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2. Is Evolution A Detriment To Health And Science?

Chad Kreuzer


There are two great stories of origins. Those who have held to the biblical view have enhanced longevity, health, and happiness. Should we get back to a biblical foundation?


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films



  • December 29, 2016
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C. Where is it time to start. OK let's get started a few more people trickle in What We Do It looks like going to turn this down just a little bit of steam one two testing. All right. Yes QUESTION. Yes yes. Sorry I got to tell me with Thank you. Men here. We told the first group I switched around two messages. So if you got the wrong one and you want to run the somebody else you're welcome to we switch around this message and the last message the rest will all be the same so I'm sorry about this off if you leave I understand I know that sounds like a great title this is very interesting information but so what it is is this message would have been to Darwin murder gone now. It is is science is evolution a detriment to health and science I'm sorry about that I knew that would cause a little bit of trouble but I decided I had to do it. So at least I wanted to do it. And it was partly because I didn't realize the last one would be on Sabbath. When I was asked to do it. Well let's begin with a word of prayer. Heavenly Father I pray that your blessing would be upon us now as we go over this question. Which is literally important to our physical life. In our eternal life. So give us wisdom as we look at this in Jesus' name amen. All right so we are asking. We're asking the question is evolution a detriment to health and science deceiving at the same work and because it's not all right. Could it be that evolutionists are starting with a bad premise and because of their bad premise. They're coming to a bad conclusion. Now in order to find this out. We we need to look at their ideas the ideas of the fact that the earth is billions of years old. Is it that this idea is actually a hindrance to science. We're going to look at this as we move forward. Now this one we're talking about health and science health and science. Now you may have heard of this today one of the most popular diets in the world today is something called the Paleo Diet has anybody heard of the Paleo diet regime and if you've heard of the Paleo diet OK Several of you. Now the Paleolithic era. According to the evolutionists was a time period where human beings were hunter gatherer. And they say what we need to do this is what some of the evolutionists are saying in order to live the healthiest you want to go back and live as the people did during the Paleolithic era. What would another terror be for people who lived during that time period. Cavemen the caveman diet and it sounds cool doesn't it like men. I could be like a caveman. I could be strong. You know I could wear whatever you know and I could be tough and and they'd tell us this is the best diet for the human beings you'll live the longest at least that's their hope. Although it's kind of new it's not new. Because it's the Paleo. So it's it's the oldest diet really this is what they say we have an idea that there's actually an older diet. Then people living off animal carcasses and we're going to talk about that. What is actually healthier so we're talking about the paleo diet. So let's look at some of what this the you know practitioners of this are saying this is Rob was one of the most popular people you know he's written the book. What is the Paleo diet and this man says he says the Paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat because it is the only nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean strong and energetic. This is a high meat based diet with now and there are some benefits I've got to say to the Paleo diet and I'll talk about that a little bit but it's basically eating whole foods are not refined foods you don't eat sugar you don't eat junk food and by the way that's good to get rid of all the junk. And so they say this is the healthiest way to live notice right here. It's kind of small Sorry to show you. But it says the Innuit paradox. We this scientists actually don't call them in you it. That's the proper name for society not to offend but scientists call Innuit anybody Yes Eskimo in the medical literature they're called Eskimos and so even today you know some people may not may not like that term but that's what these scientists call they call them Eskimos so they call the Eskimo paradox and you can see because it's way too small. It's just how can people who gorge on fat meat fat. And rarely see a vegetable be healthier than we are so what they're saying is if you were to eat a bunch of animal fat carcasses of dead animals you know even raw you. You could eat it raw. They don't all eat a raw many of them cook it but that you would be healthier than we are this is this is the idea between behind the paleo diet. So I'm asking the question is evolution a hindrance to science because this is the idea they start with the premise that we're you know we're slowly evolving and we should go back to our ancestral diet which they imagine by the way was a me. But we're going to go for it. So there's another proof so actually let me go back to that last group of people. Those are the in you it's they said that that if you look at Eskimos or Innuit you'll find that they were healthier super healthy people super healthy. No you got to start using your baloney detector. Your baloney detector. Do you know. Has anybody ever heard before that a really healthy group of people out there are called the Eskimos not one hand raise this. Do you see what I'm saying why are they saying they were so healthy then we're going to for a look at that another group of people they looked at where the the Messiah people in Africa and East African group of people. It says the most sign I keep a healthy. Despite a high fat diet they consider these more like hunter gatherer type people or they're really not because they raise cattle and grow food sometimes but the Messiah in east India consume a high fat diet of animal fat but they don't seem to suffer from lifestyle diseases. Scientists have now discovered that the Messiah moved with a surprising low intensity so they're thinking maybe it's because they walk like thirteen miles a day and they do it slowly. Maybe that's why they're so healthy. We're going to ask the question are they actually healthy. That's a better question does the science actually so that either of these two groups that are the great proofs of eating an evolutionary diet is the best way you should live. Let's go fall in one hundred sixty four Georgia man and collaborating researchers published a paper in the Journal of atherosclerosis research documenting a lack of heart disease and. Men at least as assessed by risk factors. So notice they never actually checked they checked with physical exams and E.K.G.'s but by the way you may know that you can give an E.K.G. and someone looks healthy and they can die a week later of a heart attack. So E.K.G.'s do not necessarily prove whether someone has atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. So cholesterol levels were low in these people their average total cholesterol is one hundred. Thirty and in men and age twenty five to fifty five. They had high blood blood pressure was uncommon amongst them aside and they were very slim. The average B.M.I. body mass index was about twenty which is very low. And which is lower in the lower limit of the healthy range by current US standards. So they look very fit and their idea is they eat a lot of blood in fact that's that's the idea. So is it healthier. The interesting thing is what was their diet when actually someone went to ask the question well what really do the Messiah eat they tell us they blend fat that's their main sources of food but when actually it was the question was well did you study these people you looked at their bodies to see how high their cholesterol was E.K.G.'s and you didn't know you didn't actually you know cut open cadavers to find out if they had hardening of the arteries. But what do they say the accurate measurement of dietary intake of these people proved extraordinarily difficult. We were able to make only limited measurements this difficulty is because of the erratic intake of food meaning these people would actually starve for a length of time they just wouldn't eat and it was actually hard to tell what they saw we don't know if they would these group of people they were looking at were actually high meat eaters or not because most Africans are actually high. Grain eater. And they don't have most of the Western diseases because they're high carbohydrate diet not refined but an refined carbohydrates and they have they have way less risk factors let's go forward and what about that previous imperfect assessment of heart disease. Dr Mann who published some of his early research did an autopsy study so when they actually cut open the bodies of fifty Messiah men they found that they had extensive atherosclerosis. So these men who are one of the greatest proofs of the evolutionary diet when actually cut them open. They found these guys were riddled with heart disease. They had disease coronary into morphic inning on par with older American men. What does that mean that means young Messiah men had a hardening and fitting of the arteries on the same level as all the American men sold them aside the evolutionary diet caused these men to have more heart disease then people on an American diet and by the way. Are Americans known for being on a good diet by and large so these guys have a worse. They have worse hard disease than unhealthy Americans do you see many times you hear remember what does the Bible say promise after eighteen for seventeen says the one who states is case. First seems right until the other comes unexamined Sam. So this Paleo diet is very popular and because it's it's cool sounding It's the how many of you have heard of Cross Fit. It's a Cross Fit diet and so but the thing is it can make you really strong and die of a heart attack. But is that really good. That's a question what's better. You know to live to a lot of hundred healthier. You know drop dead at a young age. Even though you look really fit you can be fit and healthy by the way. You can look buff and you have arteries that are all clogged and you die young. So that and so fit is not necessarily healthy. So what does it say over eighty percent of the men over age forty had severe fibrosis in their aorta the main blood vessel from the heart that supplies the rest of the body with blood. So it's actually not true. These idea that this evolutionary diet is keeping people what they believe would be the evolutionary diet by the way is so healthy. The other group of people we call them the Innuit that's the more proper term but the scientists call them. Eskimos so we're going to refer to them as that because that's the what the scientific literature says. So looking at the Eskimos so remember they said Man these people they eat whale blubber animal fat and they are very very healthy we read right. They're not very healthy this is fish oil in the Eskimo diet another medical myth do bomb. This is not actually true. It says they found forty studies a review of the evidence in those studies as co-authors right. Leads us to think conclusion that Eskimos have a prevalence of heart disease similar to a non Eskimo population. They have excessive mortality due to a cerebral vascular strokes their overall mortality is twice as high as that of non Eskimo populations and their life expectancy is a problem. Approximately ten years shorter then the Danes and the Danish people. So this idea and you hear it. You'll if you ever talk to a paleo eater they're a staunch believer in this because this is the this is the caveman diet high fat me and they will say it's no grains. You don't need any grains. But like I said we're going to find there are some beneficial things that are good about the Paleo diet in just a moment. So they say eat this way. Yet these people die younger. Why would you use as your best evidence of the evolutionary diet. Two groups of people that die young of of strokes and heart disease. Why would you use them as your greatest evidence of health. Because that's the greatest evidence yet it shows you will actually die while younger faster. So let's go for it. So what about. But then some of the some of the they'll have an argument remember there's always an argument you can always make up an argument always make up an argument. I found the truth is difficult because you can't lie about it is that true. Ask me if it's true that lie is you can just make up anything. And so one of people say well the reason they have heart disease is because they eat grains and and grains are bad for you. Carbs are bad for you that you'll die younger but let's think about this is that actually true. Actually the people who live the longest eat most of their diet from carbs actually all the all the populations of longevity mostly carbs. We're talking about that a minute but notice this. So what about they say well the. Reason the Eskimos have heart disease. Now is because they're eating carbs but the interesting thing is is that when they look back. They've they did they dug up some of these Eskimos had a house and it collapsed on them. Some women were found and what do we find so this was this was hundreds of years ago and they found these Eskimos would been in tuned in their house they were like you know I mean you can almost imagine like mummies but obviously they're frozen to Eskimo women one in her twenty's and the other in her forty's. They were frozen for five centuries and into my vice. Now this is before any of the Western diet. You know trickled in right in a McDonald's hadn't made it to the Eskimo yet. And so they showed signs of severe osteoporosis these were high meat eaters who had severe osteoporosis and they also suffered from atherosclerosis probably the result of a heavy diet of whale and sea blubber. So remember the evolutionists will tell you all. If you get rid of grains out of your diet you won't get heart disease and the original Eskimos they would have been very healthy very healthy because they wouldn't have eaten grains. But grain eaters are people of longevity. Even gluten eaters are actually people of long. Unless you're allergic to the stuff it's not good for you but that's only one to two percent of people most people it's actually good is actually good for the science shows so that there's a holy cow in paleo. What is the Holy cow of the Paleo diet. It is something they call grass fed beef. They believe that beef that is grass fed will not cause you disease is that it is only the grain fed beef that you typically get in you know most markets in the in the western world today that that is the reason meat is unhealthy. If you were to get organic grass fed beef. It would actually be good for you. Well it would be better to have organic because you wouldn't get as many toxins that is true but you're still going to get heart disease and you'll still die young. But the evolutionists will tell you the Paleo diet people will specifically tell you that's not true. You're actually going to live better you'll see it's actually better for you but let's look at some of the evidence. So they also some of them are low carb eaters low carb means they don't eat grains. They don't eat any sugar and that's actually a good thing not to eat sugar refined sugar. That's good. Not the carb and not carbs in general because grains are carbs and they're actually very good for you. Like I said you live longer if you eat water grains and that's just the science shows so they did a study with Cambodians and Mongolians know Mongolians eat a historically have eaten what you would call a paleo diet meaning eating a Hind meat based diet and are they known for their great health and longevity. Once again no so they found and what's interesting. You have many you have some of the correlations between the Cambodians Cambodians are high carb eaters the Mongolians are high. Phaeton fat and mediators That's right. So and among Goli and eat grass fed beef the paleo be the good kind at least according to the paleo eaters. You know notice they eat both have about the same amount of smoking. You know run around thirty percent. The Cambodians are more physically underactive you are actually I'm sorry the Mongolians are more they're more physically underactive No no the Cambodians actually has a higher percentage they're more physically underactive they don't exercise much the Mongolians So you'd think they'd be in worse shape overweight. Now notice the grass fed beef eaters are fifty percent overweight but the Cambodians who eat high amounts of carbs in grains rice they're actually much thinner. And hypertension so that they are the ones who have the prevalence of hypertension. Only twelve percent of Cambodians but the grass fed beef eaters have much more hypertension about three times the amount diabetic the Cambodians who are high carb eaters high carb eaters only have three point one percent of their people are diabetic where it's six point three in the. Only in the grass fed beef eaters that streams three more carbs and yet they have less diabetes interesting. And that's true. People we high carbs are actually statistically less diabetic and now I want to be very clear when I say high carb I'm not talking about drinking cans of soda and shovelling you know spoonfuls of sugar into your wreckless I'm talking about a whole whole grains these kinds of things so or will go on high cholesterol. Once again the grass fed beef eaters have higher cholesterol so grass fed beef. Does not actually keep you from diseases like our evolutionary friends would give us the are they would like they would into me. So let's go for. Now speaking of them these Mongolians these people. The reality about them is that they are not is healthy as people might want us to believe. So the evolutionists have started with a bad premise and come to a bad conclusion they think if our if we were evolved to eat to meet that is the best diet for humanity. But if you came from a biblical perspective what would you guess would be the best diet for humanity. Plants right. You would think it would be mostly plants and by the way the longest living people in the world eat mostly what plants not some quasi you know some quasi evolutionary diet. Not at all. They actually eat plant based diet so let's go forward. They have started with a bad premise and as a result they have come to a bad conclusion but there are some benefits to the Paleo Diet by the way. And what are some of those benefits number one they eat whole foods so many many even vegetarians eat all kinds of refined junk food right. And many times they can have as high a disease levels as people are actually generally they have less but sometimes they have as much because they eat a bunch of sugar. They don't want to refine food they eat a bunch of you know external protein that they. Sucked out of something but it's better to eat whole foods getting back to the way God intended us to eat. So there are some benefits no question to the Paleo diet but is evolution helping us to think. Man yet think of the long jeopardy we have today. This is since we came out with the theory of evolution. Maybe it's evolution that has given us long jeopardy as a society. What's very interesting is here's a chart from eight hundred fifty. Darwin's book did not come out until the eight hundred fifty S. he wrote his manuscript in one thousand nine hundred four by the way you may have heard about that that at the same time we were spreading a message to the entire world. He had penned his manuscript his book had not yet gone to the public in one thousand nine hundred four. But the manuscript was written in eight hundred forty four as we were beginning to share the creation message of the world at the very same time the message of evolution was beginning to be perpetuated at the very same time but it's interesting if you look at the charts of longevity you realize it's not what you think you think all people used to die very young. Historically now it is true that many young people died. But if you were made it. If you were able to get out of youth long Gemini has all as basically increased about almost zero. But why were children dying so young. The main reason was that so nobody ever gas. Sanitation sanitation doctors would literally they would be working on cadavers they would wipe their dirty hands on their on their apron take that same filthy apron that is just filled with the disease of the dead body and then they would go and what would they do deliver a baby. They say doctors were actually proud of the fact that there. If you could almost they say it would be hard you know like solid from all the guts and all the goo and they say they were proud of that because it proved how much work they had done. Can you imagine. Why we're children the number one reason for the increase in our birth long jeopardy is because of sanitation. That's the number one reason there are there are some other things obviously. And so forth but the number one reason is sanitation. So yes we've gotten better but did the Bible say you should walk around with guts on your apron. What it is say what were you supposed to do if you came in contact with a dead body. What does the Bible say if you want to wash yourself and you know we had gotten away from the Bible so we were so it's not. I mean you know we think that we said we see that coming into the eighteen hundreds and so yes this is one of the things here. But if you notice if you made it to seventy longevity is hardly increased over the last one hundred fifty years. If you made it to or I'm sorry if you made it to forty it's hardly increased if you made it to seventy it hasn't increased very interesting that if you made it to an older age because you hadn't been taken off by some you know contagious disease. You basically would have lived a long life. We haven't increased longevity almost at all except for in childhood that has increased so evolution as and been able to increase the lifespan. But it's interesting creation. Halfs it's not interesting. That creationists have increased and longevity. But evolution has not been able to change society to increase longevity. On the whole I find that very very interesting. So it's as if and I'm not saying this to put anybody down. I believe in evolution as we believe this about me but that they are basically out to sea without a compass. They have a belief that is based upon a theory that man has come up with and it hasn't enhanced long jetty and health and that there will be the most important thing for it to do of all things would be enhanced your health. Right. We get it hasn't really done that. So let's go forward and I'm going to share with you a clip from our our newest documentary ancient health which is going to talk about some of these things this long jeopardy from creation. So let's see if we get it working and get a loan. As we look at the Well today the investigations have been done and current society and looking for places where people live. The longest and the healthiest something that caught my attention is something called the Blue Zones. It's a book written by Dan Buettner from National Geographic magazine Blue Zones are places in the world where people not only live long lives but they're actually healthy at these advanced ages where you have people that are in the zone the blue zone they're living a long time so Sardinia the Okinawans the coastal regions or in America the sum of they have of this he forms five zones in the world and one of them is Loma Linda California which is a high concentration of seventy avenues one of the group of people it's been studied the most in modern science in this world are Seventh Day Adventists scientists to wonder why is it that these individuals have lived so much longer Seventh Day Adventists actually live significantly longer than any other group of people on the face of the earth. There they only believe the zone that is increasing in longevity. So they've started doing studies to look at that and there's been a number of studies for instance done on Seventh Day Adventists here in America sponsored by the U.S. government and other groups to unlock that question the evidence mortality study show that Adventists had death rates from all cancers that was sixty percent lower for had been this man and seventy six percent lower forever as women lung cancer twenty one percent lower color wreck of cancer sixty two percent lower breast cancer eighty five percent lower the basis for this longevity this quality of life is the lifestyle changes they have West heart disease less cancer from the time I was seventy five to love and ninety five I assisted cardiac surgeons in Los Angeles area and I quit assisting in cardiac surgery because I wanted to quit while I was still able to make that decision. In other words my problems of my. Then she years would not make me quit but the fact is I could do cardiac surgery today they actually have a higher quality of wife and if they follow all the health principles that they know they will live on average fifteen years longer than people living next door to them. So the evidence mortality study really want people up. This is. Wow that is significant sixty seventy percent lower. We do look even closer for the most likely to reach the age of one hundred and reach it with a healthy mind that still there and still be able to do a lot of things and we're finding that when people embrace this regardless of ethnicity genetic background. We're finding that we're finding one jeopardy more years and more life in the years when we look at this population of oddness we note that they have eight lifestyle choices these eight lifestyle principles have been summed up in an acronym No this new start and when you talk about the diseases that threaten America you don't think about cholera or malaria or typhoid you think about breast cancer colon cancer strokes heart attacks. These are the things that Americans fear and the scientific research clearly shows that the rich Western diet is at the heart of all these diseases. Let's look at two of the killer diseases in America today diabetes and high blood pressure. Don't onset diabetes we don't call it adult onset diabetes the more you know why because we're seeing it in children we call it type two diabetes now we've got an epidemic. Believe me you don't want diabetes. It's the number one cause of amputation in number of cause of kidney disease. The number one cause of blindness. In the most recent data when they look at Seventh Day Adventists they find some are eating very similar to the general American population we would call them. Vores they're eating quite a bit of mead in milk eggs cheese. They're the reference group if you will not all and biggest With healthy. So you have the ones that live healthy and the ones that don't so you can study them as a subgroup if you will then at those who start getting away from those animal products they're eating them very seldom you find that they only have maybe sixty percent of the risk of having high blood pressure diabetes you move to those who've gotten rid of the poultry and the red meat. They're just having fish and dairy products and vegetarian sources of nutrition. They're cutting their risk roughly in half. It continues to go down until you get to the begins among the Seventh Day Adventists again totally related to what they ate the victims had much less problems with blood pressure those individuals have only one of the likelihood of having diabetes and high blood pressure. In the think about that it's interesting to think about. That the Bible has inspired a group of people to change their lifestyle and now the world is looking at them and saying why do these people live so long and these people live so long now because science told them because science gave us the idea that the best food for human beings was protein from. Meat and so some of the Abbott has said you know we're just going to follow the Bible. Anyway. We're going to follow the spirit of prophecy even though we have no evidence for it and as they did it they became the longest living people in the world now or they're a spectacle to the world because they lived by faith. Now we have the evidence now you don't eat this way by faith it's science now. Now you just know this is the best way to eat right. Must follow the evolutionary theory but it. We've been given this I mean look at the prevalence of cancers in men. I mean you see the non-vegetarian Adventists have the most can. So there the like there the standard of highest amount the vegetarian Adventists have less you move on or the vegans have the least. Strangely enough prevalence of cancers in women vegetarian women actually have a little more hurricanes are than the overall but the vegans amongst the Seventh Day Adventists have much less cancer. It's probably because a lot of times as vegetarians we're not really healthy it's just kind of like a cultural vegetarianism we eat a bunch of dessert right at church. We've got all the sugar we've got all the junk food and so we're vegetarian junk food. He's right. Does that happen. And then as we're vegetarian junk food. And so what. And that can be. You know some of them are still actually better but you're better to get to Whole Foods. I don't know why must the I must if we're going to put them but it's negative point so you see the non vegetarians meaning the mediators have the highest level of diabetes semi vegetarian should be somewhere down in here it's twenty negative twenty they have twenty percent less and I didn't put it in their pets go vegetarian said fifty one percent less vegetarian sixty one percent vegans had seventy eight percent last diabetes than the mediators the vet. The administrators that is and so we see all the. There it is why did. OK And so same thing here. Oh no let's see. There we go. So what's very interesting is you know our admin assume they're closer to what we would call the paleo eaters right. And it's interesting on average. Do you know what B.M.I. is the body mass index. It's kind of like your weight based upon your size anything over twenty twenty five and above is overweight. This is looking at only Seventh Day Adventists in the admin a cell study and they found that twenty five and of over memory is overweight so our average vegetarian our average meat eater non vege our average mediator in the administers is overweight. Our average semi vegetarian one only it's meat every once in a while is. Overweight. The average pest go vegetarian those are the ones who eat fish with their veggie food they are overweight. The average lacto ovo vegetarian is overweight. The only group of people within the Seventh Day Adventist Church statistically don't know. We're looking at statistics so obviously there's a mediator's or thing and there's some overweight begins. But in general looking at the stats the only group of people within the administration that are actually a healthy weight are begins in an interesting. It's very very interesting. So what's interesting is the closer you get to the Garden of Eden diet. Guess what happens your health and longevity increase lower levels of cancer lower levels of diabetes lower levels of heart disease. As we get back toward the Eden diet. So evolution is giving us higher levels of heart disease. Creation is making us the longest living people in the world. I find this very fascinating. I'm going to tell you about something you've most of you primed heard almost nothing about this is some of the most fascinating science. This is the most fascinating science I've ever found in my entire life. I can say that. The gut bring connection this right now is cutting edge science. That's why many people have never heard of it. The gut brain connection is that scientists some of them are beginning to discover that many of your mental problems actually stem from your gawked if not the majority of your mental problems actually start in your gut. Very interesting. We're going to we're going to look into this the first scientific study in all of history. This is taken from and history of epidemiologic methods and concepts doesn't sound like an exciting book but this book says looking at the history of science that Daniel Chapter one is possibly the first clinical trial in all of recorded history. Daniel Chapter one. We see here this is taken from the United States National Laboratory of medicine in the National Institutes of Health. The article says the evolution of clinical research a history of clinical research. What they say in the article the world's first clinical trial is recorded in the book of what Daniel and that powerful. And what's interesting is the study was a connection between the gut and the brain. Now and science is telling us. Daniel was right. So Daniel purposed in his heart that he wouldn't eat the king's me and what did he do. He went on a plant based diet. So then you went on a plant based diet. He said Prove your servants test us ten days I beseech you I ask you please. I plead with you. Let's do a test for ten days let them give us Paul stated water drink that's plant based food. So they ate plants for just ten days and it enhanced their intellect. He said Come on. That sounds a little fishy I mean is that really true. That's what happened back then you know we've replicated the study today and guess what. Same thing. Now let's look into this. This is this right here is no nobbiness we recorded anybody know his name. Dr John McDougal You know I appreciate this man what he's done and. He's he believes in a health message similar to our similar maybe not exactly at least plant based diet Whole Foods not junk refined foods like many of us sometimes eat and so notice what he says this is very powerful. But the main thing that folks should be concerned about is how long you live and how likely are to get disease there been three major studies published on the subject big men analyses and these men are now season only three the ones who publish they show consistently that low carb diets other words low plant food gardens high animal food diets consistently they show that there are socially with more heart disease and more death more mortality. If you look around the world and you look at these people in the Blue Zones. The average percentage of calories from carbs range from ranges from about fifty percent to about eighty percent carbs are not. The enemy refined carbs are the enemy. There have been a number of recent studies. Dr B.'s hold out of Phoenix Arizona. First she did an observational study showing that lab based diet actually significantly improves your depression and anxiety stress score it's called a D. score. So the mood actually is improved. When you get the right amount of carbohydrates but also the right type of carbohydrates and less protein that is she followed up with an interventional study and that's where she took people who are not on a plant based diet and what about a plant based diet for two weeks. She also put them on a plant based diet. Plus fish for two weeks to see which one to be superior and it turned out the fish diet wasn't any more secure in the kind of war but the plant based diet significant dramatic changes statistically significant changes in just two weeks in their mental ability we see when people go on the star and drink plenty of water get plenty of rest followed these natural remedies that this is like something snaps in their brain and it doesn't take like weeks or months plant based diet is key in our program for depression and anxiety covering the results are outstanding because it's a comprehensive approach not just diet. We also utilize exercise and we're utilizing correct thoughts in a lot of different mode allergies but the diet is a key element. I want on a plant based on five weeks ago. It's amazing because i even if they had had not told me he had the night change the first thing I notice was he was bringing the schoolwork can and my teachers actually then bragging on how much better. I've been behaving since I've been on the diet. In class. He wasn't getting as distracted that he was paying attention. He was able to listen more closely. He was being alert his discernment was better he was more diligent and everything I can pay attention or a mind is more clear sense of been on the diet just a huge improvement and our son knows he must learn where I mean but the main things I notice was behavior. A study of middle school has showed clearly that switching to Mega you from animal source to plant source time had almost eliminated absenteeism increased and in attention and the homework performance and performance at school. It almost eliminated acts of violence as well. Esteem pregnancies and so they just feel better. Everywhere the blood flows everywhere the perfect circulation goes they feel better. Not just in body but in mind clears up their fartsy and every single day since I've been a plant based diet the clarity continues to increase and my face continues to look younger and my body feels like I'm doing a little more vibrant I've looked at pictures of myself before and after and I look five years old or even just ten months ago and I do now what we eat. Does get turned into neurotransmitters it actually helps us or hurts us depending on what we're eating in regards to our brain chemistry that plays a vital role in the health of the brain. They'll say within three or four days there they are. I better stop. OK so what we see is that science is now showing that what we eat affects our brain. But you can literally change a school based upon its diet. You can change your life you can change your depression based upon your diet. And we're going to talk more about this but it's interesting because the Bible is the first place that I know of that talks about this that there's a gut brain connection limitations one twenty says Behold the Lord for I am in distress my what. Pauwels our trouble. So I'm stress sums wrong in my gut what that sounds a little strange doesn't it. Now it says it also in Jeremiah for nineteen my balls my balls I am pain that my very heart that there's this gut brain connection. Now the science is showing that there is this connection. This is when Elam I talked about this stuff. It sounded like nineteenth century quackery. But now it's cutting edge science that's powerful. It's the kind of stuff we're like. She said but then you're like What was she said it would be before the scientists figured it out right. And check this out. I'm going to share with you about the governing connection ninety percent you have a nerve that connection or brain to your gut and you have a nerve that connects It's called the vegas nerve not in Las Vegas the vegas nerve and that nerve ninety percent of the information that travels through that nerve goes from the gut to the brain not the other way around. I mean your guts telling your brain more than your brain is telling your guy very interesting and if you don't have time we have a whole series on the gut brain connection a D.V.D. series we're getting from the. Yeah. It's phenomenal. I mean it's something that is just it's changed my life I'll tell you that. So check out what do we see here this is oh my counsels Ondine foods the abuses of the stomach by the gratification of appetite are a fruitful source of most of what. She says the majority of the problems in our church come from the what from the. Com on are you serious. We've got bigger fish to fry than that right. Or do we or is science saying these weird statements were actually accurate. They were true. So scientists have discovered that a high fat diet leads to depressive anxious symptoms in mice. It also promotes inflammation but the interesting thing is it does the same thing in humans. So this is what they discovered they took my snippet. On two different diets one of them was a high fat diet so what is this guy eating cheese cheese is one of the fattest foods in the world oil is the fattest food on the planet. It's a fattest food on the planet but cheese is right. I mean like oils one hundred percent fat cheese can be upwards of eighty percent fat very very fat so and then they notice that these mice on the high fat diet. Ended up exhibiting inflammation which is a marker of depression so they are inflamed and they're Bonnie and which is a mark of depression. They had repetitive behaviors which is also a marker of depression. You keep going over and over and over the same negative things and they had anxious tendencies and actions. So they seemed to be depressed by their high fat diet then then they put a group on a normal fat diet and those guys didn't get depressed didn't have the anxiety didn't have the same problems. What they then did was they went to the mice with the depression and they went into their gut and they took bacteria from the gut of the highback. And they put that bacteria in the gut of the regular fat diet mice and guess what happened. They got depressed. They had anxiety. They began to be forgetful they began to exhibit and scientists are discovering that your bacteria in your gut can either make you happy or sad depressed anxious or positive an outgoing we're going to look at this so regular fad diet mice given microbes bacteria from the high fat diet mice experienced anxiety. Impaired memory repetitive behaviors and inflammation all these things happen with depression your hippocampus which is part of the memory for sure your brain actually shrinks when you're depressed. And you become more forgetful very very interesting things here. So we're going to look at this so Child Guidance told us three ninety eight over one hundred years ago eating too frequently too much and of rich food rich you know high fat high sugar maybe on wholesome food destroyed. The healthy action of the digestive organs destroys the gut affects the brain improve and perverts their judgment preventing rational calm healthy thinking and actually she told us all this stuff as I began to study it and I looked at the science and I mean she said that stuff then she and you find and she she several hundred years ago she said it cannot be too often repeated in child God in spades for sixty. One cannot be too often repeated that whatever is taken into the stomach not only affects the body but ultimately the mind as well. It is difficult and often well nigh impossible for one who is intemperate in diet to exercise patience and self-control. You may be struggling with pornography and the pornography may not even be the issue. It might be what you're eating that's making you just go nuts and be lost all the time. Could that be true. She says the majority of the problem start right here the anger problem that you exhibit the Depression you exhibit may not start here. It may not be as much of a mental disorder as much as a gut disorder and getting back to the diet God gave us and like I said we have a whole series on this with the science all in there but this is part of a what I think is by going to another clip check this up into an article in The National Institute of Health in the Book of Daniel in the Bible reveals the first clinical trial in all of this. What is interesting about this clinical trial which was conducted twenty five hundred years ago is that it is a study of that got brain connection inspiration revealed long before modern science the staggering fact that that which affects the god alternately the brain as well is it possible that the majority of mental problems may actually stem from the gun is it possible to overcome depression anxiety bouts of anger and social anxiety by changing the way one of the greatest reasons people are not able to find victory in the area of over eating and eating unhealthy food. Is because they are taking captive by the negative aspects of the gut brain connection. Instead of being captive to these negative aspects. You can actually use it to your advantage to help you overcome in various areas of your life in every got there are good bacteria and bad bacteria. If you have too many bad bacteria. It can tip the scales into inflammation joint pain and even depression. If you have more good bacteria. You can benefit your happiness. How do you increase the good bacteria are there certain quantities of good food proven to increase a sense of well being in this six part lecture seminar with nearly six hours of information you will learn what foods can be eaten that make you comfortably for and yet still lose access pounds all the while feeling great. You also learn additional information on the diet of the longest living people in the world in this seminar by Chan and funny you cruise or you'll see how cutting edge science proves what was given long ago by inspiration and how your life can be changed through this Biblical approach. So you get the idea of like I said our booth is number three two one. You can come check it out there need to one. So three twenty one. You can come check it out powerful information notice this science now that's out there scientific american think twice. How the guts second brain influences mood and wellbeing. Now notice they're calling the gut the what second brain. This is interesting. Notice what the article said this is going to blow your mind. Check this out. You can't read because it's too small but the guys in the front can but it says the second brain your gut. Informs our state of mind in other more obscure ways as well. A big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut Mayer says butterflies in the stomach signaling in the gut as part of our physiological stress response Gershon's sense is one example although G.I. or gastrointestinal to. Turmoil can notice what it says it can sour your moods every day emotional well being may rely on messages from the brain below to the brain above. So what they're saying is the god can sound were your what moves. What did Ellen White say people who have a sour stomach are of very often of a sour What do you see this stuff. It's like how did they get how did this lady with a third grade education like give us headlines out of the news from two thousand and fifteen. How did she do that. The guy at the lady who died a hundred years before any of this stuff was said and look at people who have a sour stomach or very often of a sour disposition. Everything seems to be contrary to them and they're inclined to be peevish an irritable. If we would have peace among ourselves we should give more thought than we do to having a peaceful peaceful stomach. I'll tell you it is literally changed my life as I experience these things going for. Two thirds of your immune system is found in your gut. So if you want to be healthy. You want to keep the gut healthy and this is the support this study they did says this is in the Huffington Post but it says the surprisingly between good germs and toddlers who are ten trumps very interesting what they found is that children who had a greater diversity of got bacteria were happier more social and more outgoing than children who had less diversity of got bacteria that got bacteria may be the main reason many children are negative grumpy unhappy and have tantrums and that just sounds kind of crazy like isn't it just mental but it's interesting that what's going on in the gut is telling your mind how to feel so that you exhibit those emotions that were actually they sprung from the gut and we see the Bible giving evidence to this in the spirit prophecy just lay that out word for word exactly how it works very power. So eating more fruits and vegetables can substantially increase happiness we talk about in our gut brain series. How many pieces of fruits and vegetables actually to have the highest level of happiness we go into these things but I'm going to share with you something so powerful. We have been given this message. So the Paleo diet is a high fat diet high found diets increase inflammation which will increase most all lifestyle diseases. They also have a tendency to increase. Depression. So could it be that the theory of evolution is a hindrance to our health and to science in general and this strange little book that people are ashamed of the Bible. When actually implemented in human lives gives them the longest life possible here on planet Earth and I've heard people say you know the Bible. You know health message isn't about longevity. It is part it's number one about having a clear mind so you can draw closer to Jesus. That's the most important. But the Bible even says that God's commandments are for our good for the length of day. This is what the Bible says Ellen tells us she says Long Gemini is not basically amp and stance. She said it is based upon certain rules and habits that you have these things so it is Biblical it is according to The Spirit of Prophecy. But evolution is actually in the hundred year one hundred fifty years we've had it has not almost at all. Increased longevity especially if you already made it into adulthood. Yes You know we start washing our hands and kids live longer and. And you know maybe antibiotics and so forth but those were evolutionary proves they were just changes in science as we were going along. Science is a wonderful thing. I'm not against science. I'm I love science actually I study science regularly reading reading scientists of different persuasions and and find very in for you know powerful information. That once again buttresses lifts up. The Word of God God is good and I'm going to share with you something that I find to be one of the most powerful studies I've ever heard of it wasn't even a study it was just a lived out message of what we have been given and it is what was done in the Victor Valley medium community correctional facility and Adelanto California. That's a long name isn't it. It was a prison in California to make it simple. But you know we got to make things sound a little different. Right. And so this particular prison. Was they how the government of the state of California hired a Seventh Day Adventist businessman The guy's very successful multimillionaire. And they hired this man to run a prison in California a number of years ago. You can watch a video about it on You Tube and what happened was this this man this wealthy businessman see because you know private enterprises many times can run things cheaper than the government. So he comes in and you know is able to make money off the situation obviously why would you run something about making money and so he comes in as a businessman runs this prison and what he does is he gives them. He makes two sides to the prison and gives people a choice whether they want to live out biblical health principles or not nobody is forced into you to choose because you know Seventh Day Adventists don't believe in forced religion. Right. But we want to force people to keep the Sabbath. That's not biblical. We believe in the Sabbath were thoroughly convinced that's what the Bible teaches history shows that Catholic church change to Sunday in the Bible prophesied they would do it but we don't believe anybody should be forced to do as we do right. We don't believe in that for religion or force creates hypocrites. So they gave the people the choice. They split up into two groups but everybody had a choice. There were five hundred inmates in this prison. And they allowed them to choose between the New Start program. How many of you have heard a new star. Yeah right that you know nutrition exercise water sunlight temperance air rest trust in God the laws of hell. So they allowed them to choose between New Start program occupational training Bible studies and anger management classes but by the way how many prisons have Bible studies every prison in America. So this isn't a different different factor from other prisons. This is you know they they have that everywhere but the cheese and obviously they were getting you know some powerful public studies I'm sure and this place right but so they were they put I want to begin died occupational training in when when the some of the people within the government a state of California when they said you're going to make a vegan side. One of the government official says he's never going to work. These people would rather burn the place to the ground. Then go vegan. If not no way a bunch of prisoners would go. And so just guess what percentage of people actually chose to go just guess somebody shot a number. Thirty twenty five forty five. It was eighty five percent of them eighty five percent him because here's the thing when your life stinks you're going to jail over and over and over and these people like hey if you're just going to be plants and we think this will help you and you're like. My life things. If that works maybe why not give it a try. Right. I mean. OK I'll do it so that eighty five percent of that means only fifteen percent of them chose not to fifteen percent of them chose not. And I could go on the prisoners did you know. Do you ever hear that old study they did. Where where they they had prisoners and they had people shock somebody until that person's was crying out. I got heart disease. Please don't shock me anymore but some of the leader of the scientific study was saying no push the button push the button. And like six like two thirds of the people would push the button until the people were just screaming for help and they would just do it every time your average person will shock someone to death if there is a scientific person telling them to do it in America. This is a study that was done which you know who WASN'T is willing to share. People to the point of them. Scrying no prisoners prisoners like Man they're going to hurt that guy for no good recent is not interesting. We should not just follow authority because their authority. We should follow God because he's gone. So are totally off the subject and I don't plan on talking about that one just sort of think about you can. That one's for free get that one Free All right so eighty five hundred percent of his people chose to go vegan my wife is going to rebuke me for telling these strange off the cuff stories but nevertheless. So what ends up happening now just to let you know at that time in the state of California there's something called recidivism recidivism is the statistical rate at which someone who has gone to prison. Once returns to prison. That's called recidivism. So let's say you go to prison. Once at that time there is a ninety five percent in at least in that area a ninety five percent chance that you would go back to prison. Sometimes almost one hundred percent of the people once they went to prison. They were repeat offenders. So that makes sense when Terry moral in the Seventh Day Adventist businessman ran this prison while he was running it. It dropped from ninety five percent to two percent. Two percent that's powerful isn't it. I mean this is unbelievably powerful. Can you imagine. And I don't know the whole story. But they finally took the prison away from him and guess what happened. Obviously right I mean you can just guess what happened. When I was told I don't know and. Terry. Forgive me if I'm not talking to a dead man but yet Terry forgive me if this is not true but I was told he later was asked to do it again because it just failed again just like normal prison systems fail right there. Not really correctional facilities though we call them that this was I mean if if if you have a ninety five to two percent that's a ninety three percent reduction. And this is unreal. But he didn't end up doing it again because he's a businessman and businessman or some of the hardest workers you'll ever meet. They were. Their earliest man they are in their last one to leave many times we don't think about that but that's just true at least the ones I've run into and so long story short he didn't do it again but that's beside the point. So this change was so great. What would have happened in America. If they gave every prison this option. Could you imagine if ninety three percent of prisoners never went back to prison again. Could you imagine that and why did it happen. Yes there were bible studies praise the Lord. There were those but you have those that every person. But we were told that there's a got brain connection. Could it be that crime could even be a result of food you think. Come on it's gotta be more than that but sure it's more than that there's other factors you know family issues for sure but it dropped in ninety eight from ninety five to two percent even though your family didn't change right. Your family to check this out what if we would have just followed what she said. Notice what she said this is very interesting. Oh no I didn't put the quote in there. Shame shame she just says this. She says that food is one of the major reasons or the main one of the main reasons for vice and crime in the world today and it's in the video. I'm sorry I meant to have it there but shame on me. I mean put it in there but she just told us exactly this if we want to here's the thing many times we read those books like. You know what's on council and foods actually we don't read it because we're like man I don't not want to know what it says. And we just rather not know right. But what if Actually there's all this information I could like reverse your depression. Help you gain victory over your anger problem. I could get out. I'm going to be honest with you right now. I lived in Iceland I've travelled around for the last fifteen years I lived in Iceland and I I got sick actually not just myself myself and my wife and a friend of mine to Faneuil we're all living in the same house. We all got stomach trouble. And I. Literally I mean like you know I'm a skinny guy I got very very skinny because we had stomach trouble. I don't need to give you an illustration but you can just imagine I had stomach trouble in the bathroom and there was trouble. And so and this was day after day after day after day. And so the thing is they didn't have any bottled water that isn't just from the same water system that I was drinking from. And so finally we had to and there were no filters and ice and because they they say you know we have the healthiest. Water in the world. Forgive me. Icelanders if you hear this because I know I'm not trying to offend you but they actually have good water normally but the house. We're living in had issues. And so what ended up happening was for the first time I'm alive I'm having missed so much of I had seasonal depression and I was in Iceland. I had seasonal depression and then every year after that I had seasonal depression in the winter for two solid years I had so much of a whole year and isolated stomach trouble and a whole year back in the United States. So two years of it. I lost like thirty pounds and if you're not a big guy thirty pounds is a lot of weight. You don't want to lose that got away right. But I did and my wife lost weight. My friend my friend who came and lived with us. He came and he was he was overweight but he looked phenomenal when he left. So it worked for him but it didn't work for you know I wife and I but nevertheless. So I was going through each year. So then for ten years each winter I had seasonal depression and then at the end I don't know if you know it's it's in it's in this they did studies they find out for every round of antibiotics you take it increases your chance of depression by twenty five percent. If you take two to five five rounds. It increases your chance of depression by fifty percent. We talk about that in the governing Connection series but so Alice. So then then I got bit by you know tics and so I took some antibiotics just to you know make sure just precautionary and then as I did that my depression just like skyrocketed in all summer long. I had depression. So during the summer during the winter and then during probably the next for about two years had continued. I'll tell you I was traveling around the world teaching people running a business doing all these different things but I was depressed I had my devotions every day of the week spent time with the Lord confess my sins the Lord would go to people and apologize over and over and over and over trying to make my heart right because I was depressed and in but nothing would make me feel any better just felt guilty. Seeking the Lord and you know I mean literally every day just seeking I'm out. I would go and just spent hours with the Lord like really seeking him. Go in the woods in seeking your day after day after day. I mean I mean just just spending time with your but I had this depression. And what's very interesting. Then I read a strange quotation. I saw I should say I saw a strange quotation from Ellen Y. from this obscure you know twenty one manuscript releases page two eighty six and it says these words it says we're coming to the time when recipes for cooking will not be needed for the food that God gave Adam in his sinless state is the best for keeping the body in a similar state. I thought well that's weird never heard something like that before. That's like twenty one manuscript just like obscure both that you don't really think about and as I saw it I thought all strangers like the food God gave Adam that would be like what God mainly of Adam. Like fruit right. Yeah and you know and I mean before that I mean when even veggies yet and I'm not telling you become a like just eat fruit on the Hudson what I'm saying but I tried it for just two weeks. I still veggies grains I ate all those things but for two weeks I mainly ate fruit two years solid I had been depressed in every winter for ten years and what ended up happening was two weeks later and it was January first. I was on it was no no it was just before January first because I was coming to G Y C. Literally this is you know some time ago. Not this year. Not this year and I was coming to you actually in for the first time in the years I could control. Thoughts. I could choose to think about what I wanted to think about instead of just having oppressive thoughts remember these mice What if they have negative repetitive or they had repetitive habits and depression cause you have these repetitive thoughts. So I began to eat this way within two weeks. I started feeling so much better. I continued on a plant based diet and we still eat cooked foods but we more weigh more raw than we ever did in the past but it was eating these and I'll tell you we talk at all in their gut brain connection series of talks more about the science talks about how many how much fruit. You know and how many vegetables actually each literally as they've done a study and it just is progressive how much happier you get as you add these foods to your diet on a daily basis and it actually increases your happiness not only today but it traverses the next day you are happier today based upon the food you ate if you feel bad today. It actually may be because what you ate yesterday. Powerful science. Very powerful and so I share these things with you because I believe God has given us this and I'm going to close that God has given us this message to change our lives that this message is for our good. That's what the Bible says and one tells us that the health message was given to us if you think it's to keep you away from pork or is given to keep you away from cheese or whatever it is like oh no. I love that stuff but the interesting subject. She tells is one of the things she says the health message was given to make us happy. She said it was going to make us happy. And we think isn't going to make a sour. Friends God has given us this message. I've never seen anybody share some of these things but as I saw the science. I guess somebody had mentioned all those covering connection I read a little article but as I begin to actually look at the studies begin to actually read the people who are doing these things and you find out. God gave us all of this and it was a quotation that I tried by faith that ended up changing my life and so I just want to challenge you that God has given us this and we can be the Jenner. Aeration that lives closer and closer to the way God had intended to sue and will be the happiest people in the world as a result. This is what God wants for us. Yes will go through trials. Yes they'll be down times in life. No question but God wants us to walk with him in peace and joy. Just a quick reminder thinking skeptic's an area where there was a verse once I go on. You know there's the old one. Sorry. What about eight men will be two forty five four o'clock will be age of the earth and then we'll have textbooks deceptions and then did Darwin murder God will be our final message on Saturday but let's close with the word of prayer. Heavenly Father we thank you for this time we thank you for your words. I pray Lord that we would be open to your message not looking at it as a negative but realizing you've given us this message for our good. You can change the world's prison system. And you can change each one of us. Maybe our anger problem may be our last maybe our depression. Maybe our bad attitude isn't just who we are maybe it's what's going on and you've given us answers on how to live a healthier life. Thank you for your love draws near to you. We pray. Jesus this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Where who are G's.


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