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1. Personal Glimpses Into The Life and Times of Ellen G. White

Chantal Klingbeil


What was Ellen White’s favorite color? What was her favorite dessert? What did she do for fun? Was she someone that you would have liked to be friends with? In this introductory seminar, we will read diary excerpts, personal letters and hear first-person accounts of those who knew Ellen White the person. Be prepared to be surprised!



  • December 29, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C Where morning everyone. I guess we better begin because our time real limited this morning. I know people don't like doing this but it might be more fun to move a little more forward and form like a little Danes groups because we will be doing interactive work as well. So you probably want to have a couple of people around you saw if you're all alone in your row you probably want to scuttle over and be a little bit closer to someone cities have someone for your group and it makes me feel better when you all in front so a welcome everyone. Again. I got to meet some of you. And other folks I didn't get to meet yet but I look forward to getting to meet each one a few How's the ex and are you understanding me. OK if I say something funny that you don't get I'm used to it you know just sort of a little wave and then I'll repeat it or we'll get someone to translate it for you. OK All right. Let's begin with pray. Our great Heavenly Father we thank you so much that we can be together today. Thank you for protecting us as we came from different parts of the country and even different parts of the globe. Thank you. That we have the privilege of being together as we study as we explore the scrape gift that you've given us. I want to pray for your spirit to be especially close open our minds open our hearts. And make each one of us find what we need for we ask the see Jesus name Amen amen. OK For all the folks that are coming in. Come on in and. I'm encouraging everyone to come up front. It's much very cozy up here. And kind of snug. Write a little but if you curious about the accent just a little bit about myself. My name. Shantelle clean Bob I work for the Ellen G. White estate. That's a real nice place to work and if you ever get the chance to visit Washington D.C. come along to the G C building and come down to the white estate you get to hold. Well a replica of the big Bible that Ellen White held in very. We've just opened a real state of the art kind of museum interactive F. interview pinay by the way. OK am I. Promising too much. Now. OK It's I think it's really cool so come on and visit us. Yes the accent. I'm South African by Perth. And that's where I grew up and went to school and there I met a wonderful foreign not I met a German and married him. That's the cling buyout part and then we went as missionaries to prove. With two of my girls were born and then we went to Argentina where another girl was born and then we went to the Philippines when no one was born and now we at the General Conference and my husband works for Adventist world Edwards's review. So you probably see his name now and again if you read the review and I better put in a plug for that read the review. You can read it online. OK so I've done all my advertising. So now we want to meet the prophet. As I said this is that interactive the interactive seminar and see how technologically into activities this. Doesn't look that interactive right now. You know if I turned it on my work. Still nothing. OK we'll do it the old fashioned way. So let's begin nothing's happening. I'm sorry. Let's see what's happening here. Let's begin with some warm ups where it as I said you want to be with someone or with the group. Case to turn to the person next to you or if you three or four. This is your. Little warm up exercise over here. And here's your question. Would you have liked to have Ellen White as a friend. Why or why not. And if you finish that one real quick. Then you can also do that one and that one. All right so turn to the person next to you and tell me why or why not. You would have liked to have had Ellen White as a friend. Hey Welcome guys. We we're just discussing together in a group. If you would like to watch your friend. Why not this one a Bible colleagues and what you think your favorite is or was OK Play make a difference. It may make a difference if you put an age on her. Maybe if you would have liked to pair as a friend at seven when she was seventeen all when she was forty five all when she was seventy nine. You may that may change what. What you would say OK I'll give you another minute. OK let's see let's see how many of you would have liked to have been friends with with Ellen. Well I guess you pick the seminar. All right. How many of you are not quite sure. All right you the honest people really honest people. I must admit that you know she was a very different person to what I am. And I've been uniquely privileged working at the White EST What I particularly enjoy is reading her diaries. Because I think you see a person very differently when you read their diaries and personal latest. And the more I'm reading these the more I like the more I like her the more I can identify with her. You know what is the old lady I think I do see her. I see a lot of my grandmother my grandmother had a lot of the same characteristics and my one grandmother and I really loved her and I see a lot of connections there as a as a middle aged lady. I'm connecting a lot more with her right now when I read about the issues she's having with her kids. And her marriage and trying to balance marriage and ministry and all this kind of thing I'm really beginning to identify with her a lot and then I really can look back and I can read those early letters of hers when she's in a early twenty's and I'm like I've been there. Yes that is exactly how I felt. That is exactly what I've wondered about God and about my relationship with God So she's becoming a very very real person and I think she's becoming a friend to me and that's something I have I wish and I hope that everyone could have a peek at because I think a lot of the false ideas we have about Ellen White all the strange ways we relate to her she has her writings. And has a lot to do with what we think of Ellen White as a person. What kind of person we think she was or what you think a favorite color was yet you cheated you knew there right. Where did you get there in for your winter I have that's right. You had Elvis I haven't run rate they speak about the dream in the room with the pink clouds you had pink was a favorite color anyone else guess that you case that you were at Euro currency union but anywhere else. Now. We somehow when we think of her we don't think of Pink right. You think of black or you think of navy blue or some sort of dark dismal color but it is she is a very bright vibrant person she loves pretty things. She loved colors she loved flowers she really loved flowers very much. She won't write clothes. We always think of her as wearing black or navy. But we know in. Her diaries like every other woman she spoke about her clothes now back then you got normally one outfit per year that you'd have made up. OK so you had in circulation probably three or four dresses would be your entire wardrobe for men it was about the same you have your good one for church and for you know weddings and funerals and all that kind of thing you have your good work and then last year is good one becomes your visiting going shopping dress and the year before as one is your workplace. And your work clothes. So that's the way things worked. You didn't quite have the that we have so it was a big choice each year was what you were going to make your dress and what fabric you were going to choose to excuse me to make your dress so that was big deal and she would record in a diary hashi found this on special and it was just so beautiful and she was going to have science or help her make it up or she'd do it herself she often got help and she was going to do it like this and like this in her diary and we know she wore. Bright colors. She enjoyed wearing you know what you think of Little House On The Prairie calico prints that she used a lot of and she had greens a very very vivid green we have recorded you don't think of her dressed in a emerald green quite a nice bright green we get the idea of doll clothes from from her photographs which of course all black and white. So we don't see the color also her husband died in eight hundred eighty one. And that was of course in the middle of the Victorian era and what did you do in the Victorian era when someone died. You went into mourning and people died a lot saw you went into mourning if it was a close relative it would be three months to a year of mourning. If it was a more distant relative it would be three months and you wore black for their time period to show your respect and to show that you were in mourning. If it was your husband or your wife you would go for one year in black. So that was kind of tradition. Back then. Then for a woman after that period of mourning. If you went back to wearing bright colors. It meant you were available. There Q. were ready for a proposal and you wanted to get married again. Ellen White after her one year she went out of her black into browns and navies and dark colors. Why she didn't want to get married again. So she stated that by the clothes that show. However she did have a marriage proposal but she said no way what was her favorite dessert anyone apple pies we have some apple pies going yet have you been to heaven. Have you been to G C. Are you just guessing. All right. Tell us what it was rice pudding no no. Rice pudding Yes OK cookies. Now or she did buy cookies and there was rice pudding he said rice pudding yeah that's on the menu. We have from elms haven we have menus. So we can tell we also have grocery lists. So we can see what things got bought. Which is really interesting for historic purpose anyone else. Ice cream. You know we. I don't have a record of her making ice cream. We know that it was made. Sometimes it picnics. But we don't have a record of her actually making it it was big deal to actually make ice cream. We we know in Alice haven she had cream they used cream they had a cow but actually making ice cream. Lemon pie was her favorite isn't she liked the lemon pie with Marang on the top for that was her favorite dessert which is of course an interesting and interesting aside. OK a little bit about her a little bit about Ellen as the person a little bit about Ellen is the person you all know she was one of a twin. Right. And unfortunately that's kind of the earliest picture we have of the twins which is not very early at all. Any idea why people looked so grumpy in photographs. They weren't allowed to smile. Raw it. The foam exposure took a long time sometimes up to two to three minutes it specially the earlier pictures. Exposure was a long long time and you had to set. Absolutely. Still for that time you couldn't blink. All right so you had to just stay and not blink. And not move a muscle. Because if you moved any anything appealing to whatever would give you a blur. And pictures were very expensive to do so when you went to have your photograph taken that was big deal and they normally strapped you to a contraption. A wooden contraption they would actually tie you to tie your neck to it so that nothing would move even slightly so I guess people often look pale. And in the picture because they probably were in pain by been strapped to this contraption and then you've got someone shouting at you the whole time. Don't move don't move don't move your in you you move it. Don't move don't move for for a minute or so before click it goes. So they told you don't smile just stay and concentrate on not blinking. So I think if you try that most people look actually fairly cheerful under the circumstances you can also imagine that if you try to hold the smile for a minute you have a snarl. And it would look pretty scary at the end of a pitch if you got the green so. So that's why people look particularly groom they improve as photographer improves it's very interesting because when Ellen first is married. We're looking at forty six forty seven eighteen forty six eighteen forty seven the photography is really in its infancy and it's very expensive to do the technique is different. Difficult and throughout her life photography just improves technology does in general just sort of I mean she hits the Industrial Revolution she hits big time changes in society but photography improves and we get better and better and better pictures of her coming out and she looks more relaxed as well. People start looking better but by then they're old and they have no teeth as well which of course is a problem. So we have Ellen and has twin sister Elizabeth they come into a family that's already pretty basic. They have six siblings all the siblings already. So it's a big family. They had the only twenty's and I wanted counts they were they were happy happy family. Not very well to do family you know. Working hard father was a hatter made hats are selling her childhood or early childhood seem to have been seem to have been a good one. They had she wasn't called Eleanor at home. Anybody know what she was called at home because I mean people don't generally aren't generally called by they fool names at home right. You've got your Terms of Endearment your nicknames. Well anyone want to guess what Elizabeth's was. Lizzie they call her Lizzie and in her correspondence with her sister. It's always Lizzie and what was Ellen's name. Ella ella one of her granddaughters is named that of tools as well. But Ella was her and her nickname so's Ella and and Lizzie. And then of course there was the big turning point for her when you have an accident as a child or when you have some big thing happen to you it will leave its imprint. What happened when she was nine. All right. Did you all hear that story back at school. You didn't hear the story. She's on her way some way it's obviously not back from school because if we look at the map we can have the exact spot where it happened but she endlessly and another school friend were walking back from wherever they were walking back and a school for a bigger school because remember this is one room school house us where you have all different grades together. So she's nine years old. So she's in the third grade and this big girl for some or another reason is angry is upset shouting at them so they decide not to pick a fight they just going home. So they making a run for home with the big girl chasing them. And Ellen turns around at some point to see where the big girl is and at this point the big girl has a big rock which she hurled at Ellen. I like to say at that big girl must have had brothers and she must've been used to playing baseball with her brothers because she obviously had quite a swing or perhaps the angle just caught Ellen really right or wrong but if it's. Ellen full in the face and breaks her nose and break several bones in her face. She of course falls to the ground unconscious of the big girl does what I think most people would do in that circumstance. She turns and runs and Lizzie and and the school friend pick Ellen up and drag her into a nearby stall and so she's lying there on the floor in the stall and what happens to you when you cut your face hugely and you plead out a lot. So it's quite a mess. She's lying on the floor. She remembers coming round and seeing all these people standing over her and talking to. She didn't feel any pain. I guess she must been in shock didn't feel any pain or all these people were worried about her and there was a lady there that said I'll take her home in my carriage and Ellen who was very shy. As and I guess a lot of us can identify with that she was very shy and so she's kind of wakes up in these all these people staring at her and she's only one thought and the thought is out. I want to get out. I want to get away from all these people staring at me. So she's not OK It's OK I'll go home myself. So she gets up and she sees blood everywhere and that can serve of course a bit of a fright. She still doesn't feel any pain. And this kind lady is still trying to help her up and wants to take her and says No no I'm going to make Mason your carriage. Now no will will will just walk. So between Lizzie and the friend. They end up carrying her home dragging carrying a home which fortunately isn't too far back two blocks to home. Doctors call she lapses into unconsciousness and she's in and out of consciousness for about three weeks. So she's not eating anything and her mom is kind of spinning chicken soup him to try and get some nutrition into her during this time. It's if she doesn't remember much but she's in and out and she's remembering voices and people are coming to visit people are saying things like You should sue the parents of their girl or even back then people into suing you should soon. The parents and Ellen's mom says no it's not going to help. It's not going to bring my my daughter's face features back again that's not going to that's not going to work. I feel very sorry for for Ellen's mom because she's all alone when this happens. The father's away on a long business trip he's down selling hats. He's out of state. So she's all alone dealing with with the Stuart or the doctors say they give her a very small chance of survival. And they also predicting that if she does survive she'll have all sorts of issues. Ellen clearly remembers at the stime the neighbor woman saying to Ellen's mom. Don't worry I have a lovely little trace there. We can bury her in that I will give you as as a gift. So don't worry about that. And she can remember this when she when she come. Eventually after being in and out of consciousness for four for a long time when she eventually does regain consciousness. She realizes she's very weak and she realizes that this it is she have as she has all show a shocked expression when they see her. And she wonders about that. So she calls for America a looking glass and people are like oh OK I will get it later and they kind of avoid giving her a mirror because she must have looked pretty bad at the time I mean she's all swollen if you think of all the breakage is she's all swollen and probably black and blue green and you know whatever else. Plus her features have really changed. When she eventually see is the looking glass and sees what she looks like she gets a big fright. And I think we maybe the guys can't identify but all of us gals cannot interfere with that. I mean we all spend enough time looking in the mirror right and that horrible their chief feels when she says that set. I'm actually I'm actually now. You know who's going to like me like this. I'm I'm really ugly. This is a time of tremendous personal turmoil for her but it has its upside because she hears people say that she's going to die. She sat me figures out you know if I'm going to die. I better be ready to die because as far as she knows you go to heaven or you go burn in hell and she definitely didn't want to burn in hell but she didn't feel she was ready for heaven yet either. She knew that she had done bad things and I'm pretty sure she and her sisters had had their fights and she had been disobedient to N. she had done the other things that kids do so. She knew she wasn't good enough for him and. Surt was a real problem. Time for her but it was also the time way through her mom she accepts Jesus into your heart for the first time. And she has such a peace that she says is OK with our love for with our diet. OK. Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me. Doesn't matter why look like I'm OK. So that helps that helps. She's eventually well enough to go back to school and how do you think her reception was when she went back to school. What would you guess. Anyone. Imagine what do you think it was like when she went back to school. OK. It was an outright mocking people were probably too polite for outright bully back then. But she really felt shunned. She apparently was quite a fertile girl before hand loved playing loved running doing these these things. Nash is out of breath very quickly. She can't breathe free through her nose for years and years she wears won't be able to breathe through her nose. So she can't breathe through her now she gets tired very quickly and she looks different. She's got bad scarring still so people are not outright pulling her but maybe you've had that experience where they choose teams at recess. And then you the last one standing. And then Team Ace is OK where you can have Ellen and Team B. says no no you go ahead and have her you know sorry you kind of you feel it you feel it so she really does feel it. She also does have results from the accident she can't write. It must have affected her motor nerves because when she starts right. I think she really really really shakes. And she's tired out very very quickly. So it's sort of back to first grade writing and shaking and sweating and then she wants to fight. So this went on for several months she was given a tutor who do you think she was given as a tutor to help her. LIZZIE. Nope the big girl she was given the big girl as a tutor and it was actually a good thing because I think it was a good thing for the big girl because she got to see what she did that that one moment of just losing control can have consequences for other people. So I think it was a good thing and that girl really did feel sorry in Ellen remarks that that girl showed a lot of patience. And sec with her for hours trying to help her but eventually got to the point way the teacher said take a hug see what you can do with it home. She's not going to finish school. You know she just doesn't have the ability. This was very hard for Ellen because she wanted to be a teacher that was kind of a dream for a woman that was probably about the only job. That that there was out there so she what had been dreaming big but now that was completely off. She doesn't look that pretty anymore so our marriage is probably off the books as well. So she's going to be an old maid and sit around at home for the rest of her life. That's kind of the prospects that she has facing her. Fortunately for for her. That isn't what happened. I think if you look carefully at Ellen you can look at this picture you look a little bit later on I don't think she looks that ugly Eleanor. If you look carefully. At home. Much later pictures and really amplify it you'll notice her nose is a little skewed on the left side this nose hole is a little skew and there's a skull running down from from the edge of the nose to the lip. But that's about all I can make out on really trying to study the picture. I think this came at a good time because this was before her real growth spurt. So this should this happen when she was nine. So I think hope body rebuilds quite a lot in that sense. So by the time she was sixteen seventeen she was very weak teenager physically weak after the accident. But I think she was and still extremely shy. I think you you carry the emotional damages for for a long time. At this time she and her family also become Muller writes Anybody not know what a miller right is right. Your up to date on the right history this one or two. All right. Just very briefly William Milat is preaching that Jesus is coming. He's looked at the Daniel prophecy the two thousand three hundred day prophecy. He knows they years he's found the beginning point he finds the end point to be around eight hundred forty three hundred forty four and he says it's a long story but he starts preaching this message her family hears this and they accept this as truth and it has consequences because the Regular church is the established churches don't like this message after a while. It's a bit too fanatical for they likings appear to the true Bible interpretation. So they are disfellowshipped from the church. If you read the minutes. Of the meeting. It's a little bit like a little bit just a little bit but it reminds me a bit of Martin Luther. Before the Diet of Worms. You know here I am so help me God kind of thing. Robert Harmon her father is asked will you and your family stop believing the advent message. Will you stop believing that Jesus is coming soon. And just become normal again. And just accept the teachings of the church instead of your own interpretations and he says. I and my family cannot do that. We take the Bible seriously and we're looking forward to Jesus coming again and then they are dismissed. Which of course in a small town is further kind of. Ostracization further separation from from your community which is not easy. But God has big things in store for this young lady October twenty two and in forty four. She of course. Experiences the great disappointments along with everyone else after the actually takes a real turn for the worse physically she has to The Killers just already should really be looking forward to the second coming. Because she really wanted that new body because she realized that the one she had was wearing out pretty fast by the Senate but the tuberculosis is so advanced that you can't light them. Because you know T. be works that your lungs and your lungs are bleeding. So when she lies down the blood falls her lungs and she can't breathe. So she's got to sleep sitting up at night and needs constant care. And her mom is so tired and so worn out that her mom sends her. If she goes to a young friend Mrs. Elizabeth science I love this as Mrs Elizabeth hates how do you think Mrs Elizabeth Heinz is. Yeah she's about eighteen nineteen. Mrs Elizabeth Haynes as soon as you got married you took your food proper title search always sounds like a bunch of old people. But people are the story of Ellen White at this time is is is is under thirty. I mean everyone she's connected with the whole advent movement. All of this it's young it's young the oldest person is is just of palettes and he's in his early fifty's and he's the father of the movement he's old Everybody else is under thirty and well under thirty. So it's a very young young movement. So at Elizabeth Hines's house she has the First Vision and the sense of course remarkable and she would have about how many movies in her lifetime. Yep. Plus Minus two thousand visions that range from a few seconds to four hours. So it would be long short quick. How was Ellen White when she was in vision. Tell me about her physically. Anyone. Unconscious. Yes she was not conscious of the surroundings of her real surroundings there. She didn't breathe. You're not breathing not conscious of her surroundings. She could be very strong she could be very strong later on. James used to often get he used to if she went into vision in a meeting situation. He'd call if there was a doctor in the house he would get the doctor to come up and examine her and there's plenty of doctors that rare from the balding that have never seen anything like that. So you can. The doctor to come examine her to find out if she if you know what. What was going on and we have lots and lots of testimonies of nonbelievers. That said something weird was going on. Everyone every testimony we have records that when Ellen White was in vision. There was no doubt that something supernatural was going on now whether you were going to attribute tech to the devil or to God it was another thing because but there was never any doubt that something supernatural was going on. You could walk out of there and say Oh nothing happened when you see this little woman not breathing and talking. You can't talk and not breathe at the same time it just doesn't happen. You can't see her pick up heavy objects for longer amounts of time. People used to often try to move her all. Because she would sometimes be gesturing she would she be totally engaged she wasn't in a trance like state she'd be totally in gauged but in gauged with another world. So you would watch her eyes she would look. Look. Oh no no oh no. Yes. Oh please. So she would be into acting talking. You'd see your eyes. Scuse me she'd be fully engaged in the other world. So sometimes people would try to move her arms and she had an arm up. And you just couldn't move her at their time. She had that strength that's the way she was she was under another's power. She met a very energetic young man. This is one of the earliest pictures we have of them and she's pregnant with their first this is already. I think the third that she's pregnant with. In the speech or you can see but that's one of the earliest pictures we have of James and Ellen together is already losing some of these hay back there. But this was a very interesting courtship and very different from how we were caught today. But a very very warm marriage. They really loved each other. It's really cute to hear some of the latest that come and go between them. You really feel like you're reading other people's emails which you all which is shouldn't be reading but it's funny anyway. And as we have a tease each other very often when they're apart and and writing to each other. It's very nice this marriage wasn't without its problems. Just because she was God's prophet didn't mean she wasn't normal. This marriage went through everything that splits couples today except for marriage infidelity. None of them had affairs with anyone else but all the other biggies that split up marriages. They had and they had to work through it and it wasn't easy. It wasn't easy especially later on. James suffered at least five strokes major strokes. And we know today. You warn a person to the relatives when someone's had a stroke. Depending on which part of the brain was affected you often have personality changes and James had some major personality changes at one stage he became quite paranoid and he was pretty sure that everyone was off to him he couldn't stand noise. She writes to a friend she says I don't know what to do when I leave the room he wants me back. When I sit in the room. I've got to be dead quiet and if my knitting needles click. He just gets gets crazy angry. Because he can't stand the noise. So she says What's with this man I just I don't understand him and it was a real struggle for both of them. As he regained his health and as they found each other again. In their work. So anyway. Very interesting story. They had OK you get a turn. All right. How do you think she was viewed by those who knew her just quickly her friends and family. What do you think they thought of her when they saw her or when they spoke about her right turn to the person next to you. Just quickly what do you think. OK What do you think her family thought of her. Anyone. Probably mixed. Do you want to say anymore. Who the sister. Lizzie Lizzie actually was never baptized and Lizzie. As far as we know as far as we know we hope we're wrong but as far as we know she never accepted Jesus as a personal savior. We have a letter probably one of the most touching letters in the collection where she writes to the sister Lizzie who's been in the sixty's and she's sick. And she writes to her about three months before her death and she pleads with Lizzie she says take Jesus as your Savior. It's not heartless Lizzie it's not hard. You don't have anything to lose and you have everything to gain. Lizzy I want you. They please just open your heart to Jesus soul she writes very touching later to Lizzie. Yes. OK while they loved her and and accepted her that sometimes founder annoying and weird paps didn't want to hear what she had to say sometimes. OK I'm pretty sure her boys felt that way. Because she was a mother and so I'm pretty sure her boys felt that way ever and I'm sure that James felt that way sometimes. Although I found this extraordinary interesting. It seemed that her family could distinguish between Ellen the person and Ellen the prophet without any trouble her husband James. At one stage where they all working on different the different sections of the country and the marriage is very strained at one stage. He writes to her and he says to her. Stop telling me what to do. I have a good head on my shoulders and I can make my own decisions and you know she's saying things like when your warm coat because he's. Recovered from the stroke you know when you warm coat. Don't forget to eat such and such and you know kind of wifey things. So he's saying leave me alone. Don't bother me. I'll make my own decisions. Then he adds as a P.S. he says but if you have a message from the Lord for me please deliver. So I thought that's pretty cool. That he could tell the difference at that moment where us. Absolutely. Irritated with your spouse but you still realize if they have a direct message from the Lord you better. You better listen. Because it's good stuff. So yes her direct family never had any trouble telling the two apart with friends she realized after a while it became friends had it more difficult it was very lonely because people used to what she said to a friend privately people would talk about. Outside of friendship thing and say Oh Helen White says we should do this in the US and she's like No I was just talking privately to a friend. There wasn't a general statement for the church there was just me and a friend. So she became more and more guarded with her friendships. People used to also come just to look at her because they hear oceans a prophet the she look weird. What is she. Oh she's eating what she eating. Oh she's dressing. How long's her dress. What she's doing with the hey actually got to watch strep so it was living under the loop which was not easy for any of you pastas craves. OK Any P.K.S. just to Piquet's I'm a P.K.. As P.K.S. will know a little bit what that's like when you the pastor's kids. Your parents your father the ministry is judged of your behavior and your dress. If you come to church dressed. Anywhere you die you hear purple. It's not just your the situation. It's your father. What kind of a minister is he. And your father where might even cite you don't do that please. You know think of your family think of me think of euro. So it's living loop and her family felt that is specially her boys and that wasn't wasn't easy at all. That wasn't easy for all the son Henry he felt the pressure to of growing up a prophet son at times loved his mom. Loved his father he was probably the handsome one the musical one very gifted I often wonder what he would have become unfortunately. He died at the age of sixteen. So he cooked he caught pneumonia and he died very quickly. There was no cure for it back then but erupt. On his deathbed he wrote a very touching little pamphlet Foley's friends. I guess he would put it on Instagram. But he didn't have it so you wrote a little booklet Fawley's friend saying. People laugh short. Make the most of it. Love for Jesus. Now because you don't know about tomorrow. And his last words were heaven sweet. Which I think comforted his parents a lot though they were both with him when he died. SECOND BOY WAS a headache already from a young age. He was the black sheep of the family and he had his father's Yeah you Luckies tie. He had his father's business sense to a degree. He liked making money. He liked. Yeah he liked business practices except drug. He didn't particularly like church and he didn't particularly like I have a vibrant relationship with God He was pretty quickly devious and would come out of the window at night Holies younger brother along with him and I would have to tell him and that kind of thing. Funny enough. God never interfered with Ellen as a mother or as a wife I find that interesting. You think that God should have shown her what her kids were up to right in vision. But he didn't he left it. L.F. things to work out like any other mother would have to like any other father would have to. Also with her husband I mean he could have just shown her the effects of a stroke and what was wrong and he didn't. He left it for her like you and I we have to work through these interpersonal relationships with Jesus one on one we don't you don't get any inside line if you're a prophet. Or new on on these relationships here. It certainly has a strained relationship. I mean this I didn't know about before I went to the white state because I think we've tried to whitewash history a little bit here because it's in the barest meant he got married and I think was nine hundred twenty against his parents' will the goal was nice parents had nothing against the go but they said he's too immature which he was a gets married then he starts in on one prisoners venture in another and he discovers that been a white can have some financial benefits. He goes into a little town and this other Adventists and he says how I want to start this great outreach program we can do this and do this into that invest your money with me and people all white. Sayed great great idea. So they they invest their money with him and then of course the venture goes. Buried and he slips term and the people don't have the money. So the people write to chimes in. Ellen saying oh you know this and this happened we'd like our money back which wasn't exactly nice and it caused tension between James and Ellen as well because they had different parenting philosophies child's was the tough love kind of guy. And he was like well he did it he should take the consequences and Ellen was well let's bail him out this time and tell him not to do it again. The mother you know. Well we'll just grew our talk to him and you know we got to and he went in direct them. So it didn't breed real strain family relations until James dies off the James dies something snaps and he kind of breaks three years a big fight with the review and herald publishing Association and he stops attending church and he writes to his mother saying I've decided that I'm not in the least bit religious. Which is pretty devastating you hear over and over and over in her diary how she wakes up at crazy hours of the night and counseling and is praying for four for her son for it. So this really she carries it for years and years and years him bouncing from one crazy thing to the next. When he is forty three years old. Ellen gets a letter saying I've met Jesus. I gave my heart to Jesus. I can't believe that I didn't do it sooner. Jesus loves me. I don't know why I never got it before but he loves me. And Ellen writes back she's ecstatic. She's happy but you hear a little town like is this for real or is this another trick. To soften us all up and gets more money out of us you know you kind of just hear that little back. Is this for real. It is for real and it's and puts his heart and his mind and everything into services for Jesus and he becomes this is after the Civil War. No one wants to go down south to cut scam is running around making things difficult elem What is it over and over that the the freed slaves need education they need someone to help them because they're little better than slaves. Now they need someone to help them get on their feet and this is the brave men who thinks up the plan of building the morning store raises the funds and then goes down the Mississippi into dangerous territory to work once he has actually accepted Jesus. Then there's little Willie when he grows up to be elements He's a very mysterious guy we can tell pals of stories about him. Very mischievous these kids are very normal children. Did you hear the one about when they were in school. What happened to the with the teacher. They didn't like their teacher Mrs Martha whatever her name was so he climbs into the when he comes into the school room window one day and he writes on the board. If I get it right. The devil went east the devil went waste. And then. He do it. East they went west. Then he dropped Mr Smith here or something to the civic on the blackboard and yeah he couldn't. It was the moral of it was that even the devil couldn't stand the smell. So it's better spread out here and he writes this on the blackboard and the next day at school the teacher wants to know who wrote that. And of course no one wrote that. But the teacher is not as stupid as she might look because she recognizes they handle. And so she says well we did you write that and so when he's directly Yeah he wrote it. Well I want you to apologize so he stands up and he says My parents taught me to always tell the truth. So I caught apologise for this. So we can only imagine what happened when he got home of the most material decided to talk to his parents. So he was it was also quite a handful but he grew up to be a steady young man a great administrate and a great helper to tutor Elam white her youngest John Herbert he died. Unfortunately at the age of twelve weeks. So really little guy and Mark knew what it was like to lose someone very close to you. As a mother I mean those specially the last week I mean they prayed nonstop over the slow guy. And he showed no improvement and and he died his brother died three years later Henry the oldest starred in one thousand nine hundred sixty three and on on Henry's deathbed Henry said remember Heaven is sweet but he said please. When I die. Cause he when in in tops in Maine he said when I die please bury me in Battle Creek next to my little brother because on the resurrection morning. I want to be there next to him first. So that he has some family close to him first. So please bury me day. The big brother. Right. And we have the last picture of James as as as the old man over here he dies in eight hundred eighty one. He's just sixty. You aged quickly. I think you sicknesses and other health issues and work. The man really worked himself to death in the course that there he loved back then. And as I say it was their marriage with issues but they worked through it all. And when he died for Eleanor was life stopped again she said I cannot go on without him. Little did she know that they would her most productive years would still would still be ahead. They'd be time in in Europe as a missionary and of course time in Australia Sunnyside as a missionary and then finally. Several of you have visited Elmes haven where she died where she slept and felt broken hip and then it was in February and on July sixteenth and nine hundred fifteen. She actually died. Anybody know what her last words were It's always interesting to know what a person says on their deathbed right. Expected to be something profound anyone. Yes. Yes she quotes. She quotes scripture her last words are I know in whom I have believed. I like saying that's quite a contrast. That's quite a contrast to someone else who was who a contemporary. Charles Dhawan writes his book write about the same time that a white does her first edition of the great controversy interesting connection when he dies you know what his last words are I hope it's not true. I hope this something more. And she on her deathbed says I know in whom I have believed. He's hoping that what the evolutionary theory isn't true. He's hoping that there's something of the death that they will be some hope that you don't just have nothing. In evolution and yet he set something in motion. Ha. Without that assurance. OK We are very much near the end over here and I lost a last quick question why do you would be unfortunate to know or think of and watch as a real person when you're reading your reading her books. Just quickly with the person next to you. We will end within one minute because I know some of you want to go to are the same and also think that right. Thank you. OK Here we go. It would be important to know that Ellen White is a real person when you read her books when you connect with rights just a quick ride the next one is more hands on we look at inspiration and what it was like to have vision and how inspiration. Thanks for coming. This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web where Gene.


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