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6. Introduction into Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-educated Ministry

David Kim


The Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-Educated (“W3s”) are among the most difficult to reach with the Gospel. Yet, the Spirit of Prophecy tells us not only to reach them but to make them our first evangelistic priority. Sharing Christ with this group, however, can feel intimidating and even hopeless. Traditional methods tend not to work well with W3s. There is, however, a way! In this seminar, David, will describe an effective and easy approach to sharing your faith with even the most Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-Educated people in your sphere of influence.


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society



  • December 31, 2016
    4:15 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W T Y C. Where. Good afternoon. Am I too loud. No sounds good. Great. It is four fifteen. I think exactly. So I don't know about you but I like to start on time and on time. How do you guys feel about that starting on time ending on time. OK. Praise the Lord because I think that's what we're going to do anyway. Let's open with a word of prayer. Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for your love and your mercy and your grace. We thank you Lord for bringing this group of people together. To learn about how to reach this neglected class the wealthy worldly and well educated. Lord impress upon our heart. How much you love them. Impress upon our hearts. How much you desire for your people to reach them. And Lord I pray that someone here might hear something that would motivate equip and empower them to go forward from this place. With just another tool another method another technique that they can use to reach this neglected class. We pray for the Holy Spirit to open our hearts and minds to keep our attention to keep us focused and we pray this in the precious. And powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen Amen so welcome. Keep on coming in. Keep on coming and my name is David Kim. I'm a corporate executive. But really I'm a Bible worker. And God uses my company to pay me. So we all win. And that's really I'm very serious about that. That is how I live my life today. Now up here in the front just a few logistics. This is my e-mail address if you'd like to get in touch with me. David at Nica Demas society dot org. Second this link here if you go to our website. Nikka Demas society dot au argy there's a link where you can get updates. What that means is you can join our e-mail distribution list and be informed of resources and events as we develop them. The second part of that is if you don't have your device here. My daughter Claire will be assisting me she will be passing around and i Pad that you can use to sign up for the e-mail distribution list as well of course you don't have to. It's all free will but if you'd like to stay in touch with us. That is available to you. I would also like to introduce my ministry partner. Cynthia new Jima. If you would stand up to Cynthia Cynthia and I met after I presented a similar seminar at G Y C two thousand and thirteen. And providentially it's very interesting. She and I actually work for the same company. Although at different times. And so we share a lot in common and. Upon learning about. This ministry. We decided to work together and really address this neglected class and so. One I want to just introduce you to her because she's a super talented person who's working with me on this on this ministry and to. I have an appointment. Immediately after this seminar Ordinarily I like to stay and chat and talk with everybody. I'm going to apologize in advance that I can't do that because I do have to leave right after but I would offer to you two things one is Cynthia can answer just about any question you have if not more than I can answer. So that's one and two you can also come to our booth. Tonight and I'll be there. Cynthia will be there and we'd be. We'd love to talk with all of you. So those are some logistics. I think the last thing I will say is I ordinarily do this in a three hour seminar. Now G Y C. Has asked me to do a one hour version. And so you are going to get the one hour version which necessarily means that we will have to be quick. And we'll have to not go as deep in certain areas as I normally would. However I pray that you will get something out of this I'm I'm certain that you will get something out of this and but I just want to let you know that. This is not the full This is not the full message that you are receiving today. That said I do like to keep things interactive. So if you have questions I had invite you to ask your questions. Raise your hand I may answer on the spot. I may ask you do hold it for a future part of the presentation or I may just say hey great question. Unfortunately we don't have time right now but maybe come see us at the booth. So if that sounds good to you. I'd love to entertain your questions. All right. So today we are going to have three topics. First as Who are the W three S. the wealthy worldly and well educated three W.'s who are the W three C. and why should we care. Believe it or not there have been times when I've presented the seminar and people have actually asked me why should we care about these people. And so hopefully by the end of the seminar you'll understand why we should care about these people. The second is I will share with a broad framework about how we reach the class. And then third we're going to go a little bit deeper on a particular element of the method and that is spiritual conversations and so lose a three things we're going to talk about today. There's much more as I said but those are the three things we'll cover. First we'll start by defining our terms for the first W. is the wealthy. And if you think about the wealthy you can define it in many ways but. The top twenty five per cent of household income in the United States is one way to define and this is roughly people who make a six figure income over one hundred thousand dollars household income. And that is approximately seventy eight million people in the United States seventy eight million people. So this is not a nice thing. This is a large mission field in fact seventy eight million people would make this group. A top twenty country of the world by population all by itself. It would be similar to the population of Turkey for example. So this is a large group. Now among Seventh Day Adventist only seven percent of Seventh Day Adventists fall into this income demographic only seven percent. And so we're very much outnumbered so for every one Seventh Day Adventist W three. There are nine hundred and twenty eight non Seventh Day Adventist threes. So nine twenty eight to one. Those are some long odds are they not. So if every single one of you here in this room were to reach nine hundred twenty eight people. I think we'd be in good shape. Now one question you might have is why is it so low for Seventh Day Adventists Why is it twenty five percent of the population but only seven percent of Seventh Day Adventists and their variety of reasons for this there is a career mix difference. Adventists on average choose careers that are perhaps less lucrative than the world and I think we would we would expect that but one of the largest drivers of this interesting the Enough is age. The church in North America is older than the average of the population and so if you think about a lot of the people in their prime earning years. Call it thirty forty early fifty's. A lot of those people I'm sure you know by experience a lot of those people don't actually come to church. And so they're not as part of the church even though they may have grown up in the church. And that's part of this ministry is how can we strengthen that community within our church. But the second thing is that Christianity in general tends to be older skewing population relatively new overall demographics and we see that in our church and so you have a disproportionate number of retirees who are not in their peak earning years and so that is one of the largest contributors to the fact that although it's twenty five percent of the population in terms of the top twenty five percent household income only seven percent of something admin is into that group. The worldly we can talk about it's not a demographic per se it's not something you fill out on a survey or a census form but some of this imagery from. For magazines. I think serve to illustrate what we mean by worldliness it means a focus on wealth a focus on fame a focus on celebrity a focus on consumption a focus on intellectual ism. There are a whole range of things that can become a worldly Idol. To people and so that's what we're talking about when we talk about worldliness or the worldly than the well educated. Thirty three that represents the percentage of people over the age of twenty five. I believe percentage of people over the age of twenty five in the United States who have a bachelor's degree or greater thirty three percent now. Would anyone care to guess whether that number for something Adventists is higher or lower or the same. Higher. Who also is higher. Who says higher. Who says lower. And who says we're the same as the general population. While So I think some of you may have read my presentation. In fact it is higher. About fifty five percent of something Adventists have a bachelor's degree or later or more. Which is interesting. Given that income data that we just saw because generally speaking education and income go together. But in our case we have this strange relationship between the degree of education and the degree of income and I think it goes back to some of these other things we've said about a career mix life preferences that happen. And so because we're actually overrepresented relative to the general population that ratio is actually more favorable. It's one hundred twenty nine to one when you think about. Bachelor's degree or greater. So we're in a little bit better shape. So maybe if you can't handle the nine hundred twenty eight. Maybe you could handle reaching out to one hundred twenty nine. Now I want to talk a little bit about why this class is so difficult to reach and in business school. You always have acronyms. Preferably alliteration. And so we have the five P.S. The five P.S. representing the key stumbling blocks for the wealthy worldly and well educated the first one comes from the story of the rich young ruler. Do we all remember the story of the rich young ruler. Amen. And this is G Y C. Of course there are many Bible scholars in the group I'm sure. And so the rich young ruler comes to Jesus and says What do I need to do in order to inherit eternal life and Jesus says keep the commandments and he says all these I have kept since my childhood. What more do I lack and then Jesus says to sell all your goods give to the poor and come follow me. And what was his reaction. He walked away sorrowfully. For he had many possessions. So the first P. are the possessions that the wealthy worldly and well educated have. There are more seats up front and I think I see some seats sort of towards the sides and maybe if people would be willing to move in. To make room. That would be very kind and it is the Sabbath after all. So the first piece is the possessions. Now we turn to King Herod King Herod of course who cut off the head of John the Baptist. Now did King Herod want to cut off the head of John the Baptist. No he did not in fact I don't know that I would call him a disciple. But we know from the Scriptures that he actually enjoyed listening to John the. Just. Now. Nonetheless he did cut his head off after the request was made. He said to his daughter who had made that dance up to half the kingdom I will give you just name your prize and she said I want the head of John the Baptist and although he did not want to do it. He did it anyway for two reasons. Because of those because of the oaths he had made and those who sat around him and so those are the next two period piece. We have the prestige the O.C. had made because when he says something like up to half the kingdom I will give you. He's really boasting. He's saying look at me I'm all that I can give you up to half my kingdom and they wouldn't even leave a mark. And so that perceived and then the peers because all of his all of his henchmen and cronies and all these governors and things they were all sitting around and because of his peers and the prestige that he had staked in front of everybody. He was not willing to obey. And then we come to King Agrippa King Agrippa as you may remember heard the case of Paul when Paul was being deported if you will to Rome. And so Paul took that opportunity to share the Gospel and to share his testimony with care grip and at the end. Paul makes an appeal. And he says Do you believe King Agrippa I know that you believe. And then does anyone remember what Care Group A said. He said you almost persuade me to be a Christian. Which means of course that he was not persuaded at that time. You almost purse. You almost persuade me. And so progress the nation. Is the fourth P.. Because when you are a W three often tie. And you can feel invincible. You can feel the world is your oyster you can feel that everything is going great. And why disrupt the party. Why do this today. There's a young woman who I at my work who I studied the Bible with for I think about six months and all the while she was nodding saying yes this makes sense. Yes I agree this this really resonates with me. And at a certain point I made an appeal and I said Will you accept this message and join God's remnant church. And she said to me that she believes in all that I've told her but she does not want to make that decision now and I asked her why why don't you want to make this decision now. And she said to me I have many things that I want to do in my life and in my career. And I feel that if I were to accept this message today it would essentially cramp my style. It would get in the way it would interfere with my ability to pursue the things that I want to perfect pursue. And so she asked the native now we are not we are not promised tomorrow. And yet she made that decision but praise the Lord God is not finished with her. Because after we began after we finished our studies. She found herself a boyfriend. She found herself a boyfriend at Harvard Business School. And she and her boyfriend were talking one day about. Spiritual things getting to know each other. And he asked her. Do you have a face do you have a religious practice that you follow. And she said to him. Well I don't in fact this young woman grew up as a atheist in Holland and if you know anything about Western Europe. Those are some real atheists out there. And so she grew up as a. In Holland but she said to this man she sent her boyfriend she said. I don't have a religion. I grew up as an atheist but if I were to select a religion or select a preference or express a preference. I think that I would choose Seventh Day Adventist. Amen praise the Lord and. The boyfriend had a very surprised look on his face she didn't know quite what to make of it. And then he said to her. Well isn't that interesting because I was raised Seventh Day Adventist. So God is not done. And that's one of the things that we have to learn in this work is that it does not work on our time. This is not a work in which we have people attend thirty meetings and then we fill up the bathtubs or the Baptists trees. Or the swimming pools or the stadiums. This is a long term work and it requires patience and we can talk more about that. But Procrastination is the fourth P. and of course the fifth P. is pride. Which undergirds all of these things. Because pride is at the center of all of these behaviors around possessions appears Kristie. And procrastination. Now let's turn to what the Spirit of Prophecy has to say about this about this topic and does anyone know what a world Berrios No no one knows what we're all I don't know what a world Barry is either but it's like a blueberry. But instead of being white inside it is red. So now you know what a wardrobe areas. And she had a vision on September twenty ninth eight hundred eighty six and actually let me set that set up the vision for so in this vision there's a large group of fellow believers. Going out to the what she kind of feels like the outskirts of town. And they were going toward O'Berry orchard. I guess you would call it an orchard I don't know really what you call that grove maybe a grove or an orchard of of Wardle berries. And their job their mission that day was to pick Wardle berries and she writes of how how diligently she was working at picking these Wardle berries. But her her her fellow believers. They were enjoying the day they were enjoying the weather they were resting they were eating their picnic lunch is they were doing some Wardle berry picking but not nearly with the the intensity and focus that she was. So in now we pick up the story. I referring to and why I then took my berries and went to the wagon said I This is the nicest fruit that I have ever picked and I gathered it close by. While you have wearied yourself by searching at a distance without success. Then all came to look at my fruit said they. These are high bush berries firm and good. We did not think we could find anything on the high bushes. So we hunted only for low bush berries and we have found only a few of these. Now what could she mean by this the good news is that she interprets it for us. So let's turn to that. I am sure that the dreams that I have had of late. Teach me lessons that there is a neglect to get the better classes to become interested. While the poor classes are not to be neglected. Neither should the higher and more intelligent classes be overlooked. I have been dreamed instructed that we overlook the fields close by to us to labor in far away fields and we pick very inferior berries when there are larger and a better quality of berries all ready to be gathered. And we arm. Making a mistake in this kind of labor. It's pretty plain isn't it pretty plain and I want to make a point here about we overlook the fields close by to us to labor in faraway fields to praise the Lord for missionaries. I am a fourth generation Seventh Day Adventist Korean my great grandfather was the second ever ordained Seventh Day Adventist pastor in Korea. My grandfather was the first native Korean to serve as president of the Korean Union conference. I praise the Lord for overseas missionaries because I am only standing before you today because someone cared enough to get on a boat and go to Korea. Without knowing the language without knowing the culture without knowing anything but knowing that there were precious souls over there who needed to hear about Jesus. So praise the Lord for overseas missionaries yet what I take from this and what I would say to you is not everyone is called to the same mission field. Some may be called to the overseas field praise the Lord. And even then you might be called for a season. But then you come home and there is a mission field close by. And some of us. Overlook the fields close by to us to labor in faraway fields. If the only place that your a missionary. Or if the only place where you tell someone about Jesus is somewhere where you need a passport. Then something is dreadfully wrong. So this is part of the part of the part of the the interpretation but she goes on there has not been the effort made that there should have been made to reach the higher. Classes. While we are to preach to the poor. We are also to present it in its most attractive light to those who have ability and talent and make far more wise determined God fearing efforts that have hitherto been made to win them to the truth. I want to focus on this idea of presenting it in its most attractive light. Just as a simple example how many of you have ever been invited to an event or a function or a gathering that happened during the Sabbath which you would not be comfortable attending how many of you have ever been invited to something like that. Almost all of you and some of you need more friends. Now sometimes and I'm guilty of this. Sometimes when we're invited to an event like that but we. But it's on the Sabbath and we don't think it's appropriate. Sometimes we might say something like oh you know I'm really sorry but I can't make good. Yeah because you know I go to church or how does that sound to you. Does that sound like it's most attractive light. You know it's very grim and yet that's how many of us talk about our gospel. Now I have a friend. Who is one of them most talented violinists I've ever performed with I'm a business executive today but in a former life I my bachelor's and master's are in cello performance and I was a member of the Hong Kong Philharmonic. And so I have a lot of friends in the musical realm as well. And so one of my friends from my undergraduate years. She is a Yale Eastman and Juilliard trained violinist and so she's very talented. And so I hadn't seen her about fifteen years but my business travels took me to the city where she lives. And so I decided to reach out and say hey I'm going to be in your neighborhood would you. Would you like to would you be available to get together for dinner. And so she agreed and we reconnected. And we somehow started to get on to spiritual topics and we'll talk about how that happens because it doesn't happen by accident. And so we got into spiritual topics and. She was expressing to me how she really didn't grow up with any background in faith and how confused she was growing up about God and spiritual things but how she really wishes that she had knowledge of of God and who he is. And so I asked her why do you why why do you wish that why why is that an attractive proposition for you and she said to me. I think there's so many potential benefits to knowing about spiritual things for example David did you know. That the Jews take one day off per week. And they completely disconnect from their day to day. DAVID Did you know that that sounds like such a wonderful concept. It's very attractive. So my my friend who is not a believer just told me she just presented the Sabbath to me in its most attractive light. We need to present our Gospel in its most attractive light. Now there are two problems potential problems here. One is maybe you just don't have never thought about what packaging or gospel sounds like. In its most attractive light. That's a possibility. And there's another possibility which is maybe you don't find her gospel very attractive. So you need to think about which problem you have. But we need to be a trap presenting it in its most attractive light. She goes on he said. Says that W. threes may look like they're OK but they are so burdened and they need personal effort. We talk and write much of the neglected poor. Should not some attention. Also be given to the neglected rich. What a powerful phrase the neglected rich. Many look upon this classes hopeless thousands of wealthy men have gone to their graves unwarned because they have been judged by appearance as and passed by as hopeless subjects but as indifferent as they may appear I have been shown that most of this class are soul burdened. There are thousands of rich men who are starving for spiritual food many in official life feel their need for something which they have not few among them go to church for they feel they receive no benefit. The teaching they hear does not touch the soul shall we make no personal effort on their behalf. I was at a funeral for a colleague of mine at work. His father had passed away and so there were a lot of people my coworkers at this funeral and one of the good things about funerals. When it comes to connecting with others around spiritual things is that one you're already in a setting that is conducive to thinking about the bigger picture. And to there's a lot of time where you're just milling around while the rest of the receiving line and things are happening. And so one of my colleagues asked me. David. So what do you guys what do you and your family do for fun. What does David Camm do for fun just making small talk. So I said to him. Well when it comes to free time. What little I have. I really focused on two things one is my family and two is on my face and he said I love family activities. What did he not mention. The faith All right. So we're kind of jumping ahead to the spiritual conversations bit here but I'm going to use infiltrated. Because we have limited time so I just learned that he is not interested in talking about my faith. So make a note of that. So we start talking about faith family and what we like to do and he has kids and I have kids etc etc And then at a certain point in a conversation I brought it back and I said hey you know we've talked about family but do you have any faith that you practice. That's quite a normal conversation because I had said family and face. We talked about family and now any reasonable structured conversation would now turn to faith. So I said do you. Is there any faith you practice and he said No I'm an atheist and then things got very awkward and I stopped talking to him. That's not really what happened. But you might have been thinking yeah that's exactly what happens when that happens so so I said so he said I'm an atheist and I said to him. Oh why are you an atheist. I just asked him and he said well because I believe in science and evolution in creation really just doesn't fit that and so we were talking about that for a while and then the woman another colleague of mine sitting to my right. She must have heard something she turns to us and said Hey guys. What are you guys talking about and I said Oh we're talking about what we like to do on the weekend and the theory of origins. And then she immediately said Oh well I'm an atheist. Now this woman is a Ph D. in astrophysics from an Ivy League school. So she's literally a rocket scientist. So very well educated very sorry about these kinds of things. So she said Oh well I'm an atheist. So what. And I say. Why are you an atheist you guys are smart which is a good thing because this is a compressed program but you'll pick it up so I said why are you an atheist and she said Oh well you know my background David I'm a I'm a Ph D. in astrophysics I'm a scientist and I believe in evolution. And then she said something that completely made my jaw drop metaphorically speaking. She said but I often wish that there were a god. So what did I say next. Why do you wish that there were God that's good because sometimes when I give the seminar. They say you said there is a God see as you mentioned because we have the truth. The truth whether you're Seventh Day Adventists or whether you're Whatever people who have the truth. Or think they have the truth. They tend to like to tell you so. And we fall into that trap all the time we always think we need to tell people things. But it's often better to just ask them why they think what they think. And so I asked her So why are you. What are you. Why do you wish that there were a God that's a very unusual statement. And she said two things The first thing she said is because I am an astrophysicist. I'm a Ph D. in astrophysics. And I see how finely calibrated the universe is and it is very difficult to explain without some sort of higher power. I didn't tell her that now that is one of the classic arguments that we make but I like it much better when my atheist friend tells me the argument. And so the Ph D. FW in astrophysics from Ivy League schools telling me that it's hard to explain the universe without a god. Point one. Point two she said and I think that if there were a God I wouldn't feel so lonely. These people are soul burdened. Another story. Do you like these stories. I know we're kind of running short on time but I'm going to tell you another story. If that's OK. I was sitting next to a older gentleman on a first class flight. And he was flying from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. We were both flying from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and were making chitchat What do you do coming or going business or pleasure etc etc And he said and he said well he was attending a conference in Philadelphia and he's going home a what kind of conference psychology conference is what he said Oh really. So what is your profession. I'm a psycho therapist. Oh you're psycho's Therapist Well where's your practice Hollywood. I was sitting next to a psychotherapist from Hollywood and you can only imagine what his practice must be like. So I'm sitting next to a psychotherapist from Hollywood were making chitchat and at a certain point I asked him up and the question I asked him was I'd like your professional opinion on something that I've read. I've read that it can be beneficial for someone's mental health if they have a belief in God and without hesitating the man said Well I agree with that I said Oh interesting. So you agree with that. Why do you agree with that. And he said well first of all I'm an atheist. So we have an atheist psychotherapist telling me that it's good to have a belief in God for your mental health. It is much easier to argue with people when they're actually making the argument for you. This doesn't happen by accident by the way. And so he's telling me that that it's good. So I said Wall. What's good about it. Why do you think it's good. And then he paused because I don't think anyone ever asked him that question before and after a few seconds he said Well I think there are many benefits for example. For example. If you believe in God You're never alone because. You can always check in with God through prayer. But if you're an atheist. In less you are literally with someone else you are always alone. These people are so burdened they need God They need Jesus. The other thing I want to share with you here is they feel they receive no benefit from church and the teaching they hear does not touch the soul. We really need to think about how we package our message in a way that can relate to these people. It's it's like they speak a different language. And they have a different culture we're all speaking English. The words are all found in the same dictionary. But the ones they use and the ways they put them together and even what they mean. Are very different. Furthermore as Adventists. We speak. Adventists and oftentimes our preachers are preaching in Advent tease. And there are many unspoken assumptions and premises that they just blow right through which is fine if you're talking to a Adventist crowd who all speak Adventists. But if you are speaking Adventists and someone walks in who speaks W three English. It doesn't. Connects. It does not connect and so we really need to think carefully about this now. Those who belong to the higher ranks of society are to be sought out with tender affection and brotherly regard men in business life in high positions of trust men with large inventive faculties and scientific insight men of genius teachers of the Gospel whose minds have not been called to the special truths for this time. These should be the what. First the should be the first not second not third not last first to hear the call to them the invitation must be given. They should be the first I think it suffice to say they are nowhere near the top of our list as a people. She goes on. In the history of men we learn how dangerous is prosperity. Prayers are often requested for men and women in affliction. And this is as it should be. But the most earnest prayers should be solicited for those who are placed in a prosperous position. These men are in the greatest danger of losing their soul them first to hear the call the most earnest prayer and what are we doing. Lord have mercy. Now why are we doing that. Why are we doing things the way we do it. Well she says it's out of fear and lack of faith they are intelligent men and women whom we are afraid to work for fearing repulse but earnest efforts should be made for the higher classes coming close to their hearts visiting them and using special wisdom to win them to the truth. There should be no pushing no sharp contention but leading their. Out to investigate. You've been getting a sense of this from my anecdotes. But this is so important. No pushing no contention leading their minds out to investigate this is a critical point with this group and then she says we are afraid to work for fearing repulse because it will be rejected. One of the reasons why efforts have not here to for been made for the higher classes as I have presented before you is a lack of faith and real courage in God. To the extent our church and we as individuals are not addressing this group it is because of a lack of faith and courage in God Lord have mercy. Now. W. series do require a different approach. The intelligent the refined or altogether too much pass by the book is not baited to catch this class. I love that metaphor hook embedded and will will learn more about this and ways and methods are not prayerfully devised to reach them with truth that is able to make them wise and to salvation. Most generally the fashionable the wealthy of the proud understand by experience that happiness is not to be secured by the amount of money that they possess or by costly edifices and ornamental furniture and pictures they want something they have not but this class are attracted towards each other and it is hard to find access to them. The rich left alone without any effort to save them become shut more and more to their own ideas their own train of thoughts and associations lose attorney out of their reckoning they grow more proud and selfish hard hearted and unimpressive all suspicious that everyone wants to get money. Access is a huge issue and any of you here who has access to the wealthy. World and well educated whether it's because you're at school. Whether it's because of the neighborhood you live in whether it's because of the work that you do whatever the access it is that you have you need to be a missionary to this group. We can not reach this group without you who have access taking it upon yourself to actually reach these people it will not happen any other way. The second thing I want to mention here is they get shut out more and more to their own ideas. I was at a dinner party for thrown by a partner at my firm my former firm actually the one that Cynthia works used to work at. It was a party a dinner party and I had the good fortune to sit across the table from the partner and his wife. Now this was before my heart conversions are going to ask you to cut me some slack. So the conversation somehow I don't even know how got there but somehow it got down to talking about Southerners and rednecks. Now mind you I was in Silicon Valley at the time. So they don't like Southerners or rednecks out there. It's not a compliment. So she was talking about Southerners and rednecks and how stupid they are in fact they believe in the Bible and that God actually created in six days. What did I do. What did I say. I said nothing and I just smiled and nodded. Now you have to have mercy on me because this is this was before my our conversion. But here is my point. No one else said anything. And she was in her own echo chamber about her own ideas. Each of us has access to these people and you can become of voice. You can be you are probably the only. Seventh Day Adventists they know you're probably the only person who could reach them with the gospel and without you. They will become more and more shut up closed in with their own ideas in their own echo chamber. How do we reach these people. Some will ask can we not reach them with publications. There are many who cannot be reached in this way it is a personal effort that they need. It is by no casual accidental touch that the wealthy world loving world worshipping souls can be drawn to Christ these persons are often the most difficult of access personal effort must be put forth for them by men and women imbued with the missionary spirit those who will not fail or be discouraged. So I believe in the publication ministry I believe in a little literature evangelism our traditional forms have stood the test of time and there is absolutely a place for them. Amen. David Kim is not saying don't use publications. But what I am saying is they will tend not to work with this group specifically. Every time I have used literature D.V.D.'s websites pamphlets. I've used these things probably over a dozen times with W. threes in my sphere of influence and not one time. Has it led to a positive outcome. Most of the time it shuts down the discussion. Now I don't know exactly why this is but I have a belief. And that belief is this when someone is watching a static piece of video or a static piece of literature and they read something or hear something that doesn't quite sit right with them. It is very easy for them to just turn it off close. As it put it away now. If I am in personal effort. If I am sitting across the table from them. Presenting the gospel. And we hit a topic or an idea that doesn't sit right with them and I can see it in their eyes and see it in their body language. He doesn't he or she does not have the luxury of turning me off or putting me away and I can see that I can say oh I How does that feel to you. What are you thinking right now and then he or she will tell me their objection. And then I can address it in the moment. And so that is why because these people are smart they think fast they're critical thinkers. They're data oriented. They can think of more objections in one. You know in one topic and they can think of all the objections. And you need to be there to tear down the objection as soon as they build it up and get it before it becomes a wall. And that's why I believe that these static forms of evangelism tend not to work with this group and this is not my opinion this is a Spirit of Prophecy speaking with us about this topic. So how do we get to these people we must be in the world but not of the world. While he minister to the poor Jesus studied. Also to find ways of reaching the rich. He sought the acquaintance. He sought out the acquaintance of the wealthy and cultured Pharisee the Jewish nobleman and the Roman ruler he excepted their invitations. He attended their feasts he made himself familiar with their interests and occupations that he might gain access to their hearts and reveal to them the imperishable riches. This is such a mind blowing quotation for me. And I hope for you. How are we supposed to reach these people if we're not among them in some way shape or form. Sometimes people feel guilty. Specially if you have means feel guilty. Well I live in a pretty nice neighborhood. I have a pretty nice house. I have a nice car. I go on nice vacations. I play or a protégé can expensive sports that require greens fees or lift tickets and I'm sure you've heard people maybe from the pulpit saying those are a waste of time we don't have time to be recreating right that we need to do the work and I agree. If your purpose in having those things is to build up yourself and enjoy your own life. Then I absolutely agree. But this ministry. This line of thought opens up a whole new dimension on this idea of how you spend your money and how you live your life because when I have when I live in my house. When I go on my vacations. When I have my recreational activities. I am accepting their invitations. I am attending their feasts I am making myself a mill year with their interests and occupations that I might gain access to their hearts and reveal to them the imperishable riches. Sometimes people who you know let me give you a thought experiment if someone was trying to reach a rural village in China would it work better to live in that village in a house that looked just like their houses eat their food. You know do the things that they do on a day to day basis in that village or would it be. Better to live in Beijing stay at the Marriott. And then drive or fly in on a helicopter two days a week. Which one would be more effective. The first one. Of course. Living in the village being amongst the people. Well when I live in my cul de sac. I am living in the village. When I go on my vacation. I am living in the village. I need to make myself a mill year with their interest in occupations that I might gain access to their hearts and reveal to them. Imperishable riches. So the love of money is absolutely. A root of all kinds of evil. But if you're not doing it for the money it can be a vehicle for great good for the kingdom. We have ten more minutes left so I'm going to keep going here. How do we reach the W three class. Hopefully you care. Do you guys care about the trees now and raise your hand if you care. Aren't praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. A few of you don't care but. You know I'm sorry. How do we reach these people the overall framework is a starts with your heart conversion. You must be hard converted. Second you experience life transformation because of your heart conversion and your walk with the Lord. Third is with your life transformed you can start attracting spiritual interests and of those spiritual interest some of them will actually be people you study with some will actually be interested in studying with you. And then among those a few a a subset of those you'll win their soul and as you cooperate with the Lord in winning their soul it deepens your own heart conversion and the cycle continues. Start conversion is critical. You must be born again of the. Spirit that's what Jesus will make a Damus and the Spirit will make you a witness. That's what Jesus told the disciples before he went to heaven and the implications are you can do the math. If your heart converted you will be a witness. But the contrapositive of any true statement is also true. Therefore if you are not a witness. You are not converted. And so your witness is a barometer of your salvation. Now some of you may be sitting there feeling very uncomfortable and to you. I say praise the Lord. Because now you know. Now you know that the fact that you don't like witnessing it's not because you're a bad person per se but it's because you're not converted. And once you know you're not hearken verted you can actually take action around that. Life Transformation. Why does this matter first of all because sin separates you from God and we have Isaiah fifty nine verse one and two which tells us that sin separates us from God. That's one reason why it matters but a second reason why it matters is it testifies to the awesomeness of God when your life is transformed it shows people what God is like and so whether it's your family life whether it's the way you pursue your career or your work. Whether it's your fitness. Your health. Whether it's. Your acts of service in the way you engage with your community and generally the fruit of the Spirit all of these things testify to how awesome God is. And that's the second reason why life transformation matters but most on point with this topic. It gives you the third reason is that it gives you credibility to share the gospel of the W three C. Would you take stop smoking advice from this doctor. And for those of you in the back who maybe can't see this is an old school picture of a physician holding a cigarette. Saying this is just what the doctor ordered. You know back in the day when they said smoking was good for you. Of course you would never take smoking and stop smoking advice from this doctor that is why Life Transformation matters so much because if your life is not in the process of being transformed. Then why would anyone care to hear what you have to say because your god does not have the power to transform your life. So the question is is would your W three friend or acquaintance or coworker or neighbor would they want to be like you. Whether it's workers the way you pursue excellence in your work or your school. Whether it's your family life your health your fitness your hobbies your interest your temperament your personality. Are you a nice person. To people like you. I hope they I hope they do social and communication skills E.Q. Emotional Intelligence your spiritual or religious practice. There's a whole list of things when you reflect on this question Would your W three friends want to be like you. There is a woman who is on the board of life son's. Youth Orchestra and every year this youth orchestra has a retreat and parents volunteer to chaperone. And so I've had spiritual conversations with this woman in the past one or two. Not that not too many and but this year. This is the third year I've gone. This year we're talking and just out of the blue she says to me. David you know I really like you. This is a woman I see once a year for the last three three years so I've seen her a total of three times says David I really like you I said Oh well thank you. But why do you like me. That's inconceivable. And she said. I just love your spirituality. And now this is not about puffing me up I'm just trying to give you an example of would your W three friend want to be like you. I have a peer of mine another senior executive at my company. We're waiting at the airport for a flight that was delayed. And we're just chit chatting and talking in. He asked me I had I had just come back from a I went to Indonesia to speak at the A.S.I. meeting in Asia out there. And my whole department knew that I was taking a week off to go to Asia to Indonesia to speak at a church meeting out there. And he said to me. David you know one thing I really like about you is just how seriously you take your face. It's wonderful. I really like seeing that. Even your faith can be attractive to someone even your face shocking isn't it. But would your true friend want to be like you think about this question because we must be living up to souls. In order to reach these classes believers themselves must be living up to souls known and read of all men. We have to be living the message and if we're not living the message and if we're not on our way towards living that message. I understand. We all know that sanctification is a work of a lifetime. So it's not about being at a destination. But if you are not on a path that has visible fruit. That someone who works with you or sees you often can't see that's a problem. Now how do I engage in spiritual conversations we've been touching on this bit by bit and I three minutes left so I'm going to go fast. Fly Fisherman. The thing about fly fishermen is that they're always casting. They're always casting with the. Right. Bay and they're looking for hungry fish. This person is not trying to catch fish that are not hungry. As opposed to these people. This is industrialised net fishing. They just drag the net. And they pull whatever's inside into the boat. And then they clubbed him over the head and sent him downstairs to the hall where the processing plant is. This is not what we're doing we are not looking for hunger fish you are not hungry. We're not trying to pull people into the boat by force. We are trying to put bait out there. Allowing the hungry fish to respond. Another metaphor walking through an orchard when you are picking fruit you look at the fruit you smell the fruit you tug on the fruit gently to know whether it is ripe. We're not doing this. Industrialized farming where you shake the tree so all the apples fall down whether they're ripe or not. And then you gather them up. Because if you pick a fruit before it's ripe it will never become ripe. And so it is important critical with this group to look for the signs of rightness look for the signs of hungriness hunger. Hungriness is not a word hunger and only then engage them in a way that might lead to Bible studies or or something like that but you always have to put the bait out. And you always have to tug the fruit and see if there might be some potential there. And that's what we mean by spiritual conversations and things like your dad personal devotional life things you read church activities events and trips media consumption these can all be the foundation of spiritual conversations I'll just give you one example because we're short on time. How many of you were asked by a coworker or a fellow student or wherever you are from hey what are you doing for. Holidays anyone I get asked that question about a third of you were asked that question the rest of you don't have friends. It's a very normal question is it not. What are you doing for the holidays. So my answer is. Oh well I'm going down to a conference that's put on by my church and we're going to Houston and then the hungry fish says Oh really. A church conference. What are you guys going to talk about down there. The fish that's not hungry says oh Houston that will be warmer. You see what I'm saying. You. I put the bait out there and then I allow the person to respond to some piece of what I said. And then by doing that. I know where their head is that or I have a suggestion for where their head is that whether they're hungry or not and whether we could proceed in the conversation. That's what we mean by spiritual conversations. So we have a whole list here of actual questions that I've been asked that have led to spiritual conversations or even bible studies. How was your weekend. That leads to a spiritual conversation oh I went to church. Oh really. Where do you go to church. Vacation plans. I talk to you about that one. What are you doing for the holidays how do you meet your wife I met a church. How did you meet your wife. We met at a bar. Do you still play the cello Why do you still play the cello a little bit. I've played actually on a couple albums by independent Christian singer songwriter. Oh really. Well what were those albums one was original music based on the Book of Revelation. It's called the lamb wins and the other one is a book of original original music based on the Book of Daniel and it's called the king dreams. Oh really. That's really interesting. I mean the Book of Daniel that's and wrote it. That's really scary stuff. I say you know it's it can be intimidating but hey you know I have a copy. Would you like a copy of the CD that I played on. No one has ever turned me down. And I've had a number of people tell me how much they love the music but maybe they're being nice. Actually it's fabulous. You should check it out What do you do for fun I had that example earlier how are you guys settling into the area. Oh well it's good and we found a church. Why do you homeschool. How do your kids get socialization. Well I homeschool because well there's so much. Scary stuff that happens in schools these days. I've never had one person disagree with me. And how do your kids get socialization Well bunch of things but one of the things is we have a church. How do you manage your ambition versus your desire for work life balance. Well you know you have to keep your priorities straight. And you have to focus on the right things but you know the most important thing that helps me with this issue is my prayer life. If you have any advice for how to be successful at work. Well you know there's a lot of things you can do but one of the most important things for me and helping me be successful as work is is my prayer life and in fact this one. Both of those last two questions led directly directly to personal bible studies with individuals at my work. By the way I've had the privilege of probably studying with half a dozen or more maybe six or seven people over the last few years. Remember this is a one by one by one by one work this is not a fill the stadiums type of work that's a lot at any given time I have right now I have two regular bible studies per week with coworkers. I've had as many as four. That was too many I just couldn't manage the schedule on all of that but here's the point. Except for my very first one every single person I've studied with has asked me to study with them. They've asked me to study with them now would you like people to come up to you and ask you to study with them. That would be nice wouldn't it. Again it's a lot easier when you don't have to do any arm twisting you're not trying to guilt trip them into a taking Bible studies with you. They're in fact. Wanting to study with you because they're actually interested. It's wonderful. And so over time you know thousands of people you have spiritual conversations that are few or many light or deep you have hundreds of spirit. I have a dozen spiritual conversations of the nature that I just mentioned on a weekly basis. And over time that accumulates and a few of those people become actual Bible studies and of those people a few of them become converts. And that's how this works now. I've given you the one hour session. There's a three hour session that I do at churches over a weekend. But then there's a two day session that we're doing right after G Y C. We're starting a Sunday afternoon running into the evening and then all day Monday into the evening. We have a few spots left a handful of spots left. So if any of you. Are staying in town or if your local and you'd like to go deeper into this methodology. And we're actually going to be hands on and practice and do all kinds of things to give you confidence of how to do this then tie Gibson and I would love to and Cynthia would love to see you join us. So if this is something that you might be interested in there is a fee. Because hotel rooms and catering don't come free. There's no free lunch. But there is a fee but if you're local or you think you can change your travel plans simply up here. She'd be happy to talk with you about it. We have a flyer that will give you more detail. And I will end with this bringing Christ into the ordinary business of life is difficult but it is what the Lord requires it requires more grace. More stern discipline of character to work for God in the capacity of mechanic merchant lawyer or farmer carrying the precepts of Christianity into the ordinary business of life. Then to labor as an acknowledged missionary in the open field. It requires a strong. Spiritual nerve to bring religion into the workshop and the business of office sanctifying the details of everyday life and ordering every transaction. According to the standard of God's word but this is what the Lord requires we are not all called to be professional ministers. We are not all called to be professional Bible workers or anything of that sort. In fact the people I can reach. Cannot be reached by those people. And there are people in each of your lives who can only be reached by you. And my appeal to you this day is will you take up this challenge. Will you take up this challenge. If you want to know more you can I mention the training. You can also go to audio verse and you'll find the three hour version of my seminar on audio verse just search David Kim and you'll find it there but for any of you who have access to this group I plead with you make this your mission field. And you don't have to be a W. so you can be someone who works with maybe you are not a W three yourself. But if you have access to these people the Lord can use you. And so with that let's close with prayer. Dear Heavenly Father Lord you have called us to minister to this group you have told us that they should be your first priority. Yet that they are neglected let it no longer be so I pray Lord that someone in this room. Would have had their heart touched and have their mind activated. To employ some of these methods to learn more and to gain the faith and courage in you Lord. To become a missionary to the wealthy world. They are well educated. We thank you Lord for the mercy of show each of us. We thank you Lord for the life transformation that you are working in each of us and Lord we pray that this transformation might show the world the W three C. our surveys show that God we pray for the powerful and precious name of Jesus Christ this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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