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1. Total Member Involvement

Ted N.C. Wilson


In 2015 the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists launched a bold outreach initiative called “Total Member Involvement.” This seminar session, presented by Elder Ted Wilson, will explore the roots and objectives of TMI and share exciting stories of how God is using the efforts of consecrated lay members to finish His work in this generation.


Ted N.C. Wilson

President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • December 29, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty six thousand conference has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources right on line. Good morning everyone. Where you bless this morning with a devotional thought hopefully we're challenged Hopefully your blood has been stirred a bit and you're ready to learn to listen and to go out and do something for the Lord I meant well. My name is Pastor Cameron of Asia and I am a CO presenter in the seminar session with Ted Wilson who is the president of the General Conference and was winching last night. My father in law I have no problem saying he is my favorite father in law. I noticed he was equivocating he gave no adjective He just said son in law I'm sure he implied favorite but we won't get into it but as president of the General Conference obviously there is an initiative going on right now called the total member involvement program and we're blessed to have elder Wilson here out of his busy schedule to be able to present some of where this initiative came from what its aims and objectives are and more importantly for our purposes. How we as a YOUNG PEOPLE and I say we I mean did a fine with you. Still as a young people whether were in full time ministry or just supporting lay ministry can be part of that total member involvement revolution that needs to happen in the seven a search. So the format of this morning's session will be very simple. I'm introducing right now getting the ball rolling and we're going to have a word of prayer and then I'm going to turn the time over to elder Wilson and let him speak to you about the General Conference as total member involvement initiative the next session is going to be our Q. and A We're going to have more dialogue based kind of a presentation and then there are rest of the time we're going to be looking at practical. Ways that people can be involved in their local church we're going to look at what does involvement mean what are some very practical ways that you can be a part of this movement that is the seventh heaven is church. So before we do any further discussions. Let's just bow our heads briefly for a word of prayer and then we'll be off to the races. Dear Heavenly Father I thank you so so much for another day of life at all. I thank you for the opportunity to be together at this convention what a blessing. It has already been and we're just getting started. And now Lord in this particular seminar series and in this specific session. I would ask that you would speak to us today. Please bless our time together. Bless elder Wilson as he gives us. Not only information but hopefully inspiration that we can each have a part in your work. We know that the time is coming soon. When Jesus will come but Lord by your grace and our humble efforts. Let's soon be sooner for prayed in Jesus' name amen. And if you would please come and share with us about total member involvement. Good morning to each of you. What a privilege it is to be here with you and to share some thoughts about a very important aspect of church life. This morning our worship. Really focused in on God's power in our lives and it was powerful. It was very direct. That very impressive text which is one of my favorites in the book of Jude which only has one chapter that powerful twenty fourth and twenty fifth verse. Really brings to light the power of Christ's righteousness in his justifying and sanctifying power. And that was a real blessing this morning to hear those words. Total member involvement comes out of a relationship that you have with Jesus. If it doesn't you really have no basis upon which to share anything. Now in essence God has always wanted his people to witness. As you look back in the Old Testament. Even from the very beginning. Enoch in it was mentioned this morning as Esther Skeete was sharing about the genealogy Enoch we are told. Went into the cities to witness. And then went from the cities out of the cities back into a rural. Meant to recharge his batteries but he didn't forget the cities. He went back again. God has an intention for all of us to do something for him in witnessing to his mighty power. Now what we're going to do this morning for the next thirty minutes thirty five minutes forty minutes will be simply to look at some of the experiences of the church and how things are developing with total member involvement. T.M. I. And then. Listen to a personal testimony of a good friend of mine who comes from Alaska. And who will be sharing what a simple outreach activity has done to touch the lives of hundreds of people. And then Cameron and I will just chat a little bit maybe some questions about what are practical things he's going to be talking the rest of the week. I hope you're going to be here to listen and to interact on some of these wonderful aspects of what does it mean to be totally involved forgot. And if you have any questions or comments or suggestions we'll close out our one hour that we have we need to end at about ten fifteen which is now about fifty minutes or so from now. When we think about how God used the Israelites in the past they were to be placed and were placed at the very crossroads of the a geographic geographical setting of the then own world. I grew up in Cairo Egypt. I love the Middle East. I love the people of the Middle East and let no one ever tell you that. The people in the Middle East by and large are all terrorists they are not they are lovely wonderful people just like you are they love their families they love culture. They love life and they love God. The Middle East in that day. Was the crossroads and the sensually the world itself. Israel was placed right at the very point where they would have an opportunity to witness in credible way unfortunately as you know and as I know as we look at Scripture. We understand they failed miserably. At certain times they were able to share but most of the time they failed because they looked inwardly. The Seventh Day Adventist Church has been given an unusual mandate to proclaim the three angels messages in particularly are then the Fourth Angel of Revelation eighteen come out of her my people join God's remnant church turn back to the true worship of God a unique message which has been given to the seventh day and this church. But as we learned this morning. Things around us tend to create a false impression as to what reality really is and many Seventh Day Adventists today. Hardly even want to mention their name. In fact some churches within our system. Give themselves other names. We want to be friendly to people they say we want to not in any way prejudice someone. Now I believe that's a good approach you need to be diplomatic. You need to be loving you need to be calm. Nine. But even in the very choice of the name. Ellen White realize this would be a tremendous sermon in itself. So you don't hide who you are you are to say I'm a Seventh Day Adventists and let me tell you about it with a smile. Not with a frown. The seven AM discharge is in the same potential state of ancient Israel and if we are not careful we will be looking inward leave rather than looking out and proclaiming. When you start to look inward. You will stop growing. So the Israelites failed in what God had intended. Joel Chapter two Acts chapter two. In the Old Testament New Testament wonderful examples of what God intended and intends to do in his church. Where. Young men young women. All people old people young people children doesn't matter who you are are to proclaim God's word. It has nothing to do with being an ordained minister to the Gospel. Now as we're going to find out. And as you're going to find out over the course of the next two three days. And Cameron is going to explain to you. How it is that only in the last few years has he really understood what it means for him as a pastor to be involved with church members in helping them to truly understand what their role is. In the same way. God intends for all of us to understand that there never was to be a professional group of people who did all the professional kinds of work that are church related and then there are the members. This was not God's plan. No longer can we have the attitude. And let me tell you it is not the attitude in many parts of the world but in some parts. Mostly the a fluent parts. Where church membership and I'm not condemning you or implying that you have that same thought. But many places say OK I'm a professional I went to school. I made my way. I make good money. I come to church. I pay you work. That day. Has to disappear. All of us are joined together and in a few moments I will share with you a powerful quotation from Volume seven. That gives us our marching orders on that. Romans Chapter ten versus thirteen to fifteen very familiar to many of you does not mean only professional preachers. And in fact it doesn't even have to be a professional public speaker. Paul's saying whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How will they call if they haven't believed. How are they going to believe if they haven't heard how are they going to hear without a preacher and how shell. They preach unless they are sent. All of us within the admin this church are sent. And if you refuse to accept that commission to be sent. You will wither. It's like the Dead Sea. Not long ago Nancy and I had the privilege of visiting the Dead Sea was about eight. Eight months ago. And you can sit in the Dead Sea. You can read a newspaper or a book. If you can get into your hands without getting it wet because it is a little bit slimy and muddy or around the Dead Sea But you can sit in the Dead Sea And you can read a newspaper and not move a muscle and you will not sink. It's amazing. And why is that because it is the lowest place on the earth above. Not including the depths of the sea but the lowest place where water all flows in and nothing flows out and so the sailing and other chemical contents are so high that it creates a natural buoyancy for you. The Dead Sea is dead. Nothing lives there because everything flows in and nothing flows out. So for total member involvement. You must have this in and out aspect you are sent. So that someone can hear. So someone can believe so they can call on the name of the Lord. The New Testament Church grew daily. Because they were in fellowship together they were active they were participating in the outreach of the church. It was. Isn't just the professionals it wasn't just Peter everybody was involved. They held things in common. It means they were together in everything. Shepler to a marvelous explanation by Paul regarding the church itself. Says Now therefore we're not strangers or foreigners and fellow citizens with the Saints and we're members of the household of God having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone stone in whom the whole building being fitted together grows into a holy temple in the Lord. There is growth in God's Church total member involvement is not just some interesting little. Byline that we have cooked up in some committee. It is an eternal principle. Everyone involved. If you want to grow if you don't want to grow and you want to die. Don't be involved. It's that simple. The Gospel commission. Matthew twenty eight is for all to proclaim the three angels messages are for all to proclaim and it's all built on our relationship with Christ on revival and reformation. Mission to the cities when you look out at this enormous city of Houston. Almost seems endless because it's in a very flat area. How are we going to ever reached people of Houston. How are you going to reach the cities from where you come from. Except that you feel the burden of being sent and of doing something for the LORD using comprehensive health ministry mission medical missionary work reaching out to people touching a lot. In a few moments. I'm going to read to you a statement which I have put together about total member involvement and all that is involved in T.M.I. not not just public evangelism or even personal bible studies but many many other things Scripture tells us in Second Corinthians chapter three and verse two Paul says that we're all really letters. That are read by people. Now let me read to you. A particular protein from the spirit of prophecy which is so meaningful to our discussion. And to what total member involvement is really all about before I do that. I want to read a particular quotation from steps to Christ and it is in Page eighty one. The Church of Christ is God's appointed agency for the salvation of men. Its mission is to carry the gospel to the world now it doesn't say paid clergy. It doesn't say employees of the Seventh Day Adventist Church is talking about the Church of Christ which is all of us and the obligation rests upon all Christians everyone to the extent of his talents an opportunity is to fulfill the Saviour's commission the love of Christ revealed to us makes us debtors to all who know him not God has given us light not for ourselves alone but to shed upon them. Total member involvement. Everybody doing something for Jesus. Now listen to very explicit counsel in testimonies Volume nine. It's on pages one hundred sixteen and one hundred seventeen. It's under a section called the methods of labor. And a subheading of plans for enlarging our laboring forces. This is really fascinating so bear with me as I read because it is so interesting. The strength of an army is measured largely by the efficiency of the men in its ranks in the ranks. So it's not talking about the generals now it's talking about the people. A wise general instructs his officers to train every soldier for active service. I mean you can be a mighty general you can have the brightest plans if you don't have the people and the capacity to carry it out. You're nothing. He. That's the general or his officer and seeks to develop the highest efficiency on the part of all if he were to depend on his officers alone he could never expect to conduct a successful campaign he counts on loyal and untiring service from every man in his army the responsibility rests largely upon the men in the ranks. Now that's a very key statement. The men and women in the Seventh Day Adventist Church are the ones who are to do the work in person to person activity you can't count on the pastor to do all of that was never the intention in fact we're going to talk about the pastor in a few minutes and. The concept of hovering over churches will get to that moment. And so it is in the army of Prince Emmanuel This is Ellen White speaking our general capital G. who has never lost a battle expects willing faithful service from everyone who has enlisted under. His banner. So if you stood up this morning and last night you committed yourself to more uses appeal. You are part of this enlisted group under the Lord's banner. In the closing controversy now waging between the forces for good and the host of evil. He expects all laymen as well as ministers to take part. All who have been listed as soldiers are to render faithful service as Minutemen. Minutemen is a reference I think back to the Revolutionary War where people were ready at any moment. Not professional soldiers necessarily but they were colonialists who were wanting freedom. And they were ready at any moment to do anything for their country. So you need to be a minute man with a keen sense of the responsibility resting upon them as individuals. Now we get to the meat of this those who have the spiritual oversight of the church. That means pastors leaders should devise ways and means by which an opportunity may be given to every member of the church to act some part in God's work. I'm going to tell you and Pastor Cameron is going to tell you later. I'm sure. In the spirit of prophecy underlines this the most important work of a pastor. Yes to lift the spiritual standard the Biblical truth lift up Jesus all of that but the most important work. Is not the preaching from the pulpit every Sabbath the most him. Porton work is to help church members know what their part is in god's work and to get them working. Says too often in the past. This is not been done plans have not been clearly laid and fully carried out whereby the talents of all might be employed in active service. There are but few who realize how much has been lost because of this. You know this is we're going into two thousand and seventeen. How much longer are we going to wait before Jesus returns. I want him to come soon. And I believe he is coming soon. But we have the opportunity to hasten his coming as some people don't believe that. I believe in the Bible tells us that spirit of prophecy tells us that the leaders in our Here is here is the really strong Council. The leaders in God's cause as wise generals are to lay plans for advance moves all along the line in their planning they are to give a special study to the work that can be done by the laity for their friends and neighbors. Now get this one sentence. The work of God in this earth. Can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers. So the idea that. Well you know let the evangelist do it let the pastor do it let the church officers do it is not going to work. Everybody has to be involved in doing something for Jesus. That does not mean you have to stand up and make public declarations if you feel so uneasy about it. That's not what is. Being asked but you have to do something for the Lord something for Jesus as we focus on. The importance of Christ and His righteousness and that beautiful text this morning in Judah twenty four and twenty five includes both justification and sanctification all being done through Christ for us and through us as we submit as we are faithful to God and His Word and the Spirit of Prophecy those beautiful foundations will naturally produce total member involvement. Everybody doing something for Jesus. Now how did T.M.I. actually get started in the most recent rendition. An individual whom some of you may know his name is Mike Ryan. He's been involved with a lot of mission outreach Adventists mission and global mission. Vice President of the teleconference for a number of years and recently retired he is still assisting my office. Mike has a great great burden for laypeople to be involved. And he kept talking to me about this. He kept kind of drilling it into my thinking and as we began to focus on how we can really help to ignite the world field the Lord impressed us with the idea of total member involvement. Everybody doing something for Jesus. That's not a new idea. It's ageless as we've already so. Indicated. But to put it into an understanding in the twenty first century that everybody has to be part of this movement otherwise the movement. Will not come to a culminating point. Was something that really gained our enthusiasm. We called Duane and Kathy McKee to work at the General Conference and some of you know them. In fact they will be here. I understand at the end of the week and they will be talking to you more about T.M. I. Duwayne. Is our director of Sabbath school and personal Ministries a natural fit for total member involvement. And Kathy works in our office and Presidential with social media and with evangelism coordination. Now they have helped to blossom this particular idea worldwide. Unfortunately some people have gotten the idea that total member involvement simply embodies public evangelism. Recruiting young people and different people to go and preach evangelistic meetings that is the furthest from the truth. It is part of it but not the full picture. Everyone can be involved in a public expression and in a personal expression in some form and I want to make a list statement here about public evangelism. In some parts of the world primarily in Westron more a fluent country's public evangelism has become almost a bad phrase a bad wording that really is not working. I want to make a statement and I don't want you to misunderstand it. Public evangelism. Or evangelism in all of its forms. Whether it's per. Or public is the lifeblood of the church. If you are not doing some form of evangelism which is simply testifying of Jesus and inviting people to come you will not grow either personally or corporately. And we see in some parts of the world the church is actually regressing. It is shrinking. Not necessarily because of the inactivity of our members but because of the culture and because it is a post Christian environment. In a moment I'll tell you about what we're going to be doing in one country that is a huge huge challenge. I want to read you a statement. A state statement that I have written and actually we have to try to get it to you but you'll see it in different places. A statement about total member involvement and we are trying to help people to see the comprehensive aspect of it. Listen to me as I read this is just sorry I don't have it up on the screen for you. Are evangelistic and missionary work for others is to increase as we come closer to Christ soon second coming. Comprehensive evangelism outreach can take many forms but usually culminates with some type of small group or public meeting where the Bible becomes the central focus so people's hearts can be touched with eternal truth. I want to urge all of you wherever you come from don't give up on a public presentation of the Word of God. It will not return to you or to God void. It will touch somebody's heart. I mean I've spoken to tiny little groups. I can remember an evangelist it meeting that I held in London Derry Northern Ireland. You want to tough place to go try that place in fact we had two sites one for Catholics and one for Protestants. The Catholic site we had to begin with. Maybe. I don't know maybe twelve nonmembers coming. The Protestant site we had about three or four and at the very end. We had only about three or four in the Catholic section and maybe one or two in the Protestant section try preaching a full message to to one or two people. But I want to tell you something. The church now because of a lot of other other effort to is stronger in London Derry because God is blessing. Don't be afraid to preach even to one person. Anyway. The Holy Spirit can work in marvelous ways when the Word of God is presented in a clear concise and winsome manner. The timelessness and power of God salvation story is profound. It is heaven bless. Now these aren't words from the Spirit of Prophecy these are words I made up. OK so I don't think I'm reading now from the Spirit of Prophecy and I'm not equating anything I've written with that but I'm just trying to tell you something. The unfolding of difficult truth is to occupy more and more of our time and we must do that in any manner possible where public meetings can be held hold them by all means where small groups are better position to touch a life hold them. Let us lift up Christ His righteousness and his sanctuary. Service. Let us be faithful to God His Word and His Spirit of Prophecy. Let us be involved in total member involvement. The secret of total member involvement includes in here are many things now door to door visitation Bible studies in homes intense prayer initiatives comprehensive health ministry outreach distribution of Adventists literature and you going to hear about that in just a minute. Youth involvement community services address activities media outreach social media context choir's singing for the Lord personally evangelism public evangelism and many more forms of evangelistic outreach these activities involve everyone who is willing since the Lord has asked all to participate in the proclamation of the Gospel in the three angels messages as we see in Matthew twenty eight one thousand to twenty and then I quote that what a privilege for each of us to do something for Jesus. You do not have to be a pastor to speak to others either personally or publicly about God's great plan of redemption all church members are asked to proclaim God's final message to the world that Jesus is coming soon. You can do that. Personally and publicly total member involvement includes men women youth and children in proclaiming God's truth lay persons argue unite with pastors and church leaders as we are told in testimonies Volume nine page one seventeen and then I quote that one that we just read this is what total member involvement is all about everyone doing something for Jesus including speaking for him whether you are a lay person a pastor a man a woman a young person or a child may God bless in every form possible the eventually stick out reach to the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is coming soon. Everybody involved with doing something for Jesus. God never intended for pastors to hover over the churches. The Seventh Day Adventist message when it began had pastors who were primarily evangelists who were enlarging the territory and church members were taking care of their little groups on their own once in a while the past pastor would come by and encourage them he would help to organize things but it was an evangelistic approach. Now because we have grown to a large extent in many places to a large group of people in particular areas especially around institutions we have multiple pastors at times for one church. Gods and they do wonderful work let me not disparage much of the good work that is done but the work that God intends to see happen is to be personal work that church members are involved with me tell you what happened in Rwanda. We tried a new dynamic in Rwanda. To help church members realize that they were equal partners in the evangelist a cow to reach much time was spent in. Nurturing the church members and we had about. We had about seven hundred thousand church members in that little country of Rwanda there are about twelve million people in that country. So it's pretty good ratio of Adventists to nonmembers but they were encouraged to be an actively involved. They took this on. Like a tremendous opportunity and they participated in a very dynamic way they prepared the sites they worked with people they had. Ayers going out they had address and community services working together it was a dynamic thing the same thing is happening in Romania in about a month I'll be there to hold evangelistic series and meetings. In about two thousand sites in Romania. Now these are just these are public sites but this is only the little blip that comes up every once in a while because a lot is taking place in preparation for these meetings in Rwanda. They got so excited they had T.M.I. hats they had T.M.I. shirts they had T.M.I. ties. They had scarves they had all kinds of of paraphernalia T.M.I.. Well you could wear all of that and if you actually didn't do something you were not fulfilling T.M.I. but I want to tell you they rose to the challenge. It was unbelievable. They had about two thousand one hundred two thousand two hundred evangelistic sites in that small country. Three quarters of them run and proclaimed by lay people. And God blessed in such an enormous way. As I mentioned. We had over one hundred thousand baptisms unbelievable. Unprecedented. What are they doing to keep them in the church small groups helping organize into specific churches now because sometimes if you join a church that's a little bit less than active it's going to lessen your activity. It was an unbelievable experience and now the church membership is over eight hundred thousand in Rwanda and they are planning to do that again in Rwanda in fact the east central Africa Division based in Nairobi. The area they got so excited. This next year in about two thirds of the division they're going to be holding meetings twenty thousand evangelistic meetings by mostly lay people. Anybody can do it if you don't have a computer and you don't have a video screen. You got paper you can just preach. I want to tell you it is so exciting to see what's happening. As I mentioned in in about a month I'll be in Romania. We will have over two thousand sites we hope and most of them will be run by lay people it was really interesting. We were in the second largest city in Romania in June trying to encourage people and try to give an enthusiastic approach to this whole idea of total member involvement and Wayne McKee was making an appeal to people to be involved and in Romania. Many people are very respectful of the church but they don't really have the concept that anyone but a pastor can do public kind of work so doing was making an appeal to this group of about three thousand people or so in a big rally. How many of you would like to be part of this and be someone who's going to preach the Word of God talking to laypeople. It's absolutely quiet. Nobody stood. It was almost embarrassing I was getting a little uneasy. Finally one young fellow stood. And then a young lady stood. And then pretty soon more and more people started standing I think about a third of the audience was standing by the time we finished. And they're going to be the ones who are going to help to spearhead this incredible opportunity. In Rwanda. I mean in Romania. I'm hoping by God's grace and I ask that you will pray for this that somehow this initiative will help to spark a spiritual and evangelistic revival on the continent of Europe. God wants to see a revival in Europe. It is so secular so materialistic. Our pastors and our church members become discouraged just trying to do outreach. But there are many wonderful things that they are doing and a god is going to bless them but we need a revival in Europe. The next year in two thousand and eighteen. We have plans to hold evangelistic meetings in a similar fashion in Japan. I want to tell you. Japan is a huge challenge because there are about one hundred twenty six million people in that country. Very structured society very formal kind of society and it is very difficult to get church members to share with others about their faith because in Japan religious belief is a very privately held a conviction. And so it's a little bit difficult to try and break into that. But in two thousand and eighteen. I want to tell you some miracle has taken place because we've been working on it now for a number of years they have committed themselves to holding one hundred evangelistic. Meetings and sites. Now you might say one hundred amongst one hundred twenty six million people. What is that I want to tell. You have to start where you can. And number of our pastors in Japan will be going to the Philippines to hold evangelist meetings to get a kind of an enthusiastic flavor as to what they can really do and then they're going to be helping to hold the meetings now I have pushed them and I have a prayer goal of doubling that so that in Japan we will have two hundred sites. Will you please commit to praying that the leaders will be impressed to have two hundred sites and to have many lay people involved with it the next year. I personally will be holding meetings again in Calcutta in India. It's a very challenging place we have very few Seventh-Day Adventists in Calcutta. But all across India we will be holding meetings with lay people involved two thousand and nineteen in pup who are doing Guinea poor has many Seventh Day Adventists but again all of this is simply to enthuse people to help them realize that all of us need to work together in doing something for Jesus total member involvement. And I want to call up one of my friends here Danny Watley Danny come for a moment. Danny is from the great state of Alaska. Which is where you got to be up in Alaska. Maybe some of you haven't visited Alaska. They kind of look at themselves as in another world. In fact when you are going to leave the state. I mean it is one of the fifty states of the United States but when you're going to leave the state they kind of commonly say well are you going to the outside. Because air. Everything beyond Alaska is outside outside or I say we're going to America. We're going to America recently and Danny lives not too far from from Anchorage she lives in a town called Palmer. And we have a very nice church there I was up there for Camp Meeting this last summer and also to attend a men's retreat that Danny helped to organize a number of years ago and it it still is being maintained a very powerful way and we go way out into the boonies out into the woods. To a very nice camp and we focus on the Word of God and it's just a very powerful kind of weekend retreat. Danny is a pilot and he flew me to this particular site and we had a rather exciting weekend together out there in God's nature but Danny is a very committed Seventh Day Adventists and loves to tell people about Jesus. Now recently there was a movie and of course it's still floating around about Desmond Doss hacksaw Ridge. Books were produced from remnant publications and people were encouraged to give these books out. Now how would this particular initiative up in that great state way up north. In Alaska ever find meaning for the people who are living there. Danny tell us what happened when you enlisted support from some of the church members in Palmer and maybe a few area churches and what the bell up. Well. We we saw the opportunity to get a closer look at it we saw the opportunity to to hand out this book. And. But at first we didn't know. Well I don't want to see a bunch of books setting in the pastor's office for two years we have to have a. It way to get these out so I contacted the corporate offices for coming attractions theaters in Oregon. And they gave us permission to go inside the theater in wants Silla have a large theater there and hand and set up a table and hand these out to the people coming out from watching the movie hacks of a ridge and once we had that set up which was really a blessing that just. The other theater chains would they would let us come in but they would charge eight hundred dollars a night as was it's not really possible. They were letting us come in for free. So once we got that set up then I realized I can't really do this by myself and I don't want to do this by myself. So we started announcing in our church and our pastor sitting right there and he was very supportive and helped us facilitate this and get people involved and I started the first week I took almost every night I was there taking people and training them really didn't require much training because when I would say would you like a free copy of the book on the hero hacksaw Ridge before I could even get that out the people were taking the book from us. They were mobbing us at our table. They basically just stand out of the way and let them take the books. So we didn't have a lot of time to talk to some of them but some we did you know and so people were having a really great experience. Our church members were in fact they kept telling me like people I'd never thought would have thought of to even ask would ask me. Can I come and hand out the books and they would they did a great job and they were having a blast doing it so they came out with a very positive experience. So we had the West Village Church in the Palmer church involved in this and we handed out. Well the movie just stopped last week we had it up at least forty two hundred books at the theater and that's about when you figure that's one per couple is what we handed out we reach ten percent of the value one hundred thousand people with just that little. Just having them out of the theater. Now. And so we had about fifty we had about fifty people that helped us in that in the church to hand out the books. So that's got quite a number of our church of about would say about one hundred twenty adults hundred fifty adults somewhere in there so we had a good at least a third of our adults were helping out and out the books so it was a great experience there plus another family was handing out the books on the military base. And one of the chaplains. On the military base read the book watch the movie and got really excited about us and invited us into the base hospital and in three and a half or four hours they handed out nine hundred books in fact they were able to get into places in the hospital that even the people that work there couldn't go into like the command center and they were all over handing out the books and then just last week they handed out five hundred books at the V.A. hospital. This is the easiest book I've ever used for any kind of outreach because we have credibility because the movies are ready are the Lions Gate has advertised the movie for us and this has the artwork for the movie on it. So just a slight promotion for the book if you want to talk to me later about that you can but that's what we did. Thank you Dan Appreciate it. Here a simple thing that is catching people's attention and used and many church members involved in fact I want to tell you something I have noticed over the last. I'd say twelve months. In giving out literature because I keep literature in my own briefcase and as I travel I go different places. I will give out a glow tract or something. I have noticed. There are far fewer people who refuse material today. Say then did. Even just perhaps twelve months ago. It is easier to give out literature today than it ever has been. Because people realize things are falling apart. What a time for total number involvement. Everybody doing something for Jesus before we close here. Cameron You want to just come for a minute we have about four minutes here before we're supposed to quit. Do you to give maybe just a little promotion about what you're going to be talking about the rest of the week. Why is it that. The simple kind of approach of total member involvement which is simply a catch phrase for what God is intended for us to do all along. Why is it that this can help to galvanize a church get people involved help them to realize that this is something I need to be involved in as opposed to sitting in the pew being a faithful Adventist but not being active. OK I think that there in the same way that there has been an un-Biblical separation between the clergy in the laity when it comes to doing stuff for Christ I think that even in our own walk with Christ Satan has a brilliant way of trying to dissect things that are supposed to be fused together splitting a coin into a front to back if you could and and I think that he's done a brilliant job even in our own church ranks not with open rampant sin and this kind of thing but to separate. Personal faithfulness from usefulness. So we have this idea that I can be faithful to Christ. If I attend church. I return a faithful time fifty and I don't do anything inherently bad I'm not you know and remaining faithful has somehow become separated from being. Useful. And I think that the Lord is looking for in fact I know that in your time as gentle converts present you started off with this idea of revival and reformation and I know that in a lot of people and from speaking for myself and many people are into the idea of revival is like OK I need to revive my personal spiritual life and have a devotional life I need to have more prayer and attend church and it still comes back to deepening my faithfulness. But there's an element of revival and reformation particularly that takes us beyond mere faithfulness to usefulness and I was thinking of this particular statement from Spirit props you can find this in Christian service page twenty five was written in one thousand nine hundred six and sister Weiss says the great outpouring of the Spirit of God which lightens the whole earth with His glory will not come until we have an enlightened people that know by experience what it means to be laborers together with God. When we have entire whole hearted consecration to the service of Christ God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of His Holy Spirit without measure but this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not labors together with God. So the concept being that we have some help. Think that we can sit still and be faithful. But no real faithfulness misses usefulness. And I think that we need to have a review and then in the the presentations that are coming up our next session is going to be a Q. and A We're going to talk about this and many other issues boming get back into our sessions number three through six. We're going to be looking at what has happened in our church. How do we could become so Pastor dependent and how in the world can we fix it. What is the membership supposed to do what is my responsibility as a member if I was somehow were not a pastor and I would just go do something else would I now be retired from ministry or is there an active role that every layperson only can do but must do if we're going to see Jesus come in this generation. So we're going to look at what does involvement mean and worst particular look at some trying to defund see the lang. Which What does involvement mean like really break it down to brass tacks it's not just having your name on the books or showing up relatively regularly. There's a great deal more that God expects and empowers his people to do and I think that by God's grace. You're going to see great things happen while we let him work us for His glory. Amen. I believe with all my heart that the most exciting days in the Seventh Day Adventist Church are just before us. You are going to see extraordinary things happen and you will be part of. Everyone doing something for Jesus. Are going to close this session with a prayer session short prayer session and then we'll take a few minutes and we'll come back and we're going to do a question and answer approach to a lot of questions that have come in from many of you and many others who are G Y C. Attend these. But I really want to urge upon each of you. When you go back home. Don't just listen for instructions that the pastor or someone in leadership may give go to the pastor and say I want to be involved. How can I best accomplish this. And in fact here are two or three ideas that I have if your pastor is Why yes he will say wow. Let's get a few more people together and let's organize something dynamic because the Lord wants all of us involved. How many of you as we close this little section really do want to testify for Jesus in what ever format you feel comfortable with because the Lord will lead you into something. Even push you beyond what you are feeling comfortable with but at least in the area that you're comfortable with if you're willing to do that would you just stand your feet for a moment. Amen. And wondering if you will turn to the person next to you. And each of you pray a prayer of commitment that when you return. You're going to do something for Jesus in a powerful way and be part of total member involvement. We won't have a final prayer. It'll just be quiet. Let's all be quiet and then be seated and go outside for a few minutes and we'll begin about ten thirty with our question and answer period God bless each one of you. It's just a privilege to see you here wanting to know more about how you can be part of God's final last day movement total Please pray together this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web where Gene.


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