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4. Yoga, Tai-chi and Eastern Mysticism – the Roots of the Tree?

Eric Wilson



  • December 29, 2016
    4:00 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W T Y C. When before we opened this session today. I do want to let you know if you are here specifically because you want to know more about yoga and tie chee the soft internal arts. Forgive us because the we've done our best to consolidate to fit everything into these hour sessions what we have had to do is we're going to bump the session on yoga until tomorrow morning and we're going to put those two together which will deal with yoga and the spiritual formation connection. OK and the spiritual formation we're not going to go into a huge amount of detail because we do a lot of that with the Omega merging but we are going to show what how the eastern mysticism has a role in that why it's there. And then Sabbath that will be the one you won't want to miss because that's the one where we're going to talk about what the ultimate goal is of all these eastern arcs and what God's ultimate goal is and how it's achieved. Now I had a question I want to and we're not going to a whole question answered by I did have a question asked a few minutes ago and I have a lot of people that ask this especially Christians. So before we start back on this. I want to be able to answer this question in the best way I know how we have a lot of people that write to us. Call to us and they may be Christian or they may not be they may just be looking for an answer. And they'll say I'm training in an art and we don't do any bowing we don't take our shoes off we don't have any cine we don't have any of that spiritual it's just strictly self-defense. What's wrong with learning self-defense. And I have to tell you that I'm going to be as honest as I possibly can. I trained in it and I taught it for almost twenty five years. And I can remember one time I asked my instructor. It was right before I made black belt in the first system in kung fu. What sash. And I asked my instructor I said this guy's been here for three and a half years and he's not made any rank yet he's here every week he works hard. He's not been promoted this guy's been there for eight months and you're getting ready to move him up to a higher rank class which is like a green belt where you learn more about the internal things I said. Why what makes the difference how come this man is like struggling a still not getting anywhere. And this man it seems like he's been brushed right in the door. And I'll never forget what the grand master told me he said Eric he said it's not about technique he said Any body can be taught a technique he said technique will never save your life on the street. It's about spirit. This man does not have a martial spirit. The man walked in the door with one. Maybe is that was abusive. Maybe he just was rough. Maybe at three brothers that beat up on him. Maybe he was raised on the wrong side of the tracks. He walked in all gritty. Having the fighting spirit. This guy was raised in a home work. He had a sister and his mom and dad were Christian and it was. It was hard to change that spirit. That was from a Christian a man that professed faith in Christ. He told me he said it's spirit that wins of fight not technique. Now I can give you a personal hands on experience with that we would hold women self-defense classes. OK. Typically if you hold a women self-defense class it's like a weekend seminar you know the ladies come in for four hours for two hours and you teach them some basic techniques. It'll never work will never work. And just to let you know I have a quote on our website from one of the Gracie brothers one of the. Instructors original founders and you know what he said the Gracies have won all the U.F.C. They are I mean they've won all of the U.F.C. stuff. They're like you know looked at as being the roughest toughest meanest you know hands on. Morsel are out there and he said something that was it startled me that he would admit this. He said You can't teach a woman how to defend herself against a full grown man. In a one hour to hour four hour session. He said if she weighs one hundred forty pounds and he weighs one hundred eighty five pounds and he's not on drugs but he wants to hurt or he's going to hurt. And there's no four hour class that's going to change that. And I know that for a fact. Now that being said all the martial arts master said. The only way to win in a real combative situation is you have to meet aggression with greater aggression. Hands down every instructor ever trained under every master that I ever read. They said hands down. You got to know how to fight. And you've got to have that in your heart and to fight. Now I'm going to tell you something. If a woman was in the situation or a child was in the situation and God knew that they needed to know how to fight God would send that and provide that in that instance. OK but I can also tell you something else if you just look at it from a physical standpoint. The average martial arts class in America is fifty to eighty dollars per month two classes per week average classes two hours per class four hours per week. Let's say sixty dollars a month on average four classes per week. Two hours each. Or two classes per week two hours each. Eighty dollars sixty dollars a month you can go down to Wal-Mart and for twenty five dollars you can buy a can of pepper spray. There's no training there's no occult attachment and it's ninety nine point nine percent effective. There's no martial arts training that can guarantee you ninety nine percent effectiveness. I am telling you the honest truth OK and. You all have no idea because when I was in the martial arts it was like you know you'd fight. You'd kill somebody before you would lose. You have to have. That spirit there has to be something inside of the heart that that is changed to make a person be that way and I saw the students that I taught and the other instructors that I work with I saw students change within three to five years and back then I thought it was great. I look back now and think God forgive me for what I did. Their character changed. They became hard and cold and proud to have the one sin above every other that God says he's gotta get rid of his pride and that's the number one sin that comes with martial arts or any of that type of training. OK. Nuff said on that. You're welcome. Let's open with a word of prayer. Father in heaven. We thank you. Thank you for your son the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your promises which cannot fail father. Aba you Hova you have made a promise to us in your word and Psalm thirty four verse seven and eight you swore to us that the angel of the Lord in camps round about them that fear of the and delivers them for we trust in the. And Father if it be your will in any circumstance that we yield our lives we pray that it be to glory not in fear and in shaking but in the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Father I ask that you be with all of us send your angels to binding cast out every evil influence that seeks access or interference with your work in our lives we thank you. In Jesus' name on them. OK now. Obviously I would have to go quicker. So let's. Let's see what the enemy is doing. People will tell me the martial arts are just physical it's just about self defense. Let's see what they say. When an old man is able to defeat many attackers. How can it be due to his strength of ever noticed that you don't see grandmasters that are twenty eight thirty years old a grandmaster normally is forty five fifty five sixty five seventy five eighty five one hundred five one of the one of the most amazing things I ever saw was a grandmaster in a more E.I. your way should be he was the founder of the I Quito system that's what Steven Seagal does if you're not familiar. He was approximately eighty four years old and real footage film footage it was not mock it was not doctored this was real live film footage they bring him in on a cot you know his disciples these black belts bring him in on a cot. He's on his knees because he can't walk really well he's old. And they bring him in and this is in front of all these magistrates and all these high level Japanese government officials because they've heard about this man. Some of them are like you know grown in this modern age and they're like I want to hear about this you know great martial artist this grand master and. They bring him in on this little cot and they set the cut down on the floor and then they all step back and then they bring in I don't remember fifteen eighteen black belt some of them are first gone some of them are third or fourth degree sit. And they bring these black belts in and some of them are holding boken switches a wooden sword some of them have a jo staff or a bow staff or some type of a wooden weapon not live blades and they tell them. He tells them one at a time he'll point and let them attack. And they know that if they don't give it their all to really try to hurt him he's going to hurt them when they get back to the training hall. I'm going to understand if you're a black belt already it's not like oh I don't want to hit my instructor you know you're probably not going to be able to and if you don't try. He's not going to promote you because you didn't try your very best. So these been begin coming one at a time attacking him with these weapons with their bare hands and he's on his knees and he's throwing them and deflecting the blows and then to begin going in three and four at a time and five at a time and he starts just swirling throwing these people all over the room they can't touch him and all the sudden you see him stand up and he's moving as if he's floating. I mean he's on the floor. But you're like you couldn't walk into the room. How are you moving this way. Now. And he throws these people as though the rag dolls and finally he gets to a point and he was known for this where he would inter what they called the zone in no mindedness and he begins lifting this hand and throwing people without touching them backwards not faked not stunts done with He'd raises hand like what you'd see in Star Wars and a man would be flipped backwards or thrown backwards onto the floor. You way should bill was known for being able to do that the grand master of the last min that I trained under. Even at the level that I was that at a at a fifty agree a fifth on and I could I could. I should say I the devil in me could give me gifts so that I could use this cheesy energy to plant myself and be immovable and I would lay down on the floor and I would tell to man like this gentleman sized right here. I would tell two men to come over and grab my hand and pull me out of the floor and I would lay there on my back and they could not move me. You can't. If you're laying on your back. You have nothing to grip the floor with. But they couldn't move me and then the guy that was teaching maybe he would come in and he would say I want you to root send your inner G. down into the ground. So I would send my energy down into the ground and he would raise his hand up and I would feel a pressure all mosques on my shoulder and it would just shove me like I was nothing. And I couldn't stop it. I would do everything I could to stop it. I couldn't stop it. And I watched him one time come into the room when there were two of the black belts that were there that I had trained and these guys were five years they could do some really good stuff. One of them was about two ten to fifteen the other one was about one maybe five and. The guy that was my instructor. He told me said go get a staff so they brought a staff about a six foot tall staff and he told them he said I want you to take hold of that staff. We still have some chairs up front. Ladies if you David up here but we're by scared to death to sit over there. Y'all must be doing something. But they went and they got the staff and he told them he said I'm. Want you to hold that staff with both your hands and he said I'm going to hold the other he end of that staff with my thumb and my pointer finger and he held it like this. And my instructor weighed about two thirty five to forty and he did this he stood on one leg and he held that other into that staff between his thumb and this pointer finger there on the other side both feet planted both hands on the staff and he said push me over. And they tried for five minutes to get him to budge and he's on one leg. And they could not get him to budge. And finally he just looked at me and he smiled and he went. In the shove them both right off their feet. And I was like wow that I mean that's what I want to be able to do and they were like wow that's what we want to be able to do. Well that's how you get new students. You get black belts and they go oh my. And the guy I'm trying to under now can't do that. I'm coming to this man. Listen to what he said when an old man is able to defeat many attackers how can it be due to his strength. You can't get each infinite Khushi the founder of modern day karate said any man will be able after sufficient practice to accomplish remarkable feats of strength but he may only go so far and no farther. There is a limit to human physical strength that no one can exceed that was a grand master. That's the purpose of having a black belt. Whenever you go to will scroll if there's a master there they will tell you when you bring your son or your daughter or with few come to train when you make a black belt black belt just means one thing you've mastered the basics. If you come after word and you so what's next. I want to learn more and they say What do you want I want to be a master I want to be a six Dawn and they'll say well you've got to start training a different kind of training than what you've been doing so far. And that's one take a few years. I remember when I went to my instructor and he said What do you want. I said I want what you have I want to be able to do what you can do. He was like that's going to take a while and he began training myself and one of the other men for discipleship training is what they called it and we did it was all about she. We learned how to change the temperature of our body through thinking it's really Gnosis which is demonic but it was all based on that you know how do you become immovable How do you break things with your hands. How do you do these different techniques. How do you go past the physical. MOS so Yama he was one of the known as one of the most deadly grandmasters in the world. He killed full grown bulls with his bare hands. He would literally chop their horns off as they would try to attack him and then after it had lost its horns. When it came in for the last charge he would drop down and he would deliver one blow to its heart in the ball would drop dead a man's hand they called him and this is blasphemous but his nickname was the god hand because what he could do with his hands. Listen to what he says are always more vital to karate than techniques or strength is the spiritual element that lets you move and act with complete freedom spiritual development is paramount gets in for. Because she said technical skills are merely the manes to the end. What they did was they train you in physical activities through black belt so that you will exhaust every physical ability you have and you'll know there has to be something else. You understand. And unfortunately the Devils got us as Christians doing the same thing. I mean how many people walk away from Christianity and walk away from Christ because they're like me have tried all my life to get Victor over the sand and I can't do it. We never could do it without him. John Stevens a seventh on and I Quito said Marshall ways are spiritual disciplines to be practiced for the sake of enlightenment and Lightman is what the devil told Eve so that you'll know who you are you'll be like gods. Let me ask you a question. When Adam was made and he was made as the Son of God. How much more like God can you be than being the Son of God. They were already as like God as you can be and Satan was like Nah God didn't really tell you the truth about that there are some things he's holding back from you and if you'll yield. I can show you how to achieve that. MA So you almost went on to say the man who wants to walk the way of the path of karate can not afford to neglect Zan and spiritual training. What is a man. Chan but it isn't a religious sect derived from the Sanskrit or. Hindu Deonna may mean a process of meditation used to achieve and the wakening to the Buddha nature. This is a counterfeit of righteousness by faith God's word says whereby are given on to us exceeding great and precious promises that by these promises we might be made partakers of the divine nature. Jesus said the miracles you've seen me do. I'm going to my father. If you'll believe me you'll not only do the same miracles. You'll do greater than the. Do you know what a long white said I used to think word what are we waiting for. Why do I not see evil spirits cast out in the sick healed in the dead raised. Why are we not seeing that and Ellen White said because the lack of consecration and faith. She said our greatest sin as Seventh Day Adventists Christians is we don't believe God's word. And do you know why because the devils feed in us all the souther junk. I can't go and watch some Hollywood movie and then open my Bible and expect to believe it. The true buddha devotes himself to a system of physical mental and spiritual discipline through which he attempts to L. of they it him self. That's the solution first words I will say and I will be like the most high. I will set my throne. They attempt to elevate themselves in search of perfection. You think martial arts and Eastern mysticism and this includes yoga. They all say the same thing. It's a search for perfection. You know what God says you want to be perfect. It's easy to believe our problem this. Where did the promise that. Jesus said in the Gospels be therefore perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect. Now this is the trick on Satan's team. You'll get the whole point one year old say they're of achieved it. I've got running to prove it there on Christ side you know what will do the more perfect we become the less perfect we'll feel praise God and will be like I'm nothing. Praise God that's that's that's the gospel that's the character of our Redeemer the more powerful you become the less you see yourself as capable of doing and God works miracles through us martial arts are legendary for the same mainly mystical powers they teach. You will learn what forces Warriors really command and more importantly you'll learn how to develop them yourself. That was written by one of our US Army advisors force Morgan and he's also a martial artist. Listen to what this gentleman said once you have trained yourself well your body and your limbs will move. Octo map tickly without any conscious effort. What what would we call that the Christian world. If your body's million by itself without you having to tell it to move as present. I'm in this position. If your hand does this and you didn't do it either. You've got a nervous problem or there's something moving your hand. That's not a good thing he says Your mind will not be overwhelmed by your physical movements. This is what you want to achieve as a master. I can remember. Margret master telling me one time he said I was working he war twenty was young at a huge factory. It's called Kodak Eastman and he said there were some guys there that they hated me. They didn't like me because he was proud and he said they knew about his involvement the martial arts and he said One night I was walking through the plant. There's no lights on and he said one of the guys back about twenty five feet fifty feet away stepped out from behind a machine with a ridge and threw it at him as hard as he could and he said I was walking I didn't even mean to I reached up and grabbed the redemption. Threw it down on the ground and kept right on walking. He said my hand did it and I never knew the wrench was coming. And he said those men never even spoke to him again it's scared I'm so bad now. This is what pride says Oh wow. Wouldn't that be cool. I always ask young guys especially younger guys and that means you're younger than forty five or forty seven. If martial arts is about self-defense what's the easiest way to defend yourself from a fight the run it cost no money to train you can do it every day there's no on call and you're good on. Practice running you know why people won't run. Pride. Pride A young. Man even an old man is like can't run. I'm not going to run. You know what Jesus did and run. Jesus didn't run. He said you're not taking my life. He said online. You have some guy comes up wants to be chewed you look at him. You say John. I'm not sure why you're mad at if I can tell you're angry. Kind of just let you hit me. Can I take you out and buy some lunch. You don't know you're not wrestling against flesh and blood. Maybe his dad abuses him at home. Maybe is that's a drunk. Maybe he's being beat on by other people. Maybe there's issues. Maybe his mother's dying of cancer and he's so bitter. He doesn't know how to vent that frustration. If you'll allow Christ to live in you he will show you drew the facade and you will be able to see what is really going on inside of that person and when their heart instead of winning the fight. You will employ techniques unconsciously with out half intent think. Once you have a achieved this state not a single Dow or hesitation will rise. Train yourself thoroughly and then forget about it. Throw away your mind you will bend. Follow the way is which is what they call karate. Without being aware of it. This is the mystery of Bushido its possession. These are only I'm only able to show you guys just a very limited amount. I know we're going to have to cut this short today. If you can come by and see us at our at our booth because I think it's number five zero five A little light studios. We don't care about so. And things to you but we can talk to you. We have a lot of free information online. We've got stuff on our website. There's so much I want to share and I've got to I've got to condense so you have to forgive me. Listen to what this tenth Don said karate is not something that one does it is something that one becomes and through the and though the external my asking of training. Might be readily seen in the live it. Arena the absence of karate. Is ever the veiled. Presence of being there now I want to think about something that's that's heavy duty right there. When I read that our it's like while I mean even if you're in the martial arts you read that and you go Oh wow. What is he talking about the veiled presence of being do you know that we are told that when Christ came to this world. He veiled his deity with humanity. Do you know what the Bible says you and I are to do we are to put all on the Lord Jesus Christ and not make provision for the failures of the flash. I mean don't buy an insurance policy. Just think a shoo fail. We are to cover ourselves to cloak ourselves in Christ and Christ says I will come to be in you there saying the same thing only it won't be Jesus Christ. So what is this spiritual element and this veil presence of being which the masters are striving in their training to obtain gets in front of Khushi answered this question. Listen to what he said. You may try. In for a long time but if you merely move your hands and feet and jump up and down like a puppet learning Karate is not very different from learning the dance. You will never have reached the heart of the matter. You will have failed to grasp the quintessence of karate dough. And I looked at that word quintessence that's a big that's a heavy duty word. That's not one that you see every day. This is the definition according to Webster's quintessence is the fifth and highest element in the ancient and medieval philosophy. That is said to permeate all nature and it is the substance composing all celestial bodies. Now let me ask you a question celestial bodies talking about what planets stars write what did the pagans all worship. Do you think they really believed that the sun or the moon or that or Saturn had power. No they knew that that star or planet is only a symbol that represents a fallen angel. A demon or a god. In physics. It is a hypothetical form of dark energy. I found a article from Scientific America and Scott a picture of this man and they're talking about the dark energy that science has discovered. It's not dark energy. It's demons. It is a hypothetical. Form of dark energy. It is the fifth fundamental force the fifth element by the ancient Greeks it was this force which was far. To fill the universe and hold all things together. What does that sound like that's pantheism. Now let me show it to you in Hollywood. My ally is the force life breeds it makes it grow its energies surrounds us and binds us luminous beings we are not this crude matter. There's a statement that's been used by Christian circles now well they'll say that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but we are spirits having a human experience do you know who said that horror. They should or. Are Shar day in you pronounce that. He's a Jesuit. And he's running Eastern mysticism. You must feel the force around you but tween you and me the tree the rock. That's Star Wars. Why do you think the devil is using Hollywood. He's teaching adults as well as young people to believe his laws. This man just passed away. Not too long ago his name was oral Montagu he was a renowned a master in the internal arts from Australia. Listen to what he said. Some call this the power of God. Others call it universal power. And many a genius has talked about the illusive other ninety percent of the brain that we never use. But it is ma belief and experience. He had over forty years of experience. It is my belief and experience that the power comes from other sources not from God not some universal power from the ninety percent of the brain that they say we don't use. It comes from other sources. From around the body but very close to the body and attached to it in traditional Chinese medicine. This is called Shan or spirit. And it is this power that we are able to tap into. To change our physical circumstances to stop others from attacking us to cause others to do what you wish them to do just as long as it is positive and good. Who decides what's positive and good. He does in his circumstances. That's what somebody would call white witchcraft. We don't harm any body. We use it for good. But isn't it funny that the White Witch. From the east and the wicked witch from the west. They both relied on the same power in that funny and Star Wars to chant the gen i and you have the scythe and they both use the same power. One uses it for evil one uses it for good. The Holy Spirit does not work that way. The forces of darkness will unite with human agents who have given themselves into the control of Satan. Through yielding to satanic influences men and women will be transformed into fiends. Look that word up in a dictionary it's scary. Those who were created in the image of God who were formed to honor and create. Glorify their Creator will become the habitation of demons. Babble on the greatest fallen is fallen and has become the habitation of devils the hold of. Every file spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Now how much time do we have left. Twenty minutes. Are you guys telling the truth I can see your smile and have me. OK we'll go with that we'll go with that twenty minutes. I'm going to just tell you quickly here. What if you've made your bed does God tell you to lie in it. What if you remember what Roman six says it says whoever you deal judge yourself to as servants to obey that's who slaves you are so does God look at you and say I'm sorry where you did that you sold your self. There's nothing I can do and he walks away right. Let me tell you what God's word says Hosea Chapter thirteen write these promises down. God says oh is Rajel that how hast destroyed your self but in me is the kind of help. I will be your king for where is in the other that may save you and all of your cities. And Isaiah Chapter forty nine. Verse twenty four and twenty five. God says Shall the prey be taken from the mighty or shall the lawful captive be delivered. Thus saith the Lord. Even the captives of the Mahdi shall be delivered in the prey of the terrible shall be taken away for I will continue with him. That's contending with you and I will save your children and I want to tell you a promise if you. You've got children that have wandered away from God. You can't force them to come back but you can claim that promise because God doesn't have in the fine print underneath that he says I will I will save your children and let me share something with the obvious and Sabbath school class my wife and I one Sabbath and we were talking about the promises of God and a person raised her hand because we were talking about promises that parents could claim and. They raised their hand and they said I've got a good one Train Up a Child in the way they should go and when they're old they won't depart from it. And then one of the other people in there you could see it in their eyes they raised their hand they said what if I didn't raise them right. You know it's like does this God or not is there no bread left with the have no mercy left. What if I didn't raise them right. Let me tell you what John chapter one says we are be gotten. Again not by the will of flesh nor by the will of man nor by the will of blood but by the will of Almighty God. He said I will save your children. Study the scriptures know that the only thing in which you can safely glory is that which will open to you. The gates of the City of God The only thing that I can take glory and there's only one. Learn from the Word of God how to form characters. Visited for the country you are seeking and I think OK I've got a shape myself why didn't the Bible says that I am the clay and he's the potter. Have you ever seen. Clay shaping itself. That doesn't work. You have to yield sometimes that Clay is gotten so hard that God has to break it up. Sometimes he asked the poor water on it right in in order to make the clay soft and pliable again. Sometimes he has to take a heart of stone and he has to break the heart of stone and give us a heart of flesh show that that law can be written in there. I have people all the time that will tell me God wrote his ten commandments in stone because it stands for ever. I was like it didn't stand forty days. He wrote in stone forty days later Moses broke it. He wrote it in stone and it tells us why and Zachariah it says he wrote it in strong because our hearts were like an adamant stone. He said But I'm making a promise to you through Jesus Christ. I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you a heart of flesh. I will write my law in your heart not with him or with with a chisel. But I will write it there with my spirit. Know that Christ is to be set forth among you. That means with the end you and that all that was lost and out on the cross of Christ phone you restores to every believing soul. Everything that was lost in Adam is yours. If you will take it by faith in. Man I can I would like to tell you know what I want to talk about Sabbath but I got away. And I'm not trying to drag this out but while we have no idea yet. What God is about to do here are. Henceforward. Let me tell you something when I was growing up was a Seventh Day Adventist Christian I knew about Sister White I knew about all the warnings about the coming judgments on a new about the the time of trouble and I knew about the mark of the beast and those are important but I wish somebody had read these to me because it fourteen years old when I was struggling in public school I needed to know this hands forward Christ followers are to look upon Satan as they conquered follow upon the cross Jesus was to gain the victory for them and that victory he desires us to accept as our own. Beholder he says I give unto you when you read those verses in the Bible when you read the promises from L. White put your name in there. I give unto you. Power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by him any any means hurt you. I want to share something with you Do you remember that story in the book a box or the apostle Paul was shipwrecked. You don't remember that. So he gets shipwrecked he's on his way to Rome and the devil throws a wrench in the machine and pull over and get mad and go. One of my going to do I'm going to be late for Rome. Paul was like OK God's obviously got a reason he wanted me to stop here all things work together for good. So. He starts preaching to the natives and it's raining and they build a big fire and he's there and he's telling them about the power of the True and Living God and Jesus Christ and all the sudden Satan is like there's no way he did this I can't believe this and there's a viper that's been cold up inside one of those logs and Paul's there and the fire is getting warm and that vipers like this is not comfortable and it comes out of that log and it latches on the ball of all arm and it's deadly. It's deadly seconds in your dad. And Paul goes. Throws it in the fire and keeps on preachiness. I used to think that was just a random miracle. You know what was it he believed what Jesus promised. Any acted on it. Do you know one night I was at the house. And I was struggling with some health issues still have a couple but my faith is getting stronger. God is already done and he's just waiting for me to take hold of it but I was struggling with some health issues I had gotten mercury poisoning from some of the fillings of my pain and that's bad. I mean it was affecting my mind and everything and. I was making a smoothie put all this healthy food in it and I blend everything up and I get this movie out I'm drinking it. My wife they're talking and the children are I'm sure a plane or something and and I'm drinkin this movie and I get about halfway through it. I go over and start cleaning the blender and I pick the blender up in a look in the bottom on the inside of the blender and something inside the blender had broken and all that block plastic which is petroleum. Is blended up in the bottom of my smoothie. And I looked at my glass and I thought I've already drank half of it and the devil hit me. I mean in a moment. It's like he came in like a flood. You've already got all these other problems why would God let this happen. What are you going to do now or I don't think that charcoal is going to get rid of this and I mean going to stand and I know that I was that they can clearly but I I really I freaked out. And you know what I could not always like over when I was falling. I was under the water and I couldn't get back to get a breath of fresh air and you know my wife said I praise God for this because when I'm with God God will bless her was trying and when she's waken having a bad day he'll bless me was trying and you can do the same thing with your friends. My wife looked at me and she said Eric do you know that God's word said nothing by any means shall hurt you and Martin Chapter sixteen said if you drink any deadly thing it shine a lot of harm you. This is a deadly thing. It won't harm you and I was like How do you know she said because God promised I said yeah but I'm drinking that she said but it doesn't matter. God promises and I was like. That doesn't make sense but yet it does so the next day she said just air. I'm going to pray for you. I'm praying with you. She prayed for me she climbed that promise she said everything's will be OK She said if it will make you feel better tomorrow call. And just see what they say so I called and she pined she to one of our health institutes and I told her what happened. I said what do I do she said. There she said. Take a little bit of charcoal she said it will be out of your system. No damage in a couple of days and I was like Thank You Lord. Believe what he's promised It's that simple and let me tell you something. Believing means walk faith does not mean I believe it. It means I. WALLACH faith in Hebrew is an action word you do faith you don't think or feel faith you do it. Moses got to the Red Sea He's got a million and a half Israelites you've got probably thousands of the Egyptian army with tanks chariots and they're going to mow your days down and he is rules angry and they're mad and they're like Why did you bring us out here to die and Moses was like OK I'm going to go off by myself somewhere because I need to talk to God I don't want is for you hear me talk to God and he goes out by himself and he's like one of them are supposed to do do what God said and I had to look this up because I heard Pastor David Gates say it and I was like I got a look at see if that really says that and I looked it up in the Bible and I looked it up in L A. Lights writings and it really says it. Moses is yelling to God what are what do when you're God said. Stop crying and to me and go forward. And the minute his foot hit the water the water parted. How Louis and. That's the God we serve. The power of the Holy Spirit is the defense of every humble and dependent soul. Not one that in penitence and faith has claimed his protection will Christ permit to pass under the enemy's power. No one no one. The Savior is the by the side of every tempted and tried person with him there can be no such thing as failure lost him possibility or defeat. We. Can do all things through him which strengthens us. When the soul surrenders itself to Christ a new power takes possession of the new heart and the change is wrought within the man which he can never accomplish for himself. It is a supernatural work bringing a supernatural element in to human nature. The Soul that is yielded to Christ becomes his own fortress. Which he holds in a revolted world. And he intends that no authority shall be known in you. But his own. A soul dust kept in possession by the heavenly agencies is impregnable to the assaults of Satan. Unless we do yield ourselves to the control of Christ we shall be dominated by the wicked one. We must inevitably be under the control of the wonder of the other of the two great powers that are contending for the supremacy of this world. It is not necessary for us deliberately to choose the service of the kingdom of darkness in order to come under its dominion. We have only to neglect to ally ourselves with the kingdom of light. If we do not cooperate with the heavenly agencies Satan will take possession of the heart and make it his abiding place. Now I want you to listen to this last statement. The only defense against evil is the end welling of Christ in the heart through faith in Him is. Righteousness. Let me tell you something as we close our struggled with that last statement for months. I was like my only defense is the end of one of Christ in my heart I believe that what does it mean that indwelling of Christ in my heart through faith in His righteousness. Let me explain something to you. The Bible has already said that Christ wells in your heart today. If he did wells in you his victory his righteousness is yours. Today. When you take hold of that promise by faith Satan will never gain and that attack on you again. That's the fight that we are fighting. That's why God does not want us occupying our time with the fight of flesh. We've got a greater battle that is yet to be won. Not on our own behalf. Only been on behalf of all those who know you must know that all that is Christ's has already been given to you. I pray that this will help each person that is here tomorrow we're going to be going through and really taking a closer look at yoga and tai cherry and then Sabbath we will be having the grand finale the mystery of God unveiled. I hope that everyone will be able to make it and I asked most of all that you'll keep me in prayer as I get everything consolidated so that I can fit it into that short hour tomorrow morning and then on Sabbath afternoon. Let's close with prayer. Father in heaven. We thank you so much for that work. What you have already wrought for us in your Son the Lord Jesus Christ Father help us to believe your promises. It's not our faith our faith this way but your faith Lord Jesus Christ is invincible. Give us your faith we ask you. And we thank you. In Jesus. We surrender all all mail this message was presented at the G. Y.C. twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. the web.


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