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5. Leaders Lighting The Way

Vicki Griffin


This seminar takes a biblical look at lessons in leadership, including the cost of leadership, the five laws of leadership, snapshots of leadership, and the results of leadership. Your church may be trained in many areas, but it takes insightful leadership to get things going.


Vicki Griffin

Author, Speaker, and Director of the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention series



  • December 30, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference call has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online. Good morning everyone. Well are you all just full of the spirit and encouraged and inspired to move forward in the Lord's work. And personally. Great. It's glad I'm glad to see you this morning for this message and tomorrow afternoon for the final message we are going to have doctors ino Charles Marcel delivering the message and that is an amazing treat He's from the General Conference he goes all over the world and he says he's so passionate about Christ and about his soon coming and this message. So I really want to invite you to come. Bring your friends to that it will be very very special. I asked him at the last minute I said What do you want to do I will give you any class you want me chose the one tomorrow afternoon so I'm grateful for that. Glad you're here this morning and I just want to tell you before we start there are some things on the back table for you to take and enjoy it. So it's all I have left that I can give away but I want you to have it so we have the small and the large size glow type health tracks. We have a few of them left back there and I will certainly give these up these are great when you're having meetings either in your home your church people love handouts and it's the same information but in two different sizes so this is great to leave somewhere these are nice when you're having meetings and there are twenty four topics and. Are seen these that we have to. These are the balance living power points. There are eight power points on each CD with a set of twenty four tracks the next the final set of eight will be ready in about a month and I am. These are for you to use in evangelism in your home in your church each of the eight programs have a long and a short beautifully scripted program gorgeous images they are editable they are translatable into other languages they have appeals to written in so that you can go and win souls for Christ and so usually now on line if you download a single power point in the short and long version it's ten dollars. I'm selling these just because I just am and I have to explain it. When I go back to work twenty dollars for each one. So eight sixteen power points on each of these for twenty dollars and I'm probably going to have to apologize when I go back to work but that's what I've decided to do. This is the last morning they'll be available and then the other thing that we have and I'm so thankful that God has called me to produce materials for you. Because what good is the globe trot and talk. I want to leave people with things that they can use and when you share a piece of literature it's going to change hands six times an average of six times these magazines are awesome. They're called Balance magazine. There are twelve of them twelve topics and what I love to do since we're talking about leadership and team building today. What we do we have a plan for growing enthusiasm within the church when we when we put together hand bills for an event. We'll put it right in a magazine and as church members leave. We have them just like oh a waiter or waitress in the foyer there. We ask them how many of these would you like to share with your friends with an invitation that when you share an invitation to an event and it has a beautiful magazine with it. What is that going to do to the perceived. So you have that event. It really ramps it up they go wow this is a nice invitation but look at this magazine and spew full color short articles each magazine has a spiritual piece. And what we're doing at in the Michigan conference for our unlock revelation evangelism thrust right now we're selling these for ten cents apiece. Plus shipping. OK So don't forget. That is amazing. So just to let you know that these resources are there and I'm going to give this little stack of things to you. To take and whatever's left on the table back there. So with that I would like to say good morning. And I'm glad you're here. So let's get started. Father in heaven. Thank you for this time that we can spend together how precious it is to spend time with you and with each other in the fellowship of your spirit and I ask that you come and baptize our hearts with inspiration that we will understand the times in which we live and how you plan for each of us to pay to play a special part please be with me as I share that the needs of each one will be met through the power of your Holy Spirit in Jesus' name amen. All right. So today we're talking about answering Christ's leadership call. Jesus said I am the light of the world isn't it just amazing that we have been given such beautiful light to follow. He is all about life life life when Jesus went from town to town he healed. He healed. He healed and what was the message behind it. I am a life. Do you want life come to me for life. He that has the Son has what life and he that has not the son has not life and we can get as health educators we can get hung up. With that. Well healed everybody in town and you know why shouldn't we be fixing everybody at our meetings and what do we do about people that stay paralyzed and and they don't get their miracle and they're not healed from their multiple sclerosis or they die of cancer their kid they're on dialysis or whatever but Jesus went from town to town. Well in March chapter one verse thirty eight Jesus had been healing all day long on the disciples were so excited and that night. Jesus went off to pray by himself and he spent the night in prayer and they came to him in the morning they said the people come to you. There's more they want healing and Jesus said we need to go to the next town because I have to preach the kingdom. What's the message there. The message is that there's a much higher purpose. The big picture of what we do as health leaders than just fixing people because the truth is we can't fix people. Jesus is called the lily of the valley. Our job is to relieve suffering to gather teams and to to bring light into people's lives and as health educators it's to relieve suffering but we can't fix everyone but can everyone have a value added to their life. Can everyone receive the life of Christ for eternity. That's the big picture. When Zacchaeus needed to see Jesus. He had to do what he had to climb a tree to see the big picture and so today we're going to take a look at the big picture in leadership and if you have a desire to see Jesus he has a tree prepared for you. So Jesus said I am the light of the world but now he says he transfers it to his people. This hapless set of disciples who are still prone to err who are waiting for their lord and master to return even at Pentecost. You know even before Pentecost. Well are you are you going to restore the kingdom now at this time. So even in their misunderstandings he called them to work knowing that they would learn that the seed of greatness the seed of character is a willing heart and a learning mind set. So that's what he needs when Christ has that he can work with us. Jesus said You are the light of this world. Set your light on a lamp stand that it may give light to all that are in the house now that can just make us cringe can't it. I mean can that what does that mean does it mean that you have to. To start a radio program or. I've read some. Some studies on what people are are more afraid of than death and public speaking is one of them. And I can see why I used to get I am an introvert. I would look white very first speech class the message that I that I prepared for my speech class was the joy of knitting. OK I had no plans for anything like this and I still have to fight migraines. When I have to do public speaking. But if God lace his hand upon you. And you have this message in your heart. He's going to stretch you he's going to have you do things that you never knew that you could do and he'll bring joy with the dissonance and discomfort that goes with it. He says Go therefore and make disciples of all nations teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you. And thankfully we're not called to do this alone. We're called to do it. In teams. So let's take a look at some snap shots of leadership. What really does it mean to be a leader does that mean that you're bossy and you can tell people what to do and do stuff with authority and get people excited and rally around you is that is that what it means to be a leader will the bible says most of. It was the meekest man on earth God called Jeremiah to be a leader and he says I'm a child and every time he did what God told him you know he wind up in some pretty serious trouble. So God can use all personalities all types of people from all walks of life to lead in very different kinds of ways. How many of you want to lead a leader in the way that God calls you to be and it may be even be in the background and so I just want to put it out there to you right now. What kind of leader would you follow what is the what type of leader would you be willing to follow. Someone who's confident. The one who keeps what he says. Someone who's organized. Someone who's humble. Yeah they're less dangerous when they're humble. Yeah. Someone with integrity someone who inspires someone who relates to the people that they're leaving cert You have your hand you know someone else. Yes Or who cares about their followers personally invested. Enthusiastic. Thank you thank you and I need to see you after class. Thank you. You're not in trouble but and you see you have to class. What else. Yes. Oh boy that's a little hard someone who can take criticism. Someone with direction. Yes someone who does the dirty work. They can roll up their sleeves and do whatever needs to be done. Yes someone who has drive. I'm sorry. Oh that's just a wonderful. Yeah someone who's willing to grow. That's really important someone who is willing to hold the team individually and as a group and themselves accountable Yes. Someone who cares about you personally because you know this this whole idea of you know leave your personal life at home when you come to work really where people we don't we don't do that. Yes or someone who's fair. OK Fair. Yes. Someone who has a meaningful vision. Well that sounds like you are all prepared Yes ma'am. A godly person. Absolutely. Yeah yeah. Yes. Someone who's willing to serve well these are amazing descriptions. Let's let's just take a look at some of these snapshots and then we're going to see an example couple an example from the Bible. I love some of these sayings the function of leadership is to produce more leaders not more followers. And that can be rather intimidating thing you're actually training people to take your place. But it's important that we be able to reproduce. The vision in other people and not just keep it to ourselves like some kind of celebrity. Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into what into reality. Leaders are made not born. It's not what happens to us that makes us leaders. It's what happens in the US and have any of you been in leadership positions. I'm sure most put. Yeah. How many of you had something that you needed to head up lead my first experience of a really shocking experience in a leadership position was in my Master's program in public administration. We were doing. A school closure study in a city revitalization plan and for some reason I got put in charge of the investigation and threshing out the results and which school would close and which ones not and how we were going to do this historical overlay in the community and and it was a test and we were divided up into different groups and so I worked with a team and one of the choices that we made to the girl that was chosen to give the report of our study and our research. She was chosen to report on what we did and it just so happened that the school that we chose for closure was the wrong one and the girl stood up in front. She said I didn't I didn't do that she did me I was responsible for the entire failure of this thing in her eyes and she was really happy to announce it. I was just mortified. Because I put so much work into it. I did my best. So you know when you're the leader you have to be willing to accept responsibility and I've been in situations in leadership where people are fighting and I just have to say you know what I'm responsible for this. I didn't see it you know just take it just to just take it it's easier and then everybody settles down and you can get the job done. So you just really you know I've learned these things over time I've also learned that just being enthusiastic and doing a good sales job does not mean you've made the right decision and so it's really important to pair up with somebody as a partner that is a balance to what your personality is so I am very enthusiastic about what I buy into I'm just on it and we're going to do it and I'm excited and I don't want anything to stop us and we're going to do it now and you know you can put your nose in a big hive real fast with that kind of mentality so my colleague Evelyn Kissinger is a complete opposite personality she's very deliberating. She says she asks all the hard questions she wants to wait and she'll look at me and say so do. We have to send this email out right now. So just because you share the same vision with people doesn't mean your personalities are even close to being the same but that's such a blessing. I don't know what I would do without. Evelyn and I think she needs me too. No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it. Asked his secret for success as president of Yale University Dr James Engle explained grow and Tena not horns not horns. I remember going to do a program in and in I can't remember what state it was but it was a big event with all these cooking and I was the speaker the guest speaker and I wanted to be gracious and helpful and a servant. You know I didn't want to just step in like the speaker and leave all the people doing the work so I went into the kitchen and they were doing recipes for my cookbook and it was this Patty recipe and so I went into the kitchen to help and I started forming patties like I know how to do because it was my recipe will the leader of this team came up to me and she said these are meat balls. And if we're going to get along. You need to do this. The right way. I was just shocked because I was volunteering to help. I could hold up in my room like an aristocrat if I wanted to and so it's so easy. Nothing against her personally but it's so easy to get caught up in the panic of a moment. In the urgency of a moment and forget how we come across to other people especially if we're leaders especially if you have a Calera kind of personality we're you know we're following this list. We're following this list but the most important. The most important people at your event are your are your to. Same because they're the ones that are going to live with you after everybody goes and the public is watching. Your attitudes leadership has a harder job to do than just choose sides. It must bring sides together. And I'm going to be very politically incorrect here. I've noticed this about my husband and his friends. His male friends that they can disagree about things pretty heatedly and then ten minutes later they're they're just working on something and you know it's gone. I mean it's just fun but with women. It just doesn't quite work out that way. So you have six or seven women working on a project and they're all very opinionated and emotional. I want to tell you it's wonderful. But it takes it takes prayer and it takes looking at the big picture and affirming everybody's emotions that. I don't even know how to finish this but when you get in a situation like that it's really easy to step on on one person and we don't want to do that because all that enthusiasm is really great and people with strong opinions are really great but somebody in a situation like that like you said has to take charge make a decision and OK we're going to move forward and climb the Zacchaeus tree and look at the big picture. The ability to keep a cool head in an emergency. Maintain poise in the midst of excitement and refused to be stampeded are the true marks of leadership. This is this is where you get your training the boots on the ground training leadership is the ability to hide your panic from others. The leadership that I have been trained under in our. Conference I have learned a lot about leadership. Just from watching seasoned leaders do you have somebody like that in your life in your church that you just look at their personality how they act under pressure and it's really remarkable. And what I have seen is that in a crisis the strongest leadership trait that keeps everybody afloat is a buoyant faithful spirit of trusting God and dwelling on the hopeful side of things rather than focusing on the crisis at hand. It doesn't mean you don't deal with it but for instance when I told a story about our simple solutions book how many of you were here when I told the story about the simple solutions book our first project for the conference we printed twenty thousand copies and my husband and I we bought this eight hundred number it was in three places in the book it was our very first site we wanted to please our conference President please the Lord please executive committee our department was created for this purpose to produce materials for sole winning while the eight hundred number that we thought we purchased was actually an eight hundred number to a specialty tobacco company. So when the books came off the press and you wanted help with stress immune function and depression you called that eight hundred number. We have a tobacco for you. And so I remember waking up that morning and thinking this. That's our fourth edition. So I didn't get fired but. I remember waking up that morning and thinking this would be a good day to get hit by a train. I could elect I'm not even at risk for heart attack but wow you know how would that be. I could just go to heaven. Some day you know just rest in this be done. I did my best and let them fix the problem. Well I had to go to work. I had to tell my boss what happened. And he was very gracious. He said you know that we've learned something to really check those numbers and then he was instantly focused on a solution and it made me so loyal this happened fifteen years ago. And it made me so loyal that to this day if I could work for nothing for the Michigan conference I would do so. That's what that it's and it taught me how to deal with people that make really big mistakes really big mistakes. So that's the kind of example how are we going to behave when everything is going wrong. I was received a very good piece of advice from an elderly lady who'd been running programs for years and it sounded funny to me when I first heard it it sounded selfish but she was right she said when you're in a leadership position when you're leading a project. Don't give yourself a job. You just know how to do everything that everybody is doing because something's going to fall through and you're going to have to step in don't assign yourself a job. You're not the communications person you're not the advertising exact you're not the one that gets all the people together the food or the you know you just boss the job. That's the term she used boss the job and that doesn't mean boss see but that was a really that was a gem piece of information because regardless of how well you plan. Life is what happens when you make your plants and it's not always beautiful. A leader is one who knows the way goes the way and shows the way. I like this when leaders toss their hat over the fence John Fitzgerald was John Kennedy's grandfather. And I think he's in Ireland as a young man he was a little guy and his friends used to talk to Taunton tease him about his height and they used to you know in those days they didn't have a closet full of hats. They had one hat for the winter and he had his hat on and so they they taunted him about his hat that he couldn't get it get it. Retrieve it from over the fence so he took office hat and he tossed it over the fence the that. Act of tossing tossing his hat over that high finance what did that do for John. What did it do. He made a commitment and it caused him to have to get over that fence and so leaders have a big vision. They toss their hat over the fence. So let's take a look at a great picture of the elements that come that come at you when you when God lays on your heart to lead out whether it's leading out in your home whether it's leading out in a church program whether I think that this. I think that the principles that we will learn here this morning are really valuable in relationships they're valuable it work. I don't think it's just confined to holding a program but that's the context in which we are talking today so. Here's David. David had two main problems when he showed up at the camp where the Phillis times were breaking and bleating and taunting the Israelites. Goliath said I D five the ranks of Israel this day. Give me a man that we may fight together so a lot of obstacles from without to overcome but that wasn't the only problem that David faced when Saul and all Israel heard the words of the Phyllis what happened. They were dismayed and greatly if afraid so there was a lot of negativity there was a lot of fear there was disorganization and they were they were taking very seriously these taunts and they did not have a plan and they did not have the will or the desire to it to embrace this challenge. There were some other challenges that David faced. Well one of them was a surprise call from God I mean this kid was got a grocery list from his dad to deliver cheese and grapes to the camp. So he's just he's minding his business as a shepherd. He's he went to the grocery place gets the groceries. He shows up at camp and there's a big challenge going on and God a knowing Sam to do this. So being prepared for the surprise call of God is something that I believe firmly that we all need to embrace just because you're not facing a big challenge and leading up leading a charge today doesn't mean you're not going to be called to do it tomorrow. I mean Moses was on the backside of a mountain tending sheep when he came up against the burning bush. Joseph was sweeping up in the dungeon when he was called to shave and changes clothes and go before Pharaoh. So the really important principle that we need to embrace right now in this urgent hour is that we need to add value to ourselves and we need to be preparing for the challenges that that will come. So for just in my own life. I am positive that at some point I will be called to work with Muslim brothers and sisters to explain the try you know God and Christianity versus a law and the Qur'an I'm sure of it. So I have I have gotten this amazing book called No God but one Jesus by no ball ball correct. Now him correct. And another book seeking Allah finding Jesus. It's the most amazing apologetic for the Christian faith and how to approach and reach arm of the Muslim brothers and sisters for Jesus Christ. I'm just sure that I want to be ready if this challenge should come my way. I also in my heart know that one. We will be called before kings to to preach our messages and to defend our faith so I am studying. The revelation right now with thoughts on Revelation by Smith I'm going through all of that again. Just knowing and Ellen White says that the day will come where we will be brought into courts to give a reason for our faith and many of us will realize for the first time that we don't know what we believe I'm reading a book by Edward fudge a fire that consumed the fire that consumes he's a Baptist lawyer who was excoriated for this five hundred page work on the state of the dead the fate of the wicked and the non immortality of the soul it's an incredible seminal work on the testing truths that we hold to be so true. It's an incredible Pcs read David Frum he's read Smith's book called here and hereafter he's it's just an amazing seminal piece and I just know I just know that these opportunities will come when I knew that God called me to do this work. I knew I had to take chemistry courses and get a degree a master's degree in nutrition and nutritional biochemistry to be able to be up to speed with what I knew I would be called to do and the and so it's so important to add value to your own life you are not being selfish when you add value to your life and add value to your skills and you gain knowledge and you gain expertise and you learn things about art and architecture and travel and history and all those things that make you conversational and make you skilled at winning souls because then you can add value to other people's lives. Amen. Every faculty needs to be strengthened for Jesus Christ because your burning bush may be waiting for you tomorrow and I really believe that I really believe that the reason that God has me doing this. Is because a lot of you can do what I'm doing better than me and have at it. I did my first speech was on knitting and I still would like to go home and then a sweater. So so if you think that I'm not doing this. Well fine. You know take your pickles and so my job is to empower each and every one of you with everything I have so that you can find your calling in God and you may notice it. If you don't start diligently studying and working and adding value to your lives. You may miss your burning bush experience but God has one for you because you're special. And just the fact that you know these truths is an incredible gift and I read the other day in inspiration that to be able to impart information is a gift from God. This is just amazing how many of you would like to be able to impart this amazing truth and save a soul from Hell. That's what this is all about. So David had to be ready for his surprise call from God He had to face criticism from within. He made a commitment and it had not been done. He made a commitment to to slay a giant It had not been done and he had no personal experience in slaying Giants. And he was alone in his decision. Let's look at some of the Scriptures they're so thrilling and so exciting. I just was in a meeting last week I am constantly being challenged. I was in a meeting last week and our officers were doing a huge statewide unlock revelation in Michigan and the officers turned to me and said we want you and Evelyn to hold for primi tings live stream. Plus at every church produce for meetings for weeks before one meeting a week four weeks before unlock revelation on the health message and. Lifestream it plus have preprogrammed materials for them and we want four thousand people to attend. So I just went home and said Evelyn said I don't know what what we're going to do. I mean I mean it just is overwhelming. How do you want somebody says they want you to do something like that. Well I'll tell you. Yesterday's program afternoon I was practicing on you. So I believe by faith that God is going to help us to do. What we can do amen. And what I can't do I can't do if it does if it fails I've done my best. And I still know how to miss it. After all. A champion came out from the armies of the Phyllis Stein's and shouted to the ranks of Israel. Why do you come out to drop in battle array so the the Israelites they were all dressed up in their armor but they were terrified they were terrified. When all the men of Israel saw the giant They fled from him and were greatly afraid but David was there he just brought the cheese and the grapes and the Holy Spirit took hold of his heart and he said David said to Saul your servant will go and fight this Philistine. That was from God. Have you ever had that happen where something just stirs in your heart you just can't say still and you just you just believe it and you're going to stand for it. That's a that's a wonderful thing. Now his older brother said Why have you come down and with whom have you left those fews flee sheep in the wilderness I have experienced this kind of thing when the Lord called my husband and I to start doing research and get a team together with a dietitian and other health professionals to write books and cook books and magazines and tracks. You know that's really unusual to happen. At the conference level it's just unheard of even and I don't have. I mean my I don't have that many degrees but I surround myself with people who are really really amazing and I love research I love libraries I love research so God had a plan but I had to. I had to contend with a lot of criticism and being ignored for from certain ones for a long time because I didn't have so many so many letters after my name that it looks like a Scrabble mistake. You know after the name but when God calls you to do something it doesn't mean that you strike out independently it doesn't mean that you don't have humility. I submitted every manuscript to all those people who were my critics and I said anything that you see that needs changing or correcting please do it and are our book Food for thought. I don't have a copy here now the last one sold yesterday but the book Food for thought. Someone got ahold of it. And they just ripped it. I mean they just ripped a lot of research if I misquoted a researchers or gave it the wrong slant I mean she just ripped it to pieces. And I was so grateful because it set my course for the rest of my work in in this field to be punk Tilley Asli careful not say what the study. I wish the study says I mean it was the most wonderful and it was devastating. So I was tempted to just quit and not even try. So the misprint that went out in that first edition. What it was talking about fatty acids omega three fatty acids and working memory. And so I was trying to describe what working memory was I said you know rats that have these fatty acids and they have more of the omega three S. They have better working memory than their non fatty acid counterparts and then print this. Such as remembering phone numbers and someone e-mailed me and said Well when these threats start dialing these phone numbers I'm going to really get serious about it so you know you pray for God to lead you pray bit that everything is going to be perfect and when you have your first meeting you think that they're going to be so many people there that the police are going to have to direct traffic and the angels are just going to drag them there. Well it may be abysmal You may have six people but it's still an amazing experience because you're learning and your charge as a leader is to keep your people encouraged when you don't have great results and when you're going to have to do it again. And so his brother continues I know your insolence and the wickedness of your heart for you have come down in order to see the battle and the people answered the same thing so negativity and gossip are contagious. And so when I we did an amazing program we did a series of supper clubs at the Lansing church. And we had three teams of ten so that every month we have a supper club once a month and for every month. It was one team of ten that was in charge of that one the other two teams got to just attend. So so only once every three months the team that's called Building redundancy or backup system so nobody got burned out. You don't give ten jobs to one person and then work them to death. They'll move to another state. So when we sat down and had our initial meeting the Lord helped me and I said you know I don't expect this to be flawless and I expect that we will make mistakes and have to apologize to one another. There's just stuff we don't know there's stuff about ourselves that we don't know and the minute you have a group of people getting together to do things. Something's going to happen. That hurt somebody's feelings and we're just going to work through it because we're team and we have a bigger purpose. So the expectation. I set the expectation that it's OK not to have this thing down perfectly but we're going to work together till we get it right and you know I could see people's body language change. Because everybody wants to do well. Nobody wants to make a mistake. Nobody wants to be ugly and rude but sometimes in the heat of the moment it happens. And so I could see everyone and you know we grew in three months we grew from thirty to ninety people coming to that supper club. We had twelve people at the end just in a very short period of time signed up for bible studies and we made mistakes along the way but in the same way that negativity and gossip is contagious. So is encouragement and enthusiasm when you look for a way to affirm somebody even if they're dead wrong. You know you're really passionate about this and I appreciate your commitment. I mean that's that's noteworthy. And then you can use so you've created some cushion for a discussion that has to take place. Then Saul said to David you're not able to go against this Phyllis Stein to fight with hammer you but do you think. And he's been a warrior from his youth. So. I mean there's no consensus that David can do any of this. And this is this is something to really remember too I remember when the Lord in when we lived in North Carolina. You know we were in tops of Illinois. When the Lord impressed Jane and I to move out in the health work and to to create to start doing ministry in the health work. We knelt down and we prayed for a studio a staff of one hundred thousand dollars. In order to get started. Well do you know what we got a neighbor asking for a cooking school in my kitchen. And the Bible says who has despised the day of small things when we take advantage of little opportunities like that. It's a great training ground and it's so much better to start little. And learn as you go then to get some huge plan together that is and you are untried your armor isn't tried you're inexperienced starting small is one full It's a wonderful thing to do but in Evidently someone will always be there to remind you that it's never been done. It's never worked. You are not qualified. Your motives are not right and the conditions are not right. I think one of the biggest mistakes that I've made. Well maybe not the biggest but it's one of the mistakes that I've made is walking into a board meeting the Lord has laid something on my heart and I am on fire. I just can see it. I know it I've got the plan. I know it's from God I walk into a board meeting and I expect a group of people to instantly buy into it. Accept it. Have nothing but praise for it and give me a budget are ridiculous that is. It's taken years for some of the objectives that God has laid on my heart to come to fruition with other departments connecting with other departments is really key when you can create on ramps to other departments in your programming because the health ministry work is for everybody. It's not for this exclusive group and it's not us versus them that aren't doing things the right way. So for instance if the stewardship department is instead of if they're not coming to my programs and their demographic isn't coming to my programs instead of sitting and complaining that they're not interested in my programs. How about it at our church. They did a financial piece universe. You know that that program Financial you. What's it called Financial Peace University really cool program. So what we did is we created a connection with them. Eating on a dime budget. Budget eating on a dime or I can remember the cute catchy phrase that we came up with and the evening that they had their meeting we followed it with a very cool supper club we fed them we had we had a a program designed to minister to that demographic and they came it was wonderful. When the vacation bible school people had their program we had a wonderful magazine called super sized kids we still have it and we gave invitations to all the parents and kids and leaders of that school and we had a healthy lunches for Kids program for that demographic and so it actually lit our job is to lift up other departments. It's not to compete for scarce resources that's a horrible mentality. How can I bless every other department in the church. That's what we want to how can we bless the women's ministry how can we bless the social committee. Well you get these people on your team just for advice and input you tell him I'm not you know you don't have to do a lot a work but we want to know what you're doing what your calendar. What are you doing. How can we bless you. Because they women's ministry when they hold these breakfast that's the that's the quintessential social event. So we have the resources to minister to and bless every department and to join hands with other departments instead of compete for scarce resources are you with me. David's response to discouragement was amazing. You come to me with a sort of the spirit of javelin but I come to you in the name of the LORD of hosts the God of the armors of Israel whom you have taunted. So his eyes were fixed on God and God's plan and God's power. It's one of the things I love in reading the Old Testament is when Moses and Aaron when the people would rebel and they would foment all these problems and complain and whine Moses and Aaron what would they. What would the first thing be that they would do. It was very physical. They would fall on their faces before God. I mean we can just fall on our face before God and say God there's a problem brewing. I don't know how to deal with it. We need people on board. Give me the next step. Sometimes it's just the next step that needs to happen we don't have the answers for the whole picture. But it's the next step and sometimes when it fails this year the timing is better next year. Doesn't mean that you have to give it up. It just means there may be another time for it. I love this. David did not say this giant is too big to kill. He said this giant is too big a mess. So guys are extremity is God's opportunity for sure. So David rally the troops. I tell you hope is the heart of health and it's hope it's also the heart of your health team the health team. That's David prevailed over the Philistine line and the discouragement and the criticism and the problems we know we just have to develop a little bit of crocodile skin and not get our feelings hurt so easily with a sling and a stone he struck the Philistine and killed him and all the men of Israel and Judah a rose and shouted and pursued the Philistines I had to do a series that once you're I did a series of programs and the greeter I don't know how this happened but the greeter was the most irritable unfriendly human being. I have ever met with in our church doors. I have never seen someone that can scour whole like that and it just rippled through all of him. It just he just exuded irritability. And I didn't know what to do you know what. What would your flesh want to do in a situation like I mean I'm in charge of this program what would you what would your instinct your fleshly instinct be to do you know cut this guy out get rid of him. Given the hook. You know. Who did this who made this decision. Well I've been the recipient of enough kindness. When I've made mistakes and had an attitude and didn't even realize it that God gave me a better way. So I'm going to ask you to come up and be brother Brother X. so scowl. Hair look and mean you're at the door scaring people away Brother X.. Thank you so much for your contribution to this program what would we do without to really appreciate it. Really really appreciated. It took it to. It actually hit took it took several weeks. But now he lights up when he sees me and I just say you know you are the greeters greeter you know you are just what would we do without you. Brother X. and I'm so thankful that you showed up for these meetings because what would it be if I did this all by myself I need you and you know it melted his heart and he's gotten friendly. It's been wonderful and that's not my nature that is not my nature to do that but it's been done for me when I've been wrong. So we fail not because of big problems but because of small purposes we've just got to have a tree to climb to see the big picture when things go wrong. We usually have to charge Goliath's by ourselves and small successes always lead to greater successes. I love this last point. Success for most people comes after someone else has done the impossible when we published our first issue of balance magazine. I'll take that back. When we published our first issue of balance magazine it's a sixteen page Beautiful magazine and we did it on White said tracks and publications would be published to go out like the leaves of autumn and she even said sixteen pages. So we chose sixteen pages. Well when I was trying to get authors to help me with some of the articles people of various professions Well this was an unknown thing nobody heard about it nobody knew about it and they really weren't very interested in giving me much time or attention but once the magazine became successful whoever I chose to be involved was very happy to do so it's not just an incredible thing. So when something is successful people are willing to get on board and if it's from God It may take time but the thing to guard against is bitterness and be an ugly and having an attitude you know being indignant is a sin. To walk around within and dig that attitude is really sinful and God is not going to bless that what he blesses is dependence on him. Roger Bannister how many of you know that name. Yes of course you would know Roger Bannister Anybody here from England. Roger Bannister was born I think around one nine hundred twenty seven or twenty eight and at the age of seventeen. He decided that it was time for him to run a mile in less than four minutes now the the the common wisdom the wisdom of the day was that no human being could run a mile in less than four minutes it has never been done something might happen inside your body you might hemorrhage. It just simply was not possible. Well after many many tries many many failures and several near disasters in a race. Between the British I think it's called Oxford AAA Anyway two different universities he was on one of the teams. Roger Bannister ran a mile in three minutes and fifty nine seconds he did the impossible but that's not the most exciting part of this story once he had the impossible within the next couple of years two hundred more people did the impossible. Once you've done the impossible other people a path is created for other people to do the impossible. So it does not take any discipline to dream. But it does take discipline to make those dreams real for every for every idea that you have ten other people have had that idea but all they've done is think about it. This level of commitment divides the concerned from the committed. You know the things that you and I talk about here at G Y C. You and your friends the concerns of the world the world crisis the economy the budget. The moral decline the instability and uncertainty the addictions all of these things you can go to a cocktail party and talk about all those things and you will get people to who absolutely resonate with everything that you are saying but it's a really different thing to be committed to a cause for God's sake. Leaders lead with a vision. And this is all what you. You gave me this morning when we started they leave when they leave with commitment. They leave with purpose team and a plan. I would add one to that and that would be courage and joy. Courage and joy. Sometimes you have to pretend. But it's very very important. Victory requires more than positive thinking. This is just a thought pattern. It requires more than enthusiasm. That is just a feeling it even requires more than action. Victory comes when we think write about our problems feel right about our problems and then act to write about our problems and that requires a purpose and a plan. I think we discovered some of those elements when for those of you who were in the mindset program yesterday. So what are the elements of a successful program we want to have quality programs that are well organized all in the context of a way. A loving environment we focus a lot on being loving to the guests but we need to create loving encourage meant to one another as well and just because you're right and somebody else is wrong doesn't mean that you cannot lift up the arms of your brother or sister. It's really important to realize that somebody doesn't need to understand how wrong they are it's just not that important. The Holy Spirit may convict them later on they may have committed to do X. Y. Z. and now they're denying it and you're stuck with it at eleven o'clock at night it's OK. You don't need to convince them that they're wrong. Why create a battle. You cannot touch that heart but the Holy Spirit can wake up you know the Bible says this it says bear one another's burdens. And so fulfill the Law of Christ. Well what it that really means is to carry one another's troublesome moral faults. So it's not my job to convict or convince people that they are wrong unless they're harming the team unless there's something that really needs to be addressed like your. Talking about accountability. But if it's some if it's something that's just aggravating and inconvenient. You know just be quiet about it if you tell another if you whisper it in the ears of a bird it's going to get around. So best to just keep it to yourself deal with it in a compassionate loving way and go to God because you know what if somebody is going to be nasty and be irresponsible their turn being taken to the shed by the father is coming. Don't worry about it. You get what I mean we've all been to the shed with our Heavenly Father for some discipline. He's the one that holds the rod not us. And by the way within people will walk into the room that you're hell holding in a van and they're going to make a decision about the quality of that event within thirty eight seconds. I've walked into events where I'm supposed to speak. It's the time it's time for it to begin. And I'm tripping over baskets the staff is all huddled in the back unpacking stuff and it's just chaos and when you have something like that and then the staff goes in the kitchen and talks while you're doing your presentation. What is that what message does that give. You know it says this really isn't important. I'm just I'm just doing this because I was recruited so we have I don't let anybody put chairs along the side of the wall for the staff to sit they are instructed to sit with people that they don't know and nod and smile and be a part of the program and my job is to make it is interesting as possible sign the cards for commitment sign up for the bible studies because somebody seeing you do it. It may prompt them to do it. Amen. So you know whatever the job is that a person has at that meeting. It's vital. It's critical. And I want to tell you the creativity that comes out in people who who are decorating and organizing and planning and it's just amazing. When it all comes together what a joy it is. For that to know that you have worked together for souls that you have survived some of the mishaps when you're driving. Have you seen those yellow signs with the squiggly line at what is that one of those signs tell you that there are some curves coming and maybe some potholes. Or maybe some roadblocks. But you're still going to get to your destination and so when we have a realistic expectation that yeah you know they're they're going to be some unexpected things that happened a flaw may come up in my personality or character that I wasn't aware of or somebody else or some weakness and if I'm willing to just say you know I'm sorry I interrupted you. I really wasn't listening or paying attention and I should have and I apologize and you know is that so hard to do. What would put what do you think of someone who's willing to do that. What is your opinion of someone who is willing to do that is it better or worse. Do you look down on them or look up. Yeah it's an honorable thing so bad that is the joy of leadership the joy of setting an example of humility admitting our mistakes willingness to grow appreciating the team letting them have the credit. And in our programs and in our work with one another we must not just focus on health education. We must infuse our programs with hope and that means motivating people and inspiring them that they can do this. A way for you to take that picture of that. Because all three are so very important. God has a plan for each and every one of you. I want you to all be ready for your burning bush experience whatever the Lord is prompting you to learn and to get busy with. And to Master get started with it. For I know the purposes which I am purchasing for you says the Lord purposes of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope so. We want fellowship faith and fruitfulness to bloom and blossom among our team members. I love this scripture I just read it the other day. I have this is Paul speaking I obtained mercy. The first before he says I am saved by Christ. I am the chief of sinners. This is the verse preceding this and then he says I obtained mercy that in me what in me first Christ might show all long suffering so who's long suffering is working through Paul whose long suffering attitude is alive in Paul. It's not Paul's long suffering. It's Christ's long suffering working out that Christ might show all long suffering as a pattern to those who are going to believe for everlasting life so Paul is not looking at what's happening right now. He understands that his long suffering is going to produce fruit later in the people that he's working with so they may be rascals now but later that long suffering is good seed it's fertilizer for the Holy Spirit to work. Martin Luther said this. He said God must be a perfect gentleman because he loves rascals. And he said. I don't love rest and I'm one myself. That was the confession of Martin Luther. In the fifteen hundreds. And so to me being long suffering when you are burdened and people come with petty complaints when you have to work to do someone else's job that they should have done when you expressed appreciation knowing that that will keep someone from leaving the team when you can build people up and create unity this church where this grouchy. This grouchy greeter was when I when I go and visit that church now. It is such a joyful thing and the team at the beginning. Was in a state of fracture they were gossiping about one another they were angry they was accusing one another if anything happened that was bad it was somebody else's fault if people didn't show up. It was because so and so didn't do such and such and our little core team. We just work to change that attitude to one of graciousness and working together just the joy of being together and that is something that I have learned through experience does not come to me. Naturally because I'm an organizer and you know. What do they call that program The Apprentice I've never seen it before but people get fired on that show. But I'm so thankful that that spirit must not actuate the Christian. So are there any questions or comments anything that anyone would like to add. I love this one man of you shall chase a thousand but true working together by various They shall know that you are Christians by your what your love and your team work one chases a thousand but two will put ten thousand to flight for the Lord your God He it is that fights for you as he has promised you. Jesus said Go and make disciples make teams teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you. Amen. All right. Are there any comments any questions anything anybody would like to share. What have you learned today. What is your take away something that really has stuck with you. To attendances and we have a minute. Pardon. Yeah you just you can't be perfect to be a leader. It's impossible but if you're willing to be embarrassed. When you make mistakes then it's all going to be good. Yes or. Oh all. Let's you know when you text me that every now and then don't act on impulse. But be gracious. Whoa that's a big. Yes. Yes little steps little opportunity so when you're completely overwhelmed. All you have to do is ask the Lord. What's the next thing. And what's the next thing that I need to do here just to the next thing. So there's this saying go as far as you can see and then you will what you'll see to go farther. It's very cool if you look at the big picture. It's absolutely overwhelming when I look at the big picture of what my colleague and I have been asked to do for next year it's overwhelming. But I did the first I've done the first thing which is some stuff but I would like your prayers. OK what. Oh yes prepare prepare prepare and God has some surprises for you. Some wonderful things for you to do as you prepare yourself for his service. Yes. Yes yes. You know. Don't worry about the outcome go forward with what he's asked you to do. I'm reading through the great controversy right now and I'm reading in the section about the reformers and there were moments there were times when the Reformation was almost extinguished imagine how Luther felt when the town was burning up and people were being murdered and he was being blamed that this was what his doctrine had brought How did he resurrect himself from such an incredible devastating series of things. I mean it takes it takes humility it takes a knowledge that you did what God wanted you to do and now the results are not what you thought but you're still going to move forward in truth while it's great it's a great challenge great challenge yes and he had to come back of the zealots took over and he had to come back and he had to win the peasants back to a nonviolent position he. To do this and if he had lost hope and lost heart. The good with the reformation would have died. Yes. Oh it's easy to get caught up in the moment and forget how we come across. Would you remember me about that one. Yeah yeah we can we can come across very stern and opinionated and I can actually be that way and I don't want to be that way but I'm willing to be taught. And corrected as I move along in life because when you're passionate about something you know there's only one way to look at it right. I thought anybody else. What have you learned today. What are you taking away yes. Yes yes. So the target can move. You know things move your plan in your vision have to be flexible to move because things change conditions change and sometimes people that are acting squirrely something has happened at home. You know Brother X. This isn't like you what's what's going on. Can I pray for you what's happening here. You know. And you just minister to their personal needs. Yes. Seek criticism. Yes absolutely. Seek criticism turn in those evaluations. We want to improve and you cannot have a fixed rigid temperament. You have to have a growth mindset growth is the seed of a beautiful character a grow and a willingness to grow to be willing to grow even if other people don't believe it's you that you want to grow because you just messed things up so badly but if God knows you want to grow and you know you want to grow. He's going to turn it into something beautiful. Yes you had your hand up. Did you have your hand up you. Yes. Yes mistakes are going to happen. And so we have to bring each other up. It's really easy at least it was for me when I first started doing this work to assume that if God's in it. He's not going to let anything go wrong. So you know it doesn't work that way because God is training our reasoning faculties. And our reasoning faculties can never be sharp and yet we add OK We just have this happen. A month ago I was supposed to do a program at a church in Michigan the worst week of the year for weather and snow and someone called me. That's ahead of the project very discouraged we prayed for God to charge change the weather and we have a snow storm we spent all this money on advertising and food and what happened. Guy has got abandon us is he really in this program. Did he really want. Why didn't he change the weather and I said well you know because this is the weather in December. You know maybe we need to figure out if we're going to do something in December. Let's not spend a lot of money on it. Let's spend the money in the spring because God can't change the weather. Every time we ask him. We need to look at the weather and say you know this is not a good time to spend money on a program because we had eight inches of snow and we don't know when this is going to happen. So we look for Providence's but God lets things happen so that we get smarter to the way we do stuff. All right. I think we need to stand for prayer and tomorrow afternoon. Dr Charles Doc doctors you know Charles Marcel is going to teach us about the health message suffering and balance. Their father in heaven. I want to thank you Lord for this time that we could spend together thank you for the joy of assembling people together to do your work of personal preparation casting a vision and walking in that vision and waiting patiently on you while it comes to pass and I pray that you'd be with each and every soul ear that you would help them Lord to. Get that personal preparation ready for whatever you have for them and we thank you. You are coming so so help us to be organized in Jesus' name amen. This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org.


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