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2. Visions, Inspiration and The Bible

Chantal Klingbeil


Why do I need Ellen White’s writings if I have the Bible? What does inspiration mean? Are Ellen’s White’s writings as inspired as the Bible? What was is like to have a vision? In this interactive seminar, we will tackle the big questions. Be ready to be involved!



  • December 29, 2016
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like visit us online at W W W T Y C web. Well I am so glad that I'm not in yours because there are so many good good salmon also choose from. I actually thought it would become a good if I just disappeared right and went to the tended some myself but anyway I'm glad you're here with us. We have some new faces. Thanks for thanks for joining us. Let's begin this one with a prayer as well. To Heavenly Father I thank you so much for the privilege of sharing here with my brothers and sisters and I pray for your spirit to be with us as we talk about the scrape gift that you've given us. Thank you Father. Amen. OK For those who wasn't here on the first one. All right so we've got about half on the first one we look to at we will look at the person a little bit of her personal history and her children and her marriage and her life sketch. Now we get into the what I think is the exciting stuff. So you picked right. This is this is the exciting one. Let's begin with some warm ups. Now if you're sitting alone you would probably need to turn to the person next to you Could you need at least one person near you. OK because we're going to do kind of a couple of group activities. So if you don't have anyone near you. Maybe you just want to move and sit by someone. That you've. Got a partner at least some way or I just quickly discuss with your partner. How is Ellen White viewed way you come from. I said. Your neck of the words. Has your options either very positively. They love everything she wrote all somewhat positively they say OK she has a place. All they can a new troll like yeah whatever. Maybe a little negative. Some of her stuff so OK. Or maybe very negative. If you say Ellen White you start a fight. All right so discuss with your partner not how you feel. But when you come from how you church or the area where you come from what it's like. OK this is this is should be fun. How many of you say that she is viewed very positively where you come from if people just love everything she wrote All right. All right. What what areas are you from. Nashville. OK is one particular church or just the area say the youth group and everything. Oh OK so the the academy they very positive. Good thank you. Yes. From Loma Linda and spot on lover. Alright alright alright anyone else. That said the area is while Ellen White. Yes we may all right. Yes I've got relatives up that way. Definitely. OK how about somewhat positively. So that's not we'll jump up and down and get excited but here are nice. Anyone. Not All right how about than the neutral neutral. Yeah whatever. What you really are you from Silver Spring. OK OK whatever. Right. Any any other whatever it is you can also say whatever. OK someone from my church here so we're we're just here I guess you scared not our church but our area. OK Here we go good. All right how about somewhat negative right as well here somewhat negative. How about Ellen White and you start a fight now. Shuts down completely. If you say helm white struck waving a red flag to a bull right. Oh OK So I think probably a lot of this has. Do with. What you really think of a long while now. Or maybe we want to this new group will just because we'll move on quickly. How do you think what you think of Ellen White influences how you read her. Do you think there's a direct connection between the two. She is not someone you can read neutrally like the newspaper. Because this is the so intimate connection between. What you think of a person in this case this person and how you read. So you've got to go back and have a look. First of all you've got to find out why did she write. If you can answer the why often solves a lot of problems because I think in some people's mind why she wrote is she wrote to give me a hard time. Now when I was growing up. In one of the churches I am my father's a pasta so I don't know how many churches we were at a I was a thickly seven different schools growing up so we were lot of churches but there's one church. Where there was all brother he walked with a limp. And he had to splurge in four hit the young people. And because the time of trouble was coming so we all had to memorize scripture and Ellen White. According to him. And he was going to see that we did that. So he used stand at the door to the church at the interests of the church and when he saw you. He said Next week great controversy page fifty four the first paragraph. And Psalms ninety five. Next week. And he was I don't know if you've been in the military in his younger days or what. But you know when he looked at you you didn't argue with him and you said yes sir. Of course we didn't do it but we said Yes sir. And then we try to avoid him because the making might have been old but he had a brilliant memory and he remembered who he told what to say he would stand at the church door and we would stare and the young people withstand kind of a little corner a little huddle. Now we want to get in but we've got to get past brother son so to get him. It reminded me of you know like the hyena at the waterhole with all the animal standing there they thirsty they want to drink but they can't come because he would stand at the door. You know and then finally someone would make a run for it and even from invariably grab that person see grab you and pull you aside and say so young man. Have you learnt a great controversy page to come repeated for me and while he was you know working with you all the rest of us would slip in and we can agree the poor victim over there and he wouldn't let you go until you'd repeated that paragraph off to him. OK then he had done his job and he let you in and you do it again next week. So it kind of left a bit of a negative association. So basically Ellen White was out to get you to stop you from going to church for one in my mind anyway. So that's why figuring out why she wrote would help a lot in how you read her and how you interpret her. So why did she write. She wrote First of all because she wanted to bring people back to the Bible. That was her passion and that's something we mustn't forget when we will look like to help interpret in Ellen White she never wanted to write another Bible. She didn't want to supersede the Bible. She didn't want to become something else she wanted to bring people back to the Bible. She loved the Bible. She had so many parts of the P. read the Bible so often that she would often use publicly imagery without realising. Yet. That's our kind of it was totally immersed in it. Why we have competition next door up with. OK she wanted to vividly impress the truth of the Bible upon upon people. This one thing to read about Jesus coming right. A verse or two you know in the Bible describing the second coming. That's another thing when you get this vivid for five page first person account of what it actually looks like OK that's part of that vividly impressing Bible truths. So that's another reason wash world to give clear understanding of truths. Was the Sabbath something that Ellen White invented. Did she invented No the Sabbath has been there since when creation but she helps to provide better understanding of a change joins the dots on the little picture you've got who here who've course it's always been there I didn't see there before it's all the way. Her. This is the one we normally think of when we think of Ellen White this was her least favorite job. This was her least favorite job she hated this. She was shot by she was shy. And some of the things that she saw that she had to repeat that she had to go to people and tell them about. She wrote more than once in a diary she says I would rather die than have to give another message like I did yesterday. After a while she found it so emotionally taxing that she used to prefer writing it because she it would just take so much out of her when she went and spoke to people. Now imagine imagine. Is there anybody here that's seventeen or eighteen. OK. Seventeen eighteen. Imagine you Feeney elder Wilson Invision doing something really disgusting. OK. Imagine now are not painted black here but just imagine. All right you've seen that and you told go and confront him with it. How do you feel the lighted ready to dash off like the Wasn't I saw you three nights ago at such and such a hotel with Tara. I saw it all and God saw it and you're not fit to lead his people are nice you repent. Would you like the job. This was her least favorite job and she hated it. But hey. I find this very intriguing at least on her regulator's she never ever writes a rebuke to someone for their sins without offering hope. Because why on earth does God take the time and the trouble to speak to Ellen and ask. Ellen to tell that person unless God wants their person in heaven. This one interesting letter where there is a pastor who is using his position to get to young women in the church. Some of them or really young twelve thirteen year olds that he is actually sexually misusing. And he's a. Now an evangelist and he's doing this. Now I'm a mother and if I found out about this. You know I would be ready. Yeah to take some drastic action with that man. She writes to him and it's one of the most fiery letters. I have read of hers. I mean she just lays it on she says don't think you don't think you tricking God he sees he knows he's seen you with first person that person does and that how you manipulate how you groom these girls how each just lays a she just lays onto him page of the page of what he's doing and she says you know that's not even the worst of it. These people these girls are looking at you as a stand in for God You are ruining their perception of God and jeopardizing their eternity because they think God is like you abusive and manipulative which he isn't you know a she really lies on to him. And I would you know I'm like. Yeah go for it. This is. And she ends off. I mean she says you are totally disqualified from any position you resign now you leave. Back then you couldn't prosecute people like you would do today. But she wants the fullest extent. She says you should never be in a position where you have any contact with with young people especially with with the age group except if she really lays it on and she says and and I'm not doing this quietly I will talk to people around you. But then she ends up in the last paragraph she says but your case is not hopeless. You've totally messed things up here. But she's a start for you as well. If you come clean. If you are reconverted they is still a savior for you and I go. I wouldn't edit that line for for that guy. All right. She wrote because she wanted to apply political principles in a modern setting. She's like an update on your app. OK you've got that step. We've got those biblical principles all Testament New Testament I mean Jesus takes it a step further. It's always been the love your neighbor as yourself in the first books of Moses Jesus takes that further he says Who is your neighbor who's your neighbor. Anyone who is in need. Even the Samaritan. He's your neighbor Jesus contextualizes a biblical principle right. In this time and place. Ellen White text that sign principle and shows us how it can be updated to the nineteenth century which is like OK that's a whole lot closer. That's one thousand nine hundred us closer. We're a little bit further along now but we can see how that update process takes place and that helps us to make a quick a jump for our updates over here. So that's an interesting thing. Finally not funny but she also wrote to give hope and comfort. I don't know how it is refuted back. Sometimes I feel really far away from God. And I don't even feel like reading my Bible. Maybe I don't know maybe it's just me. And a showgirl cure for me is to pick up sticks to Christ and read the first chapter that just just draws me back just draws me back. God who loves me even me it. Me tremendous help and comfort. Over here. And she wanted to magnify in time issues. We spoke a little bit about that early on giving clear understanding of public all truths. OK here's your turn. Here's your turn. What does inspiration mean what does it mean to be inspired. We said Ellen White is inspired. What does that mean just quickly with your partner. Our care that was an easy question right there. No problem. Let's let's come back to the answers I want to take feedback yet. Let's go on while you're on a roll. Let's see here. Because we talk about inspiration and we know that the Bible is inspired. And now the logical question is what is Ellen watched relationship to the pipe. Is Ellen White greater than the Bible and by that I mean. If I read Ellen wides I mean really read or really study her. I don't have to study the Bible because I'm getting all that good stuff. Three of them white. OK so if I do mind to Phocians just from Ellen White and I do my studies just from Ellen White I should be able to be carrying the Bible that way where that would be greater. How about Ellen White is lace there in the Bible. In other words I take the Bible first foremost and white a secondary source or I can ignore all Ellen White if it's not in the Bible. OK. All I say they all on the execs are in level they like absolutely equal Ellen White and the Bible as far as inspiration as far as authority they write their government right is just like the Bible. Now we're going to do something really exciting. We're going to vote. You're going to choose one of those options because I mean you've all got an idea of how and what relates the Bible right. So those are your options that you're going to choose from. And we're going to take a vote. You only have one vote. Right. You only have one vote and we're going to do the South American style so that means you have to vote. There's no option. All right. Anybody here come from any of the South American countries. Nobody care left in Peru in Argentina and voting time you pay a fine a big fine if you don't vote. So you know we want to the fine you just have to vote. All right you ready to vote. Those are your options. Great. Then less then equal good if you're very shy you can just drop in front but you got to vote. Are you ready. Who's voting for greater then you can just be very discreet. There's no one here or you're just too scared. All right you've only got two options left. Are you ready. Less then. This might be interesting to count one two three four other people are joining a group mentality. They joining in now. OK. Looks like a majority. Let's see equal to this one two three four five six brave souls seven. All right well done. Would you like to know the answer. Yes I'll tell you later OK. To lead on what is inspiration like we'll do another activity. This is one of my favorite activities it's really fun but you need to be in a couple for it. You need two people for it. So I see there's some people that an on the on when a group of three. Could you could you connect up maybe with with with with him. I think anyone else that is on their own or in a group of three so that you can reshuffle because you need to be at least two for the to work. We need ones and truths. Other there's a there's a are you two are you are you together. OK Are you your pay. So you one person extra there right or anybody else. We've got one person at the back. Are you or you're a good thing he would or you're not. OK Would you. Would you join with him at the back there. OK Thank you. I'm not I'm reshuffling you but I think it's kind of a fun one. Right. So everyone's got a partner. Now you have two partners. All right so you have two partners and we'll. Ok you both be Number Ones OK you both Number Ones right so you have a one and a two. All right. Decide who's one and who's to say I would like all men Number two is to close your eyes and you keep your eyes closed and you don't cheat. All right. So all the Jews close your eyes keep them close don't cheat number once look at the screen. There's a picture. I'm going to put up for a few seconds. Don't say anything just study that picture. OK study the picture. Take in all the details don't say anything. All right number. Whoever's got your eyes closed. You can open them. Where were you ones right to set their eyes closed. OK Now number one. Please describe to number two what you've saw. In as much detail as possible. You want your number two to be able to see what you saw. Go for it. Yes. OK How did you do all our number twos. How was it was it easy you think it was easy. Yeah you feel happy you feel confident. All right now we're going to lay it out. Number one see what you saw right. That's what they saw now give them an honest evaluation of how they did it give them an honest evaluation tell them if they did a good job. I How It Was there anyone here that really saw it exactly where your partner just you were spot on you. Really saw that anyone. All right. All right for the other kind of kind of work well if you're getting to kind of I think you could it was anyone who it was. What a all of you saw something totally different magine something totally different. Yeah it was totally different. You just got a little teeny taste of what it's like to be a prophet. You just got a little taste of what it's like to be a prophet. Imagine that you see something that no living person has seen. And now it's your job to tell other people what you saw how do you begin. How do you begin. You have to start thinking about things that they know that they see you know or you know you when you have your caught and and you know try and draw from they world to try to describe things that they've never seen. And you try your best but you know when they start coming when they get the feedback you know. It just it's so frustrating. I just I wish I could do it clear. And tell him this was the biggest problem. She felt or she felt it most keenly she writes over and over. She says I don't have the language to describe what I saw I just don't have it. I mean she says the colors. There all the colors in heaven that we have no that we have no vocabulary for. Just look at the description that John the Revelator gives versus easy kill they see in the exact same thing. In God's throne room but they focus on different things and they get something and they try to describe that as. As as best they can and you know his E.Q. thing is is actually pretty scary. We have these wheels with our eyes and. Swilled because we can't imagine. We haven't seen we have no idea. John decides to leave the wheels with the eyes alone and he concentrates on other things. Ellen White spends a whole long time talking about a field of grass that she saw in vision in heaven. Because I think she finally said Now here's something I can try to describe. Maybe if I understand how much the grass is there get an idea that you are out the other things are so much bigger and better. So you see some of the challenge of being a prophet to convey that information and not just the information but the feelings the emotion the total experience of what you've been exposed to. Now we've got to keep that in mind when we read her writings. We keep this in mind when we try to grapple with what inspiration means. Now they've been to big views on inspiration throughout Christian history but it's still prominent in our church. It's there. These all just briefly verbal inspiration versus thought inspiration. Now what is verbal inspiration furball inspiration says that the prophet receives the words the ideas. Maybe the ideas maybe the vision but when Ellen White sat down to write. She became a vehicle for God to use. OK. Go. Chose the words she wrote the words it's like what Siri does. OK you talk and she writes. Sometimes she writes funny things but that's probably just my accent but generally she gets it right the exact words she gets it for my e-mails. So that would be verbal inspiration. Forty inspiration is a little bit of what we have done over here. Thought inspiration. Is the prophet would give a vision like you had OK You had your little vision here but it wasn't under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit but would have the vision. But on top of that they could do other things they could interview they could collect material and they write in their own words. I'm pretty sure none of use a thick sex same thing as the other if we had to record all of your descriptions they would all be slightly different because you chose your own words. Now they all have something in common. I picked you all head lamp stands or candle sticks right. You all had lights you all had Jesus you all had white robe and you all had gold. Why sped correct. So you probably had the same fundamental features but you all chose different words to try to describe what you saw Can anyone give me an example of a biblical all third who actually didn't even have a vision but wrote a public. Inspired book. Anyone Or was all of the Bible when a prophet saw a vision and then wrote it down. He saw the actually events that was kind of a history journal thing he was OK good. The gospels the Gospels. Yes. Matthew mock. These were people that were with Jesus. They didn't see visions they saw Jesus and they watched he says their Observateur Jesus and then under the influence of the Holy Spirit they remembered events. That's why they remembered different events. Some of them they have some that are of the same but others that are different. That they remembered different events and write them down but there was one person who was never with Jesus and never saw visions. But he interviewed people probably Mary. Peter where his mind's all schools. Mark Mark probably was tagging along for some of the some of the experiences but very clearly Luke Luke and he even says that at the beginning. He writes to the sponsor who is proof provided and he said I set out to provide an orderly account of the things that have happened. So he did the interviewing collecting material and then he wrote it out and he even changed to because he was writing for a non Jewish audience. So he changed nine places and gave them the non jewish always fold in on brackets to. Find terms that non jews wouldn't would would be able to understand better Jewish culture. OK. The important thing is that all of this is done under the Holy Spirit done under the supervision of the Holy Spirit. This is what it means to be a prophet. A prophet does not necessarily only see visions he does research. He does interviews but what he collects what he leaves the Holy Spirit inspires he uses his own words but Holy Spirit in speired good good. Let's go back now before we go back. Let's give you one more turn over here. They should question with your partner. We spoke about the two kinds of the two ideas of inspiration. That float around. Remember what they mean we had verbal and thought. Now what changes can you see in in a belief in verbal inspiration. All the no dangerous. Just quickly with your partner what dangers. OK. The last big value Genesis study there. We had showed remarkable decline in reading of Ellen White and reading of the Bible amongst Adventist Academy student age young people we have no statistics on above but that was academy age. This is the value Genesis study is the longest running study the church in North America has done and it's a very cool study because you can compare it start every ten years. So you can and it's been done. I think four times. So you've got forty years of daughter to look at and some of the questions that really interest me. One of the question is questions is how often do you read. L M white or uniquely even exposed to her in any given week. And then do you believe that what is a prophet. Over here and there is a third one the do you believe in what is a prophet is showing steady decline each each year it has about each time every ten years it has. About a fifteen percent lower right. So we can in about thirty five percent of our young people believe that she is a prophet books right now. That's kind of a sorry figure when you think we Seventh Day Adventists this is been one of our founding I mean we wouldn't be Seventh Day Adventists at all if it weren't for the whites writings. The other over here is how often do you have contact with and watch in any given week with her writings that was down. I thought the previous one was very low that was ten percent ten percent of Adventist youth academy age have anything to do with it or had anything to do with her on the previous study the latest figure that's come down. It's two percent. So the footnote on that is that next time the studies done. You probably wouldn't want to include this question because statistically it becomes an important. So that's pretty sobering the part that worries me. I mean that worries me that worries me a lot. But something else that worries me on the other scale is of this two percent that all reading Ellen White we are noticing and upsurge in verbal inspiration. You can understand that when everybody saying we don't believe in a white it's all nonsense that people would take a hard line and they'd say Well of course I believe in early what I believe in every word she said I believe in and what she is inspired. But. I believe that she is verbal inspired God directed every word she wrote I can take it. I believe in it. I stand on it. So what would you say would be some of the dangers of believing that God dictated every word that in White wrote. That's what you spoke about in your groups. So you must be someone's Yes things out of context. Excellent. You've got to remember context good anything else. What would be the danger. Yes. OK So you say it doesn't consider the human aspect. Good good anyone else. One of the dangerous. Yes. Ok human factor of adding or taking away. Yes. Sorry I couldn't hear very well the first part just said and I'll repeat it again. OK so in a different way. So we actually. Acacia takes place I hear one thing you saying another thing. And there's the danger of miscommunication and cultural differences Thank you. I'm glad you bring that up. I'm glad you bring that up. Communication is a whole process. It's not just stuffing information into your head. Communication is a total package experience my tone of voice that I use says so much. The words I choose say so much as well but my vote motivation makes a big difference. Now I will speak a little bit more about this in another seminar the actual translations and the actual working with the text to avoid some of these things but the biggest danger and we've helped this happen over and over and over in our church history. One of our Ellen White biggest opponents. Enduring her lifetime was a strong believer in her. And till he found a mistake in one of her writings until he found that she had made a mistake and he said what she misquoted the number of rooms in the sanitarium. She added an extra room that wasn't in the Senate area. She saw in vision that these rooms were being made and she talks about them and she says I saw that God wants us to whatever with these vision or with these things and so she says. So I think all of those whatever forty eight rooms should be redone in this way in this way. OK And he looked at this and he said but that number is wrong. How can God give you a wrong number doesn't God I have to count. If God doesn't know how to count and he's giving you most information then I'm sorry I can't trust what you're writing that set. And he became one of her biggest opponents and she writes and she says God never showed me the number of rooms God showed me some rooms are I asked how many rooms they were and I was given that information and I added it. I did it in good faith I'm sorry I made a mistake. I'm ready to correct it. Someone else got really upset and left believing in Ellen White because she describes during the massacre the same pathology Day Massacre. She describes that the cathedral bell began to toll in the middle of the city began to toll at the time that the massacre was supposed to begin. And it turns out according to your story called Documents that it wasn't the main cathedral bell that store to tolling it was the chapel the royal chapel outside there told first. So how could God give her the wrong chapel bells ringing. If God literally gave every word that she wrote. How could she get the chapel bell throng. We can't believe in anything she said. Strange but a lot of people are part that to the Bible. How many different the devil possessed men would say that Jesus healed with a one whole with a two one gospel reports while another says to write. Matthew makes a mistake. He says in the book of Isiah it's not a nice guy. It's Micah the quote that he makes they are mistakes they are human. Arius. There are sometimes a number wrong. That does not disqualify the person from pain God's mouthpiece. Because the total person is inspired God isn't inspiring or dictating God gives the total experience. It happened more than once. Look at night and the prophets there. David says I'm going to both the prophet I'm going to build the temple. Nathan says Good job you have God's blessing wonderful idea. Go for it. NIGHT THE walks out he comes back uses. I'm sorry I got that wrong. God doesn't want you building the temple he says is too much blood in your hands your son will build the temple not you. Nice in the Prophet had to say sorry got that message wrong here is that repeat this is it. And the same thing happens with Ellen White that's why it is so important to understand how inspiration works. Because you don't want your trust and your belief in God in God's Word in hell why it's writings torn out from under your feet by a number of rooms in a sanitarium. Oh by the book of Isaiah vs the book of Michael you don't want that you want to understand how God uses people to transmit his message over here. One of the important points that we as L S seven stand on is sola scriptura remember this is the call of the Reformation reform ation was we believe in the pipe will Martin Luther says Show me in the Bible where I'm wrong and I. Recant don't quote me church fathers don't quote me papal committees give it to me in the Bible and we all children of the reform ation we say give it to us in the Bible the Bible is our standard for faith and practice but having the Bible as our standard for faith and practice does not exclude other authority. It doesn't say we will only accept the Bible and God can't go on talking anywhere else. I'm only taking God's first e-mail and I'm not taking any further text messages thank you very much. That's all I'm doing. No. Especially when the Bible itself tells us taste the prophets they will be prophets look out for them taste the make sure they from me and then except their words. So the Bible itself tells us that the gift of prophecy will continue until the end of time. Now how many of you voted for Ellen White less lead less then the Bible that was the big majority. Well diary well done when White is below the Bible. Why. Because we test what she's writing by the Bible right. We test everything she writes by the Bible. We've got it tested over there. She points to the Bible and this is a very important point. She doesn't recommend her own books almost anyway. What does she recommend. She says in more than one place I wouldn't have to write so much. If you read your bible more over here she says as a mattress. Heck you wouldn't even need me. If you were studying your Bible. The last words to a general conference we're brothers and sisters I came into you this book this book the Bible. So she points to the Bible. She doesn't replace the Bible. I don't like the Book of Mormon. For instance the Book of Mormon is a bible replacement. Apparently the parable got some stuff wrong. And so Joseph Smith helped this vision and got the golden tablets and all that and made improvements on the Bible. So his book is more accurate then the Bible. And there are several other of these religions that are organized by a prophet. But the big difference is they have an update on the Bible and a correction on the Bible. And white. Never. Does she never replaces the Bible. She doesn't correct the Bible make a better check. She points to the Bible. She magnifies the Bible and she exults the Bible. Can talk more about practical points. Later on how to use her in out of versions except that we make sure we get that balance right now. Was there anybody that said that she was equal to the Bible. What couple of very brave souls. Very private. Lets see these brave souls put your hands up for chairs or you know what folks these people are correct. These people are correct as well that was a cheating thing. It is below and equal is the answer. Why is she equal to the Bible. Well who inspired the Bible. Remember everything under God under the Holy Spirit's inspiration. How did anyone. Get her visions under whose inspiration. The Holy Spirit's inspiration. How did she actually sit down right. Gather the information decide how to put this together under whose supervision. The Holy Spirit so that means if the Holy Spirit inspired the Bible and I come I taste her and I come to the realisation that the horse same Holy Spirit has inspired her writings. Can I pick and choose and say you know what I don't like this so I'm leaving that out. That's not inspired this is really good stuff. I'll take this. Can I do that. Can I do that with the Bible. Like many Christian phrase do I except the New Testament but not the Old Testament. Can I do that. No same spirit science spirit. It's the package deal. That's why we have Ellen White as authoritative else. The Bible over here. Do you see how this links up. You see how this links up and it's it's really beautiful. Ellen White her writings her ministry they add to the Bible they magnify the Bible they make the Bible center and foremost. And we arrived two minutes early. Thank you very much. What will we be doing later I know you've got different seminars and many of you want to get as much as you can in and I can understand that what we will be doing this off the new one is we will be doing hands on stuff. We will be taking difficult passages of Alawite and we will be learning how to work with them. So we'll be doing the hermeneutics It's very hands on supreme. Something to write worth. And you possibly if you want to bring a bible or an i Phone or whatever you use. Bring it along. You don't need it but you may want it as an extra So we will learn what do we do with it. She says in one place. Don't eat eggs she says in another place eat eggs. So what I do. All right. Is riding a bicycle a certain what about cosmetics will it kill me. Hey maybe dating questions hands on working with Ellen White and looking at the principles of hermeneutics that so often you. Let's have a pretty and. The Heavenly Father thank you so much for the sprite privilege you've given us. Thank you for wanting to talk to us we are so blind and we are so stuck in our little world. We can't see any of the unseen realities of eternity of heaven of the angels around us all of this is way out of. But we thank you that you still want to talk to us. Thank you that you gave us you would thank you that you worked with frail men and women throughout history that we have this book. And thank you that you've continued inspiring people and that we have a twelve and a white in her writings. I want to pray for all of my brothers and sisters here this morning but they too can use what you have grown to flourish to be strong and most of Jesus for we also must in Jesus name. Thank you. This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting ministry at the seventh there. Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G. Y.C. Web dot org.


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