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Laughing Out Loud

Randy Skeete
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Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • December 29, 2016
    8:00 AM
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Yeah. Good morning. Excited to be at the first devotional of the band. We're going to start the song service with number three thirty seven Dean. This morning is a day to realize that Jesus is our most prized possession. There's nothing we can gain in this world by choosing not to serve Him He is our life. He gave it to us and sustains it and in Him we find our bein Jesus is all the world to me and I see his one eighty five. See a way to see a man. Easily and slowly A A A A A A A A A A Bush. That it was please rise as we sing our opening song before the throne. As the road sung can be their seasons zero zero soon as you can soothe. The sun will rise with charisma. I mean I'll be seated. Good morning to you. R.C. Good morning to you. I see God is good in all the time and that is his nature this morning. I have the privilege of introducing our morning devotional speaker. Randy skeet pastor skeet is an individual and God is used quite mightily in my life and probably many young people across the world. I've known him for many years when he served as the campus of Angeles on an Arbor Michigan as well as sitting in many of his classes his weekly prayer meetings and of course personal mentorship and investment. And so I trust that we will hear from the Lord each and every morning and I ask that you would keep him in your prayers as he speaks and even when he's not speaking that God would continue to speak to him if you would stand this morning as we have our scripture reading Jude twenty four and twenty five. The Bible says. Now one to him that is able to keep you from falling. And to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy. To the only whys God our Savior. Be glory and majesty. Domingue in and power both now and ever amen. Let us pray. Mighty God Everlasting Father we are grateful that you seem fit in your mercies to wake us up this morning. It is not because we were worthy that you've drawn us to this place and so Lord we come with Thanksgiving in our hearts and we enter your courts with praise. We pray Father that if ever you have spoken by a man that you would speak by Pastor Skeete this morning. We pray that our hearts would be ready to receive the Word of God with meekness which is able to save our souls may Jesus be seen. May the spirit of God travel from heart to heart and from mind to mind in pressing the truth upon the soul. So that when all has been heard. We will be on the right side. This is our prayer. And we trust that you will help this to be our experience for we offer this prayer from our hearts in Jesus's name but all of God's people say. Amen. They say to you. Was seen was this was this was God is good and all the time. Let's try that again. God is good and all the time. Psalm one hundred verse five for the Lord is good. His Mercy his everlasting and his truth and Yorath to all generations. Good morning everyone. I said good morning everyone. Did I walk into a cemetery. Good morning everyone. How are you how many of you love Jesus can I see your hand quickly. God bless you God bless you I love him as well. So I'll raise both my hands. I love Christ. I'm delighted to see you. I thank God from the foundation of my soul for this sweet privilege and this holy honor to fellowship with you in this way My prayer is that the Lord will tell me precisely what to say that your law. Maybe blessed. But higher than that that God's name may be glorified CAN I HAVE AN AMEN. Before I go any further who is with us who is not a Seventh Day Adventist measure I have. You are not a Seventh Day Adventist measure your have Raise your hand. Wherever you are and move the hand. God bless you my lovely sister. Thank you for coming. God bless you. We are delighted to have you with us. Anyone else you are not our God bless you God bless you my good brother just do that for me God. That's it. Now you'll go to heaven. Just keep it off get off get off. All right. Anyone else take that thing off anyone else you're not a seven day Adventist and me one else. Come on say may I say it again. Two weeks say it again. God is good all the time. Yes he is God can't be anything but good now. Time flies quickly. So I have to plunge into the message. The title of this morning's message is laughing out loud what did I say that for those of you who were born in the Facebook maternity ward of the social media hospital. You know that laughing out loud is referred to as what L.O.L. Do you know the Bible as well as that. OK. Or else. But our subject is laughing out loud I understand there's one called rolling on the floor laughing on my right here. There's another one. You can't mention from the pulpit. But so L O L is our subject for this morning before I go any further. You need to help me. I'm always in need of help. What's this. Come on. What's this. What's that. What do I want you to use. Yes. Now we're meeting for the first time. So you don't know how to get along with me I am tell. And you how bring a bible to the service. I want to see you walk into the hotel lobby with a Bible. I want to see you walking on the streets with a Bible. Someone may say to you Are you a Christian and I hope you'll say yes the person may say were you going to do I say What's that you tell them. Mary Kom Yes we thank God for technology. This is not a bible. This is the Holy Bible. This is not a holy i Phone. Bring a bible now. How many of you have Bibles raise your hands. You have Raise your hands. God bless you. The rest of you who don't Please repent bring your Bible tomorrow. All right. This has Viber Snap Chat is a snap chat. Instagram. Whatsapp email google. What else or else you know them don't play as though you don't you do what does this have only the Word of God No temptations with this I came into the meeting last night there was someone other on the phone just you know God can kill you for that then I'm serious. He can kill you for that. We must respect God something else to do for me I want you to pretend you're in the presence of an earthly judge. Now what are some things you cannot do you can't talk something you can't chew gum who said that I like you God bless you. What else what else you cannot do. You can't text you cannot even take the phone it into a courtroom. What else you cannot do you can't drink water a courtroom is not a restaurant drink your water before you come. You will not die of thirst can you say a man or a I pretend you are in the presence of a judge. Now convert that to the Judge of all the earth. Shaw God reverence if you agree say a male. What are subject. All right so this off the bible on second favor. While I am speaking pray for me and say Lord put your words in that man's mouth. That's based on Jeremiah Chapter one Verse nine then the law put forth his hand and touch my mouth and the Lord said unto me Behold I have put my words if I'm out of favor Number Three think. I still want it in Come now let us reason together said the Lord. You know young people are treated too much like young people. What do I mean. When you take the S.A.T. when you take calculus. When you take on is physics. You are serious right or wrong. Yes you're right you're right but when it comes to the Bible you giggle and laugh and ignore it. I want you to be rigorous in your thinking. God deserves it. It's about ice closed. Father in heaven. You know how honored I am to stand in your presence to speak to those for whom your son shed his blood in the all conquering name of Jesus Christ their God give me the words. Give me the sequence of ideas. Help me to speak to God with boldness fearlessness. But humility. Bless everyone who has come. But father in a very special way. Bless the visitors their God Those who are not seven the admin this who have come to be with us a double bill Lessing on them now day God take all the glue. Three men give us the blessing. In Jesus name I pray let God's people say Amen and Amen Genesis five reading from Verse three quickly. Genesis five reading from verse three. The Bible says and Adam lived a hundred and thirty years and begat a son in his own likeness after his image and called his name. Seth and the days of Adam after it be gotten. Seth were eight hundred years and he begat sons and daughters and all the days of Adam were nine hundred and thirty years and he died and settling of one hundred and five years and begat us and Seth lived after he began in orse eight hundred and seven years and begat sons and daughters and all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years and he died. And in us lived ninety years and begat cannon. And in also lived after he begat canon. Eight hundred fifteen years and begat sons and daughters and all the days of us were nine hundred and five years and he died and Cannon lived seventy years and begat Helen Lila and Cannon lived after he began to have a little eight hundred and forty years and begat sons and daughters. And all the days of King Arnon One and Nine hundred and ten years and he does. Adam Seth in us here in. Adam nine hundred thirty seven nine hundred twelve in Austin nine hundred five K. I nine hundred ten what we will do is total those lifespans were going all the way to Noah and then come up with an average minus the lifespan of in UK verse fifteen and Mahalla lived sixty and five years. And begat Jared. And Helen lived after he began Jared eight hundred and thirty years and begat sons and daughters and all the days of my Hello. Were eight hundred ninety and five years and he died And Jared lived one hundred sixty in two years and begat in uk. Then Jared live after he would get. Eight hundred years and begat sons and daughters and all the days of Jared were nine hundred sixty in two years and he died and enough lived sixty and five years and begat Methuselah. And walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years and begat sons and daughters and all the days of Iraq with three hundred sixty and five years and he not walked with God and he was not for God took him. Remember we do not include the life span as you know because it has not yet ended and it will never end. He did not die. And so we have Adam nine thirty. Seth nine twelve in last nine zero five Canon one thousand nine hundred five. JARRAD nine sixty two. We pass. We go to Methuselah first twenty five of Genesis five and Methuselah live one hundred eighty and seven years and begat limit and Methuselah lived after he got limit seven hundred eighty in two years and begat sons and daughters and all that there is a Methuselah one nine hundred sixty and nine years and he die. And limit lives one hundred eighty in two years and begat a son and called his name nor saying this same shall comfort us concerning our work and tall of our hands because of the ground which the Lord has cursed and limit live after he begat Noah five hundred ninety and five years and begat sons and daughters and all the days of limit was so. One hundred seventy and seventy years and he died. So we've reached the limit beginning at Adam and the last of the tenth patriarchs before the flood. Is no verse thirty through. Genesis five and knows five hundred years old and Noah begat sham Ham and Japheth and how long did Noah live. Chapter nine first one in Iowa and all the days of no more nine hundred fifty years and he died. We pause. Let's calculate. From Adam to know or minus enough. The average lifespan nine hundred and twelve. If someone were alive today and that person was nine hundred twelve. He was born hundreds of years before Columbus. He could tell you about Marco Polo and how we met him he could tell you about John whitelist the morning star of the Reformation. Nine hundred twelve is a long time to live with. Those of the ten patriarchs before the flood. Let's look at ten patriarchs after the further. What's our subject quickly laughing out loud or shorten it. Yes L.O.L. Genesis eleven reading from first ten. As anyone prayed and said Lord put your words in that man's mouth yet. God bless you God bless you wherever you are. I am profoundly grateful thank you very much. Genesis eleven reading from her stand. These other generations of shame shame was one hundred years old and we get our facts said two years after the flood that we have Chen a son of know and shame live after he began our. Facts that six five hundred years and begat sons and daughters so sham lived six hundred years verse twelve and are facts. I live five and thirty years and begat Salah and our fact certainly after he began Salah four hundred and three years and begat sons and daughters. And Salah lived thirty years and begat Ybor and Salah lived after he got four hundred and three years and begat sons and daughters. And even lived for thirty years and begat pealing and you believe after you get. Four hundred and thirty years and begat sons and daughters. Let's pause from sham to Ybor sham lived six hundred years are facts said four hundred thirty three. Salah four hundred and thirty four hundred thirty eight for facts for Salah Salah four thirty three and Ybor four sixty four. Now the next longest life span will be T. leg who is next and real Whose after him both lived two hundred and thirty nine. Now the ten patriarchs after the flood stretched from shame six hundred to Abraham once and the five. So we have ten before the flood ten after the flood won't cross both sides of the flood that was no or now why am I saying all of this. In the days of you know. Methuselah no chance. Here in. Mahalla only. Nine hundred. Was nothing to be amazed that. Are you with me. Nine hundred was customary Methuselah had his first child when he was one hundred eighty seven. I checked on the lifespans in various countries. No country on the face of the earth. Has a lifespan for any citizen beyond ninety not one country. The leading country I think Japan Sweden there in the high eighty's United States in the seventy's you take it online a serial country is you may be shocked and mortified. No one above one hundred above ninety nine hundred I say was standard. But listen to most is as he describes the life span of Abraham. Go to. Genesis twenty five. Let's reverse Well before we go to Genesis. Let's go to Genesis seventeen. We look at that now a change of mindset. Genesis seventeen we read from first fifteen our subject laughing out loud and got seventy Abraham asked for say Arise I wife that I shall not call her name Syria I but serious shall in the name be. And I will bless her and give the a son also of her. Behold I will bless her and she shall be a mother of nations kings of people shall be of her. That's what God said to Abraham. If you have the King James Version read for seventeen with me. Are you ready. Let's read then Abraham fell where on his face and laugh. Left at home. God why because God said You will have a son as the age of a hundred. Sirrah will have a child at the age of nine hundred eighty or hand fell on his face and hell or held. And for those of you above the age of twenty five. He laughed out loud. Why did Abraham laugh at Ga Ga because Abraham's mind could. Not entertain the thought of someone having a child at one hundred even though his forefather had a son at one hundred eighty seven. What am I saying the thinking had changed sustained exposure to certain conditions changes the mind. In the book a traction prophets page ninety five paragraph three elevate writes. Speaking of the end title of eons. As a single became general in a period less and less sinful. And they finally declared that the Divine Law was no longer in force. And that it was contrary to the character of God to punish transgression. And they denied that the judgments of God were to be visited upon the earth that paragraph ends with these words their minds had become so blinded by your rejection of life that they really believe nor was message to be a delusion. They really believed hundreds of years of sin no judgement from God They could not accept that God would finally send judgement my young brothers and sisters. I'm changing real sustained exposure to a certain condition. Shane just the mind. Now God said. You'll have a son Abraham laughed he could not even accept what God said because his mind had been so change. He is now a custom to a short life span. And so he fell on his face and left to God God is mercifully understood. It's good when husbands or wives cooperate in chapter eight. In Syria also laughed but the Bible had her in a tent door behind Gordon Abraham. So we don't know if she fell on her face. But she laughed. Now let's see how most is under the inspiration of the Spirit of God describes the life span of Abraham Genesis twenty five we refer seven and for sate. Genesis twenty five seven eight. These are the days of the years of Abraham's life one hundred threescore and fifteen years verse eight then Abraham gave up the ghost and died pick up the first with me now come on and died in the good old age when is the verse and all man and full of years. Pause one seventy five is an old man. A good ole and Methuselah had his first child at one eighty seven. Something had changed in the mind of humanity. They now accepted a lifespan less than two hundred as a long life. And so Abraham was an old man full of years. He died in the good ole age because in his day nine hundred no longer made sense. Chronologically of physiologically. If I'm getting through to you say a man. Or let's leave Abraham and go to an age when it got worse. What are some ninety. What are subject. What did I just say what chapter one verse. I didn't say you're listening God bless you. Some ninety reading for STEM. Are Going from Abraham to David hundreds of years later from Abraham today. Very are you with me. Read with me if you have the King James Version one of the Bible say the days of our years our walk three score and ten and if by reason of strength. Maybe you walk four score stop in David's time. Abraham's life span made no sense. One hundred seventy five or no. Seventy. From nine hundred twelve. As the average lifespan before the flood the ten patriarchs after the flood the average lifespan three sixteen from shame to Abraham. In Abraham's day one seventy five long life in David's time seven. And if you fall in the lights Council in council and that's and foods may be eighty. The thinking has changed to the point. That not even God's word was accepted. Let me explain what I mean go to second Peter's up to three we read from first three second Peter three reading from Verse three find these passages quickly time is slipping away as it always does. Do you have second Peter three say yes or no. All right. What first I say. Knowing this first that they shall come when in the last days whom scoffers walking after their only loss and saying what. Where is the up of his. For since the fathers fell asleep all things continue walk from the way up. Yes they were saying where is the coming that's what they'll say for hundreds and hundreds of years we have heard Jesus is coming. He has not come. He's not coming. Taking too long. I have said all of that to say this. We have lived in a world of sin for approximately six thousand years. Listen to me carefully don't sleep. Weakness is passed on from generation to generation. I didn't say sin. I said weakness. I can't pass my sin to my son weakness dispositions added skills are passed on from generation. So each succeeding generation is weaker than the one that preceded it. After a six thousand years of the earth being a sewer of sin. We have come to the place. Listen to me carefully. As in Abraham's time nine hundred years made no sense. As in David's time wants them to five made more sense. We have come to the tie up where it makes no sense to many Christians. Among them seven the evidence. It makes no sense to say it is possible to live above sin. We are surrounded by say your college campus. On any given night. Somebody is sleeping with somebody else who should not be in that room. I say college because your young people on any college campus someone is introducing someone to marijuana and it may be on our campuses as well. On any college campus someone is being introduced to alcohol. On any given campus someone is doing something contrary to the standards of God and the end Vironment is sourced steep. It reeks with sin to the extent that it is difficult for Christians to believe that by the power of God they can conquer sin. And so when someone says it is possible to conquer every sin in the life we L. or L. We serve a God for whom nothing is impossible. Let's go back to Abraham's experience we go to Genesis eighteen this time series one Laffey. Remember the thinking of change in Abraham's than one hundred years. Make no sense. But God does not need to time the way we do. Genesis eighteen. We read from first hand. This is God speaking to Abraham. Of course he came into human form with two angels. When I said he came in human form and Abraham's Nay that was not the incarnation are you with me. The Incarnation required the virgin birth. Are you following me you had to be born of a woman it was not the incarnation. But he came in human form. If that's clear say amen. I'm not convinced that Christ appeared in human form in Genesis eighteen he consumes meat. He drank milk put butter on the bread. It was not the incarnation. If that's clear say a man. What was required for the incarnation. He had to be born of a woman he was not born of a woman in Genesis eighteen but he appeared in human flesh. All right in that condition. He sat down with Abraham spoke to him first then and he said. I will certainly return to the according to the time of life and laws here with I wife shall have a son that's what God said. And Sarah heard it in the tent door which was behind her. The Abraham and Sarah are old and well stricken in years and it's system of Sarah after the man and women. Therefore say or rather laugh within herself saying after I am wax all. Shall I have pleasure. My lord being all also say will say look I am too old to have children she left Abraham left in chapter seventeen set the example. Sarah followed in chapter eighteen. For thirteen. And the last twenty Abraham were for did say will of saying. Shall I. Of a surety bear a child which I'm old now lets go to first fourteen read the question in verse fourteen the first part out loud you read it I listen to. Is anything too hard for the UN sort of question loudly. No that was not allowed. I said loudly. No no. If nothing is too hard for God. Listen to what God is saying. Remember the context. God is saying. I don't care if the life span is no longer one hundred that's not a problem for me I don't care if the physiology of human beings has changed. That's not a problem for me. I don't care how Sociology has changed. That's not a problem for me. That's a problem for you. Abraham and for your giggling wife. It is not a problem for me. So is anything too hard for a lot. The answer is no now question for you answer me loudly yes or no. Can God figure. Victory over your addiction to social media. Yes or no. Yes. I walked through the lobby last night. There are four young people sitting on a couch looking very comfortable. They probably do I see a group I don't know everyone on a cell phone. So I deliberately walk close to the couch to see which book of the Bible they were reading. You know what they're doing. Take a guess. Playing games with concentration reserve for an honest program and there are plenty. Listen to me. We're familiar with addiction to alcohol addiction to drugs. Addiction to pornography. There is addiction to this. That's why when I say turn it off you find it so hard to obey. But if you disobey me you may fail all your exams when I say turn this off turn this off. Are you listening to me. Does God have power to break your addiction to polygraph it websites. Yes or no. Yes. Does God have the power to break your connection with that boy friend who is not of the church. I say yes loudly. Say it again say that again. Yes and some of you are guilty I see it in your lovely vegetarian face. And before G.Y. sees all of a brick off those relationships. Did you hear what I said. Break them off advantage home page sixty seven paragraph one to unite with an unbeliever is to place yourself on Satan's ground. You grieve the Spirit of God and forfeit his protection. Our scripture reading. Where did it come from. June twenty fourth twenty five blessings upon you. What does it say Now on to him. That is able to work keep you from forming and to present you how whole faultless before home at the presence of His glory with exceeding joy you listen to the verse again we shall read it. Microscopically. Now want to Him That is why what is able to mean give me a longer version along the word that expresses Abel in means of billet or capability yes. Now on to him that is able to do up keep one you. So we have him. What else do we have. Ability to keep a game you. The ability does not lie in you it lies somewhere in him. As long as you think the ability lies in you to conquer sin you will fail. Now you may conquer that individual sin or that individual sin or I may conquer. But you and I will never conquer the power of sin until we acknowledge the power for that lies in Jesus Christ. And so knowledge in him. Da that is able remembers anything too hard for the Lord to keep you from what for. We have lived so long in the world of sin as I said earlier we read that verse and we say No way. When you do not believe God's word you effectively call God a liar. Let me say it again. When we believe God's word. We effectively call God a liar. He that believeth on the Son of God have to witness in himself he that believeth not have made God a liar. Because they have not believed the testimony God gave of his son first John five or stand he that believeth on the Son of God have the witness in himself he that believeth not have made God a liar. Listen to me carefully my friends when you say whether by word or added children that God is not able to give you a victory over your besetting sin. You have called God a liar. Let me take it one step further and alarm you. The liar is Satan. Listen to John in forty four. Just listen you hear of your father the devil. And the loss of your father he will do you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him not a Bible says Jesus is truth. John fourteen six the Holy Ghost is truth first John five six The father is truth. Deuteronomy thirty two verse for the whole family of seven is truth. Jesus says this is not truth in Satan. When you speak of the lie. He speaks of his own for he is a liar. Let me alarm you. Satan is a liar. The Bible says when we doubt God's Word we make Him a liar. You see where I'm going. You sure I don't see you trembling. Is virtually equating God with Satan to disbelieve the plainly revealed. I am not referring to ignorance of the plainly revealed and stated word of God the seventh day is the Sabbath of the law as I got it is plain it is clear. To preach Sunday is a Sabbath is to call God a liar and to quit him with the originator of lies Satan. When you say God cannot give you victory over sin. You are calling God a liar. And you want to tell him I'm sorry. This morning. What's our subject. But laughing out loud. There are too many Christians laughing at God. By laughing at his word. Because the word says. If you do these things. You shall never fail. Because the word sells. Knowledge to him that is able to keep you from phoning and to present you faultless but is faultless mean. Without Sin effectively. How are the last of the believers describe the end time generation Revelation fourteen five sit with me and in their mouths was found. Come on said loudly in their mouth was found no guile why for they are without fox hole before the FOR ALL OF GOD not before the White House the Kremlin on Number ten Downing Street not before your friends but before God. How you appear before your friends. It's not a school shell as how you appear before God am I too hard on you are you sure you want to marry Had a Little Lamb sermon tomorrow morning. There's something you're doing. You've been doing for years. You need to stop. You've been doing it not because you're so extraordinarily vicious because you really don't believe you can stop. You just don't believe. Do you know unbelief is a foundation of sin. This is the words of Jesus. Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is expedient for you that I go away. For if I go not away the Comforter will not come in to you but if I depart. I will send them unto you. And when he's come he reproved the world of three things. What are they saying was the next one righteousness judgment. Now Jesus lists the three and then he comments on each one of sin because they believe not on me. There is something you are doing. You must stop. Not only are we affected by the fact this world has been six thousand years of sin and sort of thought of the simplest life is virtually unwelcome to everyone's mind virtually but also because pulpits no longer part. Preach to live the question of sin. Because sin is uncomfortable. Sin. Tell me how to be rich. To me how to get a husband or second one. Tell me how to prosper. Tell me how to find school fees. Tell me. How do you have a larger house. Tell me how to feel good about myself. Give me some psychology. Give me some How to Win Friends and Influence People give me some think positive and grow over this thing and Grow Rich. Don't tell me about sin. Come tomorrow morning and the next morning. And the next morning. To hear what God has given me for you. For this morning as I come to the final moments of laughing out loud. I want you to change your thinking regarding the nature of sin and the power of God. Yes the greatest power in the universe. After God is a power of Satan. But I just say this side the side what if I just say. Next time don't be so slow. I'll go to that side. The greatest power in the universe. After Sin after God is the power of Satan and the power of Satan is the power of Satan. To break it. You need daunt. Bible comment three volume five page ten eighty three paragraph one L.O.L.. How many of you have heard of a white collect you have. Hands down wrong question. You've never heard of a light measure Have you never heard of Ellen like you or I. How many of you read a book of a light within the past ten years. Can I say. God bless you. Let me pause and make a commercial I was not asked to do read the writings of Ellen White are you with me. This I said nothing I said read the writings of Ellen White read messages to young people. Ha read letters to young lovers. Read education. Read mind character and personality. Read those books and put down Harry Potter. Like your life change. Read the writings of L. and white. If there's a booth go and buy all the books. Leave that piece alone buy the books. Riza Bible Commentary volume five page twenty three paragraph one element write. Bear in mind it is none but God that can hold an argument to Satan. The only power. That can break you and me free from sin is the power of God and the power is available through the Word of God but it has to be believed. My brothers and sisters. Let us stop laughing out loud at God. You can gain victory over your sins. I don't care what or this pride. Selfishness always late for church but early for class. You can gain the victory over sin. If you agree say America. Now this very carefully my time is running. If there's a particular weakness you have and right now you want to commit that to God and say Father. Are you want the victory over this. This is very specific I smoke in secret. I drink in secret and my professional fornicator what ever it is. I want to break away from that. If you will like them to find a particular weakness. And you want God to help you stand up and stand up quickly. I won't call to the front. Just stand with listen to me carefully. There is a particular weakness you have. What's in. Movies buying C.D.'s from Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga and Beyonce are and what's the other girl name Black China and. Whatever her name is and all their cousins. Which is an entrance the devil gets into your mind. You want to stop wasting lots of money. And ruining your minds. You say God give me think of my love for the world. Let me love Jesus. How can you put beyond say and Jesus and you prefer beyond say over Jesus. Is because you don't know Jesus. I'll repeat a call one more time I ask you to stand having identified an individual weakness father. Are you want victory over that beginning now. As the words of God to Abraham remain in your mind is anything too hard for the Lord give me the answer no. Can God break your diction of social media. Yes. God break your addiction to movies. Yes Can you give you fix we offer immorality Yes can we help you break that out of church relationship. Yes. Do you want its air has bought ice closed Father in heaven. If I was too hard on you. People to God forgive me in my heart. It's love Look at this beautiful young people a god you want them. But the devil also wants them. And sometimes they got it looks as if you are losing the battle and the devil is winning. Your word says remember now if I create in the days of our youth the devil functions the same way he wants them when they young the same in a beacon as he wanted a young people he was no Flemish skillful and all wisdom cunning and knowledge he wanted the best the devil. Who wants your people to God but you want them to as proven by Calvary their god. Some of my young brothers and sisters are trapped in one weakness after another they may have reached the point of hopelessness. I can't conquer this. I can't conquer that and they laugh out loud effectively not believing your words in the name of Jesus Christ who conquered death. Hell sin the grievances. Let them lead please believe me they can break free from that sin that has handcuffed them to see it gives them that Deliverance they got let them experience freedom in Christ. Blesses for the remainder of this day blessed every speaker they cog led who lives change I pray we thank you. We praise you here in Jesus' name let all God's people say hey man and God bless you God bless you. I'll see you tomorrow morning.


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