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2. Not Against Flesh and Blood…

Eric Wilson



  • December 29, 2016
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference went on has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C where Father in heaven we thank you for our Savior and father we ask most of all that we will see him. That we will recognize the counterfeits by looking to the truth. We pray for your holy angels to be here. And Father we ask in the Madi name and by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that you will bind and cast out every evil influence and any evil spirit that seeks to interfere in your work in our lives we thank you. In Jesus Name. I appreciate job be impatient with me I'm trying to get over a little bit of a cold on others. A lot of people that apparently of had whatever this is so if my voice starts to go. That's what it is just bear with me. I don't remember how many more slides are in this one. So what will do is always you guys don't mind will just work through these as we as we have time. If we get through this one and we have time to keep going. We'll go ahead and start on the second one. But what we began talking about there was the Eastern mysticism and spirit. Elizabeth and recognizing that it's the same power behind both whether it be in Hollywood or whether it be through music industry or whether it be even in sports industry I don't know if you guys have never noticed or not but they have these necklaces that people are wary of now that is supposed to energize you as in buy ever seen those before a lot of the professional athletes are doing it and it's this special medal that they say is on this chord because around your neck and they say that that metal has been electrically energized and I remember when when I first was introduced to it. Somebody had sent me a question and I thought well that's like an amulet you know and witchcraft you know or a G.M. or a stone you know we would take something like that you put it on a cord and keep it in your pocket around your neck because it would hang in front of your thought and miss your thyroid gland and it was supposed to energize you. Well now you can go to any sporting goods store and pay big bucks for these very professionally crafted necklaces that look scientific and when you call and you talk to them and you say will. How are they in are jobs. I mean did you hook them up to one team coming out of the wall. Did you put electrodes on it is it twelve ball. How was it in or jobless and if you can find somebody that's on a switch usually U.K. And if you push a little bit asteroid question. They'll tell you it's in or job as words been spoken over. So the energy that they're talking about is spiritual energy it's not electrical not something you can measure. We're not going to be we're not going to be able to go into the acupuncture in this series and the Eastern healing techniques but if you are interested in that we have a great deal of information that we're having to leave out of these just for time say that is available on the longer series especially the one from Australia it's called The Dragon revealed down under that one is an eight hour serious and we were not limited on time on that one. So if you're interested in going deeper and you want to find out more the poor on Eastern healing which is number four of the dragon revealed down under. You can go online and Light Studios and put it on there for free. It's an hour and forty five minutes you will not waste your time. You know watching. If you only get to watch war on that one is free and that it's well worth seeing. But it goes through Reiki iridology can easy ology reflexology muscle testing homeopathy aroma therapy and those Roman therapies really big right now and I'm not saying there isn't a wrong with oils. But you have to know where to draw the line is this chemical or is it spiritual. And that's where the lines are being crossed. So we go through and we show who the founders are of each of these arts we show you quotes from them and then we show you quotes from the eastern mystics and you realize it's the same thing that they're talking about. The Bible tells us and Romans Chapter six verse sixteen. No you're not that to whom you yield yourself as servants to obey His servants you or to whom you obey. Whether of sin and the death or of obedience and the righteousness. If I yield if I take little Johnny and Susie to a karate dojo and the instructor tells them to do something and they yield and obey and God's word has told them not to do that they've just chosen whom they're going to serve. And the Bible says they become a servant or a slave or in bondage to whom they choose to obey. And God spake all these words saying that I shall not bow down by self to them nor serve them. For odd the Lord thy God am a jealous God These men are men from Europe and America and they have traveled all the way to the shell and Temple and Hunan Province China. And they are bowing and worshipping before the shallow an abbot is the current Abbot that's there right now. And an abbot of the temple is the one that oversees the temple every other discipline everything that is taught in that temple. He has to be familiar with that means you have some monks shall in Temple that are religious monks they're there because the Buddhism. They are there because they want to be a Buddhist scholar or a Buddhist master. That's the whole purpose and then you have other monks that are at Chalon temple that are called the Fighting monks. They learn Buddhism but they learn it through their martial training of kung fu. This man is head over all. All of them. And if you go to our Web site especially the more for a large one. There's this is just a fact I want to throw in there. How many people have ever seen that symbol done before. OK I'm not talking about sign language the love symbol but the one you see like in the rock and roll right. OK. You always see especially from Harbor are people the people that are of the nasty end of the spectrum right. And then sometime within the last ten years. You started seeing a lot of politicians do that same symbol and people were saying oh that's the horns of Texas. It has nothing to do with the horns of Texas. And let me tell you what really shocked me when you go to the shower and temple. There is a room of their I worship room and they have altars there and they have three Buddhist statues. It's called The mob are a hall and it is a a worship room it's the supposedly the highest room. In that temple the central aisle. Is this great golden Buddha. And he's holding his hands out like that and the Idol is almost two thousand years old and you think wait a minute when I saw that I was still in the martial arts and I thought this is a rock N roll symbol. How can this idol in China be using this rock'n'roll symbol. And I had to start doing some research or come to find out that symbol is the symbol of the god Pan. Where you get Peter Pan from that from Peter Pan came from. He was the god of immorality and rape and violence that's what he is known for. When you read that old story about Peter Pan. It's not such a nice story if you read the an edited version. OK We should not be setting anything in front of our eyes for front of our children. If it's not found in God's word. I mean I had no idea but this symbol that this Buddha statue was holding up in his hand that you see the rock N roll stars holding up their same. This is who empowers us. That's who. This Buddha statue was saying this is where my power is coming from because the Buddha wasn't a god he just claimed to be enlightened by the gods. And then you see all these politicians holding this symbol up and all these other people they're literally letting you know this is where our power comes from these men are bowing before him because they want his blessing. They go to the shall in Temple and they request an audience with the abbot and you have to show about lineage of trained my certificates are legitimate my lineage is is legitimate. This was you know passed on generation after generation and if you can prove all that the Abbot will grant you an audience and if not with him than you get an audience with one of the other months a master or a disciple. But if you are a high level like an eight Dawn nine stone temps don't you can go see him and he will lay hands on you and bless you and bless your or now I want to share something with you. And we may go in for other today on this. If you have. Of an instructor at a martial arts school and that instructor has been blessed by his master. Let's say the instructors just a third degree OK it's not a baster Normally you have to be a six degree to be a master. But let's say this is structures a third degree. He's got a sixty degree that has blessed him and he's there and he teaches his black belts and his spirit or the spirit that is in him is passed to his black belts and his black belts are training his brown belts and his green belts and that spear is being passed from the sixth day on to him to black belts to the brown belts to the green belts to your children. Or to your brothers and sisters. And a lot of parents will go into a martial arts studio because when you open up your yellow page ad and you look not Amber cent of the ads all look the same they advertise self defense self esteem self discipline. You know it's all about self which I don't tell you something. But it sounds good. And they say a wall won't Johnny to be motivated I wanted to be independent. And they go and they start for the first year or so and they're like wow is coronations improving and things are looking better and then after three years sort of like you know I didn't want little Johnny and Susie to be quite this independent. I didn't want them questioning my authority. I didn't want them thinking that they were better or stronger or wiser or smarter than their parents but that spirit is past whether you want to be or not by be holding We are verily changed. God's word says don't buy a bound of them. Brian a jealous God I have a lady that that was really struggling with Christ and she called me one day and she said I don't understand this. Why would I want to serve your God If he's jealous how petty does he have to be to be jealous and I was like a mouse her prey and I was like or I'll have a chance for this. How do you answer this. And God spoke. I'm jealous because I'm married to you. I'm jealous for your affection. Just like a husband is jealous for his wife's affection. Just like a father is jealous for his signs and his daughter's admiration. You know if a father is there in this little boy is like gung ho about the football coach but spits on as dad that breaks a father's horror. He's like why doesn't he look up to me that way. That's what God is saying I am married to you. I'm jealous for your affection and for your attention. Now listen to what they say the bow in ceremony is based on a Shinto ritual banishing evil spirits and in Teen the presence of the gods are now this is a Japanese dojo this is not a Chinese which they call it down here but this is Japanese but they are saying at this dojo this is what the bow and ceremony is doing. You are inviting the presence of the gods. However in the context of training students may think of this ritual as banishing their own personal demons. You can't get rid of a demon just are and less the demon that's. With you is under the forty or under less power than the Damon that's in the one that you're bowing to the understand what I mean if I'm a one star general and I've got a bunch of sergeants and lieutenants and everybody's Yes sir do you know yes sir. And they're bowing you know and then a five star general walks in and you want to know what we all bought. Yes server and they're like I can't believe you're true. He's a five star I'm just a one star say or mean works the same way all Angels are not the same even L. White says that there's a hierarchy they answer to one another. There's some of them that are of higher command than others. When an evil spirit within the evil spirit is confronted by a greater evil spirit. They they have to submit if they don't there's going to be. I don't want to be crude but they're going to have to answer. They would say there's going to be hell. The pay for this you understand they have to answer for not submitting to a higher authority. That's why in the Bible it says that the name of the Lord Jesus Christ every knee shall bow. And every tongue shall confess both of the things which are in the heavens and the things that are on the earth terrestrial as well as celestial. The words spoken during the hour when I'm bowing out ceremony can be translated as in every moment. Another chance for enlightenment. That's their words people will TELL ME MORE from Lord for not spiritual. That's their words and I have to go to our website or you watch our other videos we have hundreds of quotes. It does not matter what style you go to. And I don't and guys I want you know this. I have no pride about what I was on the more floors I gave all that if somebody if one of you came in here and punched me right now I'm just like you are. I'm just going to take the punch an OK can we sit down and off. I gave that up when Christ came to me and he said Eric are you willing for me to set you free. I said Yes sir he said Are you willing to give up everything that you gain. I said Yes sir. So that's gone. So when I share this with you. There's no pride in this but I'm telling you this so that you'll understand. I trained in seven different styles and made black belt level of at least the first on and seven different combative styles. They're all the same. All the internal arts. It's all the same. When I study the Nike dough. I found it was the same thing is what I learned in Thai cheap for the same thing that I learned in Filipino a screamer Cawley. It was the same thing that I learned in Shaolin go food same thing that I learned in ition roo karate. It's the same thing. And when you read the the Masters. They all say the same thing. By bowing we are giving up our selves to the universe that means the Tao If you're Oriental. To give up ourselves means to give up our dualistic ideas and become one. When you become one with everything that exists. Do you find the true main. I mean of be what you make a note of that and also make a note of the symbol. You'll see symbols being used today everywhere and they're not done just by accident. The Lord said on the Moses put off by shoes from my feet for the place where they all stand this is holy ground. I'll never forget the first time that I went into a Japanese dojo and I'm not against Japanese or Filipino Werribee it doesn't matter a martial arts dojo the first thing that happened was is one of the students came running up like an assistant not a black belt but one of the assistance they said you need to get shoes off and you know what it does it makes you feel like all this is something. This is different that you're we're we're in a special place this is a special circumstance. I'm going to take much shoes off when I go in here but when I look in Scripture. There was a specific reason why God told Moses to take his shoes off. You're standing on holy ground. Now let me show you what they say train in the dojo as often as you Canaan consider it to be a sacred place. Do not take advantage of your privilege your position. Consider the dojo to be the sins say that's the main instructor's home. This is the place of on are and learning think of as whole e ground. Give your best effort to more of the customs the words the traditions and the history of your art. This is an Oriental or you must act as if you are there. That's them. That's not me telling you that that's them all the years that I was going to church every. Sabbath and going to training the other six days of the week. I would have Christians come up to me and they would say aircrew can't be a Christian and do what you're doing them or Schwartz and I was like show me some Even the Bible and they would you or here's a pamphlet and I was like I would read through the whole two page pamphlet and I would I would mark it and I didn't realize what it was that was in my life that was causing me to mock God's word. But you go down a path and you become so blind that you can't see clearly anymore. When you read it from them. You can't argue. Now this is Chuck Norris on the left and these are two of his training friends Mike Turner shell is the man in the middle. That's the gentleman who's this quote is from and listen to what he says this was really startling because I don't I'm not doubting Chuck Norris his intentions. I know he's a professor Christian I know he's taken the stand and some good things. So I'm not I'm not questioning these man's integrity or their profession but I'm saying they've been blinded. Listen to what he says. I don't think people really know why they're taking their shoes off other than they were told to most instructors I asked played it safe and said it's the tradition. Just don't ask them what tradition because then you'll be right back where you started. The way I present my answer when a student asks why do we take our shoes off is a longer version of this. The student removes his shoes to yield to the instructor's right to leave. The instructor or removes his shoes because. He to yield to our Higher Power. Now think what the other me and said about the dojo being sacred ground. Let me tell you something when Johnny and Suzy's parents take Johnny and Susie end of the dojo and the instructor of this system instructor says you need to take your shoes off whenever you come into the dojo or when you step on to the mat and and you say OK do this and this is teaching them discipline is teaching respect. Let me tell you something even if that instructor does not know what Satan's angels know they're the one that are controlling that dojo they're the ones that are employed and seen the instructors and that know Joe and if that don't show if the man that's leaving that though Joe is a six Dawn. You can guarantee he that there has been a spirit that is not just influencing from the outside but influence in from the inside are they will not allow you to become a quote master unless you have yielded they will not allow or so when they see Eric Wilson Sabbath keeper Seventh Day Adventist Christian and I walk in and pull my shoes off and they look up and they go. Christ. That's yours. That's your son he just took his shoes off for me because he knows this is holy ground. He just ballad to me. You're bowing to that instructor you're babbling to the one that empowers him. I'll never forget something years ago I was working I was working for a security company we did home security systems and. My best friend and I strong Christian. We went to this house and was soon as we walked a mouse is brand new house. The family had just moved in really nice lady answered the door she was Hindu and she was very sweet but we came in with the other boots on the coin. We had been out in the mud that day we had our tool bags. I don't quite taken my shoes off if you work as a labor. I mean you know it's a pain in the rear and have to think your shoes off and put them back on if you had to go back out to the van and get stuff and this just you just think oh it's going to be a pain but she said All you have to take your shoes off and you know so my friend and I both are boom our shoes off and then the thought came to my mind and I stopped for a minute and I said a prayer and I said ma'am I said Can I ask you a question and she said Sure I said Are you asking me to take my shoes off because the carpet is brand new or are you asking me to take my shoes off for another reason. And she got quiet and she looked at me and she said. For another reason I said I can't work here today and we loaded up our truck and we left in a called my boss I said you know he's a Christian I said I can't pull my shoes off out of respect for the Demons those Hindu demons that are in that house with the little idols that they've got on the mantle and all through that I mean you can you go down to the to the store to Wal-Mart or to any of this to go to any of the home furnishing stores to see how many Buddhist and Hindu gods you find on the shelf that they're selling this trinkets. Go down and look and people buy it's good decoration. If it's a boot. Destroy him do or about our side. Oh yes. Me I'm not against knickknacks No you know. Yeah yeah. Jesus said Be not called rabbi for one is your master even Christ and you are all brother and call no man your father upon the earth for one is your Father which is in heaven. Neither be called masters or spiritual guides for one is your master even if I want to share something with them. I don't have this from one of the other slides today but somebody in here it. I'm not taking names. I don't think anybody's going to see it. Is there anybody in here that's ever been involved in karate or come to before. What was a karate master typically called What was the Japanese term. Sensei How about a Chinese master seafood seafood. You know those two words are very unique. If you look the words up in Japanese for sensei guess what the word means one who has been twice born or born before. Yeah that's what I said I had been in it for years and had no idea I went to a Japanese dictionary right there it is. One who has been twice born. It's a counterfeit. Everything that we see in Eastern philosophy and Eastern mysticism is a counterfeit. Of what God has in this word and especially the last message of righteousness by faith when we call this man our master our sins say we are literally sending them in the place of Christ when we call and I don't mean I mean you know we call Abraham our father right. I don't think if you call your daddy father you know what he's my father. I don't think that's what God is talking about here. It's the position of a board a father as in someone who is not biologically when we call a man our father or when you go to the Chinese arts the Chinese arts are very family oriented Japanese arts can have family but they are more military oriented typically as overall the Japanese list things as a military hierarchy where the Chinese typically will list things more as a family. So the titles for seafood were C. jo or C. gong or any of the little titles when you look them up. It will be an elder brother an uncle an aunt a father a grandfather a great grandfather. So those titles there are exactly what Christ was talking about. Today Satan is seeking through heir free avenue possible to destroy faith in God's word for he knows that only through living faith is the restoration of band combine again into the image and likeness of God possible through evolution. It makes you doubt God's word through our movies. It makes you doubt God's word through literature whether it be secular love inch or like novels or even a lot of the stuff that our young people. Being faced with in colleges and universities. My daughter is just finishing her fourth year in university getting ready to go into studying law and the classes that they made her take and the literature she had to read even for English classes I was like You better pray before you read that book you know I remember Ella white talking about Thomas Paine and who it was that is fired him and here my daughter comes home and she's like look with her having this read. You know Thomas Paine and I'm like well here read this article first before you read Thomas Paine's work and she was like Dan I want trust me. He wasn't just a neat enlightenment thinker. He was demonically inspired. L. A White said it was say in himself that guided Thomas Paine's pin. God designed the temple what Jerusalem. I want I want you to think about this for a minute. The Bible says don't you know that our bodies of the temples of God right. When we read Daniel eight fourteen and it says under twenty three hundred days then shall the temple be cleanse the sanctuary cleanse I want you to consider what temple it is that God really needs to clean because the smooth dirt in heaven. There is no spilled blood other than Christ on the mercy seat up there. It's not like he's got a mess. He's got a coin now listen to what she says God design that the temple let Jerusalem should be a continual witness to the high destiny open to every soul but the Jews had not understood the significance of the building which they were guarded with so much pride. They did not yield themselves as holy. Temples for The Divine Spirit. The cords of the temple at Jerusalem filled with the tumbled of on hold the traffic represented all too truly the temple of their hearts defiled by the presence of sensual passion and unholy thoughts and just to let you know sensual passion does not mean in more riling sensual means fleshly and passion means desires. So you can have fleshly desires for food you can have fleshly desires for sports activities or for what kind of close you want to wear this is the temple they would not yield themselves and it says that the courts of the Temple in Jerusalem filled with the tumble of unholy traffic. Have you ever wondered why Isaiah talks about and I think of talks about Satan before he fell he says in the chapter twenty eight by the multitude of your merchandise you defiled your sanctuaries the boat that you did your merchandise and I asked for word. One day when I was reading I was like What is that talking about what kind of merchandise. God was like the same kind of merchandise that you deal with I was like What do you mean he said. Haven't you ever heard that little whisper that says oh come on. Eric It won't cost that much the price won't be that big I know God said you'll die but he won't really kill you. He wouldn't look at some old saying well you can sell your eternal birthright for a moment's pleasure. Were run in the special this week. And we laugh about that but you know it's true. Do you know Satan. It said The filed his sanctuary is holy and most holy. He defiled his sanctuaries for the multitude of merchandise. Is really going to cost me what the Lord said. Side by side with the preaching of the Gospel agencies are at work which are but the medium of line spirits' many a man tampers with these merely from curiosity. But seeing evidence of the working of a more than human power. He is Lord on and on until he is controlled by a will stronger than his own let me show you an example of that when I started in the martial arts God said don't buy our and I got to one of the instructors and I kino and they were like you have to bow. That is that doesn't mean that I know God's words I'm a Christian but it doesn't mean that you're just pop to show respect this is courtesy and I'm like why are we bound to the front of the showman of the dojo and why is there all these icons up there and waters for a picture of Moriarty your wife should be there on the wall and why are there candles there. It's just from our day it's showing respect for our ancestors. No you're by to the spirits that empowered them. And when you buy our You're asking for those spirits to come and empower you so you take that first step and it's a small step and then the next step gets easier in the next it gets easier. And we begin to rationalize. As what we're doing. He is Lord on and on until they are controlled by a will stronger than their own they cannot escape from its mysterious power the defenses of your soul are broken down and you have no barrier against sin when once the restraints of God's Word and His Spirit are rejected. No man knows to what depths of degradation he may sing. Secret sinner or master passion may hold you a captive as helpless as was the demoniac of Capernaum yet your condition is not hopeless the mains by which we can overcome the weakened One is that by which Christ overcame by the power of the word. Roberta do you know what time we've got. And we've got to what. A while back. Eleven thirty. So we've got about fifteen twenty minutes. OK. OK All right. Sometimes it's so hard to read this and not there's so much here by the power of the word. Let me share something with you real quick. Do you know what Jesus said When Satan came to him what was his response to every temptation. It is written thus say at the Lord does say it just hold us say if ya way. However you feel comfortable pronouncing a man the unit or staying in. It is written. He didn't say Thus saith the Lord and leave it at that he said it is written. Let me share a thought with you. I want you to seriously consider this written way or. Written with in the heart written within your very D.N.A.. Do you know the Ellen White says the law of God is written in every nerve every fiber every muscle every fiber of your being God's law is written there. I can't wait till after one has to share some of this with you. It's written inside of your D. in any. Wind you claim back. It is written the Bible says In Proverbs it says as a man thinketh in his heart Hyo is he. Do you not. You wouldn't know why. As you think in your whore. So are you because the blog goes into the heart all the trash is dumped out and the good blood that has been cleansed is then passed to every cell in your body. If God's laws written in your heart and that blood which the life is in the blood or total of it because if that life passes through the horror God cleanses it in the heart by his word and then he sends it out with his law of wife you want the law of life is is the opposite of the law of sin and death an album we sin and dogfight. But in Christ we live for. The moment we take hold of that there is no more failure by faith. Jesus wasn't saying Satan go read this. Don't you remember God wrote to stand down. He was claiming that promise. It is not written within me. I will not commit adultery I will not lie. I will not bear false witness. I will not buy our God said so how Louis or. God does not control our minds without our consent. But if we desire to know and to do His Will His promises are ours. For he assures us when we shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. I read that verse one day and I was like God I am battling with sin and modern life you promise the truth will make me free up is like OK what doctrine do I not know God was like you missed the whole point. Truth is normal doctrine. And I will say What do you mean he said looking forward up in Greek. Do you want the word fruit literally means in Greek it means Verity. Images very earthy it can fail the truth will make you free. Jesus prayed to our father and he said Father sign two five am Brickner holy through the i truth. Yes Your word is truth. How does God make something holy thats not holy doesn't work on it as he put it on a twelve week program. He speaks it. That's the same way he made everything. Do you want to know where he says that he says be holy because I am always he still. Telling you to do something he's telling you to believe something. Are we the body of Christ. I'm no on board off track you out. Forgive me. Are we the body of Christ. OK. What part do you want to be. Are Now what we're if you had to be a part of the Body of Christ. What part you want to be OK why you can't be the head because Christ is the head but. That's a good place to start where else if you have a second choice right hand. OK. He wants to be the right hand who in here wants to be the left hand. Or the food or the horror or the Naval or the stomach. We are the Body of Christ Christ says I am holy therefore be holy You can't be other than what he is if you'll believe it. That's been called the far right is the fight of believing God's word and say knows that if I can get them to doubt they'll move but if you don't doubt you can't fail. How long will you for my thoughts are not your of thoughts. Neither are modern ways your ways say of the more you know what I will White said she said for saying you're of thoughts if you're a sinner. If you fell this morning to sin. She said For sake. Your thoughts. There is no salvation in them and receive the thoughts of God and you know what God's thoughts are or he tells you in Jeremiah twenty nine are I'm miserable thoughts I think toward you. Eric William Wilson whatever your name is thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected in that means to give you what you have faith for. God you promised me. Do you remember when Jacob was wrestling with with Christ. What does the name Jacob mean. A lawyer supplant or a deceiver I heal catcher. That means you're running the race where the many trips you. So he can get in front. He's wrestling with Christ and he says I'm not going to let go of you and crisis like it's about to be daybreak you gotta let go. You can't see my face. I mean Verily God you cannot see my face and Jacob but I'm not letting go and he says you were. Jesus said He said What is your name. He was reminding Jacob of the San that's of same thing. Jesus did when he was talking to that woman that came to him she had a little girl that was possessed and Jesus sitting there a table with the societal Zen and a zero even a bit in the disciples for what then make up the one way and she only gets through the crowd and she cast herself down and she's a suspect and she says have mercy on me that our son of David and Jesus looks at that woman and he says Don't you know it's not right for me to give the children's bread to dogs and you go. What can you imagine Jesus hope this woman a dog he was doing the same they needed to Jacob he was like let go of me please don't let go let go of me hope she will go and she looked at him and she said yes a Lord means king. She was recognizing Him Lord is paying solver and King. Yes a more but the dogs eat the crumbs from the master's table and Jesus. I can see him he's like. How low you know she's got it. She won't let go. I'm mean every thinks her daughter and Jacob preserver wrestling any Spears and deceiver. We're all what deceiver. But God made a promise to us and Micah Chapter seven. He said I will fulfill my troop to Jacob and the Mercy which are sworn to Abraham. So you take hold of that promise and you say God use more you would make me holy I can't make myself all way because I've tried and you've tried we've all tried and you know what Jeremiah says he says an Ethiopian can't change a scan neither could Japanese or Chinese a white person or a German. Nor can a leopard change a spots job said a clone in an unclean thing can't bring the clean out of themselves. If you will take hold of God's Word like Jacob didn't and say you swore to me I will not let me go except you do what you promised L. White says that stake in the kingdom of heaven by violence and the violent take it by force. You refused to be denied and that means if it's your marriage. That means if it's a lost child that's walked away or a brother or a sister or a mom and a dad. You claim the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over them and you say Lord you from war to me I will not let you go. So show my word be that go of Forth out of my mouth. It shall not return to Me void but it shall walk home plus that which I please and it shall prosper and that where two I sent. Now we're going to pause there. And I'm a need you all and I'm asking you this. We've got to break for lunch. I want you all to really pray for me over the next two hours because I've got to get the rest of these cut down to where we can hopefully get them fit into the into the time frame that we need. And I want you to pray for one another and you can cut everything off if it causes you to doubt God's word cut it off get rid of it. God cannot live. It's impossible for him to live. It's impossible. Let's buy out together. Father in Heaven God and you have sworn to us that your strength is made perfect in our weakness. You have promised us Father that this lot. Oh I pray for every family that is represented here every individual that is represented here father you know or since you know our struggles you know me in abundantly above all that we can ask or imagine Father I claim by faith we claim by. Faith and on behalf of your son I speak in faith your blessing. Even your blessing of Abraham up on every individual and every family that is represented here that blessing of Abraham Father which victory over all sin which meant new birth as sons and daughters of the Living God which means the Dominion that was lost by Adam and has been restored to us in Christ Jesus and the faith of our say. And he's hoping I'll have a blessed lunch and look forward to seeing you this afternoon. Those who are able to come by this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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