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2. Ask the President! (Q & A with Elder Ted Wilson)

Ted N.C. Wilson Kameron DeVasher


This session, moderated by Pastor Kameron DeVasher, will be an opportunity to hear the president of the General Conference answer questions submitted by GYC attendees.



  • December 29, 2016
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources right on line for those of you just joining us this is the second session of the total member involvement seminar track and this is the one entitled if I'm not mistaken Q. and A talking with elders had Wilson. Questions and answers and I want to just give you a brief introduction and format before we go forward the questions that are going to be asked today. Cover a wide range of topics now the last presentation was all about total number involvement and it was a blessing. Amen. Good good good. This will probably have some questions along those lines but it will branch out into a much wider broader range of topics and these questions have been submitted almost entirely from seventy seven as young people they were solicited ahead of time. I don't know sometimes you have they. You hear Q. and A And you think there's going to be a couple mikes in a long line of people just really we're not going to be doing that just because we've already gotten the questions ahead of time from the young people through G. Y.C. through social media and that kind of things they've been submitted maybe some of you might be in here I've already asked the question your question is in the queue here but we for the sake of time and clarity an organization is going to be better to streamline it this way so as the mater of the moderator of this session. I have reviewed the questions to organize them in the general categories and in some cases have rewarded them for you know clarity or brevity but to keep the format conversational. And to provide further insight it may at times explore a. Peculiar topic further with followup question so we're going to have a relatively dialogue based Q. and A session here. However we must remain mindful as we're trying to do right now. Of our time limitations it's very easy for time to slide away and here we are at ten thirty seven. So we must retain the time already. And we don't want to get bogged down in any one. Now I know that there are certain particular topics that might be your zealous piece of interest in us and we need to spend more time on this and we can all say amen but we have to move on to other things. OK So we'll do our best to cover as many things in a timely manner as possible but I can tell you this that going over the questions that have been submitted. It is clear once again that a great many Seventh Day Adventist young people truly love this church and have that view they view it as more than merely a rather a denominational option amongst other Christian flavors. But they understand that the Seventh Day Adventist Church is a God inspired last day movement raised up to have a unique message at this end of time and the zeal that you see in the questions is not your one of correction or ridicule but it's one of support and coming from a position of we want this to be great. We have the highest ideals and the best standards and we want to see God's work be done his way and so whenever these questions have come in. Some seem questioning or critical even sometimes of church. That's fine but it's coming from a spirit of wanting to see the church be its best for God's glory. Amen. So what I'm going to do now is just offer a word of prayer and they're going to invite elder Wilson to come up and we're going to launch into our Q. and A session at this time. So if you would please by your heads with me daily Father thank you so much again for this day of life at all. And thank you. That we can be here at this time in this place and have the unique opportunity to fellowship together in this format. And ask questions of our church leadership below it. We know that the true leader of the church is none other to Jesus Christ Himself and then and help each one of us as members or workers whatever part we play in this work to have firm root in Christ directly and in his word alone. But as we seek to work together. Lord give us a spirit of camaraderie with the Holy Spirit inspires a a weaving together of our common interests and let the world see witness that God is real. He is alive and he's moving in his people today so that as we ask these questions and get answers. Lord I ask that your spirit would be here today for prayed in Jesus' name amen amen. A little soon if you would please come and join me here. You can have the we have a very large room with a very small stage. So we're going to do our best to you know have elbow room and breathing space before we dive into some of the thornier issues which believe it or not there are some thorny issues from time to time. Let's start with some questions that have been directed just to you as a person now everyone knows who is Elder or pastor or Dr Wilson all of which are apropos these questions seem to me more Gong the lines of church member Ted. And I of course will continue regard you as elder Wilson as you are my boss but one question that has come in. I assume or than once and has risen to the top is just the simple question Why are you Ted Wilson a Seventh Day Adventist. Well let me thank all of you for being here and hopefully you can hear those of you who are in the session just prior to this when we were talking about total member and wall menthe and I'm really excited about the commitment that some. Many of you have I mentioned to you that Pastor Duane Mickey and his wife Kathy would be here. I thought maybe they would be coming tomorrow but they are here today even this this this morning is Wayne and Kathy just stand up for a minute. So people know who you are doing as our Sabbath school personal ministries director and. Assistant to my office for total member involvement and Kathy is working with us in our presidential office the area of social media and. Very dynamically in evangelism outreach and they're going to be sharing more about total member involvement so great to see you folks here. Why am I a Seventh Day Adventists Well I had the wonderful privilege of growing up in a wonderful Seventh Day Adventists home. Not everybody has that opportunity and those who don't. And who come from a different background. Have a unique experiences that I can learn from. So no one is disadvantaged in the sense that. Well I didn't grow up in an Adventist home and I just don't have those advantages. There are many advantages in both ways. I think one of the things that I was not privileged to see in clarity. Until later in life was the clear distinction between what the world is and what God's church is and those of you who have come out of the world and into God's Church. It's so dynamic for you that you have to move on to something else within your growing experience. Why am I a Seventh Day Adventists. As I learned to appreciate God's precious Holy Word. And the Spirit of Prophecy. And realize that we are living in such a critical time and Jesus is going to be coming very soon. I just have to ask what else would you be than the Seventh Day Adventists when it becomes personal. And when you really understand what it means to have this connection with Jesus on a daily basis and let me tell you. Sometimes it's a little bit tough with all the travel and everything else to keep feeding on the word but by God's grace I do my best each of us have still stay connected with the Lord and then that experience helps you to understand the time in which we're living. That experience to me is probably the most dynamic thing as I look around as I listen to news and as I. Access the news and I really keep up to date by God's grace on a lot of things happening. I just realize we're at the very end of time we're living in the very last tips of those toes of Daniel Chapter two and the Lord's going to come up so it just is so enthusiastically and dynamically pointed out to me by everything that's happening around that I just want to be part of God's remnant people and share with others. Now let you in a little tiny vignette and I don't have time to tell the whole story. But what's that. I said no you don't know. I great grandfather came from Ireland. And his wife did to my great grandmother. The got married. Settled in Philadelphia area which area I think then they went to Canada then they finally ended up in Northern California around Healdsburg. My grandfather great grandfather. Noticed some tents and originally he thought perhaps the circus had come to town but he learned that these were Seventh Day Adventists meetings. You know those of you know Northern California you know that Adventism. Was a stablished. Quite strongly in the Healdsburg area. My grand great grandmother somehow and I haven't pinpointed how it happened but she became a Seventh Day Adventists but not my great grandfather was a good man he had a ranch she did orchard farming and whatnot had a store and all that kind of thing. So he was a prosperous helpful person in the community but he was not particularly a religious man. My great grandmother and this is really total member involvement. She invited my great grandfather. To come to the meetings in those tents. When he came she didn't know what to expect but the speaker was so pointed in helping to paint a picture of a loving Jesus. Who wanted to say. My great grandfather that when an appeal was made my great grandmother was absolutely amazed couldn't believe it here. Her husband stood up and went forward in response to the appeal and from there on out. He became absolutely a committed Seventh Day Adventists he became the head elder of the Healdsburg church. He was noted for helping people in so many ways the speaker at that camp meeting who invited my great grandfather to become a Seventh Day Adventist was Ellen White and. We trace our connection in the Wilson. Family to that wonderful practical ministry. Of the servant of the Lord. So why am I a seven day on this a lot of reasons but I'm just so excited to be part of God's last name of my name. I guess I could have just summed it up by saying that it was a good story. No you got it. You got to got to keep that story and that's good. Good is speaking of that's a good transition to our next question is there a particular admin is playing here or historical figure in the church that you have a have a special regard for or particularly admire. Well I already answered that. Yes it would be Ellen White Ellen White OK but James of course James and Ellen White Joseph Bates. In fact I have to tell you that in September is going to be the second time we've done this we will be taking all of the division officers and the General Conference officers. On a very special heritage and that Spirit of Prophecy tour in New England. And we will spend about seven days together. Learning about our past history and all of that I want to tell you that really does something to the leadership of the church when they see where we have come from and how God has led us in the past and he will lead us in the future. So those pioneers are very meaningful to me and we build upon what they have established. Let's not disappoint them and we get to heaven and we meet them because they're all dead now when they when we meet them. Let's show them the fruits of what we have built on and not deter from the wonderful platform. Amen amen. Well moving from administrate to present day Adventism Let's move into one of the most. Discussed issues of the last several years in the seventh heaven to keep. Fresh and relevant here. Women's ordination you heard that in the room a question or two that a couple of questions come in about this. If women's ordination has been addressed by previous general conference sessions one nine hundred ninety one thousand and five and recent history. Why was it brought to the twenty fifteen general conference session and could you explain the process. What was involved that brought to bear and what's going on to bring it to where we are today. Well we could talk I guess for the rest of the day on the subject. We cannot be very briefly subjects which people hold various convictions on will be brought up at times within administrative circles. And that they find their way then to an annual Council. And then recommended on to the general conference session. And this particular subject has been looked at by a general conference session three times now. So the General Conference in session really owns this question. It is also a question which has to do with the very basic fundamental. Work Force and approach that we have for ministry so it involves every division and every local field. The two thousand and ten general conference session we had a delegate stand up and ask that a clearer picture be given regarding ordination in general. And so we committed ourselves it wasn't voted that we do this but publicly we committed ourselves to holding some. A view of this particular subject. It is a subject which has been talked about for the last forty five some years or so. That we did have the special commission a special committee that met to discuss the theology of ordination Study Committee. And it was something that had many different viewpoints many different considerations. There was no unanimous result from that there were various points of view that came out and in fact there were three different approaches that finally emerged one that was not in favor of women's ordination one that was very much in favor and then there was a third group that had their own perspective on. Well it's not really biblical it's not really something that is authorised but maybe we ought to do it because of circumstances that particular those particular viewpoints were then presented to the annual Council. And it was then recommended to place before the General Conference session the question as to whether divisions should be allowed to make a decision themselves on this particular issue. Actually we went through a very careful process and tried to do it as fairly as possible. Those of you who watched or heard or were at the session saw that even and I think actually this was God's intervention our electronic voting system somehow didn't work. And I and even to this day we're not sure why. Anyway didn't work. So we finally abandoned using that we just used cards and then for that particular vote. We had an unusual exercise I don't think we've ever done that before where everybody quietly got up and marked their own ballot and and very personally was involved. It wasn't a big show. Nobody could tell what was what and we went around and put the ballot into a box. We had the General Conference auditing service guarding the boxes and caring for everything was done in a very careful way and it was done with music. We had choir singing we had the organ playing it was actually it was one of the most unusual voting procedures I've ever been involved with in any case the vote was taken and as you know the vote was to deny divisions to make their own decision which means that we were back to the same original situation where the church would work on this together and where we need to be together and realise that when a decision is made. We need to respect that decision. So I may not have answered all your questions but that's kind of how we got there. OK All right well been a follow up then because you mentioned the outcome of the vote and it was to deny the allowance for divisions to make their own decision on this and an idea that has been floating about whether it's in social media and conversation wherever it is that because there could have been a wider margin. The vote doesn't have a mandate. And therefore you know the idea is if something passes by say fifty five percent. It's encouraged. But if something passes by eighty five percent. It's expected to be followed. You know is there a threshold for. Read ability or compliance when it comes to G.C. session vote. How does that work. Whether it's at a G.C. session or whether it is a at a local church the Seventh Day Adventist Church uses a very democratic approach and a representative approach when you have a local conference constituency meeting your local church gets assigned X. amount of delegates to come proportional to your membership and then votes are taken. We do not practice some kind of unusual situation where if it is not a huge majority that then it is not valid. Generally speaking and votes have been taken in many different places. Whether it's in a nominating committee whether it's on the floor for some particular item whether it has to do with some constitutional aspect or a particular policy we practice a majority vote situation. So you have to get fifty percent plus one. OK. Which means that the that's a majority now to be honest when you have a particular vote if it's something about some great plan you're trying to work out if you don't have a lot a lot of support. Then of course you want to try and work with people to gain that support but votes that are taken are accepted to be valid if it is a majority. And so. Whatever that majority is is the will of the group. Now we don't have the privilege. Of coming before the High Priest. And asking a question. And having the urine and thumb on which was a. Marvelous expression on God's part where one would glow brightly if it was. Yes and the other would cloud over if it was no. We don't have the presence of the shit kind of glory and of the cloud which led the children of Israel. We don't have Ellen White with us and a longer but I want to tell you. We are not left without a guy the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. The only way we have of making decisions today in the church is through intense prayer. And through submission to God and each other and then to take a vote and when a vote is taken it should be respected. Now we need to work with those who have a different viewpoint and some people say well my conscience will not allow me to accept the vote. Whatever the vote is in this case this particular vote at the General Conference session. I have a conviction. That goes counter to what was voted there from my conscience will not allow me that's something that an individual has to work out with the Lord I can't I can't dictate to that person. The committee can't except to say and there is a marvelous passage and I don't know going to take time to read it to you but it is a marvelous passage in Volume nine of the testimonies which talks. Very specifically about the general conference session and when many people are assembled in a general conference session setting. And a vote is taken that individuals should. Pull back with their own. Personal viewpoints. If they are not in accordance with the vote that was taken. Now that's a very tough thing for people to do. And I simply have to appeal to individuals to work together. Now you know another very strange thing and I'm going to kind of answer a few questions without your asking because I've seen some of the questions you kind of heard these are of or yes this is. You know. Some people somehow and I I mean I have a little idea but it's absurd. Some people have been giving so much misinformation or have been passing on misinformation. Well the General Conference is equally ting the fundamental beliefs and the Bible with the working policy. This is so absurd as to be unthinkable. Policies are simply the way that we all agree to function to accomplish the mission. Policies should be built on the very premise of an understanding of the Bible the spirit of prophecy and our fundamental beliefs. Those are the reasons why we do mission because the Lord has given us this on the usual opportunity and the very end of time. So Paula sees that our voted at an annual Council. And you know the book is fairly thick actually when you read them. There are some very interesting policies. The problem is in the twenty first century age. A lot of people don't read the policies. And unfortunately there are some people who don't care about the policies the policies are simply things that we mutually agree on and they are voted by a majority vote. So I mean. I'll just tell you I know of at least two major initiatives that have been brought to the annual Council. That I have voted against. And actually I have very conscientious reasons for voting against them and they really are part of my. If you want to call it my conscience but because the world church in annual Council represented representing the entire church has voted a particulars way. Who am I to stand up and say no absolutely not. I'm not going to go along with that. I have to submit. Even though I don't think it's the right way to go now that doesn't mean I have to agree with it or you know I have to like it but I'm part of the world family and when you're part of a world family and they make a decision you go with it even to the extent of saying well you know I just don't agree with it. Now let me just I'm not going to bore you with reading a lot of stuff but there are a couple little things that you need to know. The Constitution of the General Conference. And really every. Every conference office every local mission every union office. This is not a secret hidden book. It's not sold at the avenues book center because it is something which if it falls into the hands of individuals who want to misuse something that's a potential but everyone ought to if they would really like to know they ought to know what's in these in these policies but the Constitution says the following the General Conference conducts this is the first page of the Constitution the General Conference conducts much of its work through its divisions which in turn are comparable. Of unions in specific areas of the world. Each division of the General Conference is authorized to carry out responsibilities in the Territory assigned to it it Shell Act That's the division and the unions which make up it Shell act in full harmony with the General Conference constitution and bylaws the General Conference working policy and actions of the executive committee. In order to carry the authority of the General Conference the actions of division committees shell of necessity be in harmony with and complimentary to the decisions of the General Conference in session and the actions of the General Conference executive committee between sessions. It's in our very constitution of the General Conference. Now there's one other little point I want to share here and this is really interesting. It's under working policy General Conference working policy in what is a etc. The General Conference working policy shall be strictly adhered to by all organizations in every part of the world field the work in every organization shall be administered in full harmony with the policies of the General Conference and of the divisions respectively. No departure from these policies should be made without prior approval from the General Conference executive committee. Except as stated below. Anyway there are many instances in policy which are all agreed on by all of us. That say we are a family we stick together. And we're going to have a meeting in the very near future and I would plead with you. To pray in mid January we will have a very important meeting with key leaders. From the North American division. And I want you to pray that the Holy Spirit will speak through all of us. Yes and that we will be submissive to each other and to the Lord. And that we will find our way through. I have no doubt at all that the church is going to move forward victoriously but we do have bumps along the road once in a while and we need to find the way to get through them through a lot of prayer through the Holy Spirit. And through submission. To kind of round off this portion the conversation mention that there's a meeting coming up with the in eighty leadership and I would imagine there are other meetings to follow subsequently this process of having meetings is not just a random idea that's come up that was an actual annual Council voted process is that correct. Could you very briefly explain to people what is the annual Council versatile conference session and what was the process outline for dealing with those who continue to act or into these that seem to want to go out of harmony with the voted G C policy. That's a lot of question a very little idea involves a lot of explanation but very briefly and very humble e. I want to just state that. At the General Conference session in what we call the steering committee where we had all division officers with us. We agreed that this particular item which came to the session was voted would be handled by divisions. And that the divisions would work on this and then report back to the General Conference and we did that for one full year through two thousand and sixteen and your counsel. Then there was also the understanding that if in fact some entities don't wish to comply with the vote that there must be some repercussion for that. What is it that you are to do and to be honest. This has just about everything you need to do you know have to manufacture something new. So in any case. We had quite intense discussions at annual council time and with various division officers and we came to the conclusion that we would allow another year of humble discussion and this and talking and that at the end of that there would be recommendations that would come. That would give some kind of. Further approach to how to deal with those who are not in compliance. We are in that process right now and that's basically what was voted at the annual Council. There have been a lot of very strange things that have come out and misinformation. Individuals and groups who have proliferated a lot of things that are simply untrue. The general conference wants to control unions or will take over unions and the Congress doesn't do that they. The unions are the building block of the General Conference and they constitute divisions. We work through divisions and work with the unions in any case. What was voted at the end you'll counsel. Me was that we will look at this for another year work with divisions and it's not just this particular division there are a couple other divisions that we're working with and by God's grace. We're going to find a way through probably not everybody will be happy with it but we need to we need to ask for the Lord's guidance and and realize that the church is not going to fall apart as I said last night this ship is going to go through. Because the pilot of the ship. It's not Ted Wilson. It's the Lord Jesus Christ and so that's a real short answer to what I could talk a lot about that was very well done. Thank you. Now moving away from this but kind of. Ten gentle I guess there are other issues not just in the church but in society at large that are have risen to the fore in recent years. And do you see a link between the question of women's ordination and the broader issues of gender and sexuality in society today. OK And there were a number of questions which were posed I think about the whole L.G.B. T. and how the church looks at this is the church going to downplay its convictions in order to keep its. Tax free arrangements and all of this kind of thing. Let me state categorically that God intends to bring healing to all people who are willing to allow his intervention to take place in their lives. We heard that this morning we stood this morning at the worship in response to allowing God to work on things which we only know basically personally that we need to work on and that the Lord needs to work on and we need to submit to. In the area of human sexuality. There has been an incredible emphasis on providing rights to the L G B T community. And it is definitely going to create some challenges for the church in terms of him. Ploy meant institutions and all of that. However the Bible. In my opinion. And in the I would have to say in the churches opinion because they have voted it. Maybe not everybody voted but as I said we work in a democratic way and a majority of people voted. We have some very clear statements about homosexuality. The Bible does not condone that practice. Neither does the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Now if an individual is has certain tendencies towards that. But is not practicing and A says by God's grace. I will remain faithful to His word then that person can be part of God's active church and its membership but if an individual is openly professing something other than what the Word of God says. And let's draw the same parallel even doesn't have to be. Homosexuality. If they are heterosexual and flaunting their multiple relationships. There's nothing there's no difference. It's it's sin. I mean this morning in our worship we heard that there is sin. Right OK and we need to recognize that God can give us the victory over sin. Now there's a wonderful representative here. Wayne from coming out ministries. It's a ministry that I think is a real blessing. And in fact we featured them. At annual Council. And they have a special movie which has been shown and I encourage you to invite them to come to campuses or churches and to share with how God is working in a very powerful way. To help us. As Jude twenty four says that he will keep us from falling or stumbling. And God knows the power that he has in his hand to help us so we need to know that and accept it. Now the issue of sexuality and the aspect of the public forum. Let me tell you it's only going to get more intense. But by God's grace. Let's be loving. Species kind. But let's not high. The fact that the Seventh Day Adventist Church stands on a clear understanding of the Word of God. And that's where we need to stand on every issue. But let's minister to people and show them care and love and point them to the one who can make them completely like him through his power not through our own power. You know Namor and I don't know if that's a very sensitive subject Yes but the Seventh Day Adventist Church is not going to backtrack on its biblical stand on that or on many other issues. So even if it gets us out of popular regard and maybe even loses some way we're still we're going to be faithful no matter what. Well by God's grace. You know all we have to do is look in Scripture to see. Many individuals who are put in undesirable positions but resolved in their minds to stand clearly on God's side and regardless of what may happen. I mean we know you read great controversy you know what's going to happen to many of us who are going to stand for Bible truth and stand for Jesus. But the Lord will stand with us. Amen kind of segue from that many other young people here at G Y C. And that might be getting this recording to where our students in administers to two should whether it be academies or universities and sometimes there is a frustration as has been exhibited in some of the questions and submitted about when they are attempting to live a life of faithfulness to God and His Word. But the institutions themselves do not seem to hold to those same standards. Whether it comes to whether it's issues of and some of the becoming a creation touched on homosexuality or the spirit of prophecy and its role in our in our walk with Christ. What can a young person do. Who feels that there and it can go with a bunch of this together with another question. You see the same thing in some areas where lame members of churches feel that they can't be fully exercising their seven damaged face within the context of this epidemic of church that there is in the institutions with a B. churches or schools. A lack of Faithless institutionally that gives them a pressure to not live out their faith personally. Can you what can a person do in a such a situation presents a tough question because I don't want people to get the impression in this morning that a majority of administrator is and institutional people are taking us in the company plea wrong direction because there are a lot of very very faithful and committed administrators and institutional leaders there are some people and by God's grace we need to ask that we are not part of that group who will bend to political correctness and pressure. I mean. In my position in your position. Whatever your position is the devil will try to push you into a situation where you will have to make a decision and you could to make the wrong one by simply pulling back. You know Romans twelve verse two in the Philips translation. J.B. Phillips translation. It says more or less. Don't let the world squeeze you into its mold and political correctness is probably one of the biggest enemies that the Seventh Day Adventist Church has right now. Be it. Daniel be an Esther be a Joseph be a Moses you know stand for the right though the heavens fall and you can only do that as you're in connection with the Lord. And as you're actively involved. And now again let me come back to total member involvement. We're. We're looking towards the future for young people. And what do we want to see happen. In the youth ministries Department worldwide and there are many wonderful things that are happening with you. But two of the things that I'm hoping will be so emphasized one is the plain teaching of the Word of God. Young people don't need to be entertained. They need to be fed and they need to get excited about it. Secondly service giving of yourself for somebody else and it could be an. Meeting kind of thing it could be in some community service aspect it could be whatever it is helping somebody else. I believe that service by young people in the name of Jesus helps to inoculate them against a lot of the distractions of the world because you really see a life that's changed so young people who participate with us in one example of this in public meetings Duwayne you get a lot of young people to go and hold evangelistic meetings. That's only one little aspect of being able to reach out and total member involvement but I want to tell you I've preached many evangelists to meetings and I'll be doing so again in about another month. Every time I preach those wonderful Biblical truths. I get reconverted all over again. It's just so exciting. And you just can't preach those things without just making it. Touch your heart and in a very very dynamic way. Now to get back to your question because we've wandered a long ways from that. I believe. That ways in which church members can help to keep all of us. Focused on the real mission of the church is through not. Lambasted people not through pointing out all the errors in public ways. But in. Prayerful committed humble dialogue with people don't be afraid as a young person to walk up to a church leader and say I need formal. It's of your time. I want to share with you. One of my prayer concerns and this is what it is. In my local church something isn't happening right. It's this and this and to be honest. Sir. I don't know how to fix that. But I know that it isn't in accordance with God's scripture Now if you're on a campus there are multiple people you can start with the vice president for student affairs. The academic dean the chancellor. I mean you can start with a with a favorite teacher. Can you help me know how to work through the system because I have a burden on this particular aspect it's not being done or it's being done in the wrong way. According to what I read in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy. You would be amazed as to how influential a humble appeal to an administrator will actually find its mark in the heart of the administrator. I know from personal experience both telling somebody maybe as a younger younger person but now as people come to me as they will write to me as they will talk to me. I will recognise. Maybe not all the time but I will recognise a very humble spirit in a person who has a real concern. And many times that will impress me. And I'll get my my paper out. And I write most everything in red. You'll see that the reason this is just trivia. But I used to write everything in in black or blue and then just write the important things in red and pretty soon everything became important. So I was going to tell them if you ever talk to elder Wilson and he says yeah it's really important. He pulls out a plaque just disregard if you pulls out the red pin it's going to happen but the interesting thing is because I in my own mind recognize that red means my daily work. It is a funny little thing. I leave the red pen at home on Sabbath and I don't take it. Amen. But in any case you. You cannot underestimate your power in approaching an administrator and saying I have a concern and I want to share it. If you come across as being somehow defiant and yelling and these people are horrible on it and minute administrator probably won't listen to you but if you come across in a very humble way and have a real concern. You'll find out that something will probably change. Now if it doesn't change you. There are steps that the church has worked out if you have a grievance. You can enlarge it you can go to the local conference of it so. The Church from you go to the local conference. If that doesn't work you can ask the union administration they may refer back to the local conference. I would say keep these things in constant prayer and you will be amazed how the Lord will open a door. Well speaking of one lesson at his education we looking at our time we have to move into our rapid fire sequence OK Just give us a quick yes or no or do whatever you want at the most cost of advocates education and somehow felt that it's expensive to go to school. Some of them are in this room. What can you say to young people who are trying to afford a seventh Avenue education without going so far in debt that are going to take on the rest of their life to pay off that thing how it is there a way out of this or what can we do. I don't quickly either. I don't have a full answer for that we had a a very important meeting at annual council time spending about three days on adding this education we're facing some real challenges and one of them is the cost. I think somehow we're going to have to it. Certain institutional levels reduce the overhead using more online activity. And somehow I don't know how but reintroducing the opportunity of young people to actually work their way through school. That used to be the case I know I did it and many others. Now the interesting thing is and what administrators are finding is that young people many of them. Don't want to work or they have easy access to loans. I want to tell you stay away from loans as much as possible. After you graduate as well just I mean you know yes people have to get a mortgage and all that kind of thing drive an old car don't just get the fanciest thing in pay and pay and pay stay away from debt. But I don't have a good answer for the cost factor except that institutions are going to have to find ways to eliminate some of the extra things. I'll tell you one problem that institutions face in order to be competitive. They add new programs many times those programs are not as well attended by students and so they have to carry that overhead that increases the cost overall for the institution somehow institutions are going to have to find specific things that are going to be profitable but yet very helpful to the church. I don't have a good answer. For a lot of the the cost factor. Except that do whatever you can to stay away from incurring thousands of dollars of loan debts and we're going to be going to have to keep working at that part it's encouraging you can at least affirm that church leaders and his Dushan leaders are aware of the issue and are thinking along those lines and they are very aware of it and they are very concerned and educational institutions themselves. Have to keep refocusing on the real mission of why they exist. Because if they're only there for a competitive edge and to try and get students in order to to maintain their validity of existence that's not the real reason the real reason for our institutions is to prepare young men and women to do mission for God. And that can be in many different areas. It's not just in the traditional theology and medicine and that kind of thing but in many different areas. The problem is how extensive Can you provide offerings and still keep the costs reasonable. It's a very complex question of very complex very very quickly and I know that these are there out there been so many issues that have come in that each one could be an entire session in itself. So we can't expect a thorough exhaustive everything answer for these but do you just in a nutshell do you see a time coming. When there will no longer at least in the North America division be racially divided conferences. You have two minutes. OK Well let me just indicate that that particular subject is not high on our agenda to try and reform everything I will say because there are various historical reasons for the developments of things like that. However. As the church becomes more and more diverse itself. There will be less and less understanding on the part of many younger people especially. As to why those different organisations are maintained and those things may develop in a natural way through constituency meetings and through people asking questions and talking. I will say that our regional conferences in the North American division because this is this is really a North and North American division. Concern or situation. It does not exist elsewhere. South Africa has had a bit of the problem but basically they have that's being pretty much resolved. It's in the process of being resolved but I would say our regional conference is of course of and very evangelistic Lee out. Outwardly looking in terms of evangelism and of the state conferences the same. However I will make this remark from statistics. It appears as though the group that is growing the fastest within North America is of course the Hispanic Spanish speaking groups and that Caucasians and African-American. Groups are not seeing the kinds of growth that they have seen in the past and how that's going to translate into how the dynamics of organizations proceed. We'll let the Holy Spirit guide but I think we need to give strong support to any organization. Regardless of how it began in terms of evangelistic outreach because that's the reason. And why we're here. What will happen in the future. That's in God's hands. Well like I said thank you so much for answering this question. There are many others we could have done really bogged down into and gone into N.D.P. Oh but in closing. Just speaking to the average joe lay person a young person user today beyond personal faithfulness to Christ. How would you like to see young people more useful in their work for Christ. What would you like to see from the young people the seven devils search that you're not seeing now but should be there. Don't be afraid to stand up and be counted as one of God's faithful servants stand where you are and make a difference. Don't hide behind any kind of perceived a wall or barrier or even political correctness be direct. But be sweet about it and let the Holy Spirit work through you to help guide your local church many of you come from small churches where maybe things have been done in a certain way in the churches not seeing growth in your frustrated. Sit down with the leaders of the local church a local church and just say I'm a young person I want to see things grow and I want to be part of it and I want to be part of it with you don't set yourself up as youth against the older generation. You've got to work together and the experience of those who are older will be a profound blessing as they see the enthusiasm of young people. I mean that was exhibited so markedly at the annual council our recent annual Council. We had world leaders from all over the world and we had all these young people who are part of souls West and lay literature evangelism outreach and they came and helped us to deliver glow tracts. And the book of the year which is it has another name but its story of redemption to the neighborhoods around the General Conference and we went out Saturday afternoon. It was even drizzling a little bit and rainy I tell you it was so much fun and so exciting to see these leaders participating with the young people. So you have older people younger people. Everybody working together. Don't ever give up your right. If you want to call or write your privilege of standing for truth and of doing it in a winsome and a loving Christ like way God will bless you for it and you'll bless the church. Well our time is up. I want to thank all of you for being in attendance and for submitting the questions ahead of time on a think Elder Wilson for being here at all. And speaking to us so candidly. It's a rare opportunity can we all say amen for elder Wilson President can you also commit with me not only for older Wilson because he's right. Elder Wilson is one man the true leader of the church is Jesus Christ and he's working through many many people throughout the world. Can we as young people commit to a faithfulness to God's word and his movement in this last day of the seven demister and pray for our leaders. Even when or especially when we see that they might have a need or shortcoming that need some revival reformation in their own lives that we don't want to talk about them. We want to talk to them. We want to lift them up before the Lord in prayer. So that we as a church family can be knit together and be a living witness for the Lord Jesus Christ can we commit to that today let stand for a word of prayer as we close out our time together and just before we pray. I want you to walk out of this room filled with hope for the few. Because this is an incredible movement the advent movement. And God is not going to let this movement whether away in some little corner. It's only going to grow stronger and more heaven directed and God will bless you as you allow him to work through you in whatever setting your in in whatever conference arrangement be an angel an agent proclaiming the three angels messages. This is such an exciting time to be alive again. Let's bury us gently Father we thank you so much for life at all and we thank you for the hope of eternal life that comes only through Jesus Christ. And Lord more more than mere faithfulness you've given us the responsibility and the privilege of being cold labors with you and with one another in hastening your soon coming. We are assured that we are in enemy territory in the devil is not pleased when the work goes forward. And we know that the arrows and slings of the devil will be coming at us from every direction and it will only get worse from this earth perspective but we want to higher perspective. Lord set our mind on a different place on the very face of Jesus Christ. Please help us to always be cognizant that the real leader of this movement is the Son of God Himself and that in his strength she will do great things as this world goes dark or His glory will be light or the Lord help us be part of that keep this faithful and make it a useable until the very for we pray to Jesus this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been infused in Texas. I see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other. Sources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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