they would gather together they were they were living a upstanding life. We see Lucian another ancient historian the Christians you know worship a man to this day we see the same thing. The distinguished personage who introduced their now full rights and was crucified on that account so we know he was crucified in ancient historical documents from the moment they are converted and deny the gods of Greece so they don't follow false gods and they worship the crucified sage so they worship Him and live after his loss. All this they take quite on faith with the result that they despise all worldly goods alike. Regarding them merely as common property. What is the Book of Acts say it took place with the early apostles. And the early church that all things were in common. Do you see we get the story and I'm only going to show you four quick codes we could go into quote after quote of ancient historians outside of the Bible who are antithetical to Scripture yet tell us that the story of the Bible actually at least did happen at least the New Testament experience of Jesus and the Apostles. So we have no question. Jesus existed. How do we know Alexander the Great lived. I do you think. Historians write we trust the historians these people are stories and they corroborate what the New Testament tells us we go on so I guess we'll just go. Maybe those three members four. But here's some points we can find from extra biblical or non biblical ancient historical documents or historians number one we find that Jesus was put on trial by his enemies for being a miracle worker who had led the people of Israel astray that's what the Talmud says so. Number two. Jesus was crucified during the reign of Emperor. Yes Jesus was put on death by the Roman Curia to Pontius Pilot and you can notice that we have tax here to back up from the Bible what the historians were saying outside of the viable number for Jesus was killed on the night before Passover the Talmud says Number five Jesus' death occurred before the destruction of the Temple in seventy eighty. In after his death the superstition about Christ broke out originally in Judea. But it made its way to Rome as the Book of Acts records I mean look at how clear the message is outside of the Bible and number seven. Jesus was reported to be alive. Three days after his death by its followers Josephus tells us in the Arabic text number a Christian and he was so controversial that Emperor Claudius kicked all the Jews out of Rome the Jews in Rome were literally riding over the person of Chrestus they were writing about Jesus number. Despite rampant persecution and torture Jesus was worshiped as God by his followers after his death. We see that from plenty Aleutian Jesus was thought to be the king of the Jews the groups got to live in the wrong place. But the Christian faith was considered a contagious moment movement by the enemies of Christianity and number twelve Christianity infiltrated all ages social classes and bold genders. It was an immense group of people not just a small class or subculture. So we could have the basic story of the Gospel and the Book of Acts the four gospels in the book of Acts from secular writers. So the idea that we only get this from some religious book. We can get the story outside of the Bible. We have evidence that it is at least historically accurate at least the story of this messiah who died. The Bible says for the sins of the world. Actually there are some more number thirteen. James was the Jesus brother. And he was murdered for his faith in Christ the Christian message had reached the Mediterranean by fifty to eighty and none Christians were debating over the supernatural events surrounding the death of Christ and Christians took their name from their leader Christ and Christians meant frequently shared all things in common and believe that they would live after they died and they worshiped their crucified leader. This is powerful. That the main points of the Bible are found outside of the Bible by ancient historians. Now one of the evidence is that we have that the Bible is true is ancient historical documents. There are few people in all of history that it is much corroborating evidence as Jesus Christ actually anciently I don't think there's any other person who has as much evidence about them as Jesus Christ and so we have great evidence for these things but just because there was a guy who lived two thousand years ago and died on a cross. Doesn't mean he was the savior of the world. Right. What evidence do we have that Jesus was who he said he was I going to show you a clip as I said I'm a documentary filmmaker. This is a clip. I'm going to show you from our new IT OUR it's actually one of our oldest documentaries called the most incredible prophecy and this is going to be talking about the evidence of prophecy mixed with mathematical probability. So hopefully you'll be able to hear it. I'll try to turn it up and we'll see if we can get this working here. And. One story helps us to understand the nature of probability. So let's just say that one in every ten men that has a bomb and one in every one hundred men that you meet happen to have a missing finger you want to find out how many males are there that I'm going to bump into that actually have a missing finger and a bald head. So you do as you multiply the first two figures and then you have your answer one in every one thousand men that you meet are going to actually have a missing finger in the bald. We go back right. When it comes to the prophecies of Jesus. One of the most remarkable things is what takes place when you take those prophecies of Jesus and you work them out. Mathematically now they have been a mathematician mathematician who's done. Peter Stone famous mathematician Wendy. I looked at how many prophecies there were three hundred prophecies and then as he broke down those prophecies he said let me just take eight of them and figure out what's the likelihood of eight of these prophecies being fulfilled in one person's life. So Professor stoner gives us in those ration it helps us to understand the nature of probability. So let's just say that one in every ten men that you meet has a bald head and one in every one hundred men that you meet happen to have a missing fingers you want to find out how many are there that I'm going to bump into that actually have a missing finger and a bald head. So you do as you multiply the first two figures and then you have your answer one in every one thousand men that you meet are going to actually have a missing finger and a bald headed stone or presented his class with a challenge the class was to look at the Bible and try to find all the prophecies regarding the coming of Christ to see what was the probability that one man could come out of all the men that existed in there in the history of the world and have to fill Exactly. Every single prophecy. One of the prophecies that Peter Dutton stoner mentions is Sachar why annoying noise which rings with Joyce greatly old daughter of Zion shall allow the daughter of Drusilla the older King has come to righteous of having salvation the sea and mounted on a donkey on a cold the fall of a doggie the question is is how many people in earth's history have the teams of those individuals. How many have ridden on a donkey into Jerusalem. Well I don't know. Neither did the class. So they decided to assign absurdly high numbers they decided one out of every one hundred men who ever lived rode into Jerusalem as a king on a donkey of all things. I mean one in a hundred. This is obviously absurdly high but the. That's the point. Stuart are effectively buffered his calculations and thus his conclusions against the objections that he had biased his calculations to favor. Jesus I did to vacation as the Messiah another prophecy that Professor store looked was like a Chapter five the first two in Micah five Verse two there is a credible prophecy that is given hundreds of years before the birth of Christ pinpointing exactly the place where Jesus would be born. It states like New. Bethlehem. After a time though you are little among the thousands of Judah yet out of you shall come forth to meet the one to be ruler in Israel. What's amazing is the fact that there are two Bethlehem two cities called Bethlehem and Israel. One of the northern portion of the Kingdom one in the south this specifies which Bethlehem specifies Bethlehem efforts which is Bethlehem in Judah. So the prophecy is very precise but in addition to that when you think about Mary and Joseph and Mary finds out that she's pregnant she's in Nazareth and yet suddenly this decree comes out the census is being proclaimed by the Romans and they're told that they have to go back to the birth place of the husband and so Joseph makes his way to Bethlehem in Africa. They have to take their family back to Bethlehem still supposed to be taxed. According to Roman law. Jesus is born and got the prophecy fulfilled right to the very very place where Micah hundreds of years earlier predicted it to be to happen was just remarkable when you think about all the circumstances involved. Stoner and his students they decided that they wanted to figure out in the light of the world's population. How many people have actually been born in the city of Bethlehem one out of every two hundred and eighty thousand people was. Very conservative estimate that they made that they found mathematically of how many people have actually been born in that. Now another prophecy. They looked at is found in the fifty third chapter of the book of Isaiah he was oppressed and he was afflicted yet he did not open his mouth like a lamb that is led to the slaughter and like a sheep that before its shearers is silent. So he did not open his mouth stoner brings this out the Jesus was a just man couldn't down to dawn and he said not a word not one word in his defense. Now how many have done well his class didn't know of course not. How could you know. So here again they assigned a conservative Lehi number for the purposes of their calculations. They said OK how about one in every thousand men who ever lived were both wrongly accused of a crime and during their trial chose to speak. No word in their defense and then as he broke down the prophet said let me just take eight of them and figure out what's the likelihood of eight of these prophecies being fulfilled in one person's life. So just with those eight prophecies. He said the probability of one person falling all at was one in ten to the power of seventeen. That's like taking silver dollars all over Texas they covered the entire state and on one of those coins somewhere in the state you have a particular coin marked with a black X. and it was at random a start up somehow and randomly put it somewhere in their faces covered to fifty but the silver dollars and you said the blind man I am the probability that what is wanted is that Texas which. His first try to come up with this Mart silver dollar is the probability that one million could fulfill all of these prophecies about Jesus. Now not only that but actually he went further and he said. All right. Live. See if I take forty eight of the. Now. Well to loan. So thinking about them. We could go on and this is the I mean it's a longer documentary just seeing a few minutes of it there but prophecy is very powerful they go on to talk about that was only eight prophecies there were three hundred they going to shake to show that it is infinitely impossible infinitely impossible meaning the chances that he could fulfill three hundred actually not three hundred forty eight of the prophecies it ends up being like if you had millions of times all the atoms in the entire universe. So not just Texas covered with silver dollars but the entire universe multiple universes the chances of someone would go pick the one atom in all of the universes that don't exist would be the chance that Jesus could fulfill just forty forty eight of the prophecies The point is very powerful and so that we make documentaries for the specific purpose of reaching the people who are not of nonbelievers and specifically just people in general. So not only do we had subjects like this but we also had subjects like. Death. What happens after death. We talk about even the Sabbath very interesting things were I'll just let you know we're at this year I see we're giving a better deal on them than we've ever given before so if you're interested or anger point films both powerful things to share with your nonbelieving friends and into but yours buttress or help your own faith. So let's go for it but in John Chapter fourteen verse twenty nine. Jesus told us now. I've told you before come to pass that when it is come to pass you might believe science has evidences. For its various subjects. God gives evidence for his divinity. For the reality of the fact that he is a gone and one of the evidences he says I'll tell you before it happens if I can tell the future. Every time without fail you will know that I am gone. I am a Seventh Day Adventists today because I was in college got invited to a prophecy series and when I saw the solid message of the Bible the prophecies of Daniel Chapter two and then various I mean it was. I believed in the Bible but never had I seen it like this that you can truly trust the word of God It changed my life prophecy is so very powerful we've been given this God says this. So you know another evidence of the truth is the evidence of the resurrection you think people will laugh if you say there is evidence for the resurrection. And I believe there is actually powerful evidence. Think about this. Jesus was killed by the Romans on a Roman cross put in a Roman tomb that tomb was Garden guarded by who. Roman soldiers. Now there's basically you know his body was gone. Nobody really disputes the fact that is by you disappear. But if you think about it logically there's only three options for what happened to the number one the Romans took it over to the Jews took it on. Number three the disciples took it. Now if the Romans took it. And then disciples say oh he's resurrected. Our Lord is come back to life what would the Romans do. They grab his dead body that they had pulled out this ticket in a wheelbarrow and they run it down the street saying here's your dead messiah. You got in raise from the dead. Come on this is rears appears the body. The second group the Jews. What would happen with them. Now the Jews did they want Jesus to rise from the dead. Now. So if. If they would have stolen his body and the disciples are running around saying Jesus rose from the grave same thing would have happened. They would have brought out the corpse of Jesus and said Here's your dead messiah. The only other option is who did it the disciples. Actually there's two other options. The other option is that he rose from the dead right. But the other one is that the disciple stole away but here's the thing. Let's say the disciples stole the body away and then lied to everyone saying that the Messiah their Messiah had risen from the dead. Yet think about it right. What. So let's say you made this up now let's say you were to make up a new religion. If you want to make up a new religion would you want to be like the king of that religion but wouldn't you want you know many wives or all kinds of money or whatever it is that interests you in this world but Viens guys start a new religion where they're homeless. Where they get persecuted beaten stoned crucified and yet they hold fast. Listen if they knew that they had stolen the body and the whole thing was a lie you think they'd all be willing to die for something they knew was a lie. Think about this. The reality is is are do people die for lies religious lies yes or no all the time people blowing them some of selves up repeatedly for a lie true. But how many of them die for something they know is a lie. Do you think every single one of the disciples would have been willing to die for something they knew they had made up. Lets go tell the world they have to be humble and and know they sin and give to the foreign and will die for it isn't that a group who would do that almost nobody. And no one of them or two of them might have been willing to die but every single one of them. The only one that didn't die for you know for their faith was to John but he was strong in a pot of boiling oil. He was per. Secu did. Yes he lived to a ripe old age but the fact is I mean he was persecuted. So every one of them was willing to die for Jesus. Why why do you think they're willing to die for him to be believe he rose from the dead at the day after his resurrection two days after his or three finally it wasn't until what he came to them they were like everybody else they were skeptics genuine skeptics but once they had the evidence they were willing to die for their savior. You wonder stand. Listen we have evidence great evidence even point to the resurrection of our Savior. I'm going to share with you some evidence from Chronobiology This is powerful. This is very very powerful. So I'm going to share with you. Another video clip from our newest documentary hoping to get us to work in number two on the World Health Organization believes that we are going to skip that one will go to the next. So we need that night the rest to be able to allow our brain to function. Oftentimes every one of us is programmed with a body clock that body clock still functions if we were to lock ourselves up in a cave for many days in fact researchers have done that and they find that people even when they're cut off from all time cues no light and dark use no newspapers no television no wrist watches no cell phones these individuals still stay on a certain rhythm circum eating about D. and refer to a day. So it's about a twenty four hour rhythm is best to take that rest to the next morning or rest of the weekly cycle. But beyond the circadian rhythm. We also have weekly rhythms. They're called circa septum rhythms we in humanity all march to a seven day week every culture throughout the world that I'm aware of. Still it hears to a weekly cycle of seven days and there's. Times when humanity has tried to change that the French tried to make everything metric including the week and try to change it into a ten day week with ten hours hundred minutes and age our one hundred seconds each minute and the mental institutions filled up because the decade which is what they called the week. Led to decadence and everything fell apart the other amazing thing about what science has shown is that every living creature has a seven day rhythm and that's more than just humans a lot of people think well humans march to a seven day week because somehow it started early and civilization we just hung on to that by the why is it that fly have a seven day room. Why is it that algae have a seven day room and plants have a seven day room those things can't read the Bible the lunar month doesn't divisible by seven the year is not the visible by seven there's nothing in the planets that we can find and so the question is why seven. It brings me back to the very ship Council in the Bible or God said that he had given this day of rice to his people and I think that speaks to what the Bible has to say in regards time how we began how life began it was a common designer a common Creator that program began this seven day rhythm. He called it a Sabbath a day where we could come apart and I think it's powerful evidence actually for a creator god one of the interesting things about seven dad and this is that the Sabbath holy from sundown Friday until sundown on Saturday Sabbath keeping actually does have some significant mental health advantages there is an improvement and I Q. Even though they don't study on Sabbath or go to school. So circus up to brothers is not just something from culture. It's actually something biologically there's benefit to nightly rest but also benefit to rest. So these things are part of our physiology. What is so interesting to me as a physician. If we're cooperate if we collaborate with these rhythms. We do best. You know you can't underestimate the remedy of what are called vitamin R. which is rest that were sold in bottles that would be the most popular vitamin A market. What a thought that God is put this within us. We have no evidence for this in history. You see when Darwin was here we knew almost nothing about science and so he thought I mean life could come about from non-life it's not real hard things aren't complex. What an understatement. Right. The simplest cell is more complicated than what we get it's more complicated like a city today. A simple cell and God is created within us. The reality of a seven day cycle and even in nature even if they can We don't know why I mean we can't look at the you know the moon or the or the sun and we can't figure it out but it's there and where do we have evidence for it. We have it. Where in the Bible God is given these things to us the people who are Sabbath keepers actually have an eye or I.Q. I mean God is made all of these things for our good. You see we have evidence is we're just we're just scratching the surface here in this first mess is that right there is from our newest documentary ancient health very very it's an hour and a half documentary very powerful information to share with someone who may not be they may be in the New Age or and that's what they're interested in gives them the health message powerful stuff. You know we have you know whether it's an atheist or whether it's you know Adventists you know. Doctors or health professionals or or non non advantage self officials are in this documentary. Very powerful information come check it out later at our booth that anchor point films but I'm going to close with just a couple quick points on this first message that Dr Anthony of any talks about a seven day biological rhythm a biorhythm in humans in the human body. You know it's one of the recent discoveries of modern chronology it manifests itself in in the form of small variations in blood pressure and heart beat as well as a response to the I'm in to infection and even organ transplant for example the probability of rejection of certain organs is now known to peak at weekly intervals following an implant. Now you say well yeah but that's because we you know keep a seven day cycle. But as we've already seen we're not unique in broadcasting this beat the seven day cycle even simple organisms down to bacteria and one celled animals. Seem to share this with us. There is there is for example a seven day rhythm in the mermaids wineglass that's a species of algae that's the picture on the left is species of L.G. whose configuration resembles a champagne glass with a long stem and a large flowery globe at the end of this organism that can be in train to induce its rate of growth. Only when exposed to an alternating light dark period of seven days. No more no less. Isn't that interesting. It's fascinating that we've been given this. Where does this come from the Bible told us right in the beginning. Thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made any rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made and God bless the seventh day and sanctified it because that any he had rested from all his work which God created in me is an interesting that we not just Christianity in general Seventh Day Adventists have been given a message that is corroborated by science by our own. It's the fact that those who live this out by faith the ones who had no scientific evidence for our health message are now the longest living people in the world creation. It's evolution as a man able to produce the same effect very powerful and I'm going to share with you more about that but like I said in the in the upcoming messages. We're going to talk about the next message is evolution a detriment to health and science the next message after that. What about eight men then the fourth one today will be the age of the earth and Friday we only have one. There is textbook deceptions you go to school and you struggle running into these kinds of things we're going to look at some of the greatest evidence for evolution us and look at the evolutionists who tell us this stuff is not true. Evolutionists you don't need some creationism tell you you know even if we were just I'm just here to read what they say so you don't have to be a science you need to show the same thing so and the final message Samet afternoon is to Darwin murder gone once again for anybody. If your friends they're going to coming in. They want to hear. That's not going to be next day. What did Darwin murder God was going to be the next message but I switched it. I switched them around a little bit so. Before we begin our before we close. Let's close with a word of prayer Heavenly Father. I thank you that you give us evidence. If we want to hang our doubts there's always going to be enough hooks to hang them. But if we're open to looking for evidence. You have given us evidence that is beyond anything we could think or ask whether it's mathematical probability. Whether it's the Cron-O. biology or the biology of our time meaning the fact that we are that we that we fit right along with the biblical time period that you've made us with the seven day biorhythm. Whether it's history corroborating the evidence of Scripture was whether it is archaeological sites and discoveries you have given us enough evidence. If we're willing to look for. Or my prayer is that none of these young people or maybe even older for that matter the none of them would be lost as they go to school or watch television or go about life because they hear arguments against the truth. And they never take the time to find the answers to those arguments because they're out there and I know from personal experience. And what a travesty to lose young people. And I think of even sometimes maybe our professors are even our own professor sometimes who've never looked for the other side of the story. And yet the things are taught sometimes even with our own institutions. Lord my prayer. Is that we would be willing to look for the evidence. There's nothing wrong with seeing the other side. Hey yes we're going to be taught evolution. We're going to hear about it on television but is there an answer. Father I pray that we would be open to the truth. Jesus said you heard is true and I pray that we would live by every word the persons are that we were filled with his messages we've been given this message creation the creator stand with gentleness and Jesus this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G Y C Web dot.


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