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6. Lucifer: Coming Soon

Jared Thurmon


For 6000 years, Lucifer has been planning for his arrival on the world stage. Though none of us have seen the movie, we do have early access to the trailer. What did Ellen White see coming on the earth? We hear Jesus is coming soon but what about the fallen angel Lucifer? Is Lucifer using technology to prepare us for his arrival?



  • December 31, 2016
    4:15 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C. When and where she's OK Good afternoon. Hallelujah I've got my voice and much of it as I can muster. Praise the Lord for natural remedies. I'm excited to hear. This will be the last of our six presentations where we watched the Lord use the army and Scotty how many of you were blessed by the presentations they got to give whoever was here for those all right. How many of you. This is the first time you're in any of these seminars. OK great. So we're going to go as fast as we can. OK your seatbelts. And I will begin with prayer. That's OK. Heavenly Father thank you so much for bringing us here this afternoon on a on a sabbath day these moments when we're together or a glimpse of Paradise when we won't have to say goodbye anymore. Lord thank you for giving me my voice. And I pray that you will speak through me to help this message to be very relevant and Lord at the end of it. Help us to realize how awesome you are we pray this in Jesus' name amen. All right. Here we go. I'm going to say some crazy stuff. I am willing to take the risk to do that this book does not make as much sense. Without a newspaper. Until I began to understand this book and read the newspaper my Laodicean Adventism was getting old and this here. Doesn't really make much sense without one of these and I know that may sound crazy but these things have to go hand in hand and I want to challenge you. If your minister does not take the things from this and make them a reality challenge him or her on that it's got to be real Our message has to be a living breathing entity. So they I'm not here to tell you all movies are bad. Just like the other day we didn't talk about all social media is bad all musics bad all over your games are bad. I want to just find a way to show you what you have the ability to understand as a Seventh Day Adventist is profound. And as we look at the world around us. We have such an opportunity to be a blessing to people to bring to pull the veil back on what's really going on in the world. And if there is something that I've seen from this. Is nobody knows who I am. Obama may be famous but you've come here probably because the title sparked your interest and those titles are on what I believe we've got to start talking about this the research is clear pornography has infected the admin a search even with our ministers drug use out. Hall abuse addiction to film Addiction to video games. We got to talk about these things and there's one issue. We've got to talk about more than anything else and that's who's this. Jesus that can transform my life. And so today we're going to look at that though you're thinking wait a second. Why does that say Lucifer on the screen there is something that administers know the most about I believe and it's a privilege and it's a duty and responsibility. We know more about Jesus. I mean it's unbelievable what we know about Jesus. But we know more about Lucifer than I believe any other group on the planet and I would dare say that growing up in the admin assistant. I never really understood what this one was about. I never really understood what Jesus was about either. So today I just hope this makes some sense I hope it's relevant to you if anything doesn't make sense. We're going to have some question and answer time at the end. Pray for my voice that it holds up because I can get excited and over it and run out of energy. But here we go. I have the privilege of working with the administration you have a nice world for a long time I swore I'd never work for the church. I'm an entrepreneur. I don't need anybody telling me I'm going to go to committee for anything. And then the Lord said You know what you've been complaining one too many times about how the church isn't doing what it should be doing so he gave me the the privilege to work in Silver Spring at the General Conference pray for your leaders they are not immune to the realities that we're all in the midst of so I want to share with you something that's exciting that the evidence reviews doing we've got a million engagement Linea holes that are coming to our sites. And our digital media each month. Our newest platform is called air T.V. and give you a short thing you might have seen the other night as want to show you what we're doing. If you create content. We want to share it with others. Our goal is to be like and that flicks for short inspirational videos in the world of snacking all you've got is three minutes a lot of times we've got a lot of short content so I hope you'll check that out. I'd love to engage with you after this. So there's where you can find me on social media my last name or my first and last name. This presentation. We're going to get into Lucifer and we're going to go quickly we're familiar with the realm of prophecy and Revelation thirteen. That tells us one day all the world will in many versions we read wonder right. And the New Living Translation It says the whole world marveled. And second Corinthians it says for such are false apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel for Satan himself is. Transformed into an angel of light. You know a lot of times and these are the news we preach loudly and and passionately. Jesus is coming soon. When the last time you heard Lucifer is coming soon. Because based on Adventist beliefs based on scripture. He's coming first and the whole world will believe this is the arrival of the Messiah. How are you familiar with this brand. You should be. Because they make a lot of movies. Now the title slide Lucifer. I believe that we are in the midst of the coming out party. The marketing event which is basically is Lucifer as bad as everyone has thought it was this morning given the mystery So who is this guy. If you heard me on the night I pitched an idea of if I were Lucifer I'd make a surveillance state look fun and I'd call it social media. I would replace jobs with artificial intelligence and turn the world into a welfare state. I would I'd encourage people to listen to music all the time I'd make it talk about sex because then it would lead their emotions in their minds to go all over the place. I didn't Tice people to watch sex rather than experience the love of The Creator and then I get Hollywood to market all of it for me and this is the world we live in. It's like it's just coming at us from all sides. I need to volunteers. I need people who feel like they have a grasp on pop culture or whatever here in the hat. All right. If you'll just sit here. On the stage. Please. And I need a lady. You know Lady. OK now here's here's the rules of this game. She's going to sit here if that's OK. Hello. But your name lark a pretty name. Chase. OK. You cannot look towards me deal. Straight ahead or here's the question I'm an intelligent alien. OK I'm from another planet. I've never watched a movie before. Tell me about the theme of your Hollywood movies where they talk about what's the theme love OK good guy in a bad guy action death. What is it a birth of a belief or a nation. Anything else. What is sitting in violent. Yeah and other topics or subjects that your films are about on this planet Earth sex. Do you guys always talk about yourselves. Do you do you talk about any other planets or. What do you talk about life on other planets or worlds OK basic human needs anything else you feel like that covers most of it but is it. Obsessed with Earth getting destroyed or the end of the world. OK Interesting. All right. So if you guys want to look left twenty sixteen the largest share of all films with superhero films and I need to look for it again I think if I get my slides right. OK I want to I want to say something and you have to finish it. Jesus and the blank are coming soon. Jesus and the devil are coming soon. Would you say Jesus in the end are coming to know what if you look at that slide what would you say Jesus in the Angels What would you say OK Thank you guys for your help. You are kind of right inside out. Thank you Jesus in the aliens are coming soon. I mean you thought angels just so they don't feel alone. Yeah yeah same letters and all that good stuff. Why would people think that people think it's angels why would people think it's aliens. That's what we talk about in our films aliens are coming to destroy us. We destroy the planet. We're kind of obsessed with some of these themes. Why why is that I would like to tell you because if you don't know what is true it is so easy to show you what is kind of true. The devil had this trick or God had to be true but he could be true and false. So he gets to come on the scene and tell us things that kind of make sense kind of sound spiritual but are really. The something and of it was just a dream many things many left. What did your that last line. I've been called many things and many lifetimes. RA Krishna way. So what that's doing in my mind is oh is raw the Egyptian god while the Hebrews were there the same as ya way where they were called out to and the only way I would know there was a distinction between Ra and ya way would be how a Bible. So we shouldn't wonder if our friends watch this or we watch this and we get confused on world events and is Russia the beast power of Revelation thirteen. Unless you've got a Bible and you're comparing it with current events and you're staying true to something. It is easy to get washed away. The easy to watch something and say wait a second. Maybe this is a bible movie like The Force of the apocalypse Bible. I have a man to see how would you know he got it from the Bible. I got it from him. If the Earth are six thousand years old maybe this guy was older and therefore the bible didn't get it from him. You know it's just you start the mucky the waters. So here we go we're good. We're getting into some scripture and some some truth here. The lawless one will be revealed the coming of the lawless one will. He in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders and check this that serve the lie they perish because they were refused to love the truth other versions say they refused to receive the love of the truth and so be saved. So we covered on this topic a couple times to laws in the universe. I said the crazy statement that I don't think the Ten Commandments existed before the creation of the earth. I know it sounds crazy. I think that was the law if there were doors and gates in paradise. I think the law said non live if to himself and everybody found this natural one is the truth. One is the law and the other is well as we saw in our music presentation. Most of our musicians in the world wearing the T. shirts do is that will you do what you want to do take care of you and all will be fine marriages fall apart relationships fall apart because one of the other says I'm going to take care of me. And not you but here's the result of that for this reason God sends them a powerful delusion. So that they will believe the lie. No God takes responsibility for things not because necessarily He's the one who originated that he's the he's the ultimate and the manager of responsibility but here he says this is how the delusion comes this is a long one as the crowning act in the great drama of deception Satan himself a person at Christ is there anybody here that didn't know Lucifer is coming before Jesus. I just want to know everybody knows this the church has long professed to look at the Saviors advent of the consummation of her hopes. Now the great deceiver will make it appear that Christ. It has come in different parts of the earth Satan will manifest himself among men as a majestic being of dazzling brightness resembling the description of the Son of God given in John by John in the Revelation. The glory that surrounds of his unsurpassed and the world's going to say Christ is come Christ is come you're going to get a notification on your phone Christ has come and it's going to look something like this as John portrays Christ and revelation this white hair of this being that is healing people people are going to ballad down and adoration before him all the lips of his hands of pronounces a blessing upon them as Christ blessed his disciples when He was on the earth. His voice was soft and subdued full of melody and gentle compassionate tones he present some of the most some of the same gracious heavenly through which the Savior uttered he heals the diseases of the people. This is the strong almost overmastering delusion your friends are going to believe and I pray not you and I pray not that Christ has come. This is what we've been waiting on he's healing people. This is what humanity needs our superhero has come. Here's something's going to just I'll send you these notes anybody want to somehow to share with you. Just some things that we understand from Scripture and the writings of L. and white. The disciples are coming back to disagree with what they wrote heathen gods are coming to the cities of the earth. So the gods of other religions and maybe some of wonder Will how is this going to happen. They're coming to the cities of the earth and then we know dead relatives particularly are coming to Seventh Day Adventists. So here we go two billion Muslims are looking for the return. Must see where the Messiah two billion Christians are looking for the return of the Messiah the new age. Looking for their Messiah the Jews are looking for the Messiah and two thirds of the earth is looking for a savior. So it's no wonder our media. Art is putting this call out we desperately need a savior and two thirds of us openly publicly are expecting this to happen at any moment. And this is who it's going to be. And there's got to be some things that you know and that you have a relationship with Jesus that reality cannot determine because this will be the overmastering delusion. I mean you think Jesus the Creator creates Lucifer and I think too often we make this story seem way too simple and then Lucifer is a bad guy and Jesus doesn't like him and kicks him out and out of it up. I would like to say these are probably best of friends. If Jesus was the creator and Lucifer was the first created thing we are told that Lucifer was the most beautiful thing ever created at that time and so this was emotional. If you've ever had a close relationship with someone and things get in the way and there is a broken heart. This was a hard moment to to see this relationship on Ravel and from this story we get our stories our best stories the. Ones that make the most money that ones that have the greatest following come from this idea of there were these close gods and then something happened between the Father and the sons and then that it. It went to another place and it came here. And then how are we going to get back and how is humanity now involved. I mean this is a money making machine with the success of road one plan is every Christmas. We're going to see a new Star Wars film because the story is fascinating and anyone who's read scripture understands the purest form of the story. It is this heartbreaking tragedy and so this is where Star Wars gets its theme right. So in other films. I mean we could pull films out where there is a war in the galaxy and if you don't know scripture it's just so easy to start to get cloudy and the devil doesn't need you to become an atheist rejecting all truth. He needs you to be like I was I believe in L A. Why I want to Sabbath school and I am going to see Jay Z. tonight for two thousand bucks and I will justify it all day long and I'm a good habits that don't you tell me I'm not because I'm probably better than you seem what you eat. You see what you drink. I don't do those things at the J.C. concert right. Are Laodicean ism it becomes so permeating that we can justify anything. And so we don't have this this bedrock of truth we stand on it only as a matter of time. I'm before we start arguing with people who want to say you haven't the Bible says man but the Bible you know maybe they got some of that story from this other story right. And because moving pictures are so captivating my nephew the cutest little thing since apple pie. Anytime there's a screen around. He's just mesmerized by it's the same with us. And I can be talking to you and then all the time there was the. We know not where it comes from. Oh please that it holds the power to create more room and that was a scientist our race was born for a time we lived in harmony but Michael great power wanted it for good others for evil. And so my admin is brain with the Laodicean is says you know maybe this is OK That is unless I know. Wait a second the heavenly city is a cube and retold when I go here. We're told all things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was made right. So OK OK Well then what happens when I get to the end of a film like that because the right. There's only one way to end this war we must destroy the Q So here's the here's the deeper level of all of this Ellen White tells us that there is a fervid coming there will be a second coming for a thousand years. Some of the avenues are unique in this belief with some other Protestants that those thousand years for the redeemed are spent in. Heaven all the earth is basically we destroyed it. And then after that thousand years. We're told all the righteous the unrighteous dead are resurrected and guess who everyone believes did that Lucifer the light bear. He has given us life again. And so I want I want you to think because if you've heard some of the films from Little Light Studios. You're going to see a lot of these different things but people are being prepped for the third millennium. They're being prepared for that moment when they are risen and they see the cube coming and they remember things were to destroy the Q So this confusion if you don't have a foundation and I can tell you that foundation doesn't hold up long if you keep bombarding it with their right. So things like this All things came from the cube. Nothing was created that wasn't created and then Scripture says well that's that's describing Jesus. So the solution is only when Jesus is destroyed. Do we get the cube and then destroy the Q I mean it just you can see where it leads us and places we don't know where they laid their land so check this out. As we're looking at these principles we're trying to navigate our way through this world we live in Ellen White tells us and mount a blessing. When Satan rebelled against the law. The thought that there was a law the fought that there was a law came to the Angels almost as an awakening to something on top of that second there's a law and and a lot of times we feel logically make it so fancy but if we really understand their law was love I love you you love me. Everything's going to keep going and Lucifer said you know what I don't like this. Love love. Of thing. If we stop that you love yourself. I love me and so this was the law he presents the law that non live to himself. Satan was determined to oppose. So that's where really as I study this this is where I get that idea. I think that was the law that came to the Angels almost as something on top of none of it to himself. Satan was determined to oppose he desired to live for what self. He sought to make himself a center of influence. I have a passion for the cities and I don't think there's anything harder in Adventism. Than how are we going to mesh and engage with the population in cities and create something I haven't a soft in call centers of influence. We've got a big competitor and I think that's why we don't have a lot of success there. He wants to be the center of influence not your vegetarian restaurant not your health spa he wants to be the center of influence and we're told it was this that had been cited rebellion and have been. It was man's acceptance of this principle that brought scent on the earth what principle live for self. That's exactly right. So none of it to himself was this law of unselfishness and do is the Wilt the law of selfishness. These are the two principles of life they come into business transactions they come into the bedroom. They come into the kitchen when people want to eat whatever they want to eat and smoke whatever they want to smoke. They are cutting off blessings from the world around them that they could bless. There are some people in this world that only you can minister to if your life is cut short because you did things to your body and they are lost because of it. That's on you and so God is looking to say hey how the whole new paradigm lives for others and then if others are doing the same they're going to live for you. Unselfishness these. Principle of God's Kingdom is the principle that Satan hates its very existence he denies Satan like a maniac does not believe unselfishness exists. So therefore he believes God is selfish everything he does is selfish and it's our duty to show the world. No unselfishness does exist. Lucifer claim that the angels needed no law but should be left free left free to follow their own will. Which would ever guide them right. Does that sound familiar. Do what thou wilt that law was a law was a restriction of their liberty and the to abolish law was one of the one great object of his standing as he did that the idea that law is binding and this is the anthem of the millennial generation and there's a reason that the world is a tender box. It's because of this idea. The law is keeping us back. It's on them it's their fault. It's their thing. It's pushing it out there to the point where you know what the solution is no law and Archy's our answer. And we've got to be careful with that sentiment. So this art of deception Let's look more at this Jesus says I've told you these things before they happen so that when they do happen. You will believe we touched on this the other day and I want to hit it again and we're going to build on it. This is the law Musk talking about our only hope for humanity. Because of his other belief in technological singularity that and fifty five years or less the artificial intelligence will destroy us because we're imperfect we're like a virus and so this is a sphere in the solution is we've got to get to Mars. Thank you. But four to six bars a picture and what I really want to achieve here is to me Mars impossible make it seem as though it's something that we can do you know lifetimes and that you can go and and it is there really a way of it that anyone can go if they wanted to I think that's just really the important thing. So I mean first of all why go anywhere right. The I think there's really two fundamental past history is going to bifurcate going to directions less than one one one path is we stay on Earth forever and then there will be some eventual extinction event. I don't have an immediate doomsday prophecy but because it's eventually history suggests there will be some some to say event. The alternative is to become a space faring civilization and a multi planet species which I hope you would agree that is the right way to go. Yes I that's what we want to thank So how do we figure out how to how to take you to my eyes and create create a self-sustaining city a city that is not merely an outpost but become planet in its own right and present best we could become a truly multiplied species as I make you feel as an abacus the words in there they get your excited and I think I can tell you when I saw that I got excited. Tell you why he believes this he's putting billions of dollars behind it. He's a vandalizing this message and people are buying it. He believes that the solution. And what's interesting is here on one hand. He's doing all he can for Sustainable Energy Tesla Solar City and I give him respect for that and the other hand he's saying but probably going to be an extinction event and we're going to need to be on another place right. When I saw this I got pretty excited because if I want when I talk about Heaven for it to be this realistic. He makes this statement something you could believe in something you could do somewhere you could go and it's hard for me when I hear a lot must present an idea of Mars and a part of me feels like that almost sounds more realistic than going to heaven. How weird is that I mean it's just like pinball machine in my head. Like what's going on. He believes this with all of his heart you know the statement. Sometimes the children of men are wiser than the children of light when you share your faith with people. Does it sound that real Now some people when they finish that do this crazy. We're going to Mars and China announces last week we're going to get there in five years. Somebody is buying it. Money is going into it. Are we living with the same passion right with this idea of hey we need to be a multi-plane a Terry species have I believe that too I believe we do have to leave the planet. I think my personal belief we we will have eaten ourselves to death. Two acres of rain forest is destroyed for grain to feed cattle we can kill every minute we have a problem killing rhinos but no problem killing cows that intelligent alien would be so perplexed by our planet we hold some animals sacred others not. But this idea. Is embedded in our psyche the other morning when we did our first presentation. I asked the question. Tell me about the future. And as we describe the future. All of the sentiments were negative. Then asked the question. Tell me about technology all of the sentiments were positive. So we somehow have diversion our belief of technology in the future. And that's not uncommon. I've asked individuals who have no religious background Tell me about the future. It's often they painted kind of dark right. And I don't think it's necessarily our fault. Like we grow up in a culture where we paint things very darkly look at this fourteen everyone there is in the future. And being stated to Lucifer everyone there will stare at you and ask can this be the one who shook the earth. And made the kingdoms of the world tremble like Lucifer looks weak now is this the one who destroyed the world. And made it into a wasteland is this the king. Who demolished the world's greatest cities and had no mercy on his prisoners and we see he would have no. We see cities destroyed and fill all the time right. And then we read things from Ellen White while appearing to the Children of Men as a great physician who can heal all their maladies or diseases. He will bring disease and disaster until populous cities are reduced to ruin and desolation. So as a Seventh Day Adventist I've got the strange world view that that scene we just watched sadly will actually happen. And I you know what scientists are saying it's going to happen because of climate change the end of the day it doesn't really matter how it happened because if Scripture and the writings of L. The White both tell me he's going to destroy the cities why would you destroy cities rather than the countryside. That's where the people are. He hates people. So there's I think there's a reason why in an Alawite writings her passion gets more and more till almost she's losing her mind at the end of her life get into the cities for the love of God get into the cities do you love people. We got to have a burden for these cities. This is the reality why is this a reality because we see other scenes like this real footage from Japan. So it was a we know these things can happen so we've got real news clips and Hollywood and unless we have a foundation in truth. I'll be honest I'd be terrified. There's a reason Scripture says men's hearts and I think that includes some women would fail them from fear for the expectation of the things that are coming on the earth because without any hope. Without any compass of where this thing goes without understanding the whole story. It's like we watch two thirds of a film and we stopped it without knowing. Well I know that at ninety eight percent of the film it looks like Lucifer has come. But the last two percent of the. Film actually show you that Jesus winds right. Satan's policy in this final conflict with God's people is the same that he employed in the opening of the great Conversely in heaven. He professed to be seeking to promote the stability of the Divine government while secretly bending every effort to secure its overthrow this is his art. He can work one way above ground while the other side is doing something underhanded deceiving trickery. This is his method so that peace and safety equal destruction. It's an entity you can't follow you can't trust. So here's what I want to ask you Adventism the message of prophecy. I believe has come center stage. Never in the history the world has there been a moment when Revelation thirteen is interesting. More than that and that's got to be with a newspaper and a Bible in your hand as I showed you earlier this one is fascinating. Because the front page story was on republics and how they ended so people are thinking when you're sitting on a plane or sitting on a bus people are looking at the news people are watching these films people are wanting to know where are we headed. Where are we going. And if you're not grounded in things that see the whole story from the beginning because at the beginning of the story you'll understand the underhandedness of what it looks like to be promoting a stable government while at the same time undermining it. So what things need to take place because we've got to have an inroad to people. We've got to have a way to strike up a conversation. A lot of times I think we're afraid to be immersed in culture and I'm not saying you have to watch every movie. Listen every song watch every basketball game but it may be good if you knew about these things because for some people that's their world. So if somebody says Hey Joe watch the Super Bowl last night I don't watch the Super Bowl. How far you think that conversation will go. Probably not for paid you watch the Super Bowl last night I didn't catch the whole game man unfortunate missed the game but whatever your inroads is look for these We've got to be looking for these inroads people want to converse and it's such a rarity in our world of digital media that when we get that opportunity. Let's use right. So what are these inroads. On the top right you're going to see a Siberian tiger. I just had the privilege of seeing one of these followed by a gentleman telling me there are less than twenty five hundred of them left in the world. It's the largest cat in the world he said and now that they're below twenty five hundred the gene pool will become so inbred that they will become extinct and it was amazing to think about that we're living in a generation and I'd like to say most of the persons in this room. Our generation is going to see more things become extinct than ever before. Beautiful animals. So we're we're doing the Star selves I just want to show you some things that are taking place in the world. And we're getting to the end of the story like I said if I stopped in one or two slides. It would be much like the world that I know things are bad. Don't tell me that. But why are things bad and where does this go cities Agenda twenty one. There is a reason the majority of the population now lives in cities cities can be controlled cities can have their water supply shut off electricity shut. Off you want to create chaos empty the store shelves of food right. That's where the people are so we've got to find a way to engage with the Society of the world that is in these megacities climate change. This is going to be the religion of our generation the environment. And as a sense of the evidence you have the greatest inroads to let people know I'm all about saving climate saving the world. I eat a plant based diet this earth could sustain that for millions of years. I don't destroy the rainforest to eat whatever you are in roads with somebody maybe there are ways in which you could say I want to care for creation. Absolutely. What are the things taking place in the world. We've created an enemy. It's called fundamentalism. It's people that read their text and believe it literally and then act upon it. And our Muslim brothers and sisters that want to be faithful are now the chosen enemy. Don't think for a second. That's where the story ends and only with your Bible and some writings of L. and why it would you know isn't about Islam. Fair enough. The world is going to be made sick. The whole world has to be made sick why. Because Jesus is coming to heal the diseases of the world and there is no temptation for me if I'm not sick. So that's why we're seeing sick people all around us the whole world is getting sick and it's happening more and more and more. Another thing we're going to see the replacement of jobs with robots and for anyone that's ever wondered S.L.Y. it really. I mean she talks about labor unions and trades unions and all this time of trouble business. What do you think's going to happen when the working class of America who voted to get their jobs back is now replaced by a machine that doesn't end well. And then we have the military industrial complex Britain France and Russia have thirty foreign military bases. Combined the United States has eight hundred and some believe it's nine hundred bases that we openly acknowledge that's not including black sites and all these different things. So anybody that wonders or maybe Russia. Maybe China. Maybe we don't understand prophecy and my Sabbath school my kooky Sabbath school teacher thinks America is still. At this point what are you going to do about it. Meaning think about this. You're a foreign military government you take a fight with the United States. Oh really. That's cute. Really that's really cute. Because guess what we make your weapons and guess what we got a military base in your country. Oh and guess what we hoped you with those loans we gave you and we own your resources Revelation thirteen is alive and well and so if you believe these things we should be living accordingly to show people because guess what. After all this. I'm going to show you why we are the most at peace people on the earth. There's some people who get to the end of this and say oh my word. I'm so scared I'm fearful not at all not at all. OK Here we go. Another thing monitoring of said. Since there's your thinking with your having this brain. Prophecy was I mean is this stuff true can it really happen like we thought it would be in social media as we discussed the other morning is being monitored the CIA's venture capital company is vesting all their means and resources and data social media data mining companies. You are in a file. It's not just in the United States. This is happening around the world. This is a surveillance society and it sounds neat under the guise of there's an enemy out there. Nobody likes that enemy. Let's talk about that enemy. And while all the time. Nobody is helping that guy that may not be the enemy they're really going after Fair enough. And then the last thing is a quite interesting experiment that I was in India recently and they're experiencing this crazy monetization thing with an encouragement to the youth. It's time we go to a cashless society and create a digital currency and so any time someone comes to you and says well you think we're going to get like chips imbedded in our hand is that the mark of the beast in our if I did chips and all these different things. It's like I said this morning. I carry my phone. Everywhere I go. You don't need to embed anything in my hand I've got my phone with me. It pays for whatever I need to pay for and soon as everybody gets the little thing I'm going to go. So we have these things now. Praise the Lord we still have our freedom with the economy. I still buy things nobody needs to know what I bought. But you can see all these pieces like it's like a game being set up right. Being set up and Jesus tells us that the end of the world is known as the harvest were two crops will be right. I don't think there's much more ripening to do of the tears or the wheat. Fair enough I really don't know but I think there is more ripening to do of the fruit and a lot of times I think we've thought I've got to ripen myself I've got to get my things together and I need to be right. I am I says The world is a theatre it's the actors its inhabitants are preparing to act their part in the last great drama and so here we sit Jesus has not come. If you ever heard this question I whenever I hear this question I always picture this Japanese guy on the top of this mountain and someone has tracked all the way up there. He's sitting down. He says What is the meaning of life so many people ask what is the meaning of life and why tells us the object of the Christian life is fruit bearing the reproduction of Christ character in the believer that it may be reproduced in others. So in a world that seems to be spinning out of control. We can. We can stay theoretical with our theology. It can be proved this belief from scripture with verses and you can write it down as if it were homework but I don't think that's how it works. I honestly think this is it the world sees all the bad stuff they're desperately searching for these things is there any patients left in the world standing in line. I don't see it anymore. It's only peace. Do you as a sum of the evidence have peace take an inventory. Are you joyful. And you may think you're joyful ask your spouse. Ask your boyfriend girlfriend brother sister friend and when you're around me. Would you consider me joyful would you consider me somebody who loves people and my kind we can talk the most beautiful sermons. But if I go over to the sound man I say look man I got a sermon. What's the deal goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control. Are we seeing these amidst us. This is the reality in your house. It's a reality as you engage with friends on social media. This is a reality at your school your school may be preaching truth. But have these aren't the reality of the experience I'd like to tell you it's not the truth and the light says the fruit this fruit can never perish but will produce after its kind to harvest unto eternal life yet again if we stop now you're thinking man I'm not patient. I'm not kind I'm not joyful my dad died. I'm upset. Right. And so mad I got to leave and get my act together because the the tears harvest is right but this other harvest is not and it becomes this whipping beating ferrous a cool religion and I says when the fruit is brought forth immediately puts in the circle because the harvest has come talk about the end of the world. Crisis waiting and longing desire for the manifest manifestation of himself in his church. We heard this when the character of Christ will be perfectly reproduced in his people. Then he will come to claim them as his own if I stop right now and you left and you continue to rehearse that last line in your mind you would be illegal list because you would look in the mirror each morning and say Man I don't have joy. It's not patient yet. I'm going to be more kind and it becomes this religion where you are God seeking to change your own heart. Right and life is to continue on in price object lessons were all the professors named bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world would be sown. With the seed of the Gospel quickly the last great harvest would be ripened and Christ would come to gather. The precious grain you can hear unbelievable messages that your church. You can hear amazing messages that you I see. And if we stop at this slide you would likely be the statistic in the Seventh Day Adventist Church which says seventy percent will leave after college I visited many of our colleges were in a crisis and there is no hope of you sustaining this. I'll repeat that there is no hope of you sustaining this Christian walk because Hollywood is going to entice you they're going to make a movie on that thing and it made me make sense and all the bibles are irrelevant it's never done anything for me. Ellen White I mean what does she know she's old and dead. I want to show you something that the Lord in the light and to me the way the Lord got my attention from Laodicean Adventism where I stop wasting money on Jay Z. concerts I was obsessed with this guy assessor the music sussed with anything I could spend money on a mission what is the mission and then he shows me well what about this without fear of God and give glory to him. Yeah yeah. And then we take people to the glory and Moses asked Jesus on Mount Sinai show me your glory and. What does that do for me and then it's then I saw John fifteen eight I'm like wait a second by this my father is glorified that you bear much fruit and this fruit analogy. Has become my paradigm. You know what I'm watching for when I sit next to a buddhist on a plane the Lord doing in their life. It's perplexing sometimes why is that my atheist friend has more love patience. Temperance kindness joy. So we're doing something in life is the Lord not doing something my life. Wait a second. What's what's the matter here because this prepared I'm going to change my whole life. In a special sense Seventh Day Adventists have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers to them has been entrusted the last warning for a perishing world. That's us on them as shining wonderful light from the Word of God They have been given a work of the most solemn import all right here we go. The proclamation of the first second and third in just messages. There is no other work of so great importance there to allow nothing else to observe their attention. How does not affect me at work this week when my boss gives me twenty more things to do and says deal with it. You're a loser and when I get fired from my job. What in the world is the second angel's message doing for me on Thursday when my girlfriend dumps me when my wife leaves me. Does this and how that should happen at the same time. But is this message actually affecting you. During the week. Right. In a world now where you can hear your favorite preachers from your phone. It's harder and harder to get to church and so guess what's happening to attendance. Let's be real. It's dropping even among the faithful. With the excuse. I watched three A.B.N. from my house. Oh as if church was about information if church was information let's sell every piece of real estate and create one sermon by our favorite preacher and tell the world. Listen for sixty Minutes and now you will know what we know. And let's all move to heaven together and do what we did on earth. This has to become real. And then if you keep reading it gets real and this is the beauty God got my attention by basically showing me. Jared. The world's not going to last for thousands of years and you're going to live for thousands of years. You know that didn't mean six or seven slides back. What in the world is like I was I was dead and I was revived. But but fear and prophecy and current events and all these things will only get your attention. If you don't find the source of life. It's not going to work out probably be an avenue for five to ten more years. You probably go to some churches you probably have some happiness friends but the relationship will Jesus will die and I would say that was happening after one thousand nine hundred eighty. Because Ellen White says several several have written to me. Inquiring if the message of Justification by Faith is the third angel's message and I have answered it. It is the third angel's message in verity or basically you better believe it. That is the message and then the question is What on earth does that mean what is justification by faith it is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself. Don't leave these places these events your church your studies and say I've got to get my act together. Someone walked up to me and said I got a lot of the Leading to do and I don't tell them don't yet I've done that for some people. If you're convicted on it as long as Shared you go home you delete that stuff that's that's what you're really convicted of but you know a lot of us. It's guilt. I want to go home with a little songs and it was like one hundred fifty dollars for that stuff and delete it because I'm supposed to. And I'm here on the radio. They don't start listen to the radio and it becomes this war amongst yourselves and then you know what happens then we start policing other people and I believe you still listen that stuff you know you shouldn't like I said you shouldn't and a lot of times and let's be real honest I got a lot of questions the other morning. Can you just tell us what to do just tell me what to listen to what should I not watch. We want someone else to be our conscience for us and we want to just blacklist people we want to say everything. Jared Thurman says is gospel or everything Jared Thurman says is bad rather than taking things that face it and saying what is this and how do I interact with it in my life this in my opinion is the gospel is the work of God and it is a paradigm shift in my life to realize this because then you know what I have to do you know what my works are it becomes a strange thing it would be totally honest with you. Lord I like Marvel films. I think they're interesting I think they're entertaining I want to spend my money on them. The girls are cute and the guys have big muscles. For this prayer but it seems like there are some things that you may not like in their lord what do I do with this. Listen to the song and I love it. The end of it all I want to do is bad things. So what do I do with this it's for the first time you may have a real relationship with the Lord like you do with your friends and a lot of us don't have this relationship with friends where we can be honest I like this bad thing and we often we don't talk about it. I just want to tell you. God is in the work of changing lives. He is the one every morning you got to say Lord today is going to temptations are got a lot of baggage in this life I've got a lot of sin. I mean I don't need the Lord to remind me of my sin most of us we got plenty of guilt. We got guilt to go around right. We have failed relationships things we've done we're not proud of and it's not going to help us unless we realize. Lord I need some help. I need you to do something in my life and this I would tell you is the apex of it. The work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust everything good about you. This last message of this is going to go to the whole world is everything going to value. It's great. As you think it is God puts it in the dust. And then he's going to do for you that which it is not in your power to do for yourself. I know this is a radical concept. This is changing my life and this sometimes requires us to be patient with one another because perhaps we didn't delete all the songs as quickly. But if we commit to Lord I want to listen to what you want me to listen to you give me to taste buds. I've been eating this thing I've been listening this thing about watching these things for so long pornography is so addicting Lord what do I do with this and wrestle with the Lord. And he will deliver you from that. And here's the here's the miracle of it all are these two principles can become your new paradigm. You're going to see that everything in the world that God is behind is under that principle and everything in the world the devil's behind it's unsustainable. And it's selfishness. Sing this song with me. The the the the the you would by your hands of me Heavenly Father. We're so blessed that you have told us things before hand so that when they come to pass. We may not be afraid. But we may believe. And Lord. We are so thankful that we understand how this story this war began. We understand how Jesus came and rescued us from this death that we were destined for and we are so grateful that today is in a heavenly sanctuary minister in for us seeking to live with us that the mystery of God will be revealed in this world. Christ in us the hope of glory Lord I want to pray that each of us will get real with you. And the Lord the. We will have the experience where we realize all these promises in Scripture that you have begun a good work in us will bring it to completion. You know present US faultless before the throne Lord. We cannot do this and any of us who have tried for months and years will be the first to line up and tell you it just doesn't work without you being the change agent Lord work a miracle in the lives of each of us in this room. Give us new taste in your desires we live in a world where media is bombarding us at every minute and we need we need to be saved. Thank you. Or yes this in Jesus name Amen. This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C. When and where G..


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