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4. Introduction into Global Mission/How to be a Missionary

John Baxter


Jesus gave the promise that the gospel will be shared in all the world and then He will return. We see signs all around us that scream that the apocalypse is near, yet there is the one sign that remains to be fulfilled: all have not yet heard. In these meetings you will learn how to prepare to be a missionary – spiritually, intellectually, and chronologically. You will have an opportunity to meet missionaries who have served for a few weeks, a year, and longer. God is calling for young people to go the uttermost parts of the world to hasten the coming of Jesus. Come and see – then go!



  • December 29, 2016
    4:00 PM
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This month. Each was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference call has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C went Well good afternoon everybody. Thank you for joining us this is Mission Possible not impossible and my name is John Baxter I am the human resources director and do whatever else they ask me and his friends are missions this. If you didn't know is called global mission. How to be a missionary and we're going to talk briefly and it's really far too briefly. About the fruits of missions service the types of missions service the qualifications of a missionary and then thankfully I have some friends here who have served and are going to serve and I'm going to ask them some questions. So you can get some input from people who have served my family and I We served as missionaries for almost ten years in India. My wife is the one dressed in that nice little shawl because she's cold say hi honey. There you go and well my other daughter our daughters are sitting to her left and then to use their chairs to the right so I'm glad they're here with us today. So a couple of housekeeping items. Number one on your chair if you sat in the front. You should have a piece of paper that says notes so you can take notes. If you want. If you don't have a pen. We have extra pens. Or you can put it on your phone. If you want to do that if you flip that piece of paper over on the back there's a few of the Bible text many texts in the Bible that challenge just. To go and be missionaries those it's just a few of them. Underneath that is a magazine that you can used that kind of like as a surface to write on if you're taking notes but it's also a good magazine to just read when you get a chance inside that magazine are a couple things Number one there's a D.V.D. I don't know how many of you have computers anymore that have D.V.D. drives but there you go and I'm going to give you another D.V.D. as you walk out the door and then you have a letter from me saying hey I want to try to help you. So if you feel like the Holy Spirit's calling you to do mission service. I genuinely want to help you. And there's a couple ways I can do that number work. I work for a ministry called Evans front your missions and I can help you with that but also in that. Packet of information that you got there is a list of different missionary organizations and what they do now. I'm not going to go through each one of those specifically there's a brief description there and there should be contact information for you on that as well. I checked on the on the G Y C Web dot org website and they have a list of those agencies and then you can click on those agencies and that'll tell you how to get in touch with them. If you want more information. So I was very thankful I was able to sit in for the meeting prior to this talking about hundreds International and some of the ministry that they're doing so if you have a specific skill and you're not sure how that can be used. I'm happy to talk to you. I'm sure. Naomi who was before me she'd be happy to help help you know direct you to where you want to go and what is in missions it's like you had just go do this. OK We want to finish the work in our generation we want to see Jesus Christ come. So I would like to that's the housekeeping stuff. Let's have a prayer and not have to prayer right now I'm going to pray once specifically for you. And for the Holy Spirit to come and speak to you speak through me and. Our friends who are going to help us. OK so let's by our heads. Father we are here because our lives have changed because of you because you sent your son and he has changed our life we we are grateful for the everlasting gospel that is really good news. Better news than most people can actually believe most people haven't ever heard how good this news. I pray for my friends here for each one of us including myself that your spirit will speak to us give us ears to hear and hearts that are soft and willing to to follow what you call us to do. Thank you. In the name of Jesus and then. OK So you know this lady her name is from sin. She is an animist in Thailand. She's in her twenty's like some of you here but she's dying of AIDS and she contract of this through the usual methods for such a place for someone in her age group. Then there's a guy named Baku who is a Muslim in a non Arab country. He loves and honor his father who is the leading in mom you know and in the mom is like the Muslim pastor at the local community mosque and then there's a guy named Nouri Nouri is from a tribe way out in the middle of the jungles and Pop Warner Guinea and he and his tribe have historically been very violent and they're actually cannibalistic you know what cannibalistic means. So then there's a guy named Gopal rum Gopal is a Hindu and he's actually a what's the pujo to us. I'm happy to tell you a pejorative is someone who's sits and he spends hours and hours and hours. Worshipping an idol. Day after day hour after hour and wrangle Paul's case his particular idol is shaped like a male reproductive organ. It. Then there's a guy a woman named Nope she's an educated Buddhist from Southeast Asia. She fears and worship spirits and she deeply respects her family. So what are these five people have in common. Is this something that unites all these people different religious backgrounds different geographic backgrounds. I tell you what unites them all in a minute. First I want to pray for them and their people and the people you're going to reach so we pray. Father we have prayed for ourselves. We do that. Probably more than we even should we want to just take a minute. Right now to pray for people. We haven't really thought about too much people who have never heard the Gospel. These are people that some of the people in this room are going to become friends with in the future people in in Vietnam. In China in India. In Nepal in West Africa. Even here locally there are people still who haven't heard the Gospel but we want to ask you to send your spirit to those people but you would draw them to yourself. And we would like to have a part in that if that's your will on show us how we can bless these people. But send them your spirit send them messengers through your word. Through tracks through the radio through T.V. the Internet. Whatever it is that they can reach here. And in those places where they don't have the Bible where they don't have Christian television or radio or they don't have the websites in their languages. Send them dreams and them angels. But above all Lord here we are and us to them for jesus and truly for Jesus and his name and then. So what do from Baku Nori ROM in Oak all have in common. Every one of these people are now your brothers and sisters in Christ and men every one of them has decided to make Jesus Christ their Savior and to follow them and they are all waiting for him at some stage in their life or another for example from you knew from then you knew from. In Thailand though she was stricken with age. She was converted. And she wanted to be baptized before she died and she was dying. And nobody would let them let her get in their body of water. Nobody will ever use the pool. So this is the probably the most creative baptismal story I've ever heard they were praying what do we do Lord what do we do when one of the workers said Plato. And then I went Plato what do you have Plato. Why don't we take the Plato and seal up the pickup truck and then fill the pickup truck bed with water and we can baptize or in the back of the pickup truck and that's what they did god be creative as a missionary. Baku fell in love with Jesus Christ when his father who was the mother in mom for a mosque was dying and he asked a Christian there would you pray for my father God answered that prayer he didn't save him his father is still best away but because of that answer to prayer he decided and he took a bold stand in front of all these Muslim people and said This is my Christian missionary friend. He's going to start a church in this town and I'm going to help him and now that church is meeting in that man's home and his daughter is actually studying at an Adventist academy in the United States. Now this is a man whose father was the Muslim mosque leader of the Muslim mosque. Nori. Who comes from the cannibalistic tribe. He no longer eats people he serves them at potluck. As an elder. Rom who is the name of a Hindu god came up out of the waters of the baptism in the Ganges a tributary of the Ganges actually first thing he says as he comes up out of the water is I want to change my name and I asked him because this is a friend of mine and said what you want to change your name to it he said Matthew I said why. Matthew he said I don't know I just like Matthew. So he used to be called by the name of a Hindu god now he's called by the name of a disciple of Jesus Christ because he has become one. A man so how did this happen. How did these people go from eating people worshipping male Reebok doctor of organs. Worshipping all kinds of things to becoming disciples of Jesus Christ was the answer. Missionaries really it's pretty simple missionaries people are normal people and most of the time it's normal people like you do and me. We go because Jesus asked us to go and we go from different backgrounds different experiences and we tell them this good news. I don't know if you're not if you were raised in madness I don't know if you know how good news. How good the good news really is really it's really good notes. You know if you're if you're raised a Hindu hater. They don't have any good news. You're going to come back again and be reincarnated as a mosquito or something or something or something or something. Thousands of times. The hope for eternal life is just not there. Really you have really good news. You don't have to die. You can have eternal life and people respond to that. Amen. How did that happen. Some. But he went there and befriended them and they watched their character and they said you have something I don't how do I get that or somebody struggling with the situation maybe they're maybe their child died maybe they have a sickness and and they're there to pray for them and they make it well or maybe they just maybe dishes show them the comfort that they need and then and they realize that that doesn't happen in our culture and our religion. What do you have and I have Jesus really just by being there makes a difference. So I'm going to touch on just briefly a couple of things. I call them qualifications but these things grow. And if you're sitting here you're a young person you might be in college you might be in high school. You might be a little bit older. All of these things come with training and you can be deliberate about this. It's I'm just going to give a couple things you want to take note you can. I'm going to go through these pretty quick because I don't have a whole lot of time. And I want to give an opportunity for other people to share. So the number one missionary qualification when you think that would be your converted. You really have a deep abiding love relationship with Jesus Christ. I mean that having worship and having devotion is not something that you have to do. It's something you look forward to. It's something that you really relish and cherish. You have it an experience in prayer that when you pray you've seen God answer prayer and so when you pray you're actually talking to him like he's a real person and you're hoping and expecting that he's going to do something about this. Then this one's a little touchy some people like. Isn't that manipulation no. Have the ability to persuade people to consider accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. And I don't find many people are actually thinking that way. I'm really thankful we have training programs like nets and Africa and souls West and. Arise and Emmanuel. They teach some of that. OK I don't know how many of you are practicing or actually going out and giving Bible studies pray that you can get start one Bible study and learn how to work with people's minds to lead them to Jesus and then lead them into present truth. OK. Think about it. If if you've never done that before. Pray that you can do it and in the mean time at your local church go teach the early teens. No seriously. Early teens are the most wonderful group of people because they are trying to figure out what they believe their mom and dad if they're at their at church for early teens their mom and dad probably raise them to be something of an Adventist they're not sure if it's true. They're not sure if they want to accept it and so most of the time in class through the going to sit there like this or they're going to push back and so you have to learn how to overcome objections. Which is part of what is the art of soul winning and persuading people. OK. That was all the first qualification of a missionary The second one is a willingness to learn. OK most missionaries who actually go overseas. Are pretty stubborn people. And I mean and. But they have a willingness to learn. There's a realisation that hey I I I learned something but I need a lot more there's a lot more I can learn and this is why I really like this so many programs. Some of our colleges are really pretty good at promoting missions it's great. If you can be a missionary you have to provide pretty good health and that means not just physical health but mental health and emotional health. It does not mean you have to go run marathons. It's just you should be reasonably good health. If you're if you're really frail. This is probably not what you should do because at least at this point where we're sending missionaries. You know I I lived on diarrhea in India and tropical diseases like malaria and typhoid and dysentery and dysentery in disorder so you have to have a body that can take some of the stuff. You should be educated. What does that mean if you have a GED It's OK. Jesus had a GED He was geology though. OK seriously. You don't have to have a college degree. You might be skilled in a trade you might be able to do welding in my ability to dry wall dry wall overseas probably in the work but masonry. Gardening. But don't blow off education because you're like oh Jesus never went to school. I won't go to school either. Now there are things you can learn and I can tell you. If you're overseas missionary more often than not. You're going to be put in positions where you're going to be people of of power and responsibility. I mean we had lunch with the former finance ministry of the country of India. That's like the secretary of the treasury of the United States. One of our friends is the largest export of carpets from India very well to do people and so the fact that you can communicate with them on an educated level that's a good thing but you don't have to go get a Ph D.. Please. In fact don't get hit by an hour and then if we have educational idolatry I shouldn't say this but you don't have to have a Ph D. Most people who have Ph D.'s don't ever go as missionaries and if you want to be a medical missionary fantastic. You don't have to be a doctor you can be a nurse. You can go to Wildwood and get some medical missionary training. Those are good things. The problem in this and I'll get to this in a minute. The problem with becoming a doctor at this point is it costs so much money that you're going to spend so much time paying that bill off that by the time you're ready to go as a doctor you're sixty years old. Moment. Anyway but part of your education as I mentioned really needs to be learning how to work with people. OK And you nominate relating people you're learning how to persuade them to say Look Jesus following. And it's true isn't following Jesus Christ is the best way to live. It's should should just naturally flow. Well you know Jesus does all my kind of amazing things for me. Right. And then you figure out how to weave that into a conversation so that people I can add Jesus following Jesus is the best way to go and when you get Muslims doing that we had this happen in India we open the church and I would ask people what do you want to thank Jesus for and these Muslims go I want to thank Allah and I said no matter what I want to thank Jesus when they go I want to I want to thank Jesus for and eventually they came in regularly I started wanting to thank you. That's for things. It should just flow out of you. So that becomes natural for your friends to say I want to thank Jesus for things. Chronology and age most of us. I'm looking out here are young and your hair is not as light as mine. That's really good like now is a really good time to go if you're think if you're in college for example and you're thinking you know I'm thinking about being a student missionary do it if you say I want to do it after I graduate. If you've already graduated do it but don't wait till after you graduate. Most people will not do it you because you get out of school and you want to go get a job you want to buy I get a car payment and a mortgage and a cat and a dog and a special someone and then you're wake up you know you're fifty years old and I really should have done that when I was younger man. Now for real. So if you're in college now and you're thinking that maybe I should go do this you should go to this. OK I've got some friends up here they're going talk about they took a year off of school and they're still living. It didn't kill them. You might want to have a language aptitude depending upon where you're going. This is really cool I haven't had this before they have a gift for languages right up here. Yeah he's doing it now see. I got to keep going. OK so he's been he's speaking in sign. I wish I knew that gift. Up in your quantity is this on the plane on. I've got something on the island. Also the almost none of us. I know with those notes on the medic on those. For the rest of you who are Americans. What I just said you're not American. If you speak more than one language and you know. If you are a young person and you're in school and you haven't learned another language start it doesn't matter what language get that framework in your brain so that wherever you go you can pick up another language easier because you already have the framework on how to learn a language up there they so i speak spanish. I almost fluently. When I was younger and I then I got converted into Secada I'm going to go to Spain or Mexico or something and he said go to India. And I thought was that all there anyway. But I went to India with my wife. Abdulla Hindi able to Hannah. Home. Hayley and begin to know along with your time. In the building. Dana. So if you have a framework for learning a language you can superimpose another language on top of that. That's why if you go to Europe. If you have like a G Y see Europe. How many of you speak seven languages like F. the room goes. Because they do. That's what they do in Europe. Anyway. You should have common sense. Really. Everybody up here just went like this. All the missionary people who is observing already you know you better have common sense. You know what's common sense what's called Common Sense because it's not very common. If all your friends call you airhead you might want to rethink being a missionary now. Oh all. Sorry. Nobody gets called an airhead here you're at U.I.C. you should have a steadiness of purpose. OK this is not something that you're just going to go out and do for a week or two. It's a steadiness of purpose. You're going to go out and serve as a missionary. You should have doctrinal views that are consistent with the church you're not out there trying to you know look at this new theology. Jesus is actually eating veggie wings up in the most heavenly thank you very no no. You should be studying your Bible and reading the Spirit of Prophecy you do not need to dissect everything anybody has ever said about the nature of Christ. You should know what you believe believe what we believe and if you don't believe what we believe then you shouldn't go and represent the seventh yourself as some of them as missionaries and we have people applied to our organization who said well I believe everything but I'm not baptized Well then why aren't you better. And I'm I don't know is there maybe somebody here and I'm you know it's my appeal. If you if you've been going to heaven to Mr Rich. And you believe what we believe. Why did you commit your life to Jesus Christ and make up your mind you I'm going to be a someday but it's Christian. We're That's the kind of people who need to go out and be some of the even as Christian missionaries. Now I don't want to take away from Sebastian in his wife's seminar but should you be married or should you think Oh. Doesn't matter. Now this is about preaching. Really this is practical thinking. Actually if we're going to go as a student missionary in a one year college. You shouldn't be married and I mean unless you already are married but you don't need to be married to go for a year or two or three or something like that. Hey if you're thirty two years old and in the back your mind you have this. You might want to think about picking up something that's a good thing from the Lord in favor from the Lord right. OK so seriously. I have an application I just got it from a person who I want to say. They said they have to give the celibacy. Not everybody has that if you want if you know you can do that great. Not everybody can do that. You know Paul sucks about being single and how and he's totally committed these able to accomplish more things I am very thankful that my wife was with me in India we were together and I would be dead if she wasn't there. No really I would be because there were times that I was so sick that she had to nurse me back to help. God always send people out to buy to OK So and let me just tell you this if you going to go out with a half and most mission agencies not all of them. You're not going to go out there alone. We'll send you out there with somebody if you're going to go out with a have them as a student. We're going to send you out there with a career missionary family somebody has been out there for three five seven ten twenty years and you will serve alongside those people. You should be financially free. Does anybody anybody you have student loans. You know what I'm talking about. You know when I got converted. Immediately the Lord said You need to get out of debt and so for two years I didn't buy anything except my food and then occasionally he taught me things but. I sold things I sold most two thousand dollars stereo for five hundred bucks asked me it's a great story. I just started selling things to get out of debt and in two years I was completely out of debt and I had roughly now a days. I'm old. So this. Modern day I would have about sixty thousand dollars with a dead. So if you like rice and beans you can do this. Really. And you should learn how to manage your finances any way you should get out of debt any way whether you go as a mission or not get out of debt as soon as you can. And then. I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsey and Crown Financial Ministries and then this. This is an obvious one. And it's not the last one. It's kind of paralleling the first one which is you should have a Christian character. If I go and I open your history on your website on your browser and some of your extensions on your websites have like the last letters of the alphabet there only it's not the or why it's X.. Don't don't apply. Really or plead with God you know if you're going to see porn again which in a group this big a bunch of you are Christ can give you victory. He can give you victory. Really I am I know he can give you victory. So don't be afraid he can give you victory. And if your friends say yeah yeah he's a real Christian guy. Oh yes he's a Christian go. Praise the Lord. But if things come out of your mouth that are you know kind of salty and you prefer rude jokes and R. rated movies and maybe you need to talk to Jesus about that a little bit before you go as a missionary. You know I don't know if anybody was here earlier they should. My father in law's place out in India living Springs overseas missions they're looking for people to help with Mr Free and and teachers and they haven't orphanages and so on. And they had a kid come out from one of our US. You know. And then it's universities I won't tell you which one in Tennessee was. And the guy was a total waste product because he only did was watch movies and it's not just the one in Tennessee. It's the one in California the one in the M. Ichigan you know I mean it taught us right. We need to play for. Victory over the stove so we can be more effective for Jesus Christ they meant. All right. If you have a Bible this. This is not a big Bible Study the one text Acts Chapter one Verse eight. In fact it's on the back of that sheet as well actually one verse eight. Acts Chapter one Verse eight. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all G.G. and Samarian to the end of the earth. So here's a geographic progression that outlined by Jesus before he launches back up into heaven and this is what he's going to do for us in the US and through us and the acts actually expects us to cooperate with them in this right. So we will receive power. What kind of power are we talking about. I'm not talking about the gobbledygook prosperity gospel stuff that even Jellicoe are preaching. What's the power for the power to do the work of spreading the gospel right. And maybe even to power to do some pretty amazing things like casting demons out of people do that. Still happen today. Yes it does praying for people who are sick and watching them be healed. Does that still happen today. Yes it does praying for dead people to get up and they wake up. Does that still happen today. Yes it does. Do we do that stuff. No we don't. Jesus Christ can do that in you and through you. He will give you that power. If you've never seen any of that happen. Maybe you need to put yourself out there and say OK God give me the power I'm going to step out in faith. And go take the steps to move forward. So where do you start you start in Jerusalem where is Jerusalem. You know I'm not talking about the Middle East. I'm talking about. For you your Jerusalem is your local where your closest environment is. Those who are closest to you your home. Maybe your home church. OK now that. Where's the next place that talks about Judea where Judea for you. Where would you. Dia be your school your work people kind of share the same idea that you do but they don't necessarily know Jesus. And then there's some area what's them area. Geographically here's here's Jerusalem and here's Judea and then here's some area. What's some area about these are people who kind of know about God but they kind of there their minds a little warped they don't really understand it fully. They think they do but you can share with those people him how many of you have ever witnessed. Somebody locally just sharing the gospel with somebody you know close by pretty easy right. And then you share with somebody. Let's say if you share with an admin this is OK We're just talking amongst itself then you share with people who are converted Christians but they're not AD then us. That's and that's like going to Judea. Then you go to some area that's like talking to somebody who is a secularist he's got a nose ring and tat's all over his body and he doesn't really understand everything. So you tear trying to show him a picture of God that he's never seen before. You know like anybody ever heard the story of the atheist on the plane. It's a great story. You know tie gives I mean this guy in a plane. He's an atheist and he says What do you do. I'm a preacher he said. And the guy said but I'm an atheist and ties as I'm but I'm an atheist when he said What do you mean so well tell me about the God you don't believe in most people don't have a good picture of God They think he's angry guy with lightning bolts and is that him and so ty said I don't believe in that God either but if I were to tell you about a God who loves you so much that he was willing to come and die for you. Would you worship that God You see I don't know that God. So we start to tell him about Jesus. OK he's in some area. And then we go to the uttermost parts of the world the ends of the earth and these of the far off places that you watch on National Geographic Channel people have some really funky ideas about God in their customs are going to stay. Range. They really don't know anything and if anything if they've been heard about Jesus and frankly you don't know much about what they believe either. Right. So having said that let me flip this around a little because I want you to look at this verse a different little differently. I want you. That was Geographic I want you to think of it chronologically. And this is not a bad thing. This is not an indictment. Because there is a time in a place for this but we're talking about mission service. There's a two minute show you start off with a two week mission trip. Then you go as a student missionary for a year and then you go for a career as a career missionary. So there's a progression here OK Now let's imagine that you are a Seventh Day Adventist Christian in your hometown. And this guy comes from Syria a refugee from Syria. He speaks kind of broken English. And he comes and he's preaches at your school for two weeks. So that you can become a Muslim and then he goes away and you never see him again. Do you think he would have much of a chance of leading you to become a Muslim. But that's what we believe we go in these two week mission trips with grief for two weeks and then we go away for it and we never see these people again. Now I'm not against two week mission trips. If you're doing something that's adding value to the people. If you're building a building. If you're doing medical work great. OK just be realistic in your expectations. You show up at my school preach for two weeks about your religion and then you go away and I'm never going to see you again unless there's a miracle of the Holy Spirit not very and people are going to come to Jesus Christ. Right. But but if you go for a year and you make friends with somebody and you sweat with them and you cry with them and you laugh with them and you play with them and you point them to Jesus. Maybe you teach them. Maybe they teach you. At the end of the year you've made a friend for eternity me. And if you stay there for a long time. You can make several of those friends and the reality is eventually you're either going to leave or die and those people are going to have to carry the work forward. Does not follow you understand what I'm saying there. OK I have some friends and I actually have more friends than I wasn't sure if everybody show up so I invite a whole bunch from. Would you like to come and sit up here. Some of you. I thought I would invite Shorty. Derek and you'll see why in politics you know stand straight up and leave. Please just for fun. Thank you so he's not even on the podium he's taller than me. Derek where you know we're going to do this we're going to use both mikes can we do that. Whoever my mike person was we'll try it. This is Derek there where did you serve is this Mike still working OK. You can use at this point real name. I'm going to come down there too and so Derek Where did you serve your OK So he was in far western China serving amongst the Muslim people group in China. OK. Morgan making when you get ladies come up. Actually when you both come up and sit next to Derek their sisters. And we're going to be more cheers going to pass the mike to them. Now check this out the ministry that I'm with called Evans front emissions we only go to the places where the church is not where the church can actually not reach their own people. OK so in far far western China. There were amongst the people group he worked among How many how many had been a swear there to one. So there's one. There are places on the planet like this. Still for. OK and that you were missionaries in what country. Ireland is that a mission field. Well we depends on how you view Catholicism. How many you know how many I've been there got to be a lot of Irish Adventists right. How many of their. Their prejudice against us again and this guy slipped up here in the end just because Matt just tell you that they were he was in Ireland as well. OK. You can come up. So I'm inviting some my friends. Different different backgrounds that was good. Derrick Derrick's like six six ten six eight and he went to China kind of like a joke. You know they called him yelling. You know they did tell him where you went. No she's going to tell you the fake place. And and talk about people. She's actually going back which is why we're trying to hide some of this and I'm just dating debating whether to ask another friend of mine to come up here because on film. She's going to sit in her chair. But another friend of mine is here and actually I'm really glad you're here because of the reason that you're sitting in a chair so and then years over here she was in Thailand you would come sit up here. Johannes Here's the current. OK you can stay there. I'm going to actually just call you out because we went into it so I asked different people from different backgrounds to come up here. So some of my friends when a student missionaries for one year. Some of them went for and stayed for two years. Benyon actually was you were born here. You were born there. You were born in Malaysia. OK but most. Her life. In Thailand actually has only spent four years in the US. OK so she's actually more time than she is American. Our children were born in India and actually spent most of their life in the first part of their life in India. I wanted you to get a feel for different people from different backgrounds. Now that you were in college when you went union. We market. You know what I need to be conscious of the Mike I'm sorry. OK So you weren't Wiemar and you had completed one year of school or two a half a year and you decide you're going to go do this and it really screwed up your education right. OK so and say that again. OK so seriously I don't know where you're at out there but I know a lot of young people who are like I'm going to college. I'm not sure what I want to do you going to do one or two years of generals and you're hoping that in the course of that you're going to figure out what you want to do I would encourage you seriously take a year. Go as a student missionary try try teaching tried doing something. OK And if you find out. Hey I'm really made for this great if you find out. I don't ever do that again you learn. OK So what are you doing now. There you go and what did what did you plan on doing. OK. And making Let me just ask you I'm sorry I get you and I do that with them. Morgan. Megan and Morgan and their sisters and I could compute sorry. Where were you at school. You were home school. You had gotten. OK So if you've taken a year off from school. You can still do this. OK And what made you decide you want to do this. Good and it was a good experience and she continues to work with us in the summer for the past three years. Two days two summers. I'm thinking the summer of two things. No pressure and what made you decide to go because you are doing online courses right one on one and it and it going to prove helpful for the rest your life right. Good good. Derek. They're getting a kind of a different call. What did you do. When you were overseas you know what did you do. How cool is that really my job is to make friends. That's the job of every missionary did you make friends I've met someone who actually ended up becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ while you were out there right. And this person comes from a Muslim background in far western China. Guess what you get like twenty thousand stars in your crown for every Muslim person from the background in far western China so he's like Crown is really heavy already so and. If you want to see something really cool I'm sorry don't mean embarrass you but. Derek has a gift for memorization and the my favorite worship I've ever been to he recites. The key chapter on Calvary from desire of ages. It's really beautiful. Anyway I mean the message. How do you want to go. What made you decide to go. It wasn't my fault i'm sorry but. If you have student loans and you know you want to talk to me about the program talk to me I'm serious. OK please continue. Thank you. So Ben you has a unique perspective because she's actually a missionary kid in other words she was raised in the mission field right. Is that a fair thing. OK so now that you've been back in the US. Do you regret having lived in overseas. OK. And I'm going to ask a similar question what's the best part about in your case being raised overseas. Actually we're not really good at deep relationships in this culture. How many Facebook friends do you have don't raise unanswered questions. How many deep friendships do you have. If your learn how to develop deep relationships. This is a really good way to do it and. I would suggest and you can all nod your head at this and make me look at the deepest relationship you're going to develop as a student missionary is with. Jesus Christ. OK if you go as a student missionary for a year. It's not always fun. You get Louis and we don't match you up with some girl out there who are some guy or you know and no loneliness like that but you find that Christ is faithful way. The Bible becomes sweet much sweeter than ever. I'm going to ask a question of a friend of mine who's behind the camera for a reason because Thank you for being here. You went as a student missionary. Can you hand the mike to the person who's behind the camera. We aren't going even to say your name. You went as a student missionary without a good experience. Amen amen. So having heard that answer it probably shouldn't surprise you that. Now what are you going to do. OK so a career missionary What does that mean that. OK so this may freak you out a little bit if you're young but. We need people to go and I think about this you go into a culture where they've never heard the gospel before somebody needs to learn that language. Somebody needs to develop materials in that language so that those people can hear the gospel. You need to make friends make disciples for Christ train those people to become leaders so that they can take the work forward and that takes time. Right and get nothing against short term mission trips as long as they're really adding value to the local local congregation local people. But you can't do a short term mission trip if there aren't any already Adventists on the ground there because there's no one to go to so I don't think I'll say your name. But she's going to. I can see country if and if you need me. She's going to Vietnam which is a communist country which is why we're not saying her name. OK. She has some friends going with her and we're hoping that this happens soon. But please pray for her and others who are going out. We have some friends here are going to bet we just have to talk about a little more also a undercover country. Let me ask you begin what's your. What was your favorite experience your favorite experience. Maybe that wasn't on the list of things I told you I'd ask you. For me. Oh. I mean so if you ever thought about being a missionary going to be good Bible studies to nuns in a convent. Well you haven't crossed your radar before right. God will open up amazing opportunities just give them an opportunity to do that. John and Kyra and I would just like to say your names and you can fill up your own bill and you hand her the mike. Just tell you what. How old were you when you went overseas. She would ten and you were twelve thirteen and where did you go. Those place where they eat people. I don't know if the group here would know where you live. Don't get good pot like the With that in so and your parents are still there. Right. And how long they've been there. Is it really already. Wow And and so you're back at Andrews now right. You both Ender's you graduated. Pretty quick. OK so. So you wanted ten and you wanted thirteen and you were there for about six years. You were there years and you would've been there six years ago. And it really hurt your hurt you. Academically it screwed up your life or it was a really good experience when you think. They're brilliant by the way but you know. It wouldn't matter if you're just brilliant. So. It was neat because I was in the exhibit hall and this lady who if you know people from pop to New Guinea. They're very distinctive looking and this lady from proponent Jenny walks up to the table and she's looking at things and and I said we've got some people there and she said Yeah I met Carl and it's like they you just go to those people now because the your people you are part of the their family. So here's another question for you and anybody who's gone overseas. Did any of you go on short term mission trips two or three weeks. Going to raise you know how many of you who are here how many of you been on those thing. I think they're great if we're adding value to the people and the other thing is it's actually a good preparation in terms of you go over there the first time you go over there is like whoa whoa people live like this right. If you go over there for a year you go wow people live like this and I'm going to live like this for a year. And you do. OK you really you realise we are stuff monsters in this country really think back to your two week time and you come back and you're like I don't want to be such a tough monster but don't become one thing this is a good way to get discussed really. I don't like this question you want to pass this along to actually pass it to Ashley actually where did you serve. She was in Tanzania OK and. What were you doing there. And give it to her. OK So are you a teacher. Yes OK Do you want to be a teacher for the rest your life. Ha ha. So you learned that you didn't want to be a teacher. OK. That's a very nice way to put it. But we we had some a friend of ours who went out from Andrews and he went out and he was teaching and he came back and he said I'm going to be a business major so. It's fun it's what made you decide to go. Good. OK So if you've been someplace. Maybe God will send you back there. Or maybe he'll send you some place completely different. Like I mention no I speak Spanish and then God says OK I want you in India. Just follow what he wants you to do it will be amazing. OK. Is anybody got a story where you say you know God really touched me and said you need to go anybody. You know I mean like go ahead and I'm not saying your name again. So. The louder. And then. I mean if you're a Jew I see how many times you're going to hear the Gospel we hope you're hearing the Gospel. Every seminar you're going about Jesus Christ. If you have morning devotion to evening devotions if you're at school and they have chapel. Not all of you go to admin to school. That's fine. Have your own chapel. But how many times do you have get to hear the Gospel and there are people who never get to hear the Gospel at all and I want to be conscious of your time. So. The video you're talking about you can serve all of you have a copy of it if you sat in the front rows here and the first like twenty rows because it was it's inside there. It's in the D.V.D. OK there's four D.V.D.'s on there and we will be handing you D.V.D.'s as you go out the door. So and if it's a different D.V.D. than one you will have I want to give you all of an opportunity does anybody have any questions. About serving as a missionary any background anything anybody have a question. Oh there's a call. I'm not but taking calls right now questions. No questions. Oh yes hi. That's a great question. So the question was. I'm going to repeat it because it's being recorded. Why do we reject her and the answer is that's private information I can tell you we have a great relationship and I did. She's a good friend and I have no idea I really don't remember so. I really you were rejected. It was a debt. What was it. Yeah that was that was probably it's not it wasn't her. OK. It is the the government has now got a provision for that with student loans. You can get them deferred or you can get them. Repaying them on the basis of your income they did not have that at the time when she first applied. So if you had seventy thousand dollars with the student loans and I can't defer to them or put it on a basis where it's based on your income. You're going to make is doing missionary. You can't service your loan while you're overseas so. You may. Great and just just as a point here. We had a guy who applied to serve with us as a career missionary not as a student saying as a career missionary he really wanted to go but he had forty five thousand dollars in student loans. We started praying a guy called him up said oh I'm covered. Forty five thousand dollars. Let me say this I was not raised in seventh heaven if this is the mazing message. This is the last message the world's going to ever hear and there are people out there wealthy individuals who are very generous really they're very generous and they'll call us up and they'll say hey I got ten grand. What should I do with it and I'll say give it to Ashley. Actually I had the opportunity to do that last week. So he came into my office I have the money where you want to do it and I gave it to me so be friends with me. OK Other questions anybody. All right so I want to do something and we're going to close. Hannah could you go to the door. Maybe Second help you with the D.V.D.'s. So as you're on your way out. We have some project D.V.D.'s if you want one. Take one even if you don't have a D.V.D. player. Maybe your friend does your mother father still do. I want you to turn to the person next to you and I want you to pray for them and they're going to pray for you don't pray for yourself you pray for the other person and then pray for the people. God is going to use you to reach. I don't know what their names are they might be the best might be the Vietnamese they might be the North Dakotan Let's hope. Although they need to be ready to take a moment to pray and then I will have a corps prepared to go over this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot G Y C Web dot com where Gene.


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