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The Matchless Charms of Christ

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • June 13, 2009
    10:00 AM
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father thank you for this day thank you for me I need to come before you I pray that Jesus Christ would be of limited and glorified in a very powerful way to did that it withdraw all of its nearest shooting night we would see him in the clouds someday very soon this is my prayer in Jesus name the sermon title for today is the matchless charms of Christ and officers I have I always saw the light of the greatest blessing by preparing for getting the message and this message for me is no exception speaking about Jesus Christ is nothing better in the world you can talk about especially the matchless charms of Jesus Christ and what is about Jesus Christ that would cause us to say that he has matchless charms blow about our name as a people it started with an introduction you are very named himself suggest that we must really love Jesus because our denominated name is seven they asked in the second part of that name had been says describes a group of people with the hopeful expectation of something of the second Advent of Christ now if we have a hopeful expectation of his common that must mean that were excited about becoming an organized talk about why we are excited about you you surprised by because Jesus Christ is the matchless charms that is unmatched by any human being here on this Earth and I want to point out as I was preparing for this time it's interesting to me that she rather than work for ominous creatures in the absent movement history had traumatic experiences of conversion when they experienced true Jesus Christ is and that these two creatures to ensure all of you will recognize by name and I'm sure there are many others that visits you that I'm going to focus on today is to printers were EJ Wagner and William Miller and I'm going to start by reading a letter by EJ Wagner that he arose shortly before his death and an AC describes an experience that he had in eighteen eighty two this is what elder Wagner says I begin my real study of the Bible thirty four years ago at that time Christ was set forth before my eyes evidently crucified for me I was sitting a little apart from the body of the congregation and the large snack at a camp meeting in Healdsburg California one gloomy Sabbath afternoon I have no idea what the subject was of the discourse not a word nor its text however now Hunter some have had a bad experience maybe we went to church one day and we remember everything else but what the creature 's usually about the that in this particular case it wasn't hard sure whoever was preaching in the fine sermon that is as well or Wagner says all that has remained with me was what I saw suddenly a light shone round me in the samples for me far more brilliantly lighted than the noon day sun shining and I saw Christ hanging on the cross crucified for me in that moment I had my first positive knowledge which came like an overwhelming flood that God loved me and that Christ died God and I were the only things I was conscious of in the universe I knew them by actual site that God was in Christ reconciling the world and himself I was the whole world with all its I am sure that Paul's experience on the way to Damascus was no more real than mine notice what happened elder Wagner in this spirit she sees Christ set before him crucified not just Christ crucified but crucified for EJ Wagner he saw that it was real it wasn't just reading a passage of Scripture and thinking how Jesus died for my sins that's not she saw himself as a guilty sinner that he really was and she saw in Jesus the loving Savior that he really is and that moment shape the rest of his life and he goes on to say I resolved at once but I would study the Bible in the light of that revelation in order that I might help others to see the same truth don't you think it's important for all of us the CNS injuries Christ crucified not Christ crucified Christ crucified for me and my house that on my heart it changes because I see in myself nothing that is good and yet I see even though there is nothing good in me I see a Savior on the cross crucified for me I'm not thinking about anybody else I'm thinking about myself that I'm not I don't deserve this I'm not worthy of his Jesus to life for me and the effects happen on Miller Wagner was that she was overwhelmed by this it was an overwhelming philosopher have we had that experience with Christ and cruise is Christ and him crucified an overwhelming flood in our hearts that as we look at our lives as we look at Jesus and him crucified it creates an overwhelming flood in our hearts she had a positive knowledge that God will and if we have that experience of knowing that God was knowing that Christ died for it changes everything and this happened in eighteen eighty two obviously is history shows us over Wagner fell in love with Jesus Christ she became a messenger of the righteousness of Christ and we'll talk about that a little more the other person who had a similar experience with Elder William Miller and this is a paraphrase of Illinois experience in prophetic faith of our fathers volume four page four sixty one as you know William Miller grew up in a Christian home and then became a genius and he wasn't really sure how involved God was here on the her maybe God created the world of honey to set apart and stood aside and let risk-taking unnatural course and he was uninvolved in the lives of the people who lived here on Mister and how to respect his mother he would come to the local Baptist Church Emily Miller was a well accomplished man and he would have to listen to preachers you were very interesting the lessons you and he told his mom that he might just have to stop from the church because the sermons were too boring so she quickly told some of the elders of the church had if you get him to read some of the sermon 's manual and God 's hand was clearly in this because on one Sunday morning William Miller had his experience some of you probably know this but it's good to hear it again Miller was asked to reads the selected sermon from profits practical sermons this time I'm Isaiah fifty three in the midst of the presentation he was overwhelmed by the sense of God 's given us and his loving provision for lost notice the similarity of experience here elder Wagner is over well by a sense of God 's love for William Miller is overwhelmed by a sense of God 's goodness and his loving provision for lost sinners you think that had anything to be with and become powerful creatures for Christ they experienced this overwhelming sense of God 's goodness and malice watch what happens he continued continuous as the redemptive character of the Savior estimates first was vividly impressed upon he could not go on over to Howard with emotion she sat down having the deep sympathy of the nation 's will was happening and were weeping with how many times have you come to church and you hear a preacher present such a moving testimony of job loss that not only does he break down leaving the rest of the congregation as well about the effects of Christ and him crucified with Christ is set before us on the cross if we buy tasting glass that concept and see Jesus and let him square in the eyes and see by faith then looking back at us we will be overwhelmed by the goodness of God our lives will be changed and as you can see him we talk about elder Wagner and how he gave a logical defense of righteousness by faith William Miller and archaeological breakdown of the twenty three hundred days in the second coming of Christ but as logical as their sermons were those messages were a shade by the spirit of Ahab Christ at the beginning of their ministry if they did not see Christ and him crucified set of four then it's likely that their preaching would've been very different and much less effective so I'm actually read what Elder Miller himself says about this experience and he says suddenly the character of the Savior was vividly impressed upon my mind it seemed that there might be a being so good and compassionate test himself to turn for a transgression and thereby save us from suffering the penalty of sin I immediately fell how lovely such a being must be elder Miller experience in the matchless charm the president 's immediate the following one we such a being must be an imagine that if I cast myself into the arms of an trust in the mercy of such of one hundred use of an eager in Windows honestly I was constrained hidden but the Scriptures must be a revelation from God not us what happened when Elder Miller experience the love of God that gave faith in the word because it is being is so lovely so wonderful so amazing she's not the type of person that set forth his workforce and have a full of why it's a revelation of his lunch here so we can trust is one of the William Miller 's experience from that point forward was based on his understanding of God 's love and that his work was a revelation he says that he became my wide the one we want God 's word is a delight it's the best thing any Jesus I found Jennifer have you found in Jesus is she altogether lovely to you do you see in him the matchless charms that he has for us he has set before us crucified for us that we can be saved even the we are sinners it's interesting a lot of times when you talk about the Millerite history and William Miller a lot of times people focus on how they were wrong about the day and are wrong about the event even though as we know from from our study of Scripture that they were right about the date they were just wrong about the event that you were the millwrights what with their driving fashion with a dig around scare people into trying to get ready to get out and these people ha ha same passion fire that willingly did not was of Christ and him crucified and the reason they preach with so much passion and with so much power about the second coming of Christ is because Jesus was their best and dearest run so they weren't going around saying okay let's have a study of prophecy hopefully by the end of the study you'll be so scared that he'll step Jesus and maybe you'll be ready is not a military threat to the millwrights were showing the logical revelation of God 's word and the in measurable love of God the matchless charms of Christ and certainly for that shoe together is like what the best person the whole universe is coming back seniors that you want to be with them look what he's done for you and that is why the Millerite movement have such great power and it started William Miller's experience back in Baptist Church seeing Christ and him crucified as a loving Savior studying from Isaiah fifty three I thought that we would do well she looked at some passages from Isaiah fifty three Isaiah is often called the gospel prophet of the Old Testament and we can especially see why when we come to Isaiah chapter fifty three Isaiah chapter fifty three is a messianic prophecy came to this earth starting in verse she pretty sugar of before him as a tender plant another root out of dry ground he has no form nor communism when we shall see the there is no beauty that we should desire that Jesus was a flashy person he was very simple on thankful for that because I definitely would never be accusing flashy myself obviously I can't say that I'm white Christ I hope someday to life in verse three assists he is despised and rejected of men a man of sorrows and plan with grief and we hid as it were our faces from he was despised and we esteemed him not surely he hath borne our grease and carried our sorrows yet we yet we did esteem him stricken smitten of God and afflicted secure we see Jesus what a CD for us he's despised and rejected of men and yet she's coming here to this earth to save us from and if we continue to resize it he was wounded for our transgressions he was released for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes we are healed not seventeen inch version will notice a marginal reading for the work wounded in verse five is actually torn so if you're passively reading Isaiah fifty three months he was he was wounded for our transgressions not one of them but this person with that person and that she was sworn then said for her transgressions and when we see Jesus crucified on the cross being each form then said for our transgressions don't you think that will make us view our sins and transgressions differently Jesus crucified on the cross bench for immensity for our transgressions this sends that we have committed to I have to minute on a Norman will you like your name and that we have tormented with our transgressions that he was willing to go through that he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes we are healed and I can understand how is the Holy Spirit however willing was my pain as he's reading this passage of Scripture he has to come to the conclusion what a lovely being this must be what kind of person would be tormented for mice for my transgression only someone like Jesus Christ who is God notice research this is all we like sheep have gone astray we have turned every one with his own way that includes everyone in this room is no exception all we like sheep have gone astray we have churned everyone to his own way and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all the most amazing all of us have gone astray and yet God leaves the inequity in Christ of all of us wish it is so thankful for the how often do we thank Jesus for what he's done for us on the cross our iniquity has been laid on Christ's because all we like sheep have gone astray verse seven he was oppressed and he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth he has brought as a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb so he opened not his mouth you imagine the Christ being tormented being selected and yet he doesn't complain after reviewing to me because I have a complaint in June my body the I see Jesus and thirties being tormented and for now and I won't go there now to first Peter two says that the example that Christ is not the that we should follow his steps you will was one who was reviled reviled not again he committed all things to send the judge 's righteousness of Christ not his mouth he didn't complain and is an example to us as we seek right lifted up on the cross as we see Christ in twenty whee have to ask yourself Jesus then complain there so what business do I happen planning about the little trial on my and continuing on in verses ten eleven says yet it pleased the Lord to bruise and he had the end of grief when I shall make the salon offering for sin he shall see his seed he shall prolong his days and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his seminars for someone he shall see the travail of his soul and shall be satisfied all of those who look to Jesus and accept the sacrifice of the travail of the soul of Christ and what he sees a notice that I really want each one of you in this room should be among that people didn't die from a guide for each one he wanted he wants each one of us to have an experience the same way William Miller and EJ Wagner when they saw Christ set forth crucified for them individually personally I interesting Isaiah fifty three it says all we like sheep have gone astray so it's interesting that in John chapter one twenty nine the Bible says hold the Lamb of God which taketh away the world chooses for the land but did not go astray we have as he never did and because of that we can behold as the Lamb of God and he can set up halfway for us to follow and what happens when we behold him second Corinthians three eighteen this is a familiar passage second printing three eighteen says that we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same amateur from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the Lord what are we beholding her number beholding the Lord the world is holding the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world I want each one of you to use some sanctified imagination and in your minds I like a C Christ right up here lifted up on the cross as the Lamb of God and you see in yourself the whole world because Jesus would've died if it was just the unit in the whole world that's how important you are to see you see Jesus on the cross but while God you see yourself as a lambda goes astray she is the Lamb that stay on the straight and narrow and you look to you behold as you see Jesus lizard on the cross what the Holy Spirit impressed into your heart and into your mind what Jesus would say to you if you are the only person here in the room and by faith you saw him on the cross and you may I contact what would you say to him at that point for the sheriffs and you're hanging on or would you allow the Holy Spirit she will see you when you are you making eye contact with you for you to see yourself as you really are saying I need a Savior I need Jesus I need him to forgive myself I need to change my life because when you see Jesus on the cross that you see you see a loving Savior with matchless charms gave it everything so that you can have very and so there is nothing to shoot day for us to give and Ellen Microsoft said that the message the elder Wagner as well as allergens engage in this church uplifted the matchless charms of Christ the matchless charms what's interesting is that Jesus had matchless charms and God sent a message to this church that up within the matchless charms of Christ why was Jesus despised and rejected Jesus was a man with matchless charms you would think someone with matchless charms would be well loved and accepted by everyone running and yet she uses is true Safari by the people taking the same and it's a reminder to send us that sometimes the way the matchless charms of Christ show are not the way our preconceived ideas where and since Christ and his matchless charms are lifted up and yet were thinking now I want to do it my way and what we see from Elder Wagner we see from Heller Miller is that they saw Christ and him crucified it changed their lives they started preaching the message that lifted up Ryan pointed to his soon return now what happens when we see Jesus on the cross are partially melted we should NY for what Jesus is unprecedented in our hearts that Jesus gave his heart that he died for us he was in dire threat is just as hard because why should I so what is our response we give our hard and we give our why Andy Galatians chapter two verse twenty four yearly shows this conflict relationship achiever twenty says I am crucified with Christ Christ was crucified we see him crucified on the cross and Galatians two choices I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I was yet not lie women in the so when we see Jesus on the cross when you see someone who is altogether while we see in Christ the matchless charms and we say however I know that in me that is my wash dwells no good thing with Romans seven eighteen so I don't want what's in meeting because what's in the pit Jesus on the cross I want that this art my Savior who is on the cross for me I need him I want to come into my heart he gave his heart to me let me get his heart and so that I can have him in my wife's I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I will yet not I but Christ lives in you and me I given my heart to Christ because he lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God was the faith of Jesus who love to me and you will notice this Jesus walked through himself replying your name into the first there is not just a generic passage for everyone even though it is but it's for you personally Jesus loves me she gave him software you are responsible in his we are crucified with Christ we give our hearts back to him and we let him live in us because we want someone who has such matchless charms to come in are hard to come into our lives and in its interesting Galatians continues this theme Galatians five first twenty forces invaded other price have to first define the flush with the affections and more so when you see Jesus he got on the cross for you but are you Christ's he wants you to belong to and if you belong to Christ what we do for you he was crucified for you they another Christ crucified the flesh with the affections and Mohsen and finally inhalation six fourteen and says that God for good that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified in the and all items of the world so when you see Jesus on the cross you're not living for this world anymore you're living for Jesus Christ because she has the matchless charms the changes aren't higher perspective of why we see someone who loves us so much no human being here on this Earth concert his love and his matchless charms for us tomorrow why and so the world becomes crucified to us and no longer has an attraction because we live for Jesus Christ through the now just we are Christ and give the world has been crucified she was because of the glory of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ even only makes sense that we would want to Jesus Christ right so the Bible says in Ephesians through the Christ dwell in our hearts by faith not rate were thankful for that price can dwell in our hearts every day that I is not the same as being within the first and if you've seen Jesus and him crucified for you on the cross and you've seen his love for you and how powerful and in measurable it is you want me with my twenty five years from now but today tomorrow soon soon soon and that was the message of William Miller in the Miller writes they love Jesus they saw Christ and him crucified so they believe to the saving of the soul of the second coming of Jesus Christ they are wrong about the event they were right about the day Elder Wagner and Elder Jones preached a message that would've prepared people to receive the righteousness of Christ and to be ready when Jesus came in the class and facts alliances that the message that those men brought with the message to the latest in church now what's wrong with later this year what were the one so we have a profession of love for Christ but Jesus coming in the cloud may not be our first priority why would that be because we haven't seen Christ and him crucified in his matchless charms that Sharon is a response in our hearth want to be with them forever now think about it this way all of you who are married can identify with this and I have a simple illustration that works nicely last week my wife throughout Wednesday Louisiana for a wedding and she was gone for about four days and we both message and surprise surprise even cried on the drive to the airport I didn't mind that she cried on the way to hear and that obviously shows that we love each other and that we enjoy being together and what I've said after about four days in my heart I wish I have talents that on the face bring about Iraq or what if I said to her as I dropped her off at the airport in on the trilogy about you leaving home nothing in this even if you want to stay an extra month tech as long as you need come back when you feel like it either way is fine with me would that say about my love for her and the limits say this I know we do what we say in our hearts energies as I was needed but notice come back when you like it now whenever and in fact if you don't mind let me accomplish some things in this life first then you can come back what would that say about how we see Jesus Christ have seen him crucified on the cross for us for me personally have we seen what RC Johnson Jesus when we see that when we see his love when we see his matchless charms then we're not going to be saying in our hearts or even out while in another really matter to me when Jesus was back we will be a group of people should live a life of the act them out to remain here and I have we have a hope in the second Adam and Jesus and were hoping for it in the very near future because retired and separated someone who has the best matters turned in the most love that we can ever find much higher of this old world we want to be with Jesus Christ because he's changed her life he's shown us should we are as a sooner we see him as our Savior he is not only our theories are example he helps us to live a new life by faith and yes we walk by faith of Christ everything you dwell in our hearts by faith everyday and we have the peace that passes all understanding and yet we still long to be with the one that we want to hear us in the best because we want Jesus for what he has done for us and in the butt if he received we study the sooner he reached class eight years chapter nine verse twenty eight really sums up Christianity in our age supercenter nine verse twenty eight says so Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many and unto them that look forced Chelsea up here the second time without sin on the salvation of Christ was once offered to bear the sins of men that's our Savior on the cross he died for us and for our sin that's our Savior Jesus and he no you want if you do you will work for answer unto them that would force him shall he appear when the second time so who is Jesus coming back for those that are looking for who are those who are looking for those you understand what Jesus has done for them on the cross Christ and him crucified and when he comes back a second time he will no longer be bearing is without sin is blotted out their sins in the judgment and he will come without sin and salvation are not i.e. although I trust not the only one that I'm looking to the time when Jesus Hugh is the bright and morning star the fairest of ten thousand the loveliest person the one with matchless charms the one who can fill any void that no human being here on this earth can ever fill I am looking for the time when he comes back in the class because I see Jesus on the cross Christ and him crucified he was crucified for me Norman McNulty I am there on the cross and when I see Jesus like that it changes how I look at him and then I look at him as my Savior I also look under him he responded the author and finisher of my faith knowing that he will help me to run with patience the race set before me in this life and that he will get me to the end of that race and it can truly be said that he has finished in look forward to that day so may we look at Jesus on a new way I pray after today maybe looking in the freshman go back and re- desire to read through the experience of Christ going to get some bank account high coverage high with judgment while all of those things will help Ron Christ may we have the experience and I'm afraid that the name Seventh-day Adventist will reach its fruition fulfillment very soon a group of people who remember God is creator who made your concerts based the seventh he's coming back for a group of people who are with hopeful expectation waiting for him to come in the clouds may we be among the peoples my prayer was for power has for one of her father in heaven we thank you for Jesus Christ and him crucified I pray that as Elder William Miller Mulder EJ Wagner how their wives were overwhelmed by God 's love is gone for us that we would have that same experience that we would be overwhelmed in our hearts and minds would be converted that we would give her life completely to Jesus Christ so that we would look for him when he comes in the clouds he would be coming for us this is my prayer in Jesus name


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