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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • December 29, 2016
    6:00 PM


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See below friends and welcome to twenty sixteen we're coming to you live from Houston Texas and what a wonderful time we've already had. It's hard to believe it's the second evening and I tell you what I know we don't broadcast live the early morning devotional but we've been blessed already this morning with older Randy skeet and we have the what they call the plenary session I know later on on three B.N. you build a few of these programs but it has been a blessed time and three A.B.N. has been so privileged through the past. What is it been twelve years. I think twelve years in two thousand and four to work with has been a great partnership to go to bring you these programs thank you very much for your support of the ministry of three B.N. is because of you and the Lord Jesus Christ that we can bring you these wonderful programs human That's right three Minutes broadcast I mean since two thousand and four great I started in two thousand and five and we've attended every G Y C sense and that's always a blessing to come together and see the young people on fire for God see them with their bibles or their i Phone reading following along the Scriptures and I know that you're going to be blessed by the message tonight. Of course there's music in testimony. But tonight and every evening a medium we're going to be hearing from Pastor Jason slider he and his wife McGorry many pastors in that Michigan conference and I'm looking forward to the message that C. has for us this evening. You know you. Just pray for the number of years we've been working with some of them. Now a little oh does that mean we're going to say that but I hope anyway. Pray for these young people because there are people young people in the valley of decision that we need to turn their hearts toward Jesus Christ but want to join the song service that's going on on the platform here. And I think again reducing the theme song join in though to my height. To the US I thank you so much for singing. You know isn't music a blessing. I've even blessed today. I know I've been blessed. And I just want to welcome you all here tonight. So glad to see all of you. Before I read. I just want to say you know the spear is strong and he is here and I just am so thankful for that. So I'm going to read from Daniel seven nine and ten. I beheld till the thrones were cast down. And the Ancient of Days did sit. Whose garment was white as snow and their hair of his head like the pure wool his throne was like a fiery flame. And his wheels as burning fire. A fiery. Stream issued and came forth from before him. Thousand thousands ministered unto him. And ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him. The judgment was set and the books were opened. If you want to just about your heads with me as we pray. Father in heaven. We are so thankful to be here tonight. I pray that you would send your spirit poor your spirit out and night. I pray that you will especially be with Jason those who speaks. Please give him your words. Give us open ears to hear what you have to say to each one of us. I pray that we will not become distracted by things going on around us by other thoughts father push the devil far away and send your spirit here. I pray that you would help this weekend to be a life changing weekend in every life here father may we seek you first of all in our lives and may we seek to hasten your soon coming father we don't want more joy sees We want you to come. And so I just pray that you will renew our zeal and bring us closer to you. Tonight and throughout the weekend. And Jesus name Amen. Good evening to you. I see. We have some exciting news to share with you about one year ago this time we came together we decided that we wanted to try something that we had never tried before and we came up with this idea called G Y C embassador. About that time we had seventy people signed up to get involved in being mentored and trained in incursion and quips to get involved in the local area and so we got coaches and we got webinars set up and we started mentoring them and I'm pleased to report that one year later we have had over two hundred fifty Bible studies done and over twenty five baptisms as a result of those efforts. Got as good a man. As we have gone through the program we found that one of the most valuable parts has really been the accountability of having a network of other people who could really encourage and support and so today we have a few testimonies just to share how it's gone over the year. Thank you Eric with us today we have three of our ambassadors from twenty sixteen and they have a few tests to share with you. Of the ways they were influencing their communities and their local churches. So first off we have Alina. Alina you have an experience with a health expert that you had Please share this how that went and also how you ended up on T.V. and your local network. Health Expo is being held in a venue where there were a lot of people who were interested in health and kind of new agey spiritualistic minded. So they were amazed at the services that were being offered and we had about two hundred people passed through the Health Expo and in conjunction with that there is a lady who from our church who had done the festival for a vegan festival that attracted over a thousand people and she again. For me to be able to speak on T.V. And then once the event so that more people could know about it. Amen thank you so much Alina. Our next testimony is from Joy McClellan and joy. How has being part of the and Bassett or helped you to achieve your goals this year. Well do I see it there for me this past year has helped me a lot with accountability and serving God when I left you. I see. Last year I was super excited to be a part of the basket or program but you mediately I started feeling like oh I can't do this this is too much but thankfully do I see they provided lots of great support that Ambassador Program which encouraged me to continue working for God throughout the year. Thank you Joy And our last testimony comes to us from Jericho Battista Jericho can you please share with us. One of your bible studies that turned into a great event. So I had a Bible study contact the later part of this year and when I knocked on his door and gave him the survey. He was a little bit adamant he was standoffish. And as I continue to push the issue says OK I'll give you one chance and that one chance led into another chance and then that other chance led into full time bible studies this gentleman began to attend evangelist it Series and he got baptized and now he is giving Bible studies to his Buddhist wife. To his Catholic sister in law. I'm sorry Catholic sister and Pentecostal brother in law. So it's a tremendous blessing. In two thousand and seventeen. We are taking a Jew R.C.M. Bassett a program to the next level. Behind me you see a selected group of individuals that have applied to be G. of his U.S. ambassadors and those are not all of them but there was a most of them and in two thousand and seventeen with U.S.C. ambassadors. We will be focusing more on training mentorship and culpability. And we have partnered up with some. Successful ministries like A.S.I. it is written disciples and audio verse advance and elder Mark Finlay to train these young people how to share effectively with the world and so we are excited to see how this will grow. How did U.S. ambassador program will glorify God and how we will see more souls want to Jesus in the upcoming year Amen. So we are asking for your prayers for the U.S. ambassadors right here and for those who are still signing up and if you want to be a Jew I see embassador if you want to experience that special training and mentorship I want to encourage you sign up next year for us the ambassador. We will be promoting this throughout our different channels websites and so on and you will be blessed with pray for them and I want to curate you are all do I see ambassadors for all investors for Christ and we all have a responsibility to share him wherever we are get a look at this in your local church and do something for Jesus God bless you. GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD What do you think of. When you hear the words inspiration on demand. It's a pretty exciting concept isn't it. It has been thrilling for me over the last year or so to be working with such an inspirational group of young people dedicated and all ages dedicated to working with our generation at the Adventist review this year we released a our T.V. inspiration on demand and it is so exciting to see over one million engaged users across our digital platforms and if you haven't checked it out for yourself. Now's the time to check it out. Also look this Sabbath for a postcard on your seat which will give you more information before Be sure to check it out. Thank you. Good evening friends. Can any of you tell me what tomorrow is praise the Lord yes. Tomorrow is what I think is the most exciting day of all of you. I see we have our Friday outreach. How many of you by show of hands plan to attend. If there is a head not raise next to you look at them and say you should have ten very good. Well I have two friends here with me tonight two really good friends next to me is Queen net now Queen that tell me how many times have you attended U.I.C. this is my very first time attending to you. I see now it's your first time attending to you a C. but you don't you didn't just attend the conference why did you attend right before the conference started. So I registered to do I see I said you know what. Why not go all out so I also registered for the preconference and what was your experience like at the preconference I was absolutely blown away. I got to work within me so many young people who love the Lord and love working for the Lord we live together we prayed we shared testimonies we saying we call lated thousands of glow tracks and we were. All to Miles together but we eventually reached our goals that handout one almost one million go trucks in Houston. It was absolutely amazing. And they were all normal like you and I. So normal people go on outreach. One important thing that we really need your guys help with is we are just about thirty thousand glow track shy of our million glow goal. So we need your help. Amen. We want to finish off this goal and I want you to know that even if it's clean it's first time will you be it Friday or reach tomorrow I will absolutely be at Friday outreach tomorrow we really encourage you to come out tomorrow all of you you will be blessed and you will receive a blessing go out for do I see and have an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much queen that I have run Mon come on over now this for me friends is just amazing. Last year where was the way I see it is anyone now. It was in Louisville Kentucky and how many of you went on the Friday outreach and move on. Amazing experience. Right. Well I want you to know friends that your labor was not in vain. Ramona along with many other Bible workers followed up thousands of Bible study leads that we got on the Friday outreach and Ramon tell us what came of a few of those Friday Bible study survey outreach leads. Well I like to let you know two things number one by God's grace. I say by His grace because only the Holy Spirit can really do this. One of my Bible study contacts who had no prior knowledge of Seventh Day Adventists is here as a Seven Day Adventists and then you guys pray. You're going to hear this whole testimony on south it. So here they were excited to hear that. Now what other kind of things came from these Friday surveys last year and a second thing is that there were many people or some people who started coming to church and also many people who accepted the Sabbath. And people who are in the process of Bible study. Men friends. Nothing is worth passing up the opportunity to share with someone the love of Jesus that you have found a man. So tomorrow morning at ten thirty. What time. Ten thirty. Please meet me in here in this May not a tourney and we're going to have a short training all you need to bring is a pen just a pen and yourself and join us for outreach tomorrow we're going to have an excellent time be prayerful encourage one another. This is the one opportunity if you don't want to miss. Thank you so much. I want everyone to reach inside your pocket and tell me what you feel. Now aside from your room key and maybe some spare change. Most of you should feel. And i Phone. In fact. Actually about sixty three million of us in the world should feel an i Phone. So one of out of this thing anyway. Most of us isn't we think of just Steve Jobs. But one of Steve Jobs most famous quotes says this. Great things in business are never done by one person they're done by a team of people and what would Steve Jobs have done without the guy who invented this thing. But even Thomas Edison had a whole team of people that helped him develop electricity into a light bulb. So these are amazing inventions an incredible piece of technology that we use every single day. But honestly you guys. Even these things pale in comparison to what you and I can accomplish if we incorporate Christ in our career. So if you want to impact the world. It's going to take a team effort. You know that's where the networking sussing comes in you know many of us want to collaborate with other people who have the same and show us that maybe we live. You know out by a small church or maybe we feel isolated and we. We'll have that opportunity to connect with people like that and we come to a conference like this to connect with people who have the same interests but you know in a crowd this science that can be kind of difficult you know if you've ever felt this way the networking session this evening is going to be a dream come true because you're going to be at a table with nine other people who have the same interest in Korea and the same passion for Christ that you do I know and if that is the case that actually is a dream come true. Because for me I'm interested in law and to be at a table with nine other people who love law but also love to incorporate Christ in their career that would be pretty incredible. But how does this whole thing actually work. Well not only are we going to have a table for a long government but we're going to have tables for doctors for nurses for graphic designers media workers counselors musicians canvassers teachers pastors and more and we're going to have people who are going to be leading the tables helping us to know how to integrate Christ into our fields. OK I'm sold. I'm definitely coming. Where is this happening. It's going to be on the third floor in the grand ballroom eight P.M. this evening. If you have any kind of career interests you have to be there or you know and I think I've actually got some ideas that I want to pitch to my networking table tonight on how to incorporate technology like this. I Phone in my career for Christ will see you guys at the networking session. So we're back with one more testimony excited to hear. And next to me I have my friend the late. Can everyone say highly Proverbs eleven twenty four reads there is that scattering at the end yet increases in there is he that withholding more than is he needs and it tends to poverty friends by imparting the things that we have it increases our blessings Amen. Today we're going to talk with you and share with you lay a tell us how many times have you been to do I see an awesome seven. She's come seven times in a row. I'm going to have you just this way seven times to. See and tell us what keeps you coming back year after year. Oh it's just of a clarification. My first you see the was the first summit ever experience a true relationship with God and it just shows the faithfulness of God Every since then my relationship with you constantly giving me opportunities to keep it to keep myself going and if there were ever a time my relationship with him went down. It's either. Do I see is right around the corner and I get so excited or I get reminded of that first love experiences experience with Jesus in my first year I see in how much of he's done in my life so far and it just and ever since I could never miss another after that. So you come seven times and it really has grown your relationship with Jesus is the catalyst and you know I have friends there are so many people like. Who experience the love of God for the first time in a very real way when they came to see this offering a pill is very simple if you look in your are on your seats you each had an offering envelope. I see is run off of your offerings in your donations and it is tax deductible so if you check the box. If you need a tax deductible receipt. You can receive that but more than what you're giving to your giving to someone to have the opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus. Amen. So from the bottom of your hearts search deep and say Lord what are you calling me to offer as a sacrifice and remember the more we give to Christ. The more he increases our blessings Amen. At this time I'm going to call the ushers forward they're going to collect the offering as I say a prayer. Father in heaven. I want to thank you so much Lord thank you for this beautiful opportunity we all have to come together. We pray that you will bless this offering that people like Les I will continue to grow in their relationship with you and learn what it is to love you with all of their hearts. Exists to glorify your name in to raise up young people with hearts for missionary service. Please add the Holy Spirit blessing to this offer. In the name of Jesus. We all pray. Good for our home. Oh I was home so strong bored I'm bored. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. The end of the. Yeah. I believe in the sayings here you open up your Bible or to some seventy seven thirteen some seventy seven thirteen it says your way or God is in the sink. Sherry who is so great God is our God lets for a father in heaven teach us your way as we meditate upon your word in Jesus' name we prayed. The saying here is a unique doctrine of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It should make us both full. It should never make us feel at the very least think. And always hopeful. I remember having done a survey at the University of East and Eastern Michigan. Interviewing if you students with all kinds of views Buddhists Hindus Christian agnostic atheists you name it and. This was the last question of the survey. Christians believe that Jesus came to earth died on the cross and ascended to heaven. This was almost two thousand years ago. What is Jesus doing since then what would you answer. Well I'll tell you what they answered. I don't know he's preparing a place and he's waiting. Friends. What is Jesus doing right now. If you believe in and serve a living Savior you better know where he is and what he is doing right now his way the Psalmist says is in the sink. Shiri I believe in a century. That is a real place in heaven. The Bible mentions five structural or physical sanctuaries first and foremost the heavenly sanctuary. Then we have them was a tabernacle. So at the start. Solomon's temple is the rebels are here it's temple and is equals temple which was never built. Just recently I moved to the cold but beautiful state of Michigan. And as I moved into my new apartment I could hardly wait to stroll. My parents where I was living. They live in Germany still haven't had the chance yet to be there so I showed them my whole apartment my living room and I saw in my kitchen. All the things that were the year and although they have not yet been able to come and visit when they will come they will know because I have shown it to them. You see the same theory give us a picture of what God's home. Looks like the Bible says and let them make me a sink Sherry that I may dwell among them according to all that I show you that is the parent of the tabernacle and the parent of all its furnishings just solution make it. But in order for us to understand what happens up there. We first have to understand what happened. Down here. For his way is in the sink. Sherry. Take out your notebook digital or man your whatever it may be no taking deep friends the impression in the understanding that the prophets and the disciples not taking a few notes. I don't know who would be today. But it's good to take notes all earthly centuries had three basic compartments you have a court yet the holy place and the most holy place will quickly walk through them and for more details I encourage you to go to mention and go through the entire two or there it is a blessing to enter the same chair the sinner came in through the gate notice that there was only one entrance. You may call it black or white all or nothing thinking but in order to be saved. There are only is one way if your spouse were to ask you honey. Do you love me you only want to hear one answer to right. Yes and yes. Similarly the Bible says that Jesus he is the only way the truth and the life you have the altar of burnt offerings which points to Christ's sacrifice on your behalf the livery. Symbolizing baptism. Then the Holy Place the table of the altar for instance the candlesticks all pointing to Jesus in his ministry the bread of life the mediator. And the light of the world. Most importantly in the most holy place. It contains the most important component of the singer What is it. It is the abiding presence of God symbolized by the Ark of the covenant with the covering cherubs above the mercy seat as well as the tablets of stone written with the finger of God I believe in a saying Surely that is a place where got me to humanity. The day of at one ment atonement was literally day of the conciliation. Well broken relationships are being put together. From Genesis to Revelation. Garth's desire is to be with you and me his creatures. He wants to be with us more than some of us desire to be with their loved ones he wants to be with us. He wants to be with you. The question is do you want to be with him. I believe in a saying here this is that is a center of gods where the location of the century was the height piece of the camp of the Israelites the Book of Revelation portrays the throne of God as the center of worship. We angels don't seize to bow and I ask myself the question who is the center of worship. Today we have selfies. I Phones. I I am not saying that all of these things are wrong but what is your motivation. It's comparable to the difference between a cat in the dark. Someone asked me once. What's the difference between a cat in the dark. The dark things they feed me they give me shelter they love me. They must be God. Whereas the cat beings. The feed me they give me shelter they love me I must be God. Stop and think about it. Just because God is blessing you doesn't mean that you are guard. However worshipping him on his day the Sabbath and in his will in reverence will allow us to partake of His divine nature. I believe in a century for his way is in the same theory so far we've only talked about the structure. Of building but a building without people is like a school without students a church without members a wedding without guests. It's New Year's without Do I see. The Old Testament without the new works without faith the law without grace. What's the missing link. Who is in charge who makes sure that everything happens. Accordingly and on time. You know Germans are all about being on time. For fifty seven four zero eight twenty seven thirty one thirty four five thirty eight seventeen ninety eight eighteen forty four time and time again friends. If none of these numbers ring a bell. You have some homework to do. And I want you to go to W W W W Y C. Rep dot org and look for those seminars that talk about the Book of Daniel and Revelation better not pick up your Bible study the Word of God in the spirit of prophecy and here's what he says evangelism page two hundred twenty one. The correct understanding of the administration in the heavenly saying theory is the foundation of our faith. Who is in charge. I believe in Jesus my mediator High Priest and soon coming King. Hebrews Chapter eight was run into. Now this is the main point of the things we are saying we have such a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the majesty in haven't a minister of the century and the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not man. I believe in the same cheery what about you. Praise the Lord. Good evening. Good evening to you. I see a low. Isn't it a wonderful day. So many highlights of this day. And one of the highlights that I could remember is when brother Alex. I spoke this this morning. And while he was speaking and I see these things happening. It just makes me understand at the great controversy battle is real that we could not just sit back and relax and do nothing. And even in our seats we have to continue to intercede at intercession is very very important in talking about intercession I was reminded by one young person back in the Philippines. He attended a conference like this and we talked about intercession and he could not rest. He took the lessons that he learned and took it back home. He was moved because back home. There were a lot of backsliders back in seventy Adventists and he said I had to start praying and you know what he says were two or three are gathered God is in the midst. So he got one friend and said No two is not enough he got two more friends and they started praying not once a day he said if we are if we are really serious of what we're doing then we have to be seriously on our knees. One thing that moved him because all of his family members have been back slidden. None of them left. None of them stayed inside the church. So he took three of his friends began praying not just once but seven times a day seven times a day and you know what happened two weeks after. Thirty individuals came back to the Lord. Thirty individuals came back to the Lord. And four of them. Her family members. He told me brother Jim it was a wonderful time standing in front of the church singing a special number with your family and said I could not utter a word I was just crying on. On the pulpit. God is good. Amen. And it reminds me of my first announcement at nine P. N. today. When the booth opens up. J S six o three we will be interceding forty and reach places in Asia and in the world. So join us if you want to to intercede to start interceding for people around the world and which also reminds me of my second announcement. If you have not gotten a copy of this book this book is a wonderful wonderful book a wonderful resource for prayer. You could visit the booth of revival and reformation. We only have limited gobby so so be there and it reminds me of of the people that I work with in the prayer ministry most of them if not all of them are taller than me. Yes I have brothers and sisters that are way way taller than me and this is the reason why I guess I love the prayer room you know why. Because when you kneel down together. Only God is the tallest Amen. You are all equal. You are all equal and. I like to ask you this question How did you start your day today. If you have not started your day in a prayer and you are missing. A wonderful wonderful experience at six am today although I thought that is going to be just me and a few people. But before even six started there were like a couple of people who were there and at six. There's like forty or thirty people came and when I opened my eyes more than one hundred people were there. It was an experience that I will never forget that this people will never forget one are passed by so fast that they didn't even want to stop. This is what happens when we spend time with God amen. Which reminds me of my next announcement. One thirty two thirty three thirty two. Morrow afternoon as the team is going out to do outreach. There are some people if the Lord place in your hearts that you will lift this people up while they're doing the outreach be with me and a prayer room and we'll be praying from one thirty to three thirty P.M. we have to intercede for this activity this is a very important task and another beautiful thing that will happen tomorrow. If you notice that this will be the last Sabbath of the year. So at four forty two five thirty still in the prayer room. We will welcome the Sabbath on our niece is going to be something special that I would suggest you don't want to miss you should not miss and one thing that that reminded me every time we are gathered together in the prayer room different cultures different countries but you will not notice it. You will not notice it and some people will will be so when when it comes to the coming together in this huge convention. I am from Australia I know I'm from New Zealand but in the prayer room your citizenship is heaven. You have only have one citizenship have and I remember one time when I was sitting down on a dining table and they were talking about the language and haven't you know what the language in heaven will be. It will be. Yes it will be Spanish that what they said. And Filipino said no it's going to be Filipinos and Americans and no it's going to be American. Because Americans have a hard time learning other language but you know what I discovered that the language in heaven will be prayer. A language of heaven will be prayer you utter every word that you will be uttering is words of praise. So why not start speaking the language of have. Now. And this is one beautiful thing that reminded me of this beautiful code that's found in Christ object lesson page eighty two paragraph to which says immeasurably inferior is the part which the human agents sustains But he but if he is united with the divinity of Christ. He can do all things through the strength. That Christ imparts. One beautiful thing that happens when we kneel down and pray when really long and pray we know for a fact that there is somebody bigger than us. We know for a fact that we could not do this things on our own exact we cling on to the divinity of Christ. That being said. Let's give time right now for prayer. Let's gather by at will spend one minute in prayer. You could choose one person to pray or two person to pray and let's pray that the Lord will give us the heart for intercession that the Lord will give us the heart of Jesus to intercede for our brothers or sisters who have not known Christ yet especially intercede for one another. Let us sing the song have dined on way Lord and let's bow our heads. Where is. This. Oh father. We praise you for your faithful. Praise of their father for the wonderful things that we don't deserve you still give us a little we praise you and we thank you. But when we are on our knees we are reminded that we have nothing on our own eggs have we have you. Thank you so much for hearing and answering our prayers may you poor upon us a spirit of humility that may cling upon you. Daily moment by moment. This is our prayer. We pray this in the loving name of your Son Jesus all your children say. Amen. It's my privilege tonight to introduce to you and to pray for the speaker tonight. I was also asked to share a few words about him. I could tell you that he was born in Ohio. That he moved to England at the age of the teen. But that's not the most interesting thing. I could tell you that he went. To Washington Hills Academy. That he went to amazing fact center of evangelism. But that's not the most important thing. I could tell you that he worked as a bible worker for four years. Amazing fact evangelist for eight years is currently employed as a pastor in Michigan. But that's not the most important thing. I could tell you he's married and has three children. That's not the most important thing I could tell you that his wife and my wife are sisters. So we're kind of family. That I was his best man and he was my best man but that's not really that interesting or important. The most important thing I could tell you is that after knowing him for twenty five years. Traveling together working together. Staying in the same house together having fun together that I've seen him go from being a rebellious teenager. Like I was to a genuine Christian godly man. That he has taken this appointment. Tonight. Seriously that he has spent much time in prayer. Much time in study and I know God will use him tonight. And I like to invite you to buy your heads. As we pray for the preacher tonight by there in heaven. We thank you. That's a night we have the privilege to hear your word tonight Lord I pray for the preacher. That you be. With pass the jail. I pray Lord that you may use him as you have done in the past but Lord we ask and pray that you would use him more than you have ever used him before I pray Lord that tonight that we would know that we have spent time with you use your man servant tonight fill him Lord we pray with your Holy Spirit that He would speak with boldness with power with humility and the love of Christ. We pray in Jesus name Amen. Good evening everyone. I trust that the Lord blessed you today man. What a blessing. IT IS TO BE A G Y C. I know that the Lord has a blessing in store for each one of us. And I'm glad that I could be part of that blessing with you this evening. We are here to study the Word of God And so I'm going to invite you to Ballyards with me as we start with a brief word of prayer. Loving Father in heaven. We thank you Lord that we can come into your presence tonight with our Bibles in our hands. Knowing that we serve a God who wants to speak to us and Lord that's all we ask for tonight. Send your Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord for we ask it in Jesus name Amen. I want you to imagine with me tonight. That everybody here in this room represents the seventh Day Adventist Church. So all. All of us here this evening. Represents the over nineteen million members of our church. Now what I want you to do is quickly look to the person on your left hand side. OK good. Now look to the person on your right hand side. OK great. Now look to the person next to the person on your left got that. OK. According to a study that was done of over eight hundred thousand. Seventh Day Adventists young people only one in the four of you in your group yourself and the three other people that you just looked at. Believe in a distinctive doctrine of the Seventh Day Adventist Church only one in four of you but would believe in that distinctive doctrine. According to the study one in four seventh's Day Adventist young people. Believe in the doctrine of the investigative judgment. One in for Seventh Day Adventist young people cording to the study believe in the distinctive doctrine of the investigative judgment. Now that's particularly alarming in light of some advice and counsel that we have from the pen of inspiration in the book great controversy page four hundred eighty eight where the CERN of the Lord says the subject of the saying should worry and the investigative judgment should be clearly under understood by the people. Of God What should be clearly understood. The understanding of the sanctuary and the investigative judgment she goes on and she says this all need a knowledge how many need and knowledge. All needed knowledge for them self's of the position and work of their great high priest yet studies reveal only one in four seventh's they haven't as young people believe in the doctrine of the investigative judgment. There is a loss of their identity. I'll be quick to say though that many of these people probably have not cognitively or willingly rejected that doctrine but most of them have probably not been educated on this wonderful truth. Perhaps they didn't learn it when they had their physical class or their sadness school class or in class in school or something like that they are not willingly ignorant. I'm light say perhaps some of you here this evening know people who have left this great denomination because of this teaching. Maybe you are you yourself have grappled with its Biblical significance in your own life and the See evening I want to share with you that I believe unequivocally that the doctrine of the investigative judgment is Biblical. Where did this doctrine come from. Or was it something that's just was conjured up in the minds of early ad the believers in an attempt to cover over the seemingly missed the seeming mistake of the great disappointment of October twenty two eight hundred forty four. Where did this doctrine of the investigative judgment come from. Is it something that came from the pen of Ellen White in and is a doctrine of hers. Where did. Perhaps the reason why this is been rejected is because it is a doctrine of Ellen White and not a doctrine of God's word again I submit to you tonight from my personal study and I'm not suggesting that you take my study as your study but from my personal study. I believe unequivocally that the doctrine of investigative judgment is Biblical Amen. There's no question about it. In my mind coming in as fundamental belief number twenty four the doctrine of the investigative judgment form the foundation of our faith. Since the mid one thousand nine hundred six with the genesis of the term investigative judgment first being used in eight hundred fifty six by and Adventist evangelist by the name of Ilan Everts shortly after that about a month later. James White adopt that the same term and it became a very common theological expression that you and I are familiar with today yet history reveals that the birth of this doctrine of the investigative judgment came out of much work it was a long laborious process over thirteen years of study and Bible study and prayer that finally led to the conclusion of what you and I believe today according to Scripture to be the doctrine of the investigative judgment. Now in order for this doctrine to exist from a historical standpoint there were four Biblical facts that were discovered along the way as the early Advent believe or study the Word of God there were four Biblical facts that they discovered in their journey that ultimately led to the conclusion of the investigative judgment. You could kind of think of it like a like a car a car needs to have four we. Bills in order for it to be able to move in an appropriate direct direction given that it has all of the other equipment the doctrine of the investigative judgment needed these four Biblical facts to move it forward. If you will. And tonight I want to just quickly go over these four Biblical facts that have formed the foundation of the investigative judgment. The first Biblical fact for those of you that are taking notes. Is the fact of the heavenly sanctuary in heaven. The day after the great disappointment of October twenty two eight hundred forty four God began to give the early Advent believers an understanding of what would had just taken place. Dear Jesus obviously did not come as they had expected him to on October twenty to eight hundred forty four which ultimately led to this great disappointment. Obviously you know the real one of the reasons that led to the disappointment was the commonly held belief that the earth was the sanctuary and that on an October twenty two eight hundred forty four Jesus would come and purify the earth by fire at his second appearing. However the very next day after Jesus did not return. God came to a man who just the day before had wept and wept until the day dawned. And gave him a word of encouragement that helped lead the discouraged flock into what it is today. You've probably heard of this man his name was Hiram Edson. And as Hiram at sin on October twenty three eight hundred forty four the day after him in a friend of his own Crozier were walking through a court. And feel on their way to go speak some words of encouragement to the disappointed flock. According to the history as Edison was going through this cornfield. He was hit with the realisation that the same surely and the cleansing of it wasn't the earth. But it was the same she wary in heaven. And fact in higher medicines own words he says the same surely I saw is in heaven. And Jesus entered yesterday upon the work of cleansing it. This was the first theological concept that would help form alternately the doctrine of the investigative judge investigative judgment this doctrine was fundamental It was groundbreaking it was alternately a paradigm shift for the early Advent believers for before this they believe that the sanctuary was the earth the paradigm shift from the earth to the sanctuary in the heavens. In a special sense we could actually say that the Seventh Day Adventist Church was born in that cornfield. That's how fundamental this understanding of the heavenly sanctuary one's. Biblical fact Number two was the teaching or the understanding of the two compartment ministry of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary. Sitting around a round table a couple of days after this experience in the cornfield. Hiram Edson. Owen Crozier and another friend by the name of Dr S.B. Han. Were there with their bibles open two copies of the crude and skin cordons and and a mess of Miller right material as they began to pour themselves over the study of God. Words to get a better understanding of this newfound belief for this new found understanding of the century being the sanctuary in heaven. As they pour themselves over Scripture. They came over some fascinating passages such as Hebrews Chapter eight and Chapter nine and as they began to go through these bible passages prayerfully studying them gaining a deeper understanding of the saints in heaven. They began to understand that if they wanted to understand what Jesus was doing in the heavenly sanctuary he needed to go back and look at what would happen in the earthly sanctuary for the earthly was a reflection of the heavenly. As they began to read the books of Moses they did not take them long these three lay Bible scholars to come to the understanding that with the earthly or with the earthly sanctuary. There was two compartments in the sink for the holy in the mostly course it was a court place too but the holy in the mostly and in the holy place in the most holy place. There were two services the daily and the yearly and as they began to delve into the daily and the yearly service and what the significance of those two services were it began to give them a broader understanding of the ministry of Jesus in heaven because as a seventh they add than ists we know what Jesus is doing in heaven would you say amen. So as they study their Bibles they came to the realisation that from the ascension of Jesus to October twenty two eight hundred forty four Jesus was doing his work in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary doing the work of forgiveness but on October twenty two one thousand nine hundred four. He shifted his ministry from the holy to the most holy and began this work of purification of the heavenly sanctuary. Now this was a significant finding for if you understand. And that many evangelical churches they mainly focus on not the the the ministry that we understand but rather what Jesus has done in the CT place. Now we believe that in the sacrifice of Jesus. We understand the significance of the cross and what happened there but many evangelicals stop there. But Seventh Day Adventists who are biblical follow Jesus from the courtyard into the holy place and then they follow Jesus from the holy place into the most holy place would you say amen. So it's as Seventh Day Adventists we have a broader understanding of the ministry of Jesus. Praise the Lord based off of the study of these godly men. So the first Biblical fact that they learned was the understanding of the heavenly sanctuary. The second Biblical fact was the understanding of the two phased ministry in the holy and the most holy the third the third Biblical fact that they came to or the third Biblical fact that they get to gain an understanding of was the understanding of the blotting out of sins the bloody and out of sins. On In February of eighteen forty six only in Crozier was approached by his two friends F.B.I. on and hire medicine. Owen was a gifted writer. And so they asked him. Listen we've been studying the Bible for quite some time. We've gained a deep understanding and now it's time to write this stuff out and to get it out there so they asked. Owen to begin to write down their findings in an article that would be published in a small publication called the Daystar and only Crozier took their. Advice and he wrote this article out now it's a lengthy article we don't have time to go into all that you can go back and dig it up in your study and it's well worth your. But in that article he made a fascinating connection between the earthly sanctuaries to phase ministry in the holy in the most holy and that connection an application to what happened what is happening in the heavenly sanctuary and this is what Owen Crozier said in his article in the days story. He said the Atonement which the priest made for the people in connection with the daily ministration was different from that made on the tenth day of the seventh month or on the day of atonement. The first or the daily service was made for the forgiveness of sins. The second or the later for the blotting of them out. So only came to this connection that the first phase ministry of Jesus in the holy place was the was the ministry of forgiving people of their sins but when Jesus moved from the holy into the most holy he began the work of blotting sins out of cleansing the same she wary of sin that was a pivotal understanding in the development of the investigative investigative judgment doctrine. Now it so happened that it appears like Ellen White was either on their mailing list or somehow she got a copy of Crozier's article. And when she read it the historical account is that she was thrilled by what she heard Crozier say she was excited as she read the writing of Crozier it confirmed it was rather her visions that she received confirmed Crozier's findings that he wrote about the heavenly sanctuary. Now it's important to note here that Owen Crozier be high on and Hiram Edson did not know about Ellen White's visions at this point. At this point it was a lot of blood sweat and tears. Poring over the Bible point over the critters can cordons and obviously spending a lot of time in prayer later after Ellen White read this article by Crozier this is what she said in words of the Little Flock page twelve. She said The Lord showed me in vision that brother Crozier had the true light. What did he have. Does God lead his people in the study of His Word. Come on now. This God lead his people in the study of His Word. Amen. The Lord showed me in vision that brother Crozier had the true light on the cleansing of the century and that it was his will. God's will that Brother see your brother Crozier should ride out the view which he gave us in the days star extra February seventh eight hundred forty six. Listen to this Ellen White says I feel for only authorized by the Lord to recommend that extra to every saint full indoor full endorsement of what Crozier wrote in that article now the doctrine of the blotting out of sins in the heavenly sanctuary was another truth it was one of the four truths that led to the ultimate conclusion of the investigative judge investigative judgment but it wasn't at this point they still did not quite connect their findings with the judgment. The Lord was still leading then the Lord was still guiding them in their study of their were of the word of gun but they still had not made that connection. In fact it wasn't for another seven years until they finally made the definitive connection with what they had studied being connected with the judgment in fact it's interesting. In eight hundred forty five. History shows that William Miller actually made the connection. But most of the early Advent believers missed that connection. It wasn't until years later that J. on love the great historian made the connection and this was the connection. To keep passages that we understand as Seventh Day Adventists in fact you've got them rooted and grounded in your long term memory you and I as as as as administers day we take it for granted the knowledge that we have in our mind but that knowledge that we have today came out of many hours of Bible study and prayer and we should treasure the knowledge that we have. That was a week. Amen. Come on now. Amen to Bible passages. This is this is this. This is the two Bible passages. Daniel Chapter eight and verse fourteen. And to two thousand three hundred days then shall the Century be cleansed. So you got it in their. Revelation Chapter fourteen and verse seven the hour of his is what is come. It took years for the early Advent believers to make the connection that the cleansing of the sanctuary and Daniel in verse fourteen and the hour of God's judgment in Revelation fourteen over seven is talking about the same exact event took years of Bible study. The fourth Biblical fact was the fact of the judgment. And when they finally had all of these pieces and these ingredients put together they were able to come to the conclusion that on October twenty two eight hundred forty four Jesus entered in to the work. Of the investigative judgment. It was a long process that led to this conclusion this brief analysis of the history of the development of this doctrine. I don't want you to miss this point came out of much Bible study and prayer. Where did it come from. Much Bibles years of Bible study and prayer pouring themselves over Scripture listen. Today we are lazy when it comes to studying God's word these brothers and sisters back in the day they would spend countless hours and they didn't have the fancy equipment that we have today. They didn't have a computer a computer. They did it when they were unable to do it. Word Search and all kinds of all they had was the Bible and the critics can cordons and the Holy Spirit and that's all you need to study God's word. Come on now. I don't want you to miss this point. The doctrine of the investigative judgment was birthed out of Bible study. The doctrine of the investigative judgment if you forget everything that I've said the seething don't forget this. The doctrine of the investigative judgment is not a doctrine of elegy want. Ellen White teaches it. Ellen White writes about it and Ellen White believed in it but it was not a doctrine of Ellen White. The doctrine of the investigative judgment is a doctrine of scripture. And tonight I submit to you again that this doctrine is one hundred percent biblical. And if anybody tells you that it is a doctrine of Ellen White. They are misinformed and they are leading you in the wrong direction and that is not the Spirit that. We want to follow as God's people. Now tonight I want to take just a few moments to quickly share with you from Scripture how this doctrine is Biblical and for that I want you to quickly turn with me in your Bibles to the Book of Ecclesiastes these Chapter twelve. Clearly as these Chapter twelve versus thirteen and fourteen. Again this is another passage that we have rooted in our minds and our long term memory Bible says this Ecclesiastes is Chapter twelve versus thirteen fourteen Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear gone and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man you cannot miss the connection with the first angels message there verse fourteen for God shall bring every work into judgment with every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be evil. Will there come a time that God will judge yes or no. You can't deny Scripture says that God is going to judge our works whether they're good or whether they're evil they will be brought into this time of judgment. There is no question about it that the Bible teaches a judgment that is to come. And by virtue of a judgment. There must exist. An investigation. Have you ever heard of a court case that had no investigation. By its very existence of the concept of a judgment by its very existence. There is an investigation into the evidence so that a decision can be made. So when the Bible introduces this idea of a judgment. It's already assumed that there is going to be an investigation into the evidence and Solomon tells us what the evidence is the good and the bad works. I want to post you two questions. I'm going to do my best answer them in the time that I have. Two questions. When does the Dr. When does the investigative judgment take place and who is the investigative judgment for for the first one I invite you to turn with me in your Bibles the Book of Daniel Daniel the seventh chapter the case for a pre Advent investigative judgment is anchored in our chronological understanding of the Book of Daniel you can't get around it you have to have the Book of Daniel that a book of Daniel just reveals to us this when it happens and how it happens. Now as you turn in there you know that Daniel Chapter seven the first part of it. We're very familiar with you've heard it in evangelists exterior multiple times you have the succession of earthly kingdoms Babylon Mido Persia Greece Rome division of or of Europe and then the papacy. But it's what happens after that that oftentimes is not really elaborated on and that's where we want to take a look at in our study tonight. Daniel Chapter seven beginning in verse nine. This is the part that's of interest to us tonight. Daniel says this. I beheld two Frohman's were cast down some translations say put in place and the Ancient of Days did sit. Whose garment was white as snow and the hair of his head like pure wool his throne was like a fiery flame in his wheels as burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth before him from before him thousand thousands ministered unto Him and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the judgment was set and the one books were open not notice what it says in verse thirteen and I saw in the. Night vision and behold one like unto the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the Ancient of Days and they brought him near before him in Daniel Chapter seven. There is a sequence that is repeated three times. And if you're not familiar with the terminology and what's going on there. You might miss that sequence and that sequence is critical to understand to the understanding of the investigative judgment the sequence that is repeated three times. Is this fourth beast ten horns little horn judgment fourth beast ten horns little horn judgment fourth beast ten horns little horn judgement did you catch it. Yes or no. That sequence is repeated three times in Daniel Chapter seven. You have to go. Don't take my word for it go back and check it out for yourself. It is there three times. Daniel goes through that and he does it for a reason because he's trying to help us see in point of time when the investigative judgment or when this judgment at that he talks about would take place and according to Daniel sequence the judgment in heaven would take place after what. After the little horn. Did you catch the sequence fourth beast. Ten horns little horn. Judgment. So the judgment according to Daniel cording to the sequence would happen some time after the Arise of the little one. But the great thing is is Daniel doesn't just leave us hanging there. He gives us more information he hedges it in a little bit more for us. So that we can better identify when this thing would happen and that happens in the third sequence in Daniel Chapter seven in verse twenty six. This is what Daniel says he says but the judgment shall sit the judgment what will sit. And they shall take away his or the Little Horn the anti-Christ Domania in to consume and to destroy it unto the end. So now would Daniel does as he says Listen. Not only is the judgment happening after the rise of the little horn but now he tells us that it's going to happen before it's the mines. So he says the judgment happens after the a rise of the little horn but before its demise it gets that happens before the Arise of the little horn or after the arrival of horn. But before its demise. Now according to Paul's writings in second Thessalonians chapter two. Paul tells us when it is that the little horn will be destroyed. Notice this just jot it down and you know it really quickly here second testimony in chapter two verse eight the Bible says this and then shall that wickets or the man of sin the anti-Christ be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy finish it for me with the brightness of His coming. What we call His coming. The second coming. So Paul really narrows it down for us and as we compare these two passages of Daniel seven in Paul's writings in second Thessalonians we conclude that the judge me in Daniel seven would happen after the Arise of the anti-Christ. But before the second coming of Jesus. Therefore the judgment in Daniel seven is a pretty Advent judgment. Come on and so we say in this in we don't. Coming we devised fables. We don't listen to the teachings of men. If you don't understand this. Ellen White tells us. Everybody should have a clear understanding of the investigative judge in the investigative judgment and if you don't have a good understanding of it I can appeal to you tonight when you get home make it your study. Because this is what's going on in heaven right now. I don't want you to miss something here and Daniel seven it's quick it's easy to go over it but the other thing that Daniel mentions here is that there will be books that will be opened. Everything that every that anybody has ever said or done will be reviewed in this time of great judgment and that should give you some pause to think about as you are reflecting upon the study here this evening. Now as I've mentioned tonight we have seen in Daniel seven that the judgment happens after the rise of the anti-christ before the second coming. But it's in Daniel Chapter eight that we're really able to pinpoint when this thing happens and I've got a chart they're going to flash up on the screen here for you tonight. You can take a picture of it with your smartphone and go back and study it. Listen we need to be perience here and go back and study the software itself not just because some presenter at G Y C has said these things we need to have this in our own cell in our own minds understand it but as you compare Daniel seven with Daniel eight. You will find that the again. Daniel is following the same sequence of events that he already talked about in Daniel Chapter seven he's repeated again in Daniel Chapter eight. He's doing this method of what we call repeat and in large he repeats what he said and then he in large is upon it in Daniel Chapter eight. So what we find is that in Daniel Chapter seven. There is the lie in the bear the leopard the dragon the ten horns the little horn and then the judgment in Daniel Chapter eight you have the RAM the goat the little horn. Or Rome and then the little horn again which is the papacy and then the cleansing of the century. As you compare these two chapters and you've got to go how you got to go at this yourself and hammered out. So that's clear in your mind but as you compare these two chapters what you find is that the judgment in Daniel Chapter seven in heaven is the same as the cleansing of the century in Daniel Chapter eight. It's the same thing. And from that we can pinpoint when that when that judgment would take place and we don't have time to go into that tonight. But there are lots of great Bible studies that you can take or that you can look at that go through the twenty three hundred days. I must hasten on. The second question I want to post to you tonight is this Who is the pretty adamant judgment for who is the preamp the investigative judgment for. Critics of the investigative judgment will say this there's no need for the investigative judgment because God knows everything. God is omniscient. He knows all things he knows the end from the beginning he knows all the decisions that people are going to make Who's they're going to be saved and who's going to be lost if God is omniscient. Why does there why is there a need for an investigative judgment. What's the point in it. Anyways. Now I don't think any Bible believing some of the evidence would argue with the fact that God is omniscient God does know everything. So what is it for what's the purpose of the investigative judgment. Now there is a number of text we could go to but we're already in Daniel seven and I just want to use what we've already looked at to answer this question. As we look at the judgment in Daniel Chapter seven we find that there are the Bible describes who is there. We have the Ancient of Days God the Father Himself. We have the Son of Man Jesus Christ who is there and then we have this this this great throng of heavenly beings ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands now we already know God is omniscient. We already know that. Jesus on is omniscient. But I'm here to tell you the seedling that the angels are not. The angels are not a knish and and during the investigative judgment gone it is revealing to them why he made the decisions that he made. He's showing them the records of why he has chosen certain individuals to be saved. Based on the evidence not arbitrarily of a based on their evidence and why others have been lost and this is why we have statements like this in Revelation chapter three in verse five where the Bible says and he that he that overcome with the same shall be clothed in white Rayment and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life. Listen to this but I will confess his name before my father and before the angels. Luke Chapter twelve or say Jesus says this. Also I say unto you. Whatsoever. Whosoever shall confess me before men him shall the Son of Man also confess before the angels of God the investigative judgment does not decide who will be saved or who will be lost. The investigative judgment reveals why God made the decisions that he made this will be carefully gone has to show these heavenly beings. That there is a group of people in Houston Texas. Who had been so thoroughly transformed into his image. That although they at one point were infected with sin. They have so much the atmosphere of heaven in them that they are safe to bring into the kingdom of heaven. God has to show. Listen the angels are not interested in seeing Lou. The first story repeated again and they want to see us save just as much as God wants to see a saint but God wants it wants them to be convinced that yes there are young people in Houston Texas who are so serious and dedicated to God that they are like Iraq. They walk with God day after day they live in the presence of God They live for him. They breathe for him. They work for him everything in their life is revolving around God and his soon coming and God wants to show the angels that these people are safe to take into heaven without tarnishing the atmosphere of heaven. The question is will I be one of them. The decision on behalf of the dead has already taken place. Man dies his destiny is already decided but for those of us that are still alive that destiny is yet to be made its unequivocal Bible tells us in Acts Chapter seventeen of verse thirty one that God has appointed a day in which he will judge the world and that includes you. And that includes me. God has appointed a time in which he will judge the world and Peter brings it home even more in first Peter chapter former seventeen he says for the time is come that judgment must be good. In at the house of God. Every man every woman every boy every girl rich proof rich poor free but everybody who's ever existed in this world who has professed the name of Jesus is the house of God and the Bible tells us that judgment will start with them. God reached back into the recesses of history and started with the very first man at the at the beginning of the investigative judgment in October twenty two eight hundred forty four and since then it has progressed through time and we know not when it will switch from the judgment of the dead to the judgment of the living and that my young friends should give you pause in your life. Was eighteen twenty one. There is a young man by the name of Charles who landed a job in a lawful you want to be a lawyer. He's given training how to do that. And one morning Charles was in this law office before anybody arrived for work that day he was there alone sorting out his papers. And as he was sitting there in the quietness of his office the Lord started speaking to him and asking him some questions. Charles what are you going to do after your training. What are you going to do after schooling so well I suppose I'll start my own law office and start practicing law. And then would. Watch Suppose I make a lot of money and get rich. And then would. Well I guess I'll I'll retire and join my well. Sounds like today's society doesn't. And then would I suppose I'll die and then would and it hit them like a lightning bolt and then the judgment. Instantly text flashed through his mind from his childhood that God has appointed and that it is appointed unto man once to die and afterwards the judgment. Instantly Charles leapt out of his chair he ran out of the front door of his law office and he ran down the road for a half a mile until he found a grove of trees and there he went into that grove of trees and he had it out with God He knelt down on his knees and he was determined that he would not leave until he had peace with his creator. After the long struggle that evening. Charles found that peace surrendered his will to God He came out of that grove of trees. A different man. Not en Bishes after worldly fame and wealth and prosperity but ambitious to be a servant of God. Charles went into that grove a lawyer after a day of prayer and wrestling with Go on he came out of that grows the mighty evangelist and revivalist who serve the Lord for fifty years. Charles Finney leading on told a multitude of people to the loo. Lord and to that into Jesus to give their hearts to Him He went into that grove a lawyer he came out of that grove a worker for God and brothers and sisters. I want to tell you tonight. You might do well to go into a grove of woods and have it out with the Lord for a day in prayer. God might change the entire trajectory of your life you might think you're going in this direction and God says. Nah I don't want you to go that direction. This is the way I want you to go yet you want to get wealthy you want your education you want all the fame all the popularity all that kind of stuff. Yes you want that but I have something better for you. Yes you want wealth here on this earth but I want you to lay up treasures in heaven where moth does not corrupt and we're thieves do not break through and still. You might do well to have it out with the Lord in the grove of wood some time because he might change the course of your life and your life may never be the same. Maybe when you think about the judgment. You tremble at the thought that everything that I've ever done everything that I've ever said everything that I've ever thought. Is documented in heaven. We don't like to feel uncomfortable. And so we tend to push these kinds of thoughts out of our mind and we keep ourselves busy doing other things even ministry. As long as we can soothe that money but I want to take you over tonight in the next two nights and I want you to look right into the investigative judgment Bible tells about a man who when he heard about the judgment he trembled. You've heard about him. Paul in the book of Acts was standing before this muddy man. Felix and the Bible tells us the next twenty four verse twenty five that as Paul reasoned of righteousness temperance and judgment to come. Felix trembled. Now here's the amazing thing to me about this Bible passage. Felix trembled at the thought of a future judgment. Yet you and I today are living in the hour of God's judgment. It is not future anymore. It is current and we would do well to think about that tremble Bible says and he told Paul he said Go thy way for this time when I have a convenient season. I will call for the inspiration tells in the book Acts the Apostles that Felix never was to receive another call from God we're not guaranteed tomorrow. But we do have right now. And God is wanting to reach into the depths of your heart and get you ready for his soon coming. He wants to change your life. So that it is a reflection of him today right now as we speak. In the Kingdom of Heaven names are being accepted and names are being rejected. Is it a reality to you that one day in the heavenly court. There will be some angelic being who will pick up the books of record and they will leaf through the pay. Ages that are written about you. That one day some angelic being some heavenly messenger will form on their lips the name of you. That your name will reverberate through the courts of heaven. How will it be when your name rings through the courts of heaven. What will be seen what will be heard what will be Observateur about your life that you have created this has to become a reality to us. This is not a future thing brothers and sisters. This is not something that we've got time to gamble with the time is running short. Jesus wants to finish this thing up and he wants to use you to help finish it. So I ask you tonight. Or maybe rather we can say this. Maybe as you have listened to the message. You realize that you are not ready for the investigative judgment. As you think about all of its ramifications and and what is going to happen you are not you feel in your heart. I am not ready for the investigative judgment but you want to be have it out with the Lord in prayer God What is your will for my life I want this way but I want your way. What is your will for me. Don't follow Felix's example and wait for a more convenient season. The devil is happy when you put things to the side and say I'll do it later because he knows that later never comes the more we put it off the more we push it away the less that conviction is there tonight. You're saying I'm not ready for the investigative judgment. I know that in the depths of my heart I know I'm not ready for this and as I prepared these messages I had to get on my knees and we. At the feet of Jesus. I would go on long walks in my prayer time and say Father I can't do this. This is too big. There's the stakes are too high. I have it out with God in prayer. Tonight you're saying in the depths of your heart. I'm not ready for it but by God's strength. I'm willing to let him do whatever it takes to prepare me for that for. If that you desire and as you stand tonight with me. So that the Lord know if it's not your desire don't stand up. Don't don't just do this because everybody else is doing it. But you're saying tonight before God before the heavenly intelligences and before the fellow attendees here at G Y C. Oh I want to be ready when the courts of heaven ring with my name. I want the angels to look at the books of record and see that I have the character of God in my life that I've been transformed into his image. Let's pray Father in heaven. Oh god my heart is heavy for the work is great. Not only is there a work without There's a great work that needs to done be done within and oh Lord. Tonight we stand before you want our feet. Not because we can but because we recognize that in our humanness. We're not ready but Lord deep in the hole in our hearts. We have a passionate desire to be ready and father if that means we need to find a quiet place and clear our schedule for a day to weep at the feet of Jesus. And ask for peace may that be the case and may we be willing to make whatever sacrifice it may be may need to be made to achieve that. Oh Lord help us for we cannot do it on our own. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus for hearing. And answering this prayer. For we pray it in the almighty and all powerful name of Jesus. Amen amen.


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