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Social media is more influential than ever. Is it really all about getting more followers? We’re going to dive in and explore what makes the selfie generation so influential.



  • December 29, 2016
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty six hundred conference which has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W T Y C Where Heavenly Father thank you so much for this day. Thank you for the opportunity to be here. Lord I just ask that your Holy Spirit will be in this place speak to us help this to become relevant. Give us eyes to see we pray this in Jesus' name amen. How many of you were not here in the previous lecture. OK here's the short spiel I have the pleasure of working at the General Conference with the administering view. We have some exciting things going on. I'll get to share with you about those more this evening during the presentation during the program. My wife and I and our two cats live outside of Atlanta. We just got a few acres and we're going to get our farm on. I love technology and I think we need to find ways to engage with it and make sure that it is meeting our purposes and not those who are creating it. Manipulating us. So I'm not afraid of technology. I actually love technology as I mentioned before my house is gadget it out. I can control almost every gadget in my house my lights I can change the color of my lights. I have these sensors in our garden that tell me when the soil is dry. I love technology. As you're going to see here. There is also reasons to be concerned with technology. And we're going to talk about social media. Surveillance the CIA. I don't know if they'll air this program after we record it. So let's enjoy it together. And then forever be silent about it. All right here we go. This is my wife and I we were just in South Africa filming some content with avenues to review. We are creating some new virtual reality content. Is one of the coolest experiences of my life to swim with great white sharks. And I'll tell you more about that in our presentation after lunch if you're interested. That one's own virtual reality and. I'm pretty stoked about that they are big and the cage had dents Yeah I would love to engage with you after we're done here. So you can find me on social media and I would love to hear your ideas. I love ideas. I think ideas change the world even in one hundred forty characters. So I hope we can connect. If you have questions while we're going through this. We'll do a better job than the last time I get into those questions and answering some of those questions so you just go to S.L.I. dot D.-O. and you enter that code sixty nine twenty three sixty nine twenty three and you can ask questions like a certain question it will go to the top will make sure we'll cover that question here we go. The selfie generation. That is us. We love to take our picture we think we are the best looking thing in the room and we think everyone should know it. And in case we don't think we're the best looking thing in the room. They make the. As for that. So all is well now I mentioned before in our previous presentation that all through these presentations. We're going to be talking about two kingdoms two principles two laws and I want to I want to let you in on that. Now I believe there was only one law and eternity past I do not believe there were a Ten Commandments and I'd be happy to sit down with you if we had that luxury and show you why I believe that I know that sounds crazy. We'll take questions at the end but I believe the law that was in heaven for eternity past is in Romans fourteen seven and I want to tell you what that is non liveth to himself non living if to himself I believe the law that Lucifer introduced to start the anarchy in the kingdom was Do as thou wilt. This is the whole of the Law or so on one side of the aisle. None of us lives solely for ourselves on the other side of the aisle you do what you want to do and take care of you. I believe these are the two laws. I believe these are the two laws in the universe and we're going to go through that I'm not here to bash social media. I'm on social media. I like social media but we need to know what we're dealing with how many of you like to start a fire. Come on give me some honesty who likes to start a fire yet even some girls are bright fires do amazing things. But there's one thing you have to know before you start a fire. What is that how to put it out it could burn you. Social media is awesome. It can burn you. OK so here we go. If you can hear this. You want to hear the. OK So that is like the world we live in right there is anyone see this and relate with going out to friends with friends to dinner. Yeah. Now here's the amazing part of this now in the future. They may look back and look at this and say People used to hang out together they used to like go to the same place. I get the same time as wow. Sadly this is a reality for so many of us were at dinner and life is happening out there. I'm missing out on out there they're having more fun out there than here and we're missing out on living because we think life is in my screen so Gallup did a poll in two thousand and one. How many friends. So you have as that was the question. The average answer was ten. They did the poll in two thousand and fourteen. How many friends do you have to now check this out. I bet many of your Instagram feeds have a thousand followers. I bet Facebook you got two thousand friends. Right. So how in the world did we just advance in civilization and you have less friends. You're with me like what in the world is that about we pick our our phones one hundred fifty times a day on average we touch them. Anybody guilty of that. I know I'm reaching I don't know if reaches count but I've got a lot of riches so. There's a statistic that seventy percent of our young people young adults. That's us after college say church. Peace out seventy percent of us leave leave the church. Never to return. And I can tell you in my own experience. That's a reality in my life. Many friends of the church anybody else. You know a couple of us somehow overnight the world changed. I don't know how it happened. I am one of those unique. I'm actually in this demographic that some some of you are in it's called as it's called as any it's like right in this line of some people are counting us in X. Some people count us in the lineal So we're we actually know what the world was like before phone was in our pocket. There was a. World for phones in your pocket. It was insane. Right now we got along fine. We built forts we broke our legs. I know right. You broke our legs how could you do that on your phone. We got bloody noses. We had the wind knocked out of us anybody had the wind knocked out of you thought you're going to die. We had those things and then the world overnight changed when a hundred years ago the hot thing in town was my preacher preaching on truth get to the tenth. This is interesting but what happens when truth is in your pocket. We have to really start to think about what I think there's a lot of dynamics. Why our church attendance is dropping some people think that the reason we go to church is for information and so with that dot. I'm like man I can get better information in my pocket I can lay in my bed and just stare at my phone drop the phone in my head a couple times just be like yes this is truth. This preacher's got the truth I am so full of truth. I'm going to tell someone how much truth. Well I can tell my friends in social media. I think I'm crazy but this guy's got the truth and somehow overnight the world changed and social media and media became the real world and the real world became just not as interesting as the real world became many came to church like hundreds and thousands of years in the past to hear someone speaking from a pulpit and we thought Man There's no moving pictures. There's no images. I can't even like what he's doing. When will this in. And it's almost like our brains have been hijacked. We think digitally rather than in real life. OK so we're on the same page so we're obsessed with our phones. So here's the question. This is you've heard this before. Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a wood and I I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference. So you have a choice you have a choice in this world to be the driver of thought or the product of thought I think we'll touch of here in a minute but I'll say it now if you're not paying for the product you are the product. If you're not paying for the product you are the product. We're going to see that are two kingdoms two laws two principles here they are non limit to himself I believe that was the law in eternity past non live with to himself selfishness. L M I says under the heading pretty sure this is the exact quote under the heading of selfishness comes every other sin. So in the books of heaven. There is a title on the top of the page selfishness and under that is everything you do that is outside of God's will for your life smoking pot selfish. There were people around them that needed love and all they were doing was thinking about themselves smoking pot buying those expensive new X. is only thinking about themself or people around them or hungry or saying those unkind words to someone selfish selfish. So this is where we find this turn this idea of selfishness on the other side of the equation do is now will go through life do what you want. Now what's amazing is. Culture and many of the brands we're familiar with this is where they get their slogans the really good ones too. Taste is king things like this where it's just do what you want. You're the king. You're the queen live your life as you please. One is the law of love and is under the premise that waking up in the morning I was designed the other is the law of the jungle fend for myself. Oh I'm the designer. I'm in charge of destiny. One is sustainable. One is unsustainable. Here's some words from Ellen White none of us live. If to himself. This is the law of God in heaven and on earth but the law that non liveth to himself. Satan was determined to oppose he desired to live for self. He sought to make himself a center of influence it was this that incited rebellion in heaven. It was man's acceptance of this principle that brought sand on the earth one principle live for yourself if you've ever been in a relationship that could be just a friend. Girls if you had a girlfriend guys if you had a guy friend if that's if that print shift ends it's often because one of you got selfish those who've lost a marriage and it's fallen apart or an engagement and it's falling apart. Often it's because one person got selfish. They love themself more than they love you or the other way around. So here's here's where the social media angle comes in. How would the enemy get the whole world under his banner and his principles. He's gotta make selfishness scene fun. There's got to be an addictive taste to being selfish. So that we think it's fun. I want to I want to go through this video right quick. But we live in a generation where fame is our currency. Let's get real serious deep down we all want to be famous. We want people to drive us around. We want people to do our makeup for us we want people to book our flights for us. Well people to wash our our cars instead of us right. We want all these things you do for me I deserve something here and this element of fame is what this video talks about this is the drug by which the world is being enticed into the world of social media come get some of this. Let's move. Well right on T.V. You want to be on it if you. I'm a nerd. And we're down on one hand even if we were third graders who are sitting there. When they don't do. Or. You know there's the money the police eat. OK so what would be the result of a generation that was growing up and the world was being viewed through a television screen in their hands someone look at that generation and say oh my word. Let's replace these guys with robots. That's that's that's where we're at something happened. They didn't learn to think we were telling them what to think and now we need them to think we should replace them with artificial intelligence right. This this really hits it on the head. This is where we're at because there's a. Reason why the majority of the executives in Silicon Valley do not let their kids under ten touch anything digital because you get into positions of influence and leadership in the world which every single one of us has been called to to be the leaders the Daniels the Josephs the esters of the world. You're not going to get there if your world has been consumed and brought up on technology or this this is the unfortunate reality. So we have to know how do we and engage with it. Embrace it use it in a limited capacity to the best of our abilities and not be consumed by it. There are things that you have to know before starting a fire. It could burn you. There's things you have to know before you engage in social media. It could burn you. And it could divine it could define your value it could define whether you think you're pretty or not. Can I tell the lady something right quick. I've been married for ten years. I'd like to tell you one of the most attractive qualities of my wife she thinks she's good looking and she walks the fine line where it does not become arrogant and I can tell you I've talked with a number of guys. It would be nice if my lady just knew that I really did think she was beautiful. And I will tell her that I really wish she would stick because beauty is in the eye of beholder and at the end of the day. God is the ultimate beholder. He made you. He defined you he created you He designed you you are beautiful growing and engaging with social media you have to know I am values. I am important. I have been called to change the world and lead people don't let social media dictate something different to you Don't let the number of why. On a bible quote you post determine whether you post Bible texts anymore. If this room had one person in it. I replied I'm passionate about this I believe this. This is me I'm letting you peek into my world and what I'm thinking it doesn't determine what I say or not whether people clap or not. That is where we have to get Jesus was not encouraged by applause nor censure. If you like it great. If you don't pray this is what I'm doing now as we engage with social media. We have to know that this thing is fire this thing is fire. Let's take Facebook Facebook it's like one out of five people on the earth are on Facebook and the next twenty years. Facebook continues to be the thing that will be a lot more people now Seventh Day Adventists have a message about what the mark of the beast is I have a number of friends that became a Seventh Day Adventist they randomly came into a seminar the first night a good friend of mine. He'd already accepted the health message in the world he said there and markedly talks about the mark of the beast. You know he does at the end of this. Where do I sign up. This is this is awesome. Like that's that's truth right there but sadly many of the world don't have a clue of the mark of the beast is they think it's some microchip that's going to go into our hands. They think it's some card we're going to put in our wallets. We know what our message teaches about the mark of the beast and as we get into that discussion we find ways well how would that be enforced. Let me share something with you. No one has to shelve some microchip in my body I will gladly carry this around for them wherever I go. They can know where I fly to who I'm talking to how long I talk to them what I'm buying what I'm texting. There's no question about who I am I am as guilty as you can be of being a Seventh Day Adventist God willing if somebody accused me and I was in a court of law. I pray that I am found extremely guilty. That guy's a Seventh Day Adventist look what he spends his money on who he watches could he listens to because he reads this dude is administering my question to you is that the same way they say you can tell a lot about a person by their bank account. How do you spend your money by your library or do you listen to watch read by your time. Do you spend your time. So knowing that and knowing that we are in a war Seventh Day Adventists have this unbelievable view of eternity past and eternity future and where we're at now and we understand we're in the midst of a war that is going to end on this earth and so knowing that we know that we are at war with someone and knowing that we should be careful if somebody presents something that seems at times too good to be true. We should ask ourselves Is this too good to be true. Right so let's take Facebook. It's the behemoth it's the one that has invested in virtual reality we're going to talk about that in our next seminar after lunch but I just want to show you this. Just to give you an idea of the reaches where this goes and we can do this and this really. We actually of him with those easily be gone. What's real is this is the all. He says he wants this is the school for the got it. You pay for a product or you are the product. So we're Facebook. I am the product who are my valuable to people that want to sell me stuff as the saying goes. Follow the money. I find it fascinating in the prophecies of Revelation eighteen that the whole thing goes down and who's upset the merchants of the earth. They are of SAT who messed up our economy. Testimonies of the church on what it says those who place themselves under God's control to be led and guided by him will catch the steady trend of the events ordained by him to take place another place that says we need not guess at anything. We should know exactly where we're at what's going on in the world and be able to clearly help someone else explain what in the world is going on right. So what's going on is the CIA created a venture capital company and they invest in companies that mine social media data. What's going on is the world has become a surveillance state. What's going on is we are being listened to our text messages are being read everything you do as a Seventh Day Adventist you're probably told as a kid. God is watching everything you do or here's the beautiful thing. God is watching you like a parent would watch you to care for you to look out for your good to be there for you to help you. Big brother is not in the same mindset in their case you're being watched to create a threat score. You're being watched to determine if you're a fundamentalist Are you one of those Bible believing Christians who believe the Bible should be read literally what are you taking pictures of who you hang out with how many G.Y. seas did you go to where you wanted the speakers to talk about the CIA. So these companies are collecting data this next clip is from The New York Times fascinating. Please listen if of this seminar this is really my most exciting part because for me it just blows the lid off of you need to know social media wasn't just the neat idea somebody had to help you take pictures of yourself and put Kodak out of business. Hey like this this thing is serious and it should affect how we engage with it. OK so here we go. This is talking about someone that worked at the N.S.A. and they created technology to surveil foreign intelligence is. And then he had to leave because it was turned on us the American public. Now. Number four show this. I just want to give you the mindset of why I think think this is fascinating as an admin is I believe the day will come when the government wants to enforce certain beliefs upon me and in order to make me do what they want me to do they will have to control every aspect of my life and in order to control every aspect of my life. They have to know about every aspect of my life and sadly I thought it was cool like all of us do take pictures of everything I do to take pictures of my food to take pictures of my new shirt my pastor my friends and so someone knows all about you with me here we go. Although we do. Yes yes yes yes yes this will work and there's one thing sure one pursues one was with one of those What was yours. But what is what good lists is the list you say it's just a list of some sort of least fifty one words in the course of the sort who will run it but this is what people do index which gives life here over to life anywhere. This is a this is all these years. Almost every move and so they did when I was you know. I was just a loser in the world didn't implications really so until George Bush was a key aide and then he says with the busses and in other words he's just he's all he's known for as he was the last each see this is going on. This is real this is not something we can pan on George Bush Obama did the same thing and expanded it. This is what we're doing and and to a Bible believing student we should be the filter to help people on the plane on the bus at church at our school when they ask. Question Why is this happening. Because we're in a war and the enemy wants us to be forced to do things and God draws us with His love. So this is the CIA's venture capital company In-Q Tel investing in all these companies to mine your data to figure out who you are why you are to give you a threat score and determine if you're a fundamentalist Roland such blanket data collection and analysis is worrisome to privacy advocates want to go down when you have private companies deciding which algorithms get you a so-called threat score or make you a person of interest. There's obviously room for targeting people based on viewpoints or even unlawfully targeting people based on race or religion. Sadly our Muslim brothers and sisters are the experiment. They are not the goal or they're just the experiment and they're the global experiment. They're the way that we can keep the forever war going in Hollywood in T.V. years ago the bad guy was a Russian Now what Izzy is a Muslim the bad guy's a Muslim. So we just need to know where this is this is the world we live in like we're being ushered along this is the way to go don't think to the right don't think to the left is the way to go. We've just got to know this is the world we live in we don't have to be afraid of this perfect love casts out fear the king of the world came and died for me. He took back to the throne of this world. He's told me the earth is not sustainable in agreement with Iran. Musk he's told me there's a city we must colonize on another planet and I'm told. I've got a house there. You're told. You've got a house there we're told that one day we'll come back to this earth and we'll get another house. We have a city apartment and we have a home in the country. So quite a beautiful plan but this is the world we live in now. Now for some who think well I'm not there or here. I mean they're they're thinking here. They're thinking Check this out. So basically they said hey doods are in the fantasy sports like why make them go do their fantasy stuff outside of the game. Let's think this technology the the N.B.A. is at the forefront of how they're using technology it's acknowledged to engage more fans virtual reality will come out into the daylight with the N.B.A. you're courtside you're looking left. You're looking straight you're looking right of all the sports the N.B.A. is going to just. Engross technology right. So with this one. They're like Hey Lonnie should be watching the game and keeping track of points and he'll be able to cue a forty eight second clock where his player he's picked gets the most points and oh by the way this is how the technology works. This hyper time sensitive feature requires your actions to be in total sync with the game servers which is tough. Considering T.V. broadcasts are delayed anywhere from two to ten seconds depending on where you're watching so to fix this and a digital detects the silent audio signature in all broadcast users grant access to their microphone so it can pick up the broadcast and synchronize their fantasy game with the real game on T.V. I read this the other day and I thought wait a second. I'm in my living room and I want to play fantasy sports which I don't and I quick listen. And now I'm seeing throughout the game. This is. Great. This is so fun. This is going to hit they're listening to everything going on in my house right. You see how how it can just be so fun sounding I'm not saying there's malicious intent. I'm saying that. Privacy is just being eroded. Now this is being said by somebody I got a camera in my house that watches what goes on. It's like well that's the same idea. So I'm not telling you. Nobody do this. I'm not here to dictate your morality or your choices. What I'm telling you is just be aware of what's going on behind the scenes is that fair. Just just know what's going on surveillance is a Babylon secret weapon Babylon's a term administration are familiar with from balconies to confession booth to selfies. It's interesting. Someone that was high up in the Central Intelligence Agency makes a statement you can look it up on You Tube who is the most powerful military organization. Surveillance organization and intelligence community in the world do you think he said The Jetsons is that I got to give it to all those guys are in the intelligence community right. I mean you think about confession booths. Talk about knowing how to manipulate society. You've come into the confession booth told me all your stuff I can use that against you if I'm not perfectly dictated by God's leading and the confession booth isn't. Hey bud how you do it is. Hey here's my deepest darkest sin. And I've done this and we talk about balconies think about it. Daniel was tracked Daniel was watched they found out. Daniel to be one of those Sabbath keepers and they finally got him on his balcony doing something that he shouldn't have been doing and they reported it to the authorities balconies confession booth and now with our phones and microphones in our pockets. It's just a way to control the omniscience the omnipotence of God is being counterfeited by the enemy we should not be afraid of this but we should engage with it. We should know how should I engage with this technology. I'm saying all this to say there's a company Nest anybody heard of nest and got to nest thermostats in my house I love it so I just want you to know I'm trying to come at this in a balanced way. Now I would I would understand if somebody says hey why on earth are you putting technology in your world that could be used against you. To live in a world without any technology is very difficult today. I'm not saying it's impossible. I'm not even saying it's weird that there's a movement a millennia old that are like look I'm going back to the way life should have been I'm not using my mechanical tractor. I use a horse that I can feed the grass and can fill the dirt and make organic food right we've got some believers in here. So what I'm saying is we just need to know how are you engaging with it. This is the world we live in we have individuals like Edward Snowden who some hate and some love who basically came out and exposed all of this their argument is well I got nothing to hide. I think those Some argue against that I think really as a Seventh Day Adventist you got to live with nothing to hide like just live knowing hey the the intelligence of the universe is watching this thing go down or God is watching me and rooting for me I have people rooting for me to be saved in the book of life and at the same time I'm being tracked in other books and they are out for my destruction and so I'm going to live my life knowing this is the delicate balance that I will. You with me. Is there any questions you know here's a few documentaries pretty interesting. All of them on You Tube they're basically about some of the topics we've discussed our presentation after lunch will be augmenting reality and I'm excited about that one as you can tell I'm excited about all this. Yeah. Please. Yeah here right now. Yeah right. It is actually happening yeah education. Yeah. OK I'm not crazy. Hey I had the privilege this last eighteen months to visit about fifteen of our agonists universities. I have to tell you this I go there and I hear about issues schools is down perhaps and in Roman's down and and funding is down and I ask a So I mean do you do agriculture here. No OK. In fact we're trying to sell some of our land. Can I see the land man when we're in paradise one day and God looks back he's going to say oh by the way I gave you guys paradise. I gave you the land ad. Culture is the most advanced form of educational development of leadership development that exists on this planet. I did not learn the Gospel until I started growing a plant. And I know this may sound backwards but hear me out. You will not know how to deal with people unless you begin to understand how you deal with a plant or animal because that plant or animal is not going to work like you think they should work as fast as they should work that tomato plant I believe should have perfectly round tomatoes within forty eight hours and yet a month later I'm still waiting on tomatoes and a bug has eaten a tomato. And what this teaches us even talks about this the two greatest things for character development caring for plants and animals. If we want to be the leaders in society we've got to have that critical thinking. We've got to know how to walk into a situation and own the situation. This is a crisis and this is what we're going to do I was in a seminar with the C.E.O. of Twitter and he said I don't know what's going on but we're graduating piece time executives people are joining our company and they think the world is just this piece of cake and everything goes the same today as it did yesterday and tomorrow is the same as the day before and he said we've had to develop our own program of wartime training we live in a world of flux. We live in a world of complex problems. This is why we've got to figure out and and let me be honest it's not easy to do like literally what I'm saying is like what I mean what I live in the middle of a city I'm on your grow something get a pot on your kitchen table and grow something and then start reading the book price object lessons. I don't know how we would understand the Gospels really it's like it's like this other world where they grew stuff and raised animals and I've literally growing up as a seven they haven't As did not understand. What in the world is Jesus talking about until I started growing stuff. So find a way to do it you will be the leader in whatever field you're in because you learn patience you learn virtues you learn skills in which to deal with people that are not always moving along and the pace at which you would like every early childhood education and you know I agree completely that it's affecting our children medium particular and in more ways than one and it really is impacting thinking skills as you mentioned the top C.E.O.'s in the tech industries don't let their kids have it so my question for you is we see this happening and I hear what you're saying we need to be careful how we use it. Where do we draw the line though especially with our children and young people is there a point at which we say we don't use this because it is so harmful to the brain. So you know I think I think the studies about under ten. My sister just had a kid he is the coolest little boy ever and my sister knows I'm a I'm a techie junky want to be. Oh a new gadget I want to buy it. I just I mean that's me. I'm we're being honest here and I told her don't let that boy touch a stream. There's a reason. Steve Jobs told his kids. No you don't play with the screen. It ruins critical thinking. Thank you. That's exactly right and Children of Men do have a light at times but I think we just need just need to know that so. So how do we engage with it. We're here we are now the data is being flooded out. Now we have a generation of some of us who only been raised with gadgets and let's be honest of some if that's some of us we need to say I need some critical thinking skills. Is it too late for me it's never too late but you have to do some different things do some different things. I mean even even to the point of Scripture. The Bereans could have been wiser because now that we know with motor hand development. They were turning pages with their bibles. It's easy to look it up on your phone but it's something totally different when you're using your hands to look up scripture when you read a paper book. I still buy paper books because if you ask me what did that book talk about well in some part of the book on the lower left side of the page to talk about this principle that was really interesting. You asked me about something. Are we digitally alike and I feel like I'm losing my memory. I don't know somewhere. It just becomes convoluted so. So yeah I think that's an important. How do you know the boundary is engaging with the media. So someone asked me like yeah. Do we just cut it off. Now let me be honest here is social media winning or are we winning social media is killing us. It is it is taking us to the cleaners. So we've got to know if I'm going to engage with this Lord how do I do this. Like it's tempting for me like well people don't like the Bible verse in the Ellen White quotes I post. Maybe they're like this like now you're just catering to a crowd for that drug of Fame. So you've got to know what are my core principles. How am I living why am I living. Yeah. Yeah. Yes I can. They're on You Tube and they're particularly about just it to me those are ones that made prophecy come alive to see the generals of all the armies of the world at a convention in Amman Jordan. That's the one the business of war buying weapons from each other. What is that as when you guys are at war with each other and you're selling him the rockets. I get just makes you. It just makes you pull the veil back and say Scripture is on time. God knew what was up you want to know it tomorrow's headlines are you gotta get into scripture. Otherwise you're just being dictated by what the news is telling you is happening. That may not be actually what's happening in the back. Get into nature. So on that point. Check this out one of the hottest growth industries right now is something called Wellness tourism. To anyone. The town of passion reading the writings of Alan White saying Man lifestyle centers sanitariums Is this a bygone era that doesn't exist anymore. It is the hottest industry because we millennia old go into the cities. And this is our life we wake up a good on the train on my phone get to work. Sit at my desk do my digital stuff I go back on the train I go back home creator. There's no creator like God didn't create trains God and you create computers got into create my desk. Like what is nature. If nature is a lesson book. How would I ever be taught from it you would think so. It's such a smooth move take people's total connection away from their creation from the Creator. So yeah it's a great example suggestion get out into nature learn from nature and perhaps you know it's difficult because I've literally watched me seven months old my nephew a screen comes out and this is him. It's like what in the world that is just I think it's like if you've ever been in a restaurant with a guy. I'll just pick on the guys for a second and there's a T.V. somewhere. And I guess dinner is so good. Just mesmerized by this screen. So you have to know that hey clearly there's something with flashing lights and sound. You know about all this stuff. So perhaps try to not give it to them in the first place. But if we're going to remove it. Gotta give them something better. Yeah that's a great point in the back. Understand. Me. So behavior changed as interesting. There's a quote from our presentation this afternoon. Those who are creating with virtual reality. This is one of the big developers they said we're trying to manipulate behavior. This is far outside of technology. So yeah that's very interesting about any questions on our slide show what's like the top question anybody have access to that. On slide. Do you know do we have a question that might have been in there somebody wanted to ask or any other question where we go every question. I'd love to have you back after launch. We're going to talk about virtual reality augmented reality and this message was presented at the G Y C twenty six team conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W Y C web.


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