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1. Introduction into Literature Ministry

Kamil Metz


Come find out HOW our church’s publishing work started, WHAT we are doing now, and WHY it will continue to the very end. EGW R.E. Publishing Ministries: “From this small beginning it was shown to me to be like streams of light that went clear round the world.”


Kamil Metz, a native of the Czech Republic, serves as Director of Publishing Ministries for the Michigan Conferenceof Seventh-day Adventists where he has served since 2003. He also serves as the GLOW International coordinator. Heand his wife, Annette, have two children—Rebekah and Micah.



  • December 29, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C where like to pray before we began Father in heaven. We want to thank you for bringing us together to look at the past how we have led us in the past with the publishing work and what you're doing through our young people and through faithful members today and thank you. They will be reminded. Also what's in store for us in the future and we just pray for your presence we pray for the Holy Spirit. To be our teacher this morning and we pray for in Jesus' name amen. So you just watched a video of our young people working for God It's very inspiring to see what young people are doing forgot today. But you know we're building up on on on on the somebody was set in the in the past the foundation it was set in the past and if you go back to to the proclamation of the message you really have to start with the Willie Miller now Willie Miller was a farmer. He was a farmer they got a call to preach and there's something about a God calling people from business world into the ministry they they they always add something special to it and so will Miller really do want to preach but finally in eight hundred thirty one. He responded to the call and begin to preach the problem was that he was getting too many invitations too many people want to him to come and preach and he says I have to deal with this problem and the way he would deal with this problem was that he would publish he said. And he would print those sermons thinking if I can only print those sermons. I will have less imitations. Well that was not the case in fact many more people wanted to preach now. And so he learned that when you combine the preaching of the ministry with the printed word you can actually do so much more for the Lord. Now in eight thousand eight hundred thirty nine he met Joshua V. Hinds Joshua V. Himes was really a brilliant man he was a man who had a gift in marketing and he was an organizer and he when he listened to Willie Miller he says when I get a great message. You've got to be going to two bigger holes and and preach before bigger Krauts. And that's exactly what he did by Joshua V. Himes he made he made many contributions but one of them was the printing aspect of the ministry and he's the one who actually started the signs of The Times Magazine and interesting. And with the four years the at his message was proclaim in different cities. And different cities would have different magazines like the midnight cry. The glad tidings the advent chronicles the Jubilee trumpet the Philadelphia alarm the voice of Elijah of the Southern midnight cry the Western midnight cry. The true midnight cried many others. Now listen to this. Before the great disappointment of October twenty two eighteen forty four eight million copies of our in this literature found the people and spread the word much of that. Around twenty million people living in the United States at the time and they were in those four years they distributed eight million pieces of literature is incredible. Now after the great disappointment. This was now years later eighteen forty five the Sabbath message was introduced in a major way. There was a man with a name. Thomas Prebble and he wrote tract and this was the title of the tract tract showing that the seventh day should be observed as the Sabbath is stead of the first day according to the commandment. It's almost like half of the tract you know the title was pretty long while there were a couple young men and one of them was John and Andrews and the second one was Mary and stole the village together. You see at the time the people believe that Jesus was coming soon. And so they would sell their properties that would sell their homes their farms and now the star will family had nowhere to live and so the endless family embrace them and they stayed with them and these two young men got hold of that shack by Prebble and they rented and the whole both families began to observe the Sabbath another man to get a hold of the same truck who was Joe's of Bates I hear you've heard of Captain Joe's and Bates right before he'd read the savage tract as well he didn't believe in the Sabbath till then. But when he read it he got really excited and so that day he child will to see Frederick Wheeler he knew this man believe in the south message so he traveled to his home here right there on ten o'clock in the evening knocked on his door and of course they're like who's at the door but the you know people back then were very hospitable and it was not uncommon for people to knock on people's doors and spend the night with them and he says you know and talked about the Sabbath and the whole night they had a Bible study and they started the south message when the Joe's of bass was coming home. He was walkin by. His neighbor who actually was a fellow believer but didn't believe in the Sabbath and he says What's the news Captain Bates he says the news is that the seventh day is the Savile of the Lord our God The adamant is had a model to follow in showing the message through preaching and publishing that was Sunday was astonished by the Miller writes and when we have moved on with the movement. We have adapted the concept. Now this is what Sister White wrote she says our publisher publishing work was a stablished of the direction of God and under his special supervision. It was designed to accomplish a specific purpose. That's very comforting to know that the this war of the publishing world was established under the direction of God God was the one who is leading this work. When I read it was designed for a specific purpose. I want to know what that is because if we are involved in the publishing work we want to make sure that we're doing the right work right. This is what she says she says the publications sent forth from our printing houses are to prepare people to meet God that is the purpose of our publishing work to prepare the world to meet God and as she says throughout the world. They are to do the say work that was done by John the Baptist for the Jewish nation. Now I found this fascinating. John the Baptist has an input very important role to play in preparing the world to me to Jesus when he came first time and she said I'm White says the before Jesus comes a second time the publications will play the role so Jones and Bates believe now in the message. Only a year later he produced a forty six speech booklet that meant the man was studying the south message and this was the title of the booklet the seventh day sabbath a perpetual. Sign from the beginning to the entering into the gates of the holy city according to the commandment. That's a deep title isn't it a tell you on the inside. It's pretty deep two. Now James an Alawite read that truck they were just married and they read the tract and they believe in the Sabbath message as well. It was only two years later when Sister White had a vision. It was a vision about the publishing work and she says as she says at a meeting held in Duchess Termite's must chooses in November eight hundred forty eight. They were meeting there it was called The Sabbath conference they will meet to discuss the Sabbath message and they had the conferences in different times of the year and so this was in November and she says I had been given a view of the percolation of the sealing message and of the duty of the brethren to publish the light there was shining upon our pathway. She says the ceiling message must be published. Then she says after coming out a vision. I said to my husband. You must begin to put a little paper and send it out to the people. Let it be small. At first. But as the people read they will send you means with which to print and it will be a success from the first. And that's exactly what happened. They began to print a little paper they would send it out and people would begin to send money and she was it. They were able to print more and more and more books but this she gives a beautiful promise to the future. She says from the small beginning it was shown to me to be like streams of light there when clear around the world. She says it will start small but is going to and big you know I can just imagine the pioneer starting to publish your work. And they would pass the baton to somebody else the torch of light passing on to another generation and another generation if I can only see with the eyes of faith seeing the pioneers looking at us today and we're holding the torch and they're just cheering us on it started small but it will be big at the end. And so a year later you know it's you know it's really funny kind of shows the nature of husbands a little bit in eighty forty eight she had that vision she tells her husband James. We must begin to print a paper and of course he wrestles with this they have no money. This at one hundred believe there is one hundred you know church members as not many people in and he wrestles with the families in a meeting with some other brother and and they sell we must begin to print a paper and he comes home as well and we must begin to print a paper and I can just imagine. I don't know if she would do that but you know. Well I told you so. And here's a description from Sister Y. of what was happening. They printed the space they would fold them and they would kneeled down as she says the precious print that she's were brought into the house and laid on the floor and then a little group of interested ones or God are in and we knelt around the papers. I just love the spirit there and then she says and with how hard so many T. years. Be saw the Lord to let his blessing rest upon these printed messengers of truth. Only God can give us the passion for souls like our partners had you know it was like John Knox the great reformer Scotland he says Lord give me Scotland or I die. You know what he prayed for the for the country of Scotland. He says Lord give me Scotland or there's no reason to live and these are pioneers would with tears in their eyes. To spray paint for those piece of literature you know as we had. Our books that we had our tracks. Why not pray for the books I remember I was coming here to G Y C. And I had to get gas now because my family the hotel and and we love some literature in the hotel most religious pray for the literature and I just pray that he will reach the right people and here is a picture of James wide walking eight miles to Middletown to care. The liturgy to be to be sent off and so the publishing Warrick any yet unformed the nomination had begun. Now this is early one thousand nine hundred fifty S. the review gets very involved in printing of course the pretty many tracks. And you're a Smith was an editor he was a he was very gifted young man but he also had to sometimes go in the back end and cut tracks and he would actually use pen knife to cut the edges of the tracks and this is how Smith remembered his being done. He said even though the tracks were square in doctrine the pages were not sometimes Sister White Road she said our public literature is to be distributed everywhere. The truth is to be sown Besides all water for we know not of which will prosper this or that listen to this now in our airing judgment. We may think it unwise to give literature to the very ones who would accept the truth the most readily we know not what may be the result of giving away a leaflet containing present truth which is done in the hearts of people you know sometimes we may look at somebody says no they would not take this or they're not ready for this and we may be just surprised. Stephen Haskell a great pioneer of our church who wants a young preacher for a Sunday keeping church. Who was traveling to Canada to preach and on the way he met he met William sac B. and he gave him a tract about the Sabbath. Now Steven Haskell took that tract he read it and he was a she on the boat traveling to Canada. He got out of the boat five miles before his final destination one into the woods. It had been to the south morning Saturday and there he had wrestled with the Lord all day stressed with the Lord and with the message he just read and finally he surrendered. And then he said according to the best light. I head the seventh day was the Sabbath and I would keep it until I could get further light. Now of course we try to get the message to do the world that we would begin to print them different languages like Swiss German and French and this just shows you how we wrestled with thinks there was a Lutheran preacher who actually translated a Sabbath track into German and they were just not sure if it was translated well and so finally they just want to had and they recall the tract which is now ready to send this to more people. This was eight hundred fifty S. one eight hundred fifty eight as to what had a vision. She was attending a funeral in Ohio and while there she had a vision about the great controversy the Great Council with the theme and then she travelled home. She's now all the way back to Battle Creek and she stopped in Jackson to visit the Palmers family the friends the south keepers and while she was there she she she was attacked physically like she she she was paralyzed and so they thought that she would die and finally she arrived back home in Battle Creek. And God showed her. That the devil never wanted to write the great controversy the book that gave great controversy so he really wanted to be killed but she survived and the she later on she wrote while writing the manuscript of the great controversy. I was often conscious of the presence of the engine of God. In eight hundred sixty. We finally adopted the name of Seventh Day Adventist and what happened was we were not planned to start a church. We just happened to have a publishing house and we just we just needed somebody to own it and so we decided to start an organization called Seventh Day Adventist and so we can have we can have the the business the publishing house under a name. And year later the mission conference was stop list and in eight hundred sixty three the General Conference was established. In one thousand nine hundred sixty eight something very interesting happened. We started the truck the ministry was started by four women who were praying for the children and then that he said I want to do some missionary work and so they begin to send literature out there even studied French and German so they could Mr to the recipients of the literature they would mail the literature overseas now what a great reason to learn a language isn't it. So you can minister to someone. Now Haskell. By now he's the conference President New England. And he learns about what they were what the women are doing and so he actually renamed it to track the Mission Society which became a huge movement in the Imus church start with four women praying for the children. Finally James White heard about it and he just said you know I can see this so much bigger than just you Conference I can see this world wide. And so Stephen Haskell became the core nadir of the chalk and Mission Society for the entire. Wall church. It says the societies. Began to spring up here and there and wherever there was a lively tract and Mission Society. There was sure to be a thriving growing church. That's good news isn't it. You on a good thriving church you want some literature ministry in your church. That's back then. And it's as hostile had always favor the free use of the tracks. He would never forget that he was a tract that if focused his attention on the Sabbath message. Now in one thousand and seventy four. It's this kind of support the track the Mystery Society they start a magazine called to missionary. And this is what systemwide wrote in the magazine she says I have been given. I have been shown that the publications already have been a doing a work upon some minds. In other countries in breaking down the walls of prejudice and superstition. So the use of literature they saw was that he would break down to prepare the hearts for people to receive the message. So in eight hundred sixty eight we see every vive all of a tract ministry but in eighteen sixty eight something else happened. We have discovered something that year. They we had a Kemi ting in right Michigan. And doing that Kemeny time we decided that we would sell our literature for the first time. We have never really placed a value no literature and we were shocked. We could sell Adventist literature to drink Kemeny time we sold a letter in one thousand nine hundred seventy four and Jan Andrews is called to go as a missionary to Europe. And the reason why he ended up going to Europe is because there was another missionary they want to Europe. Michael Chikarovski. Now he one of the junk office to send him but the joint conference said no I don't think we can sense you for different reasons. So finally he had he found Sunday Sunday keeping adamant this church who ended up all out of the church who ended up sending him as a missionary to Switzerland but he was proclaiming the adamant this message to the people. And one day while he was gone he is his new flock people who believe in the ominous message found some literature and is a literature that he own and the end of writing to Battle Creek in the So we believe in the message and so the John conference invited a couple of them to come to the general conference session which they missed a funny the discover there is a group of believers in Europe and so in response to the work of of ski and of the literature. It was there. They ended up sending Gen Andrews there. Now in Denmark again it was to publish the work that we start of the work New Zealand. Musial is a great place I heard it is a beautiful island. And again friends and relatives were sending literature to New Zealand New Zealand that's how we sort of the work there. There was a minor from from Nevada who came to South Africa bird literature with him. Now this is one of my favorite stories about how the work start in Russia. His name was Gary Hart PERC and he had a conversation with his neighbor they were talking about. Well this is what the neighbor said he says it tells perk. He says for three years I have had some very dangerous publications in my house I have never given it to anyone to read indeed these publications are so dangerous that even they the earnest member of the brother in church might be led astray by them. And so rather perk pleaded with a please let me see this please let me. I mean how can you say you have a dentist literature and then. I say I can let you see it funny. He let him see it and he for the perfect believed in the message as a result of the literature. And there was Philip. Right right. Wick he was German Russian he lived somewhere in Minnesota Wisconsin. And he had a burden to go back to Russia to spread the message as well by the joint conference looked at his says no you know he was eighty years old. He he started he couldn't talk. Well he he had a poor eyesight and they said no I don't think we we can send you Dorsey's funny says I just go by myself and so he did he went back home to Crimea. And this is the method he used. He would go to the village marketplace and he would sigh ask someone to read the track he would say I kid out of read well can you read this for me. And as they would read it for him he would watch their face expressions as as he would see the interest in their faces he would just say you can keep it as brilliant a way to evangelize. In England again it was to literature ministry. Now in eight hundred eighty. There was a man of the name George King who want to be preacher but he just couldn't do it. They they let him preach and he just couldn't do. And finally Sr White says you know maybe you can be a fireside preacher in other words you could be a coal porter and that's how the whole idea of chemistry in corporate award was started. Abraham Miller Roux same thing. The General Conference just didn't feel like he could he could do it. He was do all. But he won a new way and he made big great impact in China and up other parts of the region is spreading and printing the message. To turn islands. You've you have seen black squirrels. That's where they come from. We sent a box of literature there. The island leaders were very suspicious about a they would not touch it finally many years later the younger leaders open the. They read it. And at the time a missionary Imas missionary came to the island. And all the Islanders became adamant this as well. Caribbean islands the story of the seven the islands church entry into the tropical lands of the Caribbean is a story of tracks Cole Porter's and dedicated women who are showing the message as well in Mexico. You know this is just just crossed my mind this Italian American comes to Mexico. He has no Spanish books all only the English version of the big controversy goes there sells them a starts to work in Mexico as well. There was a Methodist preacher to Haiti. Again he was pleading with the Lord for Ford for God to speak to him and some of his students brought him a book about the Sabbath by J N N Druce and this is what it says by the time the first hour of this work arrived in Haiti late in eighteen zero five there were several small congregations ready for baptism the books were just preaching the message Alawite says there are many places in which the voice of the minister cannot be heard places which can be reached. Only by our publications the books papers and tracks filled with the Bible choose that the people need or how many places they are that preached will ever reach and we can reach into publications in eight hundred ninety S. we started a series of tracks call apples of gold and I just love some of the titles how Esther read her Bible and much of that a tract and let me share with you a check called. How Esther read her Bible. And again this is nine hundred ten for your report of laypeople doing the work they were given nine hundred thousand Bible studies they have given out twenty five million checks books and papers we have believed in sharing literature in one thousand nine hundred twenty four we had. The butt time stories. Now the second war came in and again we have made special edition of Army edition of steps to cries in fact I own a copy of of a special edition Army edition of steps to Christ and they were given to soldiers to boost the morale in the fifty's we have the Bible stories and that's perhaps we see a little bit of a shift in the literature ministry words now more about children books and health books more than the message books but then in the fifty's we see a revival in the literature ministry by getting every member involved through missionary book of the year which was a great thing. Well so I have seen people actually taking a literature and placing them in their medical offices and business offices and and even in in a bus stations an airline terminal that walking into a gate. You know today and placing a religious or right there. I mean they will be so open to this. Now I was just in Russia couple months ago and this is a hand written copy of the great controversy and then this is how they would produce the books right here in their apartments typing away. Covered with blankets so the son would not be carried away from the room and many have paid the price by the way many were imprisoned because they would do that to so so touching to see that people were willing to to even go to prison just only so the going to printed printed material and here that is different tools they have used to cut the pages and here's a picture of a brother of a brother who was just returning that day he was just leaving the publishing house that day it was a privilege to be for him to give me a tour through the different sections. As of the time as they were showing they were producing literature in the Soviet Union prison Lord for the revived interest in the publishing work and the last recent years. You know Elder Wilson really believes in the publishing work and so the plan in two thousand and eleven was to read and read read the great controversy and then into two thousand and twelve and thirteen to distribute. The great countries in the goal was hundred seventy five million copies of the recount was this was the largest the largest outreach of Archer's we have ever seen here is a picture of a fire fifty thousand Adventists gathered together as they were distributing the great controversy in Brazil. And a wide road every believer is called upon to scatter and broadcast tracks leaflets and books containing the message for the stime that's every believer that includes each one of us. Now there's a quote from the magazine called True missionary remember I talked about how the track the missions cited started how the magazine will start along with it and in that first issue a wide road she says we're not keeping pace with the opening providence of God Jesus and Angelus out of work. This causes on a word while we are standing still a being left in the rear. As I think about I think about how we have opportunities to share like for example the Hoxha rich movie. OK. God is opening up opportunities for us to share the message and we are blind to that. Every time we see something happen in the world. We must respond to that Christmas time but I have a something but Christmas I have a special glow try a Christmas. You know this Fourth of July. Every time there's something in the world pays attention something we must have a literature. To minister to the people with the literature. Now it's fascinating that God is opening up so many new doors today including globe. How many have heard before glow trucks great ministry started by this young man by the name Nelson urns he was reading in Sister Wives writing where she says books papers and tracks. I think he thought you know we are selling books well what are we doing with tracks as a Finally he developed a series of Glo trucks. Now one wrote she says carry with you wherever you go a package of select tracks which you can hand out as you have opportunity and so here I have a pack of Chinese and and Hungary an Arabic tracks in my pocket. She says you never know when you may have an opportunity share those with others. I love to see this right here. I cannot tell you which country this is from of the but this is the Middle East Iraq in the church of our big Glo trucks in fact they were responsible these two young men and young people right here in the front were responsible for saving the picture to me. Here is a rock in in Hungary. Here is one in my mother's church in check. His young people in Germany displaying low tech this is this is gonna children in Ghana. Displaying low tracks. This is the Philippines. You know one of my favorite ghost stories comes from the Philippines it was a man who came to our city center and was distributing many low charts and as it happens when you must a species some people will drop to the ground and so some did and finally afterwards there was a man who was species weaving the streets he was cleaning the streets and what they do in the Philippines. They will make a pile and then they would center fire. OK So he comes brings all the rubbish together he says in a fire and. So he was doing that he was not to see there was some pieces of paper they would not burn and fine. He he picked up one of the Glow trucks. He says this is strange. You need to get the lighter and he was trying to set the globe charge on fire but he would not burn. Finally he he just could not believe it by this time the average This man he was the one distributor those gold sharks was back. Now there are many many men are watching this phenomenon. They were like wow what's happening with this piece of paper they will not burn. Finally the ovens man he said to speak up. He says I'm the one who was distributing those and if you think this is something that you want to come to my evangelistic meetings to starting next week. Many of the men came and several more back to heist because a glow track would not burn. Here is young people in believe you are holding loads like this to being low trikes and and the great controversy. Now look at this picture right here. It just it just warms my heart see this this shepherd woman holding a a tract in her hand and of course you have probably heard about our young people distributing millions of glow tracks like Philadelphia on the Super Bowl but you know the young people they're a little crazy you know they think big. They said millions to easy. How about one billion. When I heard about em like you guys just crazy but they said let's go and talk to the General Conference about this. Let's aim for one billion. Well this coming year. We have a new initiative called Mission three sixty five tracks books daily and this is really an idea of our young people and we want all church members to be involved in this total member involvement initiative where glow tracks in the mystery books of the year are distributed with the goal of reaching one. Billion souls in two thousand seventeen. This was introduced at the annual Council the joint conference meets twice twice a year. Where the union presidents of the division leaders and Joel conversely just come together and that savage afternoon we went out door to door with low tracks and the sharing books. We have loaded thirty seven bus S. church leaders went door to door together where the young people distributing literature. I got is doing great things for from through young people as it is a book called The Open Door is full of those stories and it's available at both Number two to twenty five. I Just Tell You want story from this book. It was a young lady in Arizona camis in just a few years ago and when she had the lady of the great controversy the lady looked at and she says this is the book. This is the book. Is what I mean this is a year ago another young person came to my door I got this book I read it which is my life presell or a man. But this she says you know I as I read this book and as I gave my life to Jesus. I wondered if I gave my life to Jesus. Why is my husband still cheating the way yes. And she thought if this book changed my life it can change his life too. He should begin to think how can I make my husband read this book and she says you know. Let me just put this book on the table in the living room and hoping he'll pick it up and read it one day while she was in town. He picked it up and he began to read it. But you know he's a race Catholic and he actually hated what he was reading as he was relieved the history of the church and and finally he was filled with so much anger that he took the great controversy and he threw it in the burning fireplace. This couple hours later when he killed his wife came home and she found him sitting in a chair. And with tears in his eyes and with a great controversy in his hands he said this book must be from the heart because he would not burn this book is full of sort of miracle stories of our young people today working for God tell you one more story Heidi was work in the kitchen. You know this time to work as a good student campus in this time to be doing duties. That's what she was doing she was doing the dishes. Suddenly she heard a voice pick up your Cole Porter bag and star knocking on doors. She says he was the voice was so obvious he was from the Lord I just picked a Michael Porter bag and began knock on doors. Nobody was home never he was responding I want to myself why is there so such strong impression. And yet nothing is happening. Funny she walked up to a school building and nothing happened there. So she was walking walking back from the from the school into the parking lot of there's only one car in the middle of the parking lot and she's walking towards the car because she knew God called her to go in Star knock you doors and meeting people and she saw a lady in the car on the phone and she's like What am I doing here is bothering this lady and she just stood by the window while this lady is on the phone and she's like What am I doing. The window opened and. And Heidi took a book called piece about the storm a she put in the hands of the woman she began to explain to her with his books about it and and but she just feel she felt bad. You know bothering this lady. Finally with tears in the lady's eyes. She pointed to several knifes they were on the passenger seat. And she said I just made my last phone call say my final goodbye to my best friend. Sudden reach I just left a message told her light. It is too difficult to live and so I just say my goodbye and she says while I was leaving a message I whispered a prayer to God I said guard. If you don't want to end my life you need to do something but you better do it quickly because I'm about to do it right there was Heidi standing minister to that woman. That's in that book as well just just amazing how God is using our young people. So for young people who are interested in in doing this ministry. There's a website called The Open Door Book dot com And and when you click the mission. It will show you what's available in your conference for glow. There's a website called glow on lined out org and then of course for the mission three sixty five for the big initiative next year this this coming year two thousand and seventeen. It's called Mission three sixty five net. Now today we have sixty three publishing houses we have publications in three hundred sixty three different languages twenty three thousand literature Vangelis a tell you what every day they knock on those doors winning souls. We have seventeen thousand literature evangelise. Now I had a privilege of visiting this publishing house in Ghana called the out of and press. You know it's such a privilege to read about those places and then be able to visit those. And God is using our printing house it's very important to have printing houses in different parts of the world there are countries where the government may just shut down the borders and you cannot bring a literature from the outside and so you must be able to ship print literature in your own country. And that's why having publishing houses in different countries very very crucial. Now watch this is the statistic that was done by this was done by Gallup. And they were looking at how many people attend the church in the United States. And they have figured out that around thirty nine percent of people attend the church. OK now I'm going to use the term. There is use in the world and it's called the church and unchurched OK they feel like if people come to church they're all set. But we need to reach the unchurched the people who don't come to the church. And so if we look of with their eyes. We discover the thirty eight million people attend the church and one hundred twenty two million don't attend the church. Now there's still a lot of work to be done with one hundred twenty two million. But we as I do this don't believe in this and we don't believe in the church and unchurched because even the church to need the message. Amen. And so when you look at that there's only one million. It's really only half a million really in the United States that attend the church and that leaves us with one hundred ninety nine million people and to be reached in the United States. Now you tell me how can this be done. And I believe the literature will play measure all the facts as to what road we cannot to highly estimate this work for were not for the efforts of the canvassers many would never hear the warning the living preacher and the Sila messenger are both required for the accomplishment of the great work before us now in Michigan conference alone last summer young people distributed fifty thousand piece of literature almost seven thousand great controversies and sometimes I wonder what's happening. How come we don't see the people coming to the churches yet you know the so many books in people's homes I remember visiting as one woman with another student literature Vangelis then and we short of the deserve ages she says I've seen this book. More and and she says. In fact I have this book and she Paul is a stick volume of the desire of ages how to cover a book. And so I just said Awesome read something from this book for you and we just open up to the chapter invitation and we begin to read it and she's like it's beautiful and I had it in my home all those years. Is coming a day when they'll pick it up and read those books. You know when you look at the Japanese bamboo the farmers who plan those seeds. They need a lot of faith. They plan the seat. First they have to prepare the saw on the work the ground that they remove the stones they work the ground. Finally they put the seed in the ground. In months later there's nothing happening. In fact a year later. There's no sign of life. There's nothing coming through the soil. It's two years later and there's nothing coming through the soil. It's three years. Nothing's happening and of course the farmers with no experience would just walk away and perhaps plan and of the seed because they would assume nothing is happening. Four years later five years later. Nothing is happening. Finally after seven years of nothingness something is happening now and in only twelve to fifteen weeks this thing grows hundred feet in only twelve weeks. In fact you can almost see this going by our nothing's happening for many years and finally when it takes off. It takes off but you know what the roots have an incredible system where it's said to root the root system we're nothing nothing can move them when a storm comes through everything is moved except the bamboo trees. You know same thing is happening with the literature the literature it's. It's like you waiting to see this to be set as a bomb anyone will explore is going to explode big and wide wrote thousands in the eleventh hour will see an egg analogy tooth these conversions truth will be made with the rapidity. They will surprise the church as will see things happen it will be like Joaquin just cannot believe this is happening there is again this is gospel work is page twenty five. There is great need of man who can be used to press to the best advantage that the choose may be given wings to speed it to every nation and tongue and people. And when I read the phrase to every nation tongue in people I think of the three angels messages and she says to give a speech to the winks. Let's use the literature. Oh it says more than one thousand will soon be converted in one day and most of whom will trace the first convictions to the reading of up of gay sions one day there will be thousands baptized and most of them will be will come into the church because they have first heard about the admins message the literature work. She says one one divine power is combined with human effort. The work will spread like fire in the stubble. Then how wide is now talking about the revelation eighteen message Babylon is for messages she says in a large degree through our publishing houses to become pleased the work of the other and you who comes down from heaven with great power and who lightens the earth with his glory. So she says in a large degree in a big way. The proclamation of Revelation eighteen will be done through our publishing houses again. Now this is very encouraging. This is if you look at the in the great controversy in the chapter The final warning. OK this is the chapter right before right before the. What is it called for gov It's Anyways it's shot to thirty nine. So the final work of the final warning chapter. And the final a paragraph this which he says the message will be carried not so much by argument as by the deep conviction of the Spirit of God The arguments have been presented the seed has been sown. And now it will spring up and bear fruit. OK so she's now kind of giving us the closing scenes. Of the work and listen to what she says the publications this to be added by Michel you workers have exerted their influence. Yet many whose minds are impressed have been prevented from fully comprehending the truth from yielding obedience. Sometimes listen to church leaders in different church levels and they said you know the work of the printed pages over his no future for this. Let's close down the review in fact they even think about let's close down the Pacific press down a saying they are saying that right now but in the future. That's their vision of the future. Let's close down we don't need the publishing house anymore. I'm allowed to see this in the very final paragraph of the final warning system White says there will be publications distributed by machinery workers will impact people and then she continues describing this whole experience of how it will reach people in closing I want to share with you. Perhaps my favorite little story just as really illustrates how God is ready to use literature doesn't matter where you are you know it is said of your of this very secular and you really cannot. Reach Europe with a message anymore because my question is then why did God give us the message for the nth time when he knew will be dealing with secular Europe and will be dealing with the Middle East will be dealing with countries it is difficult to reach you know who don't believe in the Bible God still gave us the message to give it to those people. And so there was this German woman who lived in Portugal and she was heading home to Germany to visit some friends. As she was traveling she on the phone she called her friends when I when I arrived in Germany. I would like to get a few copies of the great controversy. The year was two thousand and twelve and it was a great controversy year and she will be part of it. And so once you arrived she expected few copies of the great controversy. Her friend gave her fifty copies of the book he gave her a box of fifty fifty books. The first article in her mind was what is it thinking to give me so many books. The second thought in her mind was I wonder how God will use these books. You know that is the right question to ask as you take glow trikes as you take showing books with you. You know the question you want to ask is I wonder how God will use this literature. As she put in back a receipt in her car and some time later she's now traveling. Back to Portugal with fifty great controversies in her car. As she's traveling on our job on in Germany with no speed limit to love the highway. She suddenly has to come to a complete stop this is a traffic jam. One of those mega jams where people are getting out of their cars and just talking to each other because we're not going anywhere. Should begin to think about what should I do with my time. That's what should be remembered. You know I have my Sabbath school lesson and my Bible so. She began to study her lesson. And as she studied her lesson there was a young man who noticed her reading something so she walked to her window. This is can you tell me what you're reading and she says Yeah I'm reading this lesson about how Jesus will return one day the young man has never heard of this before says where you get this information. She says it's in the Bible really can you show me the by was says that she's going to come bag and so she begin to show him in the Bible. It bothers Jesus who's going to come back. He thanked her for the information and is now going back in his car and that's when she remembered I have this great controversies in my car. So she quickly called in bags you know I have a book. We'll tell you more about this Jesus really come bag and she hands him a book called The great controversy and he's walking back in his car but Guy was not finished working yet he tells wife about this conversation and the wife has never heard about this cheesy and so she wants to hear more about this Jesus. She walks up to our sister and says Can you tell me what you thought my husband is Jesus coming back to begin talk. Funny more people begin more curious about what these two ladies were talking about. And so they began to gather around her car and after a few dozen of people who were gathered around. She stepped out of her car so they can hear better. And she began to tell them about this Jesus. Who's coming bag and she says I have a book they will tell you more about this. It's called the great controversy. And she gave everybody a copy of this book. By the time she was done giving those books away. She had only three copies left. They took the book. They began to walk towards her car as it thanked her but God was not finished working it. It was only moments later when they heard a sound of a helicopter. Flying over their heads and he was landing on a grass very close to where she was parked while the policeman walked out he was welcome by the audience by the people who just moments earlier were listening to the album there's a lady and and the policeman explained that as they watched the satellite images of the highway. They saw a large gathering of people a highway and this is surely there must be a medical emergency. And so they dispatched a helicopter to respond to the medical emergency. The the audience explained to the policeman that the reason why they gather on is because of this woman who told the mothers Jesus about this book called A great controversy. He said like to get a copy for myself and two more for my friends and helicopter by now she has no more books in her box. He thinks her for the book and is now walking back towards the helicopter by God was not finished working yet. As you can imagine the presence of the helicopter attracted many more people they want to know why the helicopter was here and they were told about this woman. They were told about the G.'s M. of this book called The great controversy. They too wanted a copy of this book but should have any more copies to give away but she says if you give me your address. I will mail you copy and so she receive a stock of addresses of people who want to the book as well. You know when I finish work until God is finished and it's very clear to me that God will use the literature in a major major way. You know what's interesting about the story after she collected those are dresses. She got her car and the vehicles begin to move. It's got stymie you know and I believe it's got stymie for us to give literature. Out like never before. You can get hold of Glo trucks through Go Online dot org You can get hold of. The Sherry books through country now through Mission three sixty five. My e-mail he can see that clearly here is global. Glow Online dot org. As my e-mail but you know. There's a look back how God has used lurch in the past gives you confidence. No the guy will use in the future but he was in a so much bigger way as a system wide road from the small beginning it was shown to be like the streams of light that were created around the world and and that we have the torch in our hands now and the pioneers with eyes of faith. Of course are cheering us on and is just one day the ask is in heaven. So what did you do. How did you and the Lord has. Has been doing so much to our young people and I know he will do so much more in the future you presell are for let's pray Father in heaven. Lord we pray for the literature that has been placed in many homes for those millions upon millions of books laying the people's homes they have promised the one day you will draw their attention to because those books and I pray even now even right now at this hour a week people who pick up those books and they will start searching for churches. Lord I pray that you will give us greater vision that we have her head to see more books being placed in people's homes and we we have ever seen the Lord help us to do our part pray for the in Jesus name Amen. This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W. W.-W. the Web doco R G.


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