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5. The Gift of Guilt and Shame

Amanda Anguish


There’s a difference between guilt and shame. And how we see ourselves shows a lot about how we see God. Let’s put guilt and shame in their right place!



  • December 30, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. Well thank you all for coming. It's even more flattering when people come back to your seminar after they've already heard some of them. So thank you for those of you who've come back which I like to pray with me because I want to pray for myself I do this anyway on my own but I thought maybe you'd like to be involved in my prayer and also I'd like to pray for the other speakers too because I know they have many people are listening to them and I hope that each meeting that you go to will be a blessing to you and that it will also be something that you need to hear because I love how God works those things out sometimes. Dear Father in heaven. I want to thank you so much for the blessing that you've given me just to be here. It's so inspiring to be able to be in a group of people especially young people who love you and want to draw closer to you and some of us. I know feel a little isolated coming from the little areas that we do and to be somewhere like here to have so many thousands of people all around us who also love you just really nice to see that this is this might be part of the population of heaven one day. So thank you for that and more and I want to ask that you would especially be with the other speakers who are speaking I I'm sad that I'm missing out on what they're talking about too but I thank you. That they're reporting these meetings so that we can listen to them later and then we can also be inspired by them later. I want to ask that you would bless me too. I know that I put work into these talks but I also know that the Holy Spirit can imbue the words that you would have me speak even amidst all of the things that I've planned and that you might have inspired me to speak to so I ask these things and I thank you for these things in your Son Jesus name Amen. I love the name of Jesus because I was reading once that when we see Jesus's name. We are often don't realize the weight of that name but what happens in heaven when his name is said all heaven just hushes and just is an odd name so. Just a just a word of inspiration that when you are praying and you say in Jesus' name don't rush through it really get the full sense of I'm praying and his name. God will hear my prayer and will speak on behalf of me too so it's a beautiful thing and I'm just thankful that we do get to pray. I want to talk to you about the gift of guilt. Now I know some of you probably gain came here because you feel guilt. And so I'm glad that you're here before I start I want to share a story with you when I was younger I went to. I guess it was like a conference office a church conference office there was a party. I don't remember if it was somebody retiring if it was a birthday party an anniversary or whatever but I went there with my family and I walked into the women's restroom. I was younger I walked into the women's restroom and I saw a purse on the counter and I saw the person in the counter and I thought oh man. Somebody's left their person here and then my Then next thought was Well I want to return the purse to the person who owns this but I don't want to go. Through the purse to find their ID and have them walk in here. So in my naive state of mind I decided that I was going to take the purse into the stall. Check it in there so nobody would see me going through a purse because I knew that would look kind of guilty and so as I walked into the stall the woman who owned the purse saw me take the person into the stall and started railing on me. That I was stealing her purse and taking all her things and I just stood there. I had no idea what to say because I realised how guilty I looked. I felt awful I didn't want to show my face in the place afterwards I did not want to walk out of the bathroom I knew I had to because then other questions would be asked if I didn't leave the bathroom but I felt so guilty. And that's just one of the stories I felt in my entire life and I want to share with you all of the things I should feel guilty about those are personal between me and God and maybe me in the person if I offended them but I just felt so guilty and that stuck with me for a long time. And I know all other areas in our lives we feel guilty about and they stick with us that guilt sticks with us. But you might notice I'm speaking about the gift of guilt. And there is a gift that comes with guilt. Many of you probably don't feel it and you've heard me talk in seminars before about the difference between feelings and what's true. But sometimes feelings are a reflection of what's true and sometimes feelings are not a reflection of what's true and I want to short I want to show you the difference between those two and so I'm going to share with you the gift of guilt. The parable of the foot. I like how Jesus used parables to show practical examples of things and I asked yesterday or last night if any of you like to hike who likes to hike in here. Great. I like to hike too. I really like to hike I love places that look kind of like this you know thoughts of grass and everything in California. We've had some good rain. So there's a lot of grass near where I live and so the hiking trails have a lot more flowers and will not flower so much now but a lot more grass and we will have flowers in the spring. I've been thinking God so much for the rain because of the spring flowers are going to get that I almost imagine that they're there already. But when we go hiking Have you ever been hiking and you've had maybe a soreness or rubbing sensation happen on your foot somewhere. Now if you keep going and you don't stop when that happens. What happens. You have a blister groups. Sorry my clickers really sensitive you start to get a blister and if you don't stop when you have a blister formed what happens it pops and you can get this. Don't worry I'm not going to go too far with this but if you don't take if care of it at this point what can happen. You can get infection and I'm going to cut to the chase you can have a lot of things happen. You can actually get to the point if you don't take care of a sore that happens on your leg you can actually eventually need to amputation. Are you all thankful for blisters. Guilt is a sign I want you to think about guilt as being a sign. It doesn't mean something is necessarily happening. It's a. Signs that something could happen just like all of the signs that we have on the road. Are you thankful for those signs. Imagine if you're merging onto the freeway and this is your first time you didn't know what you're doing and there was no merge sign to tell you hey my lane turns into the one that's already coming up alongside me as I'm going onto the freeway. I have had times where I have not seen the sign and I forgotten hey those people behind me may not be looking for me and they need to be looking for that sign too. How about Crossroads. We have stop signs and we have lights that have different signs represented by those lights. If we didn't have those things. What kind of me would we have on the roads a lot and some people don't follow the signs and that's why you know we stop a little bit longer than we need to even when the light turns green after it's been red for a while. I'm thankful for signs but a lot of people don't like signs they don't like things that are that tell them not to do things or don't go this far. They don't want to have those limitations. Eve had a limp when she was in the garden. There was a sign put there and that sign was a do not come close sign. God and the angels had told her that she was not to go near the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. And Genesis three tells us that Satan used a serpent at that place. That that serpent was more subtle or cunning. That it caused her to question God or at least put it out there that she should question God or doubt and him. And he said you won't die. Your eyes will be opened which appeals to our pride. Sometimes we don't. Like signs because we don't want to be told things we don't want to hear about ourselves Eve saw that the tree was good. Now we don't know if there was anything inherently wrong about the tree. But we do know that there was something wrong about the tree because as long as God tells us not to is there something wrong with going near it is there something wrong with eating it. Absolutely. And none of this was good. I'm going to share with you a little bit. I teach psychology in that we mark college and one of the things one of the terms that I teach my students is the term confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the practice of looking for things that violate or validate sorry validate our point of view or what we want to believe. So sometimes if I want to believe something even if I'm told something else. I'm only going to look for the things that actually validate what I want to believe this happened in our election recently there was a lot of confirmation bias going. I'm not going to tell you which candidate was right or wrong. That's I don't want to go there. But. If you watched you know what was going on in the news if you were on social media. I saw a lot of people who were voting for one candidate versus a lot of people voting for another candidate postings email things that all confirmed their bias about their candidate. They would only post the articles that support it. Even if there were fifteen other articles that disproved what they had said. They would only post articles that proved and often they wouldn't even look at the articles that didn't prove or the videos that didn't prove what they believed. And I said prove quote unquote. But Adam looked for a reason to eat the. Brood and alternately not have to give up rather than trust God. And sometimes when we want something bad enough. We're willing only to look at the things that confirm the bias that we already have. There's another term though. It's called belief purser variance and this is a little bit more passive of a turn. But this term is the end willingness to see alternatives to an already held belief. And this is what we call close mindedness. Now I don't believe in the term close mindedness like most people do close mindedness to me as when we're not willing to look at other things but sometimes in our society. It means I'm not willing to look at things that most people don't agree with. But it doesn't always mean I'm not look willing to look at things that maybe I believe but others are saying is wrong. And B they have something else that they want to share with me and Adam and Eve in this situation. I believe perseverance because rather than recognizing can confessing their sin what did they do. They cover their sin. What is the result of sin. When man transgress the divine law his nature became evil and he was in harmony and not at variance with Satan and this is from great controversy page five zero five. But there was something else that God created. And that's and and in Genesis three fifteen it says and I will put between the and the woman and between the I seed in her seed it shall bruise I head and shall and thou shalt bruise his heel. So God actually put a hatred or hostility between us and Satan rather than leave us wholly to the destruction of Satan. So what is the result of this and Miti the sentence pronounced on Satan. I will put and mentee between the in the woman in between. I see it in her seed it shall bruise the head and the bruises heal was to our first parents a promise of the redemption to be wrought out through Christ and that's from Acts of the Apostles page two twenty two. God actually put something between us and the very being that we made a contract with in sin so that we would not wholly stay connected to see that was a gift that God gave us. So even in our guild God put something there so that we would not wholly cling to the Double in sin. So what is the result of this entity Christ in sanctuary says this sentence uttered in the hearing of our first parents was to them a promise. While it for Told war between man and Satan it declared that the power of the great adversary would finally be broken though they must suffer from the power of their mighty foe. They could look forward to final victory. And in the second second section that was from Page nineteen in page twenty. It says heavenly angels Angels more fully opened to their first parents the plan that had been devised for their salvation. Adam and his companion were assured that notwithstanding their great sin. They were not to be abandoned to the control of Satan. I believe that's one of the reasons we have guilt is so that we won't be abandoned to Satan. To the control of Satan the Son of God had offered to atone with his own life for their transgression. Does anybody know anything about congenital analgesia. This is a condition where you. You lose that pain nerves that cause you to stop doing things and in this little girl's case. She has frequent injuries physical injuries absent or reduced sense of smell. Lack of pain sensation in the inability to feel foreign objects in her eyes also mouth injuries and the reason all of these things happen is because when you're a little child if you walk through that door back there and you accidently hit it. What are you going to do the next time you walk through that door. You're going to walk a little bit wider because you realize when you hit it pain was caused. And so you're going to do something different. So you don't get that pain again. How about when you are you know moving your hand around and you might scratch your face or something you accidentally hit your eye. The next time you scratch your face. You're going to make special care not to get your finger too close to your eye. Well these little kids don't feel pain. So sometimes you know if mom's cooking something on the stove and the little kid comes by and puts their hand on the stove. They don't feel it and so what happens is it blisters and it burns and they still don't feel it isn't a sad state of being this is so bad that parents have to put goggles over their children's eyes they have to put helmets on their heads they have to put need pads elbow pads they have to put gloves on their hands and they have to watch them twenty four seven to make sure that they don't hurt themselves because it won't hurt them even though they're hurting themselves. That's a sad state to be in. And yet so many of us. Hate the fact that we experience pain when we do something wrong. But that's actually a gift from God that when you do something wrong that you do feel pain because when we feel pain. What should we do what will we want to do correct it. So we don't feel the pain again. So why is guilt to give to guilt like pain helps us recognize where we are in relation to where we need to be I have this picture up here of a student in a class because when I was in college I had is probably later on in college because you know by the time you get to your junior and senior year in college you start having smaller and more specific classes. And I had been I haven't always been a fair pist before I became a therapist. I used to do fundraising for a living and my degree was in public relations. So I'm actually doing some of my degree because I'm presenting but I didn't actually go to school to be a therapist originally. And I was in my public relations classes and there was another student in my class who was actually a pretty good friend of mine to me. Ben in most of these classes together and for some reason at some point in my education and my time with this person. I started to notice that just about every day when I was in class with him that. He would say things that I didn't like to hear. And it was one of those things I don't know if you're anything like me but sometimes people. I don't know why I just don't like them. They get on my nerves. And in this case this guy in my class who was actually a friend of mine and I hadn't had any problems with them up to this point I don't remember. Started when we would talk in class because it was a very informal kind of class when he would say things I would just be like whoa. Can you just stop talking. Please. Why do you have to say that what's wrong with you just be quiet. These are the thoughts I was thinking. And I'm being very real with you guys right now but I know as a therapist that many of you have felt the scripts too so I can feel safe sharing with you and all of the other people who might hear this on audio verse but I was feeling I was feeling some real bad feelings towards him. And in this in the span of these feelings this was happening over at least days if not weeks I don't remember it started to dawn on me. You know Amanda the ugliness is not with him a cleanness is with you. Because why is it that you've been friends with him for so long and all of the things that he said up until this point haven't rubbed you the wrong way and now it's rubbing you the wrong way you're starting to feel these things towards him. And I was really convicted and I thought God I don't like to feel this way because it makes me ugly. People can't snuff the certainly see on the outside. What's going on but I feel ugly on the inside and I don't like this ugliness that's happening inside of me and I know this isn't from you and I prayed about it I said God please change me because I know he's not the problem because he hadn't said anything different. It wasn't about that. And I don't remember how long it took after this. But at some point when we were in class one day he was talking and it dawned on me. I'm not a no wait by him like I was sliced week. I'm not frustrated with everything little thing that he's saying. That's the power of God to change our hearts. But also it's the power of God when he can fix us and gives us allows us to experience that pain that we can take that painting go. This is not what I should be feeling right now and God I know you can change my heart. And God promises to change. Are we see that many times the bible. But there's also something that happens because I know not everyone is being convicted of sin when they feel guilt. Sometimes guilt is also misinterpreted and guilt is misinterpreted because I put this picture up here because while we would be lost without the feeling and knowledge mean of guilt. Often it is misinterpreted due to the whispers of Satan. And there are some times in our lives where we're feeling guilt and it's appropriate. But there's other times in our lives too where we're feeling guilt. And it's not appropriate and maybe we haven't done anything maybe we're not feeling anything. Thing negative because of something that we're doing. But we're feeling negatively because of the whispers of Satan and sometimes those whispers come through other people and I want to share a little bit of that with you now so guilt gets misinterpreted two ways One is we take on guilt that isn't ours there's another term in psychology and it's called projection and this is a little bit different than what I said the other day when I talked about the five P. S. and it included project. Projection projection is when the person who is I'll just give you an example. It's easier to explain it with an example. If I am having If I am a selfish person and I don't want to acknowledge that I am selfish. Sometimes what a person can do is actually project project that selfishness onto another person. So say for instance I'm with you just pretend it's the two of us and we're having a nice nondairy ice cream cone. And that nondairy ice cream cone is really good and we're both eating it together. We're talking and enjoying our time. And somehow maybe you're talking a little bit more than me and I finish my ice cream faster than you do while I get to the end of my ice cream and I say wow that was really good. Can I have some of yours. And you think to yourself. Will you just finish ice cream. We both have the same amount and now you want mine and I say Will you're selfish if you won't give me your icecream that's that selfish not to share. Well I'm calling you selfish but is that necessarily true of what's happening. I'm being selfish because I just finished mine and now I want yours. But I'm projecting my own selfishness onto you. Because if I don't put that on you then you'll feel OK to say no and not share it with me and really my goal is to get you to share yours with me. So that's what projection is it's when the perpetrator or the identified person has a certain trait and they don't want to go their own trait and so they put it on to someone else to cause them to feel bad. So that they can ultimately get their goal and some of you are probably experiencing this in your own lives. By other people. And the worst part of that is not just the projection. But then there's something called projective identification and that's when you hearing me say that you're selfish start thinking to yourself. Wow I really am selfish because I'm not sharing my ice cream with her and that it is important to share. Now this is just an example. There can be other more dramatic ways that this might be happening in your own life or maybe even your doing this with other people I've given this part of the presentation before and I've had people say oh wow. It's actually me I'm the one doing that. Which is wonderful because not everybody who does this recognizes that they're doing it. But. Sometimes they get we feels because actually someone else is projecting that their own traits on to us and causing us to take ownership of those trades. And they and this is specifically something called gaslighting and some of you might have heard of this because this is a term that's been going around a little while but there are different forms of gaslighting and the first form is called withholding. And this is when the other person pretends not to understand you or flat out refuses to listen to you. He or she might say things like you don't want to hear this again. Or it might come in the form of countering the other person questions your memory even if you're sure you know what happened. I've had clients do this with me. Sometimes they'll say you told me this and I say that doesn't sound like me though. And I'm thinking. Do you have proof of that and they'll they'll say oh well no but I know you said this thinking. Doesn't sound like something I would say I'm not saying I didn't say it but I know it doesn't sound like something I would say and then they say you're wrong. You never remember things correctly or you're imagining things that never happened. The next part of gaslighting or the next example gaslighting is blocking our diverting this is when the other person changes the subject to silence you or questions how you're feeling saying things like Is that another crazy idea you got from your and mother father sister or whatever and this is a way to shut you down and block you from being able to ask questions. By the way these are some of the ways that the double use is with us to have you notice these things. Sometimes. We'll say things to us or will hear a thought go through our head. Oh wow. Maybe I am crazy maybe I am wrong and I believe sometimes news is people to do this to us too. But the next one is called trivializing in this is when the other person makes your needs or feeling seem unimportant constantly telling you that you're too sensitive or that you're going to get angry over a little thing like. You're trying to express something about the relationship that you don't like that you're hoping that person will change and they say oh that's not a big deal. Why would you even care about that people other people do worse. And then the last one is forgetting or denying and this is when the other person pretends to have forgotten what really happened or flat out deny his promises he or she mean to you. He or she will say things like I don't know what you're talking about or you're just making things up. These are the things that we have to be careful of when we're looking at the concept of guilt. But guilt can also be misinterpreted in another way and that way is when we magnify the guilt and minimize cry sacrifice for us. Some of us when we've done things that we're not happy about. We're constantly reminding ourselves we have a term in psychology called rumination send anybody know what I coude does when they chew their food for the first time. It goes down and then it comes back up and then they chew it again. It goes down. And I don't know how many times that happens but that's where we get the word from. Your thoughts just keep going around and around and around and you're constantly feeling the negative effects of your guilt. Well in a previous seminar. I asked the question are you. I told you you're supposed to ask the question when you have a negative feelings. Is it true and is it helpful and for me to ruminate on something that something might be true but is it actually helpful for me to spend the next six months going over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again with it. No it's not helpful. Christ object lessons page one seventy four says you who feel the most unworthy fear not to commit your case to God So rather than ruminating on something. What should we do. Commit that case to God. When he gave himself to in Christ for the sin of the world he undertook the case of every soul and you could say your soul. That he spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him. Also freely give us all things Romans eight thirty two. Will he not fulfill the gracious word given for our encouragement and strength. God wants us to commit. Our guilt to him. He wants us to confess our sins and then he says. He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and not just forgive us our sins but to cleanse us from all and righteousness is it fair to the work that he's done for us to sit there and ruminate on it over and over and over and over and over and over again. When I'm coming when I'm sitting there and thinking about my guilt over and over and over again. I'm actually discounting the sacrifice over and over and over and over and over again. So when I have the option. Be ruminating on my guilt which should i actually be ruminating on. Un-Christ sacrifice for me. The Lord is disappointed and I shared this before because this is one of my favorite passages in desire of ages. The Lord is disappointed when his people place a low estimate upon themselves. He desires his chosen heritage to value themselves according to the price he has placed upon them. God wanted them else he would not have sent His Son on such an expensive errand to read them. He has a use for them and he is well pleased when they make the very highest demands upon him that they may glorify its name. They may expect a large things if they have faith in His promises. So what's another thing that we are permitted to ruminate on God's promises were not permitted to ruminate on our guilt were permitted to ruminate on God sacrifice their his son and God's promises in his word. So lessons from the guilty I want to share some things that I found about some people in the Bible who experience guilt Judas was treasure this is from desire of ages five fifty nine Judas was treasure for the disciples and the treasure in the bag was often drawn upon to relieve the poor. Now the act of Mary and after a pause a second because the projector just want to know and I haven't memorized this I'm not to Randy's Skeets level yet. That is an amazing gift. It should be coming back. My experience with this is that it comes back. Pretty soon. If not I can read it from here. Well you know when I see. I didn't plug it in I'm surprised it lasted this long. This is so you can meditate on the promises of God. Ruminate on on the sacrifice of Christ. We're supposed to do that every day anywhere. And see if I can find it quicker than. OK There we go now the act of Mary was in such marked contrast to his selfishness that he was put to shame. And according to his custom he sought to assign a worthy motive for his objection to her gift so see what's happening. He actually feels guilt and shame and rather than acknowledge his guilt and shame what is he doing. He's trying to disqualify the gift that Mary gave turning to the disciples He asked why was not this point been sold for three hundred pence and given to the poor this he said not that he cared for the poor but because he was a thief and had the bag and bear that was put there in Judas had no heart for the poor had Mary's point been sold and the proceeds fallen into his possession the poor would have received no benefit. This is what happens when we don't acknowledge our guilt. And were not convicted to change. So what is our response like Judas if we continue acting in guilt it produces shame. Specifically it leads to three things one. We have to create more and more lies to live with ourselves. Do you know when you don't Ignalina ensure guilt and shame in a situation that you actually have to start telling more lies. And this never brings relief. It only creates a compulsive need to keep covering the previous lives and actually it leads to dilution delusion. They the plow iniquity reap the same job for eight. Do you know I actually have worked with people I believe that are experiencing delusional disorders because they've been continually lying to themselves. About choices that they've made in their lives. This is not a popular belief I'm a fair pissed a marriage and family therapist and the people that I work with most people who are therapist would say oh this is a mental disorder and all these things are happening because of biological problems in the brain and we need to do this and this to make it better but I have actually seen people who have lied to themselves over and over about choices that they're making to the point that it creates delusion. And I believe that to spiritual thing and where we're actually discounting the benefits of God When we say oh this is just you know. What this person is having to deal with because of you know a biological reason. Now I'm not saying there aren't biological factors involved but I'm saying for the most part this is what I see. Number two. Another thing that specifically happens we become focused solely on self Proverbs eleven two says when pride cometh then cometh shame. Number three we become mentally unstable what happened with Judas. Eventually in the end. He gave that he committed suicide. Judas wound up taking his own life. Well there's another person who felt guilt in the Bible too in that sack Yes. And desire of ages page five fifty five in five fifty six says before Zacchaeus had looked upon the face of Christ notice this is before he was even encountered Christ he had begun the work that made him manifest as a true penitent before being accused by me and he had confessed his sin he had yielded to the conviction of the Holy Spirit and had begun to carry out the teachings of the words written for ancient Israel as well as for ourselves and the very first response of Zacchaeus to the love of Christ was in manifesting compassion toward the poor and suffering. It is when Christ is received as a personal savior that salvation comes to the soul. Zacchaeus had received Jesus not merely as a passing guest in his home. But as one to abide in the soul temple for they which are of faith the same are the children of Abraham relations three seven. So what did he do when he felt guilt. He confessed that guilt and he changed. He turned Actually that's what it means when we repent. We actually turn. We turn from what we've been doing. So what is our response leg Zacchaeus rather than get stuck in our guilt our recognition of guilt. Prompted by the work of the Holy Spirit will move us ever forward. And specifically it will lead to three things one proper and accurate sense of guilt and self. It will help us recognize where we have wronged God theirs and the temple of God that we are true humility and softening of our hearts will take place. Number two it will cause us to confess our wrong and make restitution as far as lies in our power and that comes. In the example of Zacchaeus. And number three we will rejoice our sins are now covered by the blood of Christ Jesus and truth sets us free. And I want to I'm not going to call on this person but there's a person in this room that told me a story yesterday and it was about an accident that it happened to them and this accident had been ruminating in their mind over and over again as they passed by the area where the accident happened. And it was one day that this person realized you know that's not a place where trauma happened. That's actually a place where God spared me. And so I often that's what we do with our guilt we think over and over again that the guilt is a reminder of all of the horrible things I've done. But the guilt should actually be a reminder that God has put and Miti between me and Satan. I wouldn't be feeling this if God didn't care about me and my eternal salvation. He wouldn't put this guilt in my heart if he didn't want me to change if he didn't love me and see something better for my life. But so often rather than hear the words of God we listen to the whispers of Satan. And we accept what he says about our guilt rather than what Jesus says about our guild and what Jesus has done for us. So what was Christ's response. If you have your Bibles I actually want you to be involved in this. Christ was it was and is not willing that any should perish do I have anybody who's willing to read second Peter three nine and read it out for us. And then somebody who is also willing to read Matthew twenty five forty one. Who has second Peter three nine. Yes. Yeah you can read. Absolutely. That's a beautiful word longsuffering. God is willing to sit with us. Patiently and wait for us to turn because he's not willing for us to perish as Matthew twenty five forty one. Yes Would you read that face out loud. Yeah. Now that sounds scary but do you know what everlasting fire was prepared for. The Devil and his angels. It was not made for us. God doesn't want to because with the first verse we heard that's not. Well the first and second verse it's not for us because the first verse. He's not willing that any should perish. It was never intended for us. God's God's ideal is not for us to have to experience eternity without him. What is Christ's response well Christ also took on our guilt and shame who would like to read Isaiah fifty verse six and then somebody hold on to Hebrews twelve first two. As soon as you have it. Let me know. Isaiah fifty verse six. Yes. Christ can relate to our feelings of guilt and shame because he took on our feelings of guilt and shame. He actually took on all of ours together we experience our own Christ. Experienced all of it cumulatively. And then this Hebrews twelve two actually goes with this one but it also goes with the next one. Christ X. should actually consider joy to take on our guilt and shame so who has Hebrews twelve verse two yes you can read it. For. Christ consider to choice to take it on. Why do mothers consider it Joy to get pregnant and then go through birth without an epidural without any sort of pain relief. Because there's a baby at the end. I've told some of you. My last name is anguish you know that but my middle name is Joy. My parents call me their bundle of joy. It's nicer than their bundle of pain. No but they call me their bundle of joy. I'm not the only one who gets called that other parents call their children their bundle of joy. And yet the mom in the dad have gone through a lot of pain. Maybe the mom more than the dad but have gone through a lot of pain to get that bundle of joy. In the same way. Christ counted it joy to go to the cross because we would be with him forever one day. And yet he did that knowing that not each one of us would actually accept that gift and be with him but he did that in the very chance that we would accept it. So he doesn't even have the promise that we will accept it and he still counted it Joy. And then Christ's response Christ will banish any future burden of guilt and shame. And if I can have some people read or someone read Isaiah fifty four verse four as often I have three Verse nineteen and easy kill thirty four twenty nine three for. Thirty. As soon as you get out. Let me now the first one. Isaiah fifty four. Yes first four. So if you feel shame and guilt right now. You should want to have been more than anything because that will be the day when you will no longer have to feel that anymore. Who has half an eye in three verse nineteen. Yes. Yes it's not nice God's going to validate us in the end. How about easy kill thirty four verse twenty nine through thirty Yes go ahead. Where is people he's going to get rid of all of this there will be no more shame and no Markel. I actually had this before I even found out this was the song for you. I see this was I you. I want to I thought oh we can sing this together. But I want to specifically show you the second verse when Satan tempts me to despair and tells me of the guilt within a port I look and see him there who made an end of all my sins so where's the focus on Jesus because the sinless savior died my sinful soul is counted free. God the just is satisfied in took on him and pardon me and took and look on him and pardon me. I'm so I get so excited when things happen like this because I had this is where you are if I don't even know this will song until I got here the other night and I was like it's some ice but you this is a beautiful song and so when we when you're singing it throughout the rest of this weekend. I want you to really recognize that when you feel guilt in your own lives. You should be really singing this first cell. Actually the whole song. So what is your response if you see if you feel yourself to be the greatest sinner. Christ is just what you need the greatest savior. Lift up your head and look away from yourself away from your sin to be uplifted savior away from the poisonous venomous bite of the serpent to the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world and this is Ellen White letter ninety eight and nine hundred ninety three. So the picture that I had at the beginning was a man looking at a shadow. And I replaced it at the end with a man looking at the shadow of the cross. So when you're tempted to look at your own shadow the darkness in your own life. Remember that Christ crossed casts a shadow and that was over all of our sin and his light his brightness is what we can take on ourselves. Thank you very much. And if you'll buy your heads I'd like to end with a prayer. Dear Father in heaven. Oh god you are so good to us. You've provided every means for us to be with you in heaven and I thank you so much that you've given me the privilege to share that with everyone here. Thank you for that gift. Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for sending Jesus to this earth not just to you know be born. As we often think of at this time of year but actually where her US and the culmination of about life was also Christ died for us but that death would not have made any difference if he had not lived a perfect right to take on her shame her guilt. Thank you so much for that and continue to remind us about her the Holy Spirit and I ask these things and I thank you for the sings this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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