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3. Startlingly Clean in a Grimy World

Janice Watson



  • December 29, 2016
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C where we were about surprise. That's the. Father. We started by asking for a double portion of your blessing. We started Lord by turning to us our God as our Father and Our beloved. As the one who. Not only created us. But redeemed us and then chose us to be in partnership with you. So we come with great humility. Asking again. That you would continue to do for us that which you have planned for us. But you would continue to gift us. Every good and perfect gift comes from you and we are here in need of your gift. So we come open hands open heart open minds. Please Lord do for us. That which you know we can do for ourselves and what I stand before you. With all that I have of worth and of trash. Asking that you would clean out. That you would purge. But you would empty so that then you can fill and pour through me to your daughters. And Lord we promise. That when we have received what you are going to give us will give you all the honor and the. All the glory. I met this morning for those of you who were here. We talked about a couple of things and actually you know what teachers do this all the time. So is the pop quiz. What do we talk about this morning. Identity. Somebody tell me something we said this morning or learned about identity. Again not a rhetorical question. We are created in God's image. Created female. In the image of God Why don't we spend some time this morning talking about what it means to be created in God's image. What it means to be redeemed by him. But also what it means to be called by name. We spend a little bit of time in a Zire forty three this morning looking at how God tells us how precious and valuable and honored we are. And then in our second session. We talked about. Beauty. We talked about the beautiful woman. We talk a lot about what that means to be beautiful from the inside out to be beautiful. In terms of the character the image of God that he is developing in us. What beauty means from that perspective and how that then influences how we see ourselves how we see our bodies and how we close those bodies that God has gifted us with. And so I promise you this morning that we will continue the conversation. And that we will continue it around the issues of purity. Remember that we started several of our discussions this morning in Titus two and if you go with me back to Titus two. We'll look at what Titus two. Is saying. To women. And build from there into that idea that we want to. Discuss. Let's go to Titus to. Verse three. Because we started with the beautiful all the women who were training and developing and nurturing and mentoring. Beautiful younger women and those of you who are sitting out there and saying you know I'm not an old woman so I don't have to. Mentor and nurture and train. Can I say not if there is anybody younger than you in your sphere of influence. That makes you an older woman. If there's anybody who is around you who look at you you're an older woman. And all of these things apply. Now there will be a point where you get to the point where you're great here and you look around and a lot of people are younger than you but for all of us. There's someone who's coming behind us who needs from us our nurture our mentoring our example and our teaching is likewise teach the older women to be reverent in the way. Teach them to be in behavior as becometh holiness if I'm reading from the King James. Now also chooses not to give into wine and we talked about some of that has not given not only to one but to addictions in general teaches of good things so that they may teach the young woman. To be sober. So love their husbands to love their children. And if you look at many versions of verse five. It says to be self-control and pure. And this morning we talked about self-control and the importance of child self-control for a beautiful woman. And this afternoon. I'd like to talk a little and look at the Word of God a little on the subject of purity. Godly women the Bible says. Beautiful women are beautiful partially because they are pure. And if there was ever a time in Earth's history. When thinking about purity was important it is probably now. We have probably never lived in an age when there were so many opportunities to be impure. When there were so many not only opportunities but advertisement and encouragement to impurity think about any typical day that you have think about social media. Think about perhaps television think about going into a bookstore think about just talking to people. People that you know at work. People that you know at school. And we understand that this is a context in which impurity is now the norm doesn't make sense. They're all around us surrounding us. And so here's this interesting question. The Bible calls us to be in the world and not of it. How do we do that and what does that mean. And I'm going to look very specifically in the time we have together about. Some of the specific things that I think we may be struggling with or people around us are struggling with and that is useful to speak to. During that period of time. But before we do that. Let's talk a little bit about purity itself turning with me to Proverbs sixteen verse two. And we probably do a lot of running up and down in the Bible this afternoon as we look at various things and I love that when I come to G. Y.C. and I say that people without their phones people with active paper Bibles. We're all in the cigarette in my students have come to the conclusion that we better have a Bible on our phone because not the what is going to say in the middle of class. Now let's look this up. We have my Bible. Unlike Proverbs sixteen verse two. Where it says all the ways of a man are clean or pure in his own eyes. But the lord way Earth the spirits. Because one of the things that the Bible says is let's not make the assumption that we automatically. Will look at something and now this is not pure This is not clean. Why can we not make the assumption that that's automatically going to happen but you know what's impure is that kind of obvious to you. Yes No it's obvious. Whenever you see something impure you know it. How would you know it. What would make it obvious. And then take us back to this morning. Remember we talked about the Word of God the Bible as a mirror and standard. I'm going to argue that the only way that we would know is if we are indeed grounded and based in the word. There's nothing about us that naturally says you know what I got it. Let me give you an example. Have you ever been exposed to something that in the beginning you thought was terrible and horrific and really really bad and then over time it seemed less and less and less so you got so used to hearing it or seeing it. That you almost didn't notice anymore that it. Is there. And so our assumptions that we automatically know what is pure and impure may not always be true that possibility of sliding into something that we didn't quite catch and one of the things that I'm going to suggest as we talk today is that there are some things that over time have also slid slowly and gently from where they were into a new place and that it's easy sometimes to miss that new place. And some oh look. What the summer says in Psalms twenty six verse two and they will look at some one thirty nine as well. But in some rooms thirty six first to. The sun is talks to that point. He addresses that issue for himself. As he looks sad. And I think I might have someone else read that for us. Let's get you involved in some other ways. Some thirty six and verse two. OK And you know when I just made a mistake. Let's go to some twenty six verse two. She's reading very well but. Let's go serve twenty six verse to test me examine me. Oh Lord. Try me. Examine my heart examine my mind. And he goes on in verse six to say for your love is ever before me. And one of the things that we're going to do in the session today is raise. Some things look at some issues that might need to be part of our examination. That might be need to be part of looking at our mind so let's go to one more text here. Someone thirty nine twenty three twenty four. Someone thirty nine twenty three twenty four. This is David's prayer. And let me recommend that it be our prayer as we address this issue as we look at these kinds of things because David understands that the heart is deceitful. And. That's really why can't we are not naturally inclined toward God not naturally inclined to the things of God. And so that even says Search me or God in making James know my heart. Trying me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in me. And leave me in the way everlasting. When you read. Oh you heard that we were going to talk about purity. What did you think we were going to talk about. Sexual purity. You thought oh just talk about sex. This is talk about you know how people having sex were not married to each other and people having sex with people who are not their partners and so you know that's good because we can come and be very comfortable. That we are probably not doing that. This will be a good session who feel good go home now because we're not doing that. And one of the things when I thought about the session. I'll be honest and I originally thought about how we should talk about premarital sex and we might for a minute or two. We should talk about it and then I came across something in. James. And. I was reading it I looked it up and then I started looking up more things. And it took me in a direction that I hadn't thought about at that moment. So if we go to James' one. And let's look at verses fourteen and fifteen. And it says every man. But in this case I really believe this is every man in the generic so it applies to every woman as well. And in James one. Was fourteen and fifteen. It says every man is tempted. When he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed and then one must have conceived it bring it for sin and sin when it is finished. Bring it forth death. So basically James you know what. What really happens to us. Is where hold by our own lust. And I'm writing in my journal and I think OK. I'm OK. I think I'm OK. Here. I don't think I am filled with lust and pulled by my own lust so I'm OK. And then I start looking terms up and my original assumption that when we're talking about lust we're necessarily talking about sexual desire is not necessarily so when James talks about lust. The definition that we worked with was controlled crazy. And so James says every man is tempted or every woman is tempted. When he is he or she is drawn away by their arm controlled this drives by those things that they crave and suddenly it shifts a little bit. What are the three. Things that you crave. What are the things. To use this definition that you lust for and then just widened the field. Did it not. Way beyond that initial narrow definition. And I'm going to use the word says that those desires those last pull us into a place where Van. We're led into sin. And the text goes on to say and that sale results in death a strong reason then to be interested in concerned about those things that we crave those things that we lust. We're going to make a connection between that discussion this morning about identity and the cravings that we have as women. As Christians. And in many many cases. Those cravings that we have. That lead us to strange places. I identified a number of things that currently I think are invitations to last for many women and some of these come out of the literature some of these come out of some of the statistics that are coming out right now. If you think in terms of lust you think in terms of uncontrolled cravings sexual or otherwise what would you say are some of the temptations that women are facing now there are any. We're all safe and we can go home now or you live somewhere very different from where I would have. Because. I work on a college campus and my experience is that there are some things out there alcohol for me internet porn. Relationship addiction for me fashion. And lusting for certain kinds of look and a craving for that will do all kinds of things to look a certain way. OK. Some of the addiction that people have to cosmetic surgery. So uncontrolled craving to the point where people destroy their bodies. In order to look a certain way. What else food. Some of us struggle. Some of us struggle and God Praise God gives the victory. Fantasy. I thought I saw another hand. Success. A lost a craving for success. I'd like to take a look at just a few of those on the list. Of the ones that you have mentioned. And I think are critical. One. Sauk about women and Vicarious romance woman and Vicarious romance one of the things that they've discovered. And it showed up in a variety of studies is that women can become addicted to romance novels they can also become addicted to television shows built around romance that can really get addicted to reading a book. Why how the idea of when the idea conveyed by the book. OK. OK so you can get addicted to simply the process of I don't really have to work my brain too hard to watch the show. You know you have to sit in front of the television and just kind of. By the way it is going through your head while it feels like it is it is going through your head making sense we can come back to that and that idea of Let this mind be in me which is in Christ Jesus sort of our romance novels for a minute. Now you can physically become addicted to romance novels. There is a hormone. That they call the snuggle hormone anybody know what it is oxytocin and one of the things about oxytocin is oxytocin his you that feeling literally. Process and cuddle and warmth. And so forth and so on and oxytocin is actually. That that substance. That allows woman to feel close when you're breastfeeding that creates that sense of nurture and it's also interesting really. A substance that has to be raised in a female for her to feel ready to have sexual relationships with something. And the interesting thing is they say in women it rises before and in men it rises after. But. It's that feeling we get of warmth and connection so forth. There are some fascinating studies. I suggest that reading romance novels raises the level in your body. And so what you become addicted to is not just the story. Not just the ease of reading but also the feeling of being nurtured and somehow connected. There's one of the things that I was looking at as I was reading this is what romance writers will say. And you know just as everything else in the world they do studies so that they can sell. And they have figured out what are the plots. What are the stories. What is it that works for women. And one of the things that happens with us is we buy into fantasy well. So we read the book and we can see everything. If you've ever read a romance novel. It has everything described in detail what she wore. What he wore what color hair wears and here and what he did. Because that creates for you that call the air. Image in your mind. And if you don't think that works as someone who reads romance novels to tell you the story and they can tell you the story in incredible detail and I'm thinking Did you watch it on television. I mean and then he wore and then he did this and then he put his hand here and. It's intentional. It's not by accident and it does exactly what it is expected to do so we're addicted partially to the feeling. But we're also addicted to the idea. To that fantasy because you know something in the story somehow these guys end up all right. They end up being the kind of guy that we all think eventually we're going to get together with right turn and some of the last ones I think there's some really strange variations on that but the fantasy allows us to live out in imagination. What many of us will never live out in reality. Can I say that again. Those of us who may pride ourselves on our purity and with something right. Need to be very careful of vicarious experience the kind of experience that I won't allow myself to go through physically but I will allow myself to go through in reading it. Watching. In listening. How many of you. Are intrigued by going to someone's house and standing in their bedroom and watching them. In their personal encounters. I'm glad to see no one raise their hand. How many of us have spent significant amounts of time. Over the years in somebodies bedroom on screen. Watching them. Do something that we would not stand in a bedroom and watch someone do I with me. So one of the challenges is the stuff that we're reading. And now romance novels have added. Not just the element of pornography because they have become much more pornographic. Than they used to be. But many of them. I have added elements of vampires. Elements of where wolves and all kinds of other things I spend a decent amount of time in bookstores. And one of the things that I'm able to do in a bookstore is walk through and pull things off the shelf and well to see whether they know me by name. And the shift over time in what is included in books and movies that we would never have imagined in books and movies five years ago that now are the norm. And so remember we talked earlier about that change that subtle change. Or one way that subtle change happens is the things that we were doing become worse. But we don't notice because we're addicted to doing it. Think about television. If you watch television. How have shows changed over the last five years. Now I can watch commercials with same sex couples in the commercial. Five ten years ago. I mean imagine a ball now normative. One of the things about guarding the avenues of our mind what we watch what we read is the fact that we become so used to it that it becomes normative it becomes OK. It becomes the way it is and we become used to it. So one of the issues I think definitely is what we read and what we watch but some of us seem not to need to read or watch it. We can create fantasy all by our selves. I wasn't home for some of us. And we have imaginations that are such. That we can create that story. Play that story in our heads and experience that story. By ourselves. Is that a good thing that we have imagination that we can create in our minds that we can build story is a good thing. It can be our wonderful thing. It just depends what it is that we're creating in our minds. It is a gift to be able to imagine God uses imagination. So that when you read the Bible and the Bible talks about God relating to us when you read the Bible and the Bible gives us a story you can tell it you can understand it you can see it. It's a great thing. But there are some fantasies that cost us. That cost us in sheer menders way is huge because the brain is built for repetition. You know that. And you know that when you repeat something. It actually physically changes your brain. The beauty of the brain is plasticity that you can change it. That it cuts grooves the more that you do something so what do you think happens the more that you imagine your brain treats that as experience any athletes in the room. One of the things that happens a lot in athletics right now is that we teach people to visualize themselves doing the sport. So you see these guys with a basketball and there's no basketball. But they are building. That memory that habit. And so when they actually do have a basketball they can work with it. The same thing works with what we read what we watch and what we imagine every single time. It cuts pathways in the brain and those pathways become deeper and deeper and deeper. Let me suggest three major problems with the fantasy romance novels the. Soap operas whatever that whole list of what I call vicarious romance one. It takes time. People. How's it take to read a romance novel depends on how fast you read write but I'm suspecting that for most of us is more than an hour more than two hours. It takes time and that's time that for most of us. We're not spending with people. We're not spending with God and we're not using to build the Bible talks about ordering our steps. The Bible talks about Teach us to number our days to mark our time time is an issue. Isolation is a second one. OK. Especially if you're a Christian. You're probably not reading your romance novel in front of all your friends you know. Over in a corner under the blankets with the flashlight. Song it moves us away from other people it moves us away from people who nurture and build Be careful of anything that you have to hide and. Anything that you have to hide. No matter how innocent it seems if I have to hide it. I need to be asking God about it right and if I got to take this book at some point in my bag and when you when I see you. I'm on the train and I got to put the magazine around it by the way. Be careful about the magazines some of them feed fantasy that they really want to look like that. And yes if you want to look like that. Let's talk about that. But so we talk about time we talk about isolation from other people talk about changes in the brain. One of the other things that vicarious romance does is change our expectations. What kind of man. Do you want and that one was I guess rhetorical. When you think about the kind of man that you want what determines that. How did you set that standard. If you've read enough romance novels watched enough romantic movies. You probably have a relatively skewed idea of what that man looks like and guess what those men were created to have a specific impact and you're not likely to find them in the real world. They have interesting problems that get solved easily. So if you're not likely to find them in the real world and I had someone say to me the other day but I don't understand. None of the men that I meet are like the man I've read it. Well. I wonder why. Because they don't have all kinds of editors sitting in a back room deciding what this guy should look like how we should act so for this one you're in the real world with real people on. So one of the things it does is change your expectations. There's a lot of. Well there's a decent amount of literature that talks about how women who are heavy romance readers who watch a lot of soap operas and so forth and so on tend to be unhappy. There are unhappy with themselves because they're not like the fantasy world. And they're unhappy with the man the husbands the boyfriends because they don't fit they don't do those things you know in a romance novel is free to buy all kinds of expensive gifts for you in the real world you have to work to get the money you bring it home and he has to think about it. Are we making some sense here. So I would encourage you to be very very careful about romanticism in that sense. About that imagined view of what you want. And what you need. And the last challenge that I have for you is that that kind of vicarious experience is grooming. You know what I mean when I say grooming one of the things that happens for example. If somebody is interested in let's say working with homeless kids and they would like that homeless kid to be in the sex trade is you start to groom them. You do little things and little things that bring them closer and closer to where you want them to be. And eventually. That person in Italy slides into it and then later they find out where they are. And often it's too hard to get out. This kind of reading groups people. What happens when you get used to reading a book and getting that feeling of. Nurture and snuggle and so forth and what happens when the book. Is no longer enough for that feeling than what we have moved ourselves to a place where it is easier for us to fall into the sins that we pride ourselves on not being involved in. This that makes sense. Do you see it. And so the idea is when I see this over here. That looks so innocent. So. Non-invasive I remind myself. Well James one says what about lust James one. We started there. What are the texts say. We're tempted by our lust and that lust pulls us to sin and sin reads to death. What happens if you're already addicted and if those paths. Are already cut into your brain. I'm going to suggest that there's hope for us. There's hope for us. But let me turn you for a minute to first Corinthians six verse eighteen. Because some of us are not involved. Some of us are lightly involved. And for those of us who are not yet caught up in those kinds of things. I would go with first Corinthians six verse three because it basically says flee from sexual immorality. Not walk now our societal sideways. Now shack as you go. Not stand in that section of the bookstore or the video store or the channels the Bible says fully. Fully as in Ron. Because the things that we crave there are controlled pull us to want that. And so for those of you for whom these are not issues. I would say when you see it. Run when you get close to it run when you get tempted by run if somebody else gives it to you Ron if you have to leave it at home and want to leave it with you a better way. We just throw it in the garbage and move on. But. Women particularly seem to be he sensitive to this particular thing let me read you a couple of quotes from Mrs Wiley. Even fiction which contains no suggestion of impurity and which may be intended to teach excellent principles is harmful. It encourages the habit of hasty and superficial reading merely for the story. Thus it destroys the power of connected and vigorous thought Iran gets the soul to contemplate issues of Christ. This is councils the parent teaches and students and by the way we will post to the app some of this information for you. So let me talk about Christian fiction and Christian romances because people tell me they're all clean that they don't have any sex ed man. They're still stories that are unrealistic. That are based on fantasy and that were created to sell. And that shift. Over time as the market changes. So as the other ones get worse. These can progress a little because they look so much better in comparison to the other. So those of us who have been sold that particular bill of goods but it's a Christian romance but it's got holy characters in it. But the people are missed. And also not real Japanese. Let me mention something else while we're here. Used to be. We talked about pornography as a male problem. It used to be. When we talked about addiction to pornography. We mostly and only talked about men. Well women we have come of age. Because this is no longer a male problem. I ran across an article where it said that if you. If you. It was written for psychologists said if the woman that you're dealing with has certain sexual issues that you're addressing you could prescribe Fifty Shades of Grey and I walked and I looked again because pornography for females has come of age it's out there it's accepted and we also have a problem in here. Let's not get all of you know you know we don't we don't have those kind of problems. If it's out there. It's in here. Again we're talking about leaving when the Bible talks to us about what happened. In the mind. It says that adultery fornication is not only what you do with your body. It's also what happens in your mind and some of us have minds that are in a very different place from our bodies. I'm not going to do a whole lot. I'm not going to say a whole lot about that. Other than to say one. It is very easy to find and fall into if we are not grounded in true in the word we fall into things I didn't mean to it was accidental. And I mean for that to happen to me and let me talk about some physical things while we're here. I didn't mean to this happen. It was accidental. How do we accidentally end up in bed with someone. I do believe that we often don't mean to but it's not accidental. It's not accidental. And it is also not inevitable. Think about the places you go the people you go with the circumstances under which you find yourself. I had a student when they who came to my office as a doctor wasn't you know this happened and I'm so you know and and we prayed together I'm kind of cried together and so forth and so on a couple weeks later. Back in my office. You know that wasn't in the land and so I had to start asking some questions were you in the same place you were last time or a similar place where you doing the same things you were doing last. Or similar things. Yeah. Why did you think there would be a different outcome. If you build a hedge that's far enough from the center where more protective You have to be intentional for something to not happen. Quote unquote accidentally are we. Intentional about the protection and the use of the bodies that God has gifted us with Bible says you are not your own. So since it doesn't belong to me I might have to be very careful about how I share it. And where I share it and be intentional about who I share it with and let's talk a little bit about the soft stuff. Well no I don't sleep together we do some touching you know not not here when you start to have to explain to me but not. I'm already. Where are we. I'm talking about viz kinds of things with us. Because so often we are the ones who by that spirit textbook definition can talk about purity. But by that definition of lust and uncontrolled craving and what happens in our mind that the scripture talks about we may not be there and the Bible is very clear that the women. Of God are pure they're clean. So your story I read recently that kind of grossed me out but it also was extremely powerful for me. A young man was talking about. I only want to do a little bit of this to his mother. And so his mother made some brownies. And in the Brownies. She put some of the scoop the cheese scooped up behind the dog. And so as he got ready to eat the brownies. She said Oh by the way. There's a little bit of Freddie's leaving in the Brownies and more put it down. And she said but it's only a little bit it's not much I was powerful. For me a little bit isn't the same a touch and same in a whole lot of good stuff is the same. So as you think about as you work with as you develop as you allow God to develop in you purity understand that a little bit too much little bit too much. OK. You can't say it's clean. If it's spotted balance talk about that solutions. How do you work with that. Suppose I already am in quote unquote spot it does that make me used goods. Does that make me somehow suppose I'm struggling with an addiction. What does God say is there any good news for me. What would the good news be. Someone give me some good news if I'm struggling with addiction someone give me some good news. He forgives our Since he heals our diseases. What else. He's able to keep us from falling in Jude and he came to set the captives free. What ever the lust is that craving that we hold until he came to set the captives free. People are addicted to whatever that might be usually because of something that we think we don't have and need more of. Maybe if escapism. I read romance novels so I don't have to think about my real life and the fact that I don't have a man and I want to have a man. So I read romance novels as escapism. For some of us. It's excitement. It gives us a sense of excitement and participation and so for the summer for some of us. It gives us a sense of belonging. There are reasons for addictions. And in that sense addictions become idols. Why in what way. Is an addiction and I don't. Because we're putting it in God's place where suggesting that I can do for us something that we're not allowing God to do and so part of dealing with addiction is understanding that every good and every perfect gift comes from God And so whatever it is that I need. He has a way to address if I'm lonely as a way to address it. If myself work and my sense of self is off. He has a way to address it whatever it is he is willing and able to address in turn with me. Well let's go back to James for a minute. James one sixteen and seventeen. So that you can read for yourself. So James after each talks about every person is tempted drawn away by their own lusts and enticed them when Lott has conceived it bring it forth the same and same when it is finished. Bring it forth that. And then he says don't be deceived. And he always refers to his beloved brother and do not be deceived do not air. Every good gift. Every perfect gift is from above and coming down from the Father of Lights with whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning it is not by accident that that text follows the other texts because what James the say whatever you crave God can fill the craving if what you crave is not something you want to have that's fine. He can change it in give you what it is that you really need long term with me to is the. Is it your sixteen to is a chill is if you're sixteen and we're going to look at verses four to nine. And then we're going to look at something a little further in the chapter. And someone read that for us we're going to look at is the Q. Sixteen. Anyone have it now. Sixteen forty nine. OK if you would please. Yes. Oh yes. Now that we're at OK this is one of those images in the Bible that I absolutely love. That says you know you're like a little baby. And you were there and you were covered in blood and you were not loved and you were not appreciated and I came and I got you and I washed you. And I saw you keeping about in your blood and I said live and I made you grow and I took care of you and you flourished and you grew and when you got older I also loved you and I made a covenant with you and I was to make sure that you were clean and if you read this whole chapter. The interesting thing that happens is this woman that God talks about doing this for. Actually goes out and gets dirty all over again. And she goes out and she does a series of things and through the chapter God talks about how he made her beautiful and he gave her jewels and he did all of these things for her but what I'd like to look at for a minute. Is verses sixty two and sixty three. After she's gotten out and she's done all kinds of things and it's changed her life and so forth and so when God says it's OK. You know what I'm going to forgive you. I'm going to call you back. Remember you're mine. I chose you when you were baby. I chose you again when you were a teenager. And I choose you again. Now he says in verse sixty two I was stablish my covenant with you. And you will know that I am a lord. Then when I make atonement for you for all you have done. You will remember and never again will you open your mouth. Because of your shame. And initially I thought you know what it means she won't be able to say anything because she is ashamed and then I thought wait a minute. If indeed he's washed her and changed her. And turned her back and so forth and so on. Where is her shame. Remember the woman who was caught in adultery. Where was her shame because God said to her of course after he had spoken to her you know what you are so terrible. You have done all these terrible things and you should be ashamed for the rest of your life. Yes. Is that how you remember the story that's not how I remember the story. What does the Bible say is that the go said Mom you're my daughter. You're my child. It's done. It's buried in that that. The sea is washed wider than snow go signal more. So for those of us who may find ourselves in this discussion. Having been involved in things that have compromised our purity The nice thing about God washing us. Is that that we are clean. Then we are pure again and then we move forward in the gift that he has given. I did not. When I'm looking at a time when we won't have time I did not spend time talking about masturbation. Which is something that I had on the list of things to talk about. And I'm not going to spend the time now to develop that. Other than to say we're looking at the same issues folk fantasy imagination combined with then the physical added to it with the same issues about isolation and about substituting the fake for the real. With the same issues about not allowing God to supply what we need at that stage in our lives and so we have to do for ourselves what God has not given to us to make sense. The God you haven't given this to me so I guess I have to solve my own problems and do this myself ice. We can talk more. If you need to. We can get a group together and talk more. If we need to but again. Of those things that women struggle with. Need to hold onto that becomes a major one. We're about to close with prayer. Our next session will be a session in which we talk about leadership and submission. And what it means when the Bible says submit and how we might have meant but now and this is really important to me and to you what submit to God. Those last those things that we crave and that we might at times choose. To meet that craving in ways that are not gifts from God. Let's pray. For her we're so glad that we're your little girls. We're so glad we're that we can come to you. Not just as princesses and daughters of the king. But also Lord as your little child. As your child who sometimes has reach for. Things that are shiny and bright but not real. Sometimes grab onto things that seem to solve the problems that we have or provide the the solution to the needs that we have but you didn't give them to us and then our from you. I ask Lord that you would build a hedge around us. Protect us. Help us the world to know you well enough to know your word. Well enough so we see impurity coming and we fully but also Lord. I ask that you would give us the compassion the kindness. To walk with those of us and others who may be trapped in what for them seems to be uncontrollable cravings Help us Lord to see you and how you might meet not only our needs. But the needs of those are. Around us. The Lord. We thank you for forgiveness. We thank you for lives that are washed in your blood. We thank you for the promise of purity. No matter who we are and where we are so your sacrifice of Calvary just so you're so gracious. You're so wonderful and we love you so watch. Thank you for being our God for loving and for saving us this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web where Gene.


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