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2. Significantly Beautiful

Janice Watson



  • December 29, 2016
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C where we're delighted to have you some of you were here the previous fashion. Some of you have just come in. So in either case we will were delighted that you're here. We're going to spend a little time open God's Word look at some things that God has to say about us and about beauty and what it means to be a beautiful woman and what beautiful woman look like as well as who they are right. So let's move forward. Shall we pray and that will begin. Let's Father we thank you that you have chosen us as your daughters. We thank you that you have chosen us not only to be your daughters but also to be your witnesses and we as Lord as we turn to this topic which will guide us that you will direct us that you will help us to fully understand the things that you want to share with us. We ask these things in your name and that. When I received the invitation to come and speak. They actually sent me a list of things that they thought would be helpful for me to talk about and one of the things they said was would you talk about attire modesty. And I thought about that and I thought you know what. Perhaps that question ought to be a different kind of question. And so we will address that issue. But let's talk about it in terms of what I'm calling dressing or beauty from the inside out when you get up in the morning. To get dressed for the day you don't start with your jacket. That's not the first thing that you put on. However I think sometimes as Christian women when we think about our appearance when we think about modesty we start with the jacket and we address it from the outside first and I think that some of the challenges that we face in addressing it. Have to do with coming from the outside first so I'd like to start with beauty from the inside and then bills to. Where would you send someone and you notice that I asked this question a lot and where in the Bible would you send someone to talk about beautiful women what passage what place in Scripture might you go. Proverbs thirty one. You know whenever you talk about women. The answer always seems to be Proverbs thirty one. And we will get to Proverbs thirty one. But perhaps So we start somewhere else for an opportunity turn with me. Turn with me into Titus and Titus is one of those passages that we often read when we talk about women. But let's turn to time. Yes. And look inside is chapter two. And in Titus Paul is. Talking to a young church still through Titus and he's talking about some of the ways that we live and the things that we do and the things we ought to do. And he talks to old man and he talks to aged women and he talks about young women. And they talk about young men. He has something to say to each of them. This is what we want to tell you and maybe our video will show up. And he says in chapter two verse two teach the older man to be temperate worthy of respect self-control sound in faith in love and in insurance. And then. The Asian woman who likewise teach them to be depending on the version you may be reading to be reverend in the way they live not to be slanderous or addicted to much wine to teach what is good. Then they could train younger women to love their husbands and children to be self controlled and pure to be busy at home to be kind to be subject to their husbands and Paul is beginning to talk about women and what it is that one looks for what it is that one expects in a woman where we sent you somewhere else. Let's go to caution story. We're going to come back here so stick your finger marker there. Let's go to Colossians three. And let's look at verses twelve to seventeen. Therefore as God's chosen people. Holy and very love. Clothed yourselves with compassion. Kindness humility gentleness and patients there with each other and forgive whatever grievances you have against the mother. Forgive as God forgave you and over all these things put on love which binds them all together in perfect unity. And let the peace of God rule in your hearts since as members of one body. You are called the peace. We have the word of Christ. Well in you richly as you teach and manage one another with all wisdom as you sing psalms him spiritual songs and whatever you do. Whether in word or do deed do it all for the name of the more. I want to thank those two passages for a moment and just walk us through it step by step. We're talking about beauty from the inside because you know how to tell you about health that if you have a healthy body. It shows in your skin in your here right. The health of your body shows in the beauty of your body. If you drink water. It's going to make a difference in how you look. It's going to make a difference in what kind of hair you have so forth and so on. And in Scripture in the same way. What's in you. Makes a difference in the outer you. So let's start with the inner you. And walk our way through to the hour. You want. Let's go back to Titus we're looking at is two. And when Paul starts talking about all the women who are going to demonstrate for a younger woman. Have you ever seen a beautiful all the women and all the woman that is really glows and poses you know when. It would be a wonderful thing. If the older woman in the church were beautiful. And then they taught the younger woman. How to be beautiful. And then we have a whole church. Of beautiful women who can look at each other and thing. Look awkward as that look good. God has done. This is what does that look like when were you going to see him and all the women who's better. And angry and upset and who seems to have that written. On their face your mom used to say when we were a child. If you fix your face right back. It's going to be like that permanently and we thought she was joking. But you see some people and you know that they've been smiling and it shows and then you see I'm a woman and you think you can frowning a lot for a long time. You've been angry a lot for a long time so Porthos there are some things that will help to make beautiful over women who can train beautiful younger women. And he says you know what their behavior. Should become holy mass. But go back to verse one for a moment. What is it outside us in verse one type is to verse one. Teach what is in accord with sound doctrine. Who says look. First you have to have a foundation. You can't teach the women and they have to learn what is in accord with sound doctrine. How do you know the Bible. Beauty begins. According to Paul with knowing the word. What's the connection between knowing the word and a beautiful inside. How is it connected. My rhetorical question by the way when I ask questions are usually not rhetorical and I do expect them Sers SO HELP ME HELP ME. What's the connection. One the word renewed is the mind she says. So one of the connections is that the word renews the mind was another connection. And the other connection is that the world gives us the standard. It tells us what beauty looks like and how many of us at some point in our lives have locked in a magazine or looked on youtube or whatever and we've seen her styles. And we decide we want to try that here style. And we look at it and we try to figure it out a maybe they describe how to do it and we go home and we practice the Bible allows us to see what it is that beauty looks like so that we can live it so that we can lead by the Spirit doing the other thing that the Bible does for our beauty is it gives us a mirror. How many of you check the mirror before you leave in the morning. When you look at the mirror what are you looking for. Imperfections photos you were married does two things. A marriage tells us what's working and it tells us what's not working. So you look at the marrying you here was right. I got that right. Are you look at them and say you know there's a piece then enough here at the Vatican Iran might need. America has two things. It shows you what's working. It shows you what's not working. And the Bible says that a man is why. A woman is wise who looks in the mirror saying is and then doesn't just walk away but makes the adjustment. That's necessary. Beautiful women are women of the word. Beautiful Woman are woman of the word because the word shows us the standard and the world are also holds the mirror up to us. So that we through the power of the Holy Spirit can make that adjustment to our beauty. Does that make sense to you. So. As that is the case how much are we in the world and when you are in the world and the Spirit shows you. What do you do when you walk away from the mirror. The nice thing about you. I see. When I come in she was in me is a Muslim talking to people who have a love for God's word. I'm talking to people who enjoy scripture. I'm talking to people who in many cases study deeply. The Word. Gives us the standard. And the mirror but it only matters if I live it. First think about beautiful women is that they live with sounds of doctrine. And then the Bible says that the average woman most beautiful all women should be in behavior as become Earth holiness. Be reverent in the way that they live. And then they start to talk about it not slanderers beautiful woman a beautiful mouse. You know when people talk about women. One of the things they talk about is. Mouths. In both senses. Woman are stereo typically accused of gossiping. Accused of snide comments accused of using their way their mouths in ways that are not gracious or beautiful. And when we talk about inside beauty one of the things we have to talk about is how do you use your mouth. What are the things that you're saying and to what degree are those things blessings and not curses. For a minute think about the last week we're going to conversations have you had in the last week. What kinds of things. Have you said in the last week. How many of those things were edifying building up. How many of those things were not going to get in your business a little bit you know those people at church that irritate you. Every church has at least one. Sometimes it's us. You know those people at church that just kind of and they have stuff to say and they just get on your nerves. What do you say when you go home about those people. A charge that irritates you what do you say about those people at work that get on your nerves. When you say when you're driving. And people do interesting things while you drive. Is you're a man out. Beautiful. Because beautiful women. I have beautiful wives for miles. They're not slanderous there are addicted to much wine. We're going to talk a little bit this afternoon. About addictions and some of the non standard addictions. But one of the things that Paul is saying is beautiful women and we talked about self-worth and identity in the last session beautiful women know who they are and they know who they are so they don't have to look to other things to build them up. When I'm asked you to raise your hand. But any time I get a group of women. There's somebody who's addicted to shopping. Always at least one person who's clothed clothing helps to define who they are and when we start having issues with clothing we have issues with ourselves process beautiful women and are addicted to other things they're not addicted to money. They're addicted to admiration. They're not addicted. Because they have not put anything else in the place of God and that's what an addiction is is it not. Something that we turn to in the place of God And we'll talk about that in war later this afternoon. Beautiful women teach what is good. So not only do they have to know something. Because you care teach what you don't know. So these are women who have beautiful mind. I want to ask you what your mind like how well trained how strong how. Beautiful is your mind. I was as Let this mind being you. Which was in Christ Jesus. Really thought about what the mind of Christ is like not just from a spiritual perspective. But intellectual. One of the mind of Christ like you know God is really it. You know that God is all knowing and you know that we were created in His image we were created to have strong minds. And women still even in a straight aeration are accused of not having strong minds of not exercising our minds on those hard things those hard concepts that cause us to think deeply and this afternoon when we talk a little bit about some of the things we become addicted to like romance novels. One of the challenges of some of our addictions is that they weaken our minds. They don't give us the kind of mental exercise that we need to have beautiful minds beautiful women have strong minds. And then these beautiful older woman can train the younger woman. And we'll talk. Perhaps over this afternoon about the loving their husbands and children but they can train them to be self control. Why would women need self-control. What kind of self-control. Do you need in order to be beautiful. I wait for you. Time managed. OK. Emotional control. Patients spending. Do you begin to understand why a beautiful woman who I will says has self-control. They have discipline. This is not something that you develop by yourself. This is something that God develops in you if you let him do it. How many habits in your life are under supply and at this moment. And believe me when I ask a question and my list is going in my head. Can I call out some things that are right. Where your finances look like. Are you spending within reasonable limits for purposeful things. For God's purpose. What are your closets work like are. They disciplined and under control. Do you have what you need. Do you have more than you need. And what are we doing with the excess. And I ask you about exercise. And by the simple in those areas. The beauty of self-control is that it creates freedom. The beauty of allowing God to give us discipline is that it creates freedom it gives us. Freedom from too much freedom from having to take care of all that stuff so forth and so on. So what are the areas in which as beautiful women. We need self control. One of the things. Someone mentioned is emotion management and I want to take a minute to talk about this. It's not only a women's issue. But it is also a women's issue. I teach conflict management. And one of the things that we teach in conflict is in order to resolve conflicts. I also teach communication in order to communicate effectively one of the things we have to be able to do is control our emotions. Because under great anger under great. Pain so forms aren't we don't think clearly. We say things we would not normally have said. And I have found that sometimes we feel that there's something feminine about being out of control. You know anybody who's. Big on drama. That they just always seems to be some big emotional crisis there seems to always be something that causes them to be angry or upset or lashing out. And one of the things we're told is that if our emotions are not under God's control and managed it opens a space for the devil. Have you noticed that there were some mistakes you make some things you commit. That would not have happened. Had you not been in that particular emotional state and so one of the things that Paul says is beautiful women are self control. Beautiful Woman have discipline going to give you a moment. Those of you who know me know I'm big on takeaways take a moment in your notebook or just in your mind. Write down. The area in which you think God is calling you to greater self-control. You know was coming. You saw it coming. Why is the take away for you. What is the area in which you need. Greater self-control and I've never met a woman who didn't need greater self-control in some area and some of us have a list. That the Lord is working with me on my house. Like you can be more disciplined. You can be more disciplined. What is the area in which you need greater self-control throughout the day today or this evening take that to the Holy Spirit. Take that to God. And ask him. To begin the process for you today. Don't listen and walk away and ignore the mirror. If the world speaks and it speaks to us then we see it. We go out we ask God to work with us and to help us in that area as we make change. So we ought to be self controlled. They ought to be pure and will talk about purity this afternoon at length beautiful women in this passage are busy at home. Shades of the probably thirty one woman. Are they only busy at home. There's a passage there that. No it does not say that but what it does say. And this is important. Beautiful woman. Take care homes. How many of you do not live in a home of some sort and the dorm room qualifies for now. So beautiful women. Take care of homes. Beautiful women make homes for themselves and for those that God has placed in their purview. So is my dorm room and inviting place not just for me but also for my roommate. Is my dorm room the kind of room that other people are not all like to come and visit is my apartment because of place where people come and feel welcome and safe because we sometimes want to make this a discussion about married women in terms of home. All of us live in a home and men have their responsibilities but they're not here we're talking to us. So one of my questions is How beautiful is your home and I'm not asking you about your furniture. Or the pictures on your wall or how much money you spend over beauty is important and within our price range definitely create as beautiful a space as you can have. But that's not what I'm asking you about. I'm asking you about welcome. And warm and Naresh mint and nurture are we creating homes that provide the function of a home for us and those that God sends to us. Whether they are part of our family or guess visitors friends. Beautiful women. A busy home and then they canned and they're subject to their husbands. And we'll talk a little bit about the subjects and when we talk about leadership. This afternoon. Are you getting a sense about inside and what beauty inside looks like so that I can come into the outside. The other passage that I took you through and we'll go through that a little faster is cautions cautions three. And here is interesting because Paul says clothe yourself in this dress yourself in this. This is the way to look elegant. This is the way to the beautiful compassion kindness and you kind of mean to be kind. I used to think of kindness and compassion as things that people have as part of their personalities. You know some people just kind. Which you seem to always be helpful and gentle and and then and I am not one of those that was not a gift that I was given a cell. Until I realize that when I'm in a call this man talk about this in the way he talks about this as a requirement that I need to think of others and then I NEED TO GIFT others. What is it that would help you. What is it that makes your life easier. What is it that I can give emotionally physically or otherwise that blesses. Because beautiful women are compassionate and kind humble Mirror Mirror humble. There are some things that you're really good at some of the walk really good so nice. Really. Well. Some of you cook really. Well and the list goes on and on and on saying well so forth and so on. What do you mean to be. Because beautiful women. Humility and when we look at Christ. Who had in reality. Everything. We understand a little bit about humility. About their sense of this is not mine by right. You ever met somebody who was totally entitled they just believe that everything was theirs and they ought to be treated a certain way and you want to treat them a certain way my mum's I'm working in the house. I'm not working but I'm operating in my health as the My mom is in facilities at the moment and it's interesting to watch family members who come in and who are the people who are humble. And grateful that they're being served. And who are the people who believe that everything ought to be given to them. The home of humility. We're talking about gentleness patience forgiveness. Peace. And then I said above all of this put on love this beautiful woman. A loving. And beautiful woman have the Word of God welling in their hearts and then I want to head for a minute. One more William Porton one that all keep say before we go on and talk about that beauty coming outside beautiful woman and are thankful beautiful women live in a spirit of gratitude because gratitude does something very interesting. I guarantee you that those beautiful always nice that you mentioned earlier that you thought of earlier. One of the things that they know how. To do is be grateful. It is one of those things that changes our personalities more than we can imagine over and over and over in Scripture always going to say be thankful give their acts. Always giving fans because thankfulness puts us in an attitude that helps us to be humble humble. It helps us to be compassionate. It helps us to be kind. Gratefulness is essential for all gift for us a sensual and characteristic of a beautiful person. How great for you and how do you know. Is my gratefulness measured by how much I say thank you. I used to think so and then I realize I say thank you. A lot and I say automatically. Without even thinking about it or thank you as a thank you very helpful. Thank you. And then I have to say are you thankful. Are you stopping and acknowledging that this has just been gifted to you. How often during the day. Do you stop and think about the things you're thankful for that God has than most of us are pretty busy. And often we don't even think of it might I recommend another discipline. That you intentionally. Started recognizing. And if necessary recording the things that you're grateful for. Not just things that God has done. But things that people do. Things that you receive. Things that you see things. You realize how many things. There are to be grateful for in any given day. Take a moment. Those of you got no books. Let's quickly. And I don't have a stopwatch on this one. When I can do it on this one. Let's see what we can do in thirty seconds. How many things can you think of that you're grateful for today in thirty seconds to as many as you can. OK I'm about eighteen where you. Twenty. Already and we're not halfway through the day here and you forgot some. So imagine how many there are during the day. Take a moment every now and then and just be thankful. It's going to make your face better. Honestly you're going to have a more beautiful face because happy people are more beautiful true and grateful people are happier. And if we can think of nothing else. We're always grateful for Calvary. We're always grateful for the presence of God in our lives for the relationship of walking with him and working with him and living with him. So we're talking about beauty from the inside out. If you were that kind of woman and all of those things. Imagine what you would look like. Viable. About our body. In Romans twelve versus one in two. That we should present our bodies. A living sacrifice to God. What is your favorite part of your body. When you think of the most beautiful part of your body. Why why do you think that's the most beautiful part. OK so it feels good. What about the rest of you. I'm not going to ask you all to raise your hand and tell me right. But one of the interesting things I find with that question. Is the reasons that we give for why that's the most beautiful part doesn't look like a standard that somebody gave us is a good. Most Admired part of my body. How do I determine that that's the most beautiful. What part of your body. Do you like the least. Almost everybody has a part of a kind of want to change. I will hundred. When I ask that if I ask it to a group of young people we have time to talk about it. It's interesting the answers that cover most. But I had someone make a recommendation the other day thinking about our bodies and how we think about our bodies and she said take that part that you like least. Or that you think is ugly and look deeper. So for example those of you who would have identified your past the area. And I chose that deliberately. How many muscles. Are there where the three large ones and I have an slide that will at once but they're also small ones below those I think when I looked it up. We identified between twelve and fifteen the Pentagon who was looking at the muscles that you need. That move your pa Styria and your hips. No matter what size your POS therians. No matter what shape it is it has all those muscles working together in tandem pulling in different directions and we haven't talked about nervous and blood vessels when the Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. It's all of us every single part. And when you start to look at how indeed wonderfully made we are. It brings up a whole different appreciation. For example I was looking at. Some information on breath. One of the things that it said was in West has fifteen to twenty logs each lobe has twenty to forty lab you. Which means you have two hundred to eight hundred lab you also in each breast and each lab who has no drugs and there are ten bucks systems in each breast intricate patters. And all of that functions based on hormones and those homeowners are regulated so at different points in your life. They change. Do you understand that no matter what size shape age whatever that amazing. If we look at our bodies in terms of what God has done. As opposed to some standard. That we're comparing ourselves to we would look at our beauty differently. After I looked all of the stuff I was kind of excited about walking and all the muscles that go into working. And I found myself. And I hope you do too. Son Lee. Focused on some things other than Drew and sag and other things. That I could look at in terms of my chest and so one of the things as you look at beauty is to look at our own bodies and the bodies of other people as the masterpieces that God has created. That allows us to present our bodies as living sacrifices you don't give God trash. So if I think of my body as largely trash largely flawed and broken then what kind of sacrifices that think you're. Now encourage us to develop our bodies treat your body as strong as healthy so forth as you can. But understand that this is a tremendous gift a tremendous piece of workmanship whatever size whatever shape that particular body is as I mean sense to you. Would it change. Your perspective in any way to look at your body that was going currently to go home and do some study on those pieces of your body that you may not have made friends with in the same way the pieces that you don't think of as your gift and your assets and to work with them but also if I think of my body as a living sacrifice. I might be more likely to look at the movement outside my body in a different way. When we discuss the issue of modesty. What is a question that comes to your mind. Is there a question. What should I wear. OK how do you determine that. Pottery. And that has been the standard that we've used and I came across an extremely interesting. It was a blog entry by a woman named Sierra and in her blog entry she talked about. Feeling that being raised in a Christian tradition that emphasize modesty. Had been that her mental to her it was really interested in reading this and she said you know we argued against women dressing in ways to attract men and it was all about man and she said but I am. Ended up in a tradition that still made it all about man and I for. You know. There may be a point here. It could be all about men because I'm dressing so that I can attract men and it can all be all about men because every time I put something I'm thinking about what I may not think how are they going to see that is that in reality. Our major standard and I have I think in the past at times toward it in ways that suggest that that is there another more overarching reason for modestly. In the way that we dress. Yet to be a witness. That it's possible. To turn focus to it would be rather than our beauty. To remove the judgment of perspective when we look at other people. My own take the last one and then I'll move us forward. Might it be that the reason for modesty is about how God sees us and our representation of what he sees interesting thing in Genesis in the Garden of Eden. When Adam Many found out that they were naked. What do they do. They covered themselves and the Bible suggests that what they covered themselves with were lawyer law in courts. They covered their private areas and then what happened. God came and covered the rest of them. So from the beginning. God had an interest in an investment in him. How we covered ourselves and what was covered. Let me urge you that modesty first become an issue of God and my relationship to God and my With what of the restoring image of God in me God is in the process of restoring his image in me and what does that look like. And that the issue of and this is a real issue of the impact of my dress on men become a secondary issue. So when I stand in the mirror in the morning when you stand in the mirror in the morning and I actually have this written over my mirror at home. Does this please God. Question number one. Then we can talk about who I like it is an appropriate building. But number one does this please God does this woman look like someone who is communicating who God is close communicate. There was a quip that I was going to show you when we've had trouble with my computer all day so we have no power point no clips but there's a clip and I'm out encourage you to go and look it up. The models name is Cameron Russell. And she did it the talk. Everybody familiar with T.D.. She lity each of the talk and I'm going to give it away. I'm sorry but you still get to see it in her T.V. talk she comes out dressed in a mouth it as relatively sure. And so forth and so on and on stage she changes and she puts on a scar and covers a self that you put on a top and it is an incredibly interesting vision. Image of the difference the clothing makes same person same context right. And one of the things that she argues is clothing communicates she's a model but we knew that you now that when you dress it says yes. How often do you ask yourself What am I saying today. My students when I have that discussion with them so I almost never do Wife them in the mirror and say what does this say. And what does it say about God does that mean that you need to run around looking dumpy Obviously not because again we want to say something about God. And the something that God says about beauty and alter and color and design. Another question what are my emphasizing. I think public speaking and how much the rules. Are you don't address when public speaking. Make sure you dress appropriately for the audience and one of the questions that I say to them is when you dress. What will the audience be looking at. Where is there are going to be drawn and if during your presentation is anywhere other than your faith. You might want to reconsider. I would say the same thing about the way that we dress. If roles attention to the areas of our body that we're not seeking to emphasize then there's an issue with the press and made it. We all have assets we have the finances and as we age they change but we all have us. Sense but what assets do we want people to know us or I'm thinking that it's all that inner stuff that we just talked about all those inside characteristics and dressing certain ways distracts us from. Or distracts other people from an emphasis on that. So I'm not going to give you formulas. I'm not going to say to you you know your skirt should be this length then you're a guy. I'm not going to give you formulas because the truth of the matter is the formulas don't work because we have different shapes and different sizes. And something that looks very modest on one of us does not look modest. On another one of us. OK I I was looking for something I thought I need to go somewhere where the they have longer skirts. And someone who worked with me said I found the perfect place you should go to such and such a place and I went I wasn't thinking she was five foot one. They had longer skirts. For her. But they did not work for me. So my question is what is it. What is it that allows us to reflect the beauty of Christ and I'm not going to give you a list I'm not going to say you know it's the what I can give you some questions some issues to look at one of them is that question of whatever. One of my emphasizing. Another one is one of my communicating and a third is what happens when I move. And you haven't put something on that looked wonderful when you were standing. And then changed when you were sitting or something that was great. And so I bent over. Or stretched up. When you're doing that mirror check for modesty. Do the whole check. The entire check because guess what we're women and we're going to move if we're doing what we should be doing in the world. We're going to move. We're going to be in different directions and shapes and someone asked me about exercise. And why is it immodest for women to be involved in exercise our bodies were made to move. And I'm assuming that we're talking about. Exercise in so natural kinds of things. I mean there are some exercise programs that are variations on some interesting that it's moves and so forth and I think we might need to be very careful about those I really do. But in terms of general exercise it's about finding something to wear that's appropriate for capital or exercise in that particular context because one of the things that this young lady Sierra suggested in her particular presentation was that in her tradition. They had encouraged her not to do certain exercises because they the this is immodest it's a modest to do those kinds of exercises. Well what's the context who are you. How is it being done and can you wear something that's appropriate under those circumstances. And then those become the big big issues. Now the challenge of course is that's easy to do. When I go to the store to look for a business suit. Nowadays I'm in an hour of stores and I'm in another source and I was in them or the other day and I went to one of the big box stores and I said I'm looking for a business suit and I'm looking for a skirt for one of the nurses and the woman said to me. I think we have a skirt. And she wasn't kidding. This was I think a deal. It's just we have a skirt and when they found the ace card. It was only my size and she looked at me she said I'm so sorry. We don't have anything out. And I went to several stores in that mall with pretty much the same result. Does that Verma mean because it's difficult that we don't do it. When we say we present our bodies a sacrifice. Sometimes I feel like David who said I won't offer you anything that cost me nothing because sometimes it costs. But what is the fallout. What does modesty do in the end for us. One. It often has to do with self respect. But you know what modesty also does for us every time we look in the mirror. We we remember we are every time we look in the mirror. We reaffirm who we belonged in the same way that diet can do that in the same way that Sabbath keeping does that I am reach. That we are obedient. We reaffirm who we belong to and. As I forty three where God says you are my witnesses. You are the ones that go out there and demonstrate me. You are the ones that show. Me lived in. The World. So one of the things that I challenge you is to be beautiful Christian or to be the most beautiful people in the world. I encourage you to be beautiful from the inside out. Don't start the wrong way. Because I have met some people who have the most modest looking clothing than I have ever seen. As long is high. And floppy. So you shouldn't be afraid that is to try and mane. This played out mean. That is not the beauty of Christ as seem some people who dress really modestly. But they slander. And they back bad and they talk about people that is not the beauty of Christ. We cannot substitute clothing for in a beauty. We cannot substitute. Quote unquote modesty for inner beauty. You know how the Bible says that. Acquired spirit. I mean many people with quiet voices. They talk while you can hire and they have what I used to call holy voices. And you know I would think that right. But then I understood that the Bible did not say have a quiet voice said a choir and gentle spirit. A quiet and gentle Spirit manifests itself. Often in a quiet voice. But a quiet gentle spirit sometimes manifests itself in a voice that has value. A beautiful inside. An inside like cries. Shows itself. In a beautiful outside tell you a story about my mother I was studying this and it was so powerful to me. I think I mentioned earlier that my mom right now has had several strokes. She can't move. She can't talk. Channel anything. So she's basically lying in bed and people come and they turn her and they change her and they do whatever. And many of these people did not know my mother before. They don't know anything about her. And people kept saying to me your mother so beautiful. Your mother so beautiful. And I kept thinking what he doing what is she saying anything. And so I finally said What do you mean. And they said she's got such a beautiful presence about her. She's not talking to her moving and I came home one day and the young lady who was working with me. Oh oh I'm so excited. Your mom spoke your mom's Vogue and you know we were out. Thank you Jesus. Thank you. And I said What did she say she said she said. Thank you. And the Holy Spirit convicted me at a level that I had not been convicted in a long time. I want to have the kind of inside that when all the other outside stuff is gone. Where my hair is worse than it is now when I'm wearing a hospital row. That's open in the back. Dignified. When I can move and I can't speak there is in me. Such a strong presence of the Spirit of God that is grown out of study of his word that has grown out of looking into that mirror and letting the Holy Spirit adjust me. But even in that state. Someone will say What a beautiful woman. What a beautiful woman can you imagine church is filled with beautiful women we can talk about the men how much you want but do you know what a church full of beautiful women can do. Can you imagine workplaces filled with beautiful women we tell you something you don't have to imagine heaven. Is only going to have a beautiful woman. That's all you know those are going women. Well. They won't be there. But I'm so praying that we will. And so we start and we start now. Holy Spirit grab us on the inside change US Army in fire and move it out to the outside and then making contagious. That our part of how God is going to use us to change the world is to make us so beautiful that people just want to be in your presence. They just want to operate with you. So forth and so on. This afternoon going to talk about purity. We'll talk about leadership going to talk about that. S. word submission. But now let's pray as the Holy Spirit to feel in a. Whatever he's given or Lord we came with differing. We came with different experience but we're so grateful to be loved by you. We're so grateful Lord. We are woman that you died for the Lord. We're grateful that you feel beautiful. But we have beauty lowered that can be enhanced we have beauty that can become more like yours. They say you were that handsome as much as you were beautiful and attractive and drew people to you. So train just change us and make us beautiful on the inside and ways that can help but radiate on the outside and the Lord clothed us quote us in compassion and kindness and peace and forgiveness and all of those things that make us beautiful woman. And then Lord help us to put on top of the kinds of clothing the kinds of outward garments to demonstrate the woman that we are inside and may everybody everybody not only be a trend you want to be we look forward to what you wore this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference on has been used in Texas see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W double. W Y C Web dot co R G.


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